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Some Thoughts on the Syrian Madness

As I write this article, our president is addressing our Congress trying to  convince them that we have incontrovertible evidence that Syria’s Assad regime  has used chemical weapons against its own population. The only problem is that  the evidence is not incontrovertible about who used the chemical weapons.

Kosovo and Syria: Two Convenient Lies

houndsI just read a NYT article on how apt the use of the Kosovo precedent would be as a justification for the bombing of Syria. Here is what the author wrote:

Kosovo is an obvious precedent for Mr. Obama because, as in Syria, civilians were killed and Russia had longstanding ties to the government authorities accused of the abuses. In 1999, President Bill Clinton used the endorsement of NATO and the rationale of protecting a vulnerable population to justify 78 days of airstrikes.

That is probably as simplistic and yet useful an explanation of what Kosovo was ostensibly about as you can find. The Western establishment despised Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic for his defiance and his role in the bloodshed that ravaged Bosnia as Yugoslavia broke apart. Even more importantly, Milosevic, unlike his unindicted co-conspirator Franjo Tudjman, had no Big Power protection. The leaders of key Western nations wanted him out of power despite the peace agreement that left both the Croat and Serb presidents in power and not cooling their heels in a posh cell at the International Court. And Serbia was vulnerable. It had been long ostracized and punished for its role in the war by the denial of significant aid and too little humanitarian assistance. In that case, NATO was working on a war plan long before Bill Clinton’s personal immersion in scandal made bombing Serbia seem like a good idea.

Kosovo was the first clear case where NATO acted as an aggressor against a sovereign nation not at war with any other country using human rights as a rationale. NATO had deployed throughout Kosovo under cover of the observer missions and still could not provide a reason for NATO to act. The Serbs knew that was what NATO wanted and were anxious not to give them an excuse. Of course it was impossible to control: the Kosovar Albanians would attack Serbs — military, official or civilian – and the Serbs would strike back. Both sides committed violations of human rights. But that was an inconvenient truth for NATO, which wanted a convenient excuse, whether truth or a lie. And it got one at last with the discovery of about a dozen dead civilians in an isolated Kosovar Albanian village. The head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, US Ambassador William Walker, pronounced the case a massacre and identified the culprits, the Serbs. All that despite the fact that there were neither eyewitnesses nor any investigation into what happened. The real culprit was at least as likely to have been Albanian guerrillas as Serbs, but no matter. With this flimsy bit of evidence against Serbia, NATO decided the country had no right to sovereignty and NATO had full right to begin nearly three months of 24-hour bombing runs with the usual collateral damage (including the Chinese Embassy). The rationale was a right to act for humanitarian reasons, one of the expanded powers NATO assumed after the Warsaw Pact ended and Russia sank to its knees. We cared enough about those poor civilians in Kosovo to bomb Serbia, but not enough to prepare a humanitarian reception for them when they fled under NATO bombs. You can decide for yourself how moved we were by humanitarian need.

tattered flagThe trigger point in Syria is the use of chemical weapons. We know that because the bonehead with his dirty shoes on the furniture in the Oval Office warned the whole world that this was a big, fat red line. There have been several other incidents of cw use in Syria, but no evidence of either what was used or who used it. Doesn’t matter. The US neo-interventionists are thirsting to start another righteous war against the uncivilized and the unconquered, rub a little horse-manure in Russia’s and Iran’s faces, and plant the increasingly sullied and tattered US flag in all sorts of places where our nation is despised.

And that brings me to the part about Russia’s interests being a reason for the US to act by force. My only response to this is, what a surprise. The US has never broken out of the Cold War mindset and the unimaginative and boringly predictable interventionist lobby needs a Big Foe to get Americans worked up. But here is a news break: Russia aka USSR had strong influence in the Middle East prior to its Time of Troubles; they hand-crafted the groups that acted as role models for today’s Al Qaeda and created pivotal leaders like Arafat. Those roots didn’t die just because Russia was temporarily out of commission. Today Russia is seeking to renew ties in the region and strengthen those with its steadfast allies. This is what responsible governments do. They seek allies. Why is it so outrageous if Russia does so as well? And why on earth should it be a foundational precept for constant war? Will we start bombing every country where Russia is active?

As an aside, and perhaps an example of the high-handedness that now characterizes our foreign policy, I remind my readers that the USG rejected Russia’s use of the “Kosovo Precedent” with relation to its set-to with Georgia and asserted that Kosovo was a unique case and could not serve as any kind of a precedent. I guess they have had a change of heart.

I said before and repeat: all of this war-mongering on the part of our government is a mockery of international relations and it all started under Bill Clinton. Who gave a handful of nations the right to pick and choose the victims of our great technological savagery? Who gave us, the USA, the right to decide who was a good leader and who a poor or evil one, or who can carry out fifty kinds of mischief and corruption without punishment from NATO and who has to be killed or humiliated or removed? When did international law go by the side of the road – was it about the same time that the US Constitution did so, too?

The US sense of moral superiority has become its downfall. Now we cannot turn around without spying in someone else’s country behavior we don’t approve of. So we squander our moral standing (now entirely gone) and our treasure and even the lives of our children. And all the time, the USG has itself become increasingly despotic and oppressive and deserving of forced removal. We are like object lessons in self-deception and corruption. All that matters to us anymore is that people around the world jump when we say jump. Our only goal anymore is power, getting more and keeping it all. What a tragedy we are.

I never thought the US would replace the USSR as the ugly arrogant ideologue contemptuous of other peoples’ rights. But here we are. At home individual rights and religious rights and all kinds of other rights are under simultaneous attack; and abroad we attack the rights of other countries to settle their own problems. Then we’ll try to stuff our own culture down the throats of the conquered, and expect statues erected to our heroic actions. And when we have a Benghazi or Christians under extreme attack in Egypt or a 9/11 – our government will be profoundly saddened and shocked.

I don’t know what folly our government is planning in Syria, but one thing is for sure: it won’t be to our credit and it won’t be to our advantage. The hounds of war are loose and at the world’s throat.

The Bullies Emerge from the Bully-Pulpit

syriabombing2We have sat rapt before the Bully Pulpit of American imperialism, listening for many long months to the blabbermouths and big-shots of the neo-interventionist crowd tell us how urgently the world needs us to bomb Syria and perhaps dismember Bashar al Assad (I’m just assuming here). Yes, it is what we have all been hankering after, or so asserts that addled rooster John McCain. For people of McCain’s views, it is an absolute moral responsibility of the White Man to shoulder the Brown Man’s burdens and Americans won’t be able to look at ourselves in the mirror if we don’t flatten Damascus.

Finally, at last, hallelujah! The wait is over. We, the people of the United States, are about to bring more war to the people of Syria and surrounding countries, who apparently don’t have enough (with our help). Thousands of people, in addition to those whose blood is already on our hands, will perish in a mushroom cloud of violence after the US and its stooges in NATO pull the trigger. The President of the United States, an idiot of the first water, glided around talking about red lines no one dared cross, and then the Syrians, one party or another, had the audacity to use them. As if the fools running this country off the cliff of sanity never heard about how if you’ve got something, you’re going to use something, whether a bigger rock or a nuclear warhead. The genie is out of the bottle. Meanwhile, the late great Mr. Obama’s personal popularity has plummeted and it seems every world leader who can get away with it is yanking his chain. Never did a US president appear to all and sundry so weak, intellectually adrift and incompetent. Not even W.

I am not at all surprised that some weeks after handing the Syrian war to the CIA to run — our patron saint of guerrilla groups — the world is shocked into tortured outrage by the use of chemical weapons by somebody engaged in Syria’s civil war. That same somebody sniped at a UN convoy (oh, joy!). John Kerry just knows it is the Assad regime, no matter what anybody else says. We have the goods. The US is sure of it. I bet we are.

If you are saying to yourself, “is she suggesting the CIA had something to do with the chemical weapons incident?” the answer is yes. That is exactly what I’m saying. Of course they would never have personally used them, but plenty of proxies would be willing collaborators.

I mentioned in another post not long ago that the Agency was created for one purpose — running small coherent operations with a plan, a cast of characters, an endgame, and lots of money. But the Agency has developed all kinds of new purposes and resurrected old ones under the past couple of administrations and in response to terrorism. In the case of Syria and the use of chemical weapons, the operatives running the operation (aka war) are doing exactly what they are compelled to do by their very natures — meet the goal. They are bringing the same qualities for which they were recruited, including a knack for chicanery, deceit and manipulation, to a situation that is way, way above their pay grade. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

irancontraHere’s how it goes, as an example: if the Congress cuts off any form of military assistance to the Nicaraguan Contras, and you’re the CIA and certain military advisors, you do a dirty deal with another country to get the weapons to the Contras anyway. That would be Iran-Contra. Maybe you recall how well that went.

Here’s another example: if the US president doesn’t want to start a war with Syria that will bury him politically, then you go over the president’s head. Your first attempt is to develop a secret way to smuggle weapons to your mixed team of Al Qaida sympathizers and incompetents in Syria. To this end, you use the enthusiastic Turks as middlemen and operate out of a particularly hellacious corner of Libya riddled with radical sects and wannabe terrorists. If and when that falls flat, you need to ignite popular indignation over the cruel use of chemical weapons. The ensuing explosion of humanitarian fervor will swamp the US president, who himself told everybody what would take all choice out of his hands: the use of chemical weapons. And lots of them. If killing off 100 Syrian civilians doesn’t do it, the ante must be upped: now it will be 300 or 400 victims. Now Obama is going to look even dumber than he does already if he waits for the attacks to rise to a thousand a pop. Something has to give.

If you don’t believe the above can happen, you are still living in Dream Land, aka the former United States of America. I was the Nicaraguan Desk officer during the Iran-Contra affair and I can assure you that legality is the least of concerns when the Agency is running an operation, which is what this is to them. A really, really big operation, where the assets are NATO and the United States military.

thirdrailI’ll tell you what I think: I think the White House didn’t want to touch the third rail of war with Syria with a ten-foot pole and they thus fobbed off all responsibility for getting things done to the Agency, which has now acted true to form. The only question is what America’s foreign policy buffoons are going to do in Syria that will be a suitable encore to the ineptitude demonstrated throughout the Middle East and, indeed, the world under Barack Hussein Obama.

Gen. Dempsey tells us that merely bombing Syria back into the Stone Age is unlikely to solve the mess over there. I think what he wants to say is we will have to go in with our troops if we go in at all. I don’t know if he is urging that route or not. If he is, he needs to be fired or retired.

Kerry is all gung-ho on war now, a changed man. You know, he was against war before he was for it. And that pitiful specimen of manhood, Chuck Hagel, suddenly finds a taste for blasting people out of their shoes. And I don’t need to go into that freakish couple, Lindsay and Johnnie. We all know that for them, a day without warfare waged under the Red, White and Blue is a day without sunshine.

I think the critical point has been passed. Obama is afraid of looking like a 90-pound weakling, having perhaps realized he is not Olympian in nature but a mere mortal subject to failure and public ridicule.

The bullies are about to emerge from the Bully Pulpit. Yahoo.












Say the Magic Word and Win America

costaricaI am sitting as I write in an absolutely gorgeous spot in Costa Rica. Across the street, such as it is, there are monkeys playing, jumping from the trees to the rooftop and back again. Parrots fly over the forest and the sea is minutes away. Last night my sister-in-law felt an earth tremor. I’m pretty sure the epicenter is the USA. There is nothing like traveling through US borders to drive home the fact that our country is under siege and it is under siege because the criminals now sitting in their fancy offices in DC are encouraging the influx, legal and illegal, of the foreign-born to “transform” the United States to a mobocracy that they can control.

When six of us showed up at the Miami Airport yesterday, the first thing I noticed is this: virtually everybody in the hotel and in the airport are Hispanics, from maids to immigration officers to check-in agents and baggage handlers. Probably most of Miami is Hispanic and African these days. Everybody at the airport speaks Spanish and there might be just a tad of irritation if somebody wants to speak English with them.

The infrastructure at the airport and probably everywhere else in Miami is deteriorating. At the hotel, the coke machines take no cash; you are supposed to be trusting enough to swipe your credit card to get a $2.00 soft drink in a place plagued by crime. My assumption is that the “no cash” policy is to prevent somebody from vandalizing the machines to get the money out and that is probably wise. In the hotel rooms there is a notice telling guests to lock and latch their doors — when they are in them! This brings to mind terrible images of people suffering away-from-home invasion as they brush their teeth. The hotel had four elevators for far too many people and only two of them were working. As I sat tapping my foot in irritation, waiting for the elevator to land on my floor, I thought to myself that Michael Bloomberg’s slow-elevator strategy to force people to use the stairs was already in force in Miami. Then I asked for a whiskey sour at the bar and the otherwise very nice bartender acted as though I had asked for a unicorn. He had no idea what a whiskey sour was, suggesting the drink is not a Latin American favorite.

immigrantsThe dilapidated hotel is no different from the rest of Miami, which is decaying rapidly under the assault of the poor and the uneducated and too little money to maintain infrastructure. At Miami International, escalators may or may not work and the smell of must and mold surrounds you. And when you do a 360, you see that there is hardly a white American to be seen anywhere. This is the Third World. I know that most of those Hispanics were people up from Latin America and the Caribbean shopping for things they can’t get back home. But the staffing of the airport speaks volumes. In the 80’s and early 90’s, I spent considerable time in the Miami Airport during my postings to various Latin American countries. At that time, Hispanics were strongly represented among the airport staff, but it was still about half native-born Americans and half immigrants. Today the white American has all but disappeared there. The immigrants, legal and illegal, have taken over. Miami is barely part of America anymore.

The departure process itself is a metaphor for where We the People stand vis a vis those insufferable bureaucrats and ideologues who are running (and ruining) our country. First of all, one of the couples had to turn around and go home after planning the trip for a year because the husband had only a green card (id for permanent residents) and no passport. He had immigrated legally to the US from Chile decades ago as a child of six and had never bothered to get his citizenship. What was so infuriating was that he had consulted with both Immigration and the Costa Rican Embassy in advance and was told flat out that traveling with the green card was just fine. But when the time came, it turned out that was false. He had to show some kind of passport to travel, as well. He was not allowed to fly.

imTell me this: when did it become an iffy thing getting out of the United States? Are we at a point where pretty much anybody can get into our country, but nobody can get out? Are we prisoners here unless we can jump through ever-changing bureaucratic hoops? This is the kind of thing I expect from dictatorships and backward countries — not from our own government. The departure process itself makes a person feel they live in a police state: rubber gloves, herding, the suspicious looks from the half-educated who are running the show. I felt as though I had escaped when I finally took my seat on the airplane. As we took off, I was still trying to absorb what we had just experienced but the only conclusion I came to was that our own country died some time ago and I just didn’t realize it. Unless something drastic happens (and I pray for it), Miami and California are the face of America’s future.

I feel peaceful here in Costa Rica, away from the terrible stresses of the United States. And then I turn on my computer and see that the Orwellian-named Immigration and Customs Enforcement is welcoming in actual mobs of illegal immigrants in California and shipping them throughout the country. They are putting them up in hotels (at our expense) since there isn’t enough room for them at the detention centers. I read that each year 600,000-800,000 illegals evaporate into thin air once they cross the border, many of them released by Immigration to do as they please.

speakeasySpeakeasy USA. Just say the magic word and you win — not $100, but lifetime residency in the US with all the benefits paid for by the US taxpayer. I am convinced that the surge in illegals we are now seeing — no doubt in anticipation of an amnesty — is being deliberately promoted. I do not discount that US officials are complicit in this travesty. Somebody is coaching the illegals to make certain claims that constitute — possibly, potentially — grounds for asylum. But under US law, such claims are not supposed to be assumed to be true, but must be proven. Just claiming asylum doesn’t give the claimant a right to enter the US. That is, unless ICE decides that anybody showing up at the border with the right excuse — even if another several hundred are waiting in line with exactly the same claims — automatically gets in.

Back in the 80’s our government was a hell of a lot stricter. I knew a woman, a highly-educated Mexican married to a member of the Nicaraguan Somoza family. When the Sandinistas took over with Jimmy Carter’s help in 1979, the Somozas fled to the US and my friend, all four and a half feet of her, stayed behind changing cordobas into dollars, in the streets under the rifles of the Sandinistas. The Sandinistas wanted Somoza’s money and she was dealing with them, feeding them bank information and then immediately transferring the money into another account somewhere else. She managed to smuggle out several million dollars in her Mercedes, and in absentia she was given a 30-year sentence. And imagine this: the Mexican government denied her husband asylum. She was told that she was free to enter, as a Mexican born and bred, but the Sandinistas needed dentists so her husband should go home (to prison). Yes, Mexico denied asylum based solely on political grounds. And our own Immigration wanted to deport both of them because they didn’t buy her asylum story and they insisted they could go to Mexico. It was only when I intervened with the facts about what they faced in Nicaragua and the Mexican government’s perfidy that Immigration granted her asylum.

Well, all that caution in granting entrance to the US has long since gone by the boards.  My sister-in-law lives in Arizona. She has been told by people who know that indeed illegal Mexican immigrants are being coached in how to get asylum and then steered to all the free benefits available to them. You don’t even need to be credible anymore to waltz into our country and start feeding at the trough. Because these people who are changing the very substance of our country are useful to the tyrants in Washington. The more, the merrier. Screw America.

I’m going to look at  property here in Costa Rica. I hope there will be a revolution in America, but I am not confident. I think it might be wise to get out while we still can. I met a Texan couple here who are doing the same thing. They say there are lots of Americans looking for a place to settle outside of the USA.

I think a reverse migration is occurring.




Government Corruption at Home, World Dominion Abroad



I just finished reading the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page; best-written journalism in all of the country, in my humble opinion. There is an article in today’s issue about the SEC, the latest in a growing list of super-power government agencies that have abused their authorities for purely political purposes, under intense pressure from high-level Democrats and to the disadvantage of the Republican Party. If this continues, the Republican Party is likely to win the US sympathy vote just because it is now emerging how badly the Party was hobbled in 2012 by the Democrat-corrupted US Government in all its many guises. Why don’t our Washington autocrats just declare the Republican Party an illegal organization and have done with it? Then we on the right would be sure where we stand and take appropriate action.

Funny, I was just thinking yesterday how hypocritical and anti-free speech it is that in Germany the Communist Party, which next door in Russia polished off millions of victims, is legal; but the Nazi Party, which polished off millions of Germans at home, is not. I suppose it was not out of nicety that the post-War government criminalized the Nazis, but rather the suspicion that a new Nazi Party would soon eclipse any others in popularity. It is my considered judgment that there is something about Nazism that fits the German personality and their Weltanschauung (that’s German for world view). I knew a nice German lad at Georgetown University who claimed to be a Marxist, but his Daddy was a Nazi police officer and I’m afraid if I had scratched Anton’s surface, I would have found the same stuff as papa. It’s just German. By the same token, the insufferable bureaucracy that we think of when we think of communism is not communist, but Russian. The very first Russian birth was no doubt attested to with parchment and a seal, just to make it all official. National character does show through.

governmentSo what is our national character, if you were to judge by our government? I’d say sneaky, vindictive, dishonest, bullying, arrogant, irresponsible and felonious. Yes, that sounds about right. But really, we all know that our national character has been hijacked by the left, who have turned our gold into dross. Where we used to be idealistic, now we are just demanding — we’re your role models, so do what we tell you to do or else. Where we once stood for a way of governance and life that was unique in the world, today our government trolls and their corrupt masters elected into office are insuring that we look just like Europe, or maybe Latin America or Africa. But all is not lost. We opponents of the Obama regime and its minions are keeping the faith. One way or the other, in the end we will prevail. We might be running our own country apart from Left World, but we’ll be the ones teaching the kids and we won’t allow that right to be taken from us again.

On another subject, my husband forwarded to me a think-piece by a friend of ours, a retired ambassador, who provided a rather provocative view of Russia. He claims Russia is becoming politically unstable because of regime abuses against individual rights that are provoking opposition, although he admits that an independent survey found that 66 percent of Russians support Putin. According to our friend, Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian who is moving Russia away from democracy, trying to squeeze out dissent through abuse of the government apparatus and the courts. Hence, he opines, the US should have nothing more to do with him. Instead he proposes that the US cozy up to the political opposition and otherwise try to cause public disorder in Russia by increasing our intervention in that country’s internal affairs.

putinWell, of course that isn’t in his words, but when you peel away all the frou-frou, that is what you are left with. I agree that Putin is hammy and iron-fisted, but that is what Russians like. In a country perpetually on the edge of political calamity, nothing soothes more than dependable law and order. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what I think of Putin. That is for the Russians to hash out and any attempt to intervene in Russia is going to pay off here in America. The Russians are old hands at subversion. Perhaps the separatist forces in America would have a Russian patron, and what a thought that is.

It also occurs to me that the abuses the author of the article imputes to Putin are not much different from the abuses being carried out by the USG. If the world should shun Putin, why not shun Obama, too? The two men are both autocrats.

Not content with an incipient civil war in America, our government and many Americans are convinced that the US has the moral right to tell other countries how to live and govern themselves. We assert a tacit right to judge and to settle other nations’ fights. America’s armed forces are not just being reshaped into a misshapen conglomerate of sexual deviants and atheists, but they are also being misused by the government for utterly inane purposes that bring neither us nor others good. Right now our government is ramping up a war against Saddam Hussein, Iran and Russia in the Middle East. The forces are lining up on either side. This isn’t the Cold War anymore. It’s very like to be a Hot one.

Earth to Snowden: Don’t Do It

earth to snowdenA lot of people find Edward Snowden a heroic figure, and I’m one of them. But the latest news about this idealistic young man is disturbing and suggests he is drawn to perilous activity like a moth to a flame. He’s probably more tragic than heroic. If he doesn’t come to a bad end, the way he’s going, it will be a miracle.

What set me on this train of thought was the news that Snowden had been offered a job at the social media company Vkontakte that would have involved computers and I rather think the Russians don’t want him working with computers. But that wasn’t what worried me, this is what worried me:

[Snowden’s attorney] said instead of working for the tech industry, Snowden will  look for a job as a human rights activist.

Whoa, Nellie. If anybody doesn’t think Snowden is a starry-eyed idealist who has a nose for trouble and goes right for it is not paying attention. What could be the number one worst thing that new asylee Snowden could become involved with in Russia outside computers? Human rights, of course. I’m sure Snowden’s heart is in the right place, and he no doubt feels eternally grateful to the human rights groups who supported his asylum request and wants to help others. But Eddie — what are you thinking?

rssaRussia doesn’t like human rights activists. Russia knows that almost all of the NGOs working on a whole variety of ways to change the country are funded from foreign sources unfriendly to Russia, such as George Soros and his Open Society front groups. Soros funded the Open Society foundation when the Soviet Union collapsed. He has invested heavily in non-governmental groups, especially human rights organizations, seeded throughout the former Soviet countries. He has accumulated more power abroad than he has in the US. I don’t know who is scarier, Russian intelligence or George Soros.

In Russia being a human rights activists is one of the riskiest propositions a person can undertake. Think Andrei Sakharov, or Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Knowing things those with power don’t want you to know can be extremely dangerous to your health. And in Russia the state security types wouldn’t have any qualms arranging an assassination for someone seen as a particular thorn in the side.

Please, somebody over there in Russia, tell Snowden to go into some other line of business. I’m worried that Putin might find it necessary to bump Snowden off, upon which he can tell Obama he did it for his sake. Our Idiot-Savant president would no doubt be highly pleased and flattered that Putin was trying to make it up. He might even start the rumor that it was he who arranged an early departure for the turn-coat.

Boy, do I ever feel sorry for Snowden’s parents. All they can do is sit and watch their son self-destructing. He seems to have been taken in by some American ex-pats. I hope they help him see the light.


From Seattle to Brussels: Disguising the Lust for Power as the Search for Good

censorSeattle is now considering new regulations on free speech. This time they will target not demonstrably offensive language, but potentially offensive language. According to Fox News, government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms  “citizen” and “brown bag” are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in  official documents and discussions.

Tell me, has this madness gone too far, or is worse yet to come? How has the word citizen managed to take on a bad odor, so much so that it was necessary to ban the word? Seattle officials insist that it’s rude to bandy about the “C” word because a lot of people out there in Left Coast LaLa Land are only residents. They didn’t bother to specify if those offended residents include thousands with no residency permits, but I think it’s safe to they do and hence the graciously all-inclusive generic term resident. This not-to-be-mentioned category of residents is no longer to be smeared with the tags illegal or alien or non-citizen residents, and that lofty position is seconded by the UN, which has called on the world to stop calling illegal aliens illegal aliens, and instead suggests we use undocumented migrant workers.

I find it hard to reconcile the left-wing claque’s eagerness to ban words they don’t like with their outrage at the idea that some people might want to ban whole books’ worth of words, like the Communist Manifesto. What we have here is just another example of how the left’s self-appointed elite assume for themselves the power to decide every facet of the lives of the masses, including what words issue from their mouths. The masses in turn are advised to confine themselves to appreciation of these geniuses who are tying the masses up in knots.

This business of imagining what unpleasantness might possibly come to pass and then legislating against it in advance is typical of the utopian disconnect with reality, the belief that the oracles of the left know what’s best for everybody today, tomorrow and forever. The truth is, these insufferable prigs just like writing new regulations and they do so with gusto, convinced that they can legislate fundamental changes in human nature. Just look at the European Union, which has become a socialist bureaucratic nightmare that would soothe the soul of a Russian longing for home. The parasitic administrative organism has the sole function of regulating the diversity and spirit out of European society. What the utopian bumblers want to create is a life form that lacks greed, ambition, judgment or independence. We are to believe that the rules the left dreams up, like a ban on smoking in one’s own home, will guide us to that  mystical state of perfection that crackpots have been looking for since well before Karl Marx. This is the state of affairs in the USA and in Europe. The concept of freedom is growing ever smaller and more constricted. The Marxists want to control past, present and future — and so they rewrite history, pass oppressive laws, emit suffocating regulations, indoctrinate our children and demonize those who disagree with them.

The desire to control not only that which is, but that which might be, has also been enshrined in NATO’s strategic concept. The once mighty and respected alliance, the one that kept us safe throughout the Cold War without once resorting to force, has since the late 1990s adopted an aggressive posture eclipsing the image of an earlier NATO focused on defending against attacks, not attacking against defenders. Today NATO doesn’t even bother to define clearly what triggers might prompt the allied air forces (aka USAF) to launch the bombers. This ambiguity, in my considered judgment, is an invitation to the abuse of power and has already led to such abuse in places where NATO had no business intervening. It is NATO’s tendency to insert itself unnecessarily in the disputes of others, acting as judge, jury and executioner, that has brought us to such a disastrous place in countries like Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. NATO’s wide-open options for the use of force also have intensified distrust of the organization by countries such as Russia and China, who suspect NATO interests often lie not so much in alliance security as in alliance power.

From Seattle to Brussels, the freedoms we have taken for granted are being squeezed, anesthetized and done in. The only thing that seems to matter anymore is the seizure of power and the use of power for partisan interests disguised as the greater good. It’s all a perfect prelude to counter-revolution.