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Jigsaw Puzzles: The US Putting in the last Piece

I have been hammering away at this theme for a long time now and my instinct tells me we are near endgame (in so many ways). US “foreign policy strategists” have walked our government through the paces necessary to bring America to a point where we Americans might be duped into going for forced regime change in Syria. (For those growing up on Jupiter: this used to be called invasion and occupation). There was an essential miscalculation of timing here. Far too long passed between when our government began mulling over another war in Syria and the present, when our country’s entire complex of war hawks have congregated around the vile Mrs. Clinton like vultures. Into the abyss of opportunity lost fell our advantage. Russia saw the need, saw the challenge and took the chance. On all fronts, the signs are of WWIII, with an arrogant US demanding Russia and Syria and Iran kneel. It ain’t gonna happen. I’m not going to get into China and affronts to its power within its region. And then we come to “what next?”

Americans are afraid and they should be. Just imagine that every person we have killed by drone, direct invasion, proxies or bombs at 35,000 feet springs up into a family of 30 or 40 or 400 who wish the US active harm. That’s a lot of hate and revenge.

The Russians have a right to both fear and be mad at Islamist murderers, who not that ago took over an elementary school and murdered hundreds of persons in Russia. Then there was the jihadist take-over of the Moscow theater where the hit musical “North-West” was playing. In the house there were the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the good and the bad. When the Russians decided that the people wearing suicide bombs might be nearing the end of their physical resistance and the moment when the bombs would go off, the Russians used a gas to subdue them. Then they sent in their own Spec Ops teams to kill each and every terrorist, male and female, where they lay snoozing next to knocked-out hostages. Unfortunately, as a German doctor interviewed told one news outlet, in order to insure that not one adult terrorist survived to trigger a device, it was inevitable that those taking the theater would sacrifice the very young and the very old and ill. Russia had a hard choice to make and Russia made it. It always does.

The same thing happened in Syria, where Russia was not itching to get into a fight. But just as the rest of us did, the Russians wondered what the hell was going on when the US was inert in the face of growing ISIS power and control of territory. Why wasn’t the US, up to its eyeballs in the Syrian civil war, going after ISIS and its affiliates and those of Al Qaeda in that country? ISIS was stealing oil and shipping it through Turkey to finance its operations; Turkey did nothing. It got a commission. The US did  nothing. All they wanted was to weaken Assad. Screw the rest of the issues. It wasn’t until Russia made public the aerial footage of the oil convoys heading to the Turkish border that the US decided it had to act or tell the truth regarding its intentions. Today it brags how stalwart it is against ISIS. Believe it at your peril.

Now thanks to Mr. Assange (note for future historians: a genuine and early global political prisoner. end note.) and Wikileaks  we know that in 2006, our hero GW Bush was being advised by a lot of the same folks who are now advising Hillary Clinton on the subject of how to undermine Assad and the stability of Syria via sabotage, infiltration and subterfuge. The advisers have all been big shots in the USG and players in the military-industrial complex.

Anybody out there, if somebody tries to tell you Russia should be before a Human Rights Tribunal because of Syria, you refer them to that fact. It was the US that started the Syrian civil war for its own dirty purposes long before the visible results appeared. Russia is only there because the US is totally lost in its own corruption and unable to guide the world. The Russians are the single most important factor in the beating back of ISIS in Syria, in which the US has played chiefly a negative role through our arming and training and support of terrorists. “Alt-terror.”

So, here’s where we are. The US is getting tired of the upstart Russia, with Iranian help, blocking US power in Syria. It wants done. How will it do it? Enter: human rights charade. Aleppo is just the ticket. Russia Today (RT), the most hated of media outlets due to its enormous global popularity and its willingness to disclose the dirt hidden away by our governments, reports that eastern Aleppo doesn’t house just innocent civilians, but a whole slew of American-backed terrorists (Al Nusra) using these people as human shields. But the US does not consider going after Al-Nusra to be a priority per Admiral James Kirby aka diplomatic spokesperson. They want to go after Assad. But dang, the “bad guys” are using their lawful power in the UNSC to block the US from another war.

Ah-ha. Go to the bogus UN human rights committee, which has no veto power, and get a resolution calling what Russia is doing an “atrocity” and a “human rights catastrophe.” Outlaw any action in Aleppo, where the US can’t win, but hopes to carve out an area of operations from which to launch further actions against Assad. Hey, isn’t that what the international legal system is for? That’s what the federal legal system is for in the US.


I’m sure it’s all ho-hum by now. We have an election on hand with the choices being Dopey or the Evil Queen.

I always loved Dopey.



Where is the Outrage, World?

We now know that political prisoner Julian Assange was put into solitary confinement at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London under orders of Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s leftist president and fan of Hillary Clinton (and her dream of open US borders). Correa is similar in type to Hugo Chavez, using populism and the public treasury to reward his favorite groups while managing to enrich himself. Flaunting the US is part of his repertoire, but it is only words. He doesn’t have a bite at all. Meantime however his economy has fallen through the floor along with oil prices and he will want to stay on good terms with the next president. If he can shoo all his unemployed workers “al norte,” if she’ll just make good on that open borders thing, he stands a chance of escaping the same end as his friend Ricardo Maduro is facing in Venezuela.

In any case, although Correa vigorously denies he would ever bow to US pressure, the word is that Secretary of State John Kerry had a little chat at the woodshed with Correa and Correa saw the light, although given the proclivities of the Democrats, perhaps Kerry offered him not a spanking, or not only a spanking, but some chunk of US patrimony in return for a little electrical work.

Wikileaks is providing a public service not only to the United States, which has the most at stake, but the whole globe that is affected by US policies and even US whims. Those documents being released are evidence of serious criminal activities that in any civilized country governed by a just system of law would serve as the basis for many trials on many charges. The US public certainly has a right to know what kinds of crimes Mrs. Clinton was and is up to, but the people who control things like internet access don’t give a damn what I think or anybody else. They don’t respond to public interest. They don’t care about the Constitution. They are mere instruments of power wielded by the elite that controls both our parties and other countries, as well, and they do as they are told. There is no morality story here. It is Them versus Us.

And so Julian is plunged into the void, which comes on top of reported other maladies such as (surprise) depression. But I don’t hear a peep out of the global human rights lobbyists. Where is the outrage of Americas Watch, or Amnesty International or Oxfam or the European Council on Human Rights? I’ll tell you where they are — nowhere. Occasions such as this are why nobody believes in the sincerity or objectivity of human rights organizations, who always have their own interests and motives (and many of them are government-owned). They can’t speak out on behalf of human rights for Julian Assange, it would be taken wrong by the US, which means by the Democrat Party and the Clintons, who reward their friends and punish their enemies as surely as the sun rises. And in reality, the  powers-that-be are dying to extinguish Assange and everybody like him and everybody who supports these people who dare to uncover the crimes being committed by our politicians and governments. If we had normal access to information in our own country, somebody else wouldn’t have to steal it for us.

Now we can add to the grave violation of human rights of Assange and all the rest of us a further suppression of the right to a free flow of information. I am speaking of the effort to shut down the RT (Russia Today) media outlets in the UK by closing their banking accounts at NatWest bank. And this allegedly with no nudging from government officials! The crime that RT commits is that of providing an alternative source of information to the propaganda and lies that our own governments serve us up through the pet media on a 24/7 basis. What RT offers is a broad variety of shows providing informed viewpoints on things such as corruption and war that are entirely suppressed in our own countries for political reasons. So now we are not even allowed to listen to the Russian viewpoint on global affairs because it might influence us in a wrong way. What is next? Probably the internet bloggers will have to go, and then the radio talk-show hosts. But you can be sure of one thing, it isn’t over — it’s only starting.

Where the hell is the outrage, America and the world? You can get your act together for a racist movement like Black Lives Matter, but freedom of information? Obviously not a chance. You won’t wake up until you too are wearing a gag.


Assault Against Global Freedom of Information Begins: US Suspected

Wikileaks has for some time been providing Americans with indisputable evidence of grave crimes of a whole variety committed by the Clintons, their friends, their political supporters, their political donors, their children, their in-laws and anyone unscrupulous enough to associate with these mostly unindicted felons. The documents were hacked by unknown parties from the “secured” communications of the support apparat of one Hillary Clinton, she of the infamous unsecured and illegal private email server sending classified USG information, which she later disappeared. The communications stolen from you and me, as the owners of USG information, that were first said by a high CIA muckety-muck to have certainly been hacked multiple times by multiple parties and later, as the election got underway, said had not. Which was before the FBI Director, who in vain has asked us not to picture a weasel each time we hear his name, in essence issued a pardon for crimes that the vast majority of the investigators felt was more than ample basis for prosecution.

The Democrats and their State Directorate of Agit-Prop (that would be every major information outlook and look twice at Fox, as well) immediately and with zero proof (as usual) decided to play the Russian Bogey-man Card by asserting that it had to be Russia. This from a campaign that cannot secure its own communications — as if their brilliant techs had traced it right back to Vladimir Putin.

Since we all know this is the cheapest kind of fear-baiting and hysteria-mongering, the whole thing rings false, and not just false — but irrelevant. I don’t care who hacks into all our information so long as he, she or it shares it with all Americans. We have a right to know the crimes that are being committed on the US taxpayers’ dime, and since they won’t tell us, please — whoever you are — share it with us.

But now we have the news from Assange that his network has been severed by a “state” agent — that would be the UK and behind the UK, the Government of the United States of America (and I am not alone in suspecting it). The source of all the dirt that abounds in the Clinton history to the very minute is being shut down so that we cannot consider who it is that we are about to elect.

It is an assault of the gravest type on the global freedom of information, and I am awaiting a request for a UN Security Council session to discuss this clamp-down on information flows for political reasons.

Russia, you can do it. Get your friend China to sign on with you. If you don’t want to do that, please see to it that Mr. Assange is enabled to continue releasing this information.

Americans, especially you on the left. People just like you brought nearly 80 years of total oppression and death to the Soviet Union, and people like you were the first to go. The hero of the Russian Revolution, the poet Mayakovsky, put a bullet through his own head as all his friends were executed and before the State he loved so much could put a bullet there for him. Anybody with a conscience could not exist peacefully. So don’t be too smug.


Code Pink: If you can’t find them in the phone book, look under “Code Yellow”

Do you remember Cindy Sheehan? Probably not. She was a none too bright woman who lost her courageous son in Iraq, complained loudly about it and set out to make somebody pay whose initials were G. W. Bush. Luckily for her, the US left is always on the alert for useful idiots (another great phrase from Vladimir Lenin) to help push their propaganda lines. She was thus immediately seized upon by the phony anti-war group “Code Pink” as their poster girl. They trotted out the bereaved mother on every possible occasion, surrounded by a whole bevy of banshees, so she could rail at those who concocted a false war for hidden reasons. She was a big success. And her success gave the Marxist Democrat Party a chance at their own false wars and murderous tallies.

George W. is long gone, along with his useless cabinet of war-mongers who are mostly advising Hillary Clinton these days. And in the years that Bush has been painting and riding the trails with the men he sent off to be maimed, what has happened? We don’t like to harp on this, but it appears that instead of the end to war that Barack Hussein Obama, the Man from Nowhere, promised, we have entered the Era of Permanent War. To date over a million low-value Arabs and North Africans have been murdered, but that ratio is actually in complete balance to the 5000 US dead when you add in “US exceptionalism.”  (We don’t count the maimed and forgotten US military men and women.)

So naturally Code Pink has gone totally bonkers at these offenses against any standard of morality and has been rampaging in the streets to express their opposition, opposition that sky-rocketed after the US terrorist proxies in Libya sodomized Moamar Qaddafi with their rifles (and no doubt their own body parts) after getting him on his knees begging for his life. That was a good one and led our then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to guffaw like a braying ass and proclaim “we came, we saw, he died.” The same woman who is now credibly alleged to be preparing direct US involvement in a war against Russia in Syria in the near future.

Well, perhaps a correction to the record is in order. In fact, as we well know, Code Pink disappeared just as the Era of Permanent War unfurled. All its moral women scurried back to their rat-holes to await a signal from their masters to get to work again. That won’t be any time soon, as the only wars on the horizons are those to be concocted by Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. Wrong party!

Unfortunately for all us poor saps who have been given propaganda instead of truth as our daily fare, the largely defenseless countries whom we have been raping for years have all been used up. The only countries left to make war on are the ones that are preparing for the moment when the fools in our White House, our Congress, our Pentagon decide that the US is so exceptional it can make war against other nuclear powers, based on the same phony premises all our other wars have been launched on. And the part that makes me want to weep is that so many Americans have fallen for it. They really think the US can go into Syria, where every one of its operations is a violation of international law, and shoot down Russian bombers with no consequence. In response to the warning that US cities will be reduced to radioactive dust, they reply smugly “so will the Russian cities!” Okay, you’ve convinced me. I don’t mind having a Hollywood-type scenario filled with zombie-like mutants limping around the ruins of our country as long as Russia is going through it too. And all of Latin America and Europe and Asia. That’s what I call getting even.


Poor old Cindy flipped out when she realized that Code Pink had faded into the woodwork the minute the Democrats took the White House. She finally caught on that the Code Pink people who made her their transitory star stood for nothing at all; it was theater all the time! I felt for her when she finally stood and cried out loud: “they used me!” Yeah, Cindy, they did. Wonder what you’re doing now that you have no son, no husband, and no self respect. Wonder if you’ll be happy when the nukes start flying.

And as for Code Pink, we long ago stopped expecting them to object to any kind of illegal violence by the US Pentagon around the globe unless a Republican was behind it. There is not a single peace organization protesting the policies of the country most responsible for the great mass of violence in the world. We’re sitting on the doorstep of a nuclear war and all we worry about is whether some neurotic and no doubt sexless woman fantasizes about how she was all but raped in First Class while all other passengers, male and female, ignored it. Reminds me of a US diplomat I knew who called out the security forces to come to her house and rout out the man hiding under her bed, except there was nobody there. She’s a Democrat, too.

Meanwhile, the man who is still hanging on to his “peace” prize ponders whether he will start WWIII or whether he will leave it to the Whore of Babylon, one Hillary Clinton. Nuclear war apparently isn’t objectionable. It isn’t a criminal act even to consider starting a major war for nothing except US ego. Your lives and those of all your issue are the currency with which these animals pay for their privileges.

So just to remind people who may have forgotten Code Pink, it is now Code Yellow. Too afraid to speak up to its own masters about grave violations of international law, of murder and mutilation and destruction carried out by their masters, or to decry the massive deceitful propaganda campaign that their masters have set in motion to justify their crimes. These are the real handmaidens of death and destruction. And America — if you don’t do something soon and something unambiguous to stop it, death is coming to you on a scale you haven’t bothered imagining in over two decades.



US Politics Descend into Hell

You know, about 35 years ago I was in a restaurant in Little Rock and when I went back to the bathroom, there was Bill Clinton. He leered that sick rapist leer of his and then whipped his little dick out of his pants and waggled it at me suggesting I might like a taste. I didn’t dare make a sound — we women were so put upon that we couldn’t complain of sexual abuse or even slap the assailant’s hand — and nobody else saw it — it is nothing but me and my word, but I swear it’s true. And I’m a senior citizen now, so I would never lie about  it. Wait a moment while I weep into my handkerchief for the camera.

Now of course the above is mere parody of what is happening today: I’ve never been to Little Rock and fortunately I was never alone with that rapist Bill Clinton nor have I been witness to how tiny that dick of his really is. But today, in a crucial election, the liars step forth, gathered together by the self-proclaimed propaganda corps of “journalists” who film while they accuse Donald Trump of sexually abusing them in a whole variety of ways, from a kiss on the cheek (and mouth) to octopus-like groping in public. It is the purest horse manure, but the State Directorate of Agit-Prop operates on the premise that the more a lie is repeated, the truer it becomes.

I am waiting for the Bush family to step forward and decry this kind of character assassination, but alas, they are too busy helping Hillary Clinton get elected. I hoped Paul Ryan might object, but he’s too busy losing the House to help out. None of them have had a word to say about the women Bill Clinton raped (for real) either. I guess they think it wouldn’t be dignified to mention it. Wow, do I ever respect them.

More factual information concerning Hillary and Bill Clinton’s deep and pervasive corruption has been released by Wikileaks than this country has ever seen before — although nothing on the Panama investment front — but this of course is irrelevant in today’s American politics, where the “inquiring press” is in fact the “interring press” that buries unhappy information about their political masters and instead spreads lies. We are a land of the corrupted: we have corrupted our children with the sick perverted sexualization of them in our schools; we have corrupted our history by allowing it to be rewritten by today’s American Marxists; we have corrupted international relations with our increasing reliance on brute force to conduct “foreign affairs;” we have corrupted our politics by not demanding that our voting rolls be cleansed of the illegal voters forced on us by both the Republicans and Democrats who want dirt cheap labor, on the one hand, and permanent power on the other; and by failing to pass laws that would send members of the press to jail for the deliberate falsification of information and its dissemination.  No our Congress was more interested in passing laws to enrich themselves and the rest of the One Percent — and that includes the Clintons and the Bush dynasty.

I guess most people think, whew, once this election is over won’t we be glad to be back to normal. But there is no more normal in America, and nothing is ever going back to where it was. The GOP elite has handed the single most crucial election in our history to the Democrats, smug in their confidence that the dopey voters would come to their senses after their punishment for “wrong voting” and rise up by the gazillions to vote the next Mitt Romney or John McCain or Robert Dole into the presidency. I mean — they really believe it. They are so deluded in that rich bubble they live in that they cannot see how despised they are now by the voters who mistakenly gave them their power. There is not ever again going to be a GOP president, and the House and Senate are both going to be lost to them as well. And boy, even if we don’t deserve it, they do. But don’t worry about guys like Ryan and McCain and Romney — these old boys will find a way to feather their nests under a one-party system, just like all the Russian and Ukrainian and Polish careerists did once the Communists had all levers of power in their hands.

As for the rest of us, we have to remember one thing. We are not a party. We are a movement. And when it comes time to defend our dwindling freedoms from an unrepresentative government, we had better remember that.

World War III — is your bunker ready?

Many months ago, I recall: the US-NATO engineered coup in Ukraine; the take-over of Crimea with its vitally important naval base by Moscow; and the start of WW III. In the meantime, the US has thrown in Syria and Russia has raised the bet.

At the time of the Ukrainian events, I told my eminence grise, my husband, that this was going to be very bad news for US-Russian relations. What does our country intend? Do they dare to claim they have more vital interests in Ukraine than Russia, birthed in Kiev, does?

He insisted that it would all blow over. Don’t worry.

Really, oh Master of My Universe?

Perhaps what he didn’t take into account was that the kindler, gentler USA that we of the elder generation recall from our history prior to “The Era of Permanent War” has bloated from world power to super-power to hegemon. We’re like the sweet home-town boy who went to Hollywood and morphed into an ignorant blathering egomaniac with a bloated face that shows traces of excessive drug use. When once we pitted our belief in the individual and his fundamental rights against those who were ruled by The State and sought global ideological and military leadership, did we ever suspect that, when all the sins of the Communists in the USSR were put paid, the ugly cancer would appear in our own country? Did anyone other than the left-wing mushrooms growing in the shit and darkness of our US universities imagine that one day some unseen clique would determine what we could say and believe? I sure didn’t.

And what sane person would have thought that the greatest boon to mankind, the collapse of the Soviet Union, would be for naught? Poor Russia: it looked to the US as some kind of forbidden Communist Era idol, rich and good, who would help Russia, too, escape the evils of its past. Instead the Harvard economic experts sent to help Russia’s masses concocted a system to screw the masses and enrich (themselves) and the oligarchs. Russia for a long time bowed and scraped, sure they must be mistaken and the US did not mean Russia ill. But then came the rapid expansion of NATO to Russian borders, and the insults, and needless provocations. What is one to do when confronted with an irredeemably hostile party?

I regret to say that my once high-minded nation fell into the trap of egotism and relatively easy military victories over barely defended countries. As the rest of the world oohed and aahed over the arrogant messianic US aggression and the subsequent imposition of incompetent governments and unpalatable ideologies, Americans were lulled into the idea that the world was our oyster, and if there was a pearl in there, it belonged to us. And so we bombed away and bombed at will and told the world we were making everybody safer. Lots of countries doubted or outright disbelieved that promise, but they, too had no power. And so the US rolled on. It forgot its old virtues and its old two feet solidly on the ground, and flew with its big Air Force into the skies of other countries. It killed the young and the old, the guilty and the innocent. Collateral damage and pin-point strikes. Shock and awe. All for world democracy. And peace.

But while we were preening ourselves in that false mirror of world admiration, which lasts as long as the last victory, other nations were taking stock. They saw that their cultures, and their values, and their children were at risk from the rising Hegemon. Some of them were already being punished for their recalcitrant rejection of the Hegemon’s demands, and so, already deprived, they tightened their belts and directed their treasury from material satisfaction to vital national defense. They fattened their armies and moved them into offensive position. They added to their nuclear arsenals and made their own alliances. If they were to be assaulted, it would be a fight to the end.

Our course has strayed from the virtues of humility and decency to that of a demanding, brutal dictator. Maybe I’m just a sulker, you might object, spoiled by so many years of good governance and avoidance of war. But here is what I see. A government of the USA that brays to the whole world and its diversity of nations and cultures: You don’t agree? Bombs away! You don’t agree? Send arms to terrorists to bring the war to them in their beds! May their children come home to them in body bags! Let us teach them a little lesson. By the way — those words were picked from the recent announcements from our military-industrial complex, and specifically Admiral John Kirby (surprise — the STATE DEPARTMENT spokesman) and Mr. Morell of the CIA.  Seems our State Department got lost somewhere there in the conversion from a country to a Hegemon.

This is the language of the new diplomacy, brought to you by the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and her clique of war hawks.


Today we heard the latest nonsense from the political scum. We learned that Trump talks dirty when he talks to show-biz folks off camera. We also heard that Hillary Clinton has enshrined her utter duplicity in the slogan “For every policy, a public and private face!” And, honestly folks, people are more aghast at Donald’s high-testosterone maleness than they are at the plain and simple fact that Hillary thinks lying to the public is a service.

So while the nukes are moved into position, the American public doesn’t say: who will keep us from this mad course? Who will turn his face from a senseless confrontation that serves only narrow political and economic interests? Who will save the lives of our children and grandchildren? Who is willing to share the globe with other powers and who wants to take us to war to gain absolute control?

Apparently our answer is: no dirty talk in the White House. Cigars in unspeakable places, yes. Dirty words, no. Corrupt and felonious women, yes. Politically incorrect males, no.

I expect that felon will be our next president, but I’m afraid it’s too late for her as far as I’m concerned. I don’t believe in the US presidency. I don’t believe in the GOP. And I sure don’t believe in a country determined to drag us all into Armageddon.