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The Fracturing of America: What Next?

ikeWe grew up, us Boomers, in an age of prolonged geopolitical stability right up until the Vietnam War. Ironically, a lot of the stability we enjoyed was a result of the bipolar world we lived in and of the very thing that threatened us, the policy of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Each side knew they could wipe out the other, but would die in the process. Each side knew it could count on the other’s desire to live and to act in accordance with that desire and so there emerged a modus operandi between two mortal foes, communism (socialism) and democracy.

hiding under desksNaturally, we ordinary people didn’t always feel the world was a stable place, in part because we were having drills on how to hide under our school seats in case of nuclear war. I’m not sure if we realized at the time how ridiculous that exercise was, because we also had very little concept of nuclear weapons and their effect. But the shadow of those inconceivable weapons was always present as I grew up. And there was always something happening somewhere. The world is not a vacuum immune to change. We had the anti-colonialist period that produced Mr. Obama Senior and various communist-inspired uprisings and wars for independence in Africa. There was Cuba and North Korea and the usual Latin American disorder and unruliness. But it was all very far away. The turmoil here and there never really entered our national consciousness as long as we weren’t involved, and mostly we weren’t involved.

We have been in a mostly disintegrative period globally since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. The Czech Republic split into two, Yugoslavia came to pieces, Moldova had a civil war and is still deeply divided, the fifteen republics of the Soviet Union became fifteen distinct countries, and now we see the artificially demarcated Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa falling apart along tribal lines. Even western Europe is not immune to the trend. In Spain it is the Basques, and in Belgium both the Flemish and the Walloons who want to re-configure as separate nations. Eastern and Western Ukraine are two different worlds and could fracture at some point.

Of course there have been counterpoints to disintegration, such as the reunification of Germany and of Vietnam and the expansion of the European Union to include a massive chunk of eastern Europe’s newly independent or freed nations.  But at least at this moment in space and time, the disintegrative trend is predominant and the European Union is not immune, either.

divided AmericaAnother thing that makes me think of how the world is bulging outward with centrifugal forces is that there is also a disintegrative trend here in the United States. It is not new, nor did it start only with the Obama regime, but this group of socialist gangsters have tried to remake America in such an extreme way that our differences have become irreconcilable. The neo-socialists have goaded the center-right relentlessly and fanned Americans’ prejudices and anxieties. I commented just the other day that I’m seeing the “s” word — secession — discussed with greater frequency today than I can ever remember, and now it is both the left and right who are talking about it as a possible solution to our differences. Divorce. How sensible.

I guess most of the people I choose to hang out with look around themselves and say, what is going on here? When did we Americans lose control of our own destiny and hand the right to determine our futures to China with its lien on the US, or the UN or NATO, or to hordes of illegal aliens and their illegal votes and their public demonstrations to influence our policies? When did our societal standards get voted out in favor of no standards at all, or even worse, imposition of a whole new set of standards that include all those things formerly considered beyond the pale: homosexuality, pedophilia, socialism, pacifism and so on. When did we become this ugly combination of societal hedonism and government tyranny?

Here’s the deal: we never agreed to the changes being introduced in our society. They have been introduced by stealth because we on the center-right were too unconcerned to fight the changes as they appeared. We let them pass. We wanted to be tolerant. But the people who watched Oprah and Phil Donohue and Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, especially our younger Americans, weren’t learning to be tolerant, they were being sold a whole other idea: that America was inherently wrong about almost everything, that what was condemned by society or frowned upon was something to be desired, and that socialism was the only ideology worth embracing. The message that whatever you want to do is okay is irresistible to the young. And it seems if you make the message cool enough, you can make any pile of dog doo-doo (i.e. socialism)attractive to the young.

boot on faceWe on the center-right are on a kind of emotional seesaw. We keep thinking, “now the Americans will see who these political charlatans and tyrants really are and throw the bums out,” and we keep getting disappointed. Who would have thought that Obama would be reelected after a terrible first term marked by a failure to move the country forward one inch economically and serious infringements of civil liberties, aka Obamacare? Who would have believed that that anyone could be reelected after a campaign in which the candidate avoided reference to anything he might have done during the previous four years as president and instead focused on dividing America, rallying the have-nots to hate the haves? It makes a body doubt that there is a backbone to the country anymore, a brain, a will to freedom. Can everybody or even enough people be bought off with the alms handed out by the state to allow this tyranny to flourish? Can the nation survive as one entity, and if not, how would we even start a movement to consider solutions? Something like the Continental Congress would be needed.

divided AmericaI think our problem is that we still do not recognize in ourselves the nation within a nation that we are becoming. We are in the nascent stage, but our movement for a constitutional republic based on the founding principles and equality of opportunity can only grow. Our basic liberties are under assault and we feel the distance grow between us and the rest of our country. I don’t think that will change if there is not a change in power in Washington and in the GOP, and soon. Because the left is entrenching itself and spreading its ugly tentacles into every corner of our lives, controlling us and steering us to the direction they have chosen.

And so here we are, caught in the whirlwinds of history and in the disintegrative wave and all the instability that it brings. Who knows what lies ahead? Maybe two nations emerging from one? Or maybe the integrative process will at some point kick in once more, for us and maybe for other regions, too. I pulled out my crystal ball, but the future is dark and I couldn’t see the answer to my questions.

The Abyss of Deceit

imagesCAKDLB1RI wish I’d written this book about how a black dude with zero experience, a far-left ambiance, no known performance history in university (other than being a non-producing editor of his law review) and very little in the real world, but who is really really cool gets nominated by a left-wing party for president. He wins the primaries, snatching victory from the jaws of the overweight and homely white woman who thought it was all hers. The black dude then goes on to defeat an elderly and exceedingly ungracious senator from the opposing party and become president, after which he sets a goal of never working more than 25 percent of the year and re-inventing America according to his half-formed ideas of socialist utopia including the dictatorship part. He breaks every law, lies blatantly, lets people die in US missions abroad, encourages America’s enemies, and weakens the US military in every conceivable way. He takes credit for other people’s work (he actually gives a speech already given by a dear friend of his who is a state governor!).  Oh, wow, the details I could include.

Had I written that book I might even have become a millionaire, but I don’t spend a lot of time on conspiracy literature and I would never have been able to come up with the plot. And in any case, I’m afraid had there been such a book it would have been tagged “action thriller” but never considered a possible scenario except under the Republicans.

Unfortunately, when the book comes out it will be biography or maybe history, if the history hasn’t been entirely re-written or disappeared by then. I know a lot of people, the ones whose brains haven’t been turned into mush with drugs or too much exercise and too little hard work, who five years into this horror show still can’t believe it’s happening. We have surely reached the very outer limits before we go head over heels into open tyranny if two-bit bureaucrats turned political axe-men can oppress — how better to describe it? — thousands and thousands of Americans for their political or religious views and then either flat out lie to us in sworn testimony or declare they won’t answer. That suggests to me that a) what we have seen of IRS abuses is only the tippy-top of the iceberg; b) they are all guilty at a minimum of lying under oath, but certainly in the case of the Nurse Ratched of the Obama Administration, Lois Lerner, she is guilty of serious violations of Americans’ constitutional rights. It is time to set down a marker and make an example of all those who were involved in this. They need to spend some time in the cooler. And we should not be stopping there, because the orders or instructions or encouragement to violate those rights comes straight from the inner circle of the White House. Note to Republican Party: whatever you do, do not stop the investigations no matter the State propaganda line. Don’t stop until you know what we all want to know: the full extent of corruption and politicization at the IRS, who was setting the program, and who collaborated on the violation of our rights. You may not succeed in uprooting the traitors, but you should make them sweat mightily.

fat nerdy hillaryThen we have that charming pudge, Hillary Clinton. She was looking fat and geeky and (ugh) old last I saw her, but I’ve looked into my crystal ball and see her at a fat farm that costs about $50,000 a day, where the staff is starving her into dropping fifteen pounds while she gets her face, stomach and butt lifts, hair transplants and ceramic veneers, as well as a remedy for the double-vision thing so she is able to ditch the coke-bottle glasses.

The cosmetics thing is a given; she’s got to spruce up, she looks pretty bad, like something the cat drug in. But what I can’t wait to see is the reality face lift she gets from all those pals in Hollywood and the media. Here, before the re-write starts, is the truth: Hillary Clinton has committed various acts that hover perilously close to felony, although she has never been indicted for them. She hid those law records all the while aware they were being subpoenaed, per her assistant’s testimony, and then placed them to be found after they had been purged of damaging information. Then she lied denied and cried and got away with it. There were rumors galore about the Clintons’ involvement in a drug-running operation using Mena Airport back when they were the Governor. As a young law student, she defended Black Panthers who killed policemen. As a middle-aged woman she lied about flying into Bosnia under hostile fire, nor did she bat an eye when proven to be a liar. She thinks everybody not with her is against her in some vast right-wing conspiracy. She was in on that whole Travelgate business. And does anybody remember those two scuzzy guys who were low-level political operatives who were ensconced in the Clinton hillary and chris stevensWhite House compiling information on Republicans? If you don’t like Obama siccing the IRS or the Justice Department on you, you aren’t going to be happy with Hillary. And of course, let me not forget her most recent demonstration of personal character: her denial of security to people officially assigned to a hyper-dangerous place and her collusion in the denial of critical help to those same Americans under assault. Her lying afterward is the least of her egregious sins.

She’s a smart cookie, hard as nails, but oh how she loves the limelight, both her and that blowhard she’s married to. But she’s corrupt and yes, she’s a chronic liar. She’s lied for a whole lifetime in politics, and used her position to feather her nest and further her ambitions. She still isn’t satisfied.

If we are so lucky as to toss that bonehead Obama out on his ear (I see in my crystal ball that the Secret Service are having to drag him from the White House), are we really going to be saddled with his female twin and her entourage of harpies and political spies? I have three years to find somewhere else to live, so I plan to do some traveling. I no longer count on the overarching common sense of the American public.




Obama’s Drone War: Worth Reading

The estimable American Spectator carries on its website an article by Jed Babbin discussing the legality of the drone war and the Democrats’ preference for murder by long distance and other weighty issues.and raises concerns over the efficacy of our current foreign policy. Follow the link below to read more from Babbin, who served as a Deputy Undersecretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush.

drone warObama’s Drone War

by Jed Babbitt

Back in the days when we had them, declarations of war were short, simple, and clear. By contrast, the “Authorization for the Use of Military Force” (from here on AUMF) cobbled together by Congress and signed by President Bush after 9/11 reads more like a generic threat addressed, “To whom it may concern.” It authorizes the president “to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations, or persons…”


Trust the Government, But Don’t Verify It

obama graduationWhat can one even say? The level of chutzpah in this Orwellian regime is stunning. Our Beloved One spoke at a graduation ceremony recently and in that sneering, snickering voice we’ve come to detest, warned that forces of evil were whispering in their ears not to trust their Government, that Government was somehow bad. Don’t listen to those voices, the president warned the starry-eyed youths. It’s all conservative skullduggery.

What a liar that guy is.

Even as the Cool Guy was speaking, the details were emerging of one scandal after another involving abuse of government power for political purposes. Disclosures laid bare a picture of sinister activities by Obama’s enforcers in the USG who carried out the President’s will  — in first place buddy Eric Holder at the Justice Department, then Homeland Security and the IRS. The Benghazi scandal also brought in the State Department, which apparently exercised poor judgment throughout the Libyan saga — in my opinion from the decision to intervene to depose and murder Qaddafi, but certainly from the decision to have any US diplomatic presence in Libya that was not massively secured. The Department’s post-crisis engagement in rewriting the story does no credit to the Department or its then-Secretary, Hillary Clinton, who took full responsibility (in a very limited way) for the actions of the State Department and then disappeared from view for a long time. She ought to be given full responsibility for the Benghazi debacle and for the web of lies she wove afterwards about that pesky video. The lie she perpetrated about religious inflammation led to, probably required, the arrest of the maker of the video on some third-rate parole violation, but this was an act of political detention — just like in Guatemala or North Korea. The victim was a convenient scapegoat and his arrest showed the Moslems how sorry we were for somebody exercising freedom of expression. I think the man ought to bring suit for political persecution by a desperate government.

petraeusSad to say, even high-ranking military officers and even David Petraeus lost their way in all the Benghazi deceit and ended up complicit in the deception peddled to the American people in defiance of what they instinctively knew — that this was a terrorist attack.

Obama also had other helpers in abusing the power of the government, to wit, anybody whose last name begins with A through Z who works at the IRS. We are only beginning to see what they were up to over there under those green eyeshades. Ms. Lois Lerner is turning out to be quite the Machiavellian, having previously used her power at the Federal Electoral Commission to hound the Christian Coalition, once again asking inappropriate questions about religion. She had an even wider field to operate on at the IRS. One hopes somebody will start screaming at the top of his lungs for the removal from office of this woman and her investigation.

It’s possible that of all the sins committed, the stupidest one, the one that will cost Obama most dearly, is the violation of journalists’ civil rights through wiretapping and other surveillance. This jackboot policy has finally given our lefties in the press a taste of what the rest of us have been feeling: violated. Do I detect a certain cooling of the love affair between Barack and the boys on the bus?

It is looking very gloomy these days for Mr. O and a lot of others who have carried out the Chicago Machine’s insidious plots against Americans. Reputations will be undone. Scallywags will be paraded and maybe even tried for their crimes against the Constitution. Hopefully at least one political career will go into permanent stall, particularly when coupled with other grave flaws and loads of heavy baggage. You know who I mean.

These anti-Constitutionalists have used the people’s government against the people, to collect information, to monitor, to influence, to control, to slander, to harass and abuse, violating our fundamental civil rights. Worse, they have deliberately lied to the American people on one issue after another. They are felons. And they are running our government.

So, young graduates, take that into consideration when you decide whether or not to trust your government. If you still do, you  need to go back to school.



humptydumptyWe watch happily as the edifice of lies comes tumbling down. This incompetent egotist pretending to be President of the United States is in the middle of a swamp of lies, trying to lie his way out of lies, and all because he really believed he was great and infallible. He took no care to tread softly when abusing the power of his office and saw no limits to what he could get away with. And why not feel that way? He has been protected at every step by shadowy patrons and by the left-stream media. The supposed truth hounds of the Fourth Estate, the official media lap dogs, have buried anything even a little negative about their idol and helped him make up stories for public consumption that benefitted him. Isn’t it bizarre that after so long not a single girlfriend or boyfriend has been found, no written matter from school at any level, no editorial in the Law Review at Harvard, no school transcript, no birth certificate. I would have thought it impossible to do, but all traces of his existence in substance seem to have disappeared. That fits in with the hard planning that lay behind Obama’s candidacy and the elimination of all evidence of his ultra-left affiliations and sympathies and his generally uninspiring (I am absolutely sure) academic performance throughout his post-high school years. It was the Chicago Machine’s political engineers like Axelrod and Emanuel who created this fictitious character called Obama, who debuted on the public stage as a tabula rasa in 2008.

Obama was Mystery Political Meat in a manner of speaking. And his moral emptiness and massive ego made him a great front man for the Machine, malleable and endlessly ambitious with no moral compunctions about anything. He wasn’t a quick thinker, but if he could read it off a teleprompter, he could say it with enough pizzazz to make it sound profound. The Dems needed no more than an attractive, young, black man with a left-of-center chic and no known history to drag him down. The high level of animosity toward George Bush Jr. and his Party would then carry them to victory. And now we find that the Mystery Meat candidate become president is pork, corruption, cronyism, and any violation of citizens’ rights needed to achieve political ends.  If we ever uncover the real records of Obama’s past, we will no doubt see that the corruption infecting Washington began in Chicago, under the tutelage of his inner circle. And if we never know what his true past was, we know what sins he has committed in the past four and a half years, or at least some of his sins.

vote buyingObama is in a pickle today because he is narcissistic in the extreme, has always expected special privilege because of his skin color, and mostly because he practices politics the Chicago way. There is no tactic too low for these guys, no lie too egregious or too blatant. Forcing people to do your will is their stock in trade. Everyone in the entire world has been witness as the Obama crowd attempts to rewrite history before our very eyes on the Benghazi issue. They don’t care if we know they’re rewriting history. They count on enough people being uninformed and uninterested to protect Obama from retribution. A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth is a maxim they steer by. And let’s face it, the Chicago mob are Marxists to their very toes; they imbibed leftist doctrine with mother’s milk and they were all tough and smart. They knew what it would take to consolidate their power after buying their way into power with promises to take away from one set of Americans to give to another set. Once their man was in the White House, it was a given that they would attempt to muzzle the opposition and replicate the dirty politics of Chicago at the national level. They decided to use all the various USG agencies at their disposal to discredit, block and stymie their opponents and give them unprecedented political power. They almost, almost succeeded.

The IRS political targeting, the Justice Department’s violation of reporters’ privacy, political targeting of the media, and the whole stinky mess of Benghazi, which implicates Hillary Clinton as much as it does Obama – these are only some of the scandals we know about, and you can bet only some of the abuse of power scandals that are still happening though undiscovered.  The Obama-ites twisted arms and misused official power and harassed and hounded and showed themselves ready to stoop to anything, no matter how shabby and criminal, to maintain political power.

confrontationBut as is their wont, people talked. They talked about Benghazi and the lies being sold by the Administration, they talked about the IRS harassment and its role as a political bulldog for the Obama team, and they talked about the wiretapping of reporters on the pretext of national security. Now they are called on to tell us what happened and who made it happen. As with the Clintons, it is unlikely we’ll break through the stonewalling of this pack of scoundrels, but the Congress cannot stop pushing. This is where we have to take our stand against Statists who are contemptuous of the Constitution, the rule of law, individual rights and truth and think the rest of us exist to do their bidding. I think they are going to be surprised. This isn’t Chicago, anymore, Toto.

Send the Germans Packing

Romeike-Family-jpg-300x225The demi-gods have spoken and Germans Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their children face deportation back to the Homeland. The Appeals Court ruled that the facts of the case did not constitute a basis for asylum, the facts being thus: the family had withdrawn their children from German State schools to educate them at home in a more values-conscious (Christian) environment; the State, ruling that home-schooling was verboten, moved to wrest the children from the bosom of the family; the family then fled to the US for asylum. It seems clear that a denial of parental rights to educate their children as they see fit, always meeting basic standards, should be considered a violation of human rights. Absolutely. And because the Christian religion comes into the picture, this is also a case of religious discrimination.

But it seems our courts, many of them, don’t think freedom of religion or parental rights exist. The Romeikes sought asylum along with umpty-ump Haitians, Guatemalans and Chinese and guess what? The other guys got it, and the Romeikes can take a hike. It turns out that religious persecution – and what else could laws that outlaw religious home schooling be other than religious persecution and ideological enforcement? – is not grounds for asylum. I see. But fleeing the Dominican Republic or some hole in China because you don’t have a job (or an education or a future) is apparently a-okey-dokey even though I think that by law, fleeing for reasons of economic plight is not grounds for asylum, while fleeing from religious persecution is. And that is exactly our problem, our entire asylum system is backwards, skewed to a left-wing bias, where fleeing from a left-wing regime is frowned on, while fleeing a right-wing regime means open arms. The view is such that nothing a socialist state can demand of its citizens is onerous or wrong, but if you are a capitalist state, that’s different.

Fox News reported that the court ruled that U.S. immigration laws do not grant a safe haven to people everywhere who face restrictions that would be prohibited under the Constitution.

This is mind-boggling. Even as we prepare to drop bombs over Syria because we don’t approve of their morals, our courts are ruling against a fundamental right to raise our children as we see fit, under some vague assertion that just because it isn’t legal here doesn’t mean it’s illegal where they came from and so the judges can decide which cases are deserving, and which aren’t. They obviously aren’t enamored of the persecuted Christian plea.

This court ruling is a ruling in favor of the State and against the individual. The ruling means the family now has a choice: accept State control over your children’s education or lose your children. Needless to say, the case is going to the Supreme Court where one hopes there will be a brighter outcome, unless a majority of Justices believes that religious freedom can be trumped by the need for State ideological control. We have reason to fear rulings by this unstable Supreme Court that would open new horizons for State control in lots of areas.

new citizens 1All of the above allows me to segue right into the immigration morass. Our borders are teeming with the activity of mules and guides smuggling drugs and humans of every sort into our country. Millions of illegals, many of them minimally educated, are here working; millions more wait to come. In reality, our border is disappearing under an onslaught of defiance by aliens, illegals one and all, who treat it as if it doesn’t exist and the USG’s deliberately inefficient enforcement efforts. Illegals are not usually caught or punished or even deported. Instead they are more likely to end up in US society, working a low-paying job and a getting a place to stay. What could be better? Welfare of every sort — that’s what! And don’t believe those who claim that isn’t going to happen — it is exactly what has happened to the Puerto Rican population in New York City and elsewhere. They have the welfare game down pat.

And here is the kicker: a hard-working, decent West European family fleeing genuine persecution that is not called by its true name is rejected for life in this great country, but some Salvadoran (who can certainly go home now) can still get it based on right-wing persecution. We are choosing the unskilled versus the skilled, the people of color versus the whites, the hard to assimilate versus the ready-to-go aspiring citizen. This rapid infusion of the unskilled and uneducated and their utilization politically by the Democrats is a terrific sea-change in the US. Now the courts are getting in on the act.

I’m not sure immigration reform is going to go the distance and in its present form it shouldn’t. It is another monster like Obamacare that contains all sorts of vague statements that give the authority to make the details to the future representatives and Senators and does nothing to solve the problem. It was patched together in smoke-filled rooms, the Dems and “our Republicans,” as Chuck Shumer put it. Who has a good idea what is entailed in all that is proposed? Tell us, and let us discuss it openly. Being for immigration limits is a virtue, not a sin. We need a movement on this.




Offense as Defense

angry obamaOh, my word. Now the president is offended, following in the footsteps of BFF Eric Holder, who also gets his back up when he’s asked too many questions. As I’ve pointed out before, the “I’m offended,” or “I’m deeply offended,” or “I’m outraged” gambit is the last defense of this particular crop of scoundrels, who skate through life denying responsibility for everything that doesn’t redound to their credit and taking credit for all the good that is done, even when not actually done by them. Gore and the internet, Obama and the cessation of the rise of the tides. In Obama’s case, he likes to take credit for things in advance of anything being done, to wit, the rise of the tides. If George Bush Jr. had reacted so indignantly when the left called him names – forget the accusations against him, which were scurrilous – the infotainment complex and their political pals would have scoffed. And it’s absolutely true, nobody likes a cry-baby. Fortunately, Bush never did whine about being offended. Only Obama has adopted that as a political tactic. It could be that old black radical thing, the final defense to keep you from being jailed for one offense or another. And even though it shall never come to pass, if ever there was a president who should be impeached and jailed it is Barack Obama. Maybe then we could get our hands on his real birth certificate.

angry holderI’m sure it isn’t a lot of fun being in the hot seat and having right-wing conspirators demanding to know what you were up to while Americans were fighting for their lives, unassisted by the USG, in Benghazi. Or how Eric Holder could have justified the wire-tapping of journalists in order to track down government leakers. Why couldn’t he find the suspects first and then wire-tap them? This is guilt by association. What’s wrong with this picture? I can see that it is annoying to face a roomful of reporters (a bit testier after the AP scandal) who want to know how the IRS can carry out a policy of serious violations of Americans’ civil liberties and Mr. Obama not have an inkling — until he read it in the press! (Although a top advisor supposedly knew but never thought it merited being brought to that Busy Man’s attention.)

I’m going to make an aside here: when I was in the US Consulate in Leningrad in the 1980s, the top dog was the Consul General. He was a man nearing retirement age with a face that was strongly reminiscent of Mr. Magoo. This man had the gall to distribute each morning his calendar of appointments, with a normal day that went like this: Morning: visit to the Kirov Ballet school; Mid-day: Lunch; Afternoon: Open; Evening: Swan Lake Ballet. An actual meeting or reporting chores did not appeal to Mr. Magoo, although he did submit one extremely long treatise to the State Department on the ladies of the Kirov Ballet, in which he discussed the effect on their monthly cycles of excessively vigorous exercise. Leningrad was Podunk compared to Moscow, but the Consul General should at least have had the humility to keep his inertia and laziness secret. It was like he was boasting that he never did anything but go to the museums, the ballet, the opera, and Finland. And he was still the boss. Obama is just like that. It’s definitely in your face politics, and his wife is in the trenches along with the others. She’s working overtime to show America she can spend as much public money as possible without ever taking a serious hit for it. Mr. Obama’s goal is to take away as much of our freedom as he can without ever taking a serious hit for it.

Here’s another aside: I never ran across a USG bureaucrat of even the highest rank who would make a decision of the magnitude of what was done by the IRS. No underling is ever, ever going to opt in favor of the violation of civil rights for political purposes on their own say-so. This is pure political conniving and maneuvering, using the weapons of the USG against its citizens. And think of this. They have superiors in those IRS offices. Nothing was done. Was everybody in on it? Were any complaints filed about it from within IRS? Somebody gave the green light to target conservative and religious organizations for special treatment intended to stymie the free formation of political associations and the ability to receive tax breaks under the law. Such a decision could only come from the highest authorities in the USG, and I do mean presidential, and vice presidential, and Cabinet-level.

On the other hand, maybe Obama actually knew nothing about any of the swarm of scandals surrounding him. I have often commented that Obama is the ultimate Empty Suit, the dummy with many hidden hands working the mechanism. His handlers, guys like Rahm, and Plouffe and Axelrod, might well have decided to pervert the IRS for political benefit, without telling their front man who might then be liable for the commission of crimes. Either way, not a pretty picture.

angry americansI’m afraid the Dear Leader is going to have to continue in a persecuted frame of mind, offended or not. He is part of an anti-constitutionalist regime that is working tirelessly to undermine and diminish the fundamental rights of Americans – on the right and the left. (And that reminds me how Stalin used the same tactics of repression against his friends that he used against his enemies. Divide and conquer.) His crimes came to light one way or another, and I’m sure we don’t know the half of what this den of sticky-fingered demagogues from Chicago are up to. The US Congress will be in deep trouble if they try to sweep any of these scandals under the rug, because this country is riled and getting daily more riled. And we are offended, too — deeply, deeply offended by the charlatans who are steering our country onto the rocks.



Syria, Paul Ryan and the IRS

russia navyJust a quick update on Syria: it has moved from bad to worse. I don’t know what Our Eminence John Kerry said in Russia during that amicable talk that led supposedly to an agreement to get Syria and the opposition talking and agreeing, too. All I know is, Russia is moving naval assets into the waters around Syria, where it maintains a large expatriot community and a naval base. One news report referred to Russia’s aging fleet, but the vessel in the photo I saw was impressive enough. I’m pretty sure it could blow another ship out of the water. Now comes the news that Russia is gasp selling a whole bunch of high-tech arms to Syria. Everybody is decrying Russian perfidy. Russia is making things worse. It is putting lives at risk. It is responsible if things fall to pieces.

Isn’t the West overdoing the sorrowful anger routine? Please. We are almost certainly and illegally arming Assad’s tribal opponents. Benghazi is rumored to have been a base for US intelligence agents working on a covert program to round up Libyan weapons and get them to the Syrian opposition, no doubt through the Turks. So right now we’re talking about illegal, covert, third party delivery of weapons. We have been giving them all kinds of other help, most of which we will never learn of. We are provoking the bloodshed. We are creating a deeper and wider civil war and upping the stakes at risk if NATO tries to intervene. We are doing this as Afghanistan falls into deeper disorder and Iraq moves effortlessly into the Iranian sphere of influence, and as instability stretches its ugly tentacles into a whole series of states in the Syrian region.

I get the Russia game. This is a region of serious interest for Moscow and Syria is a long-time client state. The arms relationship has existed for many years. Now they are sending off the latest generation of weaponry to replace aging Syrian stock and the West is howling in indignation. But when did Syria lose the right to self-defense? Or its right to national sovereignty? Everybody knows NATO is mulling bombing Syria, it’s natural that Syria is going to re-arm and upgrade. And by what right are we to start telling the other Big Boys who they can arm and what arms they can sell and, most of all, what their foreign policy should be — which is always supposed to be subordinate to that of the US and its pals in NATO?

Look at what happened in the post-Soviet period: the US and its NATO allies divided up the world for sales of their national arms production, leaving nothing but what the West considered the unattainable or undesirable markets for Russian military arms sales. It’s a fact. Goodbye Warsaw Pact, hello NATO. Russia needless to say cultivates its clients among what is left, or what it had held on to after 1991, and they are not about to halt those sales at a time of a client state’s greatest need because NATO — which is not seen as friendly in Russia — deems it advisable. Especially not when Russia is determined to check the US in this instance, deeming the political risks of US/NATO intervention in Syria greater than the risk of a NATO-Russia confrontation. Russia knows that the fastest way to bring down a NATO government is to set in motion the European anti-war apparat.

Because matters have started deteriorating so quickly in the Middle East, we may not be able to resist the force of events that we ourselves have helped set in  motion. But we need to pull back in Syria, because things are going to hell in a hand basket and our meddling this time is bringing together all the big players: the US/NATO, Iran, Russia, Israel, and the jihadists.

ryanOn to rosier themes. Paul Ryan had some questions for that mealy-mouthed IRS Director and I was reminded why I like Ryan so much. He is straightforward. He is clear. His thoughts are organized and directed. He never loses sight of the ball. I believe him, I trust him. He will be a great presidential contender. He will be so much better as Ryan running as Ryan than as Ryan running for Romney.

Even Ryan couldn’t get a straight answer from Steven Miller. The IRS Director, as he heads hastily for the exit, wanted us to know that the trouble with those audits and the hounding and snooping carried out by one measly office against a homogenous group of political activists was really nothing more than bad management. Pure coincidence determined who was selected for harassment and who wasn’t. Foolish mistakes indeed. These are high crimes and misdemeanors and somebody should be hauled into court (but I doubt Holder or Obama would agree to go).

Meanwhile the left moves into hyper-drive, with the narrative being sold that all these scandals are make-believe propaganda spread by rightwing Republicans. I have a feeling the Dems actually fax around talking points to these infotainment airheads.  The only good news is that Carl Bernstein says the IRS scandal is nuclear and Bob Woodward disagrees. He thinks it is Benghazi that is nuclear, and the IRS is not quite, not yet. I think the whole thing is pretty atomic, too. I’m waiting for a mine to go off under Ms. Clinton’s bounteous rear end any time now. She is a wily one, but she is also a big liar and dabbler in criminal activities. Remember that 10,000 dollar investment of hers that turned overnight into 100,000? Do you think it was an anomaly, or merely the only reported instance of such profit?

Holder is Indignant

holder angryOnce more called by the House to account for his Department’s various felonious actions, Eric Holder pulled out the old I’m outraged routine from his Radical Black American’s bag of tricks. But it isn’t working so well these days. Mr. Holder continues to take on water, sinking under the weight of his Department’s scandals (don’t forget F&F!). He was unable to mount more than a fig-leaf of excuse for violating the privacy of communications between reporters and their sources, i.e., the need to find the leaker of information so damaging to US security that he had never seen its like in his 40-year career. (And by the way, how many leaks devastating to US national security  would he normally have seen in a career such as his?) He stressed and stressed and stressed again how devastating those leaks were (I guess we’re lucky he didn’t have someone assassinated or hustled off in chains on a parole violation, it was that devastating). After failing to convince his skeptical questioners, who continued to ask unpleasant questions, he went for the Hail Mary. He shamed or tried to shame Mr. Issa by complaining that the way you conduct yourself as a member of Congress is unacceptable and  shameful.

fandfI’m willing to believe that Holder, like his buddy Obama, bristles at all sorts of things, including unpleasant questions. They grew up in a society where every consequence of bad action could be averted by acting offended. We are to ignore the charge and focus on how badly the perp is being treated by the white boys. (Incidentally, Issa is Arab-American and I bet that might trump Black these days.) How dare you has been so overused and abused under Obama that such protestations of offense have lost all moral value and are seen as the last defense of a scoundrel, often a racist scoundrel.

black panthersAnd is Holder ever a racist scoundrel. His Department of Justice has carried out a purely political agenda, one that favors certain groups of Americans over others, that gives some people a pass, that views a whole category of law-abiding citizens as enemies who should be surveilled and held on a short leash, an agenda in which civil rights only belong to blacks and sexual deviants and atheists and Democrats and vets are threats to the country. He has politicized his fiefdom and distorted the American justice system. I guess for a once and former radical yearning to be freaky, distorting one of the pillars of American society is a good thing.

It would have been nice if one of the Congresspersons had told Mr. Holder to can the subliminal racist crap, but I guess that only happens in our alternative universe where liars are called liars. If they continue pressing him, however, I don’t care what they call our esteemed Attorney General. Let’s expose just how corrupted the Department of Justice has become under Holder. And we can throw in Janet Napolitano while we’re at it.