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Anatomy of a Dimwit: Roy Moore D.A.

Gotcha, didn’t I? You thought I was talking about Roy Moore.

I was laughing my way through what passes for news these days, up until the moment when I read that the cunning Gloria Allred (whose daughter famously represents Harvey Weinstein) allegedly had put forward the first real evidence that former Alabama Supreme Court Justice and Senatorial candidate Roy Moore really had lusted after nubile late-teen girls of “legal age and consent” when he was in his early 30s, and had sexually assaulted her client, who was 14 at the time of Moore’s alleged depredations. The evidence was a high school yearbook in which Moore allegedly had inscribed the vile and frightening words, to a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not wish Merry Christmas.

(Aside. That is a gobful, linguistically. Practically Shakespearean. He got the grammar right, and that’s shocking.)

The idea that a man of 32 or 33 or 34 could desire a physically mature young woman who in olden days (not so olden days, see Grease) would be prime marriage material — that’s not shocking. Come on, America. A day doesn’t go by when we don’t hear of teachers bopping students, of any age and any sexual combination. Women love being “hotties” and men love being “gods.” Humbert Humbert lusted mightily after his 12-year old Lolita (who can forget the heart-shaped sunglasses dipped coyly over a 2-cent lollipop?). Cougars (older women) are applauded for seducing what? cougar cubs? or much younger human males? How many American businessmen married the women who in an earlier age would have been someone they met while judging a Miss Elm Street contest? Or the secretary?? Duh. Much younger women, by the way, and the younger the better in the opinion of both the girl and her mother.

And Woody Allen, the pervert, was almost certainly deliberately seduced by the girl, his daughter by marriage, who then became his wife. (Note: the Koreans are ruthless. End note.) Nobody is berating the faithless adoptee, only the freak. There are a lot of double standards these days, and nobody cares either.

Well, now here’s the part that made me really laugh. Turns out that Moore represented the mother of the “victim” in a custody case that ended in the “victim’s” loss of custody to her mother. And right there, on the court document, was a stamped signature of Roy Moore. After it, came the initials of his assistant, D. A. (Debra Adams) who signed to authenticate the stamp. Of course, not all of us sign with our assistant’s initials attached at the end, and it is this that has tripped up the brilliant “I was practically raped” accusation and its very unimpressive proponent. Allred has refused to submit this lurid yearbook annotation to independent analysis, so that should tell you something big.

This is all theater. It is America’s latest hysteria. It is part of the whole spectrum of symptoms that has world leaders whispering, “have they lost their minds?”

Back to Judge Moore. My part Moorish Spaniard grandfather married my part Syrian Puerto Rican grandmother when she was but 13 and he was 27. Nobody batted an eye including the priest who married them. My first husband’s parents married back in the 30s when he was 16 and she was 14, out there in Nebraska or N. Dakota, somewhere so desolate little kids ran away from home.

That is reality. Men are men, women are women, the laws of nature impel us to procreate with super-fertile mates and so men look at younger mature women. It just is. 

But reality is not in play here.

What strikes me now is the cynicism that has permeated our lives. Does anyone really believe that these men and women who are marching out to declare their victimhood are doing it selflessly and for the good of all women and political parties? Is this a permanent change in mankind’s very nature, and springing from the morally poisoned soil of LA? And does any sane person think this will continue beyond the first really effective retaliations from the men involved? This must of course stop. And it will and soon. But the poor gals have a big magazine cover as heroines, so they got something else out of it before passing into history.

Roy Moore is, I think, going to win a respectable win. Because people such as I would like, for a change and in defiance of our latest Hollywood silliness, some proof of horrendous allegations; not easily rebuttable “evidence” that the opposing attorney will not subject to independent examination. So the voters will vote. And Roy Moore’s victory in a cynical campaign to bring him down will pave the way for the rehabilitation of all the male slime-buckets out there who maul women as a hobby.