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Vote the War Party! Vote Hillary!

I am largely resigned to all the things that I fear are to come. These start with an effective one-party takeover of the USG, the rewriting of all laws and rules (including those governing changes to the Constitution) to make them ideologically correct, and legislative and judicial branches marching in step with the Executive in foisting on us a State Political Philosophy. The processes already begun by the left will go at a faster pace — from the spread of mandatory unionism to vast State control over the media (including and especially the internet), from mandatory voting to suppression of religious expression. There will be no demurring from the State position, as both the legislature and the judiciary will be firmly under the control of the far left. Ruth Bader Ginsberg could give you a lecture on how “n’sync” the lefties on the Supreme Court are with the world’s progressives. These new justices don’t care if you know they have already decided cases not before them, just as the faux journalists don’t care if you call them propagandists. Biased, and proud of it!

The other worry that I fear will be realized is that a Clinton presidency would lead to heightened conflict and even war with Russia, in Syria certainly and perhaps in Ukraine, as well. The USG has already trained and armed Kiev’s special forces who only recently tried to infiltrate saboteurs into the military facilities in Crimea, in the course of which they lost their lives. The US and Kiev of course denied it all, calling it a provocation by Russia. The incident ratcheted up tensions in eastern Ukraine, with Russia’s proxies fighting the US proxies; and it also expedited Moscow’s delivery of state-of-the-art anti-air systems and other sophisticated military hardware to the peninsula. Like it or not, Russia owns Crimea and within a few short years, it will be a major military port bristling with all sorts of armament and technology. Anybody who plans to wage battle in the Black Sea should be prepared for total war.

Kiev’s provocations, just like those of Georgia, are oil poured on an already volatile situation. And it is this kind of reckless behavior that the US is encouraging and facilitating. (I still think the Georgian president was nudged to take action in S. Ossetia by the American military.) Our course is fraught with danger, but it does not deter the unholy alliance of the neocons and the corrupt Clinton camp in pushing for Ukraine membership in NATO. After all, it was her husband who made the fateful decision to enlarge NATO, why should she not be the one that takes it right to Moscow’s doorstep and over it into war? Expect Mrs. Clinton to deepen US-Ukraine military collaboration in ways that are directly threatening to Russian national security and, as a result, to our own.

In Syria, rumor has it that Madame’s first order of business will be to undertake regime change, Russia be damned. If this is true, we should all take to the streets to make our strenuous disagreement palpable. (But it won’t happen.) Russia is not going to back down even in the face of NATO aggression (and of course there will be no UNSC resolution legitimizing US aggression). Moscow will reinforce its military at Latakia and increase its air sorties. The Syrians have already given Russia use of a second base, and now the Chinese are getting more involved, as well. They will be working overtime to bring under the control of Damascus as great a swath of Syrian territory as possible, bombing anything that moves and that includes Americans. It would then be a shooting war.

Hillary Clinton wants a war. She wants to pull off a victory somewhere, this American cowgirl, that would dwarf anything Obama did. Alas for all of us, the places that are easy to bomb and take over with proxies have already been bombed and taken over. They are the rubble you see strewn across the Middle East. What remains are the nations that created nuclear arsenals precisely to prevent an aggressor from attempting, directly or indirectly, an assault on their sovereignty. Those nations include China and Russia and (probably) Iran, all regional powers that have resisted US dominion and demands. In the real world, one would think, “how can we reconcile our needs and interests so as to avoid war?” But I don’t think Hillary operates in the real world. She operates wherever it is that she communes with Eleanor Roosevelt.

And how could I not mention that weasel-faced jerk Mike Morrell, formerly of the CIA and now a Hillary adviser. (This is a good fit, as both the CIA and Hillary Clinton absolutely require that employees have the ability to lie glibly and sell any story as the truth.) Morell formerly condemned Hillary for such negligence in handling of classified information that he was absolutely certain the illegally-used server had been hacked by multiple sources. Now he thinks she’d be a steady hand at the helm. Of course, here’s what Morell thinks about icing our supposed foes and actual rivals:

“What they need is to have the Russians and Iranians pay a little price,” Morell said. “When we were in Iraq, the Iranians were giving weapons to the Shia militia, who were killing American soldiers, right? The Iranians were making us pay a price. We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price.” Morell said the killing of Russians and Iranians should be undertaken “covertly, so you don’t tell the world about it, you don’t stand up at the Pentagon and say ‘we did this.’ But you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran.”

Judge for yourself. Who is a greater danger to continued life on the planet? Donald Trump who wants to collaborate with Russia to defeat ISIS in Syria; who wants to toss that disastrous Utopian fantasy, nation-building, overboard; who thinks that conflict is the last resort, not the first? Or a woman who has surrounded herself with the worst of the war hawks and the military-industrial complex, in which the lackey Morell is but a small cog? The latter group is drooling at the chance to go to war against Russia, and I predict they will try a two-prong approach in both Syria and Ukraine. I think they are incredibly thick and arrogant and I also think they are extremely dangerous. Thanks to the Dems and the GOP elite, both in bed with the war industrialists, we have a military so light and fast that it can destroy anything. What we don’t have is a competent diplomatic corps, a wise or truthful government, or any clue what the hell we are doing. How many countries do we have to destroy and leave destroyed for decades to come before we come to our senses?

Trump needs to push Clinton on her plans for Syria, and ask whether the rumor of a planned January 2017 war against Assad is correct. He needs to press her on her plans for further expansion of NATO. He needs to demand to know what weaponry has been shipped to Ukraine and what training we are providing. He needs to ask if the US military or NATO military are advising Ukraine on its military provocations against Russia. He needs to expose all the corrupt ties between certain Democrats and the Ukrainian US-imposed regime. These are all critical matters and the Psychopathic Liar should not be allowed to skate without warning us what she has up her sleeve.

The Spirit of Oppression

I find the atmosphere of the no-longer quite free America suffocating. I watch people who want us to trust and believe them in their role as journalists openly  carry out the function of party propaganda organ for the Democrats. They gloat in their new-found freedom to lie, cheat and manipulate, without need for plausible deniability, because now it has been declared (by them) to be patriotic and noble to lie to Americans and hoodwink them as often as possible. They are engaged in jihad against a Bogey-man who is nominally Donald Trump, but in reality is you and I and everybody else who will vote for him. Look at the duplicitous fool Dan Rather, who tried to tilt an election with phony material, advocating to American Left thuggery that they “shame” us for supporting Trump. And this from a group of people who have cast all notion of shame aside. Biased, and proud of it! should be stamped across all their heads as a warning. Who would have guessed America was spawning its very own TASS and Pravda?

Trump says  things that are stupid, but his words are instantly exaggerated or distorted by the reporters of the Democratic Machine, by the Dems, and by the Republican Royalist camp. I can only wonder at the number of worms that have come wriggling out from the decaying mass of the GOP, in a frenzy to be seen as Clinton supporters. “I understood exactly what he meant, but he needs to be more careful with his words!” struggles with “Ugh, he said something mean and petty and is unfit to serve!” (The latter from, say, billionaire Mitt Romney, or any unknown Podunk Republican trying to hold onto that sinecure in whatever publicly-funded body he pollutes.) I am utterly disgusted with The Disgusted. They deserve what they are going to get.

The point is, if you question every word out of a person’s mouth, twisting it cleverly to say something never said or  meant, that person just might choose to shut up. Of course, it will never work with Trump. But for the record, let me point out the lack of outrage from the same crowd of Republican Elite and Democrats when Elizabeth Warren said she wanted Ted Cruz, I believe, to disappear. I get the feeling that disappearing people and ideas and whole cultures seems to be the number one goal of the left and, by gum, the Bushies are down for that.

As Trump is blackened and brutalized, Mrs. Clinton is protected. The media and the Establishment drown out the stories of her email treachery, her psychopathic lying, the DNC hackings that revealed manipulation of the primaries, the dirty Clinton Foundation/State Department nexus, or her bad health. They cover up such things as Abedin’s email comment that Clinton “is easily confused.” Where is the medical report, Hillary? I promise, they’ll black out your weight.

We are now truly living in the Age of Transformation, where the lines between branches of government, the media, the military and the judiciary are all disappearing and what is emerging is The State. We are lied to routinely by both the government and the media on matters both domestic and foreign, and challenging the lie becomes a dangerous thing to do. The Pentagon spokesman, an Admiral, suddenly morphs into the State Department spokesman. The IRS sends its crooked chief to stonewall before Congress about politically targeting subjects of special “investigation” in order to nullify their political voice. Cops have a target on their back from the Black Lives Matter contingent, recently honored at the Democratic Convention. The religious are ridiculed (where’s our Hate Crime legislation, Obama?) and murdered in the Middle East, but the people we are bringing in in large numbers from the regions we are destroying are the Muslims. What is wrong with this picture?


More drama and excitement than I can bear

It sure is looking difficult for Hillary Clinton to make even the Democrats love her. As far as I can discern, the spine of her fandom is the forever spinster female clump worried about pretty much everything and looking for a safe space with the Queen of Corruption. Go figure. But an awful lot of the increasingly powerful far-left base of the Democrat party hate Hillary Clinton as much as we of the center-right do. I think they’d rather eat horse poop than vote for the self-righteous and vicious Mrs. Clinton, who would stop at nothing to be president of this US of A. (Aside: how much do you think each Clinton thigh is weighing in at that it requires  thousands of dollars of fabric to cover?)

I don’t think this means the left will vote Trump. But some of the more determined, discerning and delinquent of the Dems will vote for Trump, seeing his victory as the only way to bring down the Clinton/Obama machines and open the way for the real socialists, The People. (See Sarandon, Susan.) Many others will stay home or vote for an acceptable ideological alternative, such as Jill Stein. Jill not Hill. The not-Hillary votes hurt Hillary even if they don’t directly help Trump. (And by the way, same holds true for the Northeast Republicans and Trump.)

It’s clear to me that the Democrat party is about to morph into an official socialist party. It isn’t going to happen under Hillary Clinton, who is owned by Wall Street and big finance. As long as the base of that party follows the official script, there will be no change in direction or philosophy. But a defeat in this election engineered by the far left of the party base pretty much guarantees that they will take control. The Clintons know this too. (The Obamas, sly scoundrels, will make themselves icons of this movement. Move over, Sanders.)

To the rebels in the Democrat camp: take a gander at the stuffy old GOP and learn something. Rise up. Punish your party by voting the corrupt oligarchy controlling it out of power, giving YOU a chance to organize and overthrow. Pull out both your Alinksy and Lenin dicta (oops! which is which?) and hone your skills. I’m sure that sooner rather than later you are going to eviscerate the Clinton machine and replace it with that of The People.

Trump is holding firm on his maverick foreign policy stance, in defiance of every hawk and participating member of the military-industrial complex, headquartered in Virginia. (Is it any surprise Virginia is pro-Clinton?) I like it. He can’t be prodded into supporting the gung-ho, get-Russia, rah-rah patriotism of the people enriched from the money generated in US/NATO military adventurism. And he has support from the men and women actually fighting and dying in our endless wars. In that vein, I note that this is another Wall Street Journal obsession: Trump’s challenging of the trans-Atlantic mythology embodied in NATO. The latest idiocy — arising from the very assumption that American voters are nincompoops — is the charge from the corrupt Hillary camp (among which I count the Wall Street Journal) that the Russians are helping Trump by releasing stolen DNC emails that allow American voters see how stinkingly corrupt the Democrat party has become during the Clinton-Obama years. The Dems’ aim is to deflect people from contemplating the rot inside the DNC in favor of quivering at the prospect of a Russia so omnipotent that it has stolen sacred (dirty) information and is now using it to help (gasp) Donald Trump.

And moving to Trump. His press conference on Wednesday was a huge (yuuuuuge) hit. I couldn’t believe it. I was humbled. I thought Trump was a bozo. I was so wrong.

He took Hillary Clinton by the throat and shook her good, like a Jack Russell terrier with a rat. He answered — I mean, ANSWERED, all the questions put by a hostile press. That included those emanating from Katie Couric who has segued in old age from America’s Sweetheart to Extremely Plain But Powerful and Intelligent Reporter Rooting for The People.  We were allowed the spectacle of one in-the-tank reporter after another urging Trump to admit that Putin was intervening on his behalf. Trump never “moved on” from or “evaded” the questions. He answered. No interests in Russia. No contacts with Putin. But he is open to collaborating with Russia to defeat ISIS. ISIS. An acronym the DNC couldn’t pronounce until Trump ridiculed their lapse. (And Hillary prefers the highly deceitful name “radical jihad” — as if there is a moderate Holy War? She still can’t force herself to implicate Islam in the bloodshed and madness that is engulfing us all.)

I especially liked Trump’s demand that the obedient left-wing press ask that Hillary do likewise and take all the hard questions and provide answers, too. It was a very good touché to the self-righteous and boringly One Think journalists who tried to change the focus from a dirty DNC to Putin. It doesn’t work. The average American can’t get past Putin as a kind of Windows Icon for villainy. What they know is that plotting to undo somebody because he’s a Jew is pretty anti-Semitic. And that doesn’t even take into account the Taco Bell comment. Que pendejo.

I thought Trump wouldn’t pivot. I worried about his grasp. But his grasp of the American spirit of discontent is better than mine. We are all sick of being spun and misled and lied to. We are tired of being taken for granted and counted by what is between our legs or the color of our skin or our party affiliation. We want an end to this suffocation by government bureaucracy and Saul Alinsky.

Trump isn’t a Republican. I like that. I am not a Republican anymore either. But we took what was becoming a useless political appendage, and hopefully we can turn this movement into a viable political entity.

God willing.



Bread and Circus

Along with millions of other Americans I often say, this feels like the closing act of the Roman Empire. Choas rules, old traditions are forcibly torn down, the infidels have breached the gates. They join the infidels already entrenched in the nation posing as Americans.

One of the good things the Roman Empire offered, along with free grain, was free entertainment. And who understands entertainment better than Trump? This Republican Convention is probably the most entertaining political event I have seen in years. I could  not have written this in a Hollywood script. What starkly drawn characters, and plot lines, and talk about twists! The good, the bad, and the ugly (Clinton, if you didn’t guess).

Let’s start with the newest, the inexplicable act of suicide by Ted Cruz before the entire nation. I just happened in at the critical moment as the sword swung upward toward the Cruz abdomen (my husband, as usual! channel surfing) and was left a little numb from the inanity of what I witnessed. A brilliant legal analyst and brave man fell victim to his self-identification as martyr and killed his political future for all his enemies to savor. I used to really love this guy, I thought, “good on ya, Ted” when he stood up against our corrupt and inept Congress. I loved his filibusters. But his words on the floor of the Convention — floored me.

I knew as soon as the words “vote your conscience” passed his Cuban lips that he wasn’t going to endorse Trump. So did the delegates, and my silent voice screamed with theirs, “Endorse Trump!” I didn’t think, “who failed to vet this man?” I only thought, how could he be so crass, so low, so self-interested, so narrow? Did he fail to see he was supporting the woman he proclaims to one and all is unfit for the presidency — because the guy who WAS fit for the presidency said Mrs. Cruz wasn’t pretty and Señor Cruz Sr. helped kill Kennedy. Hey. Everybody misspeaks on occasion, right? What’s to pout over?

The noise from the audience was deafening, I could hardly discern whether it was yea or nay. But then Trump came out to amp up the audience even more, upstaging the blowhard (as I now think of Cruz) and making the contrast without a single word. I am beginning to believe Trump is a really gifted entertainer and has a way of riveting all eyes on him. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Can’t wait to see him across a podium from Hillary.

As for Cruz, he finished digging that grave this morning with an even more irritating defense of his previous evening’s rudeness than the rude and ruinously stupid speech itself. He declared (drum roll) that he was going to tell the truth. (Was he not telling the truth the previous night?) He let us know by face and word and stance how angry he was about the insults to his family. He had his cape out and was going to put the sword through the bull’s heart. Instead he merely defended his family honor and bade adios to his political future. Ask Chris Christie if the Republican voters are forgiving. And by the way, our dear Marco Rubio provided a sweet contrast to the self-righteous Cruz, calling for unity. And he had been offended by Trump as well, as who hasn’t been? I mean, “little”? I’m sure Marco was enraged right down to his tiny shoes, but he has some smarts that go beyond his more personal universe of interests.

Then we have the idiotic Melania moment. Who the hell is advising her? Why would any sentient being crib from the public record for a speech so important and to steal from, of all people, Michelle Obama. The only memorable sentiment from her speech was that she was ashamed of the US until her husband became the presidential nominee of the “Divide and Conquer” party. Who cares about these shallow words? If a reporter accosted you on a public street and said, “what values did you learn at your Daddy’s knee?” wouldn’t you say, “hard work, honesty, and respect for others”? But instead of saying, “she wrote it in Slovenian and the translator used the wrong word,” they outed the idiot who googled “family values” and got of all things a Michelle Obama chestnut. As if nobody would notice! A purge, I demand a purge of all idiots from the Trump staff.

On the whole, and maybe even because of the set-backs, I think the Convention is a historic and even interesting one. I was at Nixon’s first winning convention in 1968 and that was a lot of fun. It was pre-security hysteria and I got to mingle as a teenager with the high-octane crowd. Since then conventions have become increasingly restricted and restrained and boring. My husband and I volunteered in NYC in a hostile environment and miserable conditions and we never got a fare-thee-well from George Bush. So I am giving a tip of the hat to Trump and Pence who met with and thanked their volunteers and damn security. I wish I had been there this year. I can imagine the passions that were parading themselves in that arena.

Then we have Hillary Clinton, pondering which racially-based interest group she can milk for the greatest electoral benefit before deciding her veep. My gut says Latino leftist lunatic, but I’ve been wrong on everything this season so I won’t say a word. Could be that milk-sop Keane, the left-wing version of Pence. (Update: she picked milk-sop, but work is underway to radicalize him.)

I hope the GOP is rolling out endless versions of Clinton lies, Clinton testimony on her alleged crimes, Clinton reversals, etc. I hope Trump can inject some imagination into the usually dull GOP PR team. Speaking of which, I’m hearing just this instant Karl Rove suggesting that Pence was upstaged by Cruz (I don’t think he was) and that it wasn’t a great night. I think the latter is a particularly bad judgment. It was a whole drama, being aired to millions of Americans trained like Pavlov’s dogs to salivate when exposed to dramas, real or contrived. What is Hillary going to offer?

Aside: Here’s a shout-out to Ivana Trump, who produced such great kids and raised them so well. Kudos!

And also. It is time for the Bush family, all of whom I have supported with whatever means at my disposal, to get off their offended butts and endorse Trump. But we know they are all pals, the Bush and Clinton clans, so don’t hold your breath. Shame on them. Shame. And shame doesn’t even begin to cover that egotist Kasich.

Well, that’s it for the moment. I find it much easier to wait until things actually happen this campaign season. It’s hard to predict. The only pulse I feel is one of rebellion.

It’s Official: United States is a Banana Republic!

I am still in shock. That bastard Comey has declared Hillary Clinton NOT a criminal even though she deliberately and for four consecutive years left all the communications from the Secretary of State open to (his opinion) likely hacking by enemies of this country. I would bet my entire pension that Vladimir Putin and the guy in charge of China read Mrs. Clinton’s emails while on the bathroom throne. And then use the record for something else.

Let’s repeat  it for the record: this decision by Comey came on the heels of a meeting between the Attorney General, his boss — the one who wants to hunt down legal US gun owners and anyone who is mean to Islam — and that old El Corrupto, Bill Clinton. It was supposed to be a secret meeting on the tarmac, two private jets belonging to the Power Set, where whispers were exchanged — no photos! no microphones! — but alas, the conspirators were discovered and while those of us sick at what is happening in this country fumed at this meeting, the AG reacted as if it was all a big ho-hum. So, you caught us in another act of blatant corruption, big deal. Who cares? Of course, if only I could do it all over again…

Did Obama ever even say a peep about this tryst on a tarmac? Don’t think so. But I think I discern behind all these egregious actions a giant middle finger, the dark brown of someone half Kenyan and the other half “One Hundred Percent Global,” floating on the horizon. I can’t wait to see the next thing Obama does to offend our country’s good people before his big ass is bounced onto the pavement. He thinks this is a big ha-ha, I guarantee you. In fact, the theme of Obama’s eight years of destroying America is “Who cares?” Who cares about the Constitution, who cares about the law, who cares about opposition, who cares that I am totally bought and sold and corrupt and stupid? — where is that brilliant historian who will write this for us, that biography of Obama called, Who Cares? (co-authored with George Soros).

Back to the total posturer, Jim Comey. In recommending no criminal or other charges against the offending Clinton, he chose to ignore:

— all those thousands of deleted emails — official USG communications being sent on an unauthorized server, an insecure server, known to be such to key officials of the US Department of State — that Mrs Clinton unilaterally decided to withhold from official archivists and then destroy. What was in them? How do they know? Destruction of even one document is grounds for felony charges;

— the fact that even people working for an outside organization, the Clinton Foundation, were allowed access to this insecure email server, which transmitted many highly classified items of information;

— the fact that it is accepted by all hackers that the Clinton private server was hacked, giving all sorts of people access to classified information.

— the fact that the CIA said it was certain she was hacked.

How can Comey say, “but don’t anybody else do this henceforth, or else!” and still absolve her? Isn’t that prima facie evidence of special consideration? Is this Corruption writ large, or what? It is so shameful, that I can really say today, “For the first time in my  life, I am not proud to be an American.”

Can you believe that we bomb countries because they have a corrupt judicial system?

I could go on, but it is making my blood pressure soar. I was under FBI escort and spent about 3 and a half hours in actual interrogation at FBI HQ because of an unfounded (and unproven) rumor spread by a Cuban KGB guy, who actually seems to have been pointing to another woman in the Consulate. Gen. Petraeus told a US military vet (his lover) with a security clearance information she shouldn’t have had and the Obama Administration turned him over (after secretly recording his trysts, no doubt) for public roasting. Jim Comey thought Petraeus, unlike Mrs. Clinton — a serial offender — deserved a sentence.

But Jim Comey didn’t get to be head of the FBI by being a straight arrow. A friend of mine called Comey that weeks ago; something niggled in the back of my head saying “Comey is a political stooge” and I said so. Now my niggling sense was proven right. How sad.

The combination of all these events is like a crown on an administration that has gloried in all the things they have destroyed: marriage (dead); the US military (queerified and beyond); US borders — huh?; US foreign policy — the bombing begins in 5 minutes.  Now, in addition to the EPA and IRS gestapo, we have the usual gestapo, the FBI, but now a truly State Gestapo.

Folks. I frankly think it’s too late to recover any foundation for our country. We are fragmenting into ever smaller pieces while at the same time, our government grows larger.  Our rights are disappearing and the idiots who vote, many many of them, favor that direction. Give us bread. Give us a roof no matter how humble. Open the borders and let love reign supreme. Tell us how to think and live. This is the New America and who better to be that bridge than the Clintons?

My husband is reading this so I have a message for him: maybe not Costa Rica, but where?

The One Percent: Chapter 7, Hillary Clinton’s Wardrobe

For the Gay Guys

I was just watching a montage of Hillary  Clinton, day after day on the campaign trail, and guess what? Not one of her ultra-expensive suits shows up twice. If you figure one suit a day, per year, wow! What is that in figures somebody other than an astronomer can figure out? What happened to modesty, humility, the 99 percent shopping at Walmart? What about even normally acquisitive and affluent people, with, say, 50 suits?  Too humble for Mrs. Clinton, is my guess. It takes a lot of corruption to gain access to the troves of all the world’s clothing stores catering to women with very large thighs and hips. What wouldn’t I give for such a wardrobe. Whatever the cost might be, Hillary no doubt has paid it. She is the female version of Dr. Faustus. If she even had a soul to sell.

The Prison Look

I have been noticing Clinton’s wardrobe for quite a while. I’d bet anything that even Nancy Reagan wore the same thing twice. I am sure that Jackie Kennedy wore her things more than once. It wasn’t until she landed in pig heaven with that little toad, Ari Onassis, that she simply walked the aisles of Gucci and Dior and picked what she wanted.





Maybe I am mistaken. I am assuming Hillary Clinton is paying for all the thigh-erasing suits. But perhaps Hillary is getting her wardrobe on the cheap. maybe getting a discount? Is she getting one free use of all these suits, just for show-casing some designer’s wardrobe? Isn’t that what the left hated about Nancy Reagan? Is it an undeclared campaign expense, like Fox News allowing all the candidates for the presidency to participate in presidential debates? Can she explain how much her wardrobe costs and the arrangements for payment, perhaps after finishing her e-mail depositions to the FBI?





This wardrobic extravagance is something new. She always liked changing her hair, but this many clothes? Doesn’t she know that small is in? Hasn’t she seen Tiny Houses? Doesn’t she know that Oprah Winfrey probably owns one million Tiny Houses? Apparently the number and variety of very expensive suits doesn’t strike Hillary as incongruent with her claims to feel the pain of the 99 percent. This boggles the mind.


and blue.



Hillary Clinton is the darling of the One Percent. She is the Facilitator, the Closer, the Go-To Source for all those seeking special favors in exchange for special favors. Every word she speaks supporting the rest of the world, those of us just getting along, is a lie. The unions bleed the ordinary working stiff, funnel the money to Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton stiffs the rest of us.


and black.

If Hillary Clinton is elected as president of this country, it is the end of the red-white-and blue. It is the culmination of the socialist project and the end of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is the end of America as we have known it. Maybe it is inevitable. Maybe our way is dying and something dreadful is coming. If so, she needs to go to black and stay there. She is not a harbinger of spring, but of winter.


The Age of Hysteria

These days the world is filled with the clamor of hysteria over events that range from 50 people killed in Orlando to Donald Trump wanting Mexico to pay for that wall to the latest events across the pond. What starts as just another outburst of indigation over an ideological dispute or a tragedy or a major turn of events is picked up by what are jestingly called mainstream media, which quickly fan the indignation into a conflagration. Let no good crisis go to waste is presumably the motivation. Social media takes it farther yet, condensing the story down to a couple of lines or a catchy phrase (no fly, no gun being a good example) that is then passed around endlessly in what poses as education for the younger generations. Thus in the wake of any politically useful crisis we see waves of mindless reaction so shrill it sets your teeth on edge. Take, for example, Brexit.

Whether or not the UK leaves the EU is of no importance to 99.9 percent of Americans or almost anybody outside the UK. Trade is not going to cease; cultural ties will not evaporate; UK citizens will not be set adrift in the Arctic and forbidden ever to visit the continent. The hysteria we are seeing was deliberately cultivated by the “stay” crowd, who think scare tactics are a good way to win votes. But now all that fear-mongering is bearing unanticipated fruit. Instead of handing the “stays” a victory, it is sending shock waves through an unprepared and worked-up financial sphere. The market has plunged, but I’m pretty sure this is only temporary. The ultra-rich who control the markets have temporarily pulled their money out, spooking everybody else; but as soon as the big boys pocket their profits they will be back in at reduced prices.

The one thing the EU can rightfully worry about is the great impulse this victory will have on the other “exit” parties in Europe, particularly in France and Germany. This will cause great angst for all the faceless bureaucrats drawing huge salaries from the EU machine, but I personally don’t think the EU is going to fall apart at the seams, and I don’t even think the ruling elites will learn anything from this. I think those who run the EU will continue to suck up every crumb of national sovereignty and taxpayer money in Europe until there is only One Europe (Except Russia) and The State is the People becomes the European motto.

In the meantime, however, the market turmoil feeds the narrative that leaving the EU will kill the UK and everybody else in the world. Now we have a “movement” of the losers in the Brexit vote who are bursting with anger that other people don’t share their views. As a result, they are forced to threaten violent protests until they get their way. Their way, by the way, is a “re-vote” with brand new rules that will make it impossible for the UK to leave the EU, just wait and see. They are going to try to make the rule that 3/4 of the voters have to agree to leave, or a majority of voters in all the UK countries have to agree, or some such unachievable goal. Just enough to defeat Brexit, which already won, but never mind that minor point.

Today’s Wall Street Journal ran a blurb on its front page that reads, “Pressure abated on the U.K. to serve swift notice of its intention to leave the EU after last week’s referendum, as senior European policy makers suggested Britain should be allowed time to rethink the decision.This is the height of arrogance — the EU is essentially telling the UK that it doesn’t recognize the vote as valid or binding and now it will grant the ignorant UK time to “rethink.” Meanwhile, Cameron — humiliated by the exit vote — has kept the pot boiling by postponing his departure from office until October, and refusing “on principle” to invoke Article 50, which he graciously leaves to his successor. This is a pretty big time gap for notifying of intent to leave, and it makes one wonder what’s up. Seems as if what Cameron is doing is buying time to let the losing side organize a counter-attack. If all the obvious scheming and conniving going on doesn’t tell you which way the winding is blowing, you’re not paying attention. We may be about to witness a world-class heist of democracy in the UK, home of modern democracy. Stay tuned.

Then we have the sorry GOP, which gives us high-profile members of the elite spouting their high principles and their aversion to Donald Trump and in some cases their allegiance to Hillary Clinton. George Will, a prim snob with a bad rug, said that we just have to hold our noses and vote for someone else to insure Trump’s defeat. Will shared his optimism that in four years it will be a new ballgame and then we can all come together. What an idiot. If people such as he conspire to bring down Trump and give the Clintons access once more to the US purse, I will never ever again vote at any level for a Republican. And I’m one of many  millions who will take the same approach. There will be no GOP that could compete at a national level, and probably not at the local level either. Hello One Party State. But let’s face it — the GOP elite is way more comfortable with the corrupt, corporatist, quasi-socialist left than it is with the people they think support them. I am almost tempted to give the GOP some money so I can go to the Convention, where there will be violence I am sure, and not just by paid and organized left-wing mobs. There could be violence on the Convention floor if the Bush and Romney branch of the party tries to wrest the nomination from Trump. In this respect, there certainly are similarities with the UK, where the effort to undo the results of the referendum could well provoke violence from the right.

Syria again! The US and its pals have stepped forward boldly in favor of launching a real war against Assad’s government. No more fake peace talks and putzing around with hapless proxy armies. No, now we’ll send in our best to die there or leave maimed and we’ll say it is to make the world safe. I don’t get it. Did nobody in Washington, London, Berlin or Paris notice that Russia’s Air Force is already in place in Syria providing military support to the government by treaty and legally? If they decide they will play chicken with Russia in this case, they should stop and really “re-think.” This assault on Assad tears away the fiction that the USG and other NATO states are focused on the threat from ISIS in Syria. They are not. They want to overthrow another government while the world looks the other way. But this time Russia is not going to look the other way.

This is not a subject being avidly discussed in the US, but in Europe there is growing concern about a war with Russia, their focus being the build up of NATO armament and troops on Russia’s border rather than the lunge towards head-on collision in Syria. Germany even refused to send a German battalion to the huge NATO military exercises going on in eastern Europe (exercises that are now occurring almost constantly). German Foreign Miniser Steinmeier shared his view that a tank parade on Russia’s border was not going to make anybody safer and opined that Germany’s history of two wars against Russia precludes involvement in NATO war exercises clearly aimed at Russia. He also spoke out against NATO war-mongering (his words). If even the arch-conservatives in Germany recognize the growing threat of conflict and NATO’s role in stoking those tensions, surely the wise Americans will soon come to the same realization. Right?






Trump Reworking His Approach; Hillary can too say Radical Islam, she told us she can.

How can the GOP ever hope to again win the presidency when it is led by self-righteous mugs like Paul Ryan and unprincipled schmoozers like John Boehner and the desperate, like Kirk in Illinois who thinks he might win his seat again by abandoning his Party’s presidential candidate and acting like a Democrat. To crib from the toad-like Madeleine Albright, any center-right (educated) voter who who puts an “x” by the name of Hillary Clinton (or does not vote for Trump) is a traitor. That isn’t how Ryan feels, of course. Instead of whipping up the Party’s voters, he offers a less-than-tepid endorsement of Trump and then gives his papal blessing for all the rest of the GOP leaders and voters to “vote your conscience.” Since he has already on more than one occasion told us how morally repugnant Trump is, I think the statement was loaded.

Trump has now dumped his faithful campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. It was a good, if belated, move. I guess old Corey did right by Trump in the primaries, but he’s not the man for the big picture. Trump needs a tough guy managing him, not some super-loyal yes-man who runs things the way Trump feels like running them on any given day. I think Paul Manafort can do the job. The “do it or I quit” ploy was perfect for Trump, who thinks the same way.

Everybody is dead sure that Trump isn’t going to be able to rise to the presidential level during this campaign season. A lot of Republicans are sadly gloating over that. I myself predicted this predicament. How does a man who comported himself in an almost vaudevillian way during the primary season, playing it broad for  audience guffaws, “pivot” to a Ronald Reagan? I personally think it can be done, but he has to have that fire in his belly for the presidency or he is likely to ham it up all the way to defeat in November. Manafort knows they are under the gun. I bet if Trump proves unable to respond to direction, Manafort will quit, too. Well, this observer wishes Trump well. At this point, it really all rests with him. Can he articulate what are mostly sensible ideas to address huge problems?

Hillary is no longer speaking of an FBI security review of her use of a private and insecure server while Secretary of State (and acts of corruption related to the Clinton Foundation). Seems that security reviews are a non-existent FBI critter. She seems to have accepted that what this is is an actual FBI investigation that, if not thwarted, could lead to a serious prison term. (At last.) On the other hand, Hillary also seems preternaturally calm about the outcome of the FBI criminal investigation. asserting it will come to naught. So I say to myself, the fix is in, isn’t it? When Comey says, here you go Mr. President, we recommend an indictment, Obama is going to say, bury it, right? If that happens, I await with bated breath the one person in the FBI who will stand up and scream bloody murder. I am thirsting to hear some heroism from the FBI and revelations from the Democrats’ version of John Dean. If Hillary Clinton gets off, is cleared of all the crimes she has committed, or if the indictment is held until after the elections, Clinton wins. That means, I am convinced, curtains for the GOP at a national level and for the American political system most of us grew up with. The GOP will fragment into four or five small parties led by weirdos like Gary Johnson, while the president continues the push to the far left of socialism. We will for the first time have all three branches in more or less permanent possession of a single party, and voila! We have the One Party State with the kinds of draconian controls we see in California. I do not doubt that Clinton will do all she can to diminish the US Constitution and individual rights in favor of ever greater State intervention in personal lives. And don’t even think about taxes.

And as an aside — have any of you noticed that there is a nasty spirit of envy and spite loose in this land? It reminds me of Leningrad in the 1980s, where people wrote letters to the editor of state-owned media outlets complaining about others who, having no chance at a cheesy Lada automobile. would deliberately damage the Ladas others had waited years to get. This is the Muse of the left-wing movement in America that senses the chance, having subverted several generations of children, to make the US the USSR. I notice a sort of virus among the State Department retirees, some of whom actually decried the communists of the USSR, who have gleefully catupulted themselves into the avowed socialist camp and have given their allegiance to Clinton. In every society where socialism has triumphed, it is the privileged class who promote the change. Of course, they assume they will be among the elite enjoying all the luxuries that arise from curtailing everybody else’s fundamental liberties. And a high-ranking position or a cushy ambassadorship are nothing to sneeze at. Under any system.

Even if she has now grudgingly conceded that the mobilization of the FBI isn’t merely to double-check State Department security rules, Clinton isn’t using the term “criminal investigation” just as she still isn’t using the term radical Islam. She crossed saying radical Islam off her “to do” list when she told us she was willing to say “radical Islam.” But I don’t think we will hear more of radical Islam from her corner, since she coupled her enunciation of the taboo words with the judgment that it was name-calling. So I expect that the term radical Islam will only escape her lips in phrases intended to portray Donald Trump as “dangerous” because he is a name-caller. There is just so much stuff Clinton has done in the foreign policy field that adds up to either to a big fat zero, or that was wrong and dangerous, that I am amazed she is using foreign policy skills as the standard for judging presidential abilities. And most recently she is attacking Trump’s business morals. Oh, puh-leeze. This woman never made a business transaction in her life that wasn’t dirty. And Crooked. Let’s hope Trumps gives us plenty of details of Clinton’s lack of judgment and moral courage and her use of power to garner money into her own private coffers, The Clinton Foundation. If he throws in all those dirty deals, even better.

Get your ducks in a row, Donald. Hit back hard and with carefully considered words. You will have a real shot at winning if you can maintain that Trump appeal to the New Rebels of today’s America and still make sense to the rest of the country, if you can get a good grasp on the major issues of the day and craft a message that fits the situation. And if you can use every scrap of dirt on Hillary to remind the country just how scummy she is. Unlike Ryan, I’m rooting for you.


“We Came, We Saw, He Died!” Is this Woman Temperamentally Fit to be President?

Mrs. Clinton has decided to dwell relentlessly on Donald Trump’s dangers to world peace and order. She says everybody in the world is worried, and they might be. The US might not be footing NATO’s bills come January 2017. That’s scary. And maybe it will be looking to get out of certain defense treaties that are no longer to our benefit. Perhaps it will shut down our borders, making it very very difficult for an uninvited person to get in (and shutting down the entrance to the Democrat Party Illegal Voting bloc). Maybe it will refuse to sign international agreements that will strangle us, put together by Utopianists. Maybe it will put TPP in the toilet where it belongs.

On the other hand, with Trump that’s all a guessing game, which makes it okay even if Mrs. Clinton claims Trump would unleash herds of pigs on any Muslims crossing the border. Whereas about Mrs. Clinton, there is no need to guess what fitness she possesses to be US president. Let’s review her supposed assets.

She lies incessantly, not very creatively, but persistently. She lies even when everybody in the world knows she is lying. She repeats lies proven to be lies. She even had the gall to lie to the families of the men who died in Benghazi thanks to Hillary’s foreign policy skills and moral courage, telling them it wasn’t her fault, it was some crazy Egyptian’s fault. Then she had the gall to suggest it was the families who were lying. People who behave in this way aren’t just amoral, they are psycopaths. Is this kind of woman fit to be president?

She is venal and corrupt. She has engaged in a slew of shady transactions all the way back to Arkansas (there wasn’t much opportunity at Yale). She turned a thousand into a hundred thousand in practically minutes, and she reputedly did the same kind of magic south of the border for sums unknown. She said she was “dead broke” when she left the White House to move into her New York manse and today she is extraordinarily welathy. Yet she hasn’t held a job outside US government, aside from a brief stint in a corrupt law firm in Arkansas. Is this kind of woman fit to be president?

She has dreadful foreign policy judgment. Both as a senator and then as Secretary of State, she was among the most belligerent, first supporting and then urging war against countries not at war with us. She is the female counterpart of John McCain, keen to resort to the use of force to prove her military prowess. She did, indeed, crow about Qaddafi’s death and she owns one hundred percent the situation in Libya and the disaster at Benghazi. She also has to somehow make up for that pitiful gaffe when she pushed the Russian “reset” button that actually read “overload,” as the Russsian Foreign Minister pointed out to her before the world. She will be looking for a chance to show Putin how manly she is, despite her poor Russian. She will also be wide open to making that one last drive to “cordon off” Russia by NATO, which means invitations to Ukraine and probably Finland and Sweden and who knows, maybe even those crazy ‘Stans. This would be the flashpoint for another major armed conflict. Is this the woman we want in the White House?

Hillary Clinton has demonstrated clearly that she does not hold herself to be ruled by the laws of this country. She showed us what she thinks of the law when she ignored security regulations in the US Senate and used her private emails to carry out all her business, and then when she bypassed the US Department of State’s security regulations by working via her own private server. All of her explanations have been demonstrably and demonstratedly false: that she had Department authorization (she did not), that the highly classified information “wasn’t marked” (irrelevant and expressly so), that she never ever discussed classified material through that server, that she only got mixed up because she was too inept to use two different email systems, and so on. She does admit that she’s awfully sorry she did that silly thing, and if only she could re-do it! If she got in the White House, what do you think would happen with the FBI investigation files — they’d disappear is what they’d do. Along with a whole lot of other stuff. Oops. Is this the kind of person you  want executing the laws of this land?

I only wish I could have a couple of hours to sort through the FBI investigation files. They must cover such a far-flung empire of corruption and influence peddling that the minds of even those law enforcement geniuses must be boggled. I wonder what country names pop up, what despots appear, and what sums of money are involved in all the shell games. And I know for sure that I don’t want those sticky-fingered, dirty people back in the White House.

I know that some lunatics like Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan think Donald Trump is a danger to the world, but remember this. Both come from socialist backgrounds. They’re far more comfortable dealing with a corrupt socialist than with a prickly and unpredictable Trump. But for me, someone who never wanted Trump, there isn’t any competition. Hillary wins the Master of Corruption and Untruth pageant hands down. Trump can’t come close on those grounds. So Mrs. Clinton, while you’re crafting visions of Armageddon under Trump, tell us about your plans for NATO and for US missiles and for US entrapment in more defense treaties. Tell us what you plan to do up there on Russia’s borders and what you will do when Russia begins to retaliate against what it sees as enemy forces. Tell us your plans for China and those stupid rocks in the South China Sea. And then let Americans judge who is the greater danger to world peace — you or Mr. Trump.



The Die is Cast, the Deal is Done

I was never right at any moment in time about how this election campaign would end. I truly could not envision a man as crass and simplistic as Donald Trump winning the Republican Party nomination for the presidency. The GOP? The party that gasped when Nelson Rockefeller died atop a much, much younger (thankfully female) assistant? The party that felt good about that Republican cloth coat?

But I was so wrong. There were factors I neglected. There is the American Idol craze, combined with the Reality Show craze, all cranked to the nth degree by the I Would Die if Only I Could French Kiss Brad Pitt One Time illness. And I forgot the rich part. This is a country that supposedly disdains wealth. Pocahantas — by this I mean Elizabeth Warren — scoffs at material pursuits, but doesn’t spurn a major salary, no doubt amped with news of her American Indian heritage. (I know, native American, but that’s a lie. They came from Asia. How apropos. We will probably end up Asian, too.) Hillary Clinton’s entire existence is given over to worship of Baal. And Donald Trump is almost the image of rich — his virtue is, he camps it up. He’s not rich, he’s sooooo rich. I love it. So much more refreshing than Mitt Romney’s “aw shucks, I never meant to be rich” approach to his brilliant business successes, even as in one of his gazillion homes a multi-story garage elevator shipped up and down his fantastic cars.

So it is the Donald. And I have no choice but to back him, and back him I do. I’m even beginning to like him. The more those cretins on the left pile on, the more I like him. The more Hillary flails, trying to reorient herself in her surroundings and the Donald slings his arrows from all directions — the more I like him. The more the Republican snobs pose like The Thinker, pondering whether to support him or not — the more I like him. Hey, Paul Ryan: get the hell out of the position you hold in the Convention. It is the only honest thing to do. Even Jeb Bush has started moving to an endorsement position. If the GOP sits this one out, kiss your sorry butt goodbye.

I won’t even bother to predict who will win the election. As twisted as our country has become under the rule of the left, I don’t trust the electoral system. Don’t trust the machines, or the owners of the machines, or the patrons of the owners of the machines that count the votes. Don’t trust states that say they are going to let just any old body vote in the presidential election. Any state that doesn’t secure the vote should be declared ineligible to participate in the national elections. All this means, I have to really support Trump. Because the whole Democrat strategy is based on illegal voters. All those bastards setting our cities on the edge when they are criminals for even being here. This is the future if we don’t do it this time.

And I’m not even sure Trump will carry out the promises he has made. Some of them seem utterly unachievable. I do know this. If Clinton gets in the saddle, scores will be settled and the law will be laid down, and the First Law is The Benefit of the Clintons. It will be corruption crossed with egomania and psychosis and piss-poor judgment. People who regularly commune with people dead for many years and who routinely lie in public fora about things the whole world  knows are a lie definitely lie within those spheres. And this country will never ever return to the golden years. It will be a slow hemorrhage of our national treasure in fruitless wars, and a disintegration of what remains of US social accord.

Above all I am praying that Donald Trump will really be the maverick he claims and begin in foreign relations to draw back from the suffocating tangle of defense treaties and imagined “red lines” that are now drawing us ever closer to global war. If he gets in the clutches of the “US Number One or War” clique, we’re done for.

Bring the troops home. Gut the regulations. Set us free.

It’s up to the Donald.