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The Die is Cast, the Deal is Done

I was never right at any moment in time about how this election campaign would end. I truly could not envision a man as crass and simplistic as Donald Trump winning the Republican Party nomination for the presidency. The GOP? The party that gasped when Nelson Rockefeller died atop a much, much younger (thankfully female) assistant? The party that felt good about that Republican cloth coat?

But I was so wrong. There were factors I neglected. There is the American Idol craze, combined with the Reality Show craze, all cranked to the nth degree by the I Would Die if Only I Could French Kiss Brad Pitt One Time illness. And I forgot the rich part. This is a country that supposedly disdains wealth. Pocahantas — by this I mean Elizabeth Warren — scoffs at material pursuits, but doesn’t spurn a major salary, no doubt amped with news of her American Indian heritage. (I know, native American, but that’s a lie. They came from Asia. How apropos. We will probably end up Asian, too.) Hillary Clinton’s entire existence is given over to worship of Baal. And Donald Trump is almost the image of rich — his virtue is, he camps it up. He’s not rich, he’s sooooo rich. I love it. So much more refreshing than Mitt Romney’s “aw shucks, I never meant to be rich” approach to his brilliant business successes, even as in one of his gazillion homes a multi-story garage elevator shipped up and down his fantastic cars.

So it is the Donald. And I have no choice but to back him, and back him I do. I’m even beginning to like him. The more those cretins on the left pile on, the more I like him. The more Hillary flails, trying to reorient herself in her surroundings and the Donald slings his arrows from all directions — the more I like him. The more the Republican snobs pose like The Thinker, pondering whether to support him or not — the more I like him. Hey, Paul Ryan: get the hell out of the position you hold in the Convention. It is the only honest thing to do. Even Jeb Bush has started moving to an endorsement position. If the GOP sits this one out, kiss your sorry butt goodbye.

I won’t even bother to predict who will win the election. As twisted as our country has become under the rule of the left, I don’t trust the electoral system. Don’t trust the machines, or the owners of the machines, or the patrons of the owners of the machines that count the votes. Don’t trust states that say they are going to let just any old body vote in the presidential election. Any state that doesn’t secure the vote should be declared ineligible to participate in the national elections. All this means, I have to really support Trump. Because the whole Democrat strategy is based on illegal voters. All those bastards setting our cities on the edge when they are criminals for even being here. This is the future if we don’t do it this time.

And I’m not even sure Trump will carry out the promises he has made. Some of them seem utterly unachievable. I do know this. If Clinton gets in the saddle, scores will be settled and the law will be laid down, and the First Law is The Benefit of the Clintons. It will be corruption crossed with egomania and psychosis and piss-poor judgment. People who regularly commune with people dead for many years and who routinely lie in public fora about things the whole world  knows are a lie definitely lie within those spheres. And this country will never ever return to the golden years. It will be a slow hemorrhage of our national treasure in fruitless wars, and a disintegration of what remains of US social accord.

Above all I am praying that Donald Trump will really be the maverick he claims and begin in foreign relations to draw back from the suffocating tangle of defense treaties and imagined “red lines” that are now drawing us ever closer to global war. If he gets in the clutches of the “US Number One or War” clique, we’re done for.

Bring the troops home. Gut the regulations. Set us free.

It’s up to the Donald.




Who Cares?

I’m coming close to that state of blissful indifference to everything that I once experienced in a traffic accident that didn’t happen, but thanks only to Heavenly Intervention. Only this time I’m not anticipating that God will stop doing something important, like working on “Human Being, Type II,” to save our sorry behinds from what is heading our way.

Trump has won the Republican candidacy. His big ugly persona carried the day. Right now, in a match-up with Hillary Clinton, Trump leads (Rasmussen poll) by a couple of points. But another poll has her up by 13 points. On the other hand, Guccifer the Mad Romanian has told the FBI that hacking Hillary Clinton’s server was a snap. (Despite the fact that her computer was under Secret Service observation at all times, per Mrs. C.) What are the chances that the Russians and the Chinese and probably a dozen other countries didn’t hack into it as well? I bet Mr. Putin has a special file cabinet full of her emails. We all await with bated breaths the announcement of Hillary Clinton’s indictment, sure to come at any moment, or maybe not.

Still, it is apparent that the great majority of American voters agree with me that this is the worst set of choices given to our country ever. Trump just hits the 41 percent mark and she is at 39. She is the walking personification of corruption and venality, she is rank with it, but still — 39 percent of voters want her to continue to use public service to enrich herself and her miserable little family.

As for Trump, he is Erratic with a capital E. He once boasted he can do business with Putin and get back on good terms with Russia, but he just told the world that if Russian jets buzzed US warships close to Russia’s border he would just have them shot down. Don’t you just love a strong man? Trump also thinks transgendered people should get to use the bathroom of their choice. He wouldn’t even demand a genital check. Do the people thumping Trump’s drum have any idea how totally uninformed and off the wall he is, how unpredictable and unfixed? I don’t want to ponder what would lie ahead under a Trump presidency — whom would he select for the Supreme Court, for example? A New York Republican? The guy is like a ticking time bomb.

Trump is for Trump, it’s that simple. Others may feel the outflow of his good will, but it’s all about him. Are there no politicians today except for these self-absorbed and sad examples of the decay of US society and politics?

But I have to vote for Trump. Because the other side offers no choices either. Can we really endure four years of Hillary in Mao suits with both hands in the cookie jar? Wouldn’t we need to do a sonogram to look for all the loot she would carry out of the White House this time? Can we afford the pick she would make to the Supreme Court?

So I’m trying to zone out and not think about what alternative futures await us, as NATO “ponders Russian risk-taking” instead of worrying about its own and the US goes so far down the drain that you can hear the sucking noise.

Instead let’s turn to Syria, which was supposedly in a truce-like situation. Russia withdrew most of its air forces, but stated it would continue to support the Syrian offensive against ISIS and any others threatening Syria, as needed. Russia was reporting ceasefire violations by the US-backed forces from the start of the agreement, which is no surprise. The US is trying to get their mercenaries deployed into new operational sites before they go to the next phase of fighting.

As I’ve said before, US Plan A and Plan B were always intended by the US to be one plan to overthrow Assad. Plan A was a mutually agreed path toward a negotiated political settlement that, at Russian and Syrian insistence, could not include the ouster of Assad except through a popular referendum, and at Turkey’s insistence, couldn’t include the Kurds who are fighting ISIS in Syria. Allowing a referendum on who should lead the government without first ousting Assad is something the US waffled on but secretly abhorred. Since the US always planned to use the ceasefire to put their troops into place, it knew Plan A would fail when Russia and Syria reacted with force to prevent that happening. Hence, Plan B, the overt armed overthrow of Assad that, the US and NATO will argue, was made unavoidable by Assad and Russia’s assault on civilian populations that just happen to be in areas into which either ISIS or US proxy forces are infiltrating or where they are actively fighting. US proxies are already opening a front inside Damascus, so there will of course be civilian casualties when Syrian forces attack them. Those casualties will provide the US the pretext it always uses for its wars — “humanitarian catastrophe.” Then what do we hav? A face-off between Russia’s air force and the US air force. With either Hillary Clinton at the helm and thirsting for her first real war, or Donald Trump there getting ready to play show-off, the US is in serious trouble.

And finally we have eastern Europe and the Baltic states, where the US seems to think it can put as many tanks and men on Russia’s borders as it wants, hold as many war exercises aimed against Russia as it likes, and still act affronted when Russia buzzes its aircraft or its soldiers. The US is the clear aggressor in this situation and if there ever was a peace movement in Europe, this is the time for it. But since Europe is being swamped with illegals from all those countries we’re wrecking, I guess that’s not in the cards. Now Russia is putting three new military divisions on its western, northern and southern borders. That should calm things down.