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the authorI graduated from Georgetown University in 1977 with a major in Russian language and a minor in Soviet politics.  Two years later, after a stint at a Beltway Bandit analyzing Soviet military doctrine, I was accepted into the US Foreign Service as a political officer.  In my 21 years with the diplomatic corps I served in some very interesting and sometimes inhospitable places: Leningrad, where I learned first-hand about the virtues of communism (none); the Nicaragua Desk, where I labored mightily to document the grave human rights abuses carried out by Sandinista forces and to support the contra cause; in post-Soviet Georgia, a wondrous place filled with semi-crazed, brilliant and funny people; and in Kosovo, the start of the current and ongoing rage for neo-interventionism and the partitioning of “enemy territory.” After leaving the State Department to spend a little time with my husband, we lived several years in Moscow and in Geneva.  Retirement did not dampen my interest in politics, at home or abroad, and I have continued to write about the issues from time to time.  I am also writing a three-part novel based loosely (there might be a fact or three in there) on my family saga from Spain to Puerto Rico to America.  On this site, I will post my musings on various issues that are of importance to what our future  holds.  I hope to give you food for thought, and to hear your ideas in return.  We are headed for troubled waters.  We need to put on our thinking caps to figure out a solution, and in the meantime, batten down the hatches.

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  3. Thomas Fugate

    If Kent Brown is your husband, then I’d like to discuss with you a letter written years ago about Hillary Clinton and a real estate investment. I believe that your husband is an acquaintance of Jim Waste who he met in Georgia. I am a close friend of Waste and am in weekly contact with him.

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