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The Inane Policies of John Kerry on (for example) Syria

kerryearI’m flabbergasted as I watch the ineptitude with which John Kerry is conducting the foreign affairs of the United States. I could start with his flippant dismissal of the possibility that Syria would give up its chemical weapons short of NATO bombing, his preferred solution, but I won’t. I could mention how he insisted the Syrian opposition had no access to chemical weapons only to have the UN report that the opposition had almost certainly used such weapons on multiple occasions, but I won’t. I’ll refer only to the latest absurdities surrounding the Geneva negotiations for a transitional government in Syria. First the US dropped the ball on Iranian participation, allowing our clueless UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to invite the regional power-broker officially into the talks. The South Korean is right, of course — how can you get any kind of realistic or enforceable agreement without Iranian participation? In any case, I guess the Obama administration forgot to give Ban Ki Moon his marching orders, because after the invite went out and became public, Kerry demanded that the invitation be withdrawn.


Kerry decreed that Assad had to agree that he was a goner and no longer could serve as president of Syria if there were to be an agreement. That’s quite an incentive to offer Mr. Assad in return for his cooperation. It reminds me of how we treated Moammar Qaddafi after he swore off weapons of mass destruction under US pressure. (We killed him, for those who forgot.) The cowardly Ban Ki Moon withdrew his invitation, no doubt with much annoyance and embarrassment and resentment, and now, suddenly, Kerry is thinking maybe having Iran in the negotiations is not such a bad idea. This is a case of Kerry being against the invitation to Iran before he was in favor of it.  But he still tells Assad he’s finished (not adding, “and a prisoner in the Hague”). He presumably thinks this tempting offer will attract the full good will of Assad and his allies.

syriaOf course the Syrians have said, get outta here. Transitional government doesn’t mean removal of the head of government. To follow Kerry’s logic, a Cabinet shuffle in DC would require the president’s removal, as well. While our figurehead Syrians sit at the negotiating table with their preconditions (give us power), the real power, the jihadists, are out there warring with the “moderates” and slitting throats right and left, anticipating the removal of Assad and their own ascent to power. The US charges of regime brutality may be true, but the opposition is guilty of the same crimes. That pretext won’t fly. These negotiations look unlikely to end up successfully.

kosovoThe problem is that the US has grown far too complacent in our massive power. In the past we successfully used negotiations to rubber-stamp foregone conclusions. A good example of how this works were the Rambouillet negotiations in France. These talks were used by the US/NATO to provide themselves with the pretext for war against Serbia over alleged “massive violations” of the ethnic Albanian and largely Moslem community’s human rights. But the negotiations were a sham designed to earn the Serbian president’s rejection, including among NATO’s key demands that Milosevic accept a NATO occupation of Serbia. When the talks collapsed, as hoped, the NATO bombing of Serbia began. In the end, NATO partitioned Serbia, giving away its historical region to the Moslem-dominated Albanian population, which is now making trouble in southern Serbia in an attempt to wrest more territory from the Serbs.

putinchinaIt appears our government wants the same results with these Syrian talks. We want what we couldn’t get through bombing and we want it cost-free — regime change. Unfortunately for the US neo-interventionists, things are different. Russia is no longer the 90-pound weakling it was in 1999, less than a decade after the fall of the Soviet Union. Today Russia’s influence is growing well beyond its borders and it is finding its voice. The US, by contrast, is in dismal decline. Our president’s international prestige is definitely on the wane and the idea of the US as the world’s only superpower is long out of date. China is a threatening presence, too, and the Chinese seem to scoff at US pretensions to dominance, just as does Iran. Even our one-time allies are turning their backs to us in disgust at our incompetence. The US looks weak, uninformed, wavering and lacking convictions or even fundamental interests. The remains of our forays into the military occupation of the Moslem world in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and where we have abetted the overthrow of secular regimes (Egypt), are testimony to our broken dreams and ultimate impotence in democracy-building. Sectarian warfare rages. People are dying by the thousands and Christians and many others are sacrificial lambs. To what end our military adventures?

Instead of telling Mr. Assad to leave power (or what?), the US Secretary of State should give a good think to what the US fundamental interests are and then try hewing to a consistent line. Listening to Assad’s side of the story might be one way to start. We don’t want Al Qaeda to win there, or do we?




From Patriot Update, Another Look at the Benghazi Lies

Benghazi: Putting the Lie to The Lie
Written on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, by Norma Brown
hillpinoFor a great many of us, the bipartisan report on Benghazi bears out our judgments about what happened there and why. The only new note is that the CinC and his subordinates did not order anybody to stand down; it’s just that nobody told them to do anything beyond the ordinary on that brutal night. In fact, they heard hardly a peep out of Washington. I’m going to add what wasn’t spoken or put in the report: the military doesn’t freelance. It does as told and doesn’t violate other countries’ territory without a green light at the appropriate level. So when they weren’t doing anything to save our men over there, the military were no doubt assuming that somebody wasn’t very interested in saving them.pinocchio


Civil Rights, the Morass, and a Modest Proposal

adegbileAnother day in the United States, another offense against Americans. Now we are being given – not offered, because you can’t say no! – a new Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, a man who is practically an archetype of the global leftist. Debo Adegbile’s name is no doubt as unpronounceable to most Americans as it is to me, but even worse news: he repeatedly refused to answer Sen. Jeff Session’s queries on the issue of whether amnesty for illegal aliens in the US and a pathway to citizenship are civil rights, as stated by Attorney General Eric Holder. Adegbile is a lawyer, of course, so one hardly dares think he can just answer something straight out, but even so, he appeared to offer no answer to the question. Instead Adegbile offered legal babble about certain instances blah blah blah, that all added up to a big nothing. So I’m going to have to assume that, as he found it inconvenient to answer this question, he agrees totally with Eric Holder. The nomination of this man is just another big eye-wink to America. Adegbile is in the tank for the open borders policies already being unfurled under Obama. There will be lots of cheap labor for Big Business (aka Big Donors) and for the arrivals, all sorts of welfare (or “transitional living expenses”!) including free health care, and all the civil rights they can handle. They will also receive “welcome to the Socialist Party of America” pamphlets distributed by the Dems at the border. At the rate the Dems are stacking the USG, it will take years to undo the damage. Look how politicized the IRS has become, and the FBI and the US military, too. We can’t even begin to catalog the ways in which the Justice Department as a whole has been prostituted to a cause. This is what the fundamental transformation of America looks like.

somalia1Moving on to another subject entirely, one that highlights not our President’s slyness but his fundamental stupidity, I come to Somalia. I was puttering around last night when I was shocked to hear the bulletin that the US had committed US troops to that miserable war-torn country that has given us so many US-based asylee-terrorists. We’re close behind the French in the African adventures department, getting sunk deeper and deeper. Later I read that what we are sending is only a “small contingent of military advisors.” That’s how Vietnam started. And those advisors are there directing other US operations we don’t like to talk about. Here is what Fox News online had to say about the decision: The move marks a growing trend of ever-increasing involvement in Somalia by the Obama administration, with increased surveillance and air strikes from U.S. drones, as well as occasional Elite Special Operations missions.

We have been chased out of Iraq, are being chased out of Afghanistan, hold no sway across a Middle East sunk in strife we were instrumental in triggering, and now we are going into Africa in a bigger way every day. I guess Obama really doesn’t want to bring the troops home. He’d like to keep them out of the country somewhere. Perhaps he could dispatch them to France to help Francois Hollande retake Marseilles for the French.

Poor America, the nation that once used its might as seldom as possible now needs that fix all the time. We fret that if we’re not running the show, somebody else will run the show. Our treasury is depleted; at home everything is being sucked up by the non-productive. Abroad it is being frittered away on basket cases that go from bad to worse.

All of this brings me to my recurring thought: there are two countries living in America. We hold two distinct and only occasionally overlapping values systems, have different dreams, different morals. We don’t want the same thing at home or abroad. Therefore, in the interests of international peace and harmony and the avoidance of civil strife in the United States, those of us who are active in the conservative movement should propose a convention of those interested in a peaceful demarcation of two nation-states from America as it now exists. All citizens get to choose where they will live, but they must consider that their government may be different than it currently is. Hopefully we would end up with a major redistribution of population into the appropriate sides.

This proposal has the virtue of fully conforming to international precedents that the US had a role, greater or lesser, in establishing – witness the effective partitioning of Serbia to satisfy ethnic Albanian interests, and support for the departure of Montenegro from the country of Serbia and Montenegro. The international community has shown repeatedly in practice that although territorial integrity is one of several “pillars” of European stability, it is always the “right to self-determination” that carries the day. It’s a lot easier for the non-warring parties just to divvy up the goods than to try to make them live together peaceably.

We need to call for a negotiated divorce between the American parties, with the fair allocation of resources, military assets and ports, etc etc etc. It would be an event along the lines of Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Divorce, or the USSR’s break up into independent nations, or Yugoslavia’s “peaceful departures” (Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia). We may yet see Ukraine divide into East and West, because that country too is divided. It happens all the time, and even though we say it cannot happen here, I beg to differ. We have a solid legal foundation now. The opportunity is there for all Americans to do the smart thing and then get on with our lives. Too much of our energies are spent fighting each other. I’d rather “co-exist” with a left-wing dictatorship next door than live in his house.

Some thoughts on the news of the day

mideastandafricaHere we are in a new year and January is flying by. I’m up to my ears in real estate red-tape and my parrot is a little bit crazy, which is perfectly okay but tiring at times. I’ve been watching the news closely, even if my pen has been stilled by a paint brush, and there isn’t anything there that shocks. A few tidbits though. The war in the Middle East and North Africa is spreading. A lot of people seem to think the solution must be a multi-national force under international authority picking a winning side, maybe killing a few thousand in collateral damage. What that means in practice is a US event, if air protection is needed, and a deeper involvement in a wildfire that is also a morass. We need to stay out of it. We need to stop worrying whether the Russians or the Iranians are benefitting at our expense. We had our day there, now let someone else deal with it. Bring the troops home. I know that flies in the face of what many believe. If not for the US, the world will go to hell in a hand-basket. News flash: the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and the US along with it. We are heading into deep waters and nobody sensible seems to be stopping it.

gatesobamaMeantime Robert Gates has come out and said basically that the President was right about his decisions to get out of Iraq, the bad war, and into Afghanistan, the good war, but that his administration micro-managed everything to death and screwed things up. I don’t get it. Bill Gates is a smart man. Surely he considered the fact that what is being established is a political commissariat that are the true heads of government agencies and the military and who enforce ideological correctness. Department of Propaganda graduates from the left-wing of the Democrat or even Marxist parties. That’s what is going on. They have poor judgment of anything beyond getting out the vote, alive or dead, and class warfare. Those are the values they bring with them. And it is their job to keep you in line or get you fired. Ask Petraeus. Gates’ complaints also suggest, though not explicitly, that the president is a dunderhead and on that I will certainly agree, although not that the president is a man of honorable intentions. Not any intentions I would honor, anyway. Furthermore, I don’t agree that the president’s basic judgments were sound. He felt Iraq should be left behind and Afghanistan be secured. Or he said he did, but it  might have been what he was advised to say. In any case, he got us out of Iraq, which is now being engulfed once more in civil war. And he got us far more deeply and directly into that death valley of imperial ambition, Afghanistan. In that country, the Taliban are resurgent and we are itching to get out. We’re going to leave a few soldiers behind to get gobbled up by the reinvigorated Islamist extremists aka terrorists in that country. Now Afghanistan is a place I’d say, it’s all yours. Have at it.

hcHillary Clinton is building up steam behind her push to become Lord of the Universe, which has ever been her dream. Her fans are lurking out there on the internet, alert to any slur against her intelligence, wisdom, judgment and general saintliness. The pack is slavering for any dissident to dare show his face. This is going to be interesting. I was really annoyed by the whole Sandy theater and vowed never to support Chris Christie. But. He is one of the very few Republicans I can see who is tough enough to face her down and make her show her true face. Rand Paul, who will never win it, would do it more knowledgeably and more conservatively. I’d love a Rand Paul presidential candidacy. Alas, the GOP is in full warfare. The Boehner wing is determined to shut up the conservatives who alone can bring them victory at the polls and our leaders think this is the best way to win over those Hispanics and blacks who haven’t voted for the GOP ever. Part of me wants to say, good going. Try this out. Every conservative stays home and withholds his vote. The GOP can then judge whether the conservatives are necessary to GOP survival. But then I say, no way. Leaving it all to the Marxists means heading straight into civil strife of the first order. I’d much rather stop it in its tracks with the B team than lose it all with the A team. And if those icons of the right, like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, are honest in their efforts to stop the anti-Constitutionalists, they should endorse whoever is leading in the polls and primaries. Okay.  Just saying it makes me want to scream in frustration. But it’s right. We all hang together or we shall certainly all hang separately.

knockoutfistFinally, I see that Denver is experiencing a resurgence of its own sort of Taliban, the black Knock-out Gangs. The latest victim is a white man who has severe injuries to his face and jaws. Apparently even the heretofore politically correct and color-blind (or at any rate, blind) police who refused to speak about racial elements in earlier spasms of societal violence now admit it is black-on-white violence. It turns out that a lot of people have been victimized by this vicious Black KKK and are now coming forward. Safety in numbers.