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A Shout-out to Putin and Russia

I thought I was going to explode if I had to sit through one more idiotic, uninformed, even yokel-ish tv analysis about Russia in the past days. “Russia is getting more aggressive,” grumbled one retired general. “Look at Ukraine and now Syria!” Another complains that “Putin is set on becoming a major player in the Middle East!” The Republicans point to the Syrian debacle and the collapse of what were never defined US goals and purposes, and now Russia’s supposed act of belligerence, and demand that we double down and “do this right,” i.e. through direct US military action to overthrow Assad and supposedly to defeat ISIS. We are already in full violation of international law in our actions, and the Republicans offer more of same. But the Democrats offer no alternative, either. Hillary Clinton is the most gung-ho “use of force” advocate on the campaign trail. I would laugh if all this ignorance were not leading us to the precipice of war. I see we have now sent state-of-the-art nukes to Germany. Oh, goody. And although the US is (of course) absolutely blameless in this turn of events, Putin is making us look slow and stupid. Most of those speaking their piece share the view that this uppity Russian (Putin) is begging for a beating from somebody, and that somebody should be the US. Except we’re busy at the moment being beat up by ISIS.

What Putin did was a beautiful coup against the now largely past-tense World’s Only Superpower. He put a long-time military agreement with Syria into effect in a lightning strike, with very little warning to the US-led alliance. Not coincidentally, for one month, Russia heads the UNSC. This gives Russia major if perhaps only passing leverage and Putin has used it to not only suggest a way forward out of the morass, with a coalition of the willing to support the Syrian Army and the Kurdish fighters; he also put his words into action, launching airstrikes against ISIS in coordination with the Syrian government and Iran. The US and NATO have been invited to join the coalition for a common cause, and NATO is dumbstruck or perhaps just dumb. Not unless we’re allowed to depose another head of government, the US and its friends insist. We couldn’t possibly fight alongside Hamas, they add. As for the Iranians, to whom we just gave our blessings for nuclear weapons, they aren’t the right partner in this context. And Russia merely replies, “we don’t do governments, the voters of the country involved do.”

Now the world sees on one side a stubborn and arrogant US, oddly resistant to join all hands in the fight against ISIS, backed by a handful of allies who act in their own sectarians interests, helping now one side and now the other. They are acting as if Russia has committed some criminal act by opposing illegal US actions inside and outside of Syria intended chiefly to unseat Assad and only in a very desultory fashion to go after ISIS. On the other side, we see a  smart, tough man leading a country beaten down by western sanctions and oil prices, who knows Russia’s security is also at stake and who acts decisively to fill the power vacuum he has seen the US leave in its wake. Russia cannot afford to have this ISIS movement grow. From Putin’s perspective, if nobody else was going to go after ISIS as long as ISIS was fighting the Syrian government, then Russia would step in. Now other nations are going to line up with the Russian alliance in the hopes of staving off ISIS and getting the refugee situation in Europe under better control. In NATO territory, ordinary people upset by the Syrian/faux Syrian influx are asking why the EU and NATO can’t collaborate with the Russian group to defeat the enemy and the main source of refugee outflow. Most people are looking for an alternative to the aimless and, from where I sit, increasingly immoral conduct of war in other countries that the US is offering. It has got to stop, and not least because we are losing badly.  I posted a comment at a blog site that referred to “the five good guys we are currently working with in Syria.” That was a few days before the Pentagon admitted it only had four or five guys left from their trainees. See, you can’t even make this stuff up.

The world, much of it, has grown truly tired of endless wars to unseat leaders who seem to be good or bad depending entirely on the interests of the US and its allies at the moment. The real effects of tearing countries apart “for the good of everybody,” something the US is specializing in, are coming home to roost and they aren’t pretty. Everywhere one looks in the Middle East and beyond, where the US has settled things by use of military force, the fabric has never re-healed and our continued involvement has fed the ISIS movement. We are lightning rods of misery. Doing more of what we are doing, and largely to protect our claim to absolute leadership in global affairs, is sheer madness.

Putin acted in Russian national interests by establishing a counterweight to US might in the Middle East and giving Russia a powerful voice of opposition to the way business is being conducted there. If the US were to agree to collaboration, we could perhaps still deliver ISIS a very serious blow. But the US needs to get on the train, because it is departing the station. This could become yet another lever for creating divisions in the EU and NATO.



The Liar tells one too many

When it comes to lying, almost everybody in Washington practices it daily. Most recently, Ted Cruz lashed out at Mitch McConnell for outright lying to other Republican senators about side deals relating to the Highways bill and the TPP. But the Blue Ribbon for Most Consistent and Outrageous Deviousness goes to Hillary Clinton.

I won’t bother to go back through her history  of lies, like landing in Sarajevo under fire (we wish!). I’ll just pick up mid-whopper with the saga of Hillary Clinton’s private server and all that classified information she sent out over its unsecured pathways. According to Clinton, she never sent any classified information over that electronic beam. The fuss by the intelligence bozos is just a squabble over exactly how much information should be classified. It’s simply bureaucratic quibbling. The guys doing the quibbling, by the way, are the Inspectors General of both the Intelligence Community and (no doubt with deep reluctance) the Department of State. The Intelligence Community includes all the various intelligence agencies, offices and departments of all the different parts of the United States Government and the US military. Their foot soldiers and electronic helpers collect the information we use to determine policies and actions. Sometimes the sources are human beings at risk of immediate execution if discovered. Sometimes the information is sucked up from intercepts and eavesdropping; those sources would be shut down quickly if the government involved realized where the leaks were. This and many more similar considerations are behind the classification system. This isn’t a matter of personal opinion or New Age theory. It isn’t a matter of position or ambition.

Here is a clue for the Smartest Woman in the World: if you are pulling your information from top secret code-word protected USG information, your paraphrased conveyance of the information is classified at the same level as the original information. Mrs. Clinton wants us to believe that she had the authority to take that highly classified information and send it as if it were instructions to pick up her dry-cleaning. Even the CIA’s top officials have had to admit that the information that went forth over Mrs. Clinton’s Personal Server is certainly now in the hands of the people we have on our enemies list, like Russia and China. (Message to Russia and China: give us a hand, here, and mail those messages to the  US Congress c/o Trey Gowdy.)

Yesterday I saw a Fox news banner running across the bottom of the screen, grossly misinforming the US public that “retroactively classified information went out in Clinton’s emails.” Here’s another news flash (listen up, Fox News): what she sent out was not retroactively classified. It was classified at the time she put it in her messages. Classification doesn’t change or lapse until some date 20 or 50 or 100 years from the date of origination unless there is some legal process to treat the information otherwise. So just slapping a U for unclassified on the top doesn’t in any substantive manner change the classification of the material. What the security mavens did was restore the original classifications to the information, thus making all those Clinton messages seen and handled by people such as her personal lawyer “classified.”

Here is the crux of the case:

Mrs. Clinton did know all about classifications, she would have been thoroughly briefed on that aspect of her job when she started it, not to mention from her days in the Senate. She knew, as she said, that you can’t send classified material via private servers. One must thus conclude that she changed the classification of the information from Alpha Sigmoid Eyes Only to “anybody except Americans can have a look” knowingly, specifically and deliberately; and that she did so in order to retain full and exclusive control over all her messages sent over a four-year period and allow her to purge any that would reflect poorly upon her as a potential US president. Mrs. Clinton then obliterated many, many thousands of USG-owned messages, insisting they were only about Bill’s affairs. I mean, about Chelsea’s multi-million dollar wedding.

Tell it to the judge, Hillary.

I am delighted to say that the entire intelligence community has jumped down her throat in response. You can’t just call something something it isn’t (other than calling a  man a woman, a woman a man, or a white a black.) You can’t paraphrase your country’s most closely guarded secrets, throw them to the winds, and expect anybody will buy the theory that the classified portions were somehow “laundered.” (That’s something else Mrs. Clinton is good at, laundering.) In any case, the die is now cast. The investigations will begin, and as we saw, probably from the very first message they reviewed, the evidence will show the woman’s guilt. Saying “I didn’t know” is no defense under the law, Mrs. Clinton. I bet you know that, too. Between Trey Gowdy’s hearings on Benghazi in the House and this new investigation, I think Hillary’s big fat goose is cooked. Look in that haggard face if you can stand it and you will see there the realization that she tried one scam too many and told one lie too far. Old Joe is in the bull-pen, limbering up.


The Supreme Court Rewrites American Culture

I’ve been wanting for weeks to write something about that lying sticky-fingered candidate for the presidency, the Missus, but it’s a lazy summer and it has made me lazy too. Still, things around me have suddenly begun to fall apart at an alarming rate, although Americans appear oblivious. You’d get a far larger percentage of Americans who could tell you about the Kardashians latest inanities or the newest “K” for Caitlyn than can tell you why the US is not coordinating with the whole world to bring down ISIS, or why Russia is Public Enemy Number One again, not that they really care about any of those things anyway. Now I see how it was that terrible things like WWII happened. Nobody saw it coming or cared, either.

And you can be sure that most Americas are unaware that the US is now for the first time inserting itself directly on Russia’s doorstep with our heavy weapons, our materiel, our jets, our military advisers and even our troops. The risks of direct confrontation are thus exponentially greater than they were when the threat from NATO/US was less immediate. Russia will respond and is already accelerating its move away from western production of any kind of military components or devices to domestic production, as well as toward accelerated production of nuclear weapons both tactical and ballistic. They will forward base their own weapons and materiel, right there across the street from NATO.

But it is at home where the greatest damage to America is being incurred. The US Supreme Court in just a couple of decisions has attempted to rewrite western culture. With one sweep of the judicial pen, these justices have pretty much annihilated the institution of marriage, leaving in its wake some alien and absolutely malleable something that in the end will expand to include ever  more bizarre unions, all of them equally good or bad or neutral or whatever. As one of the judicial dissents on gay marriage noted, it is a predictable and foregone conclusion that the next to qualify as married will be the polygamists. He didn’t add “and after them, any combination of two or more persons (no doubt even animals and inanimate objects) including those of family members and adults and children.”

This obscenely wrong decision came right after the Court’s majority repeated its earlier derogation of duty by totally ignoring the text of the law under consideration in rendering judgment on Obamacare subsidies. In this case, the actual words of Obamacare were not rewritten, as in changing a “penalty” to a “tax.” They avoided the problem of very clear text they opposed by deciding not to rely on text as a basis for their analysis, opting instead to divine the “intent” of those hundreds of legislators who wrote and passed the bill. As if there were one single intent, like a bee hive or an ant hill, which is what the leftists running the asylum would have us be, in a perfect world (the same one where communism is the perfection of socialism). John Roberts could just be called a traitor; or even suspected of being a blackmail victim; but then he voted the next day to uphold traditional marriage. I guess it’s better to call him crazy. Maybe it was the head problem he had. Maybe as a result it isn’t always John Roberts on the bench, but maybe, sometimes, Teddy Roosevelt or Jesus Christ himself.

We all know what is coming. The left is baying for blood — stop tax exceptions for the religious! Silence the anti-gay right! Shut down the churches, hound the believers out. This is totally nuts. The do-gooders of the Court have opened the gates to hell.

They are joined in their perfidies by the US Congress, those spineless corrupt traitors to the American people. The latest insult and injury is that GOP leaders have ignored vociferous bipartisan public objections to both the secrecy of the TPP treaty text and the wheeling and dealing going on (again behind closed doors). Part I of this screw-you-America legislation has already successfully cleared the hurdle of Congressional approval and now gives the President the right to “fast-track” trade negotiations. What’s the damned rush about? The secrecy shrouding this bill is a repeat of the “considerations” that preceded imposing Obamacare on an unwilling nation. It is absolutely unacceptable and a violation of the public trust. What are we doing about it, then? Not a thing.

The GOP leadership all got big donations at the time they were pushing the legislation. I’m sure you’ll find the exact same situation on the Democrat side. It’s all about power and money. It’s my new mantra: power and money, power and money. It explains everything.

Speaking of power, money and corruption: those emails are keeping Hillary busy making up stories or steadfastly ignoring the news as she tools around the US presenting herself, the owner of her very own e-mail server, as Everywoman. If we had an opposition leadership in DC we’d be wiping up the floor with the self-righteous but sinister Mrs. Clinton and her list of suspected felonies. Instead we have a bunch of self-interested valueless men who sell themselves as pragmatic. This business of the server may in fact bring her down, even if only Trey Gowdy wants to do so. She did not turn over all her work-related emails to the State Department or to the US Congress under subpoena. She withheld, at a minimum, relevant Benghazi emails. In addition, those emails she sent that contained not one confidential thing were riddled with confidential information. The US Department of State, trying to cover its ass, has actually now given the correct classification and redacted the emails sent to Congress. (The upside of confessing that you failed in your institutional duties by allowing valuable and sensitive information to be sent daily on an insecure server is that you don’t have to let Congress see what Mrs. Clinton was saying.) Even the White House ignored her use of a private server, apparently sharing the Secretary’s blasé attitude toward national security. The State Department is now looking thoroughly politicized and incompetent.

As for the Republicans, they’ve been an across-the-board failure at anything other than playing to their interests. They haven’t succeeded in or seriously attempted to make good on anything promised in 2012. They have played hard-ball only with their own members, in particular those who think the words of the Constitution mean something, like Justice Scalia. They seem to think the public is an ass. They work hand-in-glove with the Democrats in Congress to satisfy the same money/power sectors and the will of the rest of us is worth bupkis. Among the presidential aspirants, I’m a Rand Paul supporter, but I also love Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, the Machine has its own candidate and as in recent past elections, their choice will win and it will be Pablum Redux. Then the question will be, how many who feel betrayed and ignored within their own party will stay home or vote for somebody else? How many will decide they really have wasted enough votes on Dem Lite? I can’t believe those fools in the RNC haven’t figured out what’s coming.


US Foreign Policy: A Cry for Help

I’ve been working on a piece on domestic political inanity, but am taking a detour to comment on the latest news from DC regarding Russia. Whatever happens at home doesn’t matter if it doesn’t affect what is happening abroad, where we have lost our marbles. The only politician making sense on foreign policy at present is Rand Paul. All the rest, and Mrs. Clinton in first place, are macho posturers who think they can still push other major powers around with impunity and that not threatening Russia in its own backyard is weakness. What has set me off this time is the announcement that the White House is considering getting even tougher on Russia to make sure it behaves itself in Europe. To justify the action, NATO asserts some non-existent Russian threat to NATO countries on NATO’s “far eastern” fringe. There is nothing to suggest this, of course, but that’s the glory of propaganda: a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.

The newly-imagined NATO militarization program involves upgrading all the regional armies (magnificent arms sales!), and even stationing missiles. We have already sent military advisers and military hardware to Ukraine, a country not a member of NATO that is sinking under the waves of ineptitude and division, and rumor is rife that the US is funding a mercenary army for Ukraine to fight against Russia and Russia’s own proxy army in eastern Ukraine. NATO also declared one of its new missions (and apparently newly discovered authorities) is to weed out corrupt governments in Europe. I have already watched with amazement the replacing of Ukrainian government officials with foreigners, no matter what the public wants — whose hand is behind this incredibly disrespectful attitude to national interests, do you think? The One World’ers, the ones now declaring the right to weed out somebody else’s government, anywhere in Europe. And how does the weeding out occur? Through Color Revolutions? Pre-planned and deliberate disruptions of public order to achieve a much larger goal? Violent ousters of the “corrupt government”? Is weeding out anything like what we did in Syria? Could Hungary be in for some weeding out, and the Czech Republic, too? The Hungarian prime minister is a pragmatic man who prizes Hungarian independence; even under the Soviet regime Hungary was known to be rather independent in its economic dealings with the west. Now the Hungarian president is being told by the US/EU what to do in both foreign and trade policy. It rubs the wrong way. And the Czech president has banned the US ambassador in Prague from ever going to the presidential palace after the latter insulted the former by telling him what to do vis-à-vis Russia. Sounds like corruption to me.

Before my patriotic readers cheer on US provocations in eastern Europe, consider this: the last time we tried putting missiles in Europe, we had a huge anti-war movement in all the west European countries. Nobody wants to be in the missile cross-hairs of the Russians, and certainly not on behalf of the Poles, who just hate the Russians on principle, or the Latvians with their neo-Nazi sympathies. And they would be in those cross-hairs if the Americans put missiles in their backyards. Many western and even eastern Europeans also reject the US rationale that it is only making Europe safer. Most people in western Europe don’t care what happens to Ukraine unless it involves a lot of refugees, but so far the refugees are going almost exclusively to Russia. Anybody with even one eye in his head can see that all the military armament over a twenty some year period has been flowing eastward, not westward. It was flowing eastward when Russia was barely able to keep its Army together. Pull out a map and look at foreign military bases belonging to the US and Russia. And yet it is obvious that Russia would never attack NATO short of a NATO attack on Russia. What’s the real goal of all this? Containment, disarming, “weeding out.”

I read an article today that warned that we have entered a New Cold War period. I shot back that the commentator should get serious, it isn’t a Cold War, it is the prelude to WWIII. Many west European commentators, including Le Pen in France and Farage in UK, are increasingly worried by the militant US position on relations with Russia and object to it. They blame NATO and EU actions for ushering in the opening phase of WWIII. This is a nuclear war we are discussing and people are beginning to sit up and take notice. As one west European recently wrote, if the US is reverting to its expansionist era, then the Europeans have a right to know of the new policy and adjust their own accordingly. Vladimir Putin has already ridiculed US plans, asserting that “only in a madman’s dream would Russia attack NATO.”

All of what we have been seeing in the development of a policy of confrontation with Russia coincides with the unfolding of the new and bigger US propaganda effort led by Cold War hounds Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and Voice of America. The US government was concerned about the burgeoning success around the world of Russia Today, a Russian state-controlled news outlet. I myself read and watch it on-line, not only for news on Russia, which is predictably skewed, but for news on my own country. You can always bank on finding the bad news stories that have been spiked in the US press, and they are all one hundred percent true. That’s why others read it, too — to hear the other side of the story, and the things their own governments are hiding. Really, who would have thought that one day propaganda would have a use?

In the past, of course, such propaganda would have been only for purveyance to the ignorant world and prohibited for distribution within the US, lest the American citizen also be influenced by untruths. Nowadays, there is no exemption from propaganda for the supposedly naive world or the US citizen. One of the clearest examples was the recent performance of our Ms. Potato Head press spokesperson at the US State Department. Despite OSCE monitoring reports showing that there are equal numbers of Minsk agreement violations in Ukraine by each side, Marie Harf insisted that “we know” that the “vast majority” of the incidents were by the “Russian-backed rebels” and only “a tiny minority” by Kiev’s forces. She absolutely refused to acknowledge the facts as reported by the European monitors and instead spread blatant disinformation. She briefly tried to justify any violations, however few, by Kiev by asserting that Kiev was fighting to defend its country and thus was morally right. She was forced back to issue by a Russia Today reporter, who put her down deftly with a little dig on US moral superiority, but the reporter got nothing for her efforts. Harf wasn’t budging and that’s that. Harf can follow simple instructions, like “deny deny, deny.”

In any case, here’s what I think. I think that the Russian propaganda and disinformation system is now ramping up to meet the US ramp-up; I think that Russians will meet any placement of US missiles in Ukraine and Eastern Europe by putting nuclear weapons in Kalingrad and Crimea and targeting them on European capitals and economic regions. They are also rapidly developing their own advanced anti-missile missile system. I predict a rebirth of the anti-war protest movement in Europe, where the left is already geared up for their usual anti-G7 antics. The addition of the more reputable anti-war elements will significantly raise the pressures on governments. Tensions within NATO between those looking for accommodation of Russian national interests and those determined to screw Russia will likely be exacerbated by growing tension between east and west. Chafing at the imposition of US interests over those of Europe will not help tempers.

I also predict that if there is not a serious reconsideration of the growing militarization of our foreign policy, we are looking WWIII in the face. At these close quarters, with the US pushing into Russia’s front door, accidents happen. And sometimes others provoke accidents for their own stupidly short-sighted purposes.

And I didn’t even mention our similar provocations of China, or the emerging Sino-Russian military cooperation and coordination of positions. The multi-polar world has emerged full-blown. No longer that stable bi-polar world, or the incredibly heady days of unipolar power for America, but one where powerful nations are asserting their rightful position in global decision-making. We need to recalibrate. We need to rediscover diplomacy.


On the Glory of Free Expression

Our younger generations don’t even know what freedom of expression is or means. That’s because they hardly ever hear a contrary voice throughout their school years and if they do, that voice is quickly silenced by peer disapproval and teacher discipline. Lenny Bruce, the foul-mouthed lefty who lived and breathed to shock hum-drum 1950s America with his harsh comedy, or the women who demanded a vote, or the homosexual who was openly who he was — they were acts that taught us the meaning of freedom to say or express whatever you like. It meant having to listen to these horses’ asses yammering at us even when we would have loved for somebody to shut them up. And we respected that right, knowing that someday we might need its protection as well.

Poor kids. Today  Lenny Bruce is the principal in their elementary school and actively discourages kids from pledging allegiance to any flag, especially that of the oppressive US. His teacher’s union is headed by the woman who demanded the vote and now wants to marry her girlfriend, the one who loses no chance to drum into the little kids’ brains that sex has nothing to do with what is between their legs and men are oppressors. His Boy Scout leader is a gay blade who accompanies the little boys to summer camp and plays with them to his heart’s content. (Why didn’t Michael Jackson volunteer as a Boy Scout leader? I bet he thought about it.)

And what about all those other people, the ones who disagree with the officially-acceptable point of view? Aren’t they allowed to speak their minds? Don’t we get the protection of the first amendment?

Well, in a word, no.

A straight baker must bake a cake celebrating a homosexual union the baker deeply feels to be a perversion and a sin. But a gay baker may refuse to decorate a cake stating “marriage is an act between one man and one woman,” a legal point of view held by numerous states, because it is offensive to him. A US flag flown by a vet in a condo complex has to be taken down; but Mexican illegals, in our schools at our expense, can fly the Mexican flag at school, wear it on their clothes, and hoist it pretty much anywhere. They can also fly the US flag upside down. In our prisons, the taxpayers are getting socked with the cost of making creepy convict males into even creepier convict females. Just consider that oh-so-creepy Cpl. Manning. (And Chelsea! I guess they look alike.) Soon it will be illegal for any church to preach that homosexuality goes against God’s law. I’m guessing a Department of Indoctrination is in the offing.

And when was the last time you recall the scientific community uniting with one voice to condemn the manipulative and deceptive practices of the eco-fanatics? Where is the letter from the NSF to the world, decrying efforts to silence and even punish anybody who scoffs at the prophecies of impending disaster we are tormented with at every turn?

How about religion in general? Atheists, trans-gendered no doubt, don’t want that religious crap anywhere, not in the US capital and not in your home, if you want to know the truth. And religion doesn’t hold much sway anymore, or so its seems given the various sects’ supine acceptance of the assault on them. I wonder how the Supreme Court will rule on homosexual marriage: will they uphold that First Amendment right that gives religion its special protections from assault by government, that specifically enumerated and deeply considered right; or will they ignore that right and create a new one out of whole-cloth, a right that, if put to the founders, would have found universal rejection as any such thing. Will they create a right that then seriously impinges on freedom of religion by making certain doctrines anathema and forcing churches instead to recognize homosexuality and the unions of homosexuals? Will pastors who oppose homosexual marriage be forced to marry two women or men anyway? I am absolutely certain, if this is how it goes, the  next step will be polygamy, then human and other. But let’s be brutally frank, as long as I’m expressing my opinions: marriage isn’t worth a plug nickel anymore anyway. It has already been deeply degraded by the left-wing gay rights agenda that includes the destruction of that institution and has become so au courant that the Republican elite has adopted it as their own, as well. Ask Ken Mehlman, our gay ex-GOP party chairman.

And God forbid that anybody should question the bona fides of a person with the right colored skin (anything but white). If you ask why Obama has been such a destructive force in the White House, accelerating the fall of the great American nation, it is because you are a racist. If you think that the Hispanic George (Jorge) Zimmerman was right to shoot that vicious little thug Trayvon Martin, you are a racist.If you think Al Sharpton is a lying, greedy and wicked provocateur who lines his pockets on other people’s problems, then you are a racist.

And now comes the female and womanly part of the “no freedom of expression zone.” Hillary Clinton. When the male GOP candidate goes up against her, he’d best pull no punches and go relentlessly after this corrupt and contemptible woman for all her underhanded dealings. If he shows any inclination to fall back to defense, the media whores of the Democrat Party will crucify him. Every word pronounced will be considered for its potential, even likely, sexism. So don’t make them look for it, give it to them. When you’re at a barbecue, gush how you love a hotdog and a bun, not two buns or two hotdogs, but precisely one hotdog and one bun!

I, for one, don’t intend to shut up voluntarily. I will go to my grave calling things the way I see them and rebutting the inane and lame arguments of the opposing camp. If all they have to say in return is “shut up,” I guess, like Lenny Bruce, I’ll keep on handing it out to those brainwashed Americans.

Not a Pretty Picture

I could be referring to so many things: excess plastic surgery; gross obesity and death-camp “svelte;” Boy George; Hillary Clinton.

I saw today in the National Enquirer that Hillary is a “confirmed” lesbian and travels with girlfriends including The Hoom aka Huma Abedin. Scoff if you will, but the National Enquirer is one of the most accurate gossip magazines in the US and always scoops the others on big news. It used to be far less reliable until Carol Burnett sued the pants off the gossip rag. Ever since then, if something scary and utterly bizarre, like Bruce Jenner turning into a hideous woman, has appeared in National Enquirer, it inevitably ends up on the mainstream front pages. In fact, is running a series of photos of the two women together with the title, “how close are Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton?” Nothing at all racy in the photos, but that question made me wonder if they, too, were insinuating something. In fact, a search of the internet shows this to be the topic du jour. But to quote some shrill harridan, “what difference does it make?” I’m going to make a giant assumption that Hillary’s alleged sexual appetites won’t turn off her fans in the almost entirely Democrat lesbian community or among the generally de-sexualized or over-sexualized and certainly anal retentive left.

On the other hand, surely she’s about to be given the hook and hauled off to prison for:

a) hiding subpoenaed records in her own personal closet forever before being outed by a female assistant who obviously was not taken by Mrs. Clinton’s charms;

b) successfully defending a pedophile rapist in her first idealistic youth and then gloating  about what a cake walk it was;

c) lying to her superiors on the Watergate Committee while trying to remove Richard Nixon from the Presidency for lying;

d) profiting knowingly from narcotics activity and drug-money laundering, in Arkansas and beyond;

e) corrupt trading;

e) wiping out four years of official U. S. Government records concerning the affairs of the United States Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in clear violation of the law, and after those communications had been subpoenaed by Congress;

f) all of the above and much, much more.

It doesn’t look that way. It appears that Mrs. Clinton is waaaaay above the law, up there with her husband and Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and that verminous weasel Harry Reid (The Good Mormon). I’m still counting on Trey Gowdy to be the outstanding prosecutor he is and zap her on the feloniously deleted government records. I sense a kindred spirit there.

The exterminator came by today, waging the endless battle against Florida insects. This guy and I always chat about politics. He’s what I consider a true centrist, a stubborn guy who likes to consider things and make up his own mind. He said Rand Paul, my favorite, will never get elected by the Republicans and my broken heart and I agree he is probably right. He wondered what I thought about Hillary’s chances of getting the nomination. I said it looked that way, but one never knows. One lefty chiropractor acquaintance with whom the Bug Guy engages in barter trade (“roaches for realignment”) had said he was voting for Hillary, who was just what the country needed, a woman. It was her right to be president as a woman. The exterminator asked him if that meant that using sex as a criterion was good or bad, or if it maybe was only good when it served your larger interest and not that of the other guy? Good one, I offered. Of course it didn’t sway the argument. The same guy thought Obama had a right to be president because he was black. Not honorable, uncorrupted, knowledgeable and fair-minded, not even a demonstrable US-born citizen, but black. Same for Hillary. Who cares if she’s an unindicted felon?! What’s the difference?

Now we hear that Mrs. Clinton, her morally lax husband, their homely daughter, and IN PARTICULAR their very own money-making Foundation are going to continue taking foreign donations. Hell, no, they’re not killing the golden goose. Those Foundation funds are beautifully easy to expunge after they accidentally get commingled with those of the Hillary campaign. It’s entirely possible that all records could disappear. The Clintons threw the public a crumb, agreeing to say a polite “no more, for now” to the Saudis and to everybody but a small number of very rich countries, some of them actually Socialists, as is Mrs. Clinton. I’m impressed, aren’t you? The only good thing is Norway’s income is way down with the falling oil prices. They won’t have so much  money to funnel to her via the Foundation. (The wife of a Norwegian military official once told me the rest of the world ought to get to vote in US elections since the US told everybody else what to do. I’m sure she would send in her five euros.)

The Republican field is pretty good aside from their uniformly bellicose foreign policy. (Well, we can’t yet throw in Rand Paul.) They all spout the usual nonsense about carrying the flag for civilization, democracy, freedom, and Niceness. The problem is the “little” wars are multiplying and the Big War, the One that is really going to End All Wars, threatens on multiple fronts. The deeper we involve ourselves in other peoples’ wars, the more impossible it is to withdraw. And needless to say, the money and power interests get bigger and fatter, too, feeding on all this endless conflict. The old military-industrial complex that Eisenhower spoke of. (If you live in the DC area you’ll get it — the place has burgeoned and grown like a tick off the taxpayers’ blood. Every retired General has at least an office there and increasingly the metropolitan population lives off the government.)

As for the GOP candidates’ domestic platforms, I am still waiting to hear what those are. Nobody seems to be making Obamacare much of an issue. I do applaud the House repeal of the estate tax, let’s hope the Senate acts quickly so we can all enjoy another self-righteous bit of blather from The Empty Suit about “fairness” (highway robbery) as he vetoes the bill.

One last word on another picture that’s not so pretty, this one the latest blast of Cold War hysterics from the US Pentagon: our military leaders have expressed to the Russians and the world their indignation that the Russians acted dangerously and provocatively and aggressively when US spy planes were flying “in the Baltic” in international waters. What isn’t stated is that the US spy planes were spying on Russia along its adjacent border, as we assume we aren’t spying on Latvia. NATO considers Russia to be rude in telling NATO jets unambiguously to buzz off. But here’s a question: when Russia is, say, steaming through the English channel en route to its own war games in the North Atlantic, a la NATO in the Black Sea, why do NATO and its leading member-state hawks fan the flames of hysteria and portray Russia’s passage as threatening? If it is truly threatening, then just think how Russia feels about US spy  planes, sent from half a world away, patrolling its borders. Threat or no threat?





A Prescient Forecast of Things to Come: Flashback to 2008

I recently met a man, Tom Fugate, who served for many years as a Silicon Valley COO and is now retired. Back in 2008, while most of us numbly accepted that America was to be led by a man who didn’t exist doing things we didn’t want to contemplate, Fugate wrote a little piece that laid out how America could be fundamentally transformed (unsaid: by the incoming crew of charlatans in Washington). Below, his take. It’s so satisfying to have these on-the-record confirmations of your good judgment and perspicacity!

A Progressive Manifesto: How to Change & Weaken America
Tom Fugate – November 18, 2008
If I wanted to permanently weaken the economic and political structure of America, I would approach the task by implementing the eight steps below.

• Promote a “Progressive” Candidate
Develop a charismatic Progressive presidential candidate with an image of compassion, concern, and support for low income groups. Use him to incite class envy, to create a sense of entitlement and repressed economic opportunity. Actively cultivate support from large politically “progressive” groups, e.g. public and private industry unions.
• Demonize Free-Market Capitalism
Use current worst case examples of greed to demonstrate how unregulated free-market capitalism has destroyed the welfare of working people. Propose government management of profit as being necessary to redistribute wealth from the “undeserving and opportunistic” rich to the more deserving poor.
• Circumvent “Normal” Legislative Processes.
Expedite the normal legislative process to minimize meaningful pre-passage reviews. Create a sense of imminent national disaster justifying urgent “in the national interest” executive action to control business, financial, and health sectors of our economy. Expand former limits on the legislative process. Challenge traditional limits on federal power.
• Cultivate & Manipulate the Media
Control the dissemination of information to ensure: (1) that all actions, policies, and initiatives are minimally challenged in the media, (2) that opposition politicians and activities are marginalized, and (3) that un-sympathetic media & news organizations are isolated and mocked.
• Communicate Directly to Targeted Audiences
Use social media to spread tightly scripted messages containing generalities containing a minimum of facts, substance, and specificity, thereby reducing chances of contradiction. Avoid any forum in which critical questioning and traditional forms of debate are used. Use “sound bite” modes of communication.
• Discourage Political Discourse
Use subjective and emotionally charged terms to personally attack and ridicule opposition politicians, individuals, and organizations. Assign self-serving motives to the actions and accomplishments of opponents. Replace analysis with emotion to facilitate traction with lower economic groups.
• Implement a Campaign of Disinformation
Create a public perception that objective and meaningful solutions can only be initiated by a strong central government not subject to manipulation for profits. Use half-truths and misrepresentations to avoid proven facts. Constantly accuse critics of engaging in “hate filled and negative” political rhetoric.
• Create Economic Uncertainty
Implement federal spending programs that will massively increase the national debt, justifying federal control of the economy. Use all means possible to promote the concentration of power in the federal government. Through unionization pursue the penetration, management, and control of the fundamental infrastructure of the government.

Domestic and international politics

There’s so much to talk about. First, that mad pilot Andreas Lubitz, taking so many other innocent souls to their deaths while he was ending his own life. If you’ve ever seen Annie Hall, you’ll get why I thought of Annie’s brother Dwayne confessing to Woody Allen’s character that he feels a compulsion to drive his vehicle, at night, straight into another car’s headlights. Only this wasn’t funny. Here’s what I don’t get: why didn’t the doctor who obviously thought he was a dangerous dude behind any wheel only put a note in the file. Huh? Who reads a file before filling his duty roster? The seriously deranged Lubitz  no doubt was”advised” by his shrink to stay home for the day (or a lifetime, he did not add but may have thought, as he cancelled next week’s flight to France and booked a train ticket). If he thought Lubitz should not be flying, why wouldn’t he pass it along to somebody responsible for allowing him to board the flight? Was it his assumption that any sane man would jump at the chance for a day off, paid?

Well all I can say is, good luck, Lufthansa. I really like that airline, but it is going to be facing crippling judgments against it financially. Not that Germanwings is any worse than any of the budget airlines that scrimp here and there to survive at the low fares, and don’t do due diligence all the time. I remember when Jet Blue blew up over the Everglades. That’s something I had trouble even thinking about. If you didn’t die outright, there you were, bloody, tempting, in the middle of thousands of acres of snakes and gators. And bugs. Ugh.

What else? Oh, yes, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton wiped her server clean of any trace it was ever used for anything other than decoration, and then wiped it about one hundred times more. She doesn’t really care if it looks prima facie as if she were trying to destroy subpoenaed evidence, which of course she was. I try to pray to God only for serious things, like people’s lives, but then I think people’s lives depend on this woman not getting in the White House. Just imagine Hillary and her best friend, John (The Maverick) McCain behind the wheel. Andreas Lubitz times a million. And I’m not even going to wade into the muck of corruption involving her brother and others standing to reap rich rewards from a direct line to the US official/political appointee who can override every other officer’s judgment and issue visas necessary to the general enrichment of parties involved.

Ted Cruz came out as a candidate for the presidency, and while I love the man and his ideas, I thought his performance was not as inspiring as it could have been. There was a lot of awkward pauses (for applause, I thought) and that never looks good if somebody has to wave a sign. His ideas are still great, but he has to pour on a little more True Ted. A little more Cuban, or Texan, or something other than Supreme Court clerk. I hate to agree with Peggy Noonan on this, but he did come across too packaged. So far, he hasn’t supplanted Rand Paul in my heart. Paul has enough of Daddy in him to cheer me up, and his ideas on foreign policy are almost the only sane ones around. His curls are cute, too.

So who will win among the Republicans? I sure hope it isn’t Bush, just because it is too much Bush. Just as Mrs. Clinton is waaaay too much, like the Clintons boiled down to their putrescent essence. I say, we have a clash of two philosophies; why not run those who best exemplify our divergent ideals? For the GOP base, unlike its leadership, that would not be Bush (who is nevertheless a good and decent man). And for the Democrats, it sure doesn’t seem to me that this old retread Hillary (I’ll be president by hook or by crook) Clinton does much for that all-but-in-name socialist party. What’s wrong with Warren? She is the new face of the Dems, no kidding either. Give her a chance to strut her stuff.

I’d love to see a Paul-Warren face off. It would be so novel. Then I’d like to see Paul win, and then I’d like to see him tear apart this edifice of stifling nanny-ism that Obama has created with the help of the GOP elite.

In foreign policy the US House has voted a resolution (non-binding, of course) to arm Ukraine. Nothing surprising here, the hawks are ascendant and gloating, even — and they are pretty relentless. Let’s see if Obama will continue to defy them on this latest lunacy. I’m hoping. I have a suspicion the unwillingness to play along with the hawks was behind Obama’s refusal to receive the head of NATO, Mr. Stoltenberg, during the latter’s visit to DC on other errands. Obama no doubt figured that the McCain Cadre wanted to get a meeting so that Stoltenberg could use the press conference to play up what a scary threat Russia is. If that was his reasoning, it gives me new hope that Obama is not entirely brain-dead.

I am really amused by the headlines emanating from the countries of the former Soviet Union and eastern Europe about Russia’s militarization. It’s true, Russia is re-arming at triple time and in line with all the requirements of modern warfare, but since it is a reaction, rather than an action, it is no more significant than night following day or a rash developing after contact with progressives. It is NATO that provoked all of this with its “jihad” for democracy in which international law was highly elastic or entirely dispensable and the use of force was only for the victims’ own good. Now we have all the provocative little former Russian duchies and possessions crying foul because Russia is flying in international waters over the Baltic but “very close” to their borders.

Here’s a news flash for anybody impressed by those claims. While flying close to Latvian airspace, let us say, Russia is also flying very close to its own borders. They are neighbors and not friendly ones, either.

Now, let’s take the US as the example of aggressive patrolling of others’ borders: the US air force, flying a “NATO” flag, are patrolling very close to Russian borders, but halfway around the world from our own.

Just a thought.



Hillary Clinton, Unclassified: if she’s moving her lips, she’s lying

I started to write something about Mrs. Clinton a few days ago and got almost there before I was side-tracked. I’m so glad my blast was delayed. In the brief gap between writing the last words and returning to the job, Mrs. Clinton has changed her story majorly.

In the first rendition, Clinton personally reviewed each and every pearl of wisdom in her emails before deleting anything that would look bad in the light of subsequent events, or reveal her to be a crass and greedy politician of the lowest sort…I meant to say, anything that wasn’t of public nature. She assured us she never ever sent classified messages using her email server, and how dare you ask? She didn’t need some intrusive US Department of State underlings checking out her judgment. If she said unclassified, that’s what it was.

Here are a few quick thoughts:

The authors of official messages classify them, and unless the messages are subject to review they can easily be sent at an improper level of classification, like “unclassified” for US nuclear weapons data. Some people who put an “unclassified” on virtually all their communications are probably just idiots seriously falling down on the job, but others are miscreants. So, on to the next point about Mrs. Clinton and her original story.

Almost anything, anything at all, that goes on between the US Secretary of State and a) US officials and/or b) foreign officials is by its very nature classified. If Mrs. Clinton asks a foreign leader only about how his eczema is doing, it would be classified because the eczema-suffering leader would be offended to have this information made public. If she asks if the foreign leader has considered just how much hurt the US could put on him for not going along with Mrs. Clinton’s latest hare-brained hyper-testosterone scheme, all the more embarrassing. (If you’re wondering how belligerent Mrs. Clinton is, just remember this: John McCain really digs her.)  And yet, in four years, Mrs. Clinton sent 70000 messages or so, more than half of which had nothing to do with the job, while the rest were unclassified.

Right away you know something is wrong. Who ever heard of a Cabinet-level official carrying out official USG business on an entirely unclassified level? When did any business get done? Who knew if it did if you didn’t report it? Who has heard before this of a senior cabinet level official carrying out ALL his communications via open-air Google or her very own server? Who ever heard of an Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security agreeing to such a scheme? Even if every word the Secretary of State spoke was God’s own truth, a first in her life, the State Department should be thrown in jail for allowing it. I am biting my knuckles, imagining all the folks that today are poring over her emails for use in one area or another, in one country or another.

All right, let’s move on. Hillary Clinton, who once hid subpoenaed records in the closet that also probably held those ghastly striped bell-bottom jeans — the ones that made her ankles the same size as her butt — has now changed her story. After the uproar pointing out that her actions were criminal, that she was not authorized to review her own material and delete it at her will, and after no doubt changing her Depends, Hillary came up with another story. It wasn’t ONLY she who decided who in the USG or among the US public could learn what she was communicating globally during her tenure. It was also (gotcha!) her staff, including none other than Huma Abedin, the Sweetheart of the Muslim Brotherhood (not George Clooney’s wife). You’ll be shocked to learn that said Huma Abedin, who had the dreadful judgment to marry Anthony Weeny, was also communicating at will on any subject at all via her private email, although whether she had a server in her home remains unknown. She also got to classify or not, as appropriate to her needs. We haven’t even gotten around to asking Huma where her messages ended up.

I saw a comment in the Wall Street Journal in which the point was made that “not one single person has stepped forward to say that there WERE classified messages” sent by Clinton. But here’s a question in return: Who exactly is going to step forward? Hillary’s  aides? The ones whose careers she advanced for demonstrated loyalty? An Ambassador whose continued employment relies on the good will of whoever sits in the White House? How about Amb. Thomas Pickering, who so wants to curry favor with Clinton that he refused to even interview her about the events in Benghazi, but instead produced a totally rigged document white-washing Clinton that he thought the stupid Americans would buy as an “independent investigation”? How about all those other diplomatic officers Clinton recruited to work on her campaign when she was Secretary of State? Frankly, if the Secretary of State sent her documents as unclassified when they were not, it is highly unlikely that any career diplomat would endanger his or her career by pointing it out. As for the Civil Service employees — are you kidding? And why would anybody jump into the fire now if they didn’t care at the time?

Well, those are my two cents worth on that lying sack of emu excrement, Hillary Clinton. I’m sure there will be more later, but meanwhile I have to look into whether the US has positioned nuclear weapons at Russian borders, or killed all the Russians in eastern Ukraine (most of the population) as proposed by US General Bob Scales.



Update on “Who Dunnit?” and on US Politics, or “Who Dindunnit?”

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? That last piece was no sooner published than Americans, from high officials to talking heads, told us that Putin did it. That  wily man who has NATO doing pretzel turns trying to show they’re bigger and tougher  than Russia was totally stupid on that one day. He killed somebody of no threat to him thereby turning him into a threat, in particular by having the deed carried out right there under his nose at the Kremlin. The only stupider thing he could have done would be to plant the body in his own office and have red arrows painted leading the public to his doorstep. Unfortunately, the real culprits couldn’t get in there.

In fact this killing was a deep, dark deed, but  I would bet my pension Mr. Putin was the true intended victim, and not the hapless Mr. Nemtsov. My betting is that the plot was cooked in Ukraine; some Russians like the east Ukrainians for the job, I rather lean to the west Ukrainians and their east European NATO pals myself. Either one of them would have as much ease of access in Moscow as any Russian, being undetectable unless they try to pronounce hard g’s. Some Russians argue it was the hard-core criminal element that Russia squeezed out of the fighting in Ukraine that was getting even with Putin by killing Nemtsov. That’s sounds a tad sophisticated for leaders of car-theft rings, and I don’t need to outline the reasons to suspect west Ukraine. I understand that Victoria Nuland, the Empress of West Ukraine and a State Department Bigwig pretty much drew Congress a picture to show them that Putin was ultimately responsible for the murder of her dear friend Boris Nemtsov, whom she described as a hero. (He was actually a professional “oppositionist,” not somebody with a plan of his own. He was like a theater critic, only his bailiwick was the Russian State. He became such when Yeltsin passed him over to anoint Putin his successor. Having been rejected, he refused to participate in the new government. He thus became a remnant of his former glorious self, but was nevertheless a good guy and a decent man with a commitment to opposition.)

I was listening to the tv news and was amazed to note that not a single talking head had anything to say other than “it is obvious Putin did it.”  The least vitriolic say Putin created an atmosphere of hate that facilitated the crime. But then, I think to myself, Obama’s race-baiting and incessant incitement of class envy also have created an atmosphere of rancor and hate in the US. And that rancor and hate has resulted in things like knock-out gangs aimed at whites, and young black kids shoving their way into police cars to pound on a cop — and to deaths like that of Trayvon Martin. Yet I don’t hear the US media waging a campaign against Obama for creating a climate of hate leading to violence — certainly not the State Media like NBC and ABC and CBS and PBS, ad nauseum. So what’s the deal? Is it a crime to create a climate of hate, even if you think you’re justified and if so, how come only some people get called on it?

Happily for Washington, you can twist any set of facts to suit your purpose, and Ms. Nuland is not letting a good crisis go to waste. She is working over-time to depict Putin as a foe that we can only defeat by bringing Ukraine into NATO and the EU, and what helps more than the suggestion that a Stalin-like purge is in the offing or that Stalin has come to life in Moscow? Nuland even went so far as to suggest that Ukraine was absolutely central to US plans for Europe. Wow. Ukraine started out as the birthplace of Russia, but now it is absolutely vital for the US to have it in its own anti-Russian military bloc? You can see how that is going to end up. If you have kids of military age, I’d be worrying about that draft coming back. Although in the end it will be everybody paying, not just the kids.

In any case, a passel of Chechens is under arrest in Moscow, but that doesn’t mean it has a thing to do with Chechnya and its own problems. The head of Chechnya, a Chechnyan terrorist at one time and now the chief honcho in this Caucasus paradise (where there is oil), has boys fighting on the east Ukrainian side (and the west Ukrainian side). They might not have appreciated Nemtsov’s pro-Kiev stance on Ukraine, but again — this is a message to Putin from somebody.

I have a little prediction — Putin will get to the bottom of who did the killings, because he knows stirring up domestic problems in Russia was the goal and the strategic objective: regime change. I also predict that when he knows who was behind it, that person/persons/countries would be well advised to be on the alert. The best strategist doesn’t always respond directly, but from another sector and in a place of his own choosing. He certainly doesn’t attack on his own doorstep, however.

Now on to brighter things: the Republican Party! Just joking. What a mess the top dogs are making of things in Congress. Can you believe it was only weeks ago that everybody was pontificating: “The GOP is going to have to work really hard and fast to convince the voters they’re serious if they want to be in contention in 2016”? Working fast? Try “at all.” These guys are playing for the away team. McConnell is a disaster. After breaking all the promises to voters he posts a picture showing how tough he and his colleagues are gonna be on Iran because it is a matter of strategic objectives. My response was, great, you get “strategic objectives.” Getting the Republicans in control in both houses was one, and so was “and then gutting every anti-constitutional measure the Dems have enacted since Obama took office.” We got part one, and if we don’t get  part two, Mr. McConnell is never going to see the inside of the Senate again except as a tourist.

I am seriously aghast at the state of the nation. We have an anti-democratic President waging a burgeoning number of wars around the globe for “democracy” and with no visible success. Every one of these places wants the US to bomb for them. Think about it. That is what the US has become. The world’s armorer and bomber.

If you wonder how somebody who grew up so in love with the idea of America and freedom and the independence of the individual could become so harsh a critic, it is only because if you go to bed with Marilyn Monroe, you don’t want to wake up with Sylvester Stallone’s mother.  And in fact our country has undergone incredible changes in its international behavior in the past twenty years. As somebody who analyzes everything, I can’t not analyze our own actions, and I see a country that has lost its way and its humility in the process of becoming The World’s Only Superpower. They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think we are no exception, it’s a process, but it is underway. And it is visible both in our domestic governance, where those in office are contemptuous of the voters and the laws, and in our international behavior, where we routinely break international law citing one justification or another, and then scream bloody murder when others use our precedents to their own advantage.

I’d like to go back to that fantastic time when America believed in itself and had a reason to. But right now, I wonder if I’ll be dead before the bombs go off. That would be nice, if Anybody is listening.