Ooobie on Everything

Not a Pretty Picture

I could be referring to so many things: excess plastic surgery; gross obesity and death-camp “svelte;” Boy George; Hillary Clinton.

I saw today in the National Enquirer that Hillary is a “confirmed” lesbian and travels with girlfriends including The Hoom aka Huma Abedin. Scoff if you will, but the National Enquirer is one of the most accurate gossip magazines in the US and always scoops the others on big news. It used to be far less reliable until Carol Burnett sued the pants off the gossip rag. Ever since then, if something scary and utterly bizarre, like Bruce Jenner turning into a hideous woman, has appeared in National Enquirer, it inevitably ends up on the mainstream front pages. In fact, is running a series of photos of the two women together with the title, “how close are Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton?” Nothing at all racy in the photos, but that question made me wonder if they, too, were insinuating something. In fact, a search of the internet shows this to be the topic du jour. But to quote some shrill harridan, “what difference does it make?” I’m going to make a giant assumption that Hillary’s alleged sexual appetites won’t turn off her fans in the almost entirely Democrat lesbian community or among the generally de-sexualized or over-sexualized and certainly anal retentive left.

On the other hand, surely she’s about to be given the hook and hauled off to prison for:

a) hiding subpoenaed records in her own personal closet forever before being outed by a female assistant who obviously was not taken by Mrs. Clinton’s charms;

b) successfully defending a pedophile rapist in her first idealistic youth and then gloating  about what a cake walk it was;

c) lying to her superiors on the Watergate Committee while trying to remove Richard Nixon from the Presidency for lying;

d) profiting knowingly from narcotics activity and drug-money laundering, in Arkansas and beyond;

e) corrupt trading;

e) wiping out four years of official U. S. Government records concerning the affairs of the United States Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in clear violation of the law, and after those communications had been subpoenaed by Congress;

f) all of the above and much, much more.

It doesn’t look that way. It appears that Mrs. Clinton is waaaaay above the law, up there with her husband and Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and that verminous weasel Harry Reid (The Good Mormon). I’m still counting on Trey Gowdy to be the outstanding prosecutor he is and zap her on the feloniously deleted government records. I sense a kindred spirit there.

The exterminator came by today, waging the endless battle against Florida insects. This guy and I always chat about politics. He’s what I consider a true centrist, a stubborn guy who likes to consider things and make up his own mind. He said Rand Paul, my favorite, will never get elected by the Republicans and my broken heart and I agree he is probably right. He wondered what I thought about Hillary’s chances of getting the nomination. I said it looked that way, but one never knows. One lefty chiropractor acquaintance with whom the Bug Guy engages in barter trade (“roaches for realignment”) had said he was voting for Hillary, who was just what the country needed, a woman. It was her right to be president as a woman. The exterminator asked him if that meant that using sex as a criterion was good or bad, or if it maybe was only good when it served your larger interest and not that of the other guy? Good one, I offered. Of course it didn’t sway the argument. The same guy thought Obama had a right to be president because he was black. Not honorable, uncorrupted, knowledgeable and fair-minded, not even a demonstrable US-born citizen, but black. Same for Hillary. Who cares if she’s an unindicted felon?! What’s the difference?

Now we hear that Mrs. Clinton, her morally lax husband, their homely daughter, and IN PARTICULAR their very own money-making Foundation are going to continue taking foreign donations. Hell, no, they’re not killing the golden goose. Those Foundation funds are beautifully easy to expunge after they accidentally get commingled with those of the Hillary campaign. It’s entirely possible that all records could disappear. The Clintons threw the public a crumb, agreeing to say a polite “no more, for now” to the Saudis and to everybody but a small number of very rich countries, some of them actually Socialists, as is Mrs. Clinton. I’m impressed, aren’t you? The only good thing is Norway’s income is way down with the falling oil prices. They won’t have so much  money to funnel to her via the Foundation. (The wife of a Norwegian military official once told me the rest of the world ought to get to vote in US elections since the US told everybody else what to do. I’m sure she would send in her five euros.)

The Republican field is pretty good aside from their uniformly bellicose foreign policy. (Well, we can’t yet throw in Rand Paul.) They all spout the usual nonsense about carrying the flag for civilization, democracy, freedom, and Niceness. The problem is the “little” wars are multiplying and the Big War, the One that is really going to End All Wars, threatens on multiple fronts. The deeper we involve ourselves in other peoples’ wars, the more impossible it is to withdraw. And needless to say, the money and power interests get bigger and fatter, too, feeding on all this endless conflict. The old military-industrial complex that Eisenhower spoke of. (If you live in the DC area you’ll get it — the place has burgeoned and grown like a tick off the taxpayers’ blood. Every retired General has at least an office there and increasingly the metropolitan population lives off the government.)

As for the GOP candidates’ domestic platforms, I am still waiting to hear what those are. Nobody seems to be making Obamacare much of an issue. I do applaud the House repeal of the estate tax, let’s hope the Senate acts quickly so we can all enjoy another self-righteous bit of blather from The Empty Suit about “fairness” (highway robbery) as he vetoes the bill.

One last word on another picture that’s not so pretty, this one the latest blast of Cold War hysterics from the US Pentagon: our military leaders have expressed to the Russians and the world their indignation that the Russians acted dangerously and provocatively and aggressively when US spy planes were flying “in the Baltic” in international waters. What isn’t stated is that the US spy planes were spying on Russia along its adjacent border, as we assume we aren’t spying on Latvia. NATO considers Russia to be rude in telling NATO jets unambiguously to buzz off. But here’s a question: when Russia is, say, steaming through the English channel en route to its own war games in the North Atlantic, a la NATO in the Black Sea, why do NATO and its leading member-state hawks fan the flames of hysteria and portray Russia’s passage as threatening? If it is truly threatening, then just think how Russia feels about US spy  planes, sent from half a world away, patrolling its borders. Threat or no threat?





A Prescient Forecast of Things to Come: Flashback to 2008

I recently met a man, Tom Fugate, who served for many years as a Silicon Valley COO and is now retired. Back in 2008, while most of us numbly accepted that America was to be led by a man who didn’t exist doing things we didn’t want to contemplate, Fugate wrote a little piece that laid out how America could be fundamentally transformed (unsaid: by the incoming crew of charlatans in Washington). Below, his take. It’s so satisfying to have these on-the-record confirmations of your good judgment and perspicacity!

A Progressive Manifesto: How to Change & Weaken America
Tom Fugate – November 18, 2008
If I wanted to permanently weaken the economic and political structure of America, I would approach the task by implementing the eight steps below.

• Promote a “Progressive” Candidate
Develop a charismatic Progressive presidential candidate with an image of compassion, concern, and support for low income groups. Use him to incite class envy, to create a sense of entitlement and repressed economic opportunity. Actively cultivate support from large politically “progressive” groups, e.g. public and private industry unions.
• Demonize Free-Market Capitalism
Use current worst case examples of greed to demonstrate how unregulated free-market capitalism has destroyed the welfare of working people. Propose government management of profit as being necessary to redistribute wealth from the “undeserving and opportunistic” rich to the more deserving poor.
• Circumvent “Normal” Legislative Processes.
Expedite the normal legislative process to minimize meaningful pre-passage reviews. Create a sense of imminent national disaster justifying urgent “in the national interest” executive action to control business, financial, and health sectors of our economy. Expand former limits on the legislative process. Challenge traditional limits on federal power.
• Cultivate & Manipulate the Media
Control the dissemination of information to ensure: (1) that all actions, policies, and initiatives are minimally challenged in the media, (2) that opposition politicians and activities are marginalized, and (3) that un-sympathetic media & news organizations are isolated and mocked.
• Communicate Directly to Targeted Audiences
Use social media to spread tightly scripted messages containing generalities containing a minimum of facts, substance, and specificity, thereby reducing chances of contradiction. Avoid any forum in which critical questioning and traditional forms of debate are used. Use “sound bite” modes of communication.
• Discourage Political Discourse
Use subjective and emotionally charged terms to personally attack and ridicule opposition politicians, individuals, and organizations. Assign self-serving motives to the actions and accomplishments of opponents. Replace analysis with emotion to facilitate traction with lower economic groups.
• Implement a Campaign of Disinformation
Create a public perception that objective and meaningful solutions can only be initiated by a strong central government not subject to manipulation for profits. Use half-truths and misrepresentations to avoid proven facts. Constantly accuse critics of engaging in “hate filled and negative” political rhetoric.
• Create Economic Uncertainty
Implement federal spending programs that will massively increase the national debt, justifying federal control of the economy. Use all means possible to promote the concentration of power in the federal government. Through unionization pursue the penetration, management, and control of the fundamental infrastructure of the government.