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American Rollercoaster

I have not written on foreign policy for a while. Things are happening so fast that I hardly put pen to paper when some new development makes past judgements just slightly off. Iraq is now a patchwork quilt of alliances on both the jihadist (ISIS) side and the government’s. And our enemy next door in Iraq and the other one in Syria, the two forming a mini Axis of Evil, are our allies, of a sort, in fighting the same guys in Iraq that we are helping stupidly or otherwise in Syria. I know, it is too confusing to follow, and frankly this regime would rather nobody follow it.

In Ukraine things are equally interesting. I can’t tell if this is the Russian short game or long game. Russia is saying all the right things (unlike Nouri al Maliki) and seems to have all but abandoned its co-patriots in eastern Ukraine. On the other hand, the sneaky part of my brain whispers, the rebels seem to be drawing the Ukrainian troops ever closer to the Russian border. What’s that about? No sooner had the thought entered my brain than the news flashes began about shells landing on Russian territory inside a populated area and killing a woman and child. The rebel actions are becoming more violent and the Ukrainians are reacting in kind. Will this go any farther? Will Putin at the last moment, when his name is anathema to everybody in eastern Ukraine, swoop down and occupy an area to prevent any more bloodshed? Or will he allow the resistance to the Kievites to be crushed. And if he does, what does it mean? I suspect as I have for a while that Merkel and Putin have a deal, a secret one. The deal is, she will oppose any further expansion of NATO eastward, thus blocking such moves. Putin will let Poroshenko try to govern Ukraine. This would buy Putin time for further plotting and preparations for something still to come. It will give Merkel time to try to strengthen Ukraine vis a vis Russia through increased trade and aid. Whatever the case, despite daily calls for wider sanctions against Russia, the hawks have for the moment been stifled. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO SecGen, and Philip Breedlove, US General seconded to NATO have not been heard from in months. Perhaps they, too, are as mystified as I am what is really going on between Russia and Germany. Let’s hope that Germany doesn’t get the best of the deal yet again as they did with Ribbentropp.

How about Israel and the Palestinians? What a kick in the pants. Three Israeli boys are kidnapped and brutally murdered and old Obama is Silent Cal. Only when the Israelis defend their country and population vigorously, having long ago realized whose side the US is taking in the Middle East,  do we hear from the Great Peacemaker (hah!) Barack Obama.

If there were ever a moment in time when everything that can go wrong is going wrong, this is it. This is a historical period of US decline domestically and internationally and everything and anything is possible. Hold on to your hats.

I hear more and more talk about the rise of the new Caliphate, where all us women get to wear veils and take care of the little man’s needs. These jihadists are very bizarre, if you ask me. I thought they were Moslems, but they’re destroying mosques and holy sites. Huh. Could it be that they are secretly jihadists trying to restore some ancient pagan religion such as that of Egypt’s pharaohs? Maybe that is why they are called ISIS? Bet you never thought of that one.

These terrorists are supposedly the top number one all-time worst ever threat to US national security, and we know how sneaky and devious they are. As their power builds throughout the Middle East and Africa, in the US our regime decides a border is irrelevant and pretty much offers open invitations to everybody to come on in. Our US enforcement is being turned not against this illegal wave that is a direct violation of US sovereignty, no indeed. The tough guys are gunning for the US citizen tired of being  ignored and used. The people out there blocking the arrival of uninvited and unwanted illegals are under threat of “counter-violence” from the USG.

At the same time that Mexico has dumped thousands of problems onto the US (and good riddance, I’m sure they said) our prez has nothing to say about a US Marine who is being held in some hell-hole of a jail in Mexico out of pure spite. On this fact alone I would impeach him. (And while I’m at it, I’m so sick of hearing Republican pols whining that impeachment is the wrong way to go. I mean, I’ll be glad if Obama is brought down through a Court ruling, but there’s nothing wrong with impeachment, either.)

And all the while the Commander-in-Chief (and boy, does he love giving commands) is golfing or giving high-fives to a homosexual and asking a personal question about the guy’s sexuality in front of little kids, or partying with the One Percent and the Hollywood trash set. The First Moochers are already getting ready for their next super-expensive vacation on the taxpayer’s dime or maybe mooching off friends for a swank place to stay. Obama ain’t gonna do a lick of work, Massah, and ain’t nuthin you can do ’bout it. I suspect from his recent performances that he is once again smoking his beloved choom and perhaps dabbling in other substances as well. It would be right in line with his open contempt for this country. He looks for every opportunity to play the arrogant buffoon who will be beloved around the world for bringing America to its knees.



Is Anybody Scared Yet?

chrysalisI feel as if we have all been sucked into some kind of time warp where events are occurring in triple time everywhere. We’re heading for some kind of big bang, again, I’m more and more convinced. I can feel it twanging in the air. If I were a cowgirl with my ear to the ground, I would say the Indians are coming, a lot of Indians. As I commented to a fellow blogger familiar with the ugly face of socialism at a personal level, what this feels like isn’t any old ordinary evil we know or knew, but something distilled and pure. Seriously, if Obama were to appear at his next faux  press conference with horns and cloven hoofs, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. He’s playing a massive role in what is coming in America and abroad. He’s definitely Satan’s little helper.

The latest insult to everybody still sane in America is the story being peddled about Benghazi. Now the prevaricators are getting far more sophisticated than they have been to date. They have morphed from it was the video, to it was terrorism, didn’t we say so? to it was the video, but it was also terrorism! Now we are told it was the SECOND attack, the one that ended up with a dead Ambassador, that was “professional” and “well-organized.” And guess what sent them to the annex to maraud and murder? It was that first spontaneous bunch of dunderheads who like, totally amateurs. They haven’t claimed as yet that the amateurs were provoked by the video, but I can see it coming. So we are back to lying to save the fat butts of people like Hillary and Barack.

I admit it. I didn’t think we would ever see the day when our military officers would sit and spin a load of crap to clear the good name of their political patrons. But a friend of mind predicted it when the “kingpin” (oops, low-level drudge) who was in on the marauding was nabbed by US agents. I say nabbed, but of course this guy all but came forward with wrists together. He was walking around giving tv interviews, but it was not until a huge stink was made about the fact of his non-arrest that he was amazingly found. But the guy and his handlers disappeared from view for a while before showing up on US shores. Of course he was in CIA hands. The CIA, last I looked, had become about as politicized as the FBI.  And now it is gradually emerging from the words of this low-level drudge that nobody in either the White House or the State Department lied about what was happening in Benghazi. Nobody made any mistakes. It was all set in  motion by something as unpredictable as a video snippet by a disturbed man.

monsterThis bit of theater in lieu of transparency is added of course to the VA scandal — talk about cold, indifferent and utterly worthless civil “servants” (and I’m pretty sure that the servant part will soon be a thing of the past as somehow demeaning to black USG employees). And then we have the Mother of All Scandals, the IRS conspiracy. What is happening is a very rapid push (don’t you sense the panic?) to make as many difficult to reverse gains in politicizing the USG before Obama is a thing of the past. This process  will continue if Hillary Clinton is elected. Our government has grown into a monster that has a life of its own. It can’t be killed.

Here’s another insight: the “army”  Obama has often spoken of creating to enforce his ideas is actually this army of South American Indians who think nothing of selling their vote — old hat for them — and are loyal for the millennia to whoever takes care of them. Being taken care of was once novel for these Latin Americans, but now that is old hat, too. I’d bet every one of the guys who mows my lawn has his hand in every open pot. But here’s a prediction and it isn’t original, but an echo of one made years ago by a Secretary of Labor (a Republican at the time): there will be racial warfare between the Hispanics and the Blacks over jobs and benefits. There most assuredly will be.

Because of course the US isn’t growing at a healthy pace, despite all the happy talk. We are morphing rapidly into a nation of consumers who don’t produce anything of value. Our economy can be controlled by guys like George Soros and Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. And these are guys who aren’t happy just being super rich — they want super power, too, and they want to remake the entire world in terms of their “visionary” philosophies that come with a heavy dose of “shut up and take it, it’s good for you.” The stock market boom is a fiction, as well. Wait until it crashes again, folks. The billionaires will earn more billions, all taken from y-o-u, the world’s drones.

And abroad, things are a real mess. On Syria, the US has turned a blind eye to Syrian bombing of Iraq, because the bombing aims to eradicate the rebels fighting both Assad and the Iraqi government. But we are also arming the guys trying to bring Assad down. And all of this has become urgent because Obama screwed up royally — or claimed a great victory for his personal vision — in Iraq. And we got rid of Assad’s chemical weapons, but it seems that we failed to claim the cw that is in the hands of the US-supported anti-Assad mob, or so it seems from the discovery of empty sarin containers left behind by the ISIS crowd in Syria or Iraq or some such hell-hole.

We also have the irony of the US telling Russia not to violate Ukraine’s border while refusing to enforce the US border in line with their secret “Open Borders” policy. And our border has indeed disappeared under the weight of a deliberate offensive against US sovereignty from our south. At last the US is experiencing both “waves of refugees” (fleeing their contemptibly corrupt and brutal governments, violence and no work or benefits) and “separatism.” (The separatists already march with Mexican flags in hand.) And the worst of it is that I am absolutely convinced that the orchestrated influx of kids and assorted others was connived in by the Democrat Party and the jerk in the White House. I think they know that just doing it and not worrying about the legality is the best way to force on America that “permanent majority” we should all dread.

So this is the kind of nightmare world we became after leaving the blessed chrysalis of the US was up until the late 60s. Instead of going from ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly, we’re moving in reverse.





Stupider and More Arrogant: Danger Ahead

fingerYes, of course I am talking about the president of the United States. The border business for me is the last blow. The man is a criminal and should be grabbed by the collar, handcuffed, and led out by Federal agents to be interrogated on his hidden alliances and allegiances. And then deported to Kenya. Or Hawaii, I really don’t care.

It is absolutely clear that this mass border crossing was planned well in advance between some somebodies in the US and other somebodies in probably Mexico. Look at it from Mexico’s perspective: they just dumped on the US many many thousands of illegal aliens, many of them not even Mexican! So it took a load off and now there is more money to spend on government corruption, not that any government under which these illegal aliens lived spent money on their well-being except during elections.

This mass invasion by people who will now clearly be living off the US taxpayer (minors, right?) was prompted by the deliberate call to ignore our laws and our borders trumpeted by Barack Baby. Kids eat free! He doesn’t even care if you know what he is doing, going for the permanent political majority based on an ignorant, greedy and corrupt base. These new voters will have had zero experience with democracy, except false ones, and thus will be easy for the Democrats to handle.

Meanwhile, our utterly spineless opposition, the Republicans, are divided on this. I’m having a really hard time convincing myself to vote for a party in which many of its top leaders think the solution to dangerous levels of immigration by the poor and ignorant is to make all those felons who crossed into our country illegally, and worked illegally, and no doubt paid no taxes illegally, all legal. This will convince everybody everywhere that the US has no border, and the influx will begin anew, this time with people from far far away, some of whom are probably being deliberately infiltrated for sabotage in America. That gives the Republicans a breather so they can continue to fight with the Democrats about doing something to tighten border controls until the next election, when doing anything would be a risk. I saw a political cartoon that shows two hands shaking and the legend, “Democrats and Republicans, joining hands to screw America.” That about says it, and isn’t that too sad?

I think Mr. O has made a miscalculation this time. Now he has bared his contempt for all things American, beginning with the Constitution he no doubt hasn’t even read, and his intention to do us grave harm. After openly inviting in all these illegals, he has the nerve to demand 6 billion of our money (our taxpayer money) to take care of these illegals. He announces he’ll do everything he can within the law, but since he thinks he is the law, that is no comfort. He pisses on Congress. He pisses on the Supreme Court. This is what happens when you elect a Kenyan for president of the US.

Here is what I want to see: ranks and ranks of buses (no a/c) to take every single future illegal alien back across the border and dump them. If Mexico cares so much, let them have their own buses there to receive back their belongings. And here’s a  message to the business community pushing the same influx of illegals: we’ll make sure you have to pay each and every one of them the same wage you pay Americans. No more slave labor, you got it, you pay for it. If you want to do something the country can get behind, try a guest worker program on for size.

I don’t know if the GOP realizes that its base is not in Latin America or among the illegals in this country. They are already Democrats, bought and paid for. But I don’t think they realize a lot of things, such as not spitting in the faces of people you want to roll out of bed and vote for you.

Well, that’s the rant of the day. I’m waiting pretty impatiently to see the FBI swoop down on the White House to apprehend that man impersonating a president (and very poorly; emperor, yes).




Is the Empire Imploding or Exploding?

supernovaI think we can all agree that the empire that some once did  and some still would call the Good Empire is not what it once was. The United States, synonymous with the Good Empire, is having an increasingly tough time holding itself together internally because of growing governmental authoritarianism and rebellion; and abroad has entwined itself so deeply in a  mesh of security guarantees to a mind-boggling array of allies — and I use the term ally loosely — that one could say we are like the universe, always and ever more rapidly expanding, and at the same time we are like a supernova, collapsing in on itself. It’s hard to say if the falling apart of our mega-nation is being accelerated more from within than from without. Or whether the two feed on one another.

I’d like to start at home, since that is where I hang my hat. At home, that pesky IRS scandal grows larger every day. The ideological rabble who cooked up ways to abuse government power for ideological ends should be wetting their panties, if they wear them. I am very hopeful that we are on the way to prison sentences for more than one of those who conspired against the US Constitution. When left-wing blatherers start ridiculing the lameness of IRS excuses for its various and pervasive sins you know it’s serious. And guys like Bill Maher and Chris Matthews make big bucks. If the Republicans take back the major instruments of power with the Democrats’ fixes to the nation’s governance intact, things like the “nuclear option,”  it will be pay-back time. I say that because, left or right,  you can always count on the true-blues to take advantage of any loopholes for their ideological advantage. And what the Democrats are leaving behind aren’t loopholes, they are barn doors.

If you can’t silence a scandal, it will only grow. Like Dracula, it needs a stake through the heart as quickly as possible. And let’s give credit where credit is due: the IRS is trying with all its might to silence the scandal and kill the story, but it’s losing the battle. I think the longer this goes on the more it will seem obvious to the general public that the White House was (is) involved directly in the targeting of political opponents by agencies of the US government. Meanwhile, Homeland Security (I scoff) has given up on trying to keep anybody out of the US or to take back border territory now in the hands of foreign forces, temporarily the drug cartels but not far in the future no doubt Al Qaeda. We are being inundated in humiliating fashion by underage youths carrying Hello Kitty packs turning themselves in and getting Oreos and chocolate milk, a clean bed and a medical exam. Wow, right there their lives have improved about three hundred percent. But ours haven’t. The US government targets Red State governors for punishment when they don’t go along to get along. Just ask Jan Brewer of Arizona, who has been taught a real lesson by Barack Obama. He has a whole slew of federal agencies and regulators to choke her and her state with, and he doesn’t mind using them.The Tea Party is the part of the iceberg the autocrats and totalitarians can see, but below the surface is such a deep well of mistrust, anger and resentment that anything is possible. Americans don’t believe anything the government says anymore; they don’t think it is working for their best interests or America’s. Today we are totally dumbfounded by a president so grotesquely incompetent that the whole world titters behind its hands, when when it isn’t laughing outright.

jihadIn foreign policy, I couldn’t possibly have put it better than Bret Stephens did in the WSJ today, counting all the disasters that have begun (and just begun) unfolding over the past year and all around the world where the US and its NATO lackeys (my description) have deigned to intervene on behalf of humanity, or in Stephens’ view, failed to intervene. He didn’t even go back farther to the earlier blunders under these Bozos. I would give Obama credit for not dragging us into another war without a plan in Syria, but more recently he has tried to recoup prestige lost in the morass of the Ukraine by promising to consider putting the US military in charge of the effort to unseat legally-elected Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, so that’s a no-go. I would give him credit for not trying to provoke a global war with Russia or China despite the challenges from these two aspiring rivals for global power, but I know in my heart it is only because even the most bone-headed know it would end up a nuclear war. It’s nice to see some evidence that MAD — mutually assured destruction — still has the power to persuade. (Another reason countries like Iran want the nuclear weapon, concretely and in a multiplicity.) Even as the US finds itself in the midst of crisis on every frontthe most recent Pew Research Center poll conducted for the Council on Foreign Relations shows that 52 percent of Americans — the highest percentage in the last 40 years — think the U.S. should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along as best they can on their own. Evidently they don’t want to see America being, in the old phrase, the policeman of the world. Hear, hear.

The final insult for any thinking human being is that the woman most deeply involved in some of the worst foreign policy decisions, one Hillary Rodham Clinton, is running with some chance of victory for the US presidency. It galls me to think the Democrats are so contemptuous of US public opinion that they would put as their choice as US president a woman who is an interventionist, a bully, and totally devoid of common sense on the international stage. She thought the lives of US personnel in Libya were safe without security, and disappeared after Ambassador Stephens’ death for months to avoid all that ugly publicity.  She is a woman who takes the truth lightly, who hid subpoenaed evidence, and who communes with Eleanor Roosevelt. And because she represents not a swing to the center for the Democrats, but more of the same and worse, the Republicans are also pushing to the edges with their own choices, where the voices calling for resistance are loudest and most effective. Americans are nearly coming to blows.

dopeAnd of course — Americans love a winner. And if there is one thing Barack Obama is not, outside of presidential elections, it is a winner. He has dragged the US down in the eyes of the world even deeper than George Bush did.  Even if they don’t pay much attention to foreign affairs, Americans know when their country is on a winning streak and when it’s on a losing streak. Even as the US polarizes and pushes at its seams with repressed rage, the nation’s esteem abroad sinks, its obligations balloon, and its willingness to fight weakens. The challengers smell blood in the water. Don’t expect their audacity to diminish.


Trafficking in humans: Obama’s answer to immigration reform

Here’s my latest from Patriot Update:


I haven’t been writing much on my blog these days. It must be the humidity and high temperatures that make me too lazy to ponder big issues. Sometimes, you just have to take a moment to set your worries aside and smell the jasmine and listen to the sound of fish jumping in the canal. I’m determined to enjoy it while I still have all five senses.

I was doing that when suddenly I was snapped out of my serenity with the news that the US government, the Feds, at the urging and with the direct connivance of the US president, have abandoned America’s border controls flagrantly and sneeringly. The Feds have said, pretty much, “send us your under-aged children to feed, educate and medicate, and they’ll send for you later.” All-y all-y out come in free, as we used to say.

This is such an outrage, on top of such outrages as we have never seen, that I could no longer lie there with my feet propped up enjoying the hum of the air conditioners and the chattering parrots. I just have to scream in frustration.

What the heck happened to this country? I have reached the point where I don’t even like living here anymore, I feel alienated from those who rule this country and the way they rule it. I feel like a political prisoner. I feel at the mercy of foreign forces from beyond our country directing our fate. Forces like the Trilateral Commission, that Rich Man’s Summit; and Sharia Law; and the UN and the OSCE and the EU and NATO and any four nations the US can patch together as a coalition of the willing. I won’t even mention the insidious forces within this country, like the NEA and IRS and DOJ and NAMBLA and NOW and ACORN and La Raza. I won’t mention the corrupting and pervasive influence of Hollywood, or ask whether we shouldn’t demand an FBI review of the birth certificates of aspiring US presidents.

There are those who might think I’m nuts, and perhaps I am, but it won’t be because of the aforementioned views. Those are simple reactions to obvious facts, none of them good.

Here is one fact: Barack Hussein Obama directly encouraged the current flood of illegal immigrants to this country by pushing his dream act for those who came here as children “and through no will of their own.” He said “it’s okay if you came here without authorization, hey, it wasn’t your fault. (He didn’t add, “and by the way, once you’re legal you can make your parents legal too, even though they were at fault for breaking the law.”) Our president said, “let’s let bygones be bygones. Here are the keys to the house. Help yourself.” He made this country an irresistible target of opportunity by refusing to enforce immigration laws passed by Congress, and by refusing to deport even those recidivist criminals who are fouling up our prison systems or just being recycled into our society. The president’s policy whether stated or not is pretty clearly that of Open Borders and One World. And those around the world who want to live here get the message.

To add to the perfidy of our lords and masters in Washington, the USG is now dumping in states that Obama doesn’t like (Arizona) or that want the cheap labor (Maryland) thousands and thousands of unaccompanied minors. The kids were sent here by their parents in response to the dream act rhetoric; they came without food, water, or shelter and the parents were perfectly sure that the USG would take over their care and feeding. The kids came in response to the magnetic US president and his chief enforcer who want everybody in who is willing to vote for the Socialists

When I say “dumping” these kids, I mean just that. It’s off the bus and have a good day. Welcome to wherever you happen to be dropped off. If the states won’t pick up the tab for these new unwanted and uninvited residents, the USG will simply run a smear campaign against them for inhumanity. They might even haul them before the UN human rights committee. By forcing the states to pick up the tab for the illegal immigrants the federal government refuses to bar from entry, the USG thinks it can end the year without having to stress to the impotent but noisy American public its epic immigration failures (or successes, depending on whose side you’re on). There is no need to account for expenditures not incurred, but sloughed off onto the states. Now the fury over the cost of these illegals will be fragmented and divided by 50, although many states won’t even care as they don’t pay their bills anyway.

I have thought for a long time that there were serious grounds for impeaching Obama as a traitor to the US. But this latest business is so beyond the acceptable that I do not see how the US Congress can possibly avoid the obvious; the US president is acting blatantly in violation of US laws and the Constitution and should be removed from office. Any members of Congress or the Senate voting in favor of this assault on US sovereignty should also be impeached and removed from office.

Here would be a great response: load up the bus, drive over the Mexico border, and everybody off. Adios. Let’s hope your government cares about you as Obama does.


Moral Imperatives

chkThe US hawks have been released from their tethers. The likes of John McCain are pushing hard for a much deeper US military commitment to the riff-raff and terrorists opposing Assad in Syria — including the dispatch of military advisors and heavier arms. The US president is considering the request. Was one Iraq not enough? I guess not. The hawks want a whole team of people over there directing the effort to unseat an elected government. They insist that a government elected in the midst of civil strife, as Assad will be in June, cannot be a truly legitimate government. The US has a moral imperative to intervene to impose a government there (and depose one, as well) to balance out the scales of justice .

This contrasts to our position in Ukraine, where we backed a putsch-installed regime that forced an elected president to flee and then declared the putsch-installed regime legitimate. When pro-Russians in eastern Ukraine began resisting the Kiev authorities the US immediately condemned Russia for alleged military aid to those fighting . Now the West asserts the legitimacy of the new president who was elected in the midst of civil strife and without participation of the eastern part of the country.  The US has a moral imperative to help Kiev, so they say. These two cases alone highlight how utterly flexible US policy is and how the rationale used in one case to US advantage can be flipped somewhere else, also to answer US interests.

vietnameWe are currently in a pissing match with China over what the US says is bullying behavior in the South China Sea. China recently got into a row with Vietnam over fishing rights (and Chinese oil rigs) and China sank a Vietnamese fishing boat. Japan and China are now poised for a fight, backs arched and hissing, over who owns a handful of rocky islands. Japan’s legal claim is said to be stronger than that of China. But many Chinese think that doesn’t matter, what matters is who plants the flag.  A participant at the Davos economic forum wrote that many in China believe that China can accomplish its goals — smacking down Japan, demonstrating its military superiority in the region, and establishing full control over the symbolic islands — with a surgical invasion. That sounds an awfully lot like what Russia just did, and in fact we have now moved from the stage where NATO overturned existing international law and set new precedents, to Russia and now China using those precedents to their own advantage and fine-tuning the precedents by adding new wrinkles.

The hard-liners pushing US policy demand a full-scale re-militarization of the former Warsaw Pact states (excluding Russia) that would involve deploying missile defenses and heavy equipment, and men, too. They want NATO to push ahead for the final NATO expansion that would put it belly-to-belly with the Bear. Russia is responding by re-militarizing itself, and moving to latest-generation weaponry as well as upgrading its nuclear arsenal.

benghaziA US troop carrier sits off the coast of Libya, waiting for what we do not know. Is it filled with the thousand Marines it can carry? They claim they are there to evacuate Americans if things go awry. What things? Do we know something is going to go wrong? Then why not evacuate now, before anybody dies? In any event, why do we have so many Americans there after what happened previously — is it the same illegal weapons dealing that was going on then? One thing is for sure, there is something afoot by one party or the other. I wonder if we are planning to help the inept and floundering government in Tripoli by going into and occupying Benghazi (in support of Libyan forces, of course).  It’s practically a US moral imperative to do so. And, coincidentally I’m sure, if the current US regime could only calm things down in Libya, even if only briefly, an image-spinner could maybe make it look like not such a disaster by the time Mrs. Clinton strides to accept the nomination of her stupidly adoring party. I’d guess that would be the rationale. If they don’t do anything in Libya, by the elections for the next president Mrs. Clinton will be pounded to dust over the massive failure of her chief foreign policy accomplishment (the murder of Qaddafi and the installation of a puppet regime).

We are currently using US resources to track down a large number of schoolgirls kidnapped by fanatics in Nigeria. Now we’re deploying to do the absolute duty of other governments, which is to protect their own people. It seems it’s a moral imperative. There and everywhere else.

hegemonWhen people talk about the “US hegemon,” this is what they have in mind. The US has put out so many tentacles into the world and is involved up to its neck in so many mutual defense agreements and intervenes in so many quarrels large and small that it is hard to escape the impression that what America wants is to control the globe and all its actors. What the US wants is one global sphere of influence, its own, which it calls no spheres of influence. It is an utterly futile fancy, of course. The move away from the “single superpower”  model is already well underway. All we do by injecting ourselves into every argument is to make more enemies  and stiffen the spines of those who will never let the US dictate to them. Russia and China have their own serious problems, but they can form a tactical or even strategic alliance that serves the purpose of bringing the US down to size.

The global power calculus is shifting. As the US loses its grip on things here and there, the perception spreads that the hegemon is not what it once was. It has been made vulnerable and weakened by its spread of commitments around the globe. The US is so weighed down and imperiled, it dare not trigger a major confrontation. So it talks tough to Russia and China, but stays its hand. The US can be challenged, and it can be challenged successfully as was already proven in Crimea. The US is not in a comfortable position these days. It’s the defending champion, but there are a lot of Mohammed Ali’s around.


Human Rights and Foreign Policy

humrtsHo-hum, human rights. The issue has become so over-used that just hearing the words makes my mind wander off to more interesting subjects. The thing is, human rights was Jimmy Carter’s brain child and it is made in his image — full of idealism and poorly adapted to reality. Human rights today is the only thing that it could possibly be — a political football.

The issue that immediately comes to mind is the just-issued report from a UN panel or committee or “body of nosy parkers” about the situation in Ukraine. I am looking for the original report, but the Fox News synopsis says the report “suggests” an increase in violence in southeastern Ukraine by the “insurgents” or “armed groups” (never Freedom Fighters). The report calls on Russia to urge restraint on those who were behind the “violent take-over of towns” that was made possible by local politicians and police engaged in illegal activity. The report assures the pro-Russian Ukrainians that the government in Kiev means them no harm and there is no reason for any kind of uprising against the government. If this description of the report’s conclusions is correct, then it is hard not to take Russia’s view that the report is a whitewash of the reality in Ukraine in the service of the US and NATO. A rather bone-headed one, at that, as it ignored major human rights’ abuses that continue to this day against the pro-Russians (and not just where the patched-together Ukrainian military is trying to bomb the resisters out, but in Kiev itself). There was never, for example, any follow-up on the “widely accepted view” that the snipers were trained in Poland and Lithuania. No, it was the Berkut riot police. No proof, but hey. And of course the report didn’t concern itself with Kiev; the goal was to whip up some sort of official sounding document in no time flat that absolutely confuted every argument the pro-Russians could ever have for resisting Kiev, thereby making the “insurgent struggle” illegal and unacceptable in the eyes of that phantom “international community.” As if such a conclusion would put paid to what by now is a genuine civil war.

The report made no reference to the burning alive of 40 or so people who had taken refuge from a Kiev-loyal group of paramilitary thugs who were armed and extremely violent. The latter threw Molotov Cocktails into the building and set it afire. Others made it out of the building but were then killed — beaten to death — by the Kiev fighters. A Kiev official even apologized saying it was an accident. Then we got the revised explanation: the victims had “accidentally set the building on fire.” They killed themselves, it seems. And it apparently satisfied the EU and Washington, who took the line they no doubt suggested to Kiev and played it back for the world. Terrible tragedy, those guys shouldn’t be fighting Kiev, tsk tsk. Ho-hum.

Instead the report seems to have been obsessed by the detentions of journalists, suspected Kiev spies, and western military attaches parading as (and apparently ex post-facto deputed as) OSCE “observers.”  For observers, they showed a bit too much concern for observers’ safety issues for good taste. They ought to have focused on the fear and suffering of the Ukrainian population. Just my opinion.

political footballBut this is just one example of the double standards of human rights, which utterly undermines the credibility of the subject. Here are a few more: NATO bombed Serbia for 70+ days because of alleged ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. However, when the Kosovar Albanians who had been given Serbian territory as a gift from NATO began their own ethnic cleansing against Serbs, well, there was nothing NATO or the US or the EU could do, was there? NATO couldn’t very well bomb again, could it? So it downplayed the significance of the Kosovar Albanian violations of human rights and the outflow of Serbs from the province. Nor did subsequent investigations into NATO’s contentions of “mass graves” and other Serb atrocities prove the claims true.

Or how about this one: in Honduras, both of the country’s major parties agreed that the populist left-wing president had violated the Constitution by illegally preparing ballots (in Venezuela!) for an illegal referendum to change the Constitution and allow him to stay in power. The legislature voted to impeach him and remove him from office, the judiciary had already ruled that it was a Constitutional violation, and the president was arrested. Then the Hondurans sent him into exile to Costa Rica, that tropical playground, rather than jail him. This exile was then twisted into a human rights violation, allowing the US and the OAS and other “human rights” champions to claim that the Hondurans had illegally removed an elected president and had to allow him back home to resume his role as president. Imagine. The Hondurans defied the US, for once, and defended their Constitution (one the US had backed strongly) rather than do as the US wanted. Then we come to Ukraine again — where a mob of people who were protesting government corruption and other grievances were used as a springboard to power by the opposition, elements of which were involved in the killings that triggered events. This putsch was immediately recognized by Washington and all the major European capitals as well and good. Even if their legislature in Kiev voted under duress for a change of president, the Western arbiters of legitimacy declared the vote fine and got down to directing the junta in its “roadmap” to fend off Russia. How can a junta be legal, and yet a legal impeachment and removal of a president be illegal? It’s all a matter of what your interests are.

chrkillOr look at Egypt, where we were light-headed with euphoria (or Hillary Clinton was) at the Arab Spring’s results. The Beast, Mubarak (a close friend, despite being thoroughly corrupt, since the 80′s) was dumped in a heartbeat to let the people’s voice be heard. Of course, it was the voice of the Moslem Brotherhood, which immediately launched a campaign of murder and harassment of Christians and non-backers of militant Islam. The US had to zip its lip or look stupid, but Washington was not against the military taking control to oust the Moslem Brotherhood. Today the military de facto rules Egypt. Good going. So in one country we can’t seem to make up our minds which set of human rights abuses are tolerable and which aren’t.

I could go on and on, and all of you can add a few yourselves, to the list. But I won’t go on. It’s too boring.


The Tar Baby: Irresistible but Deadly

brer-foxThe tar baby was my favorite Uncle Remus story. That rabbit was so smart, and Brer Fox was only half smart. Great story. Unfortunately, it seems to me that we as a country have fallen for the ruse, attacking the tar baby of “unacceptable behavior” by other (weak) countries over and over as the world’s number one power and global cop. It was fun for a while, a piece of cake, really, but then things started to get harder for America. It realized the sinkhole of debt it was sitting on, added to by every expensive military adventure, while the folks at home grew sick of waging wars against countries they don’t know or want to know for unconvincing reasons, none of them having to do with US security, and none of the results being particularly impressive. But in the end, there’s no way to get free of the tar baby. If the US shows enough common sense to say “fix it yourselves,” the whole world will hoist a glass of champagne to the demise of America as a global superpower and proceed to settle those old unsettled quarrels. The obvious weakening of US authority, above all, invites adventurism on the part of other regional great powers that mirrors what NATO has done internationally. The rising countries, like Russia and China and Iran, do it for their own national interests and also to show their contempt for the myth of America, the World’s Only Superpower.

We are gripped by Messianism, as if we, a single country, are the hand of God (if we believed in God anymore). We feel ruling the world (though not occupying it, as we are quick to point out) is our destiny. It is even in a sense our moral obligation and thus we continue to intervene in every event anywhere in the world, at great expense to the US taxpayer and without his consent or support. There is very little focus or stratification of our interests from vital to non-existent. Our foreign policy disarray today reminds me of the 24-hour news stations that tell us all about the lack of US border security or a car chase or a dog caught in a drain pipe in some Podunk, all with the same rapt attention and sense of urgency. Fox News covers all the trash we wish they wouldn’t just because it exists, and so must be reported on. Thus with our international affairs. We intervene because there are places that practically beg for intervening. They exist, and therefore we must.

And so the US keeps doing the same thing over and over. We find an opposition group in a country where we want some regime change, we funnel money, we arm, we intervene. It has become so expected, this interventionism, that every group or party opposed to a US-hostile regime or government invokes America’s name as its savior who must step in for the sake of democracy. The pressure is tremendous. We now intervene because “they want us to intervene.” The kink in this reasoning is that “they” are never the country as a whole, but only a faction that we have chosen to support. What we end up with after all those collateral deaths are puppet governments incapable of ruling their countries or keeping them together; what we get are scores that will wait to be settled until the US is no longer in the picture, i.e. violence postponed.  And we should remember that it is only in propaganda that “they” are transformed into “freedom fighters” from the fanatics and fascists that our allies so often are. Even now, knowing who the opposition really is in Syria — Al Qaeda affiliates gaining experience for future fights elsewhere — we are sending in armaments to help bring down Assad. The idea seems to be “we’ll deal with the terrorist problem later.” General Dempsey recently said before the Atlantic Council regarding Syria “I’ve heard it described as a succession of conflicts. You have the conflict that currently exists; then there’ll be the second conflict, which is kind of an internal conflict; and then there’ll be the third conflict against the terrorist organizations that are growing. That’s probably right.”  Is this a sane foreign policy?

In Ukraine, the US has met the unmovable object. It was irresistible for the US and the Eastern European fringe of NATO to try to snatch the cradle of Russia right from under Russia’s nose and hopefully make Crimea a US naval base in the near future. Talk about encirclement wet dreams! But the Russians were ready with plans no doubt long in the perfecting. It was able to prevent the establishment of the new regime’s authority in southeastern Ukraine and as the prize for enduring such insulting US treatment of Russian interests, it took Crimea without a single shot fired and without having to invade. It is prepared to invade southeastern Ukraine if need be, but that seems unlikely now. Instead we had a referendum, however flawed, showing a strong anti-Kiev vote (whipped up by Kiev’s inept military assault against the “terrorists”) and a subsequent request from Donetsk authorities for annexation by Russia. Russia is being coyly silent about the request, but the tacit threat is real: continue meddling in Ukraine, and we’ll accept the request for annexation. This ace in the hole gives Russia what it needs to force an agreement for a federal Ukraine with significant powers held by the provinces. That in turn ensures Russia’s continued dominant influence in southeastern Ukraine that will almost certainly make it impossible for Ukraine to join NATO — Russia’s ultimate goal.

tar babyThat the strategy is succeeding is suggested by the sudden visit to Ukraine by the German Foreign Minister to encourage direct talks between the two parties and rumors that Kiev is being pressured to accept the federal solution. Germany is the number one opponent of any action by NATO vis-a-vis Ukraine and will spare no effort in heading off the American hawks. It isn’t just war with Russia that frightens, but the damage further sanctions can do to the German economy. The US meanwhile continues its tough talk, in an increasingly futile effort to look like it is still in control of events unleashed by its proxies in Kiev. The one bright spot is that, so far, the US has resisted the temptation to haul off and whack the tar baby one more time. That is good. If we put our boots in Ukraine or try to fly over and drop some bombs, the US would find out what it’s like to be stuck so deep you can’t get out — no matter how much you want to.


Here we go, take a deep breath…

people jumpingWe are at the very precipice, the very eleventh hour before Russia invades eastern Ukraine to stop the mayhem that is now spiraling out of control. My husband and I agree that the military operation underway in eastern Ukraine by the so-called Army and Kiev’s leading fascist group is being run with the advice of NATO (US in first place) military and intelligence. The Right Sector is probably coordinating with the Army but they are doing their own vicious thing there, and it is igniting the eastern Ukrainians as never before, literally. This is the perverse effect of murdering whole groups of people you don’t like, by however brutal a means is available. Burning them to death or forcing them to jump to death to escape the fire is as good as a laser ray as far as these testosterone-laden Neanderthals of the far right are concerned.

The Russians got it right when they said that this new violence against the pro-Russians has taken things to the point of no return. Russia went to the UNSC but know as well as anybody that this is not going to do anything or go anywhere. Nevertheless the Russians have been busy checking off all the boxes, from the quick Geneva accord that obligated both sides to disarm thugs and free occupied public buildings, to the multiple appearances at the UNSC, to intervention to free from the pro-Russian forces the western military attaches to Kiev masquerading as OSCE observers. Kiev decided it could escape the need to try (fruitlessly) to disarm the Right Sector and its allied goon squads in western Ukraine by deputizing same and “allowing” them to continue “guarding” the public places. Russia in return did nothing to calm down its side, which is now busy agitating that ancient Russian instinct to rally when the village bell sounds warning. People are dying now. A 70-year old eastern Ukrainian told a reporter that the people have no choice but to take to the streets now, they are abandoned by everyone and must defend themselves however they can. This is civil war, not the earlier stalking and marking of territory by proxies of the two chief foes, Washington and Moscow. Now the population in both Russia and eastern Ukraine is engaged and angry and frightened. Every ugly thing they ever heard about NATO is very real for them now.

For those who think NATO is trying to calm things down, the comments by Alexander (Sandy) Vershbow the other day should give pause. Vershbow is very smart and somewhat scholarly, a professional US diplomat who served as US Ambassador to both Moscow and to NATO. In his retirement years, he has become a no doubt highly-paid NATO apparatchik and it was in this capacity that he was speaking. What he said was that NATO now (reluctantly) had to put Russia in the enemy category. Also as a consequence, NATO should start beefing up its eastern member states militarily and even arming the remaining buffer states (Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) with so-called defensive arms immediately.  This is a man with a deep knowledge of Russia and he’s demanding NATO rush to encircle Russia as far as it can and to do so in the spirit of enmity? I ask you: what is Russia to do? How is Russia to react?

great gameWhatever Russia may have wanted prior to the Kiev putsch, it was faced afterwards with a situation that directly affected its vital interests (the ultimate alliance of Ukraine). The EU was aggressively pushing its own interests as opposed to Russia’s and in many ways to the disadvantage of Russia, and Moscow knew that the ultimate goal was Ukraine’s membership in NATO. It was with reference to this that Putin, after he annexed Crimea, said that had Russia not acted, the historic Russian territory would be hosting a NATO naval base. It was not going to happen. Russia is world-class when it comes to Realpolitik. After Kiev it was clear where this was heading. No international organization was going to keep Ukraine out of NATO, so Russia would have to do it — through forceful diplomacy or force. Moscow has pushed negotiations aimed at creating a federal state in Ukraine that gives eastern Ukrainians equal power with Kiev and treaty-based neutrality for the nation. EU/NATO and their puppet regime in Kiev reject federalization although they have deigned to recognize the majority-language of eastern Ukraine (Russian) as a legitimate and legal language (although not through legislation). Their overt concern is that Russia will manipulate that federalism to Kiev’s disadvantage. As for neutrality, it is of no interest whatsoever to the ever-expanding western military bloc.

Now Russia will do what the US would do in an analogous situation (far more serious than that in, say, Grenada in the 1980s). It will invade and occupy and reassert order. And whether the outcome is federalism or an independent eastern Ukraine or an annexed eastern Ukraine, things are unlikely to revert to the status quo ante.

Everything beyond that certainty is open to chance. How will NATO respond? Can  Germany continue to block US ambitions to push NATO right up physically to Russia’s border? And how about our publics? In the US, a WSJ poll just found that a majority of Americans want a pull-back in America’s presence abroad and an end to wars. By a huge margin they want the US to keep out of Ukraine and let the Russians do what they will. They oppose war against Syria. They don’t think the US owes Ukraine anything, much less a defense against Russia. In Germany, there is plenty of opposition to NATO expansion and threats against Russia, and don’t even mention the possibility of going to war against Russia. This sector wants Germany to keep out of the Russia-Ukraine squabble and in many European countries there is a strong resistance to any further economic sanctions. Despite the unanimity of will NATO leaders point to, it doesn’t exist. The fractures are there and they are deep and NATO’s latest threats against Russia have inaugurated a new era in international politics.


Ukraine: Going from a War of Nerves to War

kievThis whole Ukraine thing has been a seesaw of expectations. I thought for a few days there might be a diplomatic solution to the confrontation, despite the flimsiness of the Geneva accord, but at the moment that possibility recedes to the thunder of tanks rumbling toward the east from Kiev. The offensive against the pro-Russians that began with the visit of US intel chief John Brennan and was briefly halted for Easter has now been resumed, coincidentally, I’m sure, with the arrival of Joe Biden. From the start of Maidan rioting it was pretty clear this was not going to be a happy scenario. It looked very much as if the EU had connived in the disturbances, furious at having an association agreement with Ukraine snatched from its jaws with a better offer from Russia (which the West calls bribes). And whatever the EU was up to in Ukraine, the US was worse. When I was doing diplomacy, you tried to avoid appearances of meddling in the internal affairs of another country, even if you were. But our diplomacy has taken on the same coloring of arrogance and stupidity that our domestic governance has. So not only did the Embassy send out its anonymous faces to mingle in the crowds and report attitudes, the woman in charge of European Affairs at the State Department went and handed out snacks to hungry rioters. In (Russian-intercepted) phone calls, we heard Ms. Nuland express contempt for EU opinion about how to proceed in Kiev, and lastly we heard her setting out the USG’s list of desired Kiev officials to comprise what is known as an “interim government” in Ukraine and a junta in El Salvador. This direct and obvious US involvement in an illegal transfer of power in a nation of singular importance to Russia elevated the quarrel from one over Ukraine’s future alliances to one of who would prevail in this face-off. Would it be America, which lives half a globe away from Ukraine; or Russia, with a sufficient military force deployed on Russian territory and at the ready to take eastern Ukraine should the west be so kind as to provide a sufficient pretext. That would settle the thorny issue of a land-bridge from Russia to Crimea.

In the meantime, this primary face-off has triggered a secondary one of far greater importance to Ukraine, a deepening divide between the west and the southeast. A huge Russian minority is unhappy with the violent overthrow of pro-Russian Yanukovych despite sharing anger at his corruption. This is all the more so because of the manner in which the creation of a new illegal government has proceeded, with much western support and in smoke-filled rooms, because of anti-Russian measures from Kiev, and because the Russian-speaking southeast has been ignored in all decision-making. This discontent and divide has provided fertile ground for Russian psy-ops and provocation that prevents the Kiev regime from consolidating its power, a goal important to Moscow. But the clashes that have occurred and are escalating between the two sides now threaten to provoke a genuine civil war, which would most certainly prompt Russian military intervention.

The latest news is that the head of the Right Sector fascists is moving his paramilitary headquarters right into the lion’s mouth in Donetsk. Dmitry Yarosh claims to have coordinated everything with the Kiev junta and to have the okay to  move against the “terrorists” of southeastern Ukraine. This is about as dangerous a provocation to the eastern Ukrainians as you could offer. It will do no good; it will not tame the fires of separatism but flame them. And while strife in Ukraine is almost certainly not something that Russian wants or would have wished for, if it comes to real civil strife Russian must protect its interests. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in an interview yesterday, said that Russia would of course use military force if Russia was attacked, or “Russians” were attacked in Ukraine. Already dozens have been killed or injured in the Kiev operation. How many deaths will it take to provoke Russia into responding? In the meantime, ask yourself this: what is the US (which seems to own the Kiev junta) doing to pull back the extreme right-wing and push toward a Ukrainian solution that satisfies both parties instead of only one? I don’t think anybody in his right mind wants a war with Russia, but US words and actions are pushing things in that direction.

I’d like to know how united (or not) NATO is on this one. It’s one thing to drop a few bombs over some defenseless country (especially since it is mainly the US doing the bombing). It is quite another to know that your country stands in real jeopardy of becoming a target in a war that could well slide into the use of nuclear weapons. I’d guess the Europeans, at least to the west of the former Pact countries, will be looking around desperately for a way to shunt this argument from the realm of the military to the realm of the diplomatic. I’m not sure they can stay the Americans, who are being goaded toward the military by hawks on the right and the left and by a US general, Philip Breedlove, who seems to want another star on his shoulder. They say it’s a matter of credibility. I can’t speak for others, but from where I sit I’ll take a little tarnishing of our credibility in exchange for no military conflict with Russia over a place that has no vital significance for us.




There’ll be a change in the weather

supposed imageryI am absorbed with events in Ukraine. There is a growing possibility that a military confrontation between NATO and Russia is in the offing. If things go awry, I’d bet right now that it will be occasioned by the miscalculation by NATO of Russia’s will to fight on its 10-yard line. NATO thinks if things get tough enough for Moscow economically, or if NATO ramps up its military presence in Russia’s backyard sufficiently, Russia will break. Moscow will decide it doesn’t want to test NATO, it will cry uncle and give back Crimea and put its troops and military equipment somewhere far from the Ukrainian border so NATO doesn’t have to worry.

Of course that is a big load of horse poop. Russia isn’t going to do any such thing. Russia is mad as hell and it isn’t going to take it anymore. NATO has vastly increased the security of its original founding members over the past twenty years by eating away at Russia’s safety zone. It did so in violation of an agreement between western heads of state and high officials with their counterparts in the USSR that NATO would not expand eastward. And in exchange for that security guarantee, the USSR withdrew 400,000 troops from eastern Europe and made possible German reunification and continued NATO membership. I read today that the Supreme Court has previously ruled that an agreement (such as that with Gorbachev) made between officials authorized to make such agreements has legal standing as a treaty, even if oral and thus not ratified by the Senate. So from the start of Russia’s rebirth as a non-communist nation, it has seen the West renege on commitments vital to Russian interests.

NATO has gone as far as it can go without provoking a predictably horrible ending. The US deliberately flaunted its support for the mob in Kiev that ousted a legal government, immediately adopted the self-declared authorities as its own, and now is pushing itself more aggressively into internal Ukrainian affairs. It is patently clear that the objective is to “score” Ukraine for the western team, thus denying it to Russia. Victoria Nuland was choosing government officials in an intercepted conversation, and I hear John Brennan, the  man who tries to be the least untruthful he possibly can, has already been in Kiev advising. Our military is everywhere, working with the police and military. This is exactly what NATO did in Kosovo prior to their bombing — they used their “legal” cover to carry out subversive activities including liaison and coordination with the KLA and target acquisition. So I don’t get it — how do they think making Russia hyper-reactive and utterly paranoid is making Ukraine more secure? If I know what the US is up to in Kiev, so do the Russians and in far greater detail. If we turn Kiev into an anti-Russian bastion, its future is in dire peril. And the only way that the US can protect it is with war.

So here we are again at this fundamental question: do Americans want to die in Ukraine for a non-NATO member in opposition to the regional power with a rightful and vital interest in what happens in Ukraine? Russia cannot ignore or be indifferent to whether Ukraine, under the impulse of an illegal overthrow of power, moves into an enemy military alliance,  or whether it is a friendly neutral nation that doesn’t threaten Russia or anybody else.

There are all kinds of rumors floating around that NATO is planning on deploying missiles in Poland. To what end? Such a missile system isn’t going to save Poland  if Russia and NATO go to war. That is a pipe dream. Even back in the 50s we knew that nobody wins a nuclear war, and Russia will use nukes rather than tolerate NATO aggression. All that deploying a  missile defense is going to do is further heat up the re-arming and re-militarization of Europe. Russia is apparently dumping the US dollar for its gas and oil trade, it is reconfiguring its industry to enhance self-reliance and it is dealing like crazy with China. We are at the point of diminishing returns. The uglier NATO gets in its tone toward Russia, the hotter the Russian nationalist fire is burning. And they are igniting the pro-Russians in eastern Ukraine at the same time. This is the scary story many Russians grew up on, NATO with a knife at Russia’s throat.  Now Russians see this as not about Ukraine at all, but about Russia and long-time foe NATO. Their reactions from here on are going to be those of a nation that perceives itself to be under immediate threat.

I won’t be around in thirty years when historians are writing about this period of history, but I think this is the point at which the unipolar world collapses, just as did the USSR. We can actually see the new balance of power emerging. It is the first time since 1991 that NATO has had any opposition to its will worth mentioning, only third-rate opponents that could never hope to fend off NATO militarily. Now it is between the big boys. Will it be war or some form of mutually acceptable accommodation?

Top Three Reasons for Russia to Take Eastern Ukraine: Location, location, location

Ethnolingusitic_map_of_ukraineThe Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Gen. Philip Breedlove, has told the US Congress that Russia is building up forces along its border with Ukraine. He worries that these alleged military exercises are neither exercises nor consistent with peaceful intentions. He thinks Russia is about to take over eastern Ukraine. I also read that the Pentagon claims the Russians are camouflaging their men and equipment, and that raises suspicions as well. Of course, troops on maneuver do use camouflage and so maybe it’s just camouflage. Maybe it’s just exercises. But NATO thinks not. The western military bloc doesn’t want to be caught asleep at the switch again, so soon after the Crimean embarrassment, and so now everything Russia does makes them jump. But NATO could be right. It could be home-coming time for the eastern Ukraine.

I haven’t gotten a call on my red phone telling me what Putin is really planning. If I had to guess, I’d say he is, like a good Boy Scout, always prepared.  I also have an idea what he is saying to the West: Here we are; we are ready to roll; we will roll if need be. We will ourselves start WWIII rather than allow NATO (the alliance in which old foe Germany is the US deputy) one more inch of territory toward our borders. We will answer sanction with sanction and if Russians suffer, so will you. Kiev is where the Russian nation was born and the territory is vital to Russian security in many ways. If Russia can prevent it, Ukraine will never be a member of an enemy military bloc.

I know that it is an EU association that Yanukovych rejected in favor of a Russian offer, not a NATO association. But in fact the EU has been NATO’s cat’s paw in bringing more countries into the Alliance. Where goes the EU, there goes NATO. Unfortunately, the disorder spreading throughout Ukraine is not going to be contained from Bonn, from Washington, or even from Warsaw, which is implicated in the sniper shootings at Independence Square in Kiev. You can say “those dirty Russians,” but the violence is real and it is ethnically-based. With five billion dollars worth of US encouragement, per the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, the western Ukrainians flipped the bird to Russia and to the eastern Ukrainians and now it is a no holds barred fight. Russia is exploiting the resentments between these two intimately-related Slavic tribes for all they are worth; and the western Ukrainians are counting on the EU, US and NATO to pull their anti-Russian chestnuts out of the fire. Russians are being hounded and persecuted by extreme right Ukrainian thugs, whom neither the EU nor US seem able to control, while Russians won’t hesitate to use the back of their hand or the pressures of a mob against the Ukrainians. None of this was necessary.

failed stateUkraine is in grave danger of falling apart under pressure of ethnic strains, weak rule of law, and a divided national identity. It is in dire peril of becoming a  failed state as defined by NATO.  A failed state is something that explicitly would, under NATO doctrine, allow NATO to intervene militarily and unilaterally as a preventative humanitarian action. Of course, that apparently only applies in cases where NATO holds the clear upper hand. In the case of eastern Ukraine, I think it will be the Russians who assert their moral obligation and absolute right to intervene in the Ukrainian failed state to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. As the Russians are the heavy majority in eastern Ukraine, that rationale certainly has some gravitas.

Here’s another thing to consider, one of many ills to result from this stupid confrontation: Russia is now committed to investing many, many billions into defense research and development of new weapons systems, upgrading or more likely replacement of outworn equipment, and improved military training. The Russians have even offered to give the Ukrainians the military equipment that belongs to the units that refused to go over to Russia. I have to assume that is because the equipment is worthless or close to it. No doubt Russia will be happy to share its latest generation military output with any number of other countries who might or might not be on a US/NATO blacklist and who are willing to pay for what they get. Russia will before long be a threat, once again, to US military might and certainly so within the Russian sphere of influence.

And back to eastern Ukraine — if Russia has concluded that this is going to come to confrontation with the EU and NATO sooner or later, it will absolutely need to make Crimea into a naval fortress armed to the gills. Armed perhaps with tactical nuclear weapons and/or medium range missiles. And to do that and secure its fortress, it needs its eastern transport corridor, from Russia through a region heavily populated by Russian speakers, to Crimea, predominantly ethnic Russian. From this perspective, it should be assumed that Russia will, indeed, take that corridor. I would also assume Russia has activated within other areas of eastern (and western) Ukraine cells for the creation of disorder to impede any military action by Kiev or its allies in reaction to an occupation and incorporation of eastern Ukraine into Russia.

Tneutralityhese are very dangerous times. It’s at a moment like this I weep with relief that John McCain isn’t the president. I find comfort that from both Europe and America, from the right and the left, from the ordinary observer and from the experts, comes the voice of reason. We need a step-down by both sides and a reconsideration of true European security imperatives. Crimea may be part of Russia and not open to discussion, but the larger question of a buffer zone between the political rivals remains unsettled. Treaty-guaranteed neutrality of the last non-NATO countries born of the former Russian Empire would defuse the NATO-Russia quarrel without damaging the fundamental security interests of the countries involved. Austria thrived for a long time as middle ground where both sides did their business and dropped their money. Finland has made itself prosperous catering to the interests of the USSR and then the Russian Federation and any move to NATO status can only damage that economy. These other countries (Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus) would be wise to think about what they want to be, and whether being the point man for NATO, with a short life expectancy, is more in their interests than playing the favored nephew to both East and West. We all have to decide if we will thrive together or perish apart.




Foreign Policy 101: Breaking Precedent and its Long-term Consequences

kosovocrimeaThanks to for preserving this extremely prescient analysis of the impact of NATO’s war against Serbia in 1999.  This speech was given in February of 2000, less than a year after NATO began its bombing, by a former Canadian Ambassador to Belgrade. His views were shared by very high-ranking diplomats from Germany and the US, both former Ambassadors to Belgrade. As someone who served in the OSCE mission he mentioned, I can verify every thing Amb. Bisset wrote. After reading this, you should be able to trace the outlines of what is happening in Ukraine and how important precedent is to global stability. One footnote: the Ambassador calls the head of the OSCE “General Walker,” but he is being ironic. There was a William Walker who managed to take over Nicaragua in the late 1800s and served as president there very briefly and tried to  launch a takeover of Central America. He was shot by firing squad in Honduras. The modern-day William Walker is a retired US Ambassador who was seconded to the OSCE as its head before the bombing of Serbia.

The NATO bombing: an assault on sovereignty

Former Canadian Amb. to Yugoslavia, James Bisset Address to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, House of Commons, Ottawa, Feb. 17,   2000


I wish to thank the committee for giving me the opportunity of speaking this morning.

It is some comfort to know that although I was not allowed to speak to anyone in the Canadian embassy in Belgrade during a recent visit there that I am free to speak to members of the Canadian parliament.

I have been an out spoken critic of the NATO  bombing of Yugoslavia. I believe it to have been a tragic mistake — a historic miscalculation that will have far-reaching implications.

When NATO bombs fell on Yugoslavia in the spring and summer of last year they caused more than just death and destruction in that country. The bombs also struck at the heart of international law and delivered a serious blow to the framework of global security that since the end of the second world war has protected all of us from the horrors of a nuclear war.

Kosovo broke the ground rules for NATO engagement and the aggressive military intervention by NATO into the affairs of a sovereign state for other than defensive purposes marked an ominous turning point in the aims and objectives of that organization. It is important that we understand this and seek clarification as to whether this was a “one-off” aberration or a  signal of fundamental change in the nature and purposes of the organization. This is something the committee might well examine in the course of its work.

2: An Illegal War

NATO’s war in Kosovo was conducted without the approval of the United Nations Security Council. It was a violation of international law, the United Nations charter and its own Article 1, which requires NATO to settle any international disputes by peaceful means and not to threaten or use force, “in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.”

Apologists for NATO including our own foreign and defence ministers try to avoid this issue by simply not mentioning it. There has been no attempt to explain why the United Nations Security Council was ignored. No effort to spell out under whose authority did NATO bomb Yugoslavia. The ministers and their officials continue to justify the air strikes on the grounds that the bombs were necessary to stop ethnic cleansing and atrocities, despite all the evidence that by far the bulk of the ethnic cleansing took place after the bombing not before it. It was the bombing that triggered off the worst of the ethnic cleansing.

As for the atrocities it now seems that here again we were lied to about the extent of the crimes committed. United States Secretary of Defence Cohen told us that at least 100,000 Kosovars had perished. Tony Blair spoke of genocide being carried out in Kosovo. The media relished in these atrocity stories and printed every story told to them by Albanian, “eyewitnesses.” The myth that the war was to stop ethnic cleansing and atrocities continues to be perpetrated by department spokesmen and large parts of the media.

No one wants to defend atrocities and the numbers game in such circumstances becomes sordid. Nevertheless numbers do become important if they are used to justify military action against a sovereign state. In  the case of Kosovo it appears that about 2000 people were killed there prior to the NATO bombing. Considering that a civil war had been underway since 1993 this is not a remarkable figure and compared with a great many other hot spots hardly enough to warrant a 79-day bombing campaign. It is also interesting to note that the UN tribunal indictment of Milosevic of May 1999, cites only one incident of deaths before the bombing — the infamous Racak incident — which itself is challenged by French journalists who were on the ground there and suspect a frame-up involving US General Walker who sounded the alarm.

The Kosovo “war” reveals disturbing evidence of how lies and duplicity can mislead us into accepting things that we instinctively know to be wrong.  Jamie Shea and other NATO apologists have lied to us about the bombing. The sad thing is that most of the Canadian media, and our political representatives have accepted without question what has been told to us by NATO and our own foreign affairs spokesmen.

3: An Unnecessary War

Perhaps the most serious charge against the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia is that it was unnecessary. NATO chose bombing over diplomacy. Violence over negotiation. NATO’s leaders tried to convince us that dropping tons of bombs on Yugoslavia was serving humanitarian purposes. A UN Security Council resolution of October 1998 accepted by Yugoslavia, authorized de-escalate the fighting. From the accounts of a number of these monitors their task was successful. While cease-fire violations continued on both sides the intensity of the armed struggle was considerably abated.

The former Czech Foreign Minister, Jiri Dienstbier, and Canada’s own Rollie Keith of Vancouver –  both monitors for the OSCE on the ground in Kosovo –  have publicly stated that there were no international refugees over the last five months of the OSCE’s presence  in Kosovo and the number of internally displaced only amounted to a few thousands in the weeks leading up to the bombing.

The OSCE mission demonstrated that diplomacy and negotiation might well have resolved the Kosovo problem without resorting to the use of force. It was the failure of the United States to accept any flexibility in its dealing with Belgrade in the weeks leading up to the war that spelled diplomatic failure.

The adamant refusal of the USA to involve either the Russians or the United Nations in the negotiations. The refusal to allow any other intermediary to deal with Milosevic and finally the imposition of the Rambouillet ultimatum which was clearly designed to ensure that Yugoslavia had no choice but to refuse its insulting terms.

It is now generally accepted by those who have seen the Rambouillet agreement that no sovereign state could have agreed to its conditions. The insistence of allowing access to all of Yugoslavia by NATO forces and the demand that a referendum on autonomy be held within three years guaranteed a Serbian rejection.

The Serbian parliament did, however, on March  23, state a willingness to “examine the character and extent of an international presence in Kosovo immediately after the signing of an autonomy accord acceptable to all national communities in Kosovo, the local Serb minority included.” The United States was not interested in pursuing this offer. NATO needed its war. NATO’s formal commitment to resolve international disputes by peaceful means was thrown out the window.

The Rambouillet document itself was not easily obtained from NATO sources. The chairman of the defence committee of the French National Assembly asked for a copy shortly after the bombing commenced but was not given a copy until a few days before the UN peace treaty was signed. I hope that members of this committee have a copy to look at and will be able to find out when and if Canada was informed of its conditions.

4: NATO’s campaign a total failure

We have been asked to believe that the war in Kosovo was fought for human rights. Indeed the president of the Czech republic received a standing ovation in this House of Commons when he stated that Kosovo was the first war fought for human values rather than territory. I suspect even President Havel would have second thoughts about that statement now that a large part of Yugoslav territory has in effect been handed over to the Albanians.

The war allegedly to stop ethnic cleansing has not done so. Serbs Gypsies, Jews, and Slav Muslims are being forced out of Kosovo under the eyes of 45,000 NATO troops. Murder and anarchy reigns supreme in Kosovo as the KLA and criminal elements have taken charge. The United Nations admits failure to control the situation and warns Serbs not to return.

The war allegedly to restore stability to the Balkans has done the opposite. Yugoslavia’s neighbors are in a state of turmoil. Montenegro is on the edge of civil war. Macedonia is now worried that Kosovo has shown the way for its own sizeable Albanian minority to demand self-determination. Albania has been encouraged to strive harder to fulfill its dream of greater Albania. Serbia itself has been ruined economically. Embittered and disillusioned it feels betrayed and alienated from the western democracies.

The illegal and unnecessary war has alienated the other great nuclear powers, Russia and China. These countries are now convinced that the west cannot be trusted. NATO expansion eastward is seen as an aggressive and hostile threat and will be answered by an increase in the nuclear arsenal of both nations. After Kosovo who can with any conviction convince them that NATO is purely a defensive alliance dedicated to peace and to upholding the principles of the United Nations?

More seriously the NATO bombing has destroyed NATO’s credibility. NATO stood  or more than just a  powerful military organization. It stood for peace; the rule of law, and democratic institutions. The bombing of Yugoslavia threw all of that out the window.

No longer can NATO stand on the moral high ground. Its action in Yugoslavia revealed it to be an aggressive military machine prepared to ignore international law and intervene with deadly force in the  internal affairs of any state with whose actions or behaviour it does not agree.

5: Conclusions

There are those who believe that the long-standing principle of state sovereignty can be over- ruled when human rights violations are taking place in a country. Until Kosovo the ground rules for such intervention called for Security Council authority before such action could be taken. Apologists for NATO argue that it was unlikely Security Council authority could have been obtained because of the veto power of China or Russia. So it would appear rather than even try to get consent NATO took upon itself the powers of the Security Council. I am not sure we should all be comfortable with this development.

Undoubtedly there may be times when such intervention is justified and immediately Rwanda comes to mind — but intervention for humanitarian reasons is a dangerous concept. Because who is to decide when to take such action and under whose authority? Hitler intervened in Czechoslovakia because he claimed the human rights of the Sudeten Germans were being violated. Those who advocate a change in the current rules for intervention are free to do so but until the rules change should we not all obey the ones that still have legitimacy?

NATO made a serious mistake in Kosovo. Its bombing campaign was not only an unmitigated disaster but it changed fundamentally the very nature and purposes of the alliance. Does article 1 of the NATO treaty still stand? Does NATO still undertake to settle any international disputes in which it may become involved by peaceful means? Do the NATO countries still undertake to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations?

Kosovo should serve as a warning call that Canadian democracy needs a shot in the arm to wake it up to the realities that foreign policy is important–important because as happened one day last March Canadians can wake up and find they are at war. Canadian pilots were bombing Serbia. Yet there was no declaration of war. The Canadian parliament was not consulted. The majority of the Canadian people had no idea where Kosovo was — let alone understand why our aircraft were bombing cities in a fellow nation-state that had been a staunch ally during two world wars.

It was not only Yugoslav sovereignty that was violated by NATO’s illegal action. Canadian sovereignty was also abused. Canada had become involved in a war without any member of the Canadian parliament or the Canadian people being consulted. The ultimate expression of a nation’s sovereignty is the right to declare war. NATO abrogated this right.

If it essential that we give up some of our sovereignty as the price we pay for membership in global institutions such as NATO then it is mandatory that such institutions follow their own rules, respect the rule of law, and operate within the generally accepted framework of the United Nations charter. This NATO did not do. It is for this reason I would suggest your committee must ask some tough questions about the nature of Canada’s involvement in the Kosovo war.

And one thing begets another…and so on

natoukrainaThere has been the first outbreak of violence in newly-annexed Crimea. Snipers fired on a military base guarded by the Crimean Self-Defense force. According to RT, the events took place at a small  Ukrainian military topography research center, and the majority  of the staff who work there are women. The center’s area is  rather small, and servicemen have only six machine guns and three  Makarov guns to provide security. The center reportedly decided  to join up with Crimea and Russia and was preparing paperwork to go over. The snipers launched the attack from a nearby high-rise apartment building under construction of some kind, drab in the way only the communists can do. Two people were killed including a Ukrainian soldier and a local self-defense force member.

There were two known snipers, one of whom escaped and one of whom is in Russian hands. The initial information is the sniper is a 17-year old from Lvov (or Lviv as the Ukrainians spell it) near the Polish border. It is rumored he is a member of Right Sector, the party of the goon who suggested blowing up Ukraine’s pipelines. According to the authorities, the previous evening there had been attempted break-ins at several military bases in the region. Rossiya  24 is showing footage of three leather-jacketed thugs roughing up a pro-Russian deputy in his office at the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev. His crime had been watching Putin’s speech on tv.

At the same time, in Sevastopol, at the HQ of Ukrainian fleet, a mob stormed the premises, hauled down the Ukrainian flag and replaced it with Russia’s flag. They demanded the Ukrainians leave the base. After “negotiations,” the commanding officer and thirty Ukrainian naval personnel left the premises. The Russians said they have authorization now to use force to defend themselves following the events at Simferopol in Crimea.

dogsThese are not encouraging signs. We are hanging over a precipice. There are many hands in the pie now, meddling has gone into hyper-drive. My suspicion is that rabid anti-Russians in NATO countries like Poland and Latvia and Estonia are involved and have been since before the events of Maidan. Russia can take eastern Ukraine at any moment, and Putin said as much in his address welcoming the Crimeans into the Russian Federation. A break-away region of Moldova (a former Soviet republic) that has its own government has now petitioned Russia for annexation. It is pro-Russia with a population equally divided between Russians, Ukrainians and Moldovans. There is Abkhazia and South Ossetia, all pawns on Russia’s side of the board. Every step forward now rests on a fragile basis. Russians will be making a list and checking it twice. It will not tolerate further NATO encroachment on its borders. There will be an immediate response if NATO pushes to absorb these currently non-threatening territories into the western military alliance, depriving Russia of its last buffers. In that case, Russia will take its only remaining viable option and absorb those territories for itself before NATO can do it. Russia will perhaps move on one or more fronts on the assumption that is better to be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.

I do think that Europe, at least, is loath to go to war for any reason at all. Their economies could really be hurt by the tit-for-tat sanctions that seem to be ready to escalate in an instant and they have no interest in risking nuclear annihilation for a government that has been corrupt ever since it declared its independence and isn’t even a NATO member. And even prominent analysts in the west are speaking out against escalating the quarrel with Russia. Jack Matlock, a career diplomat and former US ambassador to Moscow, argues that Russia should be allowed to have Crimea which would remove a “complicating” factor in patchwork Ukraine defining a national identity.

The biggest hawks are in the US, far from the tensions that are gripping the Europeans. The GOP is mistakenly taking this conflict between Russia and Ukraine as America’s big chance to show we’re still top dog. Their campaign theme will perhaps be “Nuke Russia.” Or maybe “Nuke Iran.” And of course China did not vote on the US side in the Security Council, so maybe “Nuke China.” John McCain in particular needs his lips sewn shut so he can stop embarrassing himself. Here is an instance in which I personally bless Obama’s inability to take action. We need to pause and reset (for real). Russia needs a security buffer. One still exists. NATO’s choice is to allow this status to continue without disturbing it and thus calm the Russian bear; or become even more aggressive in seeking to draw the concerned countries into NATO’s military web. In which case, the snowballing of events will continue, picking up speed and slipping from our clumsy hands.

This is a moment when what our future is depends on how the West responds. Is this a crusade or the real world?

Russia Annexes Crimea

CrimeaI just watched Vladimir Putin address the Russian Federal Assembly, including Duma and Federation Council deputies, regional governors and public figures. When Putin entered, the audience clapped wildly and then stood to their feet. Putin was nearly in tears and at first had trouble speaking. This was a historic moment. Russia was taking back what belonged to it and screw NATO. And that is the bottom line of what Putin said, bringing tears to the eyes of his audience and joy to their faces.

kosmpaKosovo indeed was a linchpin of Russia’s legal argument, which had several other legs, including protection of human rights, self-determination, and the right to defend ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers. Putin skewered NATO, pointing out that the Alliance went to war against Serbia without any UN authorization, in absolute violation of international law, on the grounds that there were a lot of human rights abuses and victims in Kosovo. Putin looked incredulous and said: if you can ignore international law on the basis of human rights, then Russia is on solid ground. It was deeply concerned about potential human rights violations, which thank God, he said, had not happened, and why, he asked, didn’t they? Because Russia acted swiftly to protect the Russians and pro-Russians in Crimea, who turned to Russia’s government with a request for help. You can be sure, he said, that if we hadn’t acted there would have been many human rights violations. Putin listed as evidence all the actions the illegal government in Kiev had taken against Russians, from threats to physical violence to cultural suppression. As for its military movements, Russia had not invaded Ukraine, though it could have. It did not kill anybody. It had done nothing beyond the limits of existing military and legal agreements regarding Crimea.

Furthermore, Crimea had not been consulted or given a voice when the territory was transferred from Russia to Ukraine under the Soviet regime. A historic injustice, Putin said, and  one worsened by the subsequent governments because “we” did not make a more urgent issue of the territorial delineation talks that the Ukrainians had obstructed from the beginning, refusing to allow clarification of the future for Crimea and other areas. Think about what would happen to us if NATO made Ukraine a member: the Russian fleet would be surrounded by NATO. Russia’s belly would be open to the enemy. This isn’t going to happen, he declared. The injustices had now been righted. For the first time ever, the Crimeans were given the chance to vote on their future and they voted overwhelmingly to join Russia. And now, he announced, Russia and Crimea were one. All the steps were being taken to integrate Crimea into the Federation. Putin said Russia absolutely guaranteed the Tatars their special rights, as fellows of the Crimean peninsula, including full rights to preserve their culture and religion and language as distinct from other nations. He declared Crimea to belong to Russians, Ukrainians and Tatars equally and declared all three languages to be official languages of the Crimean peninsula.

Putin cited Libya and Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria and Serbia as places where NATO and the US had set international precedents that today Russia is using to defend its own genuine vital interests, and the west rejects Russia’s and others’ right to do so. Why? he asked. Because it wasn’t in their interests to have Ukraine allied with Russia. Putin scoffed at NATO’s claim that Kosovo was a “special case” and not a precedent. He listed all the subsequent actions taken to give an international imprimatur to the actions taken by NATO in Serbia, including UN blessings for the independence of Kosovo. It was established law, now, he said: the UN had declared that (and he quoted) national law (Constitutions, e.g.) does not require a group asserting the right to secede to gain the approval of any central authorities nor can domestic law (Constitution) be cited as a reason to deny a people’s right to self-determination. Thus the assertion that Crimea had violated Ukrainian law by asserting its independence was simply wrong according to the UN itself.

natothreatI think there is a dawning recognition, at least in Europe, that Crimea’s majority did want to secede and join Russia and that Russia has been pushed by NATO as far as it will permit. It will not allow further threats from NATO, nor further encroachment on Russian borders. Putin himself stated flatly that Russia did not have any intention of invading any NATO countries, so that was a false issue. As for Ukraine, he did not directly say he wanted a neutral Ukraine, but only that Russia wants an undivided Ukraine that respects the equal rights of the Russians, the Ukrainians and the Tatars. He said Ukraine had changed government illegally, with the participation of far right elements who provoked the violence and the ousting of a legal government. Ukraine had to observe its own laws because to do otherwise risks destabilization of Ukraine due to its mixed population. He did make clear that Ukraine is a special zone for Russia, a land in which Russians were co-equal, that those sitting in Kiev are traitors to Ukraine and Russia, and that Ukraine is not going to fall to NATO. Other than that, Russia can deal with Ukraine’s normal relations with the west. He even said Russia doesn’t object to cooperation with NATO, but solely if such cooperation is non-military (such as disaster reaction). It doesn’t seek to subjugate Ukraine. But Ukraine will never be allowed to be a threat to Russia. (That earned another standing ovation.)

Putin’s address was a masterful use of national pride and national humiliation, feelings he obviously shared, to further Russian national interests. He admitted that there were those opposed to Russia’s position within Russia itself, but described such disagreement as normal and asserted forcefully that the vast majority of Russians stand with the government. There was little doubt about that judging from his audience’s reactions. I can only describe it as euphoria, and again I am reminded that the humiliation of nations, such as was indulged in at Versailles at Germany’s expense, only leads to future conflict. The ruined national pride must be recovered and the wrongs made right. Now Gorbachev himself, the man who made possible the collapse of the Soviet Union, has spoken in support of the annexation of Crimea as righting what was done wrongly. This is the moment when Russia’s sense of destiny and self-realization has fully awakened. There is no daylight on these fundamental issues of national survival between the Communist Party and those who ousted it. NATO has to recalculate the costs and benefits of further threats.

The Deed is Done, the Die is Rolled

crimea russiaIf Russia needed a boost to its national spirit, the Crimea has provided it. No matter what the reality turns out to be, and for sure there are going to be problems — as many as Kiev and the West can throw at them — the Russian majority in Crimea is ecstatic to have the direct protection of Holy Mother Russia.  A reported 96.77 percent of those who voted in Crimea voted to rejoin Russia and 88 percent of the eligible population voted. Many people reported that it was like a holiday, they felt they were returning to their mother’s bosom. Amy Kellogg of Fox News is skeptical of the percentage win reported by the electoral commission, although she has no doubt that the pro-Russian vote did carry the day handily. And she admitted that turnout was very high. But she said the concern is that the ethnic Russians are hounding the ethnic Ukrainians and that there was a lot of pressure on people to turn out, including by armed men. On the other hand, the armed men were not in the voting booths to determine which box was checked. If you were angry or opposed, that was your moment: vote for Ukraine. I watched ballot-counting and the vote counters held up each ballot to show how it was marked before recording it. One western observer tweeted that he was watching the voting, with ballots cast in transparent boxes, and all those he could read were checked in favor of annexation. And voters were happy and laughing. It’s pretty clear that those opposed were by and large not bothering to vote both because the outcome was obvious and to protest. An actual protest vote would have been better, as their abstention gives Russia real crowing rights. As for Russian hounding of Ukrainians, Kellogg should have added that this was a mirror-image of western Ukraine, where the Ukrainians are hounding the ethnic Russians.

It was clear the Russians had a plan ready to go when what Russia feared would happen, happened: NATO decided to draw Ukraine into what Russia considers in many respects an enemy organization. Russia knew the lay of the land and knew how to deploy propaganda to complement the anti-Russian actions in western Ukraine and the threats from the West. The pro-Russian population was good and riled as well as frightened by the mob violence in Kiev and the emerging evidence that NATO member nations trained the snipers who shot into the Maidan crowd. The EU/US rush to embrace the coup leaders, a good number of whom are far right figures who hate Russia, left the pro-Russians feeling they needed their own protector, and that protector was obviously Russia.

russia conundrumUkraine and Georgia are the only buffer Russia has left between itself and the NATO military pact today. Buffer zones give a nation a trip-wire that allows for the mobilization for war. Think of it this way: the entire eastward expansion of NATO is an effort to get a buffer zone between western Europe and Russia thus giving greater protection to the big NATO powers of Germany and France and allowing NATO HQ in Brussels time to mobilize. No great power dares to leave itself no time to react to military aggression and Russia has been given ever greater reason to fear an aggressive NATO since 1991. The moment NATO started casting lustful glances toward Georgia and Ukraine, Russia’s hackles went up. We had the brief Russian set-to with Georgia when the Georgian army tried to retake the pro-Russian secessionist region of South Ossetia. And now we have Crimea and eastern Ukraine. This could be a point where an arrangement is made with Russia or we move into an inevitable trajectory of war.

I see that the western protectors of western Ukrainians are setting up an “observer mission” in Ukraine. I served in such a mission. This is what they are for: military reconnaissance, target acquisition, channeling support to the opponents’ enemies, gathering propaganda material to be used by Brussels and national capitals, and arranging military liaison with those who will form a puppet government following NATO’s military action. The big media are always co-propagandists, no surprise. Observer missions, with their noble stated goals, are always an intended direct threat to whomever NATO is opposing, and if you don’t believe it — ask Serbia. If NATO is planning on wandering around in eastern Ukraine under the guise of observer missions, it is deliberately looking for a direct NATO-Russia confrontation. The outcome will be the occupation of eastern Ukraine by Russia. All hell is going to break loose. NATO, so keen on the Ukrainian prize, has put its big boot in the door and thus is driving up the stakes dramatically. We won’t need to wait for the western Ukrainians to respond with military action against Russia to set off the next global war. And it will be global, because every bad actor in the world is going to use our distraction over Ukraine to go for whatever it is it wants that the US doesn’t want it to have. Look for early reactions in Syria and Venezuela and Iran and North Korea.

solzhNATO doesn’t give a damn what damage its expansionism is doing to international stability. Contrary to their smug assumptions, threatening a massive nuclear state with an arms industry to rival that of the US will not bring peace and happiness to the planet. Once NATO decided to jettison the earlier NATO promise to Russia not to expand eastward in recognition of Russia’s genuine security concerns, it covered its treachery with fine words. Every country can decide which alliance it wants to belong to, NATO said (and says). My response was always this: that may be true, but NATO also has a right and an obligation to make a choice between being provocative and threatening, and thus destabilizing international security, or encouraging some other way to give greater security to the petitioning countries — things like regional defense organizations rather than NATO membership. NATO made its choice, preferring its own aggrandizement to stability. Now the US is responsible for all those countries who have entered in an endless procession and at NATO prodding and encouragement. At this moment, we are in peril of being taken into a war we are not going to “win” — just like we haven’t won a war since WWII. Only this time, the homeland is going to be the field of war, as will be the homelands of everybody else involved.

naziI read that one of the leading right-wing figures who loomed large in the putsch in Kiev has now publicly said he thinks the Ukrainians should blow up all the pipelines in Ukraine to punish the Russians. It’s true that the Russians depend on those pipelines to send oil to Germany and other European nations, including those from the former Soviet Union, but it was just breathtaking that this man doesn’t realize he would also be blowing up Ukraine’s only reliable source of energy, from Russia, part of which has been regularly siphoned off by the Ukrainians ever since the pipelines were built. That’s in addition to not paying a market price for the fuel they get legally and not paying a lot of the bill at all. This right-wing thug is the kind of idiot the US supports, as long as he is useful. I’m not sure anybody will view his suggestion as helpful, least of all Kiev’s supporters in Europe. But this is what we have let loose. And one thing is leading to another and that to another, until we have a snowball rolling downhill. Angela Merkel’s indignant hysterics are not helping either. As the head of a country that took so many millions of Russian lives, she might want to let someone else take the lead. Fat chance.

Will the US/EU/NATO Take Us to War Over Ukraine?

nato eastI watched a presentation on Russian TV by some high-ranking Orthodox Church figure in the ornate robes of that  religion talking about war and peace, and expressing his fervent desire that “brothers of the same blood and the same soul” should never take up arms against one another. He prayed for peace, he said. On the other hand, he added, it is a sacred duty to ensure the integrity of the common “Russian space” and of the common “spiritual space” that is shared by Russia and Crimea.

This says to me the Russian Church is mobilizing, as it always did before the 1917 Revolution and even afterwards, on behalf of the rulers and Holy Mother Russia when it faced foreign enemies. It also means the Russian government is in dead earnest about taking back Crimea, given to Ukraine in the confidence of eternal love in 1954. Interestingly, the Church prelate also raised the international principle of self-determination and asked why this does not apply to Crimea, the majority of whose people want to be part of the Russian Federation. I’d guess the Kosovo precedent is indeed in play when even priests are talking about it.

abandossAnother noteworthy item on the Russian news: a snippet of film showing humanitarian aid trucks en route to Crimea, and man-in-the-street interviews with Crimeans about the aid from their supporters in “Ossetia.” In fact there are currently two Ossetias in the Caucasus. One is in Russia (North Ossetia); and one is in Georgia (South Ossetia). In the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the civil war in Georgia, South Ossetians began (with Russian support) a separatist movement to break away from Georgia toward undetermined future status. This has led to a condition of de-facto independence for South Ossetia, which is nevertheless not recognized as independent by the Big Boys of the West. the inept Georgians tried to grab back South Ossetia with their disastrous military foray a few years ago. I have no idea who was advising the zealously pro-western president at the time to undertake this pointless exercise in national humiliation, but there were rumors it was certain Western military friends. The foray failed of course and now it is unlikely there will ever be a return of this land to Georgia. Here’s the point: the news reporter talked about “Ossetia” not North Ossetia or South Ossetia. So I think annexation of this territory under the principle of self-determination is in the works.

The fighting in and break-away of South Ossetia happened about the same time that separatists in the Georgian region of Abkhazia (with Russian military support and under UN noses, literally) waged a ferocious and brutal war against Georgia’s untrained make-shift army that ended with the ethnic cleansing of all Georgians from the territory and the de-facto secession of Abkhazia. The Chechens also fought with the Abkhaz in one of their early foreign adventures and they used the experience they gained in Abkhazia against the Russians themselves in their many acts of terror. The Abkhaz are a distinct nationality from the Georgians, but the territory was always part of Georgia and the two nationalities lived together, if not always happily. But because of their ethnic identity, the Abkhaz quite legally can declare their independence and request annexation by Russia — it is simple self-determination. They determine themselves to be part of the Russian Federation. This possibility increases with the certainty on the part of Abkhazia that there will be a Georgian military effort to retake the territory to make NATO accession possible. (No territorial disputes allowed.) So Abkhazia can also ask for annexation on the basis of self-defense. There are already demonstrations  in Abkhazia in favor of Crimea’s right to secede. What is next?

And here’s a footnote to all the preceding history: when all these Russian actions were happening in the early 1990s, when Russia was still quite weak, the Clinton Administration and the State Department in particular did not wish even to raise these kinds of thorny issues with Russia much less take any punitive action of any kind in reaction (and nobody was advising such action, either). Georgia’s government asked for a US peacekeeping presence along the Inguri River dividing Georgia from the Abkhazian region after the latter had declared its independence and been cleansed of Georgians, and Washington was simply not interested. This question went around the UN for months, with some people (Ukrainians!) stepping forward to say they would participate in an international peacekeeping force. But no way. And when Russia caught wind of the effort to generate interest in such a body, it rushed in to say it was setting up a Russian peacekeeping force for the security of the region. And the US didn’t care. The US continued its deals with Yeltsin in Moscow, considering it more important to meddle in Russia as much as possible (and make some money while they were at it) than to defend even verbally the right to territorial integrity or the danger of unleashing Chechens on anybody at all. It was important only that Russia’s feathers (or Yeltsin’s, more accurately) not be ruffled.

Long and short — it is my opinion that not only is Crimea gone, but  the Russians are ready to annex South Ossetia and Abkhazia (the latter a highly valuable property as well as a buffer). They can do so under rules just established by the Russian Duma for expedited acceptance of a request for annexation from another region. As for eastern Ukraine, the Russian military is positioned to take it and that’s all we need to know. The entire scenario is strongly reminiscent of 1998/9 when NATO was planning feverishly action against Serbia, but lacked any justification to do so under international law. NATO unveiled its brand-new Strategic Doctrine setting forth an enormous list of reasons why NATO can use force against other countries and almost immediately began its 3-month bombing war against Serbia. In the international arena, it’s all about precedent. If you break it, you own it.

russia usI still have not heard a peep from our government, all hysterical over Ukraine, about the possibility of a Velvet Divorce. We should propose that the two parties divide the goodies between them and go their own ways peaceably. Doesn’t that make more sense then rattling our saber and threatening dire economic consequences that will also deeply impact a world trying to get out of recession? Wouldn’t it be better than bringing us to the brink of worse confrontation for principles we don’t even support in practice? Are we hurtling toward an unthinkable confrontation because we stupidly vowed to defend Ukraine if it gave up its nuclear weapons (which it couldn’t afford to maintain)? If I were advising the bonehead in the White House, I’d whisper partition Ukraine in his ear. And then I’d explain to him what that meant. It would be a sensible way ahead.



Kosovo raises its ugly head

nato and serbiaWay back in 1999, when NATO was revving up the bombers headed for Serbia, the Russians were pleading with the west not to act militarily against Serbia. It was a blatant violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity for a very flimsy reason and it would be a dreadful precedent in future. I bet even then the Russians were thinking of where the Kosovo precedent, set despite Russia’s strenuous opposition, could be used to Russia’s advantage in future. I’m sure one of those places was Ukraine.

kosovosplitToday I watched a press conference in Simferopol by Rustam Temirgaliev, a man who is obviously by name and demeanor someone derived from the Golden Horde of the Mongols. He is the Deputy Chairman of the Crimean Council of Ministers. He began his presentation by asking the press why the West refuses to recognize Crimea’s decision to break from Ukraine, but had no problem recognizing Kosovo’s independence. This, he argued, is a double standard. Temirgaliev also insisted that the post-1991 agreement establishing Ukraine as a nation guaranteed to the people the right to reject an illegal government established by force in Kiev. (I’m sure western Ukrainians had Russia in mind; the Russian part had NATO in mind.) As there had been an unconstitutional seizure of power in Kiev, Crimea would now exercise the right to defend itself (by secession and incorporation into the Russian Federation). Furthermore, he argued, Crimea asserts the same right to self-determination that was used by the US and EU  to partition Serbia and wrest Kosovo from the country. In Crimea, the people now wish, as a result of events in Kiev, to become a subject of the Russian Federation. In that respect, everything is being carried out now to establish the administrative changes that will take place in all fields (banking, currency, police, etc.) The number of flights with western Ukraine have been greatly reduced (by both sides, no doubt) although there are still a couple of flights. Crimea’s civil aviation is being taken under control by Russia’s aviation system.

He also spoke about the Crimean Tatar problem, noting that an official guarantee has been issued that the Tatar language is co-official with Russian, that they have full rights and are guaranteed proportional representation in the legislature, that they can practice freely their culture and religion without interference. (Note: I’m sure there are other goodies thrown in under the table that might guarantee as well the cooperation of the key Tatar authorities in this transition. We will see how that goes.  But that’s tomorrow’s problems.) He was later asked about the rights of the Ukrainians in Crimea, shouldn’t they have the same rights as the Tatars? The Deputy Chairman launched immediately into statistics about Crimean population which have changed slightly with dips in both the Ukrainian and Russian populations but the Russians have 60 percent and 22 percent Tatars and 16 percent Ukrainian. I didn’t hear the rest on that question but I’d guess the gist was that there aren’t enough Ukrainians to be treated like the Tatars (and the unspoken would be “Ukrainian will be an official language when hell freezes over”).

osceTemirgaliev says that there will be international monitors of the election in Crimea and says that the mission members will travel to Crimea via Russia as Ukraine will not allow them to use Ukraine as a transit point (and there is a point where Russia and Crimea are extremely close). He also makes known that the OSCE was asked to send monitors and refused to do so because doing so would recognize Crimea’s referendum. Of course, it is entirely up to the OSCE governments whether they can participate or not — there is no law that says being there to witness and report means we accept you. But that would be the position taken. That way there is no inconvenient evidence in your hands to show the election was actually free and fair, leaving you a future issue to use in this power struggle.

There is much more of a  more mundane but urgent nature (shortages, banking, money, the bureaucracy) but the main points of his press conference internationally are those stated above. It is significant and worth noting because it is the first time I am aware of that the Kosovo precedent is being openly asserted in regard to Ukraine. The Russian legal argument will be very tight and it will be a very tough thing for the EU and US to prove that there is any difference between the precedents set and results of US/EU/NATO action in Serbia and what is underway in Crimea. The ethnic question will be dominant, of course, because self-determination is dominant. And there is no question who the majority is in these areas of Ukraine.

helpI’ve been reading a lot of hawkish commentary lately from people who think that the answer to Russia is to become even more threatening than we already are. The assumption here is very macho: we’re bigger than they are; we’re better than they are: come on, we dare you. But somebody needs to beat some sense into them. Russia is dead serious. NATO is never going to regain Crimea or the eastern part of Ukraine. If it comes to war and the West starts to push Russia, Russia will push back however necessary. All of this for a country of charming people of viciously anti-Semitic sentiment and the potential for the EU and NATO’s biggest nightmare ever. But it isn’t for Ukraine at all, or we’d be pushing national neutrality for Ukraine, not membership in NATO and the EU. It is for power, because NATO and the EU have become the world’s new imperialists. They see no borders to their authority or their right to the use of power. It is all going to boomerang.


Mulling Over Russian Identity and Aspirations

identityEverything today is about identity, isn’t it? Sexual identity, ethnic identity, national identity. Not surprising then, that today in Russia the preeminent issue is national identity and ethnic identity. And Ukraine sits right in the middle of it all.

There’s a lot of bluster these days about Vladimir Putin. He has come to represent Russia, and the danger for us is that we aren’t the only ones focusing on Putin. The Russians have followed our lead and are focusing on this guy and whatever he plans, and they are betting on him because they believe in him and believe he represents the aspirations of Russian nationalism.

He’s been puffed up with pervasive PR on his side, and on our side we have helped him. We have reduced all of Russia and its massive diversity to one man. That’s how we do foreign policy these days. It’s always about one man: Putin, Qaddafi, Mubarak, Milosevic. We have used these leaders as agit-prop tools to prod ordinary people into responding the way the USG wants them to respond, by “personalizing” American problems with other countries and creating an enemy everybody can hate. You’re primed to see Putin and say “brute.” That gives the USG a lot of leeway. The only caution is that the Russians react exactly the same way to “NATO.” It gives Putin a lot of leeway.

nto membersAnd I’ll give you another perspective. After heavy losses in WWII, the Russian Communists prevailed against fascist Germany and gained further territory. They gave a chunk of that to Ukraine, which was more commonly known to Russians as “Little Russia.” Later, Russia also gave its Little Brothers a gift directly from the Russian people, the Crimea. The gifts were given in the expectation that this union, this family, with Ukraine would last forever. And it didn’t come to pass. After almost reaching the century mark, in 1991, the Soviet Union went belly up in that great liberating wave that began with the fall of the Berlin Wall several years earlier. When Gorbachev agreed, without demanding a signature, that Germany could remain in NATO after unification as long as NATO agreed never to expand eastward, that really was the moment when this current crisis in Ukraine began. The die was cast.

That is because Gorbachev thought it was an “ironclad” agreement — and probably the leaders of the West did too — but successor governments in NATO could not have cared less what was agreed to by earlier authorities. The moment Russian weakness opened the door, the West slammed through and took in ever greater territory to the East and to Russia’s disadvantage. This, to you and to me, is usually called betrayal. You know: “you gave your word.” On the other hand, we could say, “Gorbachev was an idiot.” Both points of view are correct.

In the aftermath of the collapse of the entire communist empire, beginning in Berlin, Boris Yeltsin emerged as the strongman in Russia. He was the nationalist to oppose Gorbachev, who was hated for his weakness. Yeltsin was a key figure in the collapse of the Soviet Union, a charismatic man and a Russian nationalist, but a hopeless alcoholic. The western powers made billions for their business interests by playing Yeltsin. And when Yeltsin was in power, almost any measure the US was for — Russia was also for. I don’t profess to know any details of all the many underhanded deals that were being done at that time, but I do know this: Yeltsin eventually became an embarrassment to his country. Russians didn’t know who they were anymore, they were afloat and frightened; but they knew that Yeltsin couldn’t be the face of Russia. It was generally felt that Yeltsin was giving the store away, while being feted with champagne by the victorious West. The liberals were at the helm and all they wanted was to be loved and enveloped by the West. And everywhere the Russians looked was misery and uncertainty. Russia was looking to be made partner and everywhere they turned was humiliation.

yeltsinputinBut Yeltsin deserves a medal anyway, both for what he did to destroy the USSR and what he did to preserve Russia. His choice of Putin as a successor showed an admirable political savvy. I think Yeltsin knew he had betrayed Russia in some way, while still serving Russia in the longer term. He knew Putin was a Russian nationalist, and one of the nation’s brightest as a KGB top dog. Yeltsin may have given away a lot to the western powers, but in the end he checked them with Putin. That was his real legacy.

For Russians, with all their affection for the folkloric Boris Yeltsin, order is paramount. Disorder in Russia means death, one way or another, and nobody wants that. The younger people in the West don’t remember, if they knew, that in Russia the NATO threat was a theme of their lives. And they, like all of us, want order. That is what Putin has offered. And another implicit part of Putin’s appeal is that he says the West will never prevail over Russia and he shows he means it. He has that huge NATO stick to inflame his people.

This is a major turning point in history, the last being the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of the unipolar world. We are back to some sort of emerging “unstable” stability with the both Russia and China (and probably India and Iraq) as balancing powers to the US. There will never be the stability under a multi-polar regime as there was in the bi-polar world of the US and the Soviet Union; but for Russians, what is developing is a lot better than what they have known. For the first time in a long time, they have a voice in the international arena and the power to amplify it.


Putin Takes the Stage: Great Performance

natoukraineI’m watching Vladimir Putin now on Rossiya 24 (satellite tv) in a brilliant press conference of the sort Obama can only dream of giving. The Russian leader is speaking spontaneously (the way Marco Rubio can) from the heart and he is speaking directly to the heart of every Russian in the world. This is that long-awaited NATO-Russia moment and Putin is quietly furious. There is no other word for it. He is quite proper with the press. He appears to be calm and at ease and friendly. His arguments are multi-faceted and factual but emotional, too. The putsch in Kiev he calls a “coup” and then explains why it is legally an armed and anti-constitutional overthrow of a legal government. He says every single post-Soviet Ukrainian government has left the poor and disenfranchised Ukrainians as bad off as ever, and he names the culprits, the ex- and current presidents of Ukraine. He admits that Russia has vital interests in Ukraine for many, many reasons. I look at the faces of the press, pounding away on computers, their faces stern and unhappy. Some may disapprove of what Putin has done; I’d bet most agree and are glad that he went to the aid of the Russians under threat in Ukraine. I bet many are mortally offended by the in-your-face Russophobes now in charge in some of Ukraine’s most powerful ministries. And despite twenty years of post-Soviet history, I’d also bet many are absolutely convinced that NATO means ill for Russia and this was provoked by certain sectors of the West.

reasonable manPutin is a man in charge of every pertinent fact, familiar with the history, and sure that he is expressing Russia’s heart and soul and still adhering to the letter of the law. Putin pointed out that the origin of the current problems was Yanukovych’s decision (a legal decision fully within the Ukrainian President’s powers, says Putin) to put off — not even deep-six — the association agreement with the EU (as opposed to one with Russia) because, as Yanukovych told Putin, there was stuff in that EU agreement that was worrisome for Ukraine. They wanted to control Ukraine’s bilateral agreements with Russia. Ukraine is highly dependent on Russian trade. In the end the EU threatened Yanukovych to sign or lose, and he decided to go with Russia. At that point, persons primed to stir up public disorder began to take actions for an armed takeover of the legal Ukrainian government. Putin agreed that the people of Ukraine wanted a change from the Yanukovych government, but pointed out that the Constitution of Ukraine has only three methods for the departure of the president: voluntary resignation, death, or impeachment. None of those were pertinent. An agreement with the opposition had been reached with the signature of Yanukovych, who gave in almost one hundred percent to the demands of the mobs and to the demands of the EU and Washington. He ordered the removal of all troops from Kiev. At which point the mob took over, ousted the elected government and declared themselves the legitimate government of all Ukraine. It was all planned.

Here’s another good moment: one of the reporters asked if he personally had tried to contact the current authorities in Kiev. Putin just smiled and said there was no one at his level to talk to in Kiev as the legitimate president of Ukraine was in Russia; so the contacts were at the governmental level and aimed at the ensurance of normal economic and other relations with Russia in this period. Quite right, too. We reject the legitimacy of the thugs in Kiev, but we have to protect the interests of both countries, too.

This is another good moment. It seems a pro-Ukrainian reporter was acting unbecomingly and too aggressively. Putin answered his question but then suddenly we went to another screen and the anchor of Rossiya 24 . I love it. I think now they are hustling him out of the audience as a potential assassin, much as we would do in our own presidential press conferences when someone gets out of line. (We try not to let the trouble-makers in the first place.) As someone who was once hustled out of a genuine human rights trial in Leningrad in 1984 (yes!), I can say it gives you something to talk about for years. The anchor is followed quickly by a man who is obviously known to Russians who is almost crying with anger over the insults hurled at Russia by the fascist western Ukrainians and their (understood) fascist sponsors.

This is my view: Putin is claiming legal and historical and material and substantive reasons for going into Crimea. No matter the political calculations, no matter the words of disapproval, he knows the law is actually on his side. Furthermore, he has now made it quite clear that Russia is ready to rumble, as our hopeless Secretary of State once boasted of himself. He is loath to use force, but if that is what it takes to defend Russian vital interests, so be it. As for those economic sanctions, he warned that the end will not be good for those pushing this action. I’m sure he has energy in mind. Europe is vulnerable and Ukraine was a vital oil conduit. From their perspective, if they only owned Ukraine!! If they undertake sanctions, who is likely to give first: the freezing western Europeans in 2014 or the overly-warm Russians taking one for the Gipper (Holy Mother Russia). Remember that the Germans surrounded and starved Russians in WW2 Leningrad and Russia still won the war. We living the high life in the West don’t realize that most Russians still living remember what life used to be like. They can tighten the belt again if NATO wants to rattle its currently small-looking saber. It looked a hell of a lot bigger in Libya.

chessboardThe current state of play on the chessboard is this: Russia has obviously responded to some back-scenes offer, perhaps brokered by Merkel, to allow a return to the Ukrainian internal agreement that was jettisoned and restore the previous government until the agreed date of early elections. It is clear he will not obstruct any investigation or prosecution of Yanukovych in accordance with the pre-coup law. As a token of good faith, Putin has ordered all those troops on maneuver to go back to the barracks. He has played his move. Up to West. Will the Russian troops stay in their barracks or be deployed in eastern Ukraine, as well? (Hint: Russia isn’t ever going to give up Crimea.)

Next move: West becomes pissy. Tries being provocative as a proof of NATO manhood. Maybe (shudder) they will draw a line in the sand.

Next move: Eastern Ukraine.

And by the way, here is a great link to an interview with Dmitri Simes, a Russian Jew and a brilliant analyst of his homeland.


Two Thumbs down for Supreme Court

supreme courtI’m shocked. Really, shocked. I am appalled, too, that the US Supreme Court refused to hear an extremely important case of religious freedom. What the Court lost was a chance to say that just because a law exists in some part of the world, it doesn’t mean it is a just law or that the United States should not shelter someone seeking haven from that unjust law. In many Moslem countries they mutilate all females by removing a certain body part. You could argue it is a non-discriminatory law because all those having that body part are subject to the same law. Yet we grant (and should grant) amnesty to females who escape and get to the US. But somebody seeking to avoid state indoctrination because of religious beliefs– no way. Religious shmeligious. The US Supreme Court doesn’t care. Law applies to everybody, non-discriminatory, no issue.

I don’t know what the Romeikes will do now. If I were they, I’d look around for a friendly religious country (Latin America, maybe? just steer clear of the Marxists!) and head there. Just keep moving. The long arm of the German State will have to keep moving, too, if they are really that keen on grabbing six more children to brainwash. And I wonder why there has not been an uproar in all the media wherever religious freedom exists (does it exist anywhere anymore?) to say – hey, modern socialist Germany looks a heck of a lot like Nazi Germany, without the goose-stepping.  As someone once told me, scratch a German Marxist and find a German Nazi.

I’ve had it with Europe, I’ve seen a lot of it and frankly it all looks the same. Like a pretty postcard. Furthermore, it’s getting to be like the former Soviet Union, where you could travel far and wide and never see a single innovative and different thing. The New Europe is a lot like pablum, even if the food is often better. The worst of it is having to endure that insufferably superior European attitude.

And I’ve had it with the Supreme Court too. Where do the Republicans come up with their nominees? Was it too much to expect that we could have had a true and steady Constitutionalist as Chief Justice? Here’s the deal – no need to worry about losing that fifth seat on the court. It’s already subverted.

Push Comes to Shove

natoThe news from Ukraine is interesting, to say the least. I would guess that the folks who led the putsch against the deeply unpopular Yanukovych and tried to fob off an illegitimate government on the rest of the country are getting a little worried now. They probably would have been better off declaring for an independent West Ukraine, for which they would have had plenty of support in West Ukraine, rather than pushing their project on the unwilling in the east and south. Perhaps contrary to expectations in Kiev,  for the moment the US and NATO are not willing to take on Russia militarily in Ukraine. And I don’t see how they can make Ukraine a NATO member when the country is engulfed in civil war. Instead they will try to blockade Russia diplomatically and economically, which I’m sure will make a lot of sense when the oil supplies to Europe dry up. There is unrest elsewhere in eastern Ukraine, no surprise given the interests at stake. Now the Kiev crowd are calling up reservists. Where the heck is the Ukrainian Army? Or Navy, for that matter? I’d love to know what is going on in the barracks around Ukraine.

Another thing I can’t wait to see is what the US argument will be about what happened in Ukraine — will they claim the armed coup was a revolution? Will they claim that dislike for an elected president justifies the use of force to oust him? (Watch out, Obama.) Will they claim that their wars (under any  name) against regimes unpopular in Washington did not violate those nations’ national sovereignty and territorial integrity?

And what will Russia say? It was often the sole voice decrying the US violations of international law that we have seen over the past twenty years, and is on record in the UN for declaring that NATO and the US were setting bad precedents for future action by other countries. Now Russia has proven its prediction true.

Here’s another thing to watch: Georgia. The whiner Misha Saakashvili, darling of the West, seems to be trying to stir up popular discontent in Georgia in order to force the current government either to ask for NATO membership or face street violence a la Kiev. He would obviously prefer his own putsch so he could be the big shot again and carry around a NATO sword on his hip. He is doing all this mischief-making because he is encouraged by our Secretary of State’s open call to bring Georgia into the Alliance immediately.  This is another instance in which the US presumes to speak on behalf of the people of another country. NATO can’t just reel them in; the countries have to want to go and as noted before, Georgia already has two large secessionist regions that they will probably never again control. Outright annexation by Russia is entirely possible. Georgia does not need any  more political strife, but if the West insists…

My husband and I watched the Russian Federation Council yesterday as the members of what is equivalent to the US Senate spoke in favor of military action in Ukraine — note that they did not say “Crimea.” Russian nationalism has been stoked good and well by the West’s power move in Kiev and Russia was given no easy choices, but in the end national security was paramount. The Russian deputies lambasted Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, who had stepped forward as a self-appointed intermediary between Putin and the West. I guess the Russians were not buying the old German line, “trust us, you’re safe with your old friend Germany.”

Can’t wait to see what comes next.



Syria to the Back Burner — Georgia simmers, Ukraine Comes to a Boil

kerrylavrovIt seems that Syria — for the moment — is being pushed down the ranks of priority concerns for the USG, as the nitwits and warmongers at the helm currently have all ten fingers busy meddling in Ukraine, backed up by the stooges of the Greater European Community. And meddling in Georgia, too. I don’t know what these guys who run the world from Washington think they are going to achieve. Do they really believe Russia will back down when the US rattles its saber? The only thing to stiffen the Russian spine more than a threat from the US would be a threat from Germany, which since the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union has been assiduously re-gathering the Austro-Hungarian chicks into its own military alliance. The USG has swung between the dangerous utopianism of Hillary Clinton and the vain fist-shaking and provocation of the Kerry State Department. Remember when Mrs. Clinton called for an “overload” of US-Russian relations instead of a “reset?” Oops, she only had an entire School of Languages at her disposal, any number of whom are Russians. Perhaps they used a Ukrainian translator? Whatever the case, it seems to be true. We are now seriously overloading the US-Russian relationship and a circuit is going to blow soon.

russiagermanyIf you cut through all the media hyperbole, here is the genesis of this blossoming confrontation: Russia agreed to allow East and West Germany to unite after the fall of the Berlin Wall, in return for which the leaders of France, the UK, Germany and the US (that would be Chirac, Thatcher, Kohl and Bush Sr.) pledged no further expansion eastward of the Alliance. When the Soviet Union collapsed, NATO (with Clinton at the US helm) rushed to expand into all the former Warsaw Pact countries (initially as “partners” if not full-fledged members) and then into the former Soviet states. It was clear from early on that the western powers did not plan on inviting Russia into the Alliance. It was too big and potentially too powerful. The US and its chief allies did not want to share their dominion. The Western political-economic-military encirclement of Russia is now nearly complete, with the US egging on Georgian as well as Ukrainian pro-westerners to defy their governments. And on the other side of Russia sits China.

great gameThe US position since the latest round of Ukrainian street violence has been to get itself in as deep as possible, almost drooling at the chance to cut the Russians out of Ukraine. What a coup! But as in other areas of the world, the US is focused on the short-term, lacking perspective beyond a brief victory. Our so-called leaders are woefully insensitive to the net impact and ramifications of what they encourage and make possible. Ukraine is and has been a deeply divided country with a heavy German and Russian influence — Catholics and Orthodox, fascists and communists, west and east. The divisions have now come to the fore with the injection of the great game of the West versus Russia, the Evil Ogre. The US and its western allies are pushing as hard as possible to break through in Ukraine and bring it into the EU/NATO fold, despite knowing (or at least their diplomatic professionals know) that such a push will provoke a push-back from the other parts of the country and most importantly, from Russia. I have no inside dope on what the Russians are planning; my only observation is that the total silence from the Russian media on what the Kremlin might have up its sleeve is very reminiscent of the total media silence in the Soviet Union every time something big happened (e.g. the invasion of Czechoslovakia). We do know that the Russian military is holding massive exercises near Ukraine and the Russian parliament has raised the possibility of granting all citizens of the Crimea Russian citizenship. Of course they have to go through eastern Ukraine to get to Crimea, so you figure out what that means. Do you remember Granada and Reagan’s pretext for intervention? He said “our citizens were in trouble.” They know how to say that in Russian, too. Another international precedent set by the US that Russia can now follow.

The most embarrassing part of all this is to hear our Secretary of State John Kerry telling Russia that there will be “grave consequences” if Russia violates the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Ukraine. And Kerry is determined to provoke: he also demanded that Russia get out of two secessionist areas of Georgia, South Ossetia and Abkhazia (which Russia may now simply annex at the separatists’ request). Kerry argued in the face of the obvious that what is going on in Ukraine is not part of an East-West chessboard from the Cold War, which he coupled with a call to bring Georgia into NATO. The West, and in particular the US, has never been able to shed its Cold War thinking, and now we are coming full circle.

nato war criminalsThe problem for NATO is that the US has set international precedent in favor of the use of military force in response to an endless list of nebulous threats to NATO or even to the citizens of another country with whom NATO doesn’t have a defense agreement. Their record demonstrates that their chief interests in bombing other countries are usually political and economic. The US has conspired with Western Europe to transform what should be deemed blatant violations of other nations’ territorial integrity and national sovereignty into a matter of subjective judgment for the aggressors. If you have a “good reason” you can wage war against your target, oust the government, and set up your own puppet government. For that matter, frankly, Russia would be responding to a more legitimate call for military assistance, one from ethnic Russians to their south, than the US ever had in Iraq. Or Serbia. Or Libya.

I don’t know what inane military plans NATO has in store for Russia, if any — most NATO member populations do not want any confrontation with Russia — but I think they have seriously miscalculated on Ukraine. EU/NATO may end up with western Ukraine, but Russia would be more likely to annex the southeastern sector of Ukraine. The end result: Russia gains a warm-water port, important resources, and additional territory. NATO and the EU get a headache.

Good going.

Ruminations on the Global Socialist Education Conspiracy

killing libertyI’ve been searching the signs and portents over the past few weeks and I can’t find anything to cheer about. The one issue, out of so many, that caught my greatest interest is the news that the US Supreme Court is considering whether to take on the case of the Romeike family who fled Germany to escape draconian State laws prohibiting home schooling. In the past and for Americans, the Romeike plight would have been merely a footnote in the annals of history, just another case of how twisted a value system the EU propagates. Unfortunately, it becomes not a footnote but a whole story unto itself when we consider that the only reason the Romeikes are still in the news is that the inaptly named US Department of Justice has decided they agree with the EU on home schooling. At least that is how I am interpreting the regime’s prosecutorial zeal in suing to overturn a lower court decision granting this family asylum on grounds of persecution and certainty of prosecution if returned to their home country.

controlHere is a recap of the battle so far: the Romeikes Sr. object to the social content of German education in public schools, inasmuch as portions of what is being taught or even propagated (i.e. homosexuality) go against their religious beliefs. They have given their children an excellent education in other mandated (scholastic) areas and the kids test very well. But here’s the problem: it seems that a Nazi law enacted in the 1930s to ensure the State absolute control of the minds of Germany’s youth prohibits home schooling. There was nothing more dangerous to the Nazis than some dissenting parent passing on ideas pernicious to the Third Reich. Unlike the Hitlerian dictates on racial purification, after the war the Nazi system of state thought control was left in place. First the post-war Germans used the law to eradicate from the young all Nazi sentiments and thoughts and then they used the public school system to indoctrinate children in socialist and progressivist philosophy. By forcing everybody into the same heavily policed political correctness, the State can avoid disruptive dissent. I can’t figure out what the difference is between those war-time Germans who pounded Nazi thoughts and values into the children’s heads and today’s modernists. It seems as if both generations supported the idea that the State must not merely educate, but indoctrinate.

Under the German law, parents who refuse to send their kids to public school can be fined, prosecuted and imprisoned, and they can lose custody of their kids, too. This is not a scare story. In December 2013, a German judge allowed a home-schooling couple’s children to be released from State custody with a warning to put them in a public school and not try fleeing to a country where home education is allowed. If they violated his orders, he vowed to chase them down and prosecute. Good old Germany. It may be enforcing a whole set of perverted values, but it is doing it to the full extent of the law. As the French say, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

After the Romeike’s showed up in the US as visitors, they claimed asylum on grounds of persecution. And the original court of hearing agreed and granted asylum. Here is where our own Neo-Totalitarians come in. Eric Holder’s Justice Department decided perhaps for the first time ever in US history to sue to overturn the granting of asylum. The USG is using our tax dollars to fund a campaign of persecution against Christians who refuse to allow the brainwashing of their children into an alien ideology. The Justice Department says it agrees with the EU and that all the German officials were doing was following orders. Or maybe they said, “following the law.”  It doesn’t matter — it was the same excuse Nazis used to dodge responsibility for the death-camps, or sheriffs used in the US to persecute people for the color of their skin. Just because a law exists doesn’t mean it is just. Ask Eric Holder, who used force to take over a university building because of “political” objections to that administration. He didn’t care much for US law then, and between you and me, he doesn’t today, either.

Immigration (ICE) most recently has argued that the U.S. government, too, has the authority to simply prohibit homeschooling, and that this fact should disqualify the granting of asylum to the Romeikes.  ICE further noted that Judge Burman “did not address how under various state laws of the United States a person can be similarly prosecuted for not sending one’s children to school.” This is, of course, a red herring. A parent can be punished for not providing an education to his or her children, or not providing one that meets state academic standards, but not because they don’t go to a public school. And they cannot be prosecuted for teaching moral principles in line with their faith. That is the real issue in the Romeike case.

rpualThis is a case of violation of freedom of conscience as well as freedom of religion in its broadest sense. The Romeikes came to America legally as visitors but actually were escaping the false choice offered them by German authorities: turn over your responsibility for your children’s lives and minds, give up your religious convictions, or face the legal consequences. The authorities were not satisfied that the Romeike children were in fact being educated, in accordance with a 1918 law making education mandatory. They relied instead on that much more convenient Nazi law. The difference between the two laws in question is that one encourages education and the other encourages State indoctrination. In resisting State indoctrination, the churning out of that one-mind mass that makes it easy for the State to rule, the Romeikes took on the foundations of modern European society. In today’s Europe, the one thing that is unforgivable is non-conformity. The State rules, the State forms the ideas, and the State makes all the choices. Sounds a lot like old Europe, doesn’t it, only the parameters by which one is judged have been turned on their head.

Ambassador Thomas Schirrmacher, Director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom, points out that  [N]early a dozen major human rights documents and treaties, including the 1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights, recognize how important the role of parental decision-making is in the education of children and that free governments must recognize and respect this important right. As Ambassador Schirrmacher points out, the actions of the EU violate that premise. But that isn’t a problem for modern government. In the EU, they celebrate territorial integrity and the right to self-determination side by side, but in reality they only support the right to self-determination. Same when it comes to parental rights — they stop where the State says “Stop,” which could be at the cradle or even in utero. Contradictions are not a problem in modern government; all you have to do is ignore them.

I don’t really care what they do in Europe. I care what happens here. Do we really have to create an underground society to live in freedom — or is there any hope left in this country that was once a beacon to freedom? I think there are many millions of Americans even now pondering what lies ahead and what our choices might be. But one thing is certain: as goes freedom of religion, so go all the freedoms our Constitution recognizes. We are either going to give them away under threat or in exchange for false freedoms, like the freedom of total sexual hedonism, or we are going to keep them, no matter what.

I know where I stand.

Egads, still more foreign bungling

drunkHere we go again. Every time I think I can move on to something different, Syria raises its ugly head. Well, not Syria per se, but US policy toward Syria. The drunk we have at the wheel in the United States Department of State, John Kerry, has had us on a real rollercoaster ride of surprise twists and turns. First he claimed Syria had killed hundreds if not thousands in multiple chemical weapons attacks and denied any possibility that the opposition could have access to such weapons (later rebutted by UN). When Vladimir Putin succeeded in getting Syria to give up its cw arsenal, Kerry had to stop urging a quick NATO bombing of unbelievably small size to save civilization as we know it. Then, after denying he’d ever denied the possibility of Syria giving up its cw arsenal, he made kissy face for a while with Syria as they cooperated in disarming themselves of the nasty weapons. But of late, even after we know that the opposition has murdered civilians in Syria with chemical weapons, that they have persecuted and continue to persecute Christians, and long after we saw the tiny core of actual human Assad opponents eaten alive by the jihadists, we are turning once more against — Assad, the secularist. We propose to arm the opposition (again) but this time, we are to believe, the weapons will go to the right opposition. They will then smash the jihadists and rout the Assadists and the moon will be in the Seventh House. And maybe something more is up those policy wonks’ sleeves than is immediately apparent.

Listen to this, from the news pages of the Wall Street Journal:

Secretary of State John Kerry called the bombings “the latest barbaric act of a regime that has committed organized, wholesale torture, used chemical weapons, and is starving whole communities by blocking delivery of food to Syrian civilians in urgent need.

actDon’t these guys get that we are like, up to here, with all their hyperbole? Every issue has to be solved right now, not tomorrow,  not in ten minutes, but right now — before anybody can ask questions! NATO must bomb, don’t ask why or we will perish! I was always skeptical that our government could learn to live with somebody they had already air-brushed out of future history books, and it seems such vile skepticism was warranted. Kerry has reverted to charges of gross brutality and use of chemical weapons in a spate of accusatory statements. Assad is still the subject of his greatest animosity. Not the jihadists out there cutting off heads and other body accessories, but Assad, with whom the US had managed to live quite comfortably before we decided he was too big for his pants. The intensity of the criticism and its replay through the amplifying mechanisms of the US left-wing media and the EU are unmistakable signs that a change of policy is in the works. Like the Obama-Clinton spin on Benghazi, the thrust is this: let’s take the story back to what it once was. Let’s revert to what we said before we lost the helm to Russia and Assad gained the upper hand. Let’s ignore anything that developed or occurred thereafter. In the case of Syria, let’s return to the bellicose rhetoric, shameless intervention, strident accusations of human rights abuses, and otherwise provocative behavior we resort to so frequently to effect our will. The bogus Syrian peace talks have collapsed (for now or forever we do not know) and this should serve as evidence to the world that NATO and its only superpower, the US, tried like the dickens to get Assad to accept his own ouster and no doubt subsequent trial as a human rights abuser. If Assad won’t agree, what’s a feller to do? Now that US bona fides as peacemaker have been established, our government can arrange a NATO “air campaign” (war) against Syria whenever convenient. It won’t be a war, of course. It will be a defense of human rights.

kerrysyriaLike Kerry’s claims on cw use, on Syrian willingness to disarm, and on the valorous and democracy-loving “freedom fighters” aka Al Qaeda — I don’t quite believe this latest claim about the Syrian government blocking aid, either. Or maybe I do and I think, what else should the Syrian government do — allow the influx of a commodity that Al Qaeda can use to control the population? And as the WSJ points out, the relief agencies in Syria do not want any UN resolutions at all while they are working with the Syrian government to solve blockages. They likened the approach backed by the West and the US to useless bullying. And the humanists who actually risk their lives to deliver assistance have such a reaction even though the resolution proposed at the UN doesn’t speak of any consequences if Assad tells the West to blow it out their ears. So why are we engaged in this at all, if not just to drive Assad farther against the wall? Rather than just being the foreign policy buffoonery it seems, could it be possible that all the scene-setting has a purpose?

Here is my very best guess: the guys in DC have no idea what they are doing in Syria or the larger region. I guess there are still experts on the region in the key agencies but maybe no longer at the top of the policy chain — lower down, below the political hacks who run things and can ignore their advice.  We are now blundering in the dark, having lost control of the situation that we helped to create. Everywhere we turn in that part of the world, it is nothing but disaster. Meanwhile, on the home front, the Obama honchos know they have blown the public opinion game big-time with their disastrous socialized medicine opening gambit. People hate the health-care law and resent the smug one percent-ers who foisted it on them. The socialist agenda the DC crowd is pushing on America is unpopular among those who actually work for a living. Americans don’t think America is on the right path. There’s nothing to crow about. In 2014 the Dems stand to lose on all fronts, unless the GOP actually hands the elections to them, which is always possible.

cut headsThat’s where the NATO bombing comes in. If it could be timed to start, say, September 30, 2014 – patriotic fervor will be at its peak by voting day in November. If the George Orwell Brigade could have some timely big-screen footage of Assad being torn limb from limb by an outraged Syrian mob of democracy-lovers (Al Qaeda), that would be a really big help. It would show the world why we had to go to bat for the opposition.

There really was a time when I believed heart and soul in my country and my government. I had to learn the hard way.

The Inane Policies of John Kerry on (for example) Syria

kerryearI’m flabbergasted as I watch the ineptitude with which John Kerry is conducting the foreign affairs of the United States. I could start with his flippant dismissal of the possibility that Syria would give up its chemical weapons short of NATO bombing, his preferred solution, but I won’t. I could mention how he insisted the Syrian opposition had no access to chemical weapons only to have the UN report that the opposition had almost certainly used such weapons on multiple occasions, but I won’t. I’ll refer only to the latest absurdities surrounding the Geneva negotiations for a transitional government in Syria. First the US dropped the ball on Iranian participation, allowing our clueless UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to invite the regional power-broker officially into the talks. The South Korean is right, of course — how can you get any kind of realistic or enforceable agreement without Iranian participation? In any case, I guess the Obama administration forgot to give Ban Ki Moon his marching orders, because after the invite went out and became public, Kerry demanded that the invitation be withdrawn. At the same time, in the name of the US Emperor, he decreed that Assad had to agree that he was a goner and no longer could serve as president of Syria if there were to be an agreement. That’s quite an incentive to offer Mr. Assad in return for his cooperation. It reminds me of how we treated Moammar Qaddafi after he swore off weapons of mass destruction under US pressure. (We killed him, for those who forgot.) The cowardly Ban Ki Moon withdrew his invitation, no doubt with much annoyance and embarrassment and resentment, and now, suddenly, Kerry is thinking maybe having Iran in the negotiations is not such a bad idea. This is a case of Kerry being against the invitation to Iran before he was in favor of it.  But he still tells Assad he’s finished (not adding, “and a prisoner in the Hague”). He presumably thinks this tempting offer will attract the full good will of Assad and his allies.

syriaOf course the Syrians have said, get outta here. Transitional government doesn’t mean removal of the head of government. To follow Kerry’s logic, a Cabinet shuffle in DC would require the president’s removal, as well. While our figurehead Syrians sit at the negotiating table with their preconditions (give us power), the real power, the jihadists, are out there warring with the “moderates” and slitting throats right and left, anticipating the removal of Assad and their own ascent to power. The US charges of regime brutality may be true, but the opposition is guilty of the same crimes. That pretext won’t fly. These negotiations look unlikely to end up successfully.

kosovoThe problem is that the US has grown far too complacent in our massive power. In the past we successfully used negotiations to rubber-stamp foregone conclusions. A good example of how this works were the Rambouillet negotiations in France. These talks were used by the US/NATO to provide themselves with the pretext for war against Serbia over alleged “massive violations” of the ethnic Albanian and largely Moslem community’s human rights. But the negotiations were a sham designed to earn the Serbian president’s rejection, including among NATO’s key demands that Milosevic accept a NATO occupation of Serbia. When the talks collapsed, as hoped, the NATO bombing of Serbia began. In the end, NATO partitioned Serbia, giving away its historical region to the Moslem-dominated Albanian population, which is now making trouble in southern Serbia in an attempt to wrest more territory from the Serbs.

putinchinaIt appears our government wants the same results with these Syrian talks. We want what we couldn’t get through bombing and we want it cost-free — regime change. Unfortunately for the US neo-interventionists, things are different. Russia is no longer the 90-pound weakling it was in 1999, less than a decade after the fall of the Soviet Union. Today Russia’s influence is growing well beyond its borders and it is finding its voice. The US, by contrast, is in dismal decline. Our president’s international prestige is definitely on the wane and the idea of the US as the world’s only superpower is long out of date. China is a threatening presence, too, and the Chinese seem to scoff at US pretensions to dominance, just as does Iran. Even our one-time allies are turning their backs to us in disgust at our incompetence. The US looks weak, uninformed, wavering and lacking convictions or even fundamental interests. The remains of our forays into the military occupation of the Moslem world in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and where we have abetted the overthrow of secular regimes (Egypt), are testimony to our broken dreams and ultimate impotence in democracy-building. Sectarian warfare rages. People are dying by the thousands and Christians and many others are sacrificial lambs. To what end our military adventures?

Instead of telling Mr. Assad to leave power (or what?), the US Secretary of State should give a good think to what the US fundamental interests are and then try hewing to a consistent line. Listening to Assad’s side of the story might be one way to start. We don’t want Al Qaeda to win there, or do we?




From Patriot Update, Another Look at the Benghazi Lies

Benghazi: Putting the Lie to The Lie
Written on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, by Norma Brown
hillpinoFor a great many of us, the bipartisan report on Benghazi bears out our judgments about what happened there and why. The only new note is that the CinC and his subordinates did not order anybody to stand down; it’s just that nobody told them to do anything beyond the ordinary on that brutal night. In fact, they heard hardly a peep out of Washington. I’m going to add what wasn’t spoken or put in the report: the military doesn’t freelance. It does as told and doesn’t violate other countries’ territory without a green light at the appropriate level. So when they weren’t doing anything to save our men over there, the military were no doubt assuming that somebody wasn’t very interested in saving them.pinocchio


Civil Rights, the Morass, and a Modest Proposal

adegbileAnother day in the United States, another offense against Americans. Now we are being given – not offered, because you can’t say no! – a new Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, a man who is practically an archetype of the global leftist. Debo Adegbile’s name is no doubt as unpronounceable to most Americans as it is to me, but even worse news: he repeatedly refused to answer Sen. Jeff Session’s queries on the issue of whether amnesty for illegal aliens in the US and a pathway to citizenship are civil rights, as stated by Attorney General Eric Holder. Adegbile is a lawyer, of course, so one hardly dares think he can just answer something straight out, but even so, he appeared to offer no answer to the question. Instead Adegbile offered legal babble about certain instances blah blah blah, that all added up to a big nothing. So I’m going to have to assume that, as he found it inconvenient to answer this question, he agrees totally with Eric Holder. The nomination of this man is just another big eye-wink to America. Adegbile is in the tank for the open borders policies already being unfurled under Obama. There will be lots of cheap labor for Big Business (aka Big Donors) and for the arrivals, all sorts of welfare (or “transitional living expenses”!) including free health care, and all the civil rights they can handle. They will also receive “welcome to the Socialist Party of America” pamphlets distributed by the Dems at the border. At the rate the Dems are stacking the USG, it will take years to undo the damage. Look how politicized the IRS has become, and the FBI and the US military, too. We can’t even begin to catalog the ways in which the Justice Department as a whole has been prostituted to a cause. This is what the fundamental transformation of America looks like.

somalia1Moving on to another subject entirely, one that highlights not our President’s slyness but his fundamental stupidity, I come to Somalia. I was puttering around last night when I was shocked to hear the bulletin that the US had committed US troops to that miserable war-torn country that has given us so many US-based asylee-terrorists. We’re close behind the French in the African adventures department, getting sunk deeper and deeper. Later I read that what we are sending is only a “small contingent of military advisors.” That’s how Vietnam started. And those advisors are there directing other US operations we don’t like to talk about. Here is what Fox News online had to say about the decision: The move marks a growing trend of ever-increasing involvement in Somalia by the Obama administration, with increased surveillance and air strikes from U.S. drones, as well as occasional Elite Special Operations missions.

We have been chased out of Iraq, are being chased out of Afghanistan, hold no sway across a Middle East sunk in strife we were instrumental in triggering, and now we are going into Africa in a bigger way every day. I guess Obama really doesn’t want to bring the troops home. He’d like to keep them out of the country somewhere. Perhaps he could dispatch them to France to help Francois Hollande retake Marseilles for the French.

Poor America, the nation that once used its might as seldom as possible now needs that fix all the time. We fret that if we’re not running the show, somebody else will run the show. Our treasury is depleted; at home everything is being sucked up by the non-productive. Abroad it is being frittered away on basket cases that go from bad to worse.

All of this brings me to my recurring thought: there are two countries living in America. We hold two distinct and only occasionally overlapping values systems, have different dreams, different morals. We don’t want the same thing at home or abroad. Therefore, in the interests of international peace and harmony and the avoidance of civil strife in the United States, those of us who are active in the conservative movement should propose a convention of those interested in a peaceful demarcation of two nation-states from America as it now exists. All citizens get to choose where they will live, but they must consider that their government may be different than it currently is. Hopefully we would end up with a major redistribution of population into the appropriate sides.

This proposal has the virtue of fully conforming to international precedents that the US had a role, greater or lesser, in establishing – witness the effective partitioning of Serbia to satisfy ethnic Albanian interests, and support for the departure of Montenegro from the country of Serbia and Montenegro. The international community has shown repeatedly in practice that although territorial integrity is one of several “pillars” of European stability, it is always the “right to self-determination” that carries the day. It’s a lot easier for the non-warring parties just to divvy up the goods than to try to make them live together peaceably.

We need to call for a negotiated divorce between the American parties, with the fair allocation of resources, military assets and ports, etc etc etc. It would be an event along the lines of Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Divorce, or the USSR’s break up into independent nations, or Yugoslavia’s “peaceful departures” (Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia). We may yet see Ukraine divide into East and West, because that country too is divided. It happens all the time, and even though we say it cannot happen here, I beg to differ. We have a solid legal foundation now. The opportunity is there for all Americans to do the smart thing and then get on with our lives. Too much of our energies are spent fighting each other. I’d rather “co-exist” with a left-wing dictatorship next door than live in his house.

Some thoughts on the news of the day

mideastandafricaHere we are in a new year and January is flying by. I’m up to my ears in real estate red-tape and my parrot is a little bit crazy, which is perfectly okay but tiring at times. I’ve been watching the news closely, even if my pen has been stilled by a paint brush, and there isn’t anything there that shocks. A few tidbits though. The war in the Middle East and North Africa is spreading. A lot of people seem to think the solution must be a multi-national force under international authority picking a winning side, maybe killing a few thousand in collateral damage. What that means in practice is a US event, if air protection is needed, and a deeper involvement in a wildfire that is also a morass. We need to stay out of it. We need to stop worrying whether the Russians or the Iranians are benefitting at our expense. We had our day there, now let someone else deal with it. Bring the troops home. I know that flies in the face of what many believe. If not for the US, the world will go to hell in a hand-basket. News flash: the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and the US along with it. We are heading into deep waters and nobody sensible seems to be stopping it.

gatesobamaMeantime Robert Gates has come out and said basically that the President was right about his decisions to get out of Iraq, the bad war, and into Afghanistan, the good war, but that his administration micro-managed everything to death and screwed things up. I don’t get it. Bill Gates is a smart man. Surely he considered the fact that what is being established is a political commissariat that are the true heads of government agencies and the military and who enforce ideological correctness. Department of Propaganda graduates from the left-wing of the Democrat or even Marxist parties. That’s what is going on. They have poor judgment of anything beyond getting out the vote, alive or dead, and class warfare. Those are the values they bring with them. And it is their job to keep you in line or get you fired. Ask Petraeus. Gates’ complaints also suggest, though not explicitly, that the president is a dunderhead and on that I will certainly agree, although not that the president is a man of honorable intentions. Not any intentions I would honor, anyway. Furthermore, I don’t agree that the president’s basic judgments were sound. He felt Iraq should be left behind and Afghanistan be secured. Or he said he did, but it  might have been what he was advised to say. In any case, he got us out of Iraq, which is now being engulfed once more in civil war. And he got us far more deeply and directly into that death valley of imperial ambition, Afghanistan. In that country, the Taliban are resurgent and we are itching to get out. We’re going to leave a few soldiers behind to get gobbled up by the reinvigorated Islamist extremists aka terrorists in that country. Now Afghanistan is a place I’d say, it’s all yours. Have at it.

hcHillary Clinton is building up steam behind her push to become Lord of the Universe, which has ever been her dream. Her fans are lurking out there on the internet, alert to any slur against her intelligence, wisdom, judgment and general saintliness. The pack is slavering for any dissident to dare show his face. This is going to be interesting. I was really annoyed by the whole Sandy theater and vowed never to support Chris Christie. But. He is one of the very few Republicans I can see who is tough enough to face her down and make her show her true face. Rand Paul, who will never win it, would do it more knowledgeably and more conservatively. I’d love a Rand Paul presidential candidacy. Alas, the GOP is in full warfare. The Boehner wing is determined to shut up the conservatives who alone can bring them victory at the polls and our leaders think this is the best way to win over those Hispanics and blacks who haven’t voted for the GOP ever. Part of me wants to say, good going. Try this out. Every conservative stays home and withholds his vote. The GOP can then judge whether the conservatives are necessary to GOP survival. But then I say, no way. Leaving it all to the Marxists means heading straight into civil strife of the first order. I’d much rather stop it in its tracks with the B team than lose it all with the A team. And if those icons of the right, like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, are honest in their efforts to stop the anti-Constitutionalists, they should endorse whoever is leading in the polls and primaries. Okay.  Just saying it makes me want to scream in frustration. But it’s right. We all hang together or we shall certainly all hang separately.

knockoutfistFinally, I see that Denver is experiencing a resurgence of its own sort of Taliban, the black Knock-out Gangs. The latest victim is a white man who has severe injuries to his face and jaws. Apparently even the heretofore politically correct and color-blind (or at any rate, blind) police who refused to speak about racial elements in earlier spasms of societal violence now admit it is black-on-white violence. It turns out that a lot of people have been victimized by this vicious Black KKK and are now coming forward. Safety in numbers.




The NYT Kicks off the New Year with a Reinterpretation of Fact

rewriting historySo, the New York Times, aka the Whore of Babylon, tells us that Benghazi had nothing to do with terrorism. It was that danged video that was behind everything. And they claim this despite the fact that everybody who rushed to say it was that danged video the minute it was clear they had a political disaster on their hands has since said, “I didn’t realize what a big fat lie this was.” Everybody except Hillary Clinton, of  course, who is a lawyer like her husband and realizes that having lied to the whole country, it is better for her to remain silent until she has the “right story” out there in the public domain, set up by some other “impeccable” source. She learned this need for the appearance of truth when she claimed that she landed under hostile fire in Bosnia and was immediately contradicted by everybody else who was there. Oops. In any case, whether asked to do so or merely led to do so out of an abundance of adoration for Mrs. Clinton, the propagandists at the NYT sent someone off in a hurry to see if he could scrounge up enough bits of gossip and outright lies to pull together an article making liars out of the liars and proving that the murder of Americans while their President partied in Vegas and their Secretary of State did what? was all down to some Egyptian anti-Moslem nut case.

nytThis is almost unbelievable to me. Back in the late 70s I read the NYT cover to cover for a year to prepare for oral exams for the US Foreign Service. It was liberal but good stuff and full of facts. Now it’s all tripe and distortion from the obviously dotty Gray Lady. They’ve taken a damning body of evidence that was compiled by dogged pursuit of information over the course of a year, information that was deliberately withheld by the Obama regime, and pretended it was not there. Instead they’ve created a series of “new facts” that will be spread around by the State Department of Propaganda organs until many in the US public won’t be sure who’s telling the truth. After all, why would Hillary Clinton lie? What’s in it for her?

And that purely rhetorical question leads us to the issue of Mrs. Clinton’s lust for power and in particular that seat in the Oval Office. Because the NYT story, in addition to being tripe, is obvious political groundwork for Hillary Clinton. Not a single person in this country with a functioning brain missed the purpose of the fairy-tale about Benghazi that the NYT is peddling. It’s so in-your-face that it’s almost vulgar. The “Let’s Re-Write History” campaign is underway, unleashed upon us by the admirers of Bill and Hill, that dynamic duo of felonious politics and low personal character.

liarsI guess there was no choice but to take the bull by the horns and castrate him, the bull being the factual history of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s dismal performance on matters of great import. She proved herself incompetent for the presidency from her role in bringing down the Qaddafi government and murdering the Libyan leader to her silence on the crass political interests  that led to the essential abandonment of official Americans posted by the USG to Benghazi against all sound judgment. She proved herself unable to discern the difference between her utopian imagination and the real ugly world. She accomplished very little of any significance in her term at the State Department helm, and a lot that goes on the debit side of the foreign policy balance sheet.

Prepare yourselves for more propaganda and sleights of hand to come. It isn’t easy taking a sow’s ear and making it into a silk purse, but the left is going to do their best for Hill. Because they know that as out-of-touch with reality as Obama is, Hillary can go toe-to-toe with him for ludicrous and dangerous ideas. She’s their man. She would take the agenda left unfulfilled by the Empty Suit and use that old Clinton magic to make it a reality. Watch for this: a newly slimmed-down Hillary with a few strategic lifts around the body; a new do, of course. And a new Hillary Clinton past. The outlines of the Clinton presidential campaign become clearer every day. The fact that it is starting with a gigantic falsehood should tell you everything you need to know about what we’d be in for if the sticky-fingered lady ever gets her voluminous butt into the chair in the White House.


Throw Out the Old, Ring in the New

old yearThinking back over the past year, I wonder whether the last 365 was a net plus, a net minus, or a wash for the nation as a whole. Right now I’m leaning toward a net plus. It was the year, after all, that most of America woke up to the insufferable stupidity and arrogance of the Left and began to consider if there were not better alternatives. It was the year when the ne plus ultra of the utopian agenda, the universal health care fantasy, took flesh and settled heavily around the necks of many millions of shocked citizens. The only other thing that might have proven as rude an awakening would have been the forced billeting of soldiers in their homes. 2013 was another year of false recoveries and the hiding of the real employment and other economic data and their significance. It was the year when Hillary Clinton went into deep cover making herself over physically and in terms of character, preparing to present herself as the reasonable alternative to Constitutional government.

boehnerOf course, that doesn’t mean 2013 was all good for the conservative cause. First of all, we have a very poor opposition on the field. Guys like Ted Cruz, who proved the courage of his convictions, were more than once shouted down and ridiculed by the GOP leadership with hearty encouragement from the Dems. The GOP leadership can’t hold a line unless it involves intervening in some other country’s affairs, when there are none so fervent. Their latest budget cave was pathetic. The Establishment pols think conservatives are dense and crazy and dangerous and they’ve convinced most Americans similarly. But the conservatives are mounting the ramparts and claiming them, for a renewed America or a divided one each going its own way peaceably. The GOP Establishment is apparently going to have to be wiped out at the primary level before we can take on the neo-totalitarians. I’m ready.

If our ineffective champions of freedom disappointed, Obama didn’t – not where it mattered. We knew he was empty-headed and egotistical and highly amenable to direction by his handlers. We knew he sympathized with the Moslems around the world, not the Christians or the Jews. We knew the dreams from his father were dreams of revenge against the white colonizers under the standard of the US. We knew he knew every Marxist slogan ever uttered and had no idea what it all really meant except more power for somebody, preferably himself. We knew he had no feeling of what America is or what it dreams of being, and we are pretty sure he has no regrets for how low he has brought our country. And we knew he was bought and paid for, and run, by others whose profiles remain shrouded in the fog of obfuscation. No, Obama did not let us down. He met every low expectation we ever had of him. He has ruled more eagerly by edict than Peter the Great, although he lacks every virtue Peter the Great had. All Obama has is drawbacks. He has become a caricature of the cool but stupid guy.

obamaegoOur Chief Executive proved over and over that he doesn’t know how to execute and he doesn’t care if we all know he can’t execute. He’s not even remotely interested in executing. He is not even that keen on talking about executing. What he is interested in is standing in the middle of a cheering throng where he feels good and fuzzy. What he doesn’t like is anybody who challenges his shallow intellect and his massive ego. He can be very snotty, and nobody does it better. He’s a campaigner first and foremost, it’s one of the few things he’s ever proven himself good at and he intends to do it forever. The other thing he feels born to is command, and that starts with “c” as in Caesar and Czar and Commissar and Communist. As for the rest of his supposed achievements, those reside mostly in the minds of the feel-good liberals who pushed him higher and higher, free of requirements, until he was bound to fail. And though many would debate the issue, I’d say he has failed spectacularly.

But here is some light at the end of a scary year: we’ve had a couple of court rulings that have seriously screwed up the Big State architects. I’m referring to the ruling that the NSA is almost certainly violating (massively) the US constitution and in particular the Fourth Amendment; and the ruling that Obamacare clearly violates freedom of conscience in its mandatory birth control elements. (And that is not to go into all the other ways it violates our freedoms.) This is major stuff. Where John Roberts feared to tread, lower court judges are finding their voices and throwing down gauntlets hither, thither and yon to the neo-totalitarians. And Eric Holder, our first overtly racist Attorney General, was deemed fit by a judge to be censured by Congress. Still, the coming three years are fraught with danger. All they need is one of those five Supreme Court justices to make over the whole shebang. Oh, I pray for the safety even of John Roberts. Three more years…

new yearWe have only begun to fight, that’s what I think. The New Year is going to require more of most of us than we may be used to giving in our winter of discontent. I personally swore off politics after Romney and the GOP failed so miserably in 2012, but I can’t sit by in this year that will spell our future direction. Regretfully, I’ll have to put on my boxing gloves and do battle for the light side of the world. Our get-out-the-vote has to beat theirs, and not by just a nose. It’s do or die time. May 2014 bring us only good news. Let’s open the front door and throw a bucket of cold water out the back door at midnight on December 31, 2013, to celebrate, as my mother did, the departure of the bad and the arrival of the good. God bless our ventures.

The Great Dismal Swamp of US Foreign Policy

great dismalThe United States president has a foreign policy record of nearly unalloyed failure. His only plus was the killing of bin Laden. He and Hillary Clinton would add Qaddafi, but that had a different impact. It was an ugly and brutal and merciless act that was utterly unnecessary. But Hillary wanted her pound of flesh and she got it and Obama got to share in bragging rights. Read more at

Hacking Freedom

hackingI feel as if I’ve passed some sort of milestone, although it may only be at second-hand. My blogging site was hacked so that it would be black-listed by Google. Given that Google didn’t mount the ramparts to decry the violations of our right to privacy by agents of the US Government, I should be happy. But really, I’d rather have the problem fixed. While chatting with the Site-Lock rep, I was told that the two types of websites most likely to be hacked are religious or political. What’s new?


Rules for Radicals — Good for Everyone!

dictatorSaul Alinsky was no doubt a first-class jerk, but he wrote what passes for a bible among the left on how to wipe the floor with conservatives and then stomp their faces into a bloody mass. It was called Rules for Radicals and, in keeping with its author’s deep thinking and visionary purpose, he decreed ridicule t0 be one of the left’s top weapons. The left to this day uses ridicule ceaselessly, and even in the complete absence of logic and rationality, to deflect any argument the center-right makes for anything.

I want you to think of this little essay as a sort of tribute of mine to Mr. Alinsky, in case anybody gets the idea that I am motivated by anything but admiration for our Marxist friends. Here we go.

Oprah Winfrey, she of the Thousand Points of Property, told Americans recently that the current US president’s political enemies are disrespecting the office of the presidency by saying mean things about him. She probably had in mind words and phrases like “incompetent,” “brainless,” “greedy,” “gripped by megalomania,” or “mendacious, corrupt and deceitful.” I’m surprised that Ms. Winfrey, who banked endless millions by handling the neuroses of American women, leapt to the conclusion that such words are meant to describe the office of the presidency. Even a person of only so-so intelligence should be able to see that the insults hurled around so freely these days have nothing to do with the office Obama holds, but are meant for the fraud himself at any stage of his life and whatever he is up to. The fact that he is president, if an unmitigated disaster for America, is purely coincidental. On the other hand, maybe what was uppermost in Winfrey’s mind wasn’t the charge that Obama is unfit for office due to fundamental failings of morality, intellect and character, but the cruelty of all those people who suggest (or just say outright) that the man in the White House was probably born in his father’s homeland, where his mother could show the kid off to the baby-father’s other baby-mothers. As scary as it is to say this out loud, I too think it’s at least a possibility and I’ll tell you why: because Ms. Dunham was Rosa the Red from cradle to grave and might well have thought that giving birth in Africa was like giving the finger to America. Crazy as that sounds, I knew of a number of American women of similar ideological persuasion who went to the USSR (with permission from the Politburo, of course) to give birth in utterly filthy hospitals “for peace.” And of course that gave them life-long bragging rights over a shared joint with their left-wing social acquaintances.

oprah and barackI guess that Ms. Winfrey’s disapproval of harsh and personal comments about a president holds true only when the person in the Oval Office is a Democrat or a Marxist. I mention this apparent contradiction in moral standards between who she was and who she is because honestly, I can’t remember ever once hearing Oprah Winfrey taking to the national air waves to complain about the obscenities spoken about GW Bush by her pals in the entertainment world and every left-winger in America. Maybe somebody could kindly post on You-Tube some long-forgotten videotape with Oprah wiping the tears of distress from her eyes and declaring that comparing George W. to a female’s personal organs was waaay over the line, an insult to the presidency itself. Or perhaps heaving her voluminous bosom in indignation that anybody would even think of stringing up an effigy of Mr. Bush as several people did in the People’s Republic of California. I shudder even to think how her blood pressure would skyrocket today if somebody strung up an effigy of Barack Hussein, but hey – situational ethics it’s called.

To cut to the chase, what is really annoying is the hypocrisy of those on the left who practically wet their panties if the rest of the country doesn’t think like they think, or even worse – if they act like the left acts. That’s situational ethics too. When I’m in power, shut up and don’t say anything at all if you can’t say something nice. When I’m out of power — don’t you dare try to limit my freedom of speech. I think it was that big liar Hillary Clinton who used the latter line, investing it with all the moral indignation she could summon up. Perhaps moral is the wrong word when talking about Hillary, but certainly we can all recall that school-marmish voice telling us that Americans have the right to criticize anything they want and it isn’t unpatriotic, it’s a right. Sort of. Sometimes. In her case, she was voicing her views about the war in Iraq, which made it okay because that was GW Bush’s millstone. On the other hand, if someone complained about the disaster in Libya from the murder of Qaddafi (where is the International Court of Human Rights when you need it?) to the murder of Americans in Benghazi – what difference does it make? She considers that kind of speech to be frivolous and unnecessary (so shut up).

oprahhillarySo to get back to Ms. Winfrey’s claim that criticism of the man who gave her a Medal of Freedom is somehow unpatriotic because it demeans the office he holds, I suggest she sit down for a chat with Hillary Clinton. Perhaps between the two of them, they can come up with a dictum that sounds red, white and blue, suits the left and doesn’t apply to the right, without revealing the hypocrites they are. In the meantime, a tip of the hat to Mr. Alinsky for letting us know it’s okay to ridicule the people we despise and to do so publicly and often.

President for Life: the Push Begins

dictatorDid your anti-threat antenna fully extend the other day when Obama told Bawbaw Wawa of the State Propaganda Machine that he might just hang around DC for a few years after his term ends? He sounded amazingly life-like when he expressed concern that his younger daughter be allowed to finish school there. What a hoot. He wanna make sure rich girl get to finish rich girl school paid for with (dirty) cash money, not the vouchers he won’t allow to the poor students in DC’s failed schools.

On Violence: Man Against Man, Government Against All

statue 1I’m going to write today about our rapidly developing autocracy (Government for  The People, By the Vanguard) and our unraveling society. I will add my two cents  to the words flowing from the figurative pens of every other political  commentator in America, even if it seems a waste of time to express my views when others are saying the same things and far more eloquently. But sometimes  you write or speak not because your voice is unique, but because you want to be part of a chorus of anger and outrage.

Harried by the Mob: Knockout and Other Violent Amusements of America’s Youth

flash mobI greatly enjoyed the  movie Hunger Games. It was a spell-binding yarn about the dispossessed and disempowered scoring against the masters who control their lives. The main theme of the book (and film) is the tyranny of the winners over the losers, the strong over the weak, the rich over the poor. But there is another subtext, and it is violence. The tyrants use violence in Hunger Games they way the Romans used it in the arena, to give the downtrodden something to live for — a huge dose of surrogate cruelty that stirs the blood and makes all your suffering somehow worthwhile, because there — down there in the arena — is somebody whose life is worse than your own. Not only that, but the Emperor generously gives you the right to determine whether the man in the pit lives or dies a gruesome death. The crowds had a lot of resentment to work off and it was the lucky gladiator who got out alive. Yes, the Romans had a perfect social pacifier, giving the masses free bread, clean water and the chance to watch somebody torn limb from limb on a weekly basis. It kept their system going for centuries.

I wonder if we have progressed at all from Roman times. Obviously we have technologically: what wouldn’t the Roman lords have given for instant communication and automated killing machines? Such things would have made it much easier for them to keep the discontented down and out. What I’m thinking about is character. Have we reached a point where we really respect other human beings and their private space and their basic rights, or is it all just more propaganda from the people with power? When the government itself doesn’t respect individual rights and only selectively punishes its citizens’ violations of individual rights, the very concept of “rights” begins to erode dangerously.

Have you heard about the latest rage, which is called knockout? It’s a simple game played by black youths that appeals even to those — or perhaps especially to those — with only marginal functioning intelligence. All it requires is a mob and a zeal for inflicting pain on people with the wrong skin color. In an article published on the WND website, Thomas Sowell writes that this “knockout game” has been played for years by young black gangs in other  cities and other states, against people besides Jews – the victims being either whites in general or people of Asian ancestry. Sowell also mentions that in some of the cities where this gang violence is popular, the participants call it Polar Bear Hunting in a reference to the color of the victims.

The New Arena is not a specific place, but all around us on the streets of our towns and cities. Teenagers mingle in crowds, zero in on those looking particularly vulnerable (the elderly, mothers with children, invalids), and then without warning crash forcefully into the chosen victims with their bodies. The sudden violent jolt knocks the victim to the ground. Goal!  Three of the victims of this game in three different cities have died from their injuries; in one case the victim died from head injuries when his head struck a curb and went straight through the bars of a bicycle rack. Oh, joy! The player in that case no doubt got one million bonus points for causing grave injury or death as well as despair to the surviving family. One hopes he also got a long stretch in prison.

Then we have flash mobs. I’m not referring to the all-race flash mobs of unsupervised kids running out the door to dance and party or do something non-violent, but to malicious mobs of black youths summoned for deliberate criminal acts, often assaults on whites that involve considerably more violent methods than knocking somebody off their feet. I’m talking about the mobs that converge on stores to destroy, loot and pillage or to beat somebody to death.  Here’s a snippet from Wikipedia:

Referred to as “flash robs,” “flash mob crimes,” “crime mobs,” or “flash mob violence” by the media, these mobs start with the intent or lead to the destruction of private property, robbery, violence, and personal injury. Mark Leary, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University, said, “the illegal and violent component is also not unlike ordinary crimes where a group of people do something illegal. What social media adds is the ability to recruit such a large group of people that individuals who would not rob a store or riot on their own feel freer to misbehave without being identified.

No surprise there, right? Mobs act just like…mobs. A  mob has no conscience. A mob has nothing but an appetite for violence. The scary thing is, mobs are no longer seen as the mindless hives of miscreants that they are, but have become fashionable and provoke hardly a whimper of protest from the mainstream media. Or at any rate, black mobs have become fashionable; a bunch of white guys in pointed hoods would not win the same silence from the media that those “mobs of color” have enjoyed. Here is what has to say about it:

In 2011, flash mobs gathered in cities across the country and wreaked havoc. For the most part, the mobs were made up of teenagers, and they committed all sorts of crimes, from shoplifting to assault to robbery. For example:

  • In Philadelphia, flash mobs assaulted pedestrians and vandalized property. One participant pled guilty to aggravated assault for beating and stabbing a bicyclist. He faces 5 to 20 years in prison.
  • Flash mobs in Chicago are responsible for robberies and assaults, and even causing a McDonald’s restaurant to close for several hours.
  • In St. Paul, Minnesota, flash mobs targeted convenient stores, stealing whatever they could and fleeing before police could respond.

And then we have another manifestation of the thirst for violence among our youths: black and sometimes Hispanic gangs — not quite mobs — that rove America’s streets specifically looking for a defenseless white person to traumatize, torture, rape or murder. Here are some news items collated by (which also offered the lyrics of rap songs that urge their listeners to violence against whites):

In Denver, a white female teenager, Brandy Duval, is raped, sodomized, tortured with a broomstick and stabbed 28 times by a gang of six blacks and Hispanics. Her skull is caved in and corpse dumped into a ditch.

In Killeen, Texas, a white couple, Todd and Stacy Bagley are kidnapped on the way to church, lit on fire, burned to death and shot in the head by four blacks.

In Flint, Michigan, three white teenagers, Michael Carter, Dustin Kaiser and (girl’s name withheld by police) are attacked by six black youths. Carter is shot and killed. Kaiser is beaten and shot in the head, but recovers. The girl is forced to perform oral sex on her black attackers, pistol whipped and shot in the face.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a mentally retarded white man, Gregory Griffith, is beaten and stomped unconscious by blacks and died a few days later. The blacks admitted to the police beating Griffith because “he was white.”

I won’t bother to reprint the black rap lyrics, which would be merely spreading the poison. If you are interested in knowing what messages are being beamed out to America’s minority youths, you can check out Black Rappers Call on Blacks to Murder and Rape Whites at

I have to wonder where the heads of the left-wing social engineers are lodged. This country is becoming a cauldron of racial animosity and race-related violence, this time with the blacks leading the charge, and many of this country’s leaders (and I mean Democrat leaders in first order) want to outlaw guns. Those rap songs talk about stabbing whitey, too. How about outlawing knives? Then we could all be using the plastic forks and knives they dole out to patients in a psychiatric institute, which would be appropriate to the asylum we are becoming.

When are we going to come to grips with the fact that hate speech and the hate feelings that inspire it are alive and well in America and growing in popularity? This isn’t about mass killers, often white and often young, who are off their rockers and on the loose because we don’t have a system to get them timely help. Their rage is color-blind and they kill anybody of any age and sex who happens to be in their line of fire. These violent amusements involve people who know better. As individuals, they would probably not engage in violent assaults, but they are freed from societal stigma when their crimes are committed under the umbrella of a mob. And they are encouraged by the failure of our media and our nation’s highest leaders to stand up and say this must stop. Where is that fount of wisdom and peace, Barack Obama, who has no problem flailing out at white racists? The silence about what is happening is an invitation to the beasts on the prowl to continue.

violent gamesYou would think that all these years after society said a resounding no to racially inspired violence, we would have left such things behind us. But it seems we are doomed to go down clawing each other’s eyes out. And our society is conspiring in it, feeding the urge to kill with games and music and movies and tv shows that make it all look so easy and so satisfying. How hard is it to grasp that giving kids a game whose sole point is to unleash hostility through simulated violence is likely to increase the chances that the kid, having grown bored with the fake stuff, will look for a chance to try it out in real life? How about those movies that are blowing guts and gore into the very souls of our children? In America, the blatant disrespect for the basic rights of the individual, chief among them the right to life, has become an epidemic. And if it isn’t stopped, it will spread until there really is a race war in the United States. And all the bogus “hate laws” that protect only certain groups and not everybody, and that focus on the incidental and not the fundamental, will not stop it.

Updating America’s Symbols

symbolsI’m wondering if it isn’t time to change the symbols of the United States to new  ones more compatible with where our nation is going. Obviously the Bald Eagle no  longer has much to say about America. It is a bird with a massive wing span and  great power that allows it to soar higher than other birds, but its power is  complemented by grace and beauty. An eagle knows what its purpose is. It is  swift and sure. Other birds know better than to provoke the eagle, because the  eagle does not go into battle except to win. How does this magnificent creature  capture the spirit of today’s America?

America Helping the World: Training North Africans in Asymmetric Warfare and Heavy Weapons

libyaHip-hip-hooray! Our military has let it be known that we are currently negotiating with the Libyan government, such as it is, to grant us the great honor of training Libyan commandos and the Libyan Army. America can do this because it is rolling in money and has repeatedly demonstrated sterling judgment about those to whom we hand over our fine and highly destructive weaponry. Even Admiral William McRaven, head of US Special Operations Command, has conceded straight off that there are some unsavory types among those we are going to train. I guess that is a sort of caveat emptor to Americans,  letting them know that another Bin Laden could result from our efforts, and if so, it isn’t his fault. Of course that’s his job, training other men in killing and sabotage, and I don’t doubt he’s doing it all for the glory of his country. And if he has to provide his services in a place that even he, apparently, views with a jaundiced eye, there is nothing to be done about it. America is running out of other countries whose armies we can equip and train, and for sure we have run out of reliable countries to equip and train, so Libya, Egypt, Tunisia — six of one, half a dozen of the other. They are all equally unstable and explosive, so if we are going to make future  trouble for ourselves, Libya is as good a place to start as anywhere else.

The fun just doesn’t stop under this New America with its New Military, and neither does the madness. The brutal murder of our people under the noses of the Libyan authorities as top US military leaders slapped down anybody who wanted to save them must have given  somebody the brilliant idea that we ought to train Libyans to kill more efficiently. Let’s face it — the Benghazi op was pretty sloppy. And I’m not talking about the blunders and excruciatingly poor judgment shown by Hillary Clinton and the self-indulgent mental midget she worked for, either. I’m talking about those Libyan fighting men who showed great spirit and joie de vivre on the rampage but who were rather disorganized and undisciplined in their assault. Had they been trained up militarily, properly, they could have killed even more of our people. There were a lot of things those marauders could have done much better and America is going to teach them how.

military trainingWe want to train 5-7000 commandos for Libya, I suppose on the assumption that these men will then stem the rise of Al Qaeda and its many affiliates in North Africa. Either that or they will join up with Al Qaeda, taking their weapons with them. Apparently the policy-makers (the same ones who brought you Obamacare, Fast and Furious, and Acorn as voter registrants) feel it is time for the US to spread out from the Middle East, where we have already bungled things royally, into all those violent countries large and small in Africa that are thirsting for US defense dollars. For some reason our brilliant strategists seem to believe that raising the American flag in those places and inserting a number of US military just sufficient to be totally vulnerable will frighten the jihadists away, rather than attracting them like ants to a picnic. I’d love to get a peek at our military plans for the region, just to see if we’re planning on doing similar good deeds in Sudan, Somalia or Chad, maybe in the president’s homeland in Kenya or even the Congo. The world is screaming for more American military involvement in their countries, I’m sure. I know Americans are pleading with our government to get us sucked down into some more Treasury-draining misadventures in the Moslem civil wars. Right? Aren’t you?

Tell me something. How come the Commander-in-Chief, the one intent on fundamentally transforming our armed forces, doesn’t dispatch all these restless military types to our very own southern border? I personally feel they could make a far greater contribution to America’s security if they would teach ranchers in the Southwest how to protect themselves, their families, and their property from the drug cartels and people-smugglers who have made our country’s borderlands their home away from home. How about sending the Army Corps of Engineers to Arizona to build sniper outposts and man them with snipers?  How about a giant ditch filled with water and alligators and a drawbridge? But no. The Commander-in- Chief, if he uses our military on the southern border at all, will use them to facilitate the crossing of millions of tiny broad-backed aliens who will need care and refreshment after their grueling journeys. Perhaps he could set up military training for these newcomers so they can support the president when he finally moves to shut down his political opposition and open up the borders completely. But using the military to keep our borders secure? Hah. Fat chance. The only purpose our military serves anymore is to make sure a certain quota of patriotic young men and women are mutilated and killed in feckless military adventures that have anything but victory as their goal in places of marginal or no importance to the United States.

Using one’s military forces in other people’s countries has traditionally been a favored means of keeping high-testosterone males busy elsewhere, particularly in times of high unemployment. The last thing a Commander-in-Chief wants is a lot of angry well-trained military men sitting around thinking about what a mess their country is and what they can do to address the situation. Obama certainly doesn’t want that; he already has enough problems with retired or ousted military brass who are speaking openly about the president’s assault on America’s armed forces right here at home. Here’s my guess: we are pulling out of Afghanistan and we’re well out of Iraq, but our men aren’t going to come home for a well-earned rest. I’d bet they are going to be kept busy fighting other people’s wars so they don’t try to start one at home.


Obama and Company: Dumb and Dumber

bozoObama says he is accused of a “lotta things” (so eloquent, such a big vocabulary!), but he doesn’t think he’s stupid enough to boast about an easy-to-use computer program that was a total bomb. He made this claim after having tried desperately to ignore mounting public furor over the disastrous consequences of his one-party healthcare legislation, and only when his fellow lefties cornered him with pleas to give them shelter. They were looking into the barrel of a gun called “election 2014″ and they were desperate to have something that would hold off just retribution for their arrogance and folly until after the elections. At that point, I’m sure they told him, you can do anything you want to Americans. And Obama gracefully complied. “It’s on us,” he told America – we in the White House were the buffoons behind the healthcare debacle, not those guys in Congress who steamrolled the draft bill into law. They were operating on wrong information that I provided, but I’m not guilty either, because I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Has anybody combed the record to count how many times this empty-headed egotist has claimed “I didn’t  know a thing”? If we just confine ourselves to Benghazi, we find that the president was ignorant of virtually everything. Nobody told the president of the United States that the brand-new US outpost in Jihad-land had zero effective security on orders of his Secretary of State, Hillary “Blood on Her Hands” Clinton. Nobody told the president of the United States that the Americans forced to work in that hell-hole were begging for protection. Nobody told the president of the United States that the attack on that outpost was a deliberate terrorist strike against a totally vulnerable and irresistibly tempting objective. Nobody told the president of the US that the stupid video clip that pissed off the Moslems had nothing to do with the attack that left American officials and fighting  men dead. Had he known those things, we are to believe, he would never have rushed off to party in Las Vegas and pocket millions for his reelection campaign.

And nobody told the president of the United States that the IRS was turning into an arm of the Democrat Marxist Party of America and persecuting that party’s political foes. Nobody told Obama that we were violating Mexican national sovereignty and basic precepts of human rights by providing heavy weapons to Mexican drug lords with the blessings of our own Justice Department. Nobody told Obama that the NSA was collecting zillions of bits of information on everybody in this country, reading our emails and tracking our shopping patterns. Nobody told Obama that the NSA was listening in on Germany’s head of state while she chatted with her husband on her mobile phone and probably while she was on the toilet. And nobody told Obama that his signature legislation was turning out to be a big stinking pile of dog doo-doo. We out here among the Great Un(brain)washed have reached the point where we don’t know who ought to be carrying the title of president. It obviously shouldn’t be Obama, because the guy has made it clear that somebody else is running the show, some wizard who has all the vital information Obama lacks. Somebody so unimpressed with all Obama’s power that he (or she) keeps everything — even major news — secret from him. On the other hand, perhaps his advisors just gave up trying to reach him on the golf course or on one of his endless vacations. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Obama turns off the Red Phone just so he can get a little peace and quiet.

dunceFrankly, and I mean this personally, I do think Obama is stupid enough to brag about the fantastic qualities of the worst-ever website since Al Gore invented the internet. This judgment is based on a few observable facts, such as his inability to speak a coherent sentence without having it written out for him to read, or his claim that there are 57 states in the US, or his reference to Mexico’s holiday Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May) as the “Fifth of Fourth.” I bet Obama doesn’t even know how to spell the plural of “potato.” In fact, I think Obama and Dan Quayle are twins separated at birth.

When you’re just an empty suit fronting for other clandestine interests, it’s unfair for people to expect mental acuity. Obama just executes other people’s orders. He’s no different than he ever was, coasting along on his limited charisma without actually working. That’s his role, and it might strike him as just a tad unfair that Americans demand more. Thinking is left to his tiny little circle of Marxist ideologues, his handlers. Only in this case, his inner circle blundered badly and left the bumbling president to face the music. I’m pretty sure he was advised to tough out the swell of anger after the stunningly bad performance of the healthcare website. But this time it hasn’t worked. Instead of settling back into indifference and ignorance, the very people who yawned when told they have no right to privacy rose up in outrage because the Affordable Healthcare Act left them without affordable health care. For some reason, the cancer patients who have been unceremoniously shoved onto the conveyor belt to death that the enlightened British call “The Pathway” are looking for revenge. They have an overpowering urge to throw the bums out. At a minimum.

liarRonald Reagan also “didn’t remember” a lot of things toward the end of his Presidency, but I think we can reasonably conclude that the Alzheimer’s that eventually killed him was already at work. I don’t think the Big O has Alzheimer’s. I think he’s a liar and a man without a conscience. He is a tin-plated fraud. And his solution, proffered up when his fellow Dems cornered him with a figurative knife at his throat, was to try to buffalo America once again. Yes, indeed. You can keep that affordable health care policy I took away from you, he said, and you can have it until the next election is over. And I can do this all by myself, without reference to the Congress — or consultation with the affected health care providers — because I am omnipotent. And stupid. So please cool down and vote Democrat so we can finish carrying out our Marxist social experiment.

Somehow, I think, this was the watershed we have all been expecting. At last we can see clearly two things: this regime does not mean us well; and this Administration thinks the truth is infinitely elastic, or better said, despises the truth. There’s no telling how the GOP is going to respond, since they have managed to trip over their own feet at every turn, but the chance is there for the taking. America has grown sick of oppression and want their freedoms back. If the Republicans can’t make hay out of this, I’m pretty sure another party will.


Our Lying Government: A Confederacy of Lunatics

scheindlinI just skimmed through a Wall Street Journal article about NY judge Shira  Scheindlin, the woman who ordered massive and senseless changes to NYC’s  stop-and-frisk policy that she considered unfair to blacks and hispanics. Police  Commissioner Ray Kelly has stated that 75 percent of all NYC crime is committed  by blacks; and 99 percent of all crimes in NYC are committed by either blacks or  hispanics. Despite these facts, Ms. Scheindlin wanted the police to waste time  and money making sure that 40 percent of people stopped and frisked are white.


Obama Chalks Up Victory after Victory (Not)

afghanistanAnd thus ends Obama’s War, the one in Afghanistan. He rode into office declaring that country to be in dire jeopardy and swearing to make victory against the terrorists there a focus of his foreign policy He was going to get us out of The War Bush Made and into one that was Obama-made. He was going to settle everything militarily and politically. With the Moon in the Seventh House, Peace would rule the universe.

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the thousands of Afghans grabbing up whatever they can carry and heading into safe-haven camps for internally-displaced persons where they are seeking asylum in other countries. Many others are trying to get out of the country on visas. Australia is a big destination and the outliers are putting down roots and throwing out life-lines to relatives still trapped in the escalating violence unleashed by the resurgent Taliban. The UN Commissioner for Refugees thinks this is a response to the US pull-out of forces and the growing reach of the Taliban. The population is already experiencing what is to come when the Taliban return to power everywhere — women are particularly eager to get out of the country. Some have objected to being forced into servitude to the Taliban as cooks. Hah. Wait until they’re being marched onto the soccer field to be executed for objecting to cooking.

Yes indeed, Afghanistan has been another resounding Obama success story, one his right-hand man Hillary Clinton can take a lot of credit for, too. Afghanistan ranks right up there next to Benghazi and Egypt as shining examples of the great things one can accomplish if one is only a utopianist intellectual nincompoop. Afghanistan’s collapse into violence and anarchy (again) will not end with the deaths of a handful of people, as in Benghazi, or persecution of Christians or installation of a military junta, as in Egypt. This time a whole population is going to be terrorized (again) and when the bloodshed starts it will spoil not only individual reputations, but the image and influence of the United States of America. Because if, like Obamacare, this war was a center-piece of Obama’s brilliant strategies, what does is say about America’s ability to come through in a clinch or even make good on promises? If Afghanistan is a big part of Obama’s legacy, along with the Arab Spring, then we know that Obama’s legacy is pure trash. And what else did we expect from a man who, when all is said and done, is under-educated, poorly-informed,  lazy, incompetent, and filling a job way above his IQ?

iraniraqBut let me give credit where credit is due. The Big Bopper said he was going to end US military involvement in Iraq and he did. Of course now Iraq is a full-fledged satellite of Iran and violence there is also going up and up and up. Lot of scores to be settled in the wake of the US retreat. It seems Mr. Obama and his minions have the reverse Midas touch: everything they touch turns to doo-doo.

It’s a good thing our president has decided to turn his attention to domestic affairs and let all that bothersome international stuff simmer away untended, as any further Obama initiatives for peace could plunge us into another world war. With the UN season come and gone, no more big empty speeches to make on the international stage, either. Egypt has taken note of Obama’s aloofness, deemed regal by his acolytes and disinterested by the rest of the world. The military officers who rule the roost for the moment are turning their eyes to Russia and its powerhouse president, Vladimir Putin, who demonstrated with Syria that Russia can be counted on to keep its word and stand by friends. There could be some hefty arms sales coming Russia’s way, and that would be bad news for America’s war industries. But what’s a little more unemployment — there are lots of 15-hour a week jobs going begging.

Syria continues waging war against its now largely-Jihadi opposition, and the warrior-peaceniks of the world and Assad’s regional foes continue to decry the lack of adequate punishment for Assad’s crimes. The Saudis, in particular, are fuming because we didn’t grab the chemical weapons bait they no doubt connived in planting. They were sure we would use the opportunity to unleash a small war to depose or kill Assad and oust from power his particular religious sect. But the chemical weapon pretext for war was deftly removed from the table by the Russians, who carried out a beautiful checkmate of the US. This means any attempt to divert attention from Obama’s misfortunes at home by starting a little something over there in the Middle East have now been vastly complicated. Given the level of international and domestic opposition to another war, Obama would have to plant some really devastating evidence of some really devastating crime to even be allowed to finish saying “I am launching an air campaign.” Of course, given the quantity of US weapons floating around the region, it might not be too hard to cook something up.

chinaThe world’s political configuration is once again in motion, with new players taking prominence and old players getting caught up in the consequences of their own policies and watching their stars set. America’s will to defend the really important things was drained in all the frivolous and secondary wars we waged when once the world’s only superpower. There are scores to be settled in the international arena, too, not only in countries we have abandoned to their fates. Too bad our military is in the process of being purged of its best officers and demoralized by social engineering. Our ability to do much more than bluster has been badly eroded. God preserve  us from the need to wage a serious war anytime soon. And God preserve us from our own domestic Taliban.


Lady Liberty’s Torch is Flickering from Patriot Update

lady libertyIs everybody else out there as exhausted as I am with all these assaults on the  US Constitution? Not to mention those on morality, common decency, and the  culture in which our children are being incubated. It all seems to have reached  a point beyond which I can no longer be shocked by the Left’s overreach and  dictatorial inclinations, I know what’s coming, but I am always shocked  nevertheless. Because these are attacks on the very American-ness of  America.


Do we have a trend here?

mcauliffeFirst a word on Ken Cuccinelli’s loss in Virginia. As I shed a tear or two, I console myself with this more clear-headed reaction: Cuccinelli is a trail-blazer. The man who by all accounts ran a lack-luster campaign with next to no help from the GOP against a political sleaze artist and money-grubber (oops, fund-raiser) and was behind by double digits came within a point and three-quarters of defeating McAuliffe, who outspent him by 15 million dollars. And Cuccinelli was right on when he attributed this phenomenal surge to public anger over Obamacare. Public discontent with this crew of autocrats and social engineers is jelling into rebellion over their signature accomplishment, destruction of US health care.

Go, America! Get up on your hind legs and fight back against these creeps and Brown Shirts! I do believe something is starting here. It gives my blood a little tingle. Virginia was a clarion signal to battle. If we could bring the race to within a hair in Virginia, lop-sided with those sucking away at the public teat, then we can win all over the country with conservative, brilliant, able men and women who can make our case to the public that the only way to defeat Obamacare is to defeat the Democrats. Somehow, either with the GOP or against them, we have to make the difference at the polls. But it’s going to be hard, because the Establishment of the GOP has declared war on conservatives, brilliant political strategists that they are. Either they will listen to sense or they will be swept aside. A tide is rising.

hillaryOf course, now that McAuliffe has his sticky fingers all over the Virginia government, look for big help for that criminal Hillary Clinton. She is as ugly as a toad these days, but goes around oozing this saintliness.  Still, I see her popularity is dropping big time and now she is below fifty percent at about where Obama is on a good day (47 percent), and thankfully his good days are getting to be fewer and fewer. McAuliffe and the duplicitous duet of Clinton and Clinton is enough to make my skin crawl. It reminds me of Travel-Gate and Craig Livingstone and enemies lists and Hollywood buying a stay in a White House bedroom, where they proceed to trash it. It reminds me of the Rose Law firm records hiding in her closet while they were under subpoena and imagine her taking out pages at her leisure and getting rid of them. I remember the Black Panthers she defended and the sexual deviants she surrounds herself with, and his ceaseless search for adoration. But she is part of the Old Guard now and she is going to be fighting an American public that is angrier than it has been in a long time. She cannot take her victory as assured and she is a fool if she does. As some late-night comedian  once said, she carries around more baggage than FedEx. I plan to bring up at every opportunity her alleged investment in a drug-laundering enterprise in Panama’s jungle, right down there by Colombia, and will continue to demand an accounting of interest earned on said investment and US taxes paid.

purgeNow on to equally disturbing news, or perhaps it is more disturbing even than Hillary Clinton. That is the accelerating purge of senior (and mid-level) officers from the US military for “lack of confidence” or for some peccadillo that is commonplace among the straight members of the military and rampant among the homosexuals. We all know that this is a full court press to oust anybody non-compliant with regime goals and to replace them with the compliant and the eagerly compliant. There is a lot of tattle-tale-ing going on in the military and it reminds me vividly of the control the Communists exerted over every organization and institution in the USSR. They did this by inserting people whose sole job was to report on the other people every single day. This is how they identified miscreants, enemies of the people, and the unorthodox. Who were then dismissed if not arrested and sent to a prison cell or a labor camp. I am certain this system is now in use by the Obama administration and not just in the military. The take-over of our government and armed forces is well underway.

But just as in the Virginia vote, here is the bright note: retired and ousted military officers are beginning to speak out on what is happening, warning the country of the purge that is underway and its goal — the emasculation (literally) of the military and its total subservience not to country but to party — the Democrat (or perhaps by then, the Democrat Socialist) Party to be exact.

So we have a really, really boiling mad public all across the country, regions of states demanding the right to secession, voters turning against the Democrats at the voting booth, our bravest and most talented military outraged over what is happening to the forces — what does it tell you? It tells me that all the conditions are ripe for revolution. We are not yet starving, although I’d give the ecologists a couple of decades before they ignite some worldwide famine with their hare-brained schemes or manage to kill of most of humanity, which is their ultimate goal.

I see the words flying off the ends of my fingers and I can’t believe I’m saying this. And not feeling paranoid, but just alert. When I did analysis of the Soviet Union and Latin America at State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research in the 1980s, I used to prepare very short bits for use in the morning briefing of the Secretary of State or even the President. One of the senior officials in the Bureau commented to a colleague that I found a communist under every rock. I shot back, “yes, that’s where you usually find them.”  But my work was hardly paranoid and always based on factual observation of a situation. And about now, I think it’s time to start looking under all the rocks around here and poking a stick to get the communist out — because these guys are everywhere now. And you don’t have to be a political analyst to know it, or recognize it when you see it.

God save America, or if He chooses not to, please give us our own country. Amen.


The Obama Administration Gives America the Finger

the fingerThat gang of liars, Thought Gestapo, and thugs passing themselves off as the US government has surpassed all bounds in audacity. I was morbidly fascinated as I watched the Wicked Witch of the West Wing Kathleen Sibelius lie and lie and lie in front of the Congress. She was eager to blame somebody, anybody, other than herself or her boss for the disaster of Obamacare’s debut, but even this political robot gets it — the US public isn’t buying that load of manure. She had no choice but to say she was responsible as a last-ditch effort to deflect blame from the man she works for. I agree totally that Kathleen Sibelius is guilty as charged. She is one of the people who are guilty in this matter. She headed up the agency in charge of implementing a major new program and she didn’t care enough to make sure its parts worked. She rolled out a disaster. I’m certain she knew it would be a disaster, and so did the man she works for. But they weren’t going to cave to the Republicans on a delayed roll-out. It would just increase the chances that the opposition would find a way to deep-six the legislation altogether and suggest that the Republicans have some influence. Those weren’t prices the Dems of the far left were willing to pay. I guess they really thought there might just be glitches, since nobody had any idea if it worked or not. I bet they contacted all the right people on the eve of this sad debut and let them know there could be a few snags and hiccups when the lumbering and deformed health care law appeared over the horizon. No doubt the White House gave everybody talking points. In the event, their defense of a collapsing system amounted to the captain of the Titanic warning of a small leak as the hull sinks beneath the surface.

Kathleen Sibelius should lose her job, but  more than that — she should be forced to go on the exchange to find a new insurance policy. But Kathleen Sibelius, like so many others in Obama’s political stable, is a rich filly. She doesn’t need to worry about her  health insurance premiums skyrocketing off the chart, not least because she isn’t going on the exchanges, period. She has a perfectly magnificent health care plan and I’m sure that, as a member of the world elite, she deserves every bit of it. As compared to the rest of us dunderheads.

sibeliusIf nothing changes politically in America, my friends, this is the future. These clowns are the vanguard. If you like living under the rule of Kathleen Sibelius, you are going to love what comes next. Take it from the Russians, what starts bad doesn’t get better. This law may start by imposing penalties on people for not having insurance they couldn’t buy because of government blundering, but it won’t be the last indignity Americans are subjected to. Senseless rules and mindless enforcement are the stuff of which socialist bureaucracy is made. This all reminds me of how bad the system can turn if the government exists above and apart from the people. In Russia, way back in 2001, I had to do a mass mailing of printed pamphlets to all parts of the former Soviet Union. I went to the local post office to buy the postage, but the woman had only two types of stamps, both very small denominations. So I went to another post office and bought the stamps, but I brought the ready-to-go packages back to the first one to put in the mail. Unfortunately, the same woman who had indifferently advised that she had none of the stamps I needed now told me she would not accept the packages for mailing — because I hadn’t bought my stamps from her. Imagine. You’d think she got a commission, but no, it was just a matter of protecting the fragment of power exercised by somebody who was just a cog in a machine. That’s communism, or socialism as they like to call it before they shut down freedom absolutely. The morons think up the rules and regulations and change them at will and then strangle the public with them.

I almost fainted when I heard Sibelius say acidly to whoever was questioning her that he should blame her for the debacle, nobody else. Sibelius is the poster child for Obama regime arrogance and self-esteem and may have an ego rivaling that of the man she works for. For Sibelius to admit that she is incompetent and an idiot had to have hurt. In fact, she was caught in a hot mic moment muttering “don’t do this to me.” What this was remains unknown, but it might have been that simply calling into question her judgment and performance left her feeling water-boarded. This might be the first time in Sibelius’ life that she conceded her fallibility. She had no choice but to throw herself on her sword so that bonehead she works for won’t have to do something similar. This I believe is a first under Obama, somebody saying “I did it.” Hillary Clinton doesn’t count, because she said about Benghazi that she was responsible for anything that happened in the State Department, but then steadfastly refused to take responsibility. Well, let’s be honest, it is hardly likely that Sibelius will do anything further to expiate her sins or to assume responsibility. But at least somebody has said “here, shoot me.” Would that we could, Kathleen.

These imps from hell foisted this monstrous health-care on the American people using manipulation and deliberate lies to sell a lemon. They wrapped that abortion up in the glory of socialism and the false rights the Left offers to the masses, and they filled it with magic language that made it virtually unkillable, a zombie like the people who thought it up. The president of the United States, the Liar in Chief, should be impeached for his role in this. Maybe everybody in this administration should be impeached.

I once thought it would be a good idea to keep a chronology of this president and his communist cohort and the steps they take to foist on America a false ideology. But the outrageous, anti-American and illegal steps they have already taken to forcefully remake America from a democracy to a socialist state are too many, happening too quickly, happening simultaneously, to chronicle easily. The moves against our senior military are open today; this president and the men and women who are his brains want them gone, they are an obstacle to fundamental transformation. Religion in all forms is under assault, unless it is Islam, which is growing in influence in America. An age of licentiousness is underway, a time of moral dissolution and hedonism that will accelerate the decline of the United States. Since the people no longer count except as part of some political slogan, there is no need to come up with convincing rationales for the trickery and deceit and increasingly oppressive governance that is the coin of the Obama realm.

kid fingerStill, those who would be our masters are starting to feel the people’s wrath. The people are starting to give the finger back.


America: Home of the Less Free than Ever

gestapoThe Daily Caller carries a story about a freelance journalist and one-time reporter for the Washington Times, Audrey Hudson, who has become the latest victim of America’s Gestapo. On the pretext of searching for guns belonging to her husband — who was prohibited from owning any under a 1980s conviction for resisting arrest – Federal agents raided Ms. Hudson’s home in the wee small hours of the morning. Not only did they search for guns , but it seems they stole off with a large quantity of information relating to the woman’s investigative work. Neither she nor her work product were named in the search warrant; she was  not informed about the seizure of this material at the time (and not until much later); and most importantly, the materials taken relate to an investigation of the federal air marshals service. The agents took Ms. Hudson’s legally-owned weapons, as well. That’s so interesting — were they going to look for her husband’s fingerprints on them? Or does a spouse now have to share in the punishment meted out to his or her better half? Or was it just plain illegal seizure?

blackmail1Nobody who bothers to read my articles is a fool. You will all have concluded that the gun thing was cooked up after somebody did some investigative work of their own and discovered her husband’s conviction — a useful bit of information to those in the blackmail business. It was all our nefarious authoritarian authorities needed to break into Ms. Hudson’s home and steal whatever it is they really wanted. What they got were the names of all her confidential sources for the air marshals story, as well as bunches of de-classified documents originally bearing not a security designation, but an administrative one: for official use only. Ms. Hudson had obtained the material under the Freedom of Information Act. They informed her they had the documents only after they were reassured that they were legally obtained.

The KGB always carried out their raids in the middle of the night. That is when people are at their most defenseless, still half-asleep and not understanding what is happening. Millions disappeared in this fashion. I wonder when this left-wing junta will start simply snatching people off the street? Or dragging them out of their beds? Do you think these rabid dogs of the left will hesitate to do that if they have total power in the US? How many politically uncorrect thoughts have you had today? I personally will pack a ditty-bag in anticipation of an unannounced visit from the Storm Troopers.

What does this latest outrage against America mean? It means the criminals in Washington and in our local governments are becoming increasingly authoritarian. They will no longer wait for their enemies to cross a line. They will snoop around and find a pretext to do what they think needs doing, which is shutting up the opposition.

purgeWhat else does it mean? It means that all agencies of the Executive branch are tainted by political corruption. Even our military no longer answers to the national interest, but to party and ideological interests. This corruption is deepening with every month this regime holds power. We’ve all heard about how many high-ranking military officers have been removed or retired from their posts in the past few years, but I’d like to know how many mid-ranking officers have retired or resigned in the same period. I’d also like to know how much shuffling has gone on in the civil service at the top and mid levels. I don’t think there’s much doubt that a purge is on not only in the Armed Forces, where it is well advanced, but across the government. Ask yourself this: is there a single arm of the Federal Government that you trust?

This raid also incapsulates the new debased approach to Constitutional freedoms: they are totally relative, as good Marxian values always are. If freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are absolutely inviolable when illegals mass on the National Mall, that doesn’t mean they are equally inviolable when exercised by the bikers, the truckers, the vets or any other regime opponents. If it is a violation of law for the FBI to snoop directly on a US citizen without a warrant, that doesn’t mean the IRS can’t snoop on all of us through the many channels now at its disposal. Freedom of religion protects atheists and Moslems, but not Christians or Jews. If the Attorney General acts like lightning in response to any perceived or pretended infringement of black and hispanic voting rights, it doesn’t mean he is equally vigilant when the Black Panthers intimidate white voters at the polls.

kangaroo courtWe apparently are in the age of the kangaroo trial, or monkey trial as the idiot Pallone from New Jersey called that charade. The Soviets always operated on the premise that you if make an example of some transgressor, make the punishment harsh enough, it silences everybody else. Russian comic Yakov Smirnov joked back in the 80s that the thing he loved most about America was warning shots. He added that Russia also had warning shots: they shot the first guy in the back as a warning to everybody else.

While we’re compiling lists of things we’d like to know — and we need a computer to keep track — let’s add the number of journalists who have been a) intimidated and threatened; or b) co-opted. The give-away is the coverage given to regime crimes against democracy. If they don’t say anything unless to mock, they are co-opted. I’d guess the number in category (a) is going to grow.

Now This is Fundamental Transformation

border1There is a big push at the moment in favor of immigration reform, the Dems having successfully intimidated the GOP into folding over Obamacare and the debt ceiling. Obama’s Storm Troopers no doubt feel doubly confident about getting a grand deal on immigration. If the Republicans were spooked by the left-wing propaganda campaign over the debt ceiling, they will be paralyzed with terror at what is waiting for them in the immigration arena. The so-called reform awaiting us is essentially a full amnesty (with benefits) and in short order citizenship for millions of people who didn’t respect (our fear) our country enough to obey its laws. Nice way to start; next comes illegal voting. Our Wise One is creating a criminal class for his own political use.

Our president and his minions have seen fit to suspend the law, ignore the law, violate the law and bend the law to suit their whims. His administration’s latest dictum is that anybody showing up at our door saying he fears for his life gets in the door, no questions asked, all in preparation for the Great American Amnesty and Citizenship Give-Away Executive Order Series. If you think Franklin Roosevelt was nervy in trying to stack the Supreme Court, how about that Obama – trying to stack the US population. If the GOP tries to stymie this measure in Congress, Obama will probably have to pretend the Congress doesn’t exist or have any authority if it does. All he needs is one of those handy-dandy Executive Orders. In any case, I think the Dems are on the right track with the GOP. The party won’t even pretend serious opposition and any individual Republican House member opposing it will be demonized within the party. The Republicans have miraculously turned into the “party of yes,” but it took a Democrat administration to do the trick.

illegalmalesThe Obama regime is complicit in the open violation of our borders each and every day. Our government works with the Mexican government to advertise US public welfare programs available to illegals, enticing more to emigrate from Mexico and points south. The  illegals are encouraged by incompetent and corrupt governments relieved to see the back of a few million more burdensome peasants. And they are coached and encouraged by our own corrupt government, which welcomes them with open arms, a fistful of taxpayer dollars, and a pledge of fealty to the Democrat Party that needs nothing more than a digital thumb-print. In California, I predict that the law will be changed soon to give the vote to anybody who happens to be in the state on election day, including all the illegals. It was Democrat and Democrat-affiliated groups who were behind the protests by illegals and their open flaunting of US law.

Just yesterday I noticed a couple of items in the Wall Street Journal that bear on the immigration issue. The first article, by William Galston speaking as the Voice of Big Business, argues that a) everybody in the US (other than the Tea Party) wants to turn every illegal alien in the US into a citizen, not just a non-voting permanent resident; and b) everybody wants the extremists (Tea Party) to stop fomenting unrest, weakening the GOP establishment, and railing against the immigration initative. The  article claimed that Republicans feel just the same as independents and Democrats on this major issue. America needs these millions of new workers or our economy will collapse. Those calling for some radical crack-down on immigration, legal or otherwise, are trouble-makers and fringe elements.

slothThis pro-immigration article was supplemented in the same issue with another pointing out that 90 million able-bodied Americans aren’t working and instead are drawing whatever benefits they can get from the State. They don’t have any incentive to work. They do just fine living off other taxpayers. They are part of the consuming but non-productive swath of the American population that is growing bigger every year under the Marxist Utopianists.

Hmm. So we need to open our borders to the illiterate or near-illiterate who don’t share our political culture and are increasingly unassimilated in the US, and we need to do so because otherwise our economy is doomed because of labor shortages. But meanwhile millions of able-bodied non-working adults, legal US citizens, are draining the federal and state treasuries and watching Dr. Phil and Search for Tomorrow from 9-5. Does this make any sense? Well, it probably does — because like lab rats, Americans are being socially engineered to do the State’s bidding and our government wants a subservient, needy, weak public. Our government has so greatly expanded the benefits available to the country’s unfortunates and all the millions of slackers with them that there is zero reason other than boredom for seeking work. Which, surprise, turns people into meek recipients of their daily living and eager supporters of the dispensing hand, rather than independent wage-earners. It’s like magic: add human being, sprinkle on ample pinch of government largesse, and bingo, out comes a Democrat voter. Taking out one US resident from the list of the productive also creates a need for a replacement for that now-unproductive human.  The flow from Third World countries will never cease until there is nothing more to be sucked out of America.

Unfortunately for those of us who think borders exist for a reason, the movers and shakers in this country are all fully behind the effort to change our laws.  The vested interests are Labor, Big Business, churches of all denominations, and the Democrat Party. The unions want to renew their greatly-emptied ranks, Big Business wants a ceaseless flow of cheap labor to do our brute work, the churches want to fill their emptied pews, and the Dems want that Zion of their aspirations, a permanent political majority created from all those coming across the borders with their hands out. By abetting a kind of reverse colonialism, in which Latin America is colonizing the US, Obama and the masterminds behind him are reshaping everything to their elitist, Marxist taste. When this law is in place, you are going to see something Obama promised us — the fundamental transformation of America.


Purging the Military

ham1Here’s the link to my latest article for Patriot Update:

Have you noticed over the past five years the steady outflow of high-ranking military  from the US Armed Forces? A number of commentators have written on this of late.  Some see it as the smoke obscuring the fire, and others, representing the State  Propaganda Machine, tell us these men had to leave for personal reasons or  personal transgressions. Ah, personal transgressions. That is the stuff of which  blackmail is made…

There You Have It

Dead Burro

Dead Burro

What a shock I had yesterday when the Republicans caved 100 percent. Who would have guessed that they could slide so rapidly from “defund Obamacare” to virtually no demands at all? I would guess we all knew that was what they intended all along — throw a sop to the conservatives with a brief hold-out, then rapidly diminish our demands. Then boom! we cave.

Our elephants have become mere burros, carrying the load for the left. They are trying to cover up their lack of a position, virtue or valor by pointing to the bones thrown to the Republicans by the Emperor, but if they were bones, they were wishbones. The big deal is the promise to try to find a long-term deal by December. These people can’t even be creative in their irresponsibility, it’s always a committee that gets set up, adding to the bureaucracy. And nothing ever improves, either.

The Republicans failed to get any changes whatsoever to the health care legislation, much less its defunding. And they didn’t get a reprieve on the medical device tax. And they didn’t help the budget outlook. But look what they did get in their deal: all the USG employees furloughed get those two weeks of vacation fully paid! And all members of Congress and staff are exempt from the provisions of Obamacare! There’s another stunner, the Congress feathering its own nest. How can they possibly expect the public to look favorably on a system our elected representatives find unacceptable — it’s all for us, the sheep out here getting sheared.

Oh, yes, they also added in some no doubt utterly toothless verification system to make sure welfare frauds aren’t getting Obamacare subsidies when they don’t qualify. I’m sure this will make a critical difference in how much it is going to cost everybody and will uncover all those parasites we know are out there, sucking up as much taxpayer monies as possible for nothing whatsoever.

One thing I found interesting was that while 87 Republicans voted in favor of this white flag of surrender, 144 did not. I’m hopeful that this indicates a trend at the grassroots level of the party. The Senate may be lopsided in favor of the “above it all” crowd headed by the blustering McCain, but in the House the more steadfast have the edge. Who knows, of course, if a vote really signifies commitment. These pols are survivors, like crocodiles; if the legislation was going to pass anyway, a lot of them no doubt voted nay for purely electoral purposes. But at least they are concerned about their conservative base turning on them, even if they don’t yet care what we have to say. I suppose we could say that was something gained.

A lot of people are saying, “ho hum,” the Tea Party couldn’t ignite a popular movement, they are no powerhouse. We’ll see about that. The GOP could ride a wave of popular anger into victory at the polls if they would incorporate Tea Party demands as their own. But I don’t expect that to happen, since these guys seems always to be playing not to their own voters, but to those of the increasingly tiny moderate wing of the Democrat Party.

I’m glad this deep divide within the GOP is now out in the open, so people can discuss frankly what the alternatives for the party are. Maybe two parties is better for everybody except the left. At least if the GOP relies on a coalition to win the presidency, they will have no choice but to respond to its partners concerns. It’s a thought.

The GOP burro might just be dead.




Government Shut-Down and Public Discontent

shutdownAnother week has flown by, life a round of bureaucratic exercises and politics a nest of snakes. The USG remains shut down and according to one poll, 70 percent of Americans can’t detect any difference in their lives because of the cessation of activity. I personally breathe a little easier knowing the engineers of our destruction are temporarily idle, and my most fervent wish is that they would stay off the job permanently. I admit that I was unable to speak with my local Social Security office to see why they were withholding money due them because SSA had miscalculated benefits when I had long ago sent them a check for same. The money grubbers never rest and never get furloughed. They just plow ahead with their screw-ups.

silent majorityI see the Democrat politburo has tumbled to the fact that some of us have anarchist sentiments. Well, not usually — but when the choice is having an oppressive government or none, I’ll take none. Isn’t it odd that we, the once-silent majority who allowed this erosion of rights over the years, are the trouble-makers — and the Dems, whose leaders were all birthed in that totally self-centered and anarchist youth rebellion of the 1960s-70s, are the old-liners, the hard-liners. These guys and their State Propaganda officers like Chris Matthews and Candy Crowley could be time-dropped into 1930′s Germany and they would fit right in with the Nazi crowd, I guarantee it. Or with the Bolsheviks in 1917, executing the aristocrats, the wealthy, and the just plain disliked. Someone like Kathleen Sibelius is generic to any authoritarian system.

crystal ballThe polls have swung wildly of late, now favoring the Republicans, now the Dems. Most recently the GOP is getting hammered and the soothsayers have been poring over the omens to see what it all means. The brat in the White House has been childishly vindictive and overtly partisan and punitive. His goal is to make the public — or the half of the public he doesn’t care about — suffer until they squeal and he has rejected arrogantly each and every offer from the Republicans on issues that need negotiation. The public still blames the GOP, say the political mavens. It seems to me that the analysts are off on a wild-goose chase. “The nation is blaming the GOP” may be the case, but a big part of that nation belongs to the voices within the center-right. Some Republicans disapprove of the drama in Congress, counseling pragmatic action that gradually advances our interests (they say). They are vehemently opposed to the Taxed Enough Already crowd and their representatives in Congress. They think Boehner should shut them up. Many others disapprove of the GOP because they (we) know the leadership isn’t sincere or committed to conservative principles. We see Cruz out there in the arena carrying the tattered banner of freedom, while Boehner and company look down from Olympus in anger and consternation. And we out in the hinterlands look back on them with contempt.

The dramatic drop in GOP favorability is far more a judgment from the party base than a national view of the party. The downturn is coming from its own ranks — conservatives who don’t see our representatives in Congress listening to our voices. We aren’t angry at them for shutting down government, we’re angry because they’re already cutting their usual deals to get that government re-opened before they are accused of being an opposition. We are seriously annoyed that they are tearing Cruz limb from limb because his approach to legislating doesn’t conform with theirs. We’re irritated as hell that a lot of those people we thought were conservative are in fact also looking for a deal and an end to an inconvenient (if much needed) confrontation with no winners and some big losers. We are fed up with the accommodationist crowd.

We’re dismayed that the Party so obviously functions like a beast with one spine and two brains, or one and a half if you are really honest about the Establishment Republicans. The GOP has demanded negotiations on a series of major issues that affect our common future, but is wobbly on holding the line. They keep stepping back that much further. They are determined to short-circuit the conservative revolt and close out this messy chapter of a dying democracy. Our snot-nosed president says he has nothing to discuss. That is because he has no ideas on offer except do what I say. The GOP leadership has no obligation to accept that position as reasonable, but they will end up doing so in exchange for some cosmetic fix they can tout as a plus. Just to get the upper hand over the rebels in their ranks. Just to move on. What I’d like to know is, where they think they are moving on to. If they think they’ll win once the public is exhausted with the left, they are quite mistaken. By then a big part of their voting base will have disappeared.

From where I sit, a man like Ted Cruz is the only kind of representative we should have: one who believes in and upholds our Constitution and one who thinks his positions should be dictated by the people who put him in office, not the guys who decide if he’ll be the GOP candidate next time around. The intransigents are in power in our country; it will take more than an amiable opposition to oust them. We need fighters, not wimps.

Okay, I’ll concede that all this may be a bad sign for the GOP, but it isn’t a bad sign for the conservative movement. It is the conservative wing that is rising up in defiance and saying that the Republicans are not much better than the Democrats and that neither is a constitutional-minded group. I read a commentary by a conservative who wrote that there are no true rights that cost anything. If something is a right, it comes grace of God and no other way. So education or health care or one’s daily bread are not and can never be rights, because somebody has to pay for them. And rights can’t be bought. Those who can’t earn the bread they eat need to be cared for by the neighborhood, the community, the author wrote. Except we don’t have communities anymore, we are broken irreparably and there are too many needy — because the government wants to break us all down to the lowest common denominator, the better to control us. Poverty grows, anger grows, and who knows what lies simmering in our future?

Pat Buchanan’s latest cogent argument concerns secession – specifically, its international legal precedents and the movements around the country by parts of states to secede. I recommend it. Its something we should start thinking about. Because it is tragically clear that there is no way back to the Constitution under the current regime. They are entrenching their autocracy.


Surely something good will come of all this

the knightsThe America that is fed up with Washington abuses fired its first important shot across the bow of the USG after electing a handful of guys like Ted Cruz. For the first time in, gosh, hardly ever, the Republican leadership stood tall on an issue, the continuing resolution set-to. The reluctant warrior fought side-by-side with the visionary crusader. They fought for what was right, not what was convenient. Defund Obamacare! Millions of Americans were cheering. Then, in the blink of an eye, we were past that difficult period and back to business as usual. The next draft law sent to the Senate had dropped the big idea and moved on to mere details — important ones, but not the main show. Each demand is getting tinier and less significant and soon we’ll be down to “we want a committee of Congress to oversee Death Panel decision-making.” It would be nice, but as futile as the Congress itself has become.

The truth of the matter is that the enthusiasm of Establishment Republicans for carrying the torch of freedom has already waned; the timid warriors are scuttling back into their easy collaboration with the people who oppress us. They don’t want to get blamed for having a backbone. Furthermore, McCain has to get back to stirring up a hornet’s nest in Syria, which looks perilously close to slipping out of the war zone thanks to the sly maneuvering of Vladimir Putin. Perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions or biased or just cynical. But I have a niggling feeling that before long the leaders of the GOP (Camp Boehner, not Cruz) will be back in the groove, finding whatever way possible to cave to the Dude’s ultimatum of no negotiation without saying as much. The prez thought to combine two sets of negotiations and offer a few crumbs vis a vis the budget, but nothing on Obamacare. Let’s see what the GOP does. I’m guessing go with the flow, although these days that outcome is becoming chancier due to rebels in the ranks.

third partyWhile the Dude infuses his adoring mob with a spirit of hatred and envy, the Republicans square off against one another inside their sagging Big Top. There may already be too great an abyss between the two camps to allow them to hold together. The difference between the wings is that of Chris Christie and Ted Cruz or Ron Paul. If we do get a third party movement, political stability will be even more fragile. But no matter what happens, I’m happy to see people who have a sense of history and a determination to fight against the complete transformation of America rather than just trying to soften the blow. It was inspiring to see Ted Cruz on his feet hour after hour talking to Americans about what Obama-care means for them and their loved ones. I know now that the new political movement emerging in America has a nucleus of leaders, even if they don’t agree among themselves on every issue. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul. And Marco Rubio, too.

Meanwhile, Cruz detractors within the GOP are having fun ripping into the man for public viewing. The twin-headed monstrosity McCain-Graham was aghast at the Texan’s nerve in refusing to cease and desist, shut up, sit down, have a taco, whatever. The peace-makers argued that the battle was done. It was time to pull down the flag and go home. Everybody will blame us, they cried, if we stand for something so much that we are willing to act like an opposition. The Old Guard tried to force the silence of those opposed to appeasement and they failed. Unfortunately, the Miss Congeniality clique won’t give up; they will continue to huddle and try to figure out how to shut up Cruz and Company — a very tiny company in the halls of Congress. Washington is the Land of the Deal, and nobody makes deals better than the GOP elite and nobody screws up a deal quicker than a conservative in today’s America. The GOP apparently doesn’t belong to us on the right; it belongs to some other amorphous group of wobbly virtues and principles. The Establishment guys still think the groundswell of support for the Cruz monologue was all pr. The sad truth is many of our so-called representatives haven’t represented us in ages. The wouldn’t know public sentiment if it bit them in their big soft behinds.

libertariansThe only way the GOP is going to recover its vital center-right base is to go back to their roots and their founding ideas and start really fighting for them. If, like the False Pope now sitting in Rome, they decide to cast their fates and that of their institutions to the winds of change, they will find themselves out of office at the first election. And the Dems might think that they will benefit from the collapse of the GOP at the national level. But they won’t be crowing when they face the third party movement born from that collapse, because it is going to attract lots of people who don’t find room for themselves in today’s Democrat Party. It’s going to change the whole way this country does business.

truckers The new Establishmentarians, as exemplified by such technocratic robots as Kathleen Sibelius and the racist Eric Holder, are worried about that rabble called America. The popular wave of anger at the suffocation of basic rights is only now beginning to build. With every day, the battle lines are more deeply drawn. The US Government has become openly oppressive and politicized. The law is entirely flexible and is applied to foes and suspended for friends. USG funds are used as political slush funds. Crimes of high officials go unpunished. And the right is beginning to strike back. God bless the bikers! God bless the truckers! Now if the rest of us would converge on Washington and hang out there on the National Mall, that would be a sight to behold.

If there are no changes made to the head-on collision course Obama and his Party leadership has set our country up for, we are going to have the immovable object meeting the irresistible force. No more turning a blind eye to the Marxist indoctrination our children are now subject to, no ignoring attacks on Christians (at home, let’s not even mention abroad). We are not going to take it any more. And we will see how well the right does at getting its people to vote in the next elections and in every election to see that conservatives with backbones are elected, not the cowards who now control the Party — or are trying to keep control of it, more accurately.

Every so often that vast right-wing conspiracy comes together for a brief while to allow a wave to swallow up the voracious left. I think we have already started the battle. Next year will be a big challenge that has to make a mark. We need one hundred more Cruz and Paul types. No resting now, blogosphere.

Corruption to the Right of Us, Corruption to the Left

evilI thought that Fox News was the one source of major news coverage that  didn’t buy into the liberal slant on life. I’m not convinced of that anymore.  It’s a sure bet that when I open the FNC website, I will find a banner  headline that Al Qaeda and Sons made off with large quantities of high-tech  military hardware that we had sitting around – apparently unguarded – in Libya;  and just below that a picture of that slut Miley Cyrus

A Few Words to Those Who Represent Us

rolling pinI found myself getting so angry over the collapsing rule of law in the United States that I began imagining what I would say if I had five minutes with a certain group of Republican membersof Congress who were trapped in a force-field where they could neither move nor speak.

First I would say, I’d like you to meet a real middle-class American, one of those whom you claim as your special focus of concern. But I can’t see a thing that you’ve done for us not only over the last five years, but for the eight before that – and you’ve been living high off the taxpayer for that long and longer. You are supposed to represent what the voters want. Here is what I want:

I want a US president who doesn’t use the word “I” more than the word “the” in every sentence. I want a president who doesn’t try to shatter the United States by setting sub-group against sub-group. I want one who isn’t racist. I want a First Lady who at least likes being First Lady, even if she doesn’t respect the United States but only her race. I want a First Lady who knows that liking doesn’t mean soaking the taxpayers for every over-the-top vacation you feel like taking.

I want government based clearly and fully on the constitution. Officials take an oath of office, why not make them take classes on the Constitution (and pass) before they can take that oath. Maybe it would refresh their minds on what it is they are supposed to be doing. We test aspiring drivers, and attorneys, and doctors, why not the people who will be our voice in government? I want the US Congress to be subject to every single law in the country and I want a legal prohibition against self-exemption. I want to see an end to the kind of abuse of power we see every day in Congress. I want my representatives to represent me, not their parties. And one word to Sen. McCain: you ought to have to pay the salary of that young woman you brought on board as an advisor to the Syrian advance invasion team. We have a right to a minimum of integrity among employees whose salaries we pay, and she doesn’t meet the standard.

I want the US courts at every level to base their decisions on US law and US law only. I want an end to the Supreme Court’s abuse of authority seen in the rewrite of Obamacare legislation to enable it to stand. That law was the result of entirely partisan political and judicial trickery and the Democrats ignored half of the country’s population, at a minimum, who did not want the law. It should be repealed. Why don’t the Republicans start writing replacement laws on the big issues like tort reform and insurance competition across the 50 states? Show us what could replace that monstrosity, keep yourselves busy so you’re not wasting so much taxpayer money. Be active or get out of the way!

creepy teacherI want schools to teach what really happened and not offer up fabricated crap. I want an end to teachers preying on their students, for which they should be fired with loss of pension, at a minimum. Then there’s the jail part. I want the elimination of sexually-oriented education in our schools from K through 12. And I’m tired of the social and cultural trash the schools are feeding our kids, indoctrinating them in frankly. This is pure hedonism, the doped-up generation teaching the kids that everything is free, everything is owed them, that they are special, and anything permissible. They suffocate the talented and the hard-thinking, they ostracize and ridicule them and they enforce an ideological orthodoxy over all our students. Often they are incompetent, as well.

We’ve had it. Let’s start weeding those people out of the school system entirely. I want an end to the tyranny of the State over education and their animosity toward home-schooling and the conservative agenda in general. They need to keep their politics out of our schools.  I want an end to the use of the public school system to socially-reengineer our youth. I want an end to violence in electronic games and at the movies and especially on television. These idols have twisted the minds of our rapidly changing younger generation. Look around you and see what your refusal to defend the rights of parents has wrought. Our children are giving meaning to the term “freaking out,” not only in their hedonism but masochism as seen in tip-to-toe tattoos.

I want the university system subjected to rigorous review to insure that there is no liberal lock-out of conservative thought and conservative activism. They have damaged our children by refusing to teach them to freely exchange ideas or to respect genuine discourse and by creating an ideological one-party state in their minds.

great wallI want right-to-work made national law in all the fifty states. I want our immigration laws enforced and a Great Wall of the US built across the southern perimeter. I want a national review of voting information to identify illegal voters, multiple voters, dead voters and cross-state voters. I want the polls purged of those voters and I want the guilty prosecuted.

I want our troops out of other people’s civil wars. Tom Harkin, that Lenin of the Midwest, was right when he said we have a civil war on our own hands. So let’s bring the troops home, secure the borders and let us take our grievances into the public arena and fight for them.

Unfortunately, you are constitutionally incapable of doing that. You concede the battle to avoid the fight.

And finally, I’m sick of the snotty attitude you jerks have toward the people who elected you into your unearned power. You are a living example of “government for the people,” not “government by the people and of the people.” You work for us, not the other way around, so you’d better start showing us you really, really get it. Because otherwise your legislative sinecure is going to be a thing of the past.

Adios, dear representative. You just don’t measure up. So my vote is going to a third party candidate or a local conservative with courage. And we’re going to take away your pensions, too, so at some point you’ll  have to leave Congress and go out and earn your Obamacare.

The GOP Implodes

future“I can’t imagine filibustering the bill that I like… ObamaCare will take a hit but it won’t be defunded. I don’t think the government is going to shut down.”– Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on “America’s Newsroom.”

Well, it has finally become pretty open. There is a breach in the Republican Party (let’s not bother calling it Grand anymore) that is likely not bridgeable. The Party leadership has turned the full blast of their fury at insubordination in the ranks, supposedly from guys like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, but aimed equally at thee and me. The immediate causes of the rupture are various: one is the willingness of the Republicans in the Senate to give Obamacare a pass, while the rebels want to make as big a ruckus as possible and give voice to what millions and millions of Americans are feeling right now. The Old Guard doesn’t get it: we know we’re screwed; we know Obamacare is heading straight ahead like a steamroller; we know it can’t be stopped. But we intend to be heard by all those who would silence us. We don’t want Third World health care whether in quality, quantity or availability. If there are serious consequences, so be it. If the USG has to shut down, please let it be forever. Tyranny or anarchy, not a lot to choose from.

Then there is the debt ceiling; ten to one the Republican leadership in the Senate will just pass it, claiming it is impossible to do otherwise — same as Obamacare. The Constitutionalists want to  allow our debt to rise in exchange for something else, like lower spending. We don’t want to even go into the immigration morass, where even within the GOP we are two nations (and a thousand more if you count the illegals).

RINOBut although these are the “wedge issues” that have triggered the detonation process, the real issues are far deeper and more permanent. The Cruzites or Paulists, as you will (and probably that would include thee and me) insist that the Constitution means what it says and says what it means. There can be no down-sizing of our fundamental liberties just for the sake of avoiding a fight or appeasing the left. The Establishment thinks that cooperation is the highest goal they can achieve; the Freedom Fighters (and that term applies a lot more to us than to our Al Qaeda pals in Syria) think it is highly over-rated in time of crisis. The Establishment doesn’t want to deal with touchy issues that might turn a voter away: the glorification of homosexuality in our media and schools and public work places, the silencing of dissent, the anti-Christian campaign slyly supported by the Government, abortion even of full-grown babies, death panels for the lame and the halt, the re-writing of actual written history to distort it towards a new ideology — all of these are basic issues we are angry about, but the Establishment couldn’t care less. We are troublesome; we are cantankerous; we’re gumming up the works. All I can say to that is, “hallelujah!”

I wasn’t particularly drawn to Rick Santorum during the last election. He is a fine man, but always seemed angry. I guess I’ve reached that place now, too. And frankly I don’t care if the US public turns away from the Party because of its pro-Constitutionalist base. Let the chips fall where they may. The US public is, in any case, peopled by the ignorant who know nothing beyond tv sound bites, if even that much. My concern right now is that we have a bogus second party claiming to be the voice of reason and the only salvation for the GOP — the Chris Christie school of Republicanism — and demonizing the conservative wing of the party. Well, that’s okay with me. If I am to be essentially ignored, except for those begging letters looking to fund the Establishment, I guess I can do some ignoring back. Only I won’t really ignore them — I’ll be watching their every move and trying to document it for posterity. And millions of other bloggers are doing likewise.

elite_editedTake a look at the Wall Street Journal, or the Weekly Standard. How many of their opinions do you share regardless of how well-expressed they are? Wall Street wants as many illegals as business can get so a relatively few people can get richer and millions will stay poor working for meager wages until the WSJ supports mainstream legislation to legalize them, at which point they will work for a lot more than our businesses want to pay — and it will all start over again. The Weekly Standard wants to walk that same old same old middle-of-the-road line, the one that frowns on excessive fervor, absolutes, red-lines and especially boat-rocking. They hold that position firmly unless and until it concerns intervention by the US in other countries’ internal affairs. Then they perpetually support intervention, positing some supposed moral obligation America has, or assuring us that there is some vital interest we dummies out here can’t see. The people who write for and editorialize at these and other prestigious “conservative” journals usually don’t speak for conservatives at all. They write for each other, for their interest groups. I suppose one can hardly be surprised. After all, I seriously doubt that any Marxist would be reading anything I have to say on just about anything.

There is an ugly air of civil strife in our country today. Our president’s only known talent is for division. He has turned the less affluent against the affluent, the young against the old, and the black, brown or yellow against the white. His party is supporting him full-throatedly in his assault on American values, and they have been on a scary roll. And his brain-damaged vice president Joe Biden is in Mexico pretty much handing out invitations to head North — because he promised them, actually promised them, that every single illegal in the US would be granted amnesty. If that isn’t grounds for impeachment, tell me, what is?

physicsFor every action there is an equal but opposite reaction and that is where we are. The reaction to the assaults on America, its history, its culture and its future is building to a critical mass and when it explodes there will be hell to pay. I think the black on white hate campaign that has resulted in so many utterly senseless and brutal murders is only the beginning. More oppression is waiting right around the corner handed out by those who know better than you what is good for you. A lot of people are just going to sit the fight out, round-eyed in fear and confusion, taking no stand. That is how we got here in the first place. But others are prepared and preparing for a confrontation that now seems inevitable.

Round and around the wheel of fortune goes, and where it stops, nobody knows. Not even Barack Obama.



Olio, Pastiche, Potpourri, Inter Alia and Etcetera

hodgepodgeI can hardly read the news or watch the talking heads on television these days, it’s all so depressing. How about those Democrat members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee who walked out just before the families of those who died in Benghazi had their say – what was that all about? Not a pretty picture, Dems, looks to me like you are callous and indifferent. But hey, I know those terms can only be applied to Republicans. And while I’m on that point, I want to give nod to the Republican members who were too busy with other business to be there for the hearing. Just imagine a picture of one side of the room packed and the other side empty. What a dramatic statement. But no. What we saw was a room with one side empty and the other side nearly empty. Never say the Republicans won’t let a good crisis go to waste. They can hardly decry the Dems’ open expression of contempt because the response would be: and where were you?

empty houseI personally would have tied every one of the Committee members and their staffers into their chairs, along with Hillary Clinton and her shills Thomas Pickering and Victoria Nuland. They should be forced to listen to the families’ words of accusation. But we don’t do things like tying US officials and elected members of Congress into chairs, electric or otherwise, and we don’t force them to take responsibility for their egregious stupidity, arrogance and irresponsibility. Too bad. More and more I find myself talking out loud to the blowhards of Congress when I watch them grill people giving testimony. These servants of the people drip contempt at the very suggestion that our leaders are not as virtuous as they believe themselves to be, or that they are nincompoops and incompetents. I keep rooting for the guy in the hot-seat, urging him to say it: you work for us, lunkhead, not the other way around — how about you answer some questions?

alshababMeanwhile, in our president’s homeland (that would be Kenya) al-Shabab took over an upscale shopping mall and summarily executed dozens of people who gave the wrong answer to the question: are you a Moslem? It was a case of “say the secret word (‘no’) and get a bullet through the brain.” Although the gang’s handle sounds like a 50s rock and roll lyric, al-Shabab is pure evil. Still, they are fighting for their ideals, whatever they might be, and this terrible loss of life should be the point where the US takes the Kenyan government to task for brutally murdering some of the Shopping Mall Shababists without a trial. What a terrible human rights violation. Maybe we should start arming the Shababists and rename them “Freedom Fighters.” Perhaps they could send John McCain a letter, with a cc to Lindsay Graham. Never mind — we will probably still get a chance to arm them when they migrate to the jihad currently underway in Syria.

angry oOur glorious president, who according to rumor was the stuttering voice of Porky Pig in the Loony Tunes, has once more taken to the pulpit in the Church of Racial Division. You always know when he’s trying to stir up racial hatred because his eyes narrow and his voice takes on a faux black cadence and he practically trembles with indignation. Method Acting, it’s called. Having been shown to be the bumbling idiot he is on the world stage, Obama has decided to ignore international relations altogether for a while and instead concentrate on turning his adoring black mobs against the Party of White Folks, also known as the Party of Old White Folks, or sometimes the Party of Old White Folks Using Up Too Much Health Care and Hanging Onto Too Much Money that Belongs to Us. Obama’s short-hand for all those is “Republicans.” The guy who once thought that constantly raising the debt limit was a criminal undertaking today has made it clear he doesn’t plan to negotiate with those people over his unfettered right to raise the debt ceiling. And he also made clear that he doesn’t plan to tolerate those people “messing” with him. Ooooh. He’s miffed, America. He might have to encourage some more black on white hate crimes, a few more strategic murders to remind Whitey who is in charge these days. And of course he is even more miffed because the House of Representatives, egged on by the evil Constitutionalists, is doing whatever possible to keep the health-care debacle from getting taxpayer funding. He larded his most recent speech with code words like “overcome” to get the crowd thinking of a real heroic figure, whom we are to assume he is channeling. I guess when you are an empty suit with no substance of your own you can channel anybody. I wish he could channel Martin Luther King; then he might stop thinking in racial stereotypes.

angry parentThen we have the march of tyranny that is going on in our schools and on our campuses. Did you see the news about a father who was forcefully removed from a public meeting when he objected to Baltimore’s use of the Common Core educational monstrosity? It seems that he was disrupting the meeting by making comments and asking questions, when the rules were to submit written questions and be silent. (Isn’t that a violation of the rights of the disabled? How is a blind person supposed to submit a written question?) This procedure reminds me of the Soviet Union, when phony “public meetings” required all questions to arrive in advance in writing so that all the inconvenient ones could be shredded. All I can say is, the cop who frog-marched the concerned parent off the premises was lucky the guy wasn’t carrying a weapon or he might have found out what the parent’s views are on the Second Amendment as well as the First.

And then there was the young college student in Modesto, CA, who got into hot water for handing out copies of the Constitution on campus on Constitution Day. The nitwit in the administration office admonished him that there is a time and place for everything. In Modesto, that would be on a spot big enough for one medium-sized person, out of the vulnerable students’ line of sight, where those arguing for crazy ideas are relegated. Unfortunately for the kid who thinks our country owes everything it ever did right to the Constitution, that square foot of land was booked through Christmas and perhaps forever. Which suggests to me that in California, the proper place and time for distribution of the US Constitution is in hell, when it freezes over.

The Big Cover-Up on Benghazi

benghazi I watched with great interest the questioning of State Department  Under-Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy by members of the House Committee  on Foreign Affairs about the disaster in Benghazi. I never knew Kennedy  personally, but by reputation he was highly thought of…



The US Turns Clausewitz on His Head

war and truthThe Prussian Karl von Clausewitz is a favorite philosopher for those who deal in war; he was something of a romantic and, like the Americans, felt it necessary to imbue the use of force with moral content. One of his most famous sayings is that “war is a continuation of politics by other means.” Alas for America, we have turned Clausewitz on his head and appear to believe that diplomacy is something we turn to when our will to war is thwarted. But we still believe in dressing up every act of violence in morality.

The hapless president of the United States was bested in his most recent attempt to demonstrate his manhood and unparalleled goodness by launching waves of bombers over the heads of Syrians, one and all, good and bad. His heroic Secretary of State, the one who fought in Vietnam for four months before skedaddling with a minor injury and a Purple Heart, inadvertently threw his boss off-stride by tossing out a one-liner about how the Syrians would never agree to turn over all their cw in one week. “Impossible” he huffed and of course that was true. It is impossible for Syria to turn over the weapons in a week, or a year, and probably not in a decade. After all, the US has spent years trying to dispose of its own massive cw stockpiles and it isn’t done by a long shot. (I have a feeling that we, too, have secret caches of the stuff, because you never know…)

kerry and lavrovContrary to Kerry’s expectations, the Russian president intercepted that groan-inducing fumble. “Let’s ask the Syrians,” Vladimir Putin suggested reasonably. “Oh, of course we will hand them over,” said Bashar al-Assad graciously, “why didn’t you just ask?” And Kerry, thinking about how dopey he appeared, assured us that he actually believed it was possible before he thought it wasn’t possible, and it was all a clever ruse to sucker Russia and Syria. Putin and Assad were obviously acting in their own interests, not those of our incompetent Commander-in-Chief and his cast of clowns, but it temporarily saved Obama’s bacon — if that isn’t an offensive term to the son of a Moslem, and even if it is. Obama came that close to having his left-wing base rise up against him in anger, not to mention the small fact that a vast majority of Americans in general were deeply opposed to his war plans and would have like nothing better than to storm the White House.

I guess the world had given up hope that they could ever again cut America down to size, its ego had grown so bloated and its military power so overwhelming. But suddenly those tired of America’s preening had their chance. Without appearing to be in the least racist, people all around the globe were able to note for public consumption that the American president was a goofball, not a serious player, not smart enough for the rough-and-tumble of real international politics. Even those who were happy to see America’s incessant war-making shut off for a moment couldn’t resist sticking the knife in and watching a bit of Obama’s hot air seep out. But do not underestimate America’s War Wing. It’s war they want, and by gum, it’s war they will have.

How are they going to manage this? Through diplomacy. Here is how this works: the deal with Russia and Syria was that the chemical weapons stocks would be turned over to international control. If Syria reneges, then the matter of bloody retribution from an avenging angel may come up for further consideration. The Russians know there is no way that Syria’s cw stocks could be rounded up in the unrealistic time-frame the US insisted on, and thus they made time for Assad to wipe out the jihad-riddled opposition while staying the US from bombing their way into WWIII. The American goal, by contrast, is to set impossible conditions for a peaceful outcome and to get Russia to accept a UN resolution with sufficiently flexible wording to allow the US to bomb Syria at its leisure while claiming the blessings of “the international community.” Then the US can install its own puppet government — the kind of doofuses that now hold the reins in highly unstable countries like Libya and Egypt and Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama would once more appear to the world as a heroic figure. And equally important to all those jingoists in the War Wing who are not Barack Obama, the US will have defeated Russia and Iran in the zero-sum game they mistakenly believe is diplomacy.

Bah. Humbug. No sooner was the deal made than the war-mongers led by John McCain and Lindsay Graham began wailing that it was a bad bargain. Like Cassandra crying out her warnings to the deaf, they and others — many from the GOP’s neo-con wing — insist that Russia can never be trusted, communist or not, and that official Syrians — not the guys on our side who are chopping the heads off Christians and summarily executing prisoners — are too brutal to be allowed to hold power. Obama, they say, lost the game to Putin and hamstrung American war-making. The War Wing wants to make it truly impossible for Syria to comply with the terms of the agreement, maybe by insisting it all by wrapped up by sunset tomorrow, so they can claim that peace failed and war must rule. Their game is largely about the creation of enemies, real and imagined, which is essential if you are going to make people think your recourse to force is unavoidable and “morally good.”

So the game continues for the moment in that useless arena called the Security Council, the place where aggression is never averted and only rarely actually agreed to. The US wants a resolution against Syria much like the ones that were churned out year after year against Iraq before becoming the banners under which America invaded. Russia, needless to say, will not approve such wording, having seen time and again the way in which the US has used such resolutions to do exactly as it pleases, all the while claiming the whole world is at its back (rather than on it).

Sit back and relax. If you want war or you don’t, you don’t have a thing to say about it. Your views are as meaningless to our decision-makers as they are on things like health-care or the Constitution. The game is afoot and the chances are pretty good that America will find (or create) whatever it needs to work its will. And in the process, we will have churned out millions of new critics (and enemies,too) who think that America’s days of glory are long past, and its moral authority nothing more than thin gruel. And that will, in turn, lead to greater challenges in the future. Some of them might even be challenges to real American interests.

Obama and Holder: Making Sure Racism is Alive and Well

race warsI was looking through my digital news sources this morning, searching for the latest case of black on white hate crimes. The most recent act of brutality involved a guy who looked a card short of a full deck who was murdered on a New York street by an angry (or perhaps bored) black guy who had publicly announced his intentions of attacking somebody white just before killing the victim. That incident came soon after an Australian kid who loved baseball was sent off to meet his Maker by a couple of bored black Neanderthals looking for a white boy to kill. I won’t go into chapter and verse on how many such deaths there have been over the past year, since I’m sure every one of my readers knows what I’m talking about. In any case, there won’t be a big gap before the next murder(s), because we are in the midst of a race war triggered by our First Black President and his multitude of pious black officials leading off with Eric Holder, head of the Department of Injustice.

How ironic that it is black racism that today is thriving. I pretty much passed through my late teens and adulthood (and now my golden years) hearing lectures on the evils of white racism from black people and left-wing whites who writhe with shame over Our Collective Guilt. We had to give blacks a big leg up in just about everything, since they had been kept down so long. How were we to know that this separate and entirely unequal treatment would continue long after that first generation of lucky recipients had raised kids and those kids had raised their kids? It seems like black folks just can’t get enough special privileges to make up for what their great-grandparents endured. Is it any wonder native Americans and now Hispanics have tried to get in on the act, too? Who wouldn’t? They just weren’t nearly as successful, although I’m thinking the Hispanics, especially all those in our country illegally, aren’t doing half bad.

sharptonBlacks learned from their shameless leaders, many of them sporting the title “Reverend,” how to play the race card for all it was worth. Not only were several generations of blacks given easy admission to the nation’s higher educational establishments (here’s looking at you, Obama), top jobs in the private sector, and good jobs in the USG, they learned something invaluable: how to shut white people up before they even said a word of protest. All they had to do was shout “racist!” and the white people scattered in silence. It got so bad that black demagogues were able to successfully argue that police shouldn’t be looking just for black criminals when a crime was seen with human eyes to have been committed by blacks. That was racist profiling. On the other hand, I never once heard of a round-up of black criminals when a white was known to have committed a crime; but that’s the way it was. We had to make up for the sins of our fathers by being totally stupid. Nothing showed up the iniquity of what white people were subjected to better than the case of Trayvon Martin, a strapping black young adult who was shot while trying to pound a fat Hispanic man into brain death. He was immediately transformed into a little kid who still sounded like a girl by the black community in general and especially by the black community organizer in the White House, who claimed to be both Trayvon Martin’s father and Trayvon Martin. (A little confusion there on father-son stuff.) Martin was a mere child victimized unfairly by (drum roll) a “white Hispanic.” It showed how successfully blacks had made the color of the white man’s skin an excuse for discrimination, disrespect, hatred and violence – skills our white black president had mastered as he climbed his way to the pinnacle of power.

Let’s face it, even before Obama and his crew of race-baiters showed up on the scene, the US had been primed for the first ever openly racist president and openly racist administration whose targets were white. In fact, if the US had not been so prepared to feel guilt at every turn, Obama would never have become president. How else to explain the election — twice — of a man of mediocre intelligence, no warmth, no experience, no abilities, and massive ego? White guilt.

obama race cardEvery demagogue needs his mob. What good is rabble-rousing without a rabble? Obama grew up with a virulent worm of racist anger gnawing at his innards, planted there by his absentee father back in Africa ranting against white colonialism. What a delightful surprise for him when he discovered that he could make profitable use of his burning resentment by stirring up black anger against whites in his corner of Chicago and then using their zealous approval to feather his own nest. His race goading came to him naturally and it led him to an astonishingly (unbelievably) fast rise to political power. And he sure knew how to capitalize  on the White Man’s Burden. He passed himself off as pretty much the only guy who could absolve white guilt toward blacks and the way to absolve it was for whites to vote him and his belligerent wife into the White House. So we shouldn’t be surprised that once elected he proved unable to let go of his security blanket. It was more of the same Marxist sloganeering tempered with a heavy dose of race-baiting – the idea that black people were owed by the white man. If after decades of special rights, black kids were still growing up in the midst of every type of criminal activity, held education in contempt, treated women like trash and used violence as an everyday tool –  well, that was really Whitey’s doing. (Sometimes, of course, he blamed Republicans, but “Republican” is nothing but a black person’s code word for racist.) Black people in his world view have no responsibilities, but their rights are legion.

black and white racismI’m frankly surprised it took so long for the hatred Obama was sowing among black Americans to blossom into today’s murderous campaign against whites. But the results of what our First Black President has done by igniting racial hatred have not yet been seen in their entirety. In the fullness of time, if the murdering rampage continues, there will be the inevitable response. Angry white people, tired of watching their government turn a blind eye to black on white violence, will cook up an answer of their own. And when that happens, my friends, all bets are off. It would be just the thing to finish off the US as any kind of pretender to world leadership — whites killing blacks, and blacks killing whites, all to the drums of hatred being pounded by people like Obama, and Holder, and Van Jones, and every black actor in Hollywood. And the New Ku Klux Klan.

I have to warn you: if that happens, we might get a NATO invasion or maybe just a teeny-tiny bombing campaign to put the white animals back in their cage. After all, human rights are a justification for anything and I’d hate to have to rely on European whites to call back the jets.

The UN: As Useless as a Screen Door on a Submarine

unscThe United Nations was a follow-on to the League of Nations that was founded in  1919 in reaction to the carnage of WWI, “the war to end all wars.” The proposal  for the League was central to US President Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points for Peace,  its purpose to offer “mutual guarantees of political independence and  territorial integrity to great and small states alike.”

It’s Howdy Doody Time

howdy doody blackWhen Barack Hussein Obama first appeared on the national stage, along with his empty resume and blank history, I commented to someone that Obama looked like a Howdy Doody who spent a very long summer on the beach. The ears, I guess, along with his inability to speak without a script. But now that he’s been running the US into the ground for five years, doing things that strike sensible Americans as totally inexplicable, I think there is a much deeper resemblance. What I’m referring to is  the hidden hand moving the parts and hidden lips speaking the words.

Obama’s bowing to the Saudi king or emperor or sheikh or whatever he is was only the most obvious give-away. Even ordinary Americans know better than to bow to foreign princes, but for a US president to do so was like a slap in the face to our very history. It was deliberate and offensive and he enjoyed every second of it.

Then there is Obama’s record of rampage in the Middle East. Sure, he deigned to let our Navy Seals zap Osama bin Laden, but that was for show. Even if he was too scared to watch the killing (he probably had his fingers in his ears and his eyes squeezed shut), he loved the adulation that poured in upon news of the Arab Rasputin’s demise. The real story, however, is the way he has used and abused America’s military forces to sweep secularist leaders from power in the Middle East and North Africa to install the most radical foes of America in the Moslem world. Osama bin Laden would have been proud of our president, I’m sure. He would gladly have flown off to paradise and all those virgin adolescent girls, his body filled with lead, in order to see his fondest dreams become reality. Haven’t you had that sneaking suspicion that somebody over there, some emir, is putting billions of dollars in secret accounts every time Obama orders a military strike? Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on that secret coded message that said “Syria’s next”? Too late, the prez has no doubt swallowed it.

Ihowdy 2t’s been an exciting few weeks in that usually dry-as-dust foreign policy field. First we had Obama’s dithering over whether to make good on his thoughtless threat to wreak havoc on Syria should it cross a chemical weapons red line that it turned out he never set at all, you dumbos. The ridicule reached such a pitch that Obama decided to show us that he meant what he said and he said what he meant, or perhaps it was “I yam what I yam and I yam what I yam.” You can put those guffaws where the sun doesn’t shine, Obama let us know — it’s curtains for Assad. No matter what Americans wanted or didn’t want, he was going to blow Syria to smithereens, or perhaps just do a teensy-tiny little destruction that nobody but the kids evaporated into thin air would even notice. And for sure he wasn’t looking to topple the Syrian leader, he just had to smack his knuckles so he would pay attention. And Obama had such incredibly good intelligence that it was Assad and not his motley crew of “Freedom Fighters” who used the cw that he couldn’t possibly share it with us. “Believe me,” was his plea, even as we approached the year’s anniversary of Benghazi when Americans died in a disastrous effort to sneak big-time weapons to the Islamic jihadists whom America supposedly was not arming and fiercely opposed. Yes, indeed-y, we certainly have every reason to trust Obama’s word.

As anti-war sentiment was reaching a wild crescendo at home and abroad, Obama’s knees were trembling but his will was firm. It was time to dispatch one of the last remaining obstacles between the jihadists and total power in the Middle East and anybody who questioned his right to send our men off to war and risk a terrorist spree in the US could just sit down and shut up. “I am the Emperor,” Obama said, if only implicitly. Despite every indication that he was going down to defeat in Congress and in the country, Obama let us know that he had only asked for the opinion of Congress on the assumption it would agree. Any other outcome would be null and void and not redeemable for cash. He assembled his confederacy of dunces to swear to America that failing to take out Assad would be the end of civilization as we know it. And it was so convincing, wasn’t it? I mean — we had the world’s most inept Socialist, Francois Hollande, who was already slapping on his plumed hat and strapping on his sword to fight by Obama’s side. And there were some other countries, like Moslem Albania, that said they agreed and were ready to do some cheerleading if not actually spend money or fight with the dumb Americans. But not to worry. Those emirs, sheikhs and despots of the Middle East were ready to pay American soldiers to die on their behalf.

howdy doody 5Finally the dunderhead currently heading up the State Department, where he sinks into the hole Hillary’s butt made in the Secretary’s chair, tossed off one of his clever lines written by his wife. Sure, he said, Syria could avoid being bombed into the Stone Age, if it gave up those chemical weapons within one week, give or take 45 minutes. But that is impossible, so it is war.

At which point the guy with the brains leapt at the Golden Ring and ran with it. “Syria will give up its chemical weapons,” Vladimir Putin announced, echoed by Bashar al Assad, who said, “of course we’ll turn over those weapons.” I don’t know if Russia is going to take those weapons to dispose of them, or if they will be buried in New York’s harbor where the UN can keep an eye on them.

And the funny thing is, Kerry’s mouthpieces at State scoffed at the idea that his suggestion was more than a joke, an idle comment from an idle brain. It threw a spanner into the whole works. How could it possibly be that the US made a demand and Syria agreed? How was America to get around that one? The fighter jets were already gassed up, our pilots ready to die, and suddenly it isn’t necessary? Whoa, Nellie.

Never mind. Now that everybody and his brother has lauded this fantastic bit of diplomacy from Russia, both Kerry and Obama are tripping over themselves to claim it was all their doing. Why that idea had already been raised (by whom?) in Russia in a chat our president had with Putin. In fact, said Obama, Putin’s proposal was a mere “continuation” of something that no doubt was stewing in Obama’s empty head, even if he didn’t tell us. You see, there are lots of things Obama doesn’t tell us. It’s more convenient that way, because it’s tough to change your story once you’ve opened your big mouth (not that this has ever stopped Obama).

And here we are. To bomb, or not to bomb, that is the question. Already our Dear Leader and his flunkies are setting the bar higher and higher, so that he can use the line “they gave us no choice.” Obama is willing to wait a few weeks, he says, but not months. (How many years did America give Saddam Hussein before the hated Bush said “enough”?) You just watch. Howdy Doody has his heart set on getting rid of Assad and we can already see that the cw issue was a red herring. His  masters, the ones with all those petro-dollars, want Assad gone and the jihadists in charge, and Israel’s security — of no actual concern to Obama — provides a convenient pretext. And he can always count on those useful idiots from the Republican Party to help him out. Why even now, John McCain is telling us all we have to do is let this cw turnover thingy “play out.”

And Howdy Doody is waiting for his next lines to arrive by encrypted message as the hidden hand moves his lips. I wonder what the dummy will say next.

Barack Hussein Obama: President, Peace Prize Recipient, and Assassin

pope prays“This evening, I ask the Lord that we Christians, and our brothers and sisters  of other religions and every man and woman of good will, cry out forcefully:  Violence and war are never the way to peace!” 

So spoke Pope Francis in calling on the world to step back from the brink of war in Syria to which we in the US and the world are being dragged, kicking and screaming, by US president Barack Hussein Obama. This fabricated man rode a wave of anti-war sentiment into the presidency and has maimed, killed and destroyed in other people’s countries on a steady basis ever since. Today the global assassin with the Peace Prize is about to embark on another killing spree and how ironic that many on the left, those professional anti-war protestors, remain silent. I don’t even bat an eye when The Lennie Riefenstahl Brigade pushes the State line, dupes like Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz. Liar is their name, propaganda is their game. But pray tell — where is Cindy Sheehan? Where is Code Pink? Where are the Occupy Wall Street loonies? Same place they were when Obama and Hillary Clinton bombed Libya and murdered Qaddafi by proxy; same place they were when they empowered the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt; same place they were when the bombs rained down on Serbia for three months. Staring in their mirrors in silent admiration, I’d guess. I hear that the homely Mrs. Clinton is going to visit the White House today to egg Mr. Obama on. Two war-mongers chatting over tea. Please pass the polonium, somebody, please!

If the left has lost its voice, we on the right have found our own. This confounds America’s radicals who can muster no argument to justify Obama’s incessant reliance on force to show off his power, but whine instead that the right wing’s opposition is somehow illegitimate because they supposedly never saw a war they didn’t like.  I’d put that differently: the right-wing has always before felt obligated to support their president, even in all the wars begun by the Democrats. That would be WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and in what the current president told us all was his war: Afghanistan, where now the Obama regime is making kissy-face with the Taliban who murdered 3000 Americans in mere minutes. The conservatives were far less accommodating when GW Bush blundered into Iraq at the advice of men who wanted to do what the President’s father would not, remove Saddam Hussein. In the end Americans’ disgust with the carnage and lack of coherence delivered a crushing blow to the GOP and ushered in the current Empty Suit, who spends at least several hours a day scuffing his shoes all over the historic furnishings at the White House to make his view of this country clear. We weren’t all that keen on Libya, either, and I hope that my fellow conservatives were as repelled as I was at the sight of America’s proxy forces executing Qaddafi while he was on his knees pleading for mercy. Then came Benghazi, which the regime in DC refused and still refuses to admit was just a half-assed and criminally negligent operation intended to deepen our involvement in Syria.

And where were the morally superior leftists when Obama boasted of choosing targets for assassination by playing with a special deck of cards made just for him, as apparently everything is just a game to him anyway? Silent is where they were. That is not morality, it is called cowardice, duplicity, hypocrisy and aiding and abetting. And all those traits are in full view today, as many of the president’s most fervent admirers hold their famous tongues about the evils of war-mongering. They still don’t get it: regime change is thoroughly illegal, even if we wish some external force (perhaps extra-terrestrials?) would swoop down and effect regime change in the US. It is also the worst possible rationale for war and we have had ample opportunity to see how poorly it works over the long-term.

I’m afraid that the US under the Democrats have treated other countries they way they treat people who don’t agree with them here at home: with contempt, lies, and violence. Our US bombers are playing the role of SEIU thugs beating up Tea Party’ers, or USG agencies persecuting “domestic enemies,” or black people waging race war at the implicit urging of their president and attorney general. The Democrats have treated Russia with sneering contempt while pretending to want only the best for the Russian people, and that might be because the Russian people decided to jettison the Democrats’ favorite system of oppression, communism. Unfortunately for our armchair Marxists, Russia today looks sane and sensible and our own country looks brutal and stupid and false.

Catholic nuns who left the safety of Italy to work in Syria for people of all faiths have spoken loud and clear to the world, crying out against America’s urge to war. In addition to the moving and beautiful and painful things they wrote, they cited the words of a psalm that sadly refers to America:

Rebuke the Beast of the Reeds, that herd of bulls, that people of calves. Oh God, scatter the people who delight in war. The Lord has leaned down from the heights of his sanctuary, has looked down from heaven to earth to listen to the sighing of the captive, and set free those condemned to death. Listen, God, to my voice as I plead, protect my life from fear of the enemy; hide me from the league of the wicked, from the gang of evil-doers. They sharpen their tongues like a sword, aim their arrow of poisonous abuse. They support each other in their evil designs, they discuss how to lay their snares. “Who will see us?” they say. He will do that, he who penetrates human nature to its depths, the depths of the heart. Break into song for my God, to the tambourine, sing in honor of the Lord, to the cymbal, let psalm and canticle mingle for him, extol his name, invoke it. For the Lord is a God who breaks battle-lines! . Lord, you are great, you are glorious, wonderfully strong, unconquerable.

If only our president believed in God, instead of believing he is God, perhaps those words would have the power to move him. May his actions call down on his head what he deserves.






GOP: Do or Die Time

jackboots_editedI have written quite a bit about the Syrian situation in my blogs and months ago  predicted that Washington would roll out that tired old “war template” as soon  as it suited them. The “war template” is that pattern of deceit and  manipulation, used over and over, that enables our elected officials to drag our  country into one war of aggression after another, from Kosovo to Damascus. All  that is needed is to plug in new names – not Milosevic, Hussein, or Qaddafi,  this time, but Assad. The accusation is always the same: we must engage in  brutal

Dying for Peace

madhouseI swore I wasn’t going to write another word on Syria for the time being. I was just going to keep an eagle eye on how the Republicans in Congress were behaving vis a vis Obama’s mad proposal to wage war on Syria. I was just going to make a list and check it twice. But the news surrounding this Great American Blunder is so bizarre and the ironies so intense that I have to comment.

Fox News website has a great picture of Obama and Putin. Obama is heading out of the picture frame with that characteristic pursed lips expression signaling that His Eminence has had his feathers ruffled. The pout is usually provoked by a question he doesn’t want to answer, or one that implies he is a liar or ignorant, or a suggestion he is not all he’s cracked up to be, or anything else that is irksome. Following behind him is a cheerful looking Vladimir Putin, chuckling to himself, who actually has a lot to be chipper about these days when it comes to the USA. My guess is he shook Obama’s hand, grinned and whispered to him: “Please, make my day — bomb Syria and put those boots on the ground!”

Remember when Jimmy Carter was in office and the Soviet Union was sending its highly limited quantity of sons to die in Afghanistan? We were so smug back then, boycotting the Olympics to show our moral dander was up and denying the Soviet Union the gas turbines for their oil industry. We watched with some degree of satisfaction as the Soviets were sucked deeper and deeper into that morass. But back then we had morals and a little smugness was in order when battling the Evil Empire. Of course, what good did our morality do us? We took Osama bin Laden under our wing to screw the USSR, hand-fed and nurtured him. Wow, was that ever a good decision.

chuck hagelI then read that Chuck Hagel, who has obviously been into the magic mushrooms, accused Russia of giving the chemical weapons used on August 21 in Syria to the Assad regime. There are two problems with Hagel’s charge. The first is that it assumes Putin is as stupid as Obama; what on earth would Russia get out of encouraging and enabling long-time ally Assad to provoke the Moral Conscience of the World into bombing? Unlike the US or Germany, Russia has not provoked a single war since the last Tsar shuffled off his mortal coils and it is unlikely they would choose to do so over Syria.

The other problem is that it blithely assumes that Assad’s people used the weapons. You will probably have noticed that, unlike the BBC, neither the USG nor the US media refer to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons as alleged, but instead follow Vladimir Lenin’s maxim that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Hence you will hear from every side that “Assad’s brutal use of chemical weapons against small children and old ladies” demands a military response. Well of course, if your objective is to get an excuse for bombing the hell out of Syria, you’re not going to admit that your claim is only an unproven allegation and not even a very convincing allegation at that. I’m going to give Meat-Head Hagel a break here and make an assumption of my own: he’s being fed the same disinformation from the same agencies as John Kerry (my face! my face! I can’t feel my face!). Neither of them has the native intelligence to sniff out cooked intel.

Then there is the insidious Senate draft resolution that was passed out of Committee with the help of John McCain, who had only the same day sworn he wouldn’t vote for it because it didn’t allow us to lay waste to Syria. But I think I know what changed his mind. In addition to giving the president three months to spend billions and billions of dollars we don’t have bombing Syria, the resolution has a clause that prohibits the use of military personnel for combat purposes — but leaves gaping loopholes that would allow us to invade Syria to “secure chemical weapons” or for other unnamed purposes that we don’t consider war-making. Anybody with at least several active brain cells will ask himself: you mean there won’t be any fighting if we send in troops to secure the chemical weapons? Old McCain knows better; it’s blood he wants, and he plans to keep pushing for it.

Another bit of news that ought to make us sit up and pay attention is Putin’s threat to give Syria S-300 missile shield defense systems (for which it has already delivered certain components) should the US attack. But that’s not an end to it. Russia also suggested these systems might be transferred to Iran, which had signed contracts for the weapons that Russia suspended in 2010 in response to Security Council resolutions. So now this confrontation that the US has been champing at the bit to start has gone from being the Big Bully against the much weaker Twerp, to being Big Bully against Twerp and Big Brother. That doesn’t even take into account the other bruiser in the neighborhood, Iran. Or China, which also sells Syria weapons.

I see that the Congressional Research Office has put on it’s green eyeshade and come up with a figure of 75000 US troops needed to “secure chemical weapons” in Syria. I think they need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how many soldiers we are going to have to march into the mouth of hell if they have to secure the chemical weapons, defeat Assad’s army, fend off Russian missiles and fight Hezbollah. I hope somebody has stepped up production of body bags in the US.

john kerryOne last observation: John Kerry has sworn to the American public and to certain heroically skeptical members of Congress that Assad will definitely use chemical weapons against civilians again if they don’t let the Pentagon create mayhem in Syria. Hoo-hah. I would normally say, “how can you be so sure of that?” Except I am pretty sure how he can make such a hard-and-fast prediction. Because the same people who carried out the August attack no doubt have plenty of supplies to do it all over again. As I said before, if dozens of Syrians dead from chemical weapons doesn’t earn support for an American attack, then it will have to be a thousand. And if a thousand dead Syrians isn’t enough, I guess they will have to use the cw somewhere more heavily populated. Eventually, so the thinking might go, there is bound to be the desired reaction.

jackboots_editedYou know, when a government becomes so contemptuous of the people it supposedly serves that it can lie, spy and oppress them routinely, what hindrance is there to that same government using the same tactics against the world? Especially when they have big, bad military technology to hold over the world’s head as a threat.

I think we all know the answer to that one.





Lies, Lies and More Lies

propaganda 3Just in case you haven’t noticed, we are in the midst of a major propaganda campaign. The fawning press and the hawkish press do not call it propaganda, of course. They call it a “major push” to convince our Congress to back the bombing of Syria, just a few bombing sorties that will let everybody in the world know they dare not thwart US demands on anything. We are told that not waging war on Syria will make us all look like fools and weaken American leadership. But we all know the truth, it’s staring us in the face. America’s leadership has already been fatally eroded by our predilection for the use of force against others and by our arrogance. And if we don’t bomb, the only people who will look like fools are the president and his stooges in the US government.

This is what propaganda looks like and feels like. It is pervasive; it is false; it is goal-oriented. No dissension is allowed. If our government needs popular support to do something that constitutes a flat-out violation of international law, the solution is to fill empty minds with images and lies and watch the people fall into line. Frankly, it is similar to the care and feeding of mushrooms (keep ‘em in the dark and feed ‘em shit). The sad thing is, it works to a frightening degree. Before the government unleashed its propaganda campaign, only 9 percent of Americans favored bombing Syria for any reason at all short of an attack on America. The latest polls show that the figure is now over forty percent.

We are not getting the truth about any of what happened in Syria other than that a lot of people died. Instead Washington is rolling out the doctored evidence for our viewing pleasure. But instead of real proof we get such hogwash as “we know for a fact” or “we have all the evidence we need” or “we did our own tests.” We hear that the mass of evidence, the damning details, must be withheld or risk endangering our sources. All we can have are the bits and pieces those holding the information deem sufficient to calm our doubts. And our government tries to befuddle the public by exclaiming that nobody could possibly fake the results of the sarin attack that has been so thoroughly documented in video and photos. But then, who claimed the attack was a mock-up? Exactly nobody. It is a red herring. Our overlords want us to focus on the left hand, which is empty rather than the right hand, which is performing the trickery. Our government doesn’t want us to focus on the only question of importance, who perpetrated the attack. Or maybe for our Government, that is not an important question at all.

propaganda 5Personally, I don’t question the fact that chemical weapons were used in Syria. That seems to be a fact, and it isn’t the first time cw was used. But I’d be willing to bet that our info on who used the cw comes from that the men leading the opposition to Assad, the men McCain ludicrously calls freedom fighters and our own CIA is training and arming. That makes such claims highly suspect. We cannot afford to forget that the basic question in all crimes is, who benefits? Is it Bashar al-Assad, who knew that the US wanted him to use cw so they would have the excuse they were looking for to bomb Syria? Or is it the “freedom fighters” who know their chances of defeating Assad on their own are about zero. They need the US air force and its explosive ordnance.

Our government tells us over and over that the opposition has no access to chemical weapons, but that is another lie and misdirection. There is public and published information that Turkish police in May 2013 arrested a group of Syrian militants (anti-Assad) who had a five-pound canister of sarin gas and were planning to use it (supposedly in Turkey, but that doesn’t make any sense since Turkey is also an enemy of Assad). Here is what one report said:

Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports. The gas was reportedly going to be used in a bomb.

The sarin gas was found in the homes of suspected Syrian Islamists detained in the southern provinces of Adana and Mersia following a search by Turkish police on Wednesday, reports say. The gas was allegedly going to be used to carry out an attack in the southern Turkish city of Adana.

If that’s not enough to convince you that our government is lying about opposition access to cw, you might want to consider that Carla del Ponte, a former war crimes prosecutor, publicly stated in May 2013 that the UN commission of inquiry looking into cw use in Syria had very strong (but not incontrovertible) evidence that at least one sarin gas attack was carried out by Assad’s opponents.

In Iraq, we didn’t wait for Saddam Hussein to use a weapon of mass destruction before going in and laying waste to Iraq in the search for those weapons. That turned out to be a big mistake, as it led to the inescapable and increasingly loud question of “where are the weapons of mass destruction?” The people who rule our lives have learned from their mistakes and improved their propaganda and the visuals. This time somebody got the bright idea of using the cw in a big and public way against civilians prior to bombing Syria, thus providing the pretext for war and silencing skeptics. The only trick was to make it appear that it was Assad who ordered the attack. This was done in part, according to one informed source, by twisting intercepted communications to point to the desired culprit.

propaganda 4Listening to the two asses braying on tv last night (that would be McCain and Graham) I see that merely dropping bombs as a lesson for the hated Assad isn’t enough to slake their thirst for aggression. In blunt terms, the two men told us we need to beef up one of the two parties bringing death and destruction to Syria, give them powerful weapons, be their air force, be their logisticians, and really go all out to destroy the country. Only then can we install “our guys” so America can re-shape Syria into a shining example of democracy. If we aren’t ready to go all-out against Assad, they say, don’t bother bombing at all. Well, I don’t know about you, but not bombing at all sounds to me like the best suggestion McCain and Graham ever had.

If you think the fall-out from the US invasion of Iraq was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. We took on Hussein when his country was remarkably stable and we were still overwhelmed. In the end we left in defeat, handing over the country to Iran’s influence. In Libya, we removed Qaddafi from power and installed our pals, and then we had Benghazi. That country is in a shambles. Now we want to take on another much larger and much better armed country already embroiled in civil war, one with powerful backers and with foreign groups up to their necks in the dirty fighting. Our elected leaders want us to believe against all previous evidence that America will come out of this in fine shape, with no adverse effects to our country’s true interests. It seems the war-mongers have been convinced by their own propaganda.

I’d laugh if it wasn’t so tragic. I don’t know how our Senate will vote on this effort to start a war. I hope they have enough sense of self-preservation that they vote against it. But if they do give Obama what he wants, this is one voter who will sit out the 2014 elections and let the chips fall where they may. If your representatives don’t represent you — why bother voting?


Some Thoughts on the Syrian Madness

As I write this article, our president is addressing our Congress trying to  convince them that we have incontrovertible evidence that Syria’s Assad regime  has used chemical weapons against its own population. The only problem is that  the evidence is not incontrovertible about who used the chemical weapons.

Kosovo and Syria: Two Convenient Lies

houndsI just read a NYT article on how apt the use of the Kosovo precedent would be as a justification for the bombing of Syria. Here is what the author wrote:

Kosovo is an obvious precedent for Mr. Obama because, as in Syria, civilians were killed and Russia had longstanding ties to the government authorities accused of the abuses. In 1999, President Bill Clinton used the endorsement of NATO and the rationale of protecting a vulnerable population to justify 78 days of airstrikes.

That is probably as simplistic and yet useful an explanation of what Kosovo was ostensibly about as you can find. The Western establishment despised Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic for his defiance and his role in the bloodshed that ravaged Bosnia as Yugoslavia broke apart. Even more importantly, Milosevic, unlike his unindicted co-conspirator Franjo Tudjman, had no Big Power protection. The leaders of key Western nations wanted him out of power despite the peace agreement that left both the Croat and Serb presidents in power and not cooling their heels in a posh cell at the International Court. And Serbia was vulnerable. It had been long ostracized and punished for its role in the war by the denial of significant aid and too little humanitarian assistance. In that case, NATO was working on a war plan long before Bill Clinton’s personal immersion in scandal made bombing Serbia seem like a good idea.

Kosovo was the first clear case where NATO acted as an aggressor against a sovereign nation not at war with any other country using human rights as a rationale. NATO had deployed throughout Kosovo under cover of the observer missions and still could not provide a reason for NATO to act. The Serbs knew that was what NATO wanted and were anxious not to give them an excuse. Of course it was impossible to control: the Kosovar Albanians would attack Serbs — military, official or civilian – and the Serbs would strike back. Both sides committed violations of human rights. But that was an inconvenient truth for NATO, which wanted a convenient excuse, whether truth or a lie. And it got one at last with the discovery of about a dozen dead civilians in an isolated Kosovar Albanian village. The head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, US Ambassador William Walker, pronounced the case a massacre and identified the culprits, the Serbs. All that despite the fact that there were neither eyewitnesses nor any investigation into what happened. The real culprit was at least as likely to have been Albanian guerrillas as Serbs, but no matter. With this flimsy bit of evidence against Serbia, NATO decided the country had no right to sovereignty and NATO had full right to begin nearly three months of 24-hour bombing runs with the usual collateral damage (including the Chinese Embassy). The rationale was a right to act for humanitarian reasons, one of the expanded powers NATO assumed after the Warsaw Pact ended and Russia sank to its knees. We cared enough about those poor civilians in Kosovo to bomb Serbia, but not enough to prepare a humanitarian reception for them when they fled under NATO bombs. You can decide for yourself how moved we were by humanitarian need.

tattered flagThe trigger point in Syria is the use of chemical weapons. We know that because the bonehead with his dirty shoes on the furniture in the Oval Office warned the whole world that this was a big, fat red line. There have been several other incidents of cw use in Syria, but no evidence of either what was used or who used it. Doesn’t matter. The US neo-interventionists are thirsting to start another righteous war against the uncivilized and the unconquered, rub a little horse-manure in Russia and Iran’s faces, and plant the increasingly sullied and tattered US flag in all sorts of places where our nation is despised.

And that brings me to the part about Russia’s interests being a reason for the US to act by force. My only response to this is, what a surprise. The US has never broken out of the Cold War mindset and the unimaginative and boringly predictable interventionist lobby needs a Big Foe to get Americans worked up. But here is a news break: Russia aka USSR had strong influence in the Middle East prior to its Time of Troubles; they hand-crafted the groups that acted as role models for today’s Al Qaeda and created pivotal leaders like Arafat. Those roots didn’t die just because Russia was temporarily out of commission. Today Russia is seeking to renew ties in the region and strengthen those with its steadfast allies. This is what responsible governments do. They seek allies. Why is it so outrageous if Russia does so as well? And why on earth should it be a foundational precept for constant war? Will we start bombing every country where Russia is active?

As an aside, and perhaps an example of the high-handedness that now characterizes our foreign policy, I remind my readers that the USG rejected Russia’s use of the “Kosovo Precedent” with relation to its set-to with Georgia and asserted that Kosovo was a unique case and could not serve as any kind of a precedent. I guess they have had a change of heart.

I said before and repeat: all of this war-mongering on the part of our government is a mockery of international relations and it all started under Bill Clinton. Who gave a handful of nations the right to pick and choose the victims of our great technological savagery? Who gave us, the USA, the right to decide who was a good leader and who a poor or evil one, or who can carry out fifty kinds of mischief and corruption without punishment from NATO and who has to be killed or humiliated or removed? When did international law go by the side of the road – was it about the same time that the US Constitution did so, too?

The US sense of moral superiority has become its downfall. Now we cannot turn around without spying in someone else’s country behavior we don’t approve of. So we squander our moral standing (now entirely gone) and our treasure and even the lives of our children. And all the time, the USG has itself become increasingly despotic and oppressive and deserving of forced removal. We are like object lessons in self-deception and corruption. All that matters to us anymore is that people around the world jump when we say jump. Our only goal anymore is power, getting more and keeping it all. What a tragedy we are.

I never thought the US would replace Russia as the ugly arrogant ideologue contemptuous of other peoples’ rights. But here we are. At home individual rights and religious rights and all kinds of other rights are under simultaneous attack; and abroad we attack the rights of other countries to settle their own problems. Then we’ll try to stuff our own culture down the throats of the conquered, and expect statues erected to our heroic actions. And when we have a Benghazi or Christians under extreme attack in Egypt or a 9/11 – our government will be profoundly saddened and shocked.

I don’t know what folly our government is planning in Syria, but one thing is for sure: it won’t be to our credit and it won’t be to our advantage. The hounds of war are loose and at the world’s throat.

The Bullies Emerge from the Bully-Pulpit

syriabombing2We have sat rapt before the Bully Pulpit of American imperialism, listening for many long months to the blabbermouths and big-shots of the neo-interventionist crowd tell us how urgently the world needs us to bomb Syria and perhaps dismember Bashar al Assad (I’m just assuming here). Yes, it is what we have all been hankering after, or so asserts that addled rooster John McCain. For people of McCain’s views, it is an absolute moral responsibility of the White Man to shoulder the Brown Man’s burdens and Americans won’t be able to look at ourselves in the mirror if we don’t flatten Damascus.

Finally, at last, hallelujah! The wait is over. We, the people of the United States, are about to bring more war to the people of Syria and surrounding countries, who apparently don’t have enough (with our help). Thousands of people, in addition to those whose blood is already on our hands, will perish in a mushroom cloud of violence after the US and its stooges in NATO pull the trigger. The President of the United States, an idiot of the first water, glided around talking about red lines no one dared cross, and then the Syrians, one party or another, had the audacity to use them. As if the fools running this country off the cliff of sanity never heard about how if you’ve got something, you’re going to use something, whether a bigger rock or a nuclear warhead. The genie is out of the bottle. Meanwhile, the late great Mr. Obama’s personal popularity has plummeted and it seems every world leader who can get away with it is yanking his chain. Never did a US president appear to all and sundry so weak, intellectually adrift and incompetent. Not even W.

I am not at all surprised that some weeks after handing the Syrian war to the CIA to run — our patron saint of guerrilla groups — the world is shocked into tortured outrage by the use of chemical weapons by somebody engaged in Syria’s civil war. That same somebody sniped at a UN convoy (oh, joy!). John Kerry just knows it is the Assad regime, no matter what anybody else says. We have the goods. The US is sure of it. I bet we are.

If you are saying to yourself, “is she suggesting the CIA had something to do with the chemical weapons incident?” the answer is yes. That is exactly what I’m saying. Of course they would never have personally used them, but plenty of proxies would be willing collaborators.

I mentioned in another post not long ago that the Agency was created for one purpose — running small coherent operations with a plan, a cast of characters, an endgame, and lots of money. But the Agency has developed all kinds of new purposes and resurrected old ones under the past couple of administrations and in response to terrorism. In the case of Syria and the use of chemical weapons, the operatives running the operation (aka war) are doing exactly what they are compelled to do by their very natures — meet the goal. They are bringing the same qualities for which they were recruited, including a knack for chicanery, deceit and manipulation, to a situation that is way, way above their pay grade. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

irancontraHere’s how it goes, as an example: if the Congress cuts off any form of military assistance to the Nicaraguan Contras, and you’re the CIA and certain military advisors, you do a dirty deal with another country to get the weapons to the Contras anyway. That would be Iran-Contra. Maybe you recall how well that went.

Here’s another example: if the US president doesn’t want to start a war with Syria that will bury him politically, then you go over the president’s head. Your first attempt is to develop a secret way to smuggle weapons to your mixed team of Al Qaida sympathizers and incompetents in Syria. To this end, you use the enthusiastic Turks as middlemen and operate out of a particularly hellacious corner of Libya riddled with radical sects and wannabe terrorists. If and when that falls flat, you need to ignite popular indignation over the cruel use of chemical weapons. The ensuing explosion of humanitarian fervor will swamp the US president, who himself told everybody what would take all choice out of his hands: the use of chemical weapons. And lots of them. If killing off 100 Syrian civilians doesn’t do it, the ante must be upped: now it will be 300 or 400 victims. Now Obama is going to look even dumber than he does already if he waits for the attacks to rise to a thousand a pop. Something has to give.

If you don’t believe the above can happen, you are still living in Dream Land, aka the former United States of America. I was the Nicaraguan Desk officer during the Iran-Contra affair and I can assure you that legality is the least of concerns when the Agency is running an operation, which is what this is to them. A really, really big operation, where the assets are NATO and the United States military.

thirdrailI’ll tell you what I think: I think the White House didn’t want to touch the third rail of war with Syria with a ten-foot pole and they thus fobbed off all responsibility for getting things done to the Agency, which has now acted true to form. The only question is what America’s foreign policy buffoons are going to do in Syria that will be a suitable encore to the ineptitude demonstrated throughout the Middle East and, indeed, the world under Barack Hussein Obama.

Gen. Dempsey tells us that merely bombing Syria back into the Stone Age is unlikely to solve the mess over there. I think what he wants to say is we will have to go in with our troops if we go in at all. I don’t know if he is urging that route or not. If he is, he needs to be fired or retired.

Kerry is all gung-ho on war now, a changed man. You know, he was against war before he was for it. And that pitiful specimen of manhood, Chuck Hagel, suddenly finds a taste for blasting people out of their shoes. And I don’t need to go into that freakish couple, Lindsay and Johnnie. We all know that for them, a day without warfare waged under the Red, White and Blue is a day without sunshine.

I think the critical point has been passed. Obama is afraid of looking like a 90-pound weakling, having perhaps realized he is not Olympian in nature but a mere mortal subject to failure and public ridicule.

The bullies are about to emerge from the Bully Pulpit. Yahoo.












Say the Magic Word and Win America

costaricaI am sitting as I write in an absolutely gorgeous spot in Costa Rica. Across the street, such as it is, there are monkeys playing, jumping from the trees to the rooftop and back again. Parrots fly over the forest and the sea is minutes away. Last night my sister-in-law felt an earth tremor. I’m pretty sure the epicenter is the USA. There is nothing like traveling through US borders to drive home the fact that our country is under siege and it is under siege because the criminals now sitting in their fancy offices in DC are encouraging the influx, legal and illegal, of the foreign-born to “transform” the United States to a mobocracy that they can control.

When six of us showed up at the Miami Airport yesterday, the first thing I noticed is this: virtually everybody in the hotel and in the airport are Hispanics, from maids to immigration officers to check-in agents and baggage handlers. Probably most of Miami is Hispanic and African these days. Everybody at the airport speaks Spanish and there might be just a tad of irritation if somebody wants to speak English with them.

The infrastructure at the airport and probably everywhere else in Miami is deteriorating. At the hotel, the coke machines take no cash; you are supposed to be trusting enough to swipe your credit card to get a $2.00 soft drink in a place plagued by crime. My assumption is that the “no cash” policy is to prevent somebody from vandalizing the machines to get the money out and that is probably wise. In the hotel rooms there is a notice telling guests to lock and latch their doors — when they are in them! This brings to mind terrible images of people suffering away-from-home invasion as they brush their teeth. The hotel had four elevators for far too many people and only two of them were working. As I sat tapping my foot in irritation, waiting for the elevator to land on my floor, I thought to myself that Michael Bloomberg’s slow-elevator strategy to force people to use the stairs was already in force in Miami. Then I asked for a whiskey sour at the bar and the otherwise very nice bartender acted as though I had asked for a unicorn. He had no idea what a whiskey sour was, suggesting the drink is not a Latin American favorite.

immigrantsThe dilapidated hotel is no different from the rest of Miami, which is decaying rapidly under the assault of the poor and the uneducated and too little money to maintain infrastructure. At Miami International, escalators may or may not work and the smell of must and mold surrounds you. And when you do a 360, you see that there is hardly a white American to be seen anywhere. This is the Third World. I know that most of those Hispanics were people up from Latin America and the Caribbean shopping for things they can’t get back home. But the staffing of the airport speaks volumes. In the 80′s and early 90′s, I spent considerable time in the Miami Airport during my postings to various Latin American countries. At that time, Hispanics were strongly represented among the airport staff, but it was still about half native-born Americans and half immigrants. Today the white American has all but disappeared there. The immigrants, legal and illegal, have taken over. Miami is barely part of America anymore.

The departure process itself is a metaphor for where We the People stand vis a vis those insufferable bureaucrats and ideologues who are running (and ruining) our country. First of all, one of the couples had to turn around and go home after planning the trip for a year because the husband had only a green card (id for permanent residents) and no passport. He had immigrated legally to the US from Chile decades ago as a child of six and had never bothered to get his citizenship. What was so infuriating was that he had consulted with both Immigration and the Costa Rican Embassy in advance and was told flat out that traveling with the green card was just fine. But when the time came, it turned out that was false. He had to show some kind of passport to travel, as well. He was not allowed to fly.

imTell me this: when did it become an iffy thing getting out of the United States? Are we at a point where pretty much anybody can get into our country, but nobody can get out? Are we prisoners here unless we can jump through ever-changing bureaucratic hoops? This is the kind of thing I expect from dictatorships and backward countries — not from our own government. The departure process itself makes a person feel they live in a police state: rubber gloves, herding, the suspicious looks from the half-educated who are running the show. I felt as though I had escaped when I finally took my seat on the airplane. As we took off, I was still trying to absorb what we had just experienced but the only conclusion I came to was that our own country died some time ago and I just didn’t realize it. Unless something drastic happens (and I pray for it), Miami and California are the face of America’s future.

I feel peaceful here in Costa Rica, away from the terrible stresses of the United States. And then I turn on my computer and see that the Orwellian-named Immigration and Customs Enforcement is welcoming in actual mobs of illegal immigrants in California and shipping them throughout the country. They are putting them up in hotels (at our expense) since there isn’t enough room for them at the detention centers. I read that each year 600,000-800,000 illegals evaporate into thin air once they cross the border, many of them released by Immigration to do as they please.

speakeasySpeakeasy USA. Just say the magic word and you win — not $100, but lifetime residency in the US with all the benefits paid for by the US taxpayer. I am convinced that the surge in illegals we are now seeing — no doubt in anticipation of an amnesty — is being deliberately promoted. I do not discount that US officials are complicit in this travesty. Somebody is coaching the illegals to make certain claims that constitute — possibly, potentially – grounds for asylum. But under US law, such claims are not supposed to be assumed to be true, but must be proven. Just claiming asylum doesn’t give the claimant a right to enter the US. That is, unless ICE decides that anybody showing up at the border with the right excuse — even if another several hundred are waiting in line with exactly the same claims — automatically gets in.

Back in the 80′s our government was a hell of a lot stricter. I knew a woman, a highly-educated Mexican married to a member of the Nicaraguan Somoza family. When the Sandinistas took over with Jimmy Carter’s help in 1979, the Somozas fled to the US and my friend, all four and a half feet of her, stayed behind changing cordobas into dollars, in the streets under the rifles of the Sandinistas. The Sandinistas wanted Somoza’s money and she was dealing with them, feeding them bank information and then immediately transferring the money into another account somewhere else. She managed to smuggle out several million dollars in her Mercedes, and in absentia she was given a 30-year sentence. And imagine this: the Mexican government denied her husband asylum. She was told that she was free to enter, as a Mexican born and bred, but the Sandinistas needed dentists so her husband should go home (to prison). Yes, Mexico denied asylum based solely on political grounds. And our own Immigration wanted to deport both of them because they didn’t buy her asylum story and they insisted they could go to Mexico. It was only when I intervened with the facts about what they faced in Nicaragua and the Mexican government’s perfidy that Immigration granted her asylum.

Well, all that caution in granting entrance to the US has long since gone by the boards.  My sister-in-law lives in Arizona. She has been told by people who know that indeed illegal Mexican immigrants are being coached in how to get asylum and then steered to all the free benefits available to them. You don’t even need to be credible anymore to waltz into our country and start feeding at the trough. Because these people who are changing the very substance of our country are useful to the tyrants in Washington. The more, the merrier. Screw America.

I’m going to look at  property here in Costa Rica. I hope there will be a revolution in America, but I am not confident. I think it might be wise to get out while we still can. I met a Texan couple here who are doing the same thing. They say there are lots of Americans looking for a place to settle outside of the USA.

I think a reverse migration is occurring.




Government Corruption at Home, World Dominion Abroad



I just finished reading the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page; best-written journalism in all of the country, in my humble opinion. There is an article in today’s issue about the SEC, the latest in a growing list of super-power government agencies that have abused their authorities for purely political purposes, under intense pressure from high-level Democrats and to the disadvantage of the Republican Party. If this continues, the Republican Party is likely to win the US sympathy vote just because it is now emerging how badly the Party was hobbled in 2012 by the Democrat-corrupted US Government in all its many guises. Why don’t our Washington autocrats just declare the Republican Party an illegal organization and have done with it? Then we on the right would be sure where we stand and take appropriate action.

Funny, I was just thinking yesterday how hypocritical and anti-free speech it is that in Germany the Communist Party, which next door in Russia polished off millions of victims, is legal; but the Nazi Party, which polished off millions of Germans at home, is not. I suppose it was not out of nicety that the post-War government criminalized the Nazis, but rather the suspicion that a new Nazi Party would soon eclipse any others in popularity. It is my considered judgment that there is something about Nazism that fits the German personality and their Weltanschauung (that’s German for world view). I knew a nice German lad at Georgetown University who claimed to be a Marxist, but his Daddy was a Nazi police officer and I’m afraid if I had scratched Anton’s surface, I would have found the same stuff as papa. It’s just German. By the same token, the insufferable bureaucracy that we think of when we think of communism is not communist, but Russian. The very first Russian birth was no doubt attested to with parchment and a seal, just to make it all official. National character does show through.

governmentSo what is our national character, if you were to judge by our government? I’d say sneaky, vindictive, dishonest, bullying, arrogant, irresponsible and felonious. Yes, that sounds about right. But really, we all know that our national character has been hijacked by the left, who have turned our gold into dross. Where we used to be idealistic, now we are just demanding — we’re your role models, so do what we tell you to do or else. Where we once stood for a way of governance and life that was unique in the world, today our government trolls and their corrupt masters elected into office are insuring that we look just like Europe, or maybe Latin America or Africa. But all is not lost. We opponents of the Obama regime and its minions are keeping the faith. One way or the other, in the end we will prevail. We might be running our own country apart from Left World, but we’ll be the ones teaching the kids and we won’t allow that right to be taken from us again.

On another subject, my husband forwarded to me a think-piece by a friend of ours, a retired ambassador, who provided a rather provocative view of Russia. He claims Russia is becoming politically unstable because of regime abuses against individual rights that are provoking opposition, although he admits that an independent survey found that 66 percent of Russians support Putin. According to our friend, Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian who is moving Russia away from democracy, trying to squeeze out dissent through abuse of the government apparatus and the courts. Hence, he opines, the US should have nothing more to do with him. Instead he proposes that the US cozy up to the political opposition and otherwise try to cause public disorder in Russia by increasing our intervention in that country’s internal affairs.

putinWell, of course that isn’t in his words, but when you peel away all the frou-frou, that is what you are left with. I agree that Putin is hammy and iron-fisted, but that is what Russians like. In a country perpetually on the edge of political calamity, nothing soothes more than dependable law and order. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what I think of Putin. That is for the Russians to hash out and any attempt to intervene in Russia is going to pay off here in America. The Russians are old hands at subversion. Perhaps the separatist forces in America would have a Russian patron, and what a thought that is.

It also occurs to me that the abuses the author of the article imputes to Putin are not much different from the abuses being carried out by the USG. If the world should shun Putin, why not shun Obama, too? The two men are both autocrats.

Not content with an incipient civil war in America, our government and many Americans are convinced that the US has the moral right to tell other countries how to live and govern themselves. We assert a tacit right to judge and to settle other nations’ fights. America’s armed forces are not just being reshaped into a misshapen conglomerate of sexual deviants and atheists, but they are also being misused by the government for utterly inane purposes that bring neither us nor others good. Right now our government is ramping up a war against Saddam Hussein, Iran and Russia in the Middle East. The forces are lining up on either side. This isn’t the Cold War anymore. It’s very like to be a Hot one.

Earth to Snowden: Don’t Do It

earth to snowdenA lot of people find Edward Snowden a heroic figure, and I’m one of them. But the latest news about this idealistic young man is disturbing and suggests he is drawn to perilous activity like a moth to a flame. He’s probably more tragic than heroic. If he doesn’t come to a bad end, the way he’s going, it will be a miracle.

What set me on this train of thought was the news that Snowden had been offered a job at the social media company Vkontakte that would have involved computers and I rather think the Russians don’t want him working with computers. But that wasn’t what worried me, this is what worried me:

[Snowden's attorney] said instead of working for the tech industry, Snowden will  look for a job as a human rights activist.

Whoa, Nellie. If anybody doesn’t think Snowden is a starry-eyed idealist who has a nose for trouble and goes right for it is not paying attention. What could be the number one worst thing that new asylee Snowden could become involved with in Russia outside computers? Human rights, of course. I’m sure Snowden’s heart is in the right place, and he no doubt feels eternally grateful to the human rights groups who supported his asylum request and wants to help others. But Eddie — what are you thinking?

rssaRussia doesn’t like human rights activists. Russia knows that almost all of the NGOs working on a whole variety of ways to change the country are funded from foreign sources unfriendly to Russia, such as George Soros and his Open Society front groups. Soros funded the Open Society foundation when the Soviet Union collapsed. He has invested heavily in non-governmental groups, especially human rights organizations, seeded throughout the former Soviet countries. He has accumulated more power abroad than he has in the US. I don’t know who is scarier, Russian intelligence or George Soros.

In Russia being a human rights activists is one of the riskiest propositions a person can undertake. Think Andrei Sakharov, or Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Knowing things those with power don’t want you to know can be extremely dangerous to your health. And in Russia the state security types wouldn’t have any qualms arranging an assassination for someone seen as a particular thorn in the side.

Please, somebody over there in Russia, tell Snowden to go into some other line of business. I’m worried that Putin might find it necessary to bump Snowden off, upon which he can tell Obama he did it for his sake. Our Idiot-Savant president would no doubt be highly pleased and flattered that Putin was trying to make it up. He might even start the rumor that it was he who arranged an early departure for the turn-coat.

Boy, do I ever feel sorry for Snowden’s parents. All they can do is sit and watch their son self-destructing. He seems to have been taken in by some American ex-pats. I hope they help him see the light.


From Seattle to Brussels: Disguising the Lust for Power as the Search for Good

censorSeattle is now considering new regulations on free speech. This time they will target not demonstrably offensive language, but potentially offensive language. According to Fox News, government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms  “citizen” and “brown bag” are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in  official documents and discussions.

Tell me, has this madness gone too far, or is worse yet to come? How has the word citizen managed to take on a bad odor, so much so that it was necessary to ban the word? Seattle officials insist that it’s rude to bandy about the “C” word because a lot of people out there in Left Coast LaLa Land are only residents. They didn’t bother to specify if those offended residents include thousands with no residency permits, but I think it’s safe to they do and hence the graciously all-inclusive generic term resident. This not-to-be-mentioned category of residents is no longer to be smeared with the tags illegal or alien or non-citizen residents, and that lofty position is seconded by the UN, which has called on the world to stop calling illegal aliens illegal aliens, and instead suggests we use undocumented migrant workers.

I find it hard to reconcile the left-wing claque’s eagerness to ban words they don’t like with their outrage at the idea that some people might want to ban whole books’ worth of words, like the Communist Manifesto. What we have here is just another example of how the left’s self-appointed elite assume for themselves the power to decide every facet of the lives of the masses, including what words issue from their mouths. The masses in turn are advised to confine themselves to appreciation of these geniuses who are tying the masses up in knots.

This business of imagining what unpleasantness might possibly come to pass and then legislating against it in advance is typical of the utopian disconnect with reality, the belief that the oracles of the left know what’s best for everybody today, tomorrow and forever. The truth is, these insufferable prigs just like writing new regulations and they do so with gusto, convinced that they can legislate fundamental changes in human nature. Just look at the European Union, which has become a socialist bureaucratic nightmare that would soothe the soul of a Russian longing for home. The parasitic administrative organism has the sole function of regulating the diversity and spirit out of European society. What the utopian bumblers want to create is a life form that lacks greed, ambition, judgment or independence. We are to believe that the rules the left dreams up, like a ban on smoking in one’s own home, will guide us to that  mystical state of perfection that crackpots have been looking for since well before Karl Marx. This is the state of affairs in the USA and in Europe. The concept of freedom is growing ever smaller and more constricted. The Marxists want to control past, present and future — and so they rewrite history, pass oppressive laws, emit suffocating regulations, indoctrinate our children and demonize those who disagree with them.

The desire to control not only that which is, but that which might be, has also been enshrined in NATO’s strategic concept. The once mighty and respected alliance, the one that kept us safe throughout the Cold War without once resorting to force, has since the late 1990s adopted an aggressive posture eclipsing the image of an earlier NATO focused on defending against attacks, not attacking against defenders. Today NATO doesn’t even bother to define clearly what triggers might prompt the allied air forces (aka USAF) to launch the bombers. This ambiguity, in my considered judgment, is an invitation to the abuse of power and has already led to such abuse in places where NATO had no business intervening. It is NATO’s tendency to insert itself unnecessarily in the disputes of others, acting as judge, jury and executioner, that has brought us to such a disastrous place in countries like Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. NATO’s wide-open options for the use of force also have intensified distrust of the organization by countries such as Russia and China, who suspect NATO interests often lie not so much in alliance security as in alliance power.

From Seattle to Brussels, the freedoms we have taken for granted are being squeezed, anesthetized and done in. The only thing that seems to matter anymore is the seizure of power and the use of power for partisan interests disguised as the greater good. It’s all a perfect prelude to counter-revolution.

John McCain Thumbs His Nose

mccain hypocriteHold the presses! John McCain has ripened into full senility. There is no longer any doubt that the maverick has mutated into a babbling lunatic. I imagine any day now he’ll invite Charlie Crist and Chris Christie to lunch, after which they can give a press conference to whiz all over the Party that gave them power and the limelight. Maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll form their own political power-base, the Hermaphrodite Party – the place where left and right meet.

As if his wacky positions and comments over the years weren’t bad enough (his avid pursuit of wars in other people’s countries, his Cold War approach to US-Russian relations, his assaults on conservatives and the GOP), now we have to endure McCain’s pompous preening on the immigration front. He recently gave an interview to The New Republic in which he ridiculed Sean Hannity’s views on the issue and went so far as to imply that Hannity ought to lose his job on Fox News because of them. Fox News, he opined, is schizophrenic.

Then he gave a speech at an AFL-CIO forum on immigration where Democrat-organized attendees made clear how angry Latinos (illegal immigrants) are that the US Congress is trying to secure the border. And rather than retorting tough luck, McCain commiserated with them and felt their pain. He confessed that he also dislikes the Senate’s Corker-Hoeven Amendment on border security. “I voted for it so friends of mine would be comfortable that we are securing the  border, but the real securing of the border is with  technology, as opposed to individuals.” He scoffed at the idea of actually dispatching twenty thousand new Border Agents and proposed instead high-tech gizmos that will no doubt record for posterity the exact moment when illegal border crossings turned the US into a Latin American country.

McCain may not have much else, but he certainly is rich in hubris. It must be extraordinary pride that leads a GOP elder to brag publicly about how he encouraged his Republican colleagues, apparently a bunch of brainless dupes, to vote for a bad bill on immigration by pretending to support the security provisions. I wonder, is this guy going gaga on us? He seems to think he is reassuring Americans with his prediction that reconciliation of the Senate and House immigration bills would preserve the pathway to citizenship, but put everything else on the table.

Oh, right. McCain has certainly erased any doubt I had on the immigration law hanging over our heads, how about you? McCain’s disdain for enhanced security on the border is tantamount to announcing support for Open Borders. It’s pretty clear that he isn’t speaking to conservative voters anymore, he has already consigned them to the ash-heap of history. He is talking to all the usual Republican suspects, those political curs whom ambition and greed and cowardice have trained to roll over and play dead at the first opportunity for the right incentive. What his comments amount to is a call for conspiracy of the left side of the aisle and the right side of the aisle to run roughshod over conservative objections. What worries me is that such a possibility really exists. If the Dems and the pro-immigration lobby within the GOP can pry enough of the spineless away from the security-first fold, it will be curtains for our country as we have known it. It will also be the end of the GOP, I’m willing to predict.

There is nothing to be done with McCain. I imagine he’ll drop dead in his tracks one day while calling for a NATO bombing campaign against Russia before an empty Senate chamber and a bored tv audience. He has always reveled in the image of an independent-minded and testy defender of his views, but he has become a caricature of himself. His every word nowadays has an edge to it, a fuming anger at whoever is opposing his wise counsel and that means, in first place, the conservatives. Alas, it is no longer McCain bucking the Establishment, but McCain the Establishment bucking the voters.

Isn’t it embarrassing to watch somebody who just doesn’t know when to quit? I know a woman of quite advanced age whose garish make-up and mini-skirts make it hard to look without gaping. I feel the same way about John McCain.



Snowden: What Next?

usrussI’m back to Snowden again. This case fascinates me for two reasons: one, Snowden revealed how powerful the octopus of US intelligence has become, pulling in every scrap of information about us 24/7, and two, it involves Russia and its complex relationship with America.

It seems as if Russia is about to grant Snowden temporary asylum. A lot of hysterics in the US, in the Administration and in both parties, call this a slap in the face and harboring a criminal. Obama wants him back and nobody is cooperating. As I’ve written before, the law is clear that the nation accepting an asylee does so based on its own judgment of the merits of the asylum application. I don’t ever recall a case where spies were turned over — but then, in the old days the spies were generally absconding to the country for which they had spied. This is a horse of a different color, but it really makes the issue of asylum, from a moral perspective, easier to decide. Snowden did not violate his vow to secrecy for monetary reasons, or for fifteen minutes of fame, but out of conviction that the  US government was violating fundamental Constitutional principles in its non-stop and expansive monitoring of the nation’s personal business. He sought asylum knowing he would be imprisoned for life for what he did and suspecting that all sorts of not-quite torture awaited him. Who wouldn’t seek asylum? Just because you reveal the evils of an entity doesn’t mean you’d like to be punished for it. People who claim he’s a coward for running don’t get it. He wants to tell his story. He can’t do that from a prison.

I read someone or other recently who was bitterly asserting that Snowden’s character was evident in his choice of countries as possible asylum. Huh? Isn’t it quite clear that his choice of countries was not a choice? He had a handful of nations that were gutsy enough to challenge the US on this one, and not one more. He was roundly rejected by all the NATO countries to which he applied and China, that bastion of enlightened self-interest, shoveled him straight onto a conveyer belt into Russia, where a surprised Putin was pretty annoyed at the stunt. Putin, however, doesn’t have a personal problem dealing with the US. He considers Russia an equal in many respects to America — particularly today’s teetering America. And as a tough guy, he doesn’t react well to threats, veiled or otherwise, which is I’m sure what Obama offered during the famous meeting in which fisticuffs appeared under consideration or in Obama’s case, pouting.

When Snowden came to Moscow, Russia became the obvious asylum granter. After all, everybody makes it clear they couldn’t possibly grant asylum unless Snowden were in their country, and he can’t get to another country because the USG has indicated it will force down any flight suspected of carrying him — even if it is also carrying the president of another country. I wonder how Americans would react if Obama’s plane were forced down by Russians to take someone off it by force. Not well, I’d guess. The US is setting some really bad international precedents.

Of course the Chinese and Russia now know what Snowden knows. There’s nothing to be done about it. Such a hush-hush organization ought to have better security. But Putin’s hands are tied as far as Snowden’s status. He has said and his chief alter-egos have said that Snowden was never a spy for Russia and is not a criminal from their perspective. He will not be turned over. I know the US has people over there squeezing, threatening and pleading, but I think they ought to let this subside into oblivion. It isn’t doing much for the US image to be seen as begging at Russia’s door, and in vain.

european hypocrisyA couple of things occur to me. First, I’ve learned from the denial of Snowden’s asylum request that the Europeans’ claim to moral superiority (over America, certainly) is totally bogus. Their judgment that crimes of conscience are identical to crimes of venality makes it plain that they are quite amenable to abandoning any principles they might actually hold dear when it comes to stark self-interest. They didn’t want problems with the US, and they sure didn’t want all the details of their own felonious snooping on their citizens coming out in the open. They as much as put their imprimatur on US spying at home and abroad.

russian girlSecond, Snowden will be okay in Russia. He might even find a Russian girl to marry. It isn’t the US, or London or Paris, but it is Moscow, which is a very interesting place. It’s absolutely true, as former UK spy Matthew Dunn writes on the Fox News website, that the Russian government will always be watching him and he will never be trusted by the people who give him asylum. But aside from that, he will find a huge and fascinating country with people who generally  think what he did is heroic. What they really are reacting to in Snowden is probably their own secret wish for someone like Snowden who would blow the lid off the Russian State’s domestic espionage.

Is the GOP on Life Support?

sick gopAn exchange with a reader recently on the subject of third parties has made me give some thought to where we are vis a vis the Republican Party. More specifically: can it survive as one of two political parties, or will it shatter into pieces in internecine warfare? This is an experience many other countries have had. In Panama, the Liberal Party began disintegrating in the late 1980s under the pressure of the back-to-back dictatorships of Torrijos and Noriega. In Nicaragua, the Liberal Party of Anastasio Somoza went underground with the Sandinista dictatorship, surfacing throughout the contra ranks and in exile. Today, there is no central Liberal party to rally the troops and the Sandistas, under the flag of democracy, have reestablished their dictatorship with full approval from the international community and the US White House.

What happens when one party in a stable two-party political system starts to collapse? The most immediate effect is alienation. At first, as the party elite grows ever farther from the base in thinking and interests, a large faction of the base expresses its objections by staying home on election days.  The difference in turnout hands the election to the opposition. An even larger share of the party base becomes alienated as a result of the defeats. Future losses at the polls are virtually guaranteed because people who don’t think their team can win start looking for a new voice. Contributions to the old party start to diminish as people put their political investment elsewhere or nowhere.

randSuggestions of new parties begin to spring up, but overall leadership is missing — the pieces of a winning strategy remain fragmented, with no rudder to guide them. Individually the factions are weak and their lack of coordination and focus adds to the overwhelming power at the polls of the opposition party. The final step is the actual creation of new political parties, thus institutionalizing the demise of the two-party system and ushering an era of multi-party elections and effective one-party rule.

Of course, there is always the possibility that a strong leader or leaders arise who can unify and lead diverse groups to victory at the polls. The GOP has a small but strong pool of political leaders, young and vigorous. Maybe they could rescue their party. Or maybe not.

If you think multi-party elections are good for a country, take a look at Italy. The last time it knew any stability was under Mussolini.  Look at England, where the failure of the Tories to preserve the spirit as well as the banner of their credo has led to a strengthening of conservative “interest group” parties, some with only a single issue. The more the number of parties, the more fragmented power becomes, and the more fragmented politics become, the greater a country’s instability.

palinThat said — and it isn’t a happy outlook — I’m afraid we may be seeing the actual break-up of the GOP. It suffers from a leadership outlook that in many ways is indistinguishable from that of the opposition and grows more distant every day from the people who vote them into power. The sense of alienation from our political system as a whole and from our own party in particular is growing. And we are hearing louder calls for secession or a third party. I think a third party is far more likely to happen, but secession is a happy thought.

I’ve said before and I reiterate, a new political party is not the answer. We need a political movement, which is a much broader stream, one that can embrace a far greater number of people who share fundamental beliefs even if they don’t agree on each and every issue. The GOP should be part of the movement, but not its face. This strategy is the only way to attract all the people who are alienated from the Democrat Party and others, too, to the battle to oust the neo-totalitarians.

Movements are not forever, unlike US postage stamps. They arise because they are needed at some moment in time to mobilize a great chorus of voices, all out of tune with the government that purports to represent them. If the GOP performs well, it can emerge intact and strengthened in a post-leftist period, but if it can’t find its backbone — we could end up in that bad place called a multi-party system and that can only mean an effective one-party system.

But then again, all of life is a risk. Sometimes the risk is worth it, and I’d say we’re about there.



One World Government, Passports and Measles

oecd I haven’t written in a few days because my mind has been busy assimilating all the new omens pointing to a crash of civilization around the globe, brought down by simple stupidity.

Let’s start with the news reported in the WSJ that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), very influential internationally, proposes that the global community vow not to give preferential tax rates to businesses. As everybody knows, businesses are dedicated to (drum roll) the maximization of profits. As a result of this peculiar tendency, they migrate to places most propitious to the achievement of their goal, e.g. to tax havens. The OECD seems to consider the proffering of tax breaks to be poaching and the imposition of usurious tax rates by rapacious government a God-given right (except they don’t believe in God). Suggestions of a world-wide treaty have been floated.

Just a few observations. First, I’m on the alert when I hear the term global community; this normally means a handful of big, rich and powerful countries calling themselves Everyman. This is the same premise as NATO being synonymous with the US, the international community being NATO and three other countries, and the community organization being a handful of paid union thugs. The little guys, the pipsqueaks of the world, don’t have an ounce of influence in such grand constructs as global communities and will merely have the screws put to them as often as necessary. I recall one Eastern European leader who complained that being in NATO was just a change of ownership, as they had as much input as they did in the Warsaw Pact.

Here’s an inconvenient fact the OECD seems to have overlooked: some countries actually depend on this one little mechanism — taking less of other people’s money — to attract investment, which means jobs and thus greater prosperity for those countries clever enough to appeal to a natural human urge. Like Thailand and the sex industry. This raises the question of why on earth these tax heretics would favor the OECD scheme to jack up tax rates and chase out investors. Surely it only gives one more advantage to the rich and powerful? I am not sure the proposal will go any farther, but if it does I think I know what the solution will be for those countries whose one chief source of income is wiped out. The solution will be to impose a little teeny tiny international tax on the world citizens, payable to some international organization you never voted for and  answerable to no US authority, for subsidies to the countries formerly providing tax shelter. The give-away or subsidy comes gratis from the global community, which in this case happens to be you, the tax-payer.

one world governmentDon’t you feel it’s getting a little warm? Is that the hot breath of Big One World Government you feel on your neck? The unified global taxation scheme is being pushed by the trans-Atlantic leftwing cohort because it brings the Star Council of the Federated Nations of Earth that much closer. It would convert countries from independent go-getters to paid servants of the Global State. European Union administrative bureaucracies have become monstrous. Faceless overpaid Eurocrats spend whatever time they actually work dreaming up new regulations to further diminish Europeans’ freedom of action, all done over a delicious coq au vin luncheon at a fine restaurant in Strasbourg or dinner at a four-star restaurant with their colleagues to “think outside the box.” An Italian can’t find his favorite cheeses because some little gourmand in one of the EU commissions doesn’t like it. The regulations these anonymous bureaucrats churn out are hard to challenge, much less change, and each and every one of them increases the power of the bureaucracy as a whole. It is a profoundly undemocratic form of government, which explains continuing very large minorities within EU member countries strenuously against EU membership.

That same level of suffocating regulation and control awaits us down the road if we start handing over bits of our sovereignty to international bureaucrats who live off our hard work. They are self-perpetuators, these pan-governmental drones. They need the wealth we earn or create to keep themselves afloat and they will get it by constantly raising taxes: for internet use, for international travel, for ecological projects, and on and on — all on top of what your very own government steals. This is how the human is finally extinguished as a free being.

passportsOn another subject, Maggie’s Notebook had a blog this morning about the inclusion in the dread Senate immigration bill of language forgiving up to three forgeries of US passports for aspiring immigrants. I was glad I was sitting when I read it. It is nothing less than stunning. When I was in the diplomatic service, people were hauled into court for visa fraud, of which there is always a case or three. Usually this involved cash or sexual payments in exchange for the issuance of visas. The State Department gave no quarter and showed no mercy when they found corruption in the ranks. The miscreants were drummed out of the service and generally did a prison term. It is a felony to issue a visa in return for a payment or favor. Period. Wouldn’t you think forging a passport, another felony of even greater harm to our country, would be treated this way? Wrong.

Now it seems some illegal alien who was smart enough to follow the money trail all the way across the Rio Grande can forge US passports for others and they have to make a long-term practice of it to be considered for deportation rather than citizenship. The law as good as says “you can forge three US passports but no more.” Even worse is that the Republicans whose wise lead we are to follow have no idea that this provision is in the document. John McCain was his usual snide self when he retorted to a question about the language that he did not know for a fact that the passport forgery forgiveness bit was in the bill. Marco Rubio also was clueless about the provision.

To John McCain, from a former supporter — retire. You are embarrassing yourself.

To Marco Rubio, from someone who still supports you — get new advisors. Immediately. You’re straying way off course on domestic and foreign policy.

One last thought. There is a measles outbreak in Europe and America because parents wouldn’t have their kids inoculated for fear of autism. Now the children will be at risk from high fevers and other complications. These are the unintended (but predictable and predicted) consequences of false science perpetuated by airheads. I have a relative whose name will be withheld who only washes her kids once a week because germs are good for them. Tell that to the Indian sub-continent. I guess their back-to-naturism works until it doesn’t. I just hope some day those kids figure out it pays to bathe daily. Teens or adults bathing once a week — ugh. Smart people are sometimes not so smart at all.

Tactical Allies on the Left

signThe news is that James Earl Carter has finally turned his eagle eye for abusiveness to the USG and finds it guilty. For the first time ever, I find that I agree with most of what Carter had to say. This is a scary moment for me. If there is a president I despise approximately as much as I do Obama, it’s Carter. Carter managed in four years at the helm to trash his country and those of other one-time allies like the Shah of Iran and Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua, helping into power anti-American regimes in both places. In retirement, he has been an attention-grabbing gadfly with a huge sense of righteousness. How nice that he is now willing to step forward in defense of Americans’ basic rights instead of blathering about Myanmar or some other country we really don’t give a flip about.

The subject Carter was speaking about in some touchy-feely Atlanta conclave was the invasive nature of today’s American government and its violation of fundamental principles of liberty, to wit, NSA and other espionage systems. He said that there is no longer a functioning democracy in the United States. He said it about a Democrat president. A Democrat president who finally relieved Carter of the title for worst president ever. Hallelujah and saints be praised!

And I wonder: what has changed here? How is it that many on the left and many on the right who agree on nothing else agree that there is no functioning democracy in America? Have the scales fallen from their eyes? Does this new willingness to speak out against Obama give hope that we can forge alliances never conceived of to defeat the neo-totalitarians? Maybe Carter will take up the case of Edward Snowden and press for safe-passage documents to see him to his chosen place of asylum. Wouldn’t that be a kicker, a real Nobel Prize moment.

flowersIt always happens in left-wing revolutions that people who were most guilty of promoting everything that evolved into tyranny are among the first to be eliminated by the new regimes. Erstwhile allies become enemies of the State because the State knows better than anyone how  much damage the erstwhile ally can do to the Establishment. It’s like Mao’s encouragement to China’s people to “let a hundred flowers bloom.” In that enigmatic oriental way of his, this meant “go ahead, you intellectuals, disagree with me, tell me the error of my ways, write plays and poetry and paint pictures and fully express yourself.” When the flowers were in bloom, he was able clearly to see his enemies, sticking out above all the others, and he snipped off their heads. Just think of all those left-wing intellectuals dead or might as well be dead in places like Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea. In Russia, the famous writer and playwright Vladimir Mayakovsky — a leading intellectual light among the communists — shot himself less than a decade after the Bolsheviks took power. He was terribly depressed to find that the people who were going to make Russians free were actually worse than the Tsar.

So it’s nice to see that some of the lefties — by no means all of them — are recognizing at last how we have changed from a free-thinking and free-living nation into a nation where half are in thrall to their government and half want to bring it down and everybody is owned by the State. Rights are becoming an arcane concept, unless you’re talking about the sham rights the UN and the left are pushing: the right to a job, the right to a house, the right to a university education, the right to free health care, and so on. (In reality this means the right to any job the State offers you, two rooms and a toilet for your house,  and the right to higher education only for the brightest or the connected — the rest will be shuffled off to technical schools to serve the needs of the State. It means the right to a poor and much-reduced level of health care that will succeed in jacking up the death rates and thereby thin out the ranks of the old and useless.)

Even the shabby quality of the things the State claims it can provide forever for free cannot in fact be guaranteed. The only rights we can guarantee are those in our founding documents, like the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The rest are nothing but cheap promises.

schismWhen elements of the two extremes of American politics can come together on the threat to freedom — or more accurately, when the left can see, too, that freedom is under assault – it means we have gone far down the road to tyranny. House hearings have revealed only the tip of the iceberg of corruption and politicization of our federal bureaucracy. The neo-totalitarians are sprinkled throughout the system, quietly churning out regulations to bind us and coerce us down the paths they have chosen. But there are tremors beneath our feet portending big changes in America. Things are coming to a tipping point, or maybe a parting of the ways. Our government wants to control us like bytes and bits of a computer and this nation within a nation, the conservative nation, isn’t going quietly.


The Changing World Order

usreducedThe Wall Street Journal reports that Obama might not make a long-planned trip to Russia for a chit-chat with Vladimir Putin due to a list of bilateral spats that starts with Edward Snowden. According to the article, Sen. Lindsey Graham told an interviewer that he would fiercely consider not going, because everything Russia is doing at the moment is making the world a much more dangerous place.”

Fiercely is not a word I normally would associate with Lindsay Graham. Wimpy, yes. Collaborative, yes. Self-important, check. He and John McCain, the Senate bookends, are doing their best to get the US acting as judge, jury and executioner in every spat any two foreigners get into, and now both are ready to pick a fight with Russia over Snowden. Both men know full well that Russia didn’t run Snowden as an agent, he was dumped in their lap by China after Chinese intelligence had all it needed from the American. Of course they’re angry with China too. They ought to spend less time berating other countries for taking advantage of our official stupidity and more time trying to find out why there is so much official stupidity. A contractor of callow age walked off with such vital information that it might sink us (not). Who should be beaten about the head and ears for that offense?

And now on to substance. I can certainly understand why Obama wants to avoid a high-profile visit to the home of his former BFF, especially when Putin isn’t likely to yield on any of the outstanding issues. Mind you, all of the issues are impasses, it isn’t a matter of concessions on both sides. The US wants Edward Snowden, Russia won’t hand him over. The US wants an end to Russia’s nuclear cooperation with Iran, Putin is firmly against. The US wants Russia to abandon its old ally Syria and line up behind the US, and Putin would rather die. Only on Snowden is there still a possibility to put this behind us: Putin might agree to arrange a fatal accident for the whistle-blower now that Russian intelligence have all the goodies Snowden brought – but only if Barack Hussein asks nicely. What are the chances of that?

bad russiaThen there is the charge so eloquently leveled by Mr. Graham that everything Russia is doing makes the world a more dangerous place. What he means is, Russia won’t step aside and let the US have its way on every international issue, especially those dealing with the use of force. He doesn’t seem to think Russian actions might be based on Russian national interests, but instead sees it as Russia being stupidly obstructionist. It annoys him no end that Russia is supporting a secular government and long-time ally in Syria against opponents heavily represented by radical Islamist groups. Graham is one of the cheerleaders for giving arms and military training to that very same rabble, although he insists we’re only helping the good guys. As if the good guys all alone can overthrow Assad and as if he or any of us know who the good guys really are. In any case, the record so far of similar US meddling is not exactly a recommendation for such projects. Egypt is a good example of how things go wrong when political change is too rapid. That whole Middle East-North Africa region is an example of this.

Graham was no doubt also exercised when Russia opposed the partition of largely Orthodox Serbia by NATO. The US first secretly armed and trained the Moslem rebels in Kosovo and then bombed Serbia to end the fighting. Afterwards the US and the EU handed the Kosovar Albanians a big chunk of Serbian territory. Who benefitted from the weakening of a Christian state and creation of a new Moslem state? Was it really the US?

To sum it all up, who has racked up an impressive record of overthrowing governments by force since the end of the Cold War? Who has launched its bombers with relative frequency over the past twenty years? Who is really making the world a more dangerous place? I think you’ll find that Russia hasn’t had a single war outside its own borders since Afghanistan, and they learned their lesson. We haven’t.

globaldynamicsThe impulse behind these confrontations of will is the inevitable movement of global political dynamics. It was once and briefly a bipolar world, which was such a clear-cut game that it was easy to play and this made for a high level of actual global security. Then, even more briefly, we were a unipolar world, with the US calling virtually all the shots and throwing its military weight around in a way that was no doubt also inevitable — power does go to the head — and that led to the rise of coordinated opposition from other existing or emerging powers. With China beginning to exercise its own growing military might and Russia recovering from its long disarray, the US must once more contend with interest group politics on a world-wide scale. The new dynamic will require our government to move away from the profligate misuse of our military forces to change other countries’ leaders toward a more collegial form of interaction. That doesn’t mean our own vital national security interests should ever be subject to any other country’s veto; we don’t haggle over bottom-line interests. But it does mean we have to make sure we assert only truly vital national interests, rather than investing every two-bit domestic crisis around the world into another urgent need for intervention. Holding our punches has become a lost art.

Frankly, I think the emergence of blocs capable of checking the US on use-of-force matters is a healthy development. If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, I think we have been in a very dangerous place. The more we have to ration our power to conserve it for the great battles that may be coming, the less likely we are to continue wasting it.



A Government Sunk in Racism

perez as foxA chill just ran down my spine. I was skimming through the latest developments in the “Get Whitey” campaign launched by Eric Holder when I came to a report of a conference call the government initiated to consult with (coordinate for the cameras) an assortment of federal officials and civil rights leaders (white-haters). I’m sure these leaders included agitators like Al Sharpton and maybe even Danny Glover. The man who convened the telephonic meeting was none other than the new Assistant AG Thomas Perez. Thanks to the Senate’s Supine Collaborators — a group extremely similar to the Gang of Eight Morons – Perez was confirmed in his new role and now we now have a Marxist and Wise Latino in charge of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. Oh, creepy. This malnourished and homely leftist intellectual has absolutely no shame. He comes out of that time-honored Latino tradition of selling anything saleable. When Perez wants something, nothing gets in his way. Want me to drop a suit against you? No hay problema. Or maybe I can bring a suit against your enemy, just to make a point. There are no end of possibilities for the unprincipled Mr. Perez to create mischief in his new role. If he is stage-managing the Trayvon Martin fantasy, look out for trouble. We have a government riddled at the highest levels with racists.

I’d love to leave Zimmerman to history. He’s becoming as much a miscast icon as Trayvon Martin. Who would have guessed in a thousand years that two such ordinary people would become the focus of the nation? How incredibly stupid are we? These tragic things have become our entertainment, our version of the Roman Arena. It’s better than a reality show, only with very unattractive cast members. The more our social fabric rips apart, the deeper we immerse ourselves in false dramas. Hollywood and the infotainment industry can spin anything up by pitching a simple line — white/bad vs black/good, e.g. — and throwing in some action scenes (mobs). The more of us who eat it up, the more dramatic it all becomes. Lord, this is a filthy little world we are living in, and a lot of the mind rot is starting here. Made in the USA.

trThe most shameless aspect of the tale is the way the Black Community has behaved. Let’s call it out loud: the representatives of black America who are turning up to pillage and destroy, or just to threaten, speak volumes about the so-called culture that has grown from the Democrat Party plantation and zombie factory. Loud, foul-mouthed, belligerent, ignorant and uneducated, they seem to think that just because they wanted to send George Zimmerman to Death Row the jury had an obligation to agree. And if the jury didn’t agree, they have a right to torch the place or maybe beat the daylights out of some random white folks. These people are too stupid even to know they’re racists.

Looks to me like we’re headed into a period of heightened racial tensions in our country. The constant derisive treatment of whites by blacks and their facilitators, the USG’s use of race-baiting politics, and the active role played by the media in actually inciting conflict with highly inflammatory rhetoric and the doctoring of information all bode ill for our social peace. White people are beginning to react after a long period of passive acceptance of such treatment. There is plenty of tinder for a conflagration. Blacks shouldn’t think that a future rampage wouldn’t be met by a white backlash.

So, those are my scary thoughts of the day. On another subject, I hear some rumblings about a third party (suicide, but many people feel like slitting their wrists these days). It makes me worry that 2014 will not be as happy as the GOP is predicting. I’m not sure party leaders truly realize how alienated a huge part of their base is. It’s like John McCain and Lindsay Graham are from another planet. We’re tired of platitudes, of having our representatives act as if our views are primitive and unworthy of consideration. We’re tired of the exhortations to think clearly (shut up) while they collaborate in extinguishing our liberties. Wake up, GOP.

I think the administrative machine might be getting the message. I used to make generous contributions to everything GOP. I’ve saved a lot of money this year, but I’m getting a lot of junk mail from the GOP saying “payment overdue.” It’s a sentiment I share.



Sticking Out My Neck: I’ll stick by Rubio

There follows my latest post on Patriot Update; predictably, I’ve had nothing but sticks, stones, and grenades launched at my post since it appeared. But when I submitted it my comment to the editor was, bet this one gets a lot of feedback.  Nevertheless I stick by my guns — in every sense. Read it and tell me what you think. If reaction to date is any gauge, poor Marco is in very deep kimshee. He needs some new advisors, don’t you think?




The Racial Outrage that No Longer Impresses

racism 2I am so bored with it all, so contemptuous anymore of the black community’s self-righteous and self-serving tantrums when things don’t go their way. These folks, the ones waving their fists and threatening to kill whitey or hound George Zimmerman to his grave if they can’t put him there themselves, are so beyond dignified mourning that their cause no longer has a thing to do with Trayvon Martin. This is just more thirst for revenge by thuggish stupid people whipped up by vicious demagogues and all that’s needed to go for whitey’s throat is a perceived slight or the refusal to judge things through a certain racially-tinted lens. The leaders of the pack, who have zero respect for law or order, are all too often false and corrupt men of  God who want nothing so much as personal glory and hopefully some material payoff down the line. We are in the midst of another outburst of violence from a bunch of people who are used to getting everything they want just by sticking their hands out and if they don’t get it, they’ll whup your white ass. Well, guess what? They didn’t get what they wanted this time around. Welcome to the crowd, Black America. We on the white side of things have had decades of deferring to whatever your black community wanted, swallowing a whole bunch of injustices, and getting shafted in the process. It’s time for equality. The same rules of law apply regardless of the color of your skin. If responsible politicians ruled our country, we could get that without violence. Guess not.

And one more word. As a Hispanic, I resent the idea that Latinos have to play the pawns for the State. We are whatever the government wants us to be –maybe we’re white and maybe we’re minority, whatever works at the moment. Zimmerman was a Hispanic. Where is the Hispanic Community in all this? Are you totally bought off? I wish Hispanics throughout the country would take stock of what happens to them if they ever have a run in with the poster children for the welfare state, our illustrious Black Community and their big-mouthed stars like Danny Glover and Morgan Freeman, not to mention card-carrying Marxists like Eartha Kitt and Harry Belafonte. You are definitely not Number One among the Democrat Party racial identity cells. Remember it.

Of course the absolute conviction that they have the right to punish white people because a jury failed to hand them the outcome they desired is fostered from the top down, from Obama the sham Constitutional lawyer (I doubt he could argue a case successfully) to the shameless and felonious Eric Holder, neither one of whom gives a damn about the white part of this country and actually incite racial hatreds. Both of them should be in court.

This is really the limit. Trayvon Martin wasn’t a kid, he was a good-sized male who had for all intents and purposes already reached his adulthood. He had an attitude. He didn’t like the white guy following him and he decided to teach him a lesson. It ended very badly. But Zimmerman didn’t go out looking to kill a black guy, and if two black men had been involved or two white men, the jury’s considered decision would have caused no controversy. The jury verdict has been degraded into the grist of racial politics because politicians and community organizers, encouraged by our US Government and taxpayer money, have chosen to gin up another race case to hype their black voters. And you better believe they want to use it as a wedge on the issue of stand-your-ground laws as the left pushes to overturn laws around the country. It is sick politics, the only kind our country seems to have anymore.

I’d like to remind the angry blacks threatening to burn the place down that this is exactly how millions of white Americans felt when the brutish OJ Simpson was acquitted. I heard one thick-skulled black at the State Department gloating after the acquittal at the time that the white bitch deserved it. What class. Well, now you guys know what disappointment feels like.

la riotsJust fyi, I’d say there are millions of white Americans who right now would probably be delighted to meet black violence with white violence. Tempers are frayed on all sides, not only among African-Americans. Whites are tired of being treated as some special category of vermin; there are civil rights in this country and they aren’t just for people of the right color or ethnic provenance. They are for everybody or nobody. Racial hatred incites racial hatred and I have never seen it so vividly proven as since Barack Hussein Obama came out of the absolute nowhere to become ruler of Amerika. I have never felt the power of pervasive racism as much as I do today. This is one of the greatest evils Obama has unleashed on our nation.

These are troubled times.


Our Color-Blinded World


racismIt seems to me that skin color or other physical characteristics are incidental to the whole racism thing. Such traits simply make it easier to lump together particular groups of people, but it is something else that prompts the persecutor’s desire to demean the group in question. The African slaves were all black, but that was incidental to the fact that they were all the lowest of the low, having to do whatever was required without complaint and without payment. Their own people had sold them and thus robbed them of their human dignity. It was not their skin color, but their position at the bottom of the societal pile that provoked the contempt for them. By contrast, in Russia in the 1700s, Tsar Peter the Great had an African slave whom he became fond of and allowed to live in freedom as part of the Tsar’s court. This man went on to marry a Russian noblewoman and from this union sprang the great Russian poet, Pushkin. The African had not been at the bottom of the pile, but at the top, even if his skin was black and he had been purchased. Because the Tsar deemed him worthy of respect and freedom, so did everybody else. If the situation with the slaves been reversed and Africans had taken white slaves, the whites would have been equally abused — because they would have been at the bottom of the pile. Color is a mere cataloguing convenience.

rothschildIn Germany, the Jews occupied a different but no less special position in society, being numerous among the wealthier citizens and having a significant interest in banking. When the Nazis were looking for someone to blame for Germany’s dire economic situation before the Second World War, the Jews were almost natural victims. There was a history of anti-Semitism in much of Europe and the Jews stood out by their clannishness and supposedly common physical traits. They were easy to single out. But the Jews really were targeted because so many of them were superior in achievement to the average suffering German, certainly richer, and they had great power over people’s lives. They were a magnet for resentment. The image of the Jew wasn’t the humble school teacher, but the rich industrialist or banker. And, very importantly, they were a law-abiding minority loath to resist authority. Numbers and attitude count.

white guiltI’m thinking about this whole color thing because the Zimmerman trial is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with so-called race relations in 21st century America. Here is a guy who appears to have been parachuted in from the Andes and the color-conscious media rushes to call him white. This already weights the case against the defendant, as we all know. In fact, his daddy is white, but his momma isn’t. She’s a woman of color, no doubt having a lot of Inca blood. Common sense tells me that Zimmerman’s greatest misfortune in this trial is his German last name, a point the left has tried to play on by calling him a white Hispanic. Who gave them the right to decide which half of Zimmerman is dominant? Zimmerman thinks of himself as Hispanic — doesn’t that count for anything? If we decided to call Obama a white African, would that be okay too? It would be equally applicable and equally inappropriate.

zimmermanThe defense in the Zimmerman trial started out buffoonishly, but they soon recovered their senses. Here is the picture I have mentally put together of what we have heard from both sides. Trayvon Martin was innocently walking to the home of his father’s girlfriend where he was a visitor, talking on the phone to someone. He had his hood up because it had been raining on and off. Martin was a somewhat toked-up young black male of indeterminate age, tall, physically buff and angry at the world as teens are wont to be. Along came a chubby Peruvian with a concealed-carry permit and a gun in his pocket. He was patrolling because there had been a series of burglaries in the neighborhood and the residents were nervous. So was Zimmerman, armed and on edge. Zimmerman saw the hooded figure and didn’t recognize him from the neighborhood. His suspicion aroused, Zimmerman did the right thing and called the police. Zimmerman suspected another break-in was planned. Told not to follow the guy, Zimmerman nevertheless did. He wanted to know: was the guy going to do something or just loiter and where was he headed? He wanted to tell the police where to go when they show up. He’s a cop-lover.

trayMeanwhile, the way I see it, the lovely Rachel Jeantel of the limited vocabulary must have been providing dull-witted encouragement to Martin’s announcement that he was going to teach the fat boy a lesson. Why did he keep Jeantel on the line as he accosted Martin unless he wanted her to know how tough he was? Martin stepped up his pace to get out of  Zimmerman’s sight and then hid behind a shrub to ambush Zimmerman and turn the tables. When Zimmerman went skulking past, Martin jumped him, just wanting to give him a good lickin’. But Zimmerman now was sure that this assailant was no resident, but a really bad guy who had him pinned on the ground and was whaling away at him. His nose was probably broken and it may be that blow that caused his head to bounce on the cement. The abuse was not only terribly painful — there are nothing but nerve endings up there on the scalp — but raised an immediate fear of brain damage. Zimmerman — the guy being pummeled — was obviously the one calling for help, but nobody responded, as is often the case here in the home of the free. He panicked, managed to get his gun out of his pocket and shot. His sole intent: to prevent further injury to himself and get Martin off of him. Martin died.

Of course much of the above scenario is what I see in my head from the evidence presented. If Jeantel told Martin to whup that white boy’s ass, she isn’t saying. As the Emperor Claudius knew, it is sometimes useful to play the idiot. But this is the narrative that makes sense to me. No matter what Martin’s mother believes (and I think she has convinced herself it’s so), it makes zero sense for her son to have been calling for help. He was doing quite all right by himself. It had to have been the guy on the bottom shouting for help. The prosecution says there was none of Zimmerman’s DNA under the nails. Why would there be? Martin wasn’t scratching Zimmerman, he was punching him with his fist. Was there any DNA on his fists?

So here is the bottom line: unless you think George Zimmerman went out determined to find and kill an innocent person, then we can accept he did not act with malice aforethought. Who was more at fault for this sad event? Trayvon Martin for ambushing and physically accosting Zimmerman because the latter was following him, or George Zimmerman for not hanging back and letting Martin go wherever he was going? By the time the police arrived, Zimmerman must have figured, the guy would have disappeared. He was a cop wannabe, but is that a crime or make him criminally-inclined? Is daring to be a Neighborhood Watchman, or daring to be legally armed, or wanting to see where a stranger is headed in a crime-plagued neighborhood, criminal behavior?

Here is my standard: if Zimmerman had not tried to see where Martin was headed, there would not have been a confrontation. At the same time, if Martin had ignored Zimmerman, who was not physically accosting him or approaching him more closely, he would have arrived home safely. I personally don’t think there would ever have been an incident if Martin hadn’t been a testosterone-laden 16-year old having some animosity toward whites and looking to vent some angry energy.

thumbHere’s the ugliest part of the story. It seems that the judge and the entire State side are so frightened at the thought of retaliatory violence from the black community should Zimmerman be acquitted that they are bending every rule to convict him of something. The judge’s bias in that direction has been evident since the beginning of the trial and it has only gotten worse along the line. She was in way over her pay grade and behaved like a petulant woman. But she was doing duty on behalf of the State, which wants a conviction on something, anything. Hence the eleventh hour agreement to allow the prosecution to completely change its case by significantly widening the possible convictions allowed the jury. Somebody is pushing downward to make sure the right verdict is arrived at. Somebody has their thumb on the scale.

Although I hope nobody resorts to violence in this matter, I wonder what the State would do were the white population to riot in the wake of a conviction for Zimmerman. Wouldn’t that be an eye-opener.

Foreign Policy and Human Rights

chemBack again to Syria, which seems to be acting as a detonator in the Moslem world. I was scanning the WSJ Russia page and saw that the Russian government has submitted a “confidential” report to the UN Secretary General on the alleged use of chemical weapons in March at Khan al-Assal, outside Aleppo. (I’m afraid that henceforward “confidential” must be set off in quotes, as there is no longer a right to privacy). The Russians were given access to the site and the results of their analysis is this: the opposition was responsible for the attack. The debris indicated the delivery system was a rocket not typically used for chemical weapons and of a type one faction of the opposition fighters began making earlier in the year. The investigators also found that the sarin was not industrially-produced, but home-cooked.

The White House, of course, was quick to scoff at the Russian report, despite not having an actual report based on their own actual investigation of the site. Tipped off by supposedly disinterested parties France and the UK, the UN wanted to investigate all the places of alleged chemical weapons use. Syria only wanted them to investigate one of them, the one outside Aleppo. The UN didn’t agree, apparently, so Syria asked Russia to investigate.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told the pliant Fourth Estate that the Russians support Assad, so what can you expect? To which nobody, I believe, pointed out that the US supports the opposition (or the more romantic rebels, as the propaganda machine has dubbed them) and it insists the Assad regime used the weapons. In fact, the charge served as the basis to begin arming and (openly) training the jihadist-dominated opposition. I mean, if we’re talking about motives, each side is equally motivated to defend its narrative. The Russian claims are as believable, or not, as the American view.

I wonder why the UN didn’t jump at the offer to investigate first-hand one of the sites of alleged CW use. Wouldn’t that be one step toward knowing what happened? It would be easier to worm your way to the other sites if you got your investigative foot in the door. Is there something that certain influential UN members don’t want proven — perhaps that the opposition, too, has the capacity and will to use banned weapons that they can make themselves? Just judging by what the press has reported, it is certainly possible that the opposition used CW at Khan al-Assal, at least, and the government used them elsewhere. But so far all we have are questions with no known answers. Well, why should we expect answers from foreigners when we can’t even get them from our own government?

More foreign policy muddle. The US Congress is considering legislation to suspend aid to the Republic of Georgia over alleged human rights abuses against officials of the former government headed by Mikhael Saakashvili. The current government has arrested a number of people who are definitely political opponents, but who may also be big crooks. There was rampant corruption under Saakashvili (not to mention human rights abuses against political opponents), but the westernized Georgian president was a US favorite and our government turned a blind eye to charges against his government and him personally.

The Georgian government under current president Bidzina Ivanishvili, a wealthy man with many interests in Russia, is more even-handed in guiding relations with the Northern Behemoth than was Saakashvili without stooping to anti-Americanism. This may annoy some in the US Congress who still think US-Russia relations is a zero sum game. The WSJ has an article today on the Georgian lobbying campaign on Capitol Hill in which it reports that “some American lawmakers are voicing fears that Mr. Ivanishvili, a billionaire business mogul with strong ties to Moscow, is purging the president’s political supporters, in part, to reorient Georgia back into a strategic alliance with Russia.

russia and georgiaWhy do we insist on creating bogeymen where they don’t exist? Russia always has been and always will be a massive factor in Georgian affairs, just as the US impacts Latin America. If the US cuts off aid to this reformist, market-oriented government it isn’t going to change a thing except make enemies where they don’t exist. We can end up driving Georgia more into the Russian orbit. Georgia relies on aid (it still has a large internally displaced population from the Abkhazia war) and it needs US good will to help it maintain its independence. But it also needs the Russian market for its goods and Russian good will for its well-being. I’m not going to place any bets on what the US Congress will do. They love to look holier-than-thou and cutting off aid to naughty governments is always popular and easy to do without immediate negative consequences. I hope we don’t do it.

On that subject, I understand why the USG hesitates to cut off assistance to the Egyptian military, who broke the law when they moved to oust Morsi. The absolutist position is, cut off aid immediately. The practical position is, what do we gain if we cut off aid and what do we lose? If we suspend aid to the military, chaos will ensue. You can’t pull the rug out from under one of the key pillars of stability in the country and expect that there will be no serious consequences. The aid we give allows us some influence over the course of events without requiring us to send out the bombers. (Let’s hope we don’t try the bomber strategy.) We also have to consider our long-term interests – we’d much rather have a rational and self-interested military in charge of this linchpin of the Moslem world than a rabble of religious fanatics. What happens in Egypt, just like what happens in Syria, reverberates across the region and across the world. We need to think long and hard before getting involved in these quarrels beyond using our diplomatic and military channels for all they are worth. And we should stop thinking that the only alternative around the globe is our model of government. If there is no stability in a country, it doesn’t matter what form of government it has. It may be too late no matter what we do.

eucourtAnd now for something truly new — really — to close with: the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that England and Wales cannot impose life sentences — “whole-life tariffs” – without giving the prisoner a chance for review and parole along the way. To deny the prisoners that supposed right is inhuman and degrading. That of course doesn’t sound like a life sentence at all. It’s more like “Life Sentence Maybe and Probably Not.” The way the European human rights weenies are going, it won’t be long before a tariff — a monetary one — will be the worst sentence a child killer can get. The Court decision came as a result of suits brought by two prisoners, one a serial killer and one a double murderer. Doesn’t it break your heart that both of them get to live nice long lives with every need met, but are denied any chance at all to go on killing?

The concerned national authorities are outraged at the Court’s overreach, but really, what did they expect? I have always said that I would support abolition of the death penalty on the day its opponents prove that a life sentence will be absolutely unchangeable forever. Obviously they can’t speak to what future officials will decide, so I will continue to call for the rapid execution of society’s most heinous offenders. To see more on the Court ruling, go to link at right for Ministers Angry at European Whole-life Tariffs Ruling.




Remembrance of Things Past

I’ve been so wound up lately over events I don’t and can’t control that I decided, hey, relax. Chill out. Instead of thinking about where we are today, remember what summer was like for all those years when America looked and acted like America, men married women, illegal aliens avoided public demonstrations, and presidents governed on behalf of the entire nation, not for one faction.

ice cream manSome of my best memories are of the ice cream man. In our house, ice cream was not a daily occurrence and we could never get enough. If we had grown up on a farm, I assure you all six of us girls would have had a churn going at all times. We adored ice cream, and the jingle of the ice cream truck would set off frantic activity in our home as we scrounged for nickels and put in orders to our designated buyer. My mother, a hard-working woman who loved her kids more than anything else in the world, was always happy with her popsicle while the rest of us were quiet at last, at least as long as the ice cream lasted. In our household, even the most idyllic moments could be shattered by violence among the tribe and I remember once getting something I hadn’t asked for and, being the youngest and spoiled, I made a fuss. That earned a whack at my head from my oldest sister, who was quick to the use of force against her disobedient younger siblings. My poor mother, no doubt after a morning of similar fights, finally lost it and threw her popsicle at my bullying sister in frustration. That was such a remarkable act from my usually long-suffering mother, who was not one for using the rod, that it earned her a moment of full wide-eyed silence from us all. I often wish she had enjoyed that popsicle because most of her life was toil and duty and not much fun. The memory makes me realize keenly how selfish children are by nature. It’s only parents who make their kids generous and they do it by example. My mother set such an example for us and we have never forgotten her big heart and open arms.

swimming poolI remember the swimming pool in the center of the town, and those long hot summer days outside Washington, D.C. — a sleepy Southern town so muggy in the dog days that the British diplomats used to get special pay allowances for being assigned there. The community pool was another low-cost summer amusement we turned to frequently in a house where the pennies were made to scream from all the pinching. We would get our bathing suits and towels and walk under the full-leafed trees along hedged sidewalks to the center of our little burg, where we stood in a line that was never very long — a lot of the kids were on vacations or in summer camps — to pay our admission. Inside there was an area for vending machines with candy and a strip of grass for sunbathers and the pool, full of screaming kids. We didn’t know how to swim, any of us, but it didn’t keep us from playing in the water and pretending to be Esther Williams. We couldn’t do the crawl, but we could do graceful spins and somersaults underwater. We would sit for hours in the hot sun, turning dark like gypsies, and never worrying about cancer or dying. We ate candy from the vending machines and never worried about diabetes. Life was all ahead of us, its joys and its sorrows.

vacation bible schoolI remember Vacation Bible School. We were all Catholics in our family, but we were quite a distance from the Church and had no car, so we were only occasional celebrants at Sunday Mass. (A priest actually went to my mother at home and chastised her for neglecting her children’s religious training, but what can you do? I think that’s pretty much what she told him, too.) We didn’t even care about what religion we were learning, because they were all about Jesus. We did our Brownies activities at the Jewish Community Center, too, and they didn’t even believe in Christ. I don’t remember much about the religious component at the summer school, I’m pretty sure mostly we did arts and crafts and drank Kool-Aid and ate cookies. I remember it very happily and wonder what happened to religious tolerance. It was easier back then.

I remember Mr. and Mrs. Dupree, the older childless couple who lived in the end house with Mrs. Dupree’s mother, Mrs. Williams. They had a huge beautiful yard with big oak trees and lots of squirrels and Mrs. Williams would sit patiently on her stoop, an unshelled peanut in her wrinkled hand, until a squirrel approached cautiously to take it from her.

And I remember the young family who lived across from us. The parents were first cousins from some rural place whose travails everybody attributed to their violation of the taboo against marrying a relative. The couple’s youngest of three children was a little girl born blind; their oldest, a boy, fell on a stick and poked out an eye; and the middle child, another son, was attacked by bees while climbing high in a tree, fell and went into a permanent coma. We were all awe-struck by the quantity of suffering that could be rained on one family.

Finally, I remember those long summer evenings, when the worst of the day’s wilting heat had passed and all that was left was a deep warmth filled with the sounds of cicadas and crickets and kids calling “all-ie all-ie out come in free!” I can almost hear the far-away wail of a train whistle or the barking of a dog, every sound muffled and softened by the thick foliage all around us. When the sun set, the whole country gathered in the flickering light of black-and-white TV’s, fiddling with the rabbit ears to get a better picture of the same handful of shows: I Love Lucy and Gunsmoke, Milton Berle and Jack Benny and Ed Sullivan. It was a time when television actually united us because we were all seeing the same thing, every day; we shared a common frame of reference. TV ads were primitive and low-budget and part of their time– doctors smoking cigarettes for their calming properties and women tossing their shiny Prell-washed hair, and Bucky Beaver and Brylcream, of course.

bedtimeAnd at night, when we went to our beds we went with a feeling that everything was as it should be, with a certainty that in the morning it would be the same place as when we lay our heads on the pillow. We lived in a safe haven in those summer days, in a country that really was the best place on earth and a beacon to millions enslaved by the same philosophy that today is ascendant in America.

It’s good to remember the past. Somewhere in our jumble of impressions is the substance of what made America special and unusually righteous. We should hold fast to that ideal in these days of turbulence, when everything we were seems to be disappearing and everything we are becoming is alarming.



No Crimes, No Shame, No Responsibility

shamelessOur government is a mess. Once-free Americans now feel small and helpless before  the bureaucracy’s massed power and high-handed actions. We are angered and  baffled by the indifference of our elected leaders to the broader public  interest, and we are fed up with the orchestrated barrage of government  propaganda. Today we can hardly escape the smug faces of Hollywood airheads. If  they aren’t trying to sell us perfume or underwear or turning in third-rate  performances in cinematic flops, they’re trying to tell us how great the State’s  socialist policies are. Accolades to the end of freedom are galling and the lies  our government promotes egregious, yet we can’t seem to make the criminals pay  for their crimes. The president and his closest advisors have been dodging  responsibility for their misdeeds all their lives and continue to do so. Our  loyal oppositionists, meanwhile, are altogether too loyal. Except for a minority  of the righteous, our Republican representatives are unable to wage a war on  ideas because they don’t have any.

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The Whistleblower and the Emperor

I am fascinated by the disastrous turn of affairs around the world and the disturbing face of One World Government that we are beginning to see take shape. The immediate cause of my consternation is the matter of Edward Snowden, whom I will forever think of as The Whistleblower because that is who and what he is. He blew the whistle on a scary, massive intelligence collection operation that had global reach and did reach as deep as possible into the lives of all of us world citizens. I don’t even care what the end was for the those carrying out the espionage, all I care is that it is a huge open invitation to grave abuses of everybody’s fundamental rights. I assume it is or will be used in bad ways. Snowden let us in on the big secret: you have no privacy rights, period. And the apologists can claim that our Congress, inept and ineffective, knew about the program, but that doesn’t mean any of the rest of us knew what was going on. In a country whose youths don’t even know who the Vice President is, the realities of an omniscient power-sucking monstrosity of espionage could hardly be expected to register at all. It took an Edward Snowden to rip the cover off the totalitarian machine growing within our country and that makes him a whistleblower and a hero.

In the real world, whistleblowers are allegedly a protected category of people whose revelation of crimes outweighs any malfeasance involved in acquiring and revealing such information. We all know that in fact whistleblowers, some of them, are destroyed by those whose crimes they expose. Not everybody is Karen Silkwood. But there is a widely held view that the person who risks everything to reveal what is or should be a criminal enterprise deserves protection from retaliation. Not surprisingly, Obama’s coterie of thugs has been relentless in chasing down whistleblowers and leakers and even boast of it. They only liked whistleblowers when they weren’t in power. Nowadays nobody can expose highly secret information, whether about legal or quasi-legal or flat out criminal activity, and get away with it.

Edward Snowden is Karen Silkwood on a global scale. He didn’t just alert Americans to their government’s pervasive espionage, he alerted people all around the world. Now Snowden is on the run and most governments are dusting off their American lackey caps. The bottom line is that these usually-pontificating nations, the kind who give peace prizes to men for literally no reason at all, are turning their backs on their humanitarian mantra and a legitimate asylum seeker because he would be inconvenient politically. Snowden remains imprisoned at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, a victim of a world governed by the mediocre and the blind. I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat it: there are no more heroes. There are only shabby bureaucrats doing their duty.

What is most worrisome is this slithery silent falling into place of the world’s governments behind the will of the American Emperor. I see one man, trapped, as the US builds a prison around him country by country. I suppose I should be impressed by the power of threats and demands, but instead I am repelled. This is what the One World Government looks like. There is no escape; there is no haven. There is always one real ruler, like Germany in the EU, and that country calls the shots. For the moment it is the US on top. Who knows who will be calling the shots tomorrow?

global espionageI’m sure the European governments are as afraid of Snowden’s disclosures as our own is. Their goal is to get their hands on him and shut him up. I can only assume that this because they, too, are guilty of massive invasion of privacy and disclosure of their violations would create a political firestorm. If governments’ responses to a plea for asylum are predictably limp and without principle, that is not the case with the astounding and profound silence from the usual chorus of harpies and NGOS who decry every violation of every right, real or imagined. Where is their voice of protest, the demonstrations? Snowden is a case made in heaven for rallying the self-righteous and yet they hang back. It’s in a critical situation like this that we see the end result of allowing governments to provide major and in some cases all funding to NGOs, as is the case in Europe and Canada. The reliance on government converts them from fictional independent organizations into functional Government Organizations. Their silence about Snowden is complicity.

NATO sells itself as the guarantor of freedom, but the latest development in the Snowden case, the forced landing of the Bolivian president’s aircraft for a search for Snowden, should serve as a lesson to us all in the evils of massed power and authority. Air closures are a major weapon against dissenters to the common trans-atlantic interest as seen from a handful of world capitals. We saw the tactic during the war against Serbia in 1999 when Russia was barred from over-flight of aspiring NATO countries in Eastern Europe, thus preventing Russia from aiding Serbia while NATO bombed.

By the way and for what it’s worth, I think that a rumor was deliberately spread by Moscow that Snowden was going home with Bolivian President Evo Morales in order to create an international stink when the countries collaborating with the US did something to impede the flight. The uproar will complicate a subsequent effort or efforts to bring down planes suspected of carrying The Whistleblower, especially with another Latin American leftwing president on board. It would increase the odds that Snowden reaches an asylum country.

moralesI can’t help but wonder what would have happened if the pilot had ignored the edicts closing the airspace over France and Portugal– would the jets have been scrambled to bring the plane down? Would somebody have fired a missile the way the Russians did to Korean Airlines passenger flight 007 that refused to leave Russian airspace back in 1978? I guess Morales didn’t want to take a chance. But the Bolivian is furious at the indignity of being chased down like a common criminal. This will play well for a long time in Bolivia and elsewhere in Latin America. Another foreign policy coup for the American Emperor.

Putin Punts

putinsnowdenThings are beginning to shake out here, but I couldn’t even guess how it all ends. Putin has rather clumsily gotten Edward Snowden off his hands by first offering him asylum and then stating a condition that he knew would be utterly unacceptable to Snowden. If Snowden were to agree never to say another word about what got him where he is, he would immediately lose all his growing icon status. He would be saying, “I’m sorry I revealed the global tentacles of US espionage strangling the rights of ordinary people.” He would be saying “I am a criminal.” He would never do it.

computer snoops 1Now you get some flavor of how the KGB worked. They could be brutal, but they were never stupid. On the other hand, I don’t think Putin earned any glory at home with this ploy. First off, his comments made it seem as if he was protecting American secrets and possibly crimes, something not calculated to go over big with a Russian audience. For Putin, it was a particularly weasly statement reeking of insincerity. Even more important, people suspect the real reason he doesn’t want Snowden in Russia isn’t so much out of fear of US reaction. It’s because he doesn’t want to have a super-snoop pounding away on a computer somewhere in his domain. Russian human rights advocates have been urging Putin to grant asylum and I would guess it was for the same reason that Putin doesn’t want to do it.

Now Snowden has predictably “withdrawn” his asylum request with Russia and is apparently throwing out a lifeline to all our heroic Socialist states, the ones run by the lunatic fringe (Venezuela) and those smug with their own self-satisfaction –  and that means you Norway, and you Sweden, and you Denmark. So far, no request to North Korea.

At this point, I’m waiting to see if even one of the NATO countries has the guts to defy the US and say, come to us. All of them have embassies in Moscow and it is not a problem for the Russian government to transfer him to any point within Russian territory and from there to another country. These NATO governments have no apparent problem signing on for bombing campaigns against people for highly dubious “humanitarian” causes, so I wonder if even one of them will abide by its obligations as an asylum-granting country and open its doors to a someone who can easily be described as a political dissident. So far a number of countries, including Switzerland with its humanitarian cachet, have said he has to get to their actual soil before asking for asylum. I’m sure the fact that he has no valid passport is also a technical problem if they want it to be. My point is that asylum can be extended without reference to what kind of travel document the applicant carries and regardless of all other technicalities. That these so-called problems are being discussed is an indication that the governments in question deem this to be a case where a nation’s human rights obligations can be ignored in pursuit of self-interest. Self-interest in this case amounts to the same things Putin was concerned about: not getting the US permanently out of joint and not having a snoop on their hands.

computer crimesI hope one of the European countries does step forward to take in Snowden because I’m getting this creepy idea that all these world socialist governments are closing ranks behind Big Brother to silence him. Maybe all of these governments are also poking into the private lives of individuals both at home and abroad, and maybe they care a lot less about their citizens’ fundamental rights than they do about sending a warning that nobody can reveal official crimes and get away with it. How scary is that? The implications are profound. Once upon a time what you did, the alleged crime, was weighed against your reasons for acting and the public benefit from what you revealed. Now it doesn’t seem to matter what crimes you reveal or what your motives were. Your crime of speaking out is far greater than any crime the State commits. Political crimes have been added to common crimes as the basis for denial of asylum. So tell me, oh great humanitarians: what the hell can you get amnesty for? I’ll give you one guess: running away from a right-wing government, of which there are fewer and fewer, or maybe fleeing a NATO bombing campaign.

maduroThere is one very obvious possibility for Putin to put an end to the Snowden Affair without losing too much more face. He can give him as a gift to the soon-to-arrive Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. Since Maduro is coming in at Sheremetyevo, it would be a convenient moment to smuggle Snowden onto the presidential flight for the return trip to Caracas. I think it would be a sure bet the US wouldn’t scramble the jets for the 29-year old hacker when he is enjoying the company of a Latin American president. Maduro has yet to catch fire with the poor and the ignorant who voted him into office despite his catchy campaign slogan, “I am Chavez.”  He would get a little boost from shafting the US so publicly, especially after Rafael Correa of Ecuador — his competitor for Dictator of the Year in Latin America — lost his nerve. On the other hand, it is rumored that the Venezuelan has been mulling over a sort of rapprochement with the USG, for what reasons we do not know. Probably because he hasn’t caught fire with his voting base.

One thing is for sure, the longer this situation drags on the worse it looks for both Snowden and for the high repute of the world’s leading nations. I’m waiting for all those thousands of State-funded NGOs around the world to join their voices to the call to grant Snowden asylum. It’s a moment like this when you can really judge the conviction behind stated beliefs — or not.


American Crossroads

immigrationPeggy Noonan, one of America’s finest political writers, has a great post today on her blog for the WSJ. It’s a retrospective of her columns over the past decade about immigration. Her point is well taken: that not much has changed in that period, neither the problem nor the proffered solutions. At every step of the way, Noonan was shouting “it’s the border, stupid!” but nobody was or is listening. Not surprising, then, that the problems have gotten bigger and bigger — at least eleven million people in our country illegally and millions more wanting in — and the solutions more and more elusive.

Noonan made a bigger point, too. Because our officials have become increasingly disinterested in public opinion or grievances, more and more distant to the interests and desires of Americans, the essential bond between the people and their state administrators is wearing thin. Irrespective of party affiliation, our officials are putting party over nation and the Americans know it and in turn are contemptuous of their rulers. As Noonan says, lack of trust is at the heart of our growing alienation from government. (By the way, alienation is a good Marxist term that refers to the condition of an oppressed majority — a kind of divorce between the bottom of the pyramid and the top — that gives way to revolution against the dictatorial minority!) The gap between us and the suffocating bureaucracy grows ever larger. The civil peace is threatened.

Noonan’s suggestion remains, as ever, that instead of patching together some monstrous bill unintelligible and unread that will only prolong our lack of border security, our Congress and President should work for a series of small, concise bills easily understood with definable and measurable goals. The first of all such bills must be the security component — making it significantly more difficult for future illegal immigrants to cross into our country undetected and with impuity. Only then will the public be able to focus on doing the right thing for ourselves and those already here.

I don’t usually paraphrase other authors’ works so extensively, but Noonan says what I want to say and what millions of us want to say and she says it clearly and beautifully. It’s worth repeating over and over: government by the people, of the people and for the people. That’s what is missing today. Our rulers talk a lot about the people, but they are not of them or for them — they are against us. Obama’s call on our youth to ignore the evidence of their eyes and ears and trust Big Government is shameless lying in the service of corruption.

secure bordersThe future of this country hangs in large part on what the House does about the poor piece of legislation handed them by the Senate. Will they cave on major issues to get a crumb here and there, and all for fear that they won’t be loved by Hispanics? If they do so, they are turning the power dynamics in our country upside down, dooming our culture. Or will they get serious and start being the voice of their constituents for a change? Being for a strong border control does not make one anti-immigration, it suggests a desire for sound immigration as judged by American needs, not those of the immigrants.

If the GOP does not hold tenaciously to the border security first principle, it is going to lose its grip on political power, as well. I would prefer to see a Republican Party restored to its principles of racial equality and Constitutionalism than to see a third party evolve — but I think this vote will be a watershed for the Party. Either they will heed our interests, or we will leave them stranded come November 2014. That, I believe, would be the end of America as we once knew it and the start of political chaos and division and strife.



No Heroes Anywhere

assangeWell, well, life is full of surprises. The fire-breathing anti-capitalist populist demagogue Rafael Correa of Ecuador, who doesn’t take orders from the US, seems to have lost his cojones. If I am not mistaken, he has reconsidered giving asylum to Snowden. You know the jig is up when they start citing technicalities, like “he isn’t in our country so he can’t ask for asylum.” I seem to recall countless cases of people walking into US embassies and demanding asylum, and some of them got it. All Moscow would have to do is get Snowden to the Ecuadorian Embassy, which is legally Ecuadorian territory. He asks for asylum and voilà, he’s an asylee. He could leave on any flight to Quito and there is only a middling chance that Obama would scramble the jets once they get on our side of the world.

assange2Apparently everybody is having some indigestion flowing from their take-that decisions. For Correa, granting Julian Assange asylum in his country’s Embassy in London has turned into a headache or perhaps even an ulcer. Ecuador can’t smuggle Assange out of London, the Brits would stop it. So our Wikileaks hero or villain is stuck there in some stuffy building for all eternity, highly limited in the mischief he can get up to and no doubt bored out of his mind. Sounds like my version of hell for both the asylee and the diplomats. (The US had a similar case in Moscow in the 80s when a large family of Pentecostals took refuge at the Embassy. They were there for years.) The Ecuadorian Embassy’s confidential communications have been leaking like water through a sieve and they suggest growing tensions with the Embassy’s tenant. Assange claims it’s an official disinformation campaign and the Ecuardorian diplomats privately accuse Assange of being the leak, which bit of information comes from leaked communications. (Oh, yes, there is that aspect of making spies welcome; you can never trust them.)

In Moscow, they have a different knotty issue. Having happily allowed Snowden to enjoy the benefits of the Sheremyetevo transit lounge while sharing his information with them, they would now like him to go. Anywhere. I bet the Russians have conveyed that unambiguously to Edward Snowden. But now it looks like a game of musical chairs and Putin is the last man standing. And if Correa can afford to turn tail at US threats, Putin cannot. The Russian public likes Edward Snowden, they look on him as a heroic young figure who risked everything to warn the world of US treachery. (I’d bet that is an image also widely shared among European youth.) Putin has swaggered and figuratively boxed our president’s ears. If nobody will take Snowden off his hands (and I wonder if China sent Snowden to Russia without asking Moscow?), then Russia must consider his asylum request, if made. That’s a big if. It sounds as though Snowden is weighing the benefits of allowing the dictatorial USG to handcuff him and try him for treason, thereby making him a global icon and ensuring the issue of US spying never goes to bed. If he decides against that route, he will probably be able to stay where he is, only as an official asylee. The WSJ reports that a number of Russian media and political types are now speaking out in favor of asylum for Snowden and this is seen as a way for the Kremlin to judge reactions. I might be proven wrong yet again, but I can’t see Moscow turning Snowden over to the US if they can’t offload him.

pigletPutin joked that the entire affair was like shearing a piglet: too much squeal, too little wool. As a former KGB agent, he might have been expressing his view of the new intelligence Snowden brought with him — not much they didn’t already know. Or he might have been trying to console the USG that it’s not such a big deal after all, when in fact it is a big deal. We will only know if Snowden comes home or our techno-geeks manage to trace his footsteps through the cyber-world.

But it doesn’t really matter anymore. Snowden was the agent, but it was what he revealed that must concern us. The pervasive electronic invasion of our lives is not okay, and if the system is good in the hands of good men, it can be evil in the hands of the wicked. I don’t have a lot of faith left in our government’s good will. And as far as I can see, there aren’t any heroes anymore.

Bits and Pieces


ICE employees responsible for our alleged border are not happy with the immigration legislation that has snaked its way out of the Senate and is now slithering toward the House. They say the proposed law will make their jobs impossible and who would know better than they? I tend to think, like Rand Paul, that the legislation is DOA when it hits Boehner’s desk. On the other hand, there’s no telling these days. Everybody seems to be shaking in their boots at the thought of crossing a bunch of illiterate illegals. The 10-foot tall Hispanic is reminiscent of the giant they had in the USSR military, or so we thought. In reality, the latest bunch of South Americans is smaller than ever and not the frightening thing the GOP has imagined. What we have to start doing is actually competing for Latino votes, with ideas packaged in fun, the way the Dems do it. Sending out kids who look like they’re recruiting for the Mormon Church isn’t going to do the job. There must be plenty of Latinos, young and ambitious, who would be interested in running for a local office and know what will attract youth. What’s the problem? We don’t have to give away our country to keep our country from becoming a one-party state. We just have to act like a two-party state or we’re going to end up a three-party state. At least. Welcome to political chaos brought to you via democracy.

Another subject: Trayvon Martin. The 6-foot plus “little boy” or “Obama’s kid” that the press wanted to portray sounds like a trashy-mouthed lout, not to mention a racial profiler. Maybe if he hadn’t had that ugly toad on the other end of the phone he wouldn’t have decided to show off by accosting the overweight and edgy Mr. Zimmerman. But when I heard the girl say that she and Trayvon had been on the phone all morning, the thought floated across my mind, “what did these two talk about for several hours running?”  I don’t know about Trayvon’s mental acuity beyond the fact that he wasn’t Rhodes Scholar material, but his friend seems to be borderline retarded. Ms. Gen-teel perhaps is of Haitian origin, just judging by last name and poor grip on English. She was barely intelligible throughout her testimony except when she was sassing the DA.

And as for the DA — grounds for mistrial, right there. I found my toes curling in embarrassment when he was meandering his way, often unsuccessfully, through the intricacies of the case. I knew he couldn’t be a top-flight lawyer when he failed to recast Zimmerman as a Latino, not some German that he doesn’t even look like. Fat is okay, a little longer hair, maybe he could use a Spanish word or two and say things like pendejo or madre mia. The defense could raise how little Jorge used to want so much to be an American and so on. If race is going to be a major issue, let’s make it a bi-racial issue and make it harder for our political foes to score points. And back to Ms. Gen-teel. I was wincing at the young woman’s efforts to think. She probably was high as a kite on something, but mostly I think she was just utterly stupid and ignorant. Too stupid even to lie convincingly. If I were Jorge, I’d already be working on a mistrial. I think a real lawyer might have been able to do something coherent with the characters in this play. How painful to watch!

putoEdward Snowden continues his new life of misery on the run from justice, washing up in one of Moscow’s airports, probably Sheremetevo, the international hub. The US has dropped the ugly American tone and has fallen back on cold wounded dignity as a theme. But the whole affair at least gave Obama the chance to sum up all his smallness of mind and spirit when he was asked if he had, by any chance, picked up the phone to call dear pal Vlad and ask for a helping hand. Obama visibly bristled, as only he does with such style, and replied that no, he did not, and he did not because why should he have to?

Such tact, such statesmanship, such logic. He presented himself as an angry kid whose only response to his mother’s nagging is “I shouldn’t have to!” That’s a really stupid thing to say, because maybe, if he actually wants Snowden back, a phone call would be all the healing balm needed. Nah. I think it has gone beyond mere miffiness between the two men, something was said by Obama to Putin to put Putin’s nose out of joint but good. That was evident after their private talk. Maybe Mr. P, whose own Czar-like stature should appeal to The Prez, got a hefty dose of Obama’s arrogance? Then, like manna from heaven, Snowden showed up in Moscow. Who could resist, in all honesty, the chance to stick it to Barack Obama? In response to Russia’s refusal to play ball, or, as some might see it, kowtow to Washington’s orders, the USG is taking its usual limp-wrist actions, winding up the litany of Russian human rights abuses to beleaguer Putin with. The gloves are off. There is nothing that makes Obama angrier than somebody not taking him seriously or giving him sufficient adulation. It’s pretty much the same with Putin.

The other worrisome comment Obama made was his declaration that he wasn’t going to “scramble the jets for a 29-year old hacker.”  This raises the alarming suspicion that somebody, probably the increasingly senseless John McCain, actually proposed scrambling the jets or some such other hare-brained scheme. I have heard a few lunatics proposing to re-launch the Cold War. I swear, the US is really acting very unprettily these days. Given what the USG was up to, I’d keep a lower profile on the effort to get Snowden back. In fact if they had acted diplomatically instead of making a big show out of it all, perhaps Snowden would not have become an issue at all.

As for Snowden, he’ll probably end up in Ecuador. Latin America is no shirk when it comes to giving the US the finger, most countries there having done so at one time or another, and Ecuador’s president is going for the Most Revolutionary pageant this year. If the gringos want to pull a stunt to kidnap him, which they have the capacity to do in South America, it will give Correa fuel to keep the nationalist fires going for years.

sodomFinally on the Supreme Court rulings. Who cares what happens in California? It’s already a one-party state mired in corruption of every kind. The fight is on for real in the individual states where the issue is undecided, and I’m satisfied that the Court affirmed this as an area where the states rule. If they can stand by that position in future challenges, then we’ll be as good as we can get until we have our own country.



Reduced to a Snarling Kind of Plea

russia usI’m hearing a lot of commentators from both sides of America who are very angry that China and Russia are thumbing their noses at us over Edward Snowden. Leaving aside for the moment all the sneering invective from the Obama regime about the anti-democratic regimes in those countries, the bottom line seems to be that somehow the US has been so good to both of them for, like, forever and now they owe us. John Kerry and Jay Carney want us to recall in particular that the US has bent over backwards to extradite people back to Russia. Over and over.

Okay, so tell me this: did the US actually have some interest in spending millions of dollars fighting the extradition of what were, frankly, common criminals and swindlers? Did we want these felons in the US forever? I think we will all agree that the answer is no and no. That suggests, then, that the US was pursuing simple self-interest in cooperating with Russia on extradition, which we quite naturally portray as beneficence. Everybody does.

solzIf you’re still doubtful, consider this: if the person the Russians had been trying to extradite from America had been someone we considered a political dissident in danger from his government, someone like the late Alexander Solzhenitsyn, we would have refused the Russian request. Extradition does not apply to asylees. Nothing would make us budge.

Of course, the USG doesn’t consider Edward Snowden to be an errant philosopher, but a vile back-stabber and heinous criminal. But in this case what the US thinks of him is irrelevant. The host country, currently Russia, once China, later, who knows, North Korea? determines what he is. If they see him as having exposed massive global spying by the USG, deem such activity to be in violation of internationally accepted principles or law, and feel Snowden could not receive a fair trial in the US, they will endorse his action with asylee status. That’s the whole story.

Then there’s the back story. You and I know perfectly well that Russia and China both aspire to the same pervasive level of global spying that the US has attained, but their sins are hidden from view, potential whistle-blowers no doubt having been run down in the street or just disappeared. This gives them the theoretical high ground and they are milking it for all its worth. The world is finally getting their own back against us, and there is little to do except take it as long as this clique of morons in Washington is in power.

Is it because we know our prez is a blowhard that he is lately so unconvincing? Didn’t you cringe just a tiny bit when you heard our officials trying to give orders to other countries? Didn’t you find yourself adding after one of these vague threats of retaliation, “And what are you going to do about it?” In diplomacy we learn that you can say some pretty stiff things without resorting to open bullying. The White House and the Congress, not to mention the NSA, apparently missed that lesson. They didn’t use any finesse or tact, which is the norm when you want what in essence amounts to a favor, but they are still just huffing and puffing. Unfortunately for Obama he can’t use a drone in either of the two offending states, and thus our nations are at loggerheads. Diplomacy, it seems, is dead in Washington.

us in laAnd another thing: ultimatums aside, have you noticed how we talk to other countries as if they’re vassals? This is the way “gringo” diplomats have historically talked to Latin Americans, who are a chatty, friendly bunch under normal circumstances but bristle when dictated to and then get even in sly and sullen ways. US diplomatic snottiness is responsible for fully half of our problems there and the way we’re verbally shoving Russia and China isn’t doing much good, either. Did anybody really think that snarling at Vladimir Putin would frighten him into compliance? He’s belligerent by nature and nothing gets him going more than a weak opponent. In fact, it’s not just Putin, it’s pretty much all Russians. They hate a sniveler. Give them a smart, ruthless, self-interested and relentless opponent any day, but don’t offend them by sending out your B or even C team. Kiss of death. Now Putin is strutting for his Russian audience and they are enjoying the show.

lemonadeThere is a lot of speculation that China and/or Russia were in from the beginning and coordinated this very public humiliation. You don’t need to look for a conspiracy in any of this. Sometimes life gives you lemons (and who knows that better than the Russians and the Chinese?) and sometimes life gives you lemonade. Edward Snowden fell into the hands of our rivals and he brought with him invaluable information. They’re not letting him go until they have gotten every bit of useful intelligence out of him, and I would be willing to bet today that whoever ends up with him will never extradite him to the US.

In the meantime, we watch this unfolding sitcom with a mixture of “you deserve” it for our government and a deep concern for our country. We have been slapped down by people we have considered our inferiors and it stings. Now we are reduced to that snarling whimper we sometimes hear from cornered dogs.


David and Goliath

snowdenI never thought I would approve of somebody stealing secrets from the USG. I had nothing but contempt for the traitors who scorned our security and carried vital classified information to sworn enemies of our country. And they did it out of hatred for America. The little Manning twerp with his inflamed acne, sexual confusion and marginal intelligence is an example of the kind of vermin I particularly despise, people who do us incalculable damage for the sake of their fifteen minutes of fame.

But that was in the Golden Age of America, when our government was headed by people who respected the Constitution and fundamental individual rights and if there were violations of those rights, it wasn’t an official policy but a crime. It was a time when you might not like an administration’s policies, but the most you wanted to do was vote the bums out, not start a revolution. It was a time when the government thought spying was for foreign enemies rather than for the ordinary Joe talking to his pals on the phone or sending emails about his wife’s operation. It was a time when the IRS, that maleficent organization, was more interested in sucking every penny out of the average American’s pocket than in preventing someone from participating in the country’s political life. It was a time when, if a high official lied blatantly before Congress and the country, they suffered for it and were shamed.

Oh, yes, those were the days, but they be gone, my friends. Today our government is too absorbed in silencing and shutting down its domestic political opponents to have a lot of interest left for our foreign foes, and the sad shape we’re in on the foreign policy and security front testifies to that fact. How can the FBI be expected to follow up on a tip hand-delivered to them from another government about the terrorist inclinations of one of America’s all too numerous asylees when it is all tied up plotting political retribution against our own citizens? Those guys can’t do everything, you know. And the priority for this illegal government — because that is what it has morphed into — is not our domestic security. Hey, a leg or two lost, maybe a little kid blown to smithereens — small potatoes when you consider all the other things our Guardians of the State have to worry about. They hardly have a minute’s rest as they carry out surveillance on nefarious reporters trying to find out what role our highest officials played in leaving Americans to fight alone against a murderous mob in Benghazi, or digging out supposedly private medical records of people trying to get a tax exemption for their organization. The new Enemies of the People are Americans who want to expose the mutation of our government into a monstrosity that combines the very best ideas of both Hitler and Stalin. The danger of being unmasked for who they are is the issue that most absorbs the energies of our elected and unelected officials.

tyrannyAmericans have already lost many of their rights. Apparently freedom of association is out the window; some organizers like the illiterate and felonious ACORN folks, are deemed to be  worthy of approval and US taxpayer money. Other Americans, who lack a proper appreciation of Marxist ideology — people who support the Tea Party or Americans for Prosperity — need to be taught a lesson. Roll out the IRS, the FBI, and the NSA, please. Launch the drones. Certainly freedom of speech has been jettisoned, and if you don’t believe it, try hurling an insult at some protected species of human who is calling you names. How about the Second Amendment? Do you feel safe from USG retaliation if you have a gun, or are you sitting there, with the gun pointed at the door, waiting for an FBI raid?

Constitutional freedoms have suffered erosion over a long period as the State has inched its way farther and farther beyond its limited authorities. The drip has now become a deluge that threatens to swallow our liberty altogether. These days, every time I talk on the phone I have an overwhelming urge to sign off with a very rude greeting to NSA and Big Brother (that would be the sham citizen in the White House and his evil band of elves).

All of this brings me to the most visible victim of the police state, Edward Snowden. Yes, he swore himself to secrecy when he took his job, and in normal circumstances his violation of that oath would be beyond the pale. But how can an honest American go to the job everyday, knowing that his organization and the government in Washington are silently, criminally, insidiously, burrowing their way into all of our most private lives and communications? How can he keep silent knowing that the power ministries (as we sneeringly call the Russian law enforcement bodies) respect no Constitutional limits?

For the first time in my life, I hail the secrets-stealer. Snowden is heading into a life of misery, a permanent exile who will never see home again, but the rest of us have been given the vitally important knowledge that our government has become a criminal entity. If you think the USG is brutal when it comes to getting even with somebody guilty of nothing more than believing in small government, you can imagine the fire-spitting fury it is in over Snowden, who removed the patriotic camouflage from a spying program that was aimed at everybody in the United States — every damned one of us. Even that slob Michael Moore.

So I can only feel contempt when I hear the pundits screeching about the terrible Edward Snowden. I feel particular contempt listening to the NSA’s Gen. Alexander, who owes FBI ex-chief Robert Mueller a beer for lying on his behalf. I confess, the General’s somber assessment that the damage Snowden did was irremediable left me cold and unconvinced. Watching his sneaky, lying face all I could think is that the traitor isn’t Edward Snowden — it’s Gen. Alexander and all the others just like him drawing a USG salary. And as for irremediable — back in the 1950′s two of the NSA’s cryptographers pranced off into the Red Sunset of Moscow carrying all our secret codes. Somehow we survived. The hysteria our officials are ginning up is intended to deflect attention from the crimes being committed. I don’t think Snowden is bringing the US to its knees, but I fervently wish the information he gave us would bring our government to its knees.

david and goliathDavid and Goliath. In Amerika, there is only one Goliath and it is the State broken free of its restraints. The rest of us, including Edward Snowden, are the Davids. What are we going to do with the information Snowden gave us at the cost of his own freedom? Is there anything short of mass rebellion that can stop this remaking of America? If we let this pass without making it the greatest rallying cause in over 200 years, then we will have squandered the sacrifice of Edward Snowden.Because living in a place like Cuba or China is not freedom. It’s only a different kind of prison.

God bless Edward Snowden.


I’m All Right, You’re All Right – But Our Government Needs Surgery

gatorsI’m sitting on a quiet Sunday afternoon in my house on the water in the glorious state of Florida, alligators and all. Although where I live the authorities swear there are no alligators. Which I believed until a relative of mine saw a gator in a golf course waterway. Liars!

Thinking of reptiles and small deceptions brings me to our government and its much larger deceptions, chief among them their claim to govern for the people when they are actually governing for their inner circle and an ideology called socialism. We Americans are essentially data to be mined in order to pinpoint how they can best influence, harass or harness us. Interest group politics taken to the point of absurdity. But it works.

Hard to believe how many Americans even today think any violation of rights is okay as long as its Barry doing the violating. And it’s disturbing to see how much bile and resentment our president has created. I was dismayed to watch interviews of young students concerning harassment of the Tea Party — they not only didn’t mind, it was “right on!” It’s a sad commentary on our society to see that these kids not only have zero information about the Tea Party beyond Democrat talking points, they hate the Tea Party, to boot. Ignorance and emotion combined, a socialist’s dream. Obama is a terrible divider.

vulturesA lot of people in America never saw all this abuse of power coming. They actually believed the hype about Obama who is, in his essence, an almost entirely fabricated man crafted by other men far abler than he. Just think how many of us Americans fell for the transparency hoo-ha and the end-of-racism malarkey. Now it seems the US is becoming more and more socialist, and less and less democratic, more color-blinded and less color-blind. Even people normally oblivious to the world around them are noticing thanks to the scandalous behavior of our elected officials, appointed officials, and bureaucrats. For the first time, the public is getting a broad-screen picture of this bunch of political goons and it isn’t a pretty one. They might tire of the details of corruption and abuse, but they’re drinking in the essential message: these people are violating our rights. They don’t know their limits.

I still cannot grasp how we got here. I admit, George Bush had that incredibly irritating facial tic that made him appear to be smirking whatever he was saying, but was it so bad that Americans chose to opt for a political path as alien to our way of life as Spartanism? It’s as if our collective brain began shorting out somewhere along the line (Vietnam?) and now suffers from a cascade of failing synapses. We no longer have a common set  of core values, we are at least two nations if not more, and that fragmentation is a sign of a collapsing nation-state. (Another sign is the growing reliance on military force abroad to impose pax Americana.)

Unfortunately, the other half of the brain now has control of many elements of our government and they are as busy as ants at a picnic socially re-engineering America. The socialists are driven by a sense of ideological messianism in their efforts to transform the administrative apparatus of the Executive Branch into their very own machine subservient to party rather than nation. No measure seems too extreme for them to push through using every trick they can, including administrative fiat and flat-out lies to dupe the public. They made a lot of progress. IRS is no doubt rotten from head to toe, and that goes for other key departments, as well. This has greatly enhanced their power. But now they have run head-on into the perennial problem of the true ideologue: you have to move fast to out-run the enemy you want to silence forever, but if you move too fast, you turn everybody else off, too. The Left was trying to do things that were unconstitutional without first having total control of the press, and that was what tripped them up. That’s why they hate Fox News so much.

stormWhere do you think we stand today with regard to our government? Do we trust it even as much as we trusted the Bush government? Are enough people turned off by the evidence of corruption and contempt for the Constitution that it will make a difference? I’m guessing Americans are a bit testier today than they were yesterday and that they are going to get testier yet. The Marxists are focused, ideologically-driven men and women and they have three and a half years yet to work their will through the power of the State. They won’t stop trying and they have lots of allies inside the government beehive. It’s our job to block them. Then we have to treat the patient with pin-point surgery to remove the malignancies. I think perhaps an IRS-ectomy is in order.

Here in Florida the weather is getting that heavy feeling typical of hurricane season. I see those same clouds hanging over our country’s future. Storms ahead.


The Other Shoe Drops

Ah. The red line was crossed. And for your information, not once, but “a whole lotta times,” which is exactly what was needed to allow Obama to cave to pressure from the neo-interventionists. He needed a pretext that would force him to act, so he could still claim to be a man of peace driven to the limit of his patience.

And so the presence of the chemical weapons in question, which we were told was almost impossible to confirm more than a few hours after use and that we were told couldn’t be traced definitively to either Assad’s forces or to the rebels have now definitively been traced to Assad’s forces and it has been definitively concluded that Assad’s forces used them all over the place, even though casualties were fairly low. All of this falls as manna from heaven for our beleaguered and felonious president. What a coincidence and in the nick of time.

(And here is an aside on measurement. When Clinton needed an excuse to bomb Serbia because of political scandal at home, he got one: a very murky incident in which 14 people were murdered. One of the forensic specialists that looked at the site and the bodies, a Finnish woman, later stated that she was skeptical of the claimed events and that an investigation as such was never done. The much-needed “massacre” of 14 persons was deemed enough of an atrocity that NATO had to start its 3-month bombing campaign at US expense. Now that we are in Syria, less than a hundred deaths, a figure cited for one alleged sarin attack, is deemed “pretty small.” Go figure.)

The template of war has been pulled out of somebody’s pocket and used to land us in the middle of a civil conflict that isn’t going to be Kosovo, and not Libya either. It is going to be a truly regional war with lots of fronts and lots of actors. Obama has put his foot on the slippery slope that will deliver us to the war-thirsty, like John McCain and the hosts of others who hate to miss a chance to bomb somebody else’s country. John McCain seems ready even to inject US troops into the fighting in Syria. He needs to retire, but it won’t be soon enough: NATO is already revving up its jets and putting a shine on the ordnance.

This is what it feels like to be American, anymore. Completely without any form of power over the forces that control our country. Americans don’t want involvement in Syria. I guess the White House hopes a big propaganda show by the Tame Media (and I’m afraid Fox News, too) will make Americans forget that we didn’t need to go in at all. Now the job is to convince them that our contribution to the Syrian bloodshed was unavoidable, almost a sacred duty, and it was all for a good cause.

America is cast loose from its moorings and we are headed for a sea of troubles.

The Heat Is On

syria ruinsI’ve been writing now and again about Syria and the mess poorly-conceived foreign policy has made of the Middle East and North Africa. The US Government has taken to intervention like a duck to water, but the only fun part is the bombing. Afterwards is when is gets really sticky. Because we invariably have nothing substantive to offer and no foundation in the given society for a transition to democracy and civil peace. We cannot afford Marshall Plans these days, so Rent-a-Cop has to do, instead. It doesn’t work, as Benghazi and a glance around the region will confirm.

thensuspectsObama has so far refused to go against Syria militarily. But his reluctance is under intense pressure these days. In first place, he is up to his gray hairline in scandals of his own making. The USG has been subverted by political operatives and the malfeasance infects numerous agencies and departments, from Homeland Security to the FBI to the NSA and the DOJ. We have learned of massive data collection operations that constitute a grave violation of Americans’ fundamental rights, of the AG’s mounting of illegal operations that violated our neighbor’s sovereignty and its snooping under false pretenses into reporters’ private communications. Homeland Security has put conservative groups on lists of potential terrorists. Doctors, responding to Kathleen Sibelius and the HHS, have turned patients over to law enforcement for confiscation of legally-owned arms and pressure to get psychiatric care, and many of those targeted are vets. The IRS has become the thuggish enforcer for a criminal administration. And still Obama is not going to be impeached, at least I don’t think so, but he’s floundering now and looking weak and dishonest. He is not who he once was (but really never was). So he needs to burnish his reputation globally and at home, and what better way than to carry out a successful bombing war somewhere? Long-term disasters are not his problem, they will fall to his successors to deal with.

He is being pushed in the same direction by the neo-interventionist chorus, going at it hammer and tongs and gnashing their teeth at the idea that Assad will prevail over his enemies, many of whom are jihadists and Moslem fundamentalists. They want action now, and at a minimum massive arming of the rebels (and jihadists). Russia out-maneuvered the US on this one, reckoning that Obama wasn’t going to try another Libya and thus backing ally Assad to the hilt. And now Assad stands at the brink of (no doubt temporarily) retaking control of Syria. France and the UK are also keen to step in and save humanity and when one thinks of the mess their countries are in, does that seem remotely sane? This drive by US and European leaders to appear to be waging a strong war in favor of freedom and light is self-destructive. But it appears that notwithstanding so many previous failures at democracy-building, these indomitable foes of bad behavior still think that sub-rosa intervention and eventually overt NATO intervention is helpful to longer-term peacemaking. An article in the WSJ today reports that President Barack Obama and his top advisers are reviewing proposals that would allow the U.S. to arm the rebels. One option calls for the U.S. to provide funds to allies Britain and France to jointly buy weapons for the Supreme Military Council, the rebel army leadership board commanded by Gen. Idris, according to U.S. officials.

It’s hard even to imagine that in this slough of despair we are in here at home our government wants to open our Treasury to support people we soon will be opposing. Gen. Idris may be a decent man, but he is not going to be the boss if the Western interventionists have their way and Assad is  murdered, deposed or exiled. All you need to see is how the opposition forces react when they are up against the wall. The opposition forces are using scorched earth tactics, flattening cities as they abandon them. They are committing serious abuses of human rights. But after all, many and increasingly more of them are jihadists, and what we are seeing of them should give us an idea of what they’d be as a government. To expect anything else is hope misplaced.

It worries me that a confluence of events has so greatly increased the likelihood of US intervention in a place we should keep at arm’s length. It is a tinderbox. We almost had a direct military confrontation with a much weaker Russia over the airport in Kosovo; how much more likely is such a confrontation if we choose to begin military action against a close Russian ally? How would we react if somebody attacked one of our close allies? Is it worth it? What problems will it solve? We don’t have any answers, but one: if we bomb the place, all the fighting stops (for the moment). In the meantime, we’ll edge our way to the abyss of another war by giving heavy arms to the Syrian opposition. Even now the two sides are turning Aleppo to rubble, fighting over things like hospitals. Think what they can do if the level of weaponry escalates. They’ll need those hospitals, and some mobile morgues, too.

obama and choomI hope for once in his life this Shallow Hal in the White House will show some intelligence and backbone. Just Say No, Barry. You can keep your choom, but please swear off intervention. Our country can’t afford any more humanitarian wars and we most certainly can’t afford the fallout if we notch up another head of government.

Instead of foreign adventures, I’d like to see our President concentrating on restoring Americans’ confidence in their government by coming clean and ordering his subordinates to come clean on all the misdeeds the Federal apparat has been carrying out in recent years.

I guess that’s a non-starter. Too bad for Syria, and for us, too.



Hybrid America: Brave New World and 1984

1984Aren’t we having the time of our lives? We have a government of such nefarious bent that I have been struggling to make up my mind if our Benevolent Dictatorship is more reminiscent of 1984 or Brave New World.  It’s hard to decide. Brave New World has soma, a drug that keeps the oppressed public happy no matter how terrible things are. Soma is free and the government encourages its use at any time. Emotion-free, loveless sex is also encouraged, but love itself and other strong emotions are frowned upon and punished. Human ties have been rendered largely meaningless: babies are assembly-line productions, deriving not from a human uterus but a hatchery. After the genetically-engineered babies are born, they are subjected to sleep teaching that reinforces the traits the government wants in its subjects and the sleeper’s immutable place in the One World State. Life is free from anxiety because people are not given choices of consequence. The elite do the choosing. Science is exploited but also censored and suppressed when it is inconvenient to State interests.

So far, so good. We ourselves have a government that encourages guilt- and responsibility-free sex, the more deviant the better, the younger the better, pushing it on our kids from infancy onward through the State media and the schools and Hollywood. Our government just made abortifacients available over the counter to girls of any age, further driving a wedge between parents and children. (I wonder if being able to talk is required, or if small children can just point?)

bravenewworld2Now drugs are going main-stream around America, from coast to coast. So far only Colorado has had the common decency to call what they are pushing recreational drug use and not medical help. Elsewhere the drug culture spreads via clinics (wink wink, nudge nudge) to people with prescriptions (wink wink, nudge nudge). Our youths are already pretty far down the global scale of literacy and skills, a decline that will be greatly accelerated with the new atmosphere of permissiveness that discourages self-discipline, hard work, denial of gratification, or thinking, and encourages amusement with things like sex and drugs and fantasy and cheap consumerism – a kind of immersion in the incredible now-ness of being. As for science being manipulated or suppressed, we have been there for some time. A conspiracy of State, media, teachers, unions and environmentalists have for years been pressing a false theory of global warming, buttressed by dubious studies and manipulated data, that has in turn created a whole cottage industry of climate hysterics and phony science. Threats to the Left’s climate frenzy from scientists relying on hard fact are suppressed by campaigns of abuse and lies and efforts to ostracize the wrong thinkers. Science is to be used, but it can be dispensed with as necessary.

bravenewworld3Our State hasn’t yet prohibited human reproduction, but we are told that our children belong to the community (read State). It’s a good first step. And genetics is the science of the future — I’m pretty sure the test-tube population project is in the works. Encouraging abortion and discouraging marriage and the creation of familial ties pave the way for the bondless human subservient to the State. Both Brave New World, where One World State fears and despises individuality, and 1984, where ideas are controlled to suppress individuality, bear a resemblance to our State, which encourages the alleged collective good over individual rights and thus justifies the suppression of individual rights. What else are attacks on small business or constitutionalists or the Tea Party other than an attack on individuals and individual rights?

It seems like Brave New World must be the prophetic book that foresaw America’s future. On the other hand, 1984 could be equally relevant — it gives us the omniscient and omnipresent Big Brother and the omnipotent Security State. Here is how Wikipedia describes the basic plot of 1984:

The Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as thoughtcrimes. Their tyranny is headed by Big Brother, the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality, but who may not even exist. Big Brother and the Party justify their rule in the name of a supposed greater good.

brave new worldWell, there you are. It sounds pretty prescient to me. Thoughtcrime is alive and well and growing bigger by the day under the tutelage of our own Big Brother here in America. The president makes a specialty of using the shame game to gin up public censure of any ideas it does not like, handing out talking points to the various State agents — Hollywood, the Left Stream Media, and the so-called institutions of learning — to be repeated to the public until the argument is won. Freedom of thought, a characteristic of classic universities throughout history, is no longer welcome on campus, where a strict orthodoxy of ideas now reigns unchallenged. Public schools at every level are thought-free zones, debate-free zones, and tolerance-free zones. Our country, too, is becoming a privacy-free zone, the kind of place the creepy Mayor Bloomberg wants us to get used to. Cameras are going up on every corner, our purchases are tracked, and massive computer complexes are collecting and sifting every scrap of information they can snoop out on Americans. I don’t care what they insist — sooner or later such data is bound to be used for illicit and unconstitutional purposes if it hasn’t been already. The Security State is quickly becoming a reality in our country, developing into an Independent Entity operating beyond the consent of the governed and with no regard for civil liberties.

I’ll close with some words on the two novels by social critic Neil Postman:

What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egotism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” In 1984, Orwell added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us. Huxley feared that our desire will ruin us.

I’m afraid the reason I can’t make up my mind is that both novels foresaw America’s future. What a terrible thought.







Immigration Policy

Our Immigration Laws Are Killing Us

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Justice Not Done: The Government from Hell

imagesA thing or two: first, since when is it legal to give a judge a knowingly bogus statement in order to get a warrant for spying on a US citizen? And two, is Kathleen Sibelius an actual human being or a robot?

First things first. I never went to law school, but I am dumbfounded by the gall of the DOJ claiming that it was perfectly fine, legal to the bones, to knowingly and falsely accuse someone of being a suspect in a terrible crime to get a judge to issue a writ for surveillance. Justice insists that its true target was the government leaker, not Rosen, but that claim just raises a pack of new questions without answering any of the old ones. I wish I could bring that kind of power to bear against people I consider foes of the American idea. There would be a whole lot of Obama louts cooling their heels in the slammer.

Let’s look at the Rosen issue logically. There are only two options. DOJ officials may truly have considered Rosen to be an active and felonious co-conspirator in obtaining and disclosing highly classified information and may in good faith have sought authorization for wiretapping to gather evidence against him. In that case, DOJ is on firm legal ground as long as it then proceeds to bring the case once the leaker is identified. Or they never believed that Rosen committed any crime, or that he was a co-conspirator in a felony, and lied about that material fact to get the warrant they wanted in order to carry out a broad surveillance of Rosen’s life and professional activities. For political purposes.

So which was it, Eric Holder?

Fortunately, we don’t have to scratch our heads over this puzzle while waiting for Holder to come clean. The gangsters at DOJ blithely informed Americans that they never intended to charge Rosen. “Chill out, man, it wasn’t, like, for real.” They also claim that they didn’t lie on the warrant, but we all see the problem there — if it was the truth, and Rosen was a felon involved in doing grave harm to US security, how can you not proceed against him? It was an alleged crime of such gravity that it required DOJ to violate First Amendment rights,but not of such gravity that those responsible needed to be prosecuted.

It is my conclusion that the request for authorization issued by Holder was fraudulent in substance and thus a criminal act by Holder and all others involved in violating Rosen’s rights. Furthermore I think pretty much everybody knows that DOJ’s true goal was to gather otherwise unobtainable information about Rosen, a high-profile Fox News reporter.

Can our government, those unelected and apparently unaccountable drones that toil in the service of their political bosses, use false claims to arm themselves with writs against anybody they want to snoop on? Can they use lies to bring the power of the USG to harass, hound and persecute Americans? Is a lie okay if it is intended to a good end? I don’t think so.

Here is my proposal: let’s arrest Eric Holder on the grounds of having gravely violated the fundamental human rights of thousands of Americans and then put him on trial. Perhaps at the Hague, allowing somebody else to pay for the trial. Let’s find out the truth and be prepared to put a lot of other Obama officials behind bars. And for those arrogant dolts who think they have some divine right to spy on and oppress Americans, we reply that we also have a divine right – to kick you criminals and brutes out of business and out of government forever.

dyingchildAnd now to somebody I love to hate, that lipless and apparently soulless wonder, that Stepford bureaucrat, the very sight of whom chills the heart. Yes, Kathleen Sibelius. Without batting an eye, the Ice Sculpture made it known that she couldn’t possibly intervene to save the life of a ten-year old girl who will soon die without an intervention by Ms. Sibelius or perhaps, dare we think, the president? Uh-uh. That wretched woman cannot intervene, but she did give the grieving mother some tips on groups who might be able to help her.

I won’t mince words: Kathleen Sibelius is a miserable virago bereft of any human decency or redeeming value. She has fought for the shabby purpose of giving our youths free contraceptives and abortifacients and is indifferent to her violation of freedom of conscience and religion.  She has not been heard to utter a word of condemnation for the abominations carried out in the offices of Kermit Gosnell. I’m sure she utterly approves of “pathways” (euthanasia) to push out the door the growing number of elderly as well as the malformed, the mentally ill, and other socially useless types. She will happily rule over the implementation of totalitarian measures to force through the far left’s vision of healthcare paradise, otherwise known as the Obamacare hell. But when a flesh-and-blood suffering child who knows what is happening to her asks for help, Kathleen is able to give some phone numbers for some groups who maybe could help.

On the basis of her performance in this instance alone, I call for the removal of Kathleen Sibelius forthwith from office. She has demeaned herself and her country’s reputation by all of her shady, anti-life activities while Secretary of HHS and most of all by denying succor to a dying child. What a piece of work.