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The Besieged Mrs. Clinton and Other Good News

Hillary Clinton is in very very deep doo-doo. The FBI has stumbled across something in those unsuccessfully “disappeared” Clinton e-mails that apparently perked them up enough to open a second investigation into the Clinton Foundation. This Foundation is gaining an ever seamier reputation for its corrupt practices, such as using the power of the Secretary of State to secure massive donations all available to the Clintons for their felonious use. I’d love to be the forensic accountant tracing donations to the Global Slush Fund. And tracking outflows from the Foundation to other entities, perhaps in a way that made a trace hard. It’s pretty clear that the Foundation they set up is intended to pad the financing of Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency, giving her enough non-traceable funds to make the difference between victory and defeat. This would be the much more clever and invisible version of the “small donations from abroad” scam that heavily financed Obama’s catapult to the presidency. Apparently the FBI is trying to untangle those intertwining parts, connecting the dots in the Clintons’ influence-buying game.

If the Foundation is in trouble, I’d imagine our pal Bill isn’t sleeping any easier than his homely wife.  It couldn’t happen to two nicer people. I was looking at photos of the two and thinking: he looks pretty bad these days. Bill’s red nose is starting to look absolutely natural in that landscape of aging skin as he tries desperately to recapture his glib, sexy rock-star days. And Hillary is, despite her surgical work, still an ugly old white woman. And an unlikable one at that. If their offer is two for one, I think they’ve lost the youth vote.

Now to the GOP side. Here the waters are murky indeed. Trump seems to be cycling into some sort of a mania, saying really nutty things like he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and none of his supporters would care. That sounds a lot like he is calling his supporters insane, or criminally inclined, or just stupid. It also sounds a lot like he himself is losing all touch with reality. Now the utterly inexplicable decision not to participate in the debate because of Megyn Kelly’s alleged hatred of and bias toward him. Unlikely excuse and if it’s sincere, he’s a fool. Who gives him the absolute right to pick his interlocutors? If he can’t deal with hard questions, he’s not going to win any national election. Enough with his demonizing anybody who questions him. We already have had this kind of president and we don’t want another one. Worse, he now begins again and in capital letters to look like the circus clown, performing and un-serious. I think he may be faltering under the enormous pressure on him. He seems to be spinning out. But the tragedy is that if he isn’t chosen, he could try to take down the GOP with him. A suit against Cruz on the basis of his US citizenship? Hey, Donald: we already had a guy born in Kenya and raised in Malaysia as president, so don’t worry about the Canadian angle. They speak the same lingo, more or less.

Trump’s unpredictability and political wildness raise the possibility or even likelihood that the money men and the ruling Republican elite will unite behind some other candidate deemed able to beat whomever the Democrat Socialists nominate. I still think Rubio is the likeliest candidate. He has all the qualities to be a star candidate and in particular to dance rings around either of the Golden Agers being run by the Democrat Socialists. He could best either of them in a debate. I think he could get a lot of the Latino vote, especially among the girls. But Ted Cruz is also excellent. My favorite Rand Paul isn’t going to get close to the nomination, but he’d be great.

And back to Mrs. Clinton and the question of the day: is it okay to run a person for president when said person is rumored to be headed to indictment for her security breaches? The Socialists of course say “yes,” as long as the felon is not yet found guilty. And of course if elected, there’s that presidential immunity thing. So she could easily bury the whole thing during her first tenure as Madame President. The rumor is rampant that she is going to be indicted for something related to all her electronic and other misbehavior. I think that the FBI is ready, but it is Obama who will decide if the weapon is turned against the Clintons. So far Obama has allowed the FBI to dig and make the Clintons’ lives agony. The unknown is this: at what point is  he  going to call off the dogs? At what point is he going to say, make it go away? Or perhaps a presidential pardon? That would be rich for that boy Obama with his thin black skin. Now Obama has all the power. Will he use it? After all, Bernie Sanders really is his true alter ego, on whom Obama could count to continue pushing his agenda.

On to foreign policy, where things looks as lousy as usual. In Germany, women were harassed and worse on New Year’s Eve as they attempted to celebrate. “North African or Middle Eastern looking men” in large numbers joined up to engage in a female-baiting sport and so far Germany’s leaders have done little more than gasp and wring their hands. In Sweden, assaults by the Arab community against the peace-loving native Swedes, including young women, is rising. It is so serious that the peace-loving PM is warning that “in coming years” up to 80,000 self-declared refugees are to be sent home. The Arab/North African inundation is having serious political ramifications in Europe. Nationalist governments may be in the offing, for example in Netherlands where Geert Wilders could be the next top dog. In the security realm, trust is no longer abundant. Individual nations are now reasserting their own border defenses in violation of the Schengen agreement on open borders. This will likely set off a chain reaction, because who can afford NOT to have such controls when the others do? It’s a new era for the EU and it will struggle to survive. All these ugly results from Merkel’s warm outreach to the million Moslem refugees she invited to Germany and the rest of Europe spell likely doom for her government.

In Russia, that nation ended a year of real and painful economic belt-tightening due to EU sanctions, but forged ahead to make Crimea energy-independent from Ukraine and otherwise integrate the region into the Russian Federation. Russia also is moving ahead with the creation of three new military divisions on its western border to counter the NATO build-up in Eastern Europe. Anti-Americanism is at an all time high. Russia’s xenophobia is now in full swing, thanks to US/EU ineptitude in foreign policy.

Turkey continues to deal in stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil and to act as a transfer point for radicals entering Syria to defeat the last secular government in the region. The US continues to cover up Turkey’s crimes while still trying to get them to close their border to the ISIS-facilitated influx of foreign fighters. On the other hand, how much do we want them to close that border if they simply say no and don’t even get their hands slapped?

Jockeying for political talks to end the fighting in Syria continues. The Russians rejected US “opposition fighters” as allies of ISIS and Al Qaeda, but a compromise has been agreed to allow two separate opposition delegations: one made up of actual Syrians who oppose Assad and took up weapons; and the Syrian Kurds. The Turks don’t want the Syrian Kurds involved in the negotiations. I think this is going to be one of those inane political soap operas that go on while in the background the US tries to unseat Assad by proxy force in the face of Russian and Iranian military opposition to that goal.

All in all, it looks to be an interesting year, with both the domestic and international political arenas in full action and the balance of power teetering among a whole host of competing nations. Rocky waters ahead.





End of Year Thoughts

First thought: in just one year we will be bidding an adieu, not fond at all, to Obama and his Politburo. It gives me some spiteful pleasure to watch this comical fraud dwindle in significance as his lame duck period marches on and he amuses himself by giving Americans the finger over and over. Because make no mistake, each and every one of his actions in these last days is a finger to America, just as all his “major achievements” were. Thank God for term limits.

I think Obama’s determination to diminish US Second Amendment rights could be a critical moment in US history. There could be a very powerful backlash. He is also fanning the flames of racial hatred, with his incessant race-baiting and conveyance of the message that “whitey’s lives don’t matter.” Americans really hate Americans these days, and I’m speaking personally as well. When I hear someone moaning about discrimination I just tune out. Who cares. I’m so tired of the left and their incompetence and arrogance. Lefty go home!

In San Bernardino, a massacre crying out for the world to recognize it as act of Islamic terrorism, was instead treated gingerly and with great circumspection by Dopey. He told us, knowing how angry we all would be, that it remained to be seen if the act was one of domestic terrorism or just workplace violence (à la Fort Hood). He also sicced his lapdog Loretta Lynch on us with a a warning not to go persecuting the Moslems in America or face persecution.

Maybe Obama hoped to convince us that the rude jibes of the terrorist’s coworkers at a (gasp) Christmas party were the real trigger for the actions of an offended man who just happened to be Moslem. But then the FBI found the gun arsenal the loving couple was pulling together, and the couple’s murderous plans and their allegiance to radical Islam. Things turned south. It became impossible to pretend that Syed Farook and  Tashfeen Malik — when I hear their names I imagine a glittery duo on Dancing With the Stars — were just people driven to the edge by rudeness.

The final blow was FBI Director Comey asserting the murders were obviously terrorism, after which the President had no option but to call Comey a liar or go along with the truth. But I bet he was fuming all the while about that s.o.b. stepping in and spoiling his fun pulling the leg of the American people. The president, who as usual doesn’t change course when shown the error of his ways, is steadfastly ignoring the extreme vulnerability to terrorism of the US — with its open borders and destructive policies abroad. Instead he is regaling us with one boring speech after another that are somehow supposed to calm us down and make us see we are not in any danger or not much. How lame is that? By now I can hardly believe anybody is still tuning in when he makes another inane pronouncement from some venue that somehow is supposed to imbue him with authority and infallibility. The Pentagon. The White House Oval Office. Next it will be from atop Mt. Rushmore (he’d dearly love his ugly mug up on that mountainside).

On to other issues. I was appalled at the foreign policy positions taken by the GOP candidates at the last debate. Christie was the worst and most ignorant of them all. He seems to think he can use the same Jersey boys persona as a president that you can as a governor of…Jersey. He sets the standard for mindless Russophobia and macho posturing. First off, he can hardly set up a no fly zone in Syria, as he suggests, without first facing down Russian jets which already have a no-fly zone under the authority of the Syrian government. The Russians are within full legal rights to shoot down invading US jets (or any other foreign jets) or attack anti-government opposition troops seeded with US troops. What he is looking for and will certainly find is nuclear war. Christie’s pronouncements sound like something out of a comic book for the patriotically ill.

Pat Buchanan just wrote a column on that very subject. He assesses that there are actually three sensible GOP candidates regarding Russia and foreign policy: Trump, Paul, and Cruz. Seems Cruz actually spoke in favor of giving up this attempt to unseat Assad and suggests maybe we should work with him to defeat ISIS. That’s encouraging. Perhaps in the end common sense will prevail. Lord help us.

Perhaps Christie won’t get a chance to shoot down Russian jets in Syria. It seems the Russians scored with the recent meetings in Moscow between Kerry, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and President Putin. What resulted from this humbling petition from Washington for Moscow’s help was a whole series of cooperative steps in the UN and regarding US-Russian coordination (and perhaps cooperation) in Syria militarily. I’m pretty sure the US sought Russia’s blessing for certain anti-terrorist operations near the border with Turkey and it may have gotten it (or maybe not). Kerry had to give up US demands that Assad first go before any cooperation was possible, a critical victory for Putin and one the US hopes to paper over with a newly-passed and unanimous UNSC resolution on a ceasefire and a “roadmap to peace” in Syria. This resolution makes no mention of the ousting of Assad and instead calls for negotiations among all parties other than the terrorists toward a coalition government and holding of new elections. I can’t underscore enough how important this victory is for Russia, which took the bull by the horns and forced the US to correct its feckless and ruinous course in the Middle East.

On the other hand, it was precisely when pro-Russian Ukrainian president Yanukovich had reached an agreement with domestic opponents that would lead to near-term elections that he was overthrown in a violent coup, supported supposedly by nations such as Poland and Lithuania. So just because the US seems to have accepted that Assad must go, and Syrians must decide the fate of Syria, doesn’t mean any of that is true. Events could interfere with that peaceful outlook.

Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. If somebody else out there is having a religious holiday, may yours be good as well.


Stop the World, I Really Would Like to Get Off

In my  last piece I said that ISIS was operating where the Russian jet came down in Syria. Actually it was a whole assortment of jihadists and revolutionary thugs, some affiliated with ISIS and some fielded by Turkey, and others perhaps financed by the USG. Who knows? All I know is that the Russian media showed a video clip of the motley crew of murderers looting the body and shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (Didn’t see that clip on any  US stations.) I suppose there might be some people who can draw a line between these creeps and ISIS, but I am not one of them and nobody at the receiving end of their brutality would be, either.

But now I’ve just heard Obama continue building his legacy as a world-class buffoon and jackass. In his speech on how climate change is going to part the seas and solve the Syrian conflict, he drew a picture of a poor isolated benighted Russia fighting to prop up a man, Assad, whom the whole world wants to see gone because he is a brutal man; and urging Putin to come around to common sense and give up his support of Assad (surrender or else!) and start trying to defeat ISIS beside the US and all its one million nation allies. I almost choked.

The US has been creating havoc in Syria for almost four years, after having decided that Assad was not amenable enough to US control and direction, being friends of the Arch Enemy Russia and the other (sort of) Arch Enemy Iran. We are responsible for many, many thousands of deaths and destruction beyond belief across the Middle East. Our presence fed ISIS and it grew and grew and grew, and we putzed around, with a gazillion weapons passing into ISIS hands straight from the US, or rather via Turkey, who is pals with a whole slew of mercenary groups with radical ideologies, the hand-maidens of ISIS, and who is trying chiefly to take down Assad and the Kurds who are fighting ISIS.

That is how the US was fighting ISIS for four years.

And it was only when ISIS had advanced so far that it was threatening to take the country, and in the obvious vacuum of intelligent mission direction from the US, that Russia jumped into the fray. An ISIS victory in Syria and then Iraq was an unacceptable scenario. Such a development would significantly heighten the threat to Russia with its Moslem populations, and to Europe. Further, Europe was under invasion with the efflux from Syria, no big surprise considering the scorched earth policy being pursued in that country. It went in a la Russe — wholeheartedly and without reserve. Russia supported the Syrian Army in its fight against opponents armed and trained and funded by the US, and against ISIS wherever it was. Russia was making a huge difference and the Europeans wanted the US to do likewise. The US looked like a sad, pitiful remnant of a once-great country.

The Russians have declared themselves open to an alliance, but that they will not support the overthrow of Assad and the imposition of a government on Syria. This in US eyes is a capital crime: not doing as told. So despite indications from France and Germany that they could live with Assad for a transitional period, the US won’t budge. And now begins the big propaganda push to turn things around. The US is powerful and decisive. The US has all the answers. The US has all the friends and the money. Russia is strictly JV. Russia must stop being stubborn and just join everybody else in doing as told. But until then, he suggested, we will fight in Syria separately.

This arrogant, insufferable presentation by our Clown President has sealed the deal. Putin will never give on Assad now, and will commit Russian forces fully to defend the Assad government to which Russia is allied and the vital security interests of Russia. That means there will be no second Turkish shoot-down that goes without a military response. This means that any of those nations flying jet aircraft may cross paths with a Russian jet and there you are, Bob’s your uncle, I told you so. This will happen even if there is coordination at the strictly field level. There will be a military collision unless an alliance is agreed that satisfies the chief goal of defeating ISIS and permits a sane and focused approach to the task.

I urge you to listen to The Idiot’s speech and judge for yourself: knowing what  you know, is this man insane? Is our country too? We have to stop this madness. If we want to be in Syria where we  now act in violation of international law, no matter how we make it appear, we should accommodate Russia’s entirely reasonable position concerning Assad’s status. He will head an interim government and then there will be elections and if they want him, he will still be president. If they don’t, he will go. Syrians will decide, not the US or anybody else. Is that less than we would want for ourselves?




NATO member brings down Russian jet in Syria

Turkey has shot down a Russian jet providing air cover to Syrian Army ground forces fighting ISIS near the Turkish border and close to the Russian base at Latakia. According to Russia, the jet was operating in Syrian airspace and had not crossed into Turkey and the data will demonstrate this. The Turks say it was shot down over Turkish airspace (yet the fireball, as the Turks described it, came down in ISIS-controlled Syrian territory). The Turks have run to Washington (NATO) to make sure everybody is armed with the same disinformation. I’m sure when the satellite imagery comes out from Russia, NATO war parties will insist the imagery is somehow cooked. And I wonder if we’ll ever see the Turkish imagery, or learn about their own decision-making process — just as we never saw or heard a scrap of existing evidence about what the Kiev regime was up to when it sent that civilian Malaysian airline into a war zone in eastern Ukraine. Some evidence isn’t helpful, as Washington can tell you, and that evidence needs to be buried.

This was inevitable, with NATO members waging illegal war in Syria chiefly to unseat Assad and Russia supporting the Syrian government under the terms of a legal treaty. The US, Turkey and a bunch of other corrupt and brutal Middle East governments want Assad gone. They claim Assad, someone we could do business with for many years, is just too brutal to hold office. It doesn’t matter that Assad is the only man who can hold Syria together for the moment, or that the governments calling Assad a monster are themselves monstrous (think Saudi Arabia). For the moment ISIS is only a minor distraction to everybody including the US. They won’t get really worked up until, Paris-style, the blood starts running in their own streets under ISIS swords. For these fools, for now, the important part is to get Russia out of Syria so NATO can “do its thing.” That “thing” is unseating governments, so far legal governments in every case.

Turkey I am sure has been getting more and more nervous as Russian air support has allowed Assad’s forces to regain ground and begin to take the fight to ISIS. Operating along the Turkish border in Syria, Russian efforts also provide cover for the Kurds, anathema to Turkey. Turkey wants Russia to just go away and let Turkey continue with its double-dealing and treachery.

I predicted that this conflict between NATO and Russia would develop. How could it not, with a variety of air forces flying over Syria dropping bombs on assorted enemies? And here we have it. I saw one comment on a blog site that said only, “can we have one last Christmas?” The Turks reported that the ejected pilots were last seen running, no doubt from ISIS beheaders, so I guess that cheers up the Turks no end. Remember that the only guys the Turks want to stop in Syria are the Kurds. If ISIS wants to kill them and the pro-Assad Syrians and the Russians, Turkey will be glad to help however it can.

There will be a great deal of propaganda unleashed in the next weeks. I’m dead certain that many in the US will use this incident to prove that NATO has to go whole hog, boots on the ground. The UN wholeheartedly endorsed the idea of a global fight against the Islamic Caliphate wherever it is and the US could use that as some kind of a fig-leaf for a “coalition invasion” — even though that wasn’t the meaning of the resolution at all. How many clashes between the US and Russia do you think there will be then? Do you think, as apparently the idiots in Washington do, that the Russians will turn tail and leave their legal mission the minute they see NATO coming? Not likely. And as for a US (so-called NATO) no-fly zone, the dream of the McCain crowd, it will be damned hard to establish when the Russians have already established their own no-fly zone.

There isn’t much more to say at this point. The developments will all unfold in the next days and we will find out some of the facts, while others are obscured or misstated. And I will write more then. But for the moment, remember one thing: neither the US nor its military arm NATO is an undisputed power anymore. Our efforts to bring down legal governments is being resisted with  military force, and if it is war the US and NATO want, it is war they will get. The US is caught in a situation of its own making where the solution can never peace but only more war. We are well and truly stuck in the tar baby and all that remains is for us to stick our whole head in the contraption and expire from our own stupidity.


Up to our Eyeballs

The moment has come: faced with a choice of collaborating with Russia and her allies to oust the mad jihadists from Syria, or opting for another US ground war, known waggishly as “boots on ground,” the US came down firmly on the side of ground war. Right now all we have is a contingent of 50 warriors, but that will grow as sure as God made little green apples. I don’t buy for a moment the idea that these guys are going to really shake up this collection of terrorists and mercenaries and fanatics and thus bring the Syrian disaster to an end. But here’s what I think those 50 men can accomplish and are intended to accomplish: they can embed themselves as “human shields” among “their” terrorists, hoping that Russia won’t bomb the areas anymore, which then keeps alive the dream of toppling Assad by force; and they can claim territory for the US. Nothing like “boots on ground” for claiming territory, although it is made more difficult by “planes in air”that think they already claimed the same territory.

Fifty men, even the best of men, are not going to substantively and directly change the course of events in Syria. They are going to be top-line targets for the savages currently taking over Syria and I dread that one or more of them will be captured. The only thing 50 military men can do is try to hold together the remnants of the US-backed terrorist team while feeding intel into plans for a much larger incursion. The US wants its own territory in Syria, where it can establish a no-fly zone, conduct operations, and give sanctuary to its fighters. The problem, as already noted, is that Russia is able to operate in the air anywhere where Mr. Assad allows them to operate, while the US has no such authority from anybody, not to bomb, not to invade, and not to train and supply terrorists for anti-state action. So what we are being set up for is the big confrontation that anybody sane worries about. I do not believe the presence of an infiltrated American soldier in an anti-Assad formation will keep Russia from bombing. Assad asked Russia in to help him fight the anti-government forces, so of course that is what Russia is doing and will continue to do. I think the Russians will have already made this clear to the Americans, privately and through whatever atrophied diplomatic channels still exist. Russia will not sit idly by and allow the US to carve off a chunk of Syria for its own, I don’t think, and it certainly won’t be cowed by US human shields from continuing to strike against Assad’s foes. This makes it all too possible that we are going to see a direct US-Russian face-off and perhaps the opening of some sort of conflict.  Turkey’s own dubious activities in Syria are another NATO/Russia flash-point. You should add to that the increasing likelihood that there will be a purely accidental and literal collision at some point somewhere in Syria between the two sides if you want to savor the dangerous territories we are in.

Russia’s entry into the Syrian fight has for the first time begun to impact on ISIS and other terror groups trying to bring down the government. Hence the downing of the Russian passenger plane in retaliation. Russia is having an effect, where the US achieved nothing for many months. The Russians are simultaneously pursuing a strong political/diplomatic track under the aegis of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. If not for Russia, the US would never be sitting at a negotiating table with all the key players in Syria. The US should have every reason to enter into collaboration with whomever is fighting ISIS, but it is adamantly against doing so with the Russian team. They have offered various lame excuses for failing to do so. They can’t work with Iran (hah). Hamas is involved. The real reason is that Russia has established a strong position in Syria that the US dare not threaten without risk of direct conflict. The US cannot deal with the concept of Russia as an equal partner, rather than a subordinate. The US no longer has the luxury of pondering which of its various hapless schemes it would make operational — the no fly zone? boots on ground? installation of US-backed government? It is now constrained in what it can do, and hence the low-key opening bid of 50 soldiers. From here on out it is pure risk. There will be more to come.

The US and Russian positions on Syria are actually very close, except that Russia rejects the right of another nation to tell the Syrians who their government can be. They favor settling political differences through direct negotiations and referendum. The US and its allies insist that the terrible Mr. Assad has to go and the US assumes it will be the nation to tell the Syrians who their government can be. The only reason they give for using force to unseat him is that he has been brutal in repressing opposition. Whoop-dee-do. We do business everyday with men as bad as or worse than Assad, men like the Castro zombies, and it’s water off a duck’s back. We only care about human rights when it serves our purposes. But honestly — I can’t see the logic in anything the US  is doing. They have failed at nation-building in each instance beginning with Bosnia and yet they keep trying the same losing strategy. They need to try something new in Syria, like international consultation. Perhaps between the two sides a solution can be found. All those refugees can go home. The US and the EU can pay to rebuild Syria.

I think that if we end up collaborating it will be a miracle. I think the US has decided on a basic course that has as its goals the limitation of Russian gains, the continued fight to unseat Assad, and the strengthening of US influence on what happens in Syria. I  think those 50 boots will end up being 50,000 boots and not nearly so many boots on ground will leave as entered. I think the 50 men gambit is a big neon sign saying, “we’re going in up to our eyeballs.”


I like Rubio/Fiorina

This really is a sea of riches before us. I can imagine many variations of winning Republican presidential/veep candidates. How about Trump/Carson? Or Christie/Fiorina? Or Fiorina/Paul? Or best of all, Paul and Anybody. But  short of that, what could be better than a Rubio/Fiorina ticket? This would be the ultimate male versus female contest. Will the true male contingent vote en masse for their candidates, the smart and honorable candidates, or will they let an aged woman and a left-wing no-borders Latino from California run the country?

I went to a fund-raiser for Rubio in a dusty Florida town when he was running for the US Senate. He had already had an illustrious career in politics from an early age in his state and was a man of ambition. I supported him almost by rote, as a conservative Republican. But I came away deeply impressed on this first acquaintance with his breadth of intelligence and his spontaneity. My friend who went with me felt the same.

He’s presidential timber, I said. “A little young still,” my friend said. “But he has time, and he is one of the smartest guys I’ve seen,” I replied. She has never forgotten my prediction and here we are.

I just announced privately that I thought the GOP nominee would be Trump, maybe with a Carson veep. But that famous political dynamic is in motion, and the front-runner is morphing from Trump and Carson to Cruz and Rubio. Who knows, when the end is reached maybe the candidate will be my favorite, Rand Paul, the only man with a wise foreign policy.

When the issues are debated, the intelligent guys usually win. By trouncing the stupid CNBC moderators and making them look the political hack-losers they are, the candidates were able to put the light back on the real issues we face. These are all impressive candidates. Well, almost all of them. And at last the US audience was able to make an assessment of the characters and ideas of the candidates rather than those of the moderators. I think this stupid debate did the GOP a world of good. Keep the spotlight on ideas and the Dems are finished.

I think Rubio on any grounds is a formidable candidate nationally. He is charismatic, handsome, faithful, true, and smart as a whip. He is strong on US defense, too macho for my tastes but still smart, and he can run intellectual rings around any quantity of so-called MSM mavens. He is not in awe of the process or the vultures of the left.

Fiorina is essential to counter Hillary and she is as quick as Rubio. We would have two really, really smart Republicans countering a heavy-handed and corrupt politico from the Old School (old being the operable word) and no doubt her Latino attack-dog,  who shares her idea of borders as anathema. Welcome one and all. Fiorina is truly smart and able, demonstrably non-corrupt, and a likable personality. Put her against Hillary, even if only as candidate for Vice President, and she comes out well.

So, second to Rand Paul and anybody, I’m going to root for a Rubio/Fiorina candidacy. And when they win, Ben Carson as something really important. Along with all the other smart candidates we have finally fielded. We have waited a long time to collect such a group of candidates.


Is Hillary Clinton a Psychopath? Or just a chronic liar?

Well, that certainly takes the cake. Mrs. Clinton, formerly a Secretary of State, sat before a Congressional investigatory committee and lied her head off. She testified grudgingly, angrily, and self-righteously, and she lied her head off. Worse, she lied about things that everybody in this country with a scintilla of mental alertness knows she was lying about. She lied about something that video and our own memories prove she was lying about. It wasn’t like she fudged things, saying something like, “perhaps or perhaps not, I can’t recall as I was in the midst of a stroke.” No, she flat-out LIED about it.

Mrs. Clinton’s lies in her testimony were so many and so egregious that I can only touch on a few here, so let’s start with the very worst of her lies, all of them centered on Benghazi. Bear in mind that Clinton was the godmother of the bombing of Libya, the murder of Qaddafi, and the agreement to give diplomatic cover to a CIA facility for gun-running to the good terrorists in Syria. She owned everything doing with Libya. She evaporated from sight and sound when things went south in Benghazi, that snake-pit, thus suggesting that perhaps her pitiful agreement to abandon Americans under siege may have been due to her physical condition that resulted in the stroke.

Hillary Clinton told us that she never claimed that the Benghazi slaughter was a result of a video clip produced in America, a horrible hateful video clip that enraged people of the Moslem persuasion so much they just upped and spontaneously attacked a US facility of unknown purpose while carrying all sorts of deadly armaments and in the process killing a few Americans. But everybody knows she talked of it plenty of times, up until the moment the truth had been outed, when suddenly she mentions it as a terrorist act. She was clever enough to refuse to flog that lie on the networks, which work fell to the foolish Susan Rice, but she sold the story herself. Clinton claimed that she mentioned that video, but she never said (in so many words) “see, this mean-spirited video is what caused Benghazi, not my stupidity or my desire (in tandem with that of the Big O) to prevent ugly facts from dampening electoral enthusiasm in the upcoming vote.” In fact, she said that although she mentioned that video clip, it was merely a “warning” to others in the region not to try anything.

Fact: The father of one of the victims has made public his notes of his meeting with the Secretary after the deaths. He wrote at the time that Mrs. Clinton said “we’re going to arrest the filmmaker responsible for the video that caused your son’s death.” So she’s certainly lying now just as she was lying then. Not to mention that she used the arm of the law as a punishment for a man who was merely voicing his views.

Opinion: I somehow doubt that the failure of the USG to lift a finger in defense of its personnel in Benghazi would warn off any Moslem fanatic from doing the same thing, over and over and over, with great zeal. I mean, really. Only a fool or Mrs. Clinton’s fact-resistant supporters would buy such a lame story. Even Obama was cautious enough to drop the term terrorist early in the game — even if not in relation to Benghazi but to vague places around the globe.

I’m sitting here and just this instant Fox is replaying Clinton’s claim that she never denied there was an assault involved. The Congressman questioning her rightly slapped her down on that particular idiocy. Treyvon Martin jumping George Zimmerman was an assault. And she knows that too, but it all depends on what the meaning of is is. When the use of the word assault is one of the pillars of her defense, I think the case is made.

Here are some more lies she told. She said that she as Secretary of State would never dream of overriding a head of bureau’s recommendation on something like security, and she was sure no other Secretary of State would have, either. I refuse to believe for one instant that Hillary Clinton, with her degree of responsibility in Libya, would not have insisted on being fully briefed on Embassy concerns and putting in her two cents. Libya was her brainchild. Ergo, if security was denied, then ipso facto Mrs. Clinton failed to intervene in and overturn what she claims was the Department’s security consensus. I don’t believe that the Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security would have opposed the Benghazi security requests. I think this was a Hillary brainchild, but I can’t prove it. Any effort to claim that her views weren’t sought is a lie embedded in lies. It would be as if Secretary Dulles was not made aware of Embassy Moscow’s security needs during the Cold War. It would have been a case where the Secretary would indeed weigh in, were the decision contrary to his or her views on the matter. And surely the security of her dear friend Ambassador Stevens was of special importance to her? But no, she actually didn’t intervene to say, give them what they need. She deferred to her subordinate’s judgment.

One last thing that got me a little riled: her claim that she has always said she takes full responsibility for everything. I thought the Republicans did a good job trouncing her. One Republican, from Illinois, actually asked her to explain how she saw “responsibility” after one such assertion, In reply she blathered on about non-relevant things like, I was really busy, and then he called her out again. What in relation to Benghazi is your perception of responsibility? She couldn’t or wouldn’t answer the question, but it is one that I have been pondering since she dropped out of sight for about three months after the disaster in Benghazi.

It’s as if every other word that ever comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth is a lie. She’s so artificial it is painful and the idea of four or  more years with a woman who sounds like a braying jackass is impossible to contemplate.

And that’s the subject of another Ooobie. How the Republicans could pull out a victory. I’m not sure they have a cohesive brain anymore, so it’s going to have to be by our own efforts to see that Clinton doesn’t get her hand in the public treasury again. It is my fervent wish that all her future endeavors should involve illicit transactions in tropical countries. By the way, that Representative Brooks got a huge hurrah from me for her brilliant and spirited attack on the non-existent Clinton character. Just great.

A Shout-out to Putin and Russia

I thought I was going to explode if I had to sit through one more idiotic, uninformed, even yokel-ish tv analysis about Russia in the past days. “Russia is getting more aggressive,” grumbled one retired general. “Look at Ukraine and now Syria!” Another complains that “Putin is set on becoming a major player in the Middle East!” The Republicans point to the Syrian debacle and the collapse of what were never defined US goals and purposes, and now Russia’s supposed act of belligerence, and demand that we double down and “do this right,” i.e. through direct US military action to overthrow Assad and supposedly to defeat ISIS. We are already in full violation of international law in our actions, and the Republicans offer more of same. But the Democrats offer no alternative, either. Hillary Clinton is the most gung-ho “use of force” advocate on the campaign trail. I would laugh if all this ignorance were not leading us to the precipice of war. I see we have now sent state-of-the-art nukes to Germany. Oh, goody. And although the US is (of course) absolutely blameless in this turn of events, Putin is making us look slow and stupid. Most of those speaking their piece share the view that this uppity Russian (Putin) is begging for a beating from somebody, and that somebody should be the US. Except we’re busy at the moment being beat up by ISIS.

What Putin did was a beautiful coup against the now largely past-tense World’s Only Superpower. He put a long-time military agreement with Syria into effect in a lightning strike, with very little warning to the US-led alliance. Not coincidentally, for one month, Russia heads the UNSC. This gives Russia major if perhaps only passing leverage and Putin has used it to not only suggest a way forward out of the morass, with a coalition of the willing to support the Syrian Army and the Kurdish fighters; he also put his words into action, launching airstrikes against ISIS in coordination with the Syrian government and Iran. The US and NATO have been invited to join the coalition for a common cause, and NATO is dumbstruck or perhaps just dumb. Not unless we’re allowed to depose another head of government, the US and its friends insist. We couldn’t possibly fight alongside Hamas, they add. As for the Iranians, to whom we just gave our blessings for nuclear weapons, they aren’t the right partner in this context. And Russia merely replies, “we don’t do governments, the voters of the country involved do.”

Now the world sees on one side a stubborn and arrogant US, oddly resistant to join all hands in the fight against ISIS, backed by a handful of allies who act in their own sectarians interests, helping now one side and now the other. They are acting as if Russia has committed some criminal act by opposing illegal US actions inside and outside of Syria intended chiefly to unseat Assad and only in a very desultory fashion to go after ISIS. On the other side, we see a  smart, tough man leading a country beaten down by western sanctions and oil prices, who knows Russia’s security is also at stake and who acts decisively to fill the power vacuum he has seen the US leave in its wake. Russia cannot afford to have this ISIS movement grow. From Putin’s perspective, if nobody else was going to go after ISIS as long as ISIS was fighting the Syrian government, then Russia would step in. Now other nations are going to line up with the Russian alliance in the hopes of staving off ISIS and getting the refugee situation in Europe under better control. In NATO territory, ordinary people upset by the Syrian/faux Syrian influx are asking why the EU and NATO can’t collaborate with the Russian group to defeat the enemy and the main source of refugee outflow. Most people are looking for an alternative to the aimless and, from where I sit, increasingly immoral conduct of war in other countries that the US is offering. It has got to stop, and not least because we are losing badly.  I posted a comment at a blog site that referred to “the five good guys we are currently working with in Syria.” That was a few days before the Pentagon admitted it only had four or five guys left from their trainees. See, you can’t even make this stuff up.

The world, much of it, has grown truly tired of endless wars to unseat leaders who seem to be good or bad depending entirely on the interests of the US and its allies at the moment. The real effects of tearing countries apart “for the good of everybody,” something the US is specializing in, are coming home to roost and they aren’t pretty. Everywhere one looks in the Middle East and beyond, where the US has settled things by use of military force, the fabric has never re-healed and our continued involvement has fed the ISIS movement. We are lightning rods of misery. Doing more of what we are doing, and largely to protect our claim to absolute leadership in global affairs, is sheer madness.

Putin acted in Russian national interests by establishing a counterweight to US might in the Middle East and giving Russia a powerful voice of opposition to the way business is being conducted there. If the US were to agree to collaboration, we could perhaps still deliver ISIS a very serious blow. But the US needs to get on the train, because it is departing the station. This could become yet another lever for creating divisions in the EU and NATO.



The Liar tells one too many

When it comes to lying, almost everybody in Washington practices it daily. Most recently, Ted Cruz lashed out at Mitch McConnell for outright lying to other Republican senators about side deals relating to the Highways bill and the TPP. But the Blue Ribbon for Most Consistent and Outrageous Deviousness goes to Hillary Clinton.

I won’t bother to go back through her history  of lies, like landing in Sarajevo under fire (we wish!). I’ll just pick up mid-whopper with the saga of Hillary Clinton’s private server and all that classified information she sent out over its unsecured pathways. According to Clinton, she never sent any classified information over that electronic beam. The fuss by the intelligence bozos is just a squabble over exactly how much information should be classified. It’s simply bureaucratic quibbling. The guys doing the quibbling, by the way, are the Inspectors General of both the Intelligence Community and (no doubt with deep reluctance) the Department of State. The Intelligence Community includes all the various intelligence agencies, offices and departments of all the different parts of the United States Government and the US military. Their foot soldiers and electronic helpers collect the information we use to determine policies and actions. Sometimes the sources are human beings at risk of immediate execution if discovered. Sometimes the information is sucked up from intercepts and eavesdropping; those sources would be shut down quickly if the government involved realized where the leaks were. This and many more similar considerations are behind the classification system. This isn’t a matter of personal opinion or New Age theory. It isn’t a matter of position or ambition.

Here is a clue for the Smartest Woman in the World: if you are pulling your information from top secret code-word protected USG information, your paraphrased conveyance of the information is classified at the same level as the original information. Mrs. Clinton wants us to believe that she had the authority to take that highly classified information and send it as if it were instructions to pick up her dry-cleaning. Even the CIA’s top officials have had to admit that the information that went forth over Mrs. Clinton’s Personal Server is certainly now in the hands of the people we have on our enemies list, like Russia and China. (Message to Russia and China: give us a hand, here, and mail those messages to the  US Congress c/o Trey Gowdy.)

Yesterday I saw a Fox news banner running across the bottom of the screen, grossly misinforming the US public that “retroactively classified information went out in Clinton’s emails.” Here’s another news flash (listen up, Fox News): what she sent out was not retroactively classified. It was classified at the time she put it in her messages. Classification doesn’t change or lapse until some date 20 or 50 or 100 years from the date of origination unless there is some legal process to treat the information otherwise. So just slapping a U for unclassified on the top doesn’t in any substantive manner change the classification of the material. What the security mavens did was restore the original classifications to the information, thus making all those Clinton messages seen and handled by people such as her personal lawyer “classified.”

Here is the crux of the case:

Mrs. Clinton did know all about classifications, she would have been thoroughly briefed on that aspect of her job when she started it, not to mention from her days in the Senate. She knew, as she said, that you can’t send classified material via private servers. One must thus conclude that she changed the classification of the information from Alpha Sigmoid Eyes Only to “anybody except Americans can have a look” knowingly, specifically and deliberately; and that she did so in order to retain full and exclusive control over all her messages sent over a four-year period and allow her to purge any that would reflect poorly upon her as a potential US president. Mrs. Clinton then obliterated many, many thousands of USG-owned messages, insisting they were only about Bill’s affairs. I mean, about Chelsea’s multi-million dollar wedding.

Tell it to the judge, Hillary.

I am delighted to say that the entire intelligence community has jumped down her throat in response. You can’t just call something something it isn’t (other than calling a  man a woman, a woman a man, or a white a black.) You can’t paraphrase your country’s most closely guarded secrets, throw them to the winds, and expect anybody will buy the theory that the classified portions were somehow “laundered.” (That’s something else Mrs. Clinton is good at, laundering.) In any case, the die is now cast. The investigations will begin, and as we saw, probably from the very first message they reviewed, the evidence will show the woman’s guilt. Saying “I didn’t know” is no defense under the law, Mrs. Clinton. I bet you know that, too. Between Trey Gowdy’s hearings on Benghazi in the House and this new investigation, I think Hillary’s big fat goose is cooked. Look in that haggard face if you can stand it and you will see there the realization that she tried one scam too many and told one lie too far. Old Joe is in the bull-pen, limbering up.


The Supreme Court Rewrites American Culture

I’ve been wanting for weeks to write something about that lying sticky-fingered candidate for the presidency, the Missus, but it’s a lazy summer and it has made me lazy too. Still, things around me have suddenly begun to fall apart at an alarming rate, although Americans appear oblivious. You’d get a far larger percentage of Americans who could tell you about the Kardashians latest inanities or the newest “K” for Caitlyn than can tell you why the US is not coordinating with the whole world to bring down ISIS, or why Russia is Public Enemy Number One again, not that they really care about any of those things anyway. Now I see how it was that terrible things like WWII happened. Nobody saw it coming or cared, either.

And you can be sure that most Americas are unaware that the US is now for the first time inserting itself directly on Russia’s doorstep with our heavy weapons, our materiel, our jets, our military advisers and even our troops. The risks of direct confrontation are thus exponentially greater than they were when the threat from NATO/US was less immediate. Russia will respond and is already accelerating its move away from western production of any kind of military components or devices to domestic production, as well as toward accelerated production of nuclear weapons both tactical and ballistic. They will forward base their own weapons and materiel, right there across the street from NATO.

But it is at home where the greatest damage to America is being incurred. The US Supreme Court in just a couple of decisions has attempted to rewrite western culture. With one sweep of the judicial pen, these justices have pretty much annihilated the institution of marriage, leaving in its wake some alien and absolutely malleable something that in the end will expand to include ever  more bizarre unions, all of them equally good or bad or neutral or whatever. As one of the judicial dissents on gay marriage noted, it is a predictable and foregone conclusion that the next to qualify as married will be the polygamists. He didn’t add “and after them, any combination of two or more persons (no doubt even animals and inanimate objects) including those of family members and adults and children.”

This obscenely wrong decision came right after the Court’s majority repeated its earlier derogation of duty by totally ignoring the text of the law under consideration in rendering judgment on Obamacare subsidies. In this case, the actual words of Obamacare were not rewritten, as in changing a “penalty” to a “tax.” They avoided the problem of very clear text they opposed by deciding not to rely on text as a basis for their analysis, opting instead to divine the “intent” of those hundreds of legislators who wrote and passed the bill. As if there were one single intent, like a bee hive or an ant hill, which is what the leftists running the asylum would have us be, in a perfect world (the same one where communism is the perfection of socialism). John Roberts could just be called a traitor; or even suspected of being a blackmail victim; but then he voted the next day to uphold traditional marriage. I guess it’s better to call him crazy. Maybe it was the head problem he had. Maybe as a result it isn’t always John Roberts on the bench, but maybe, sometimes, Teddy Roosevelt or Jesus Christ himself.

We all know what is coming. The left is baying for blood — stop tax exceptions for the religious! Silence the anti-gay right! Shut down the churches, hound the believers out. This is totally nuts. The do-gooders of the Court have opened the gates to hell.

They are joined in their perfidies by the US Congress, those spineless corrupt traitors to the American people. The latest insult and injury is that GOP leaders have ignored vociferous bipartisan public objections to both the secrecy of the TPP treaty text and the wheeling and dealing going on (again behind closed doors). Part I of this screw-you-America legislation has already successfully cleared the hurdle of Congressional approval and now gives the President the right to “fast-track” trade negotiations. What’s the damned rush about? The secrecy shrouding this bill is a repeat of the “considerations” that preceded imposing Obamacare on an unwilling nation. It is absolutely unacceptable and a violation of the public trust. What are we doing about it, then? Not a thing.

The GOP leadership all got big donations at the time they were pushing the legislation. I’m sure you’ll find the exact same situation on the Democrat side. It’s all about power and money. It’s my new mantra: power and money, power and money. It explains everything.

Speaking of power, money and corruption: those emails are keeping Hillary busy making up stories or steadfastly ignoring the news as she tools around the US presenting herself, the owner of her very own e-mail server, as Everywoman. If we had an opposition leadership in DC we’d be wiping up the floor with the self-righteous but sinister Mrs. Clinton and her list of suspected felonies. Instead we have a bunch of self-interested valueless men who sell themselves as pragmatic. This business of the server may in fact bring her down, even if only Trey Gowdy wants to do so. She did not turn over all her work-related emails to the State Department or to the US Congress under subpoena. She withheld, at a minimum, relevant Benghazi emails. In addition, those emails she sent that contained not one confidential thing were riddled with confidential information. The US Department of State, trying to cover its ass, has actually now given the correct classification and redacted the emails sent to Congress. (The upside of confessing that you failed in your institutional duties by allowing valuable and sensitive information to be sent daily on an insecure server is that you don’t have to let Congress see what Mrs. Clinton was saying.) Even the White House ignored her use of a private server, apparently sharing the Secretary’s blasé attitude toward national security. The State Department is now looking thoroughly politicized and incompetent.

As for the Republicans, they’ve been an across-the-board failure at anything other than playing to their interests. They haven’t succeeded in or seriously attempted to make good on anything promised in 2012. They have played hard-ball only with their own members, in particular those who think the words of the Constitution mean something, like Justice Scalia. They seem to think the public is an ass. They work hand-in-glove with the Democrats in Congress to satisfy the same money/power sectors and the will of the rest of us is worth bupkis. Among the presidential aspirants, I’m a Rand Paul supporter, but I also love Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, the Machine has its own candidate and as in recent past elections, their choice will win and it will be Pablum Redux. Then the question will be, how many who feel betrayed and ignored within their own party will stay home or vote for somebody else? How many will decide they really have wasted enough votes on Dem Lite? I can’t believe those fools in the RNC haven’t figured out what’s coming.