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The Party of Any Means to an End

I am astounded to watch Jill Stein deteriorate into a deranged woman, especially after running a losing but fairly rational campaign on issues close to her heart. Now she has become another Clinton stooge — the woman she said would start a nuclear war! — by trying somehow, in any way possible, to stop the inauguration of the president-elect and presumably install Hillary Clinton. When hell freezes over!

On that issue, my view is simple: electoral college votes, Trump wins, Wisconsin — busily re-voting the past election  — doesn’t get to participate.

Next I expect they will actually start assassinating electoral college voters so they have to be replaced, requiring some new election somewhere. Would Obama opine? Or is it a case where the Democrats could walk down the street and kill an Electoral College voter and nobody would care?

I ask you: what the hell happened to the Democrat Party? This used to be the party of serious liberal politicians, but Americans, who shared American, yes, American values. Today it is a collection of the sexually confused, the illegals, the terminally left-wing, and the spoiled rotten brats that the Millenia has spawned. Or really, we have spawned through our reluctance to fight for core values. We’d rather be fighting in somebody else’s country for our values.

Back to the Bizarre World of the Democrats. Where is Obama in this violence and effort to overturn democracy? He is again remarkably silent on a major issue (well, he did sort of egg it on with his advice not to be silent). I suggest that is because he is loving it and in the secrecy of his leftist cabal encouraging it and through his pals funding it. The Supreme Court come hell or high water or civil war! Obama would be more than okay with turning the US electoral system upside down and igniting national violence. His communist indoctrination as a child would make that a highly desirable goal. Nothing like re-configuring the voting system so only one party ever gets to lead.

And what about Hillary Clinton? Is she not the most ingracious and egotistical of all defeated presidential candidates? Her appearance begging for sympathy, what with the busted up cheek and eye, the haggard look of an alcoholic on a binge; her silence on both the Democrat-funded violence and the recount effort. We all know that she is sitting like a big fat white spider on some beam over our head, probably doing sacrifices of 9-month abortion victims to appease her political gods and return her to power. Egads, this woman was almost the president of the United States. She has no moral character, no strength of character. All that buoyed her was her greed and ambition. Now she has nothing left to covet. After eight years of Trump, she will be too old and senile to take any position, if she is still among the living; and she isn’t likely to become Trump’s roaming ambassador of good will, which would be a great way to make money on the side.

So we have nothing but silence about, don’t misconstrue it as encouragement of, the left-wing shenanigans we are being subjected to. Thankfully, I have the sense not to live in a blue state such as CA or OR, although the scenery is nice. There the long-suffering older generations are being feasted with emotional scenes and pure thuggery.This is what our future  leaders think you do when you (gasp) lose. These poorly educated and self-absorbed youth don’t have any concept of what it means to lose, having been reared within the padded walls of their left-wing indoctrination centers, once called “schools.” In these laboratories for the left, the kids aren’t given a solid foundation for life in the modern world, vicious as it is. It is mostly slogans and “actions,” and we all win!

In any  case, out there on the left coast these tree-huggers and utopianists are about to go for a ride as the west coast shears off north to south in one piece big enough to be declared the Republic of California. On the other hand, if you stay afloat you will end up Asian when you bump into China. But as a result of your apparently sovereign right to ignore immigration law, you’re well on the way to that in any event. I would be watching Japan with more than a little fear right now, Pacific ring of fire and all that. I’d be practicing Chinese.

And by the way, I absolutely would like to sign, just as a big supporter, the Calexit petition. I would also urge them to pursue another left-coast proposal, the building of a wall north to south to prevent the illicit entry of Americans into California or anywhere on the west coast. I would send in five dollars for that. I am a big fan of secession and think that the fighting of a war to prevent it was just stupid. Let’s not do it again. Let’s have a Velvet Divorce where we each share in the goodies and say good-bye. We’ll take all the guns and nukes off you, if you like — you’ll want that gun-free country you’re always talking about. You can have most of the university professors and school teachers, as well as union supporters, and don’t forget to take the ACLU! We’ll split the ports. We’ll split the states along red-blue lines or maybe we’ll have a mass population exodus if we just cut the country in half and say you get the left side, I get the right.

But I confess, the idea of a divorce really does appeal. We don’t share values or goals anymore and we really detest one another. That seems to be something we all can agree on.



Kellyanne Conway becomes First Woman to Win Presidency!

Hooray, hallelujah, thank the Good Lord, the Wicked Witch has melted. The improbable Donald Trump slayed her, benefiting from the widespread dislike for Hillary Clinton across party lines. I went to my bed for an evening of crossword puzzles and reading (oblivion) as soon as I got a look at the earliest returns showing her way ahead in key states. I was resigned, and sad, and prepared to shed a tear, no more, when I turned on the computer in the morning to find “Madame President” splashed across the news. And when I did turn to the computer, I first went to email and there I found a message from someone I worked with in Bosnia, hadn’t heard from him for a long, long time — he was gloating at the upset– against all odds! he crowed. My heart leapt, I turned to Fox News to find that the glorious American people have thrown the bums out! And Ms. Conway became the first woman ever to guide a presidential campaign to victory. Wow. I did shed tears, but joyful ones, and I did praise God for the outcome. I had even prayed Tuesday evening with my birds that God would smile on Trump’s venture. My birds are as happy as I am, although less demonstrative.

Here is what we won: our future. Trump will name at least one if not more Supreme Court justices, thus securing the Court for the foreseeable future. And by the way, Ruth Bader Ginsburg publicly declared she would retire from the Court should Trump win. I’m waiting as are we all. That would be two wicked witches downed.

Trump will quickly undo ObamaCare, that disastrous anti-human law that is leaving more and more people uncovered because they can’t afford the premiums, or in essence uncovered under lousy policies with astronomic deductibles and minimal benefits, all at exorbitant prices. With GOP control in the House and Senate, that misshapen thing is replaced immediately with a new law opening the national market to health insurers. This will immediately bring down premiums and increase the benefits offered because there is nothing like competition to get the buyer a deal. Look at Geico. He and Congress will void the mandatory component and penalties aka “taxes.”

He will steer us away from an impending, insane military confrontation in Syria, seeking an agreement where all parties work together to defeat ISIS. Maybe we can expand that to cover eastern Europe and the Russian border and NATO. He will demand our allies carry their weight and he will reconsider unnecessary treaties that are a millstone around our neck.

President Trump needs to start immediately to clean the swamp. He will set the dogs on the political abusers in the US civil service, folks like the (fortunately for her) retired Lois Lerner and the creepy little round-faced Mr. Koskinen. I hope he will instruct the FBI to carry out a full and unfettered investigation of the corrupt Clinton Foundation, while dropping the threat to seek a prosecution of Hillary herself for the email crime. I hope he can manage to get Comey out of his position, perhaps into a Clinton Foundation sinecure.

He will work with Congress to simplify the tax code and reduce taxes. He will allow parents to choose what schools they send their kids to, and provide vouchers for those schools that are not public. He will roll back absurd regulations being issued as a yoke on US business, curb EPA power, and bring jobs back to the US.

And of course, he is going to build that wall and put in place high-tech means of border control. That is not a negotiable item for his supporters. I don’t know what he is going to do with all those illegals Obama encouraged to enter our country. But we need controls now and we need to unleash our Border Patrol to do their jobs. Nice air conditioned buses to the Mexican border would be a good touch.

That’s just a starter list, but we have no time to lose. Two years hence and it is election time again.

I will close with this observation. The United States just dodged a bullet, by a hair. The GOP did, as well, because I am confident it would have fragmented with a loss due to the arrogant position of the Party elite. The US public is really, really fed up and it wants results. It wants leaders who actually listen and hear them and then act on what they hear. They want an end to back-door deals and cross-aisle corruption. If there is no progress to take us away from where we have been headed, there will be another upheaval in four years, maybe even in two. And all of us who rooted for this victory should be prepared to do something, to participate in some way, in consolidating and growing this movement that has appropriated the name GOP.

And, oh — all you Hollywood freaks? Head on out. Nice properties in San Jose, CR.