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A Veritable Cornucopia of Revenge

I’m smiling. Of course, the revenge I refer to is not that of the “Resistance,” that motley crew of smuggies and losers, but that of the staid old conservatives. We knew from the very moment the story of Russian conspiracies with Trump was birthed that those stories were lies. On so many levels, this was transparent. Hey, tell me: how many people do you know who didn’t make up their mind on how to vote in that election within moments of Trump’s nomination? If Putin himself had shown up on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s doorstep, with roses and caviar and minks and under-the-table pay-offs and birth control protection, could he have swayed her? How many illiterates are swayed by FB? How many illiterates are Democrats? Egad, the questions are like no-see-ums in August in Florida.

I’ve just been biding my time for the truth to out, after all my blogs that explained the duplicity involved, based on my long experience. I am nevertheless amazed that the truth is outing. The Orcs (no relation to “trolls”) are being routed from the heart of our sacred and ultimate defender of truth and law, the FBI, and its parent agency, the Department of Justice. So far, there is no movement to clean out the CIA, the other key participant in the Russian Fairy Tale. I see that ex-CIA honcho Morell, who was a True Blue Clintonite, is starting to distance himself from the conspirators in his agency. Perhaps he was innocent, just another rah-rah Dem who thought that being progressive still encompassed the idea of fairness and truth. Not like the new breed of Dem Socialists, who think all truth is relative, fairness is stupidity, and lies can be sold as the truth to the “Masses”as easy as pie.  And by gum, these incredibly ugly precepts seem to be selling like hotcakes to today’s youths and spinsters and men who are mentally transgendering to the point of wearing pussy caps and marching with hate-filled women.

Okay. What else? Oh, yes. That stupid shut-down. I worried a bit about it. My often right hubby said that the GOP would be blamed no matter what. I said, “but the Dems are doing it, so I think you’re wrong.” Then I read that the Dems had based their shut-down on polling, and I knew we were a shoo-in for victory. Gee, guess who was right this time? Big win for Trump, yuuuuuuge loss for the Dems and personally for Schumer. And then Schumer, unnerved by being upstaged by Trump, turns face and withdraws a common-sense deal to trade status for the illegals brought as children for the fortification of American security. Now he rejects the latter as virtual anathema and demands all the Dem wishes be fulfilled for free. No borders, no border controls is the Democrat Party Anthem. (And if a baby happens to survive an assassination attempt, they think it’s okay to put a knife through his heart.)

Whew. The Dems are having a Party-wide breakdown. They think the rest of us are brain-damaged by left-wing parents or from surviving assassination attempts as infants.

Let’s look at N. Korea. Still no nuclear conflagration, as Kim what’s him name studies photos of Trump’s multiple buttons. The response is to send cute N. Koreans south to wow the entertainment-starved world at an Olympics that has excluded some of the world’s best athletes on what were transparently political grounds. Kim aka Rocket Man said to be practicing pole vault.

Let’s look at Russia. Still going strong, still mightily miffed at being endlessly smeared by Americans who do not know that communists are Putin’s likely successor in an overthrow! In Syria, and predictably, the Turkish Air Force is pounding the Kurds whom the US briefly wanted to turn into an army to unseat Assad and Erdogan. Of course, the US by then had actually abandoned the Kurds, so there was no need for Erdogan to be so rude. The Russians meantime watch to see at what point they might usefully reinsert themselves into Syrian defense, and pressure their ally Assad to negotiate a safe status for Kurds within an integral Syria.  This is all good news for global stability.

I think Trump is learning in foreign policy, and here is something else I think: a lot of the global leaders who supposedly cringe at Trump’s overly-direct words are not at all offended. In fact, they love it, they approve of it, they encourage it. The truth, and the most powerful man in the world is saying it! Listen to the president of Uganda, who just loves Trump’s willingness to cut through the crap. I am pretty sure that every Latin American leader, from Mexico to Peru, envies Trump for the freedom and power to say truth. And applauds it, because for once an American president isn’t talking about taking responsibility for Latin America out of their (hapless) hands. I drank a lot of beers and vodkas with a lot of tough male politicians south of the border, and I never heard one of them praise a wuss. I guess the only places where leaders are cringing are those headed by women.

How could I close without a fond adieu to the Me-Too Movement, which is fading like the Wicked Witch of the West. I see the Wall Street Journal has run an article on the Weinstein brothers and how they founded an empire. I’d say rehab of the grabbers is underway, while the stupid, stupid women who blabbed are being silenced by the simple act of denying them work (who wants to work with backstabbers and crybabies?). The few women who were really heroines, such as Courtney Love, will probably get it in the back, as well, while the savvier, such as Streep, will get a free pass. Ho-hum, another day in Sodom and Gomorrah.




Take a Walk on the Dark Side

Trump finally has caved to incessant pressure and bile from the left and destructive obstructionism from the GOP nabobs and is moving to the dark side for succor. He wants action and the only group in Congress willing to accommodate him are Democrats. For a price. The price apparently is to do everything the Democrats want, while shafting his voting base. His readiness to accede has earned him high praise from the Trump Haters, who want to see more such suicidal acts from the president, and pure fury from his base. The irony is that the Trump Haters will manage to use Trump’s capitulation against him before all is said and done. (“A man without principles!” and who can object?)

Trump’s latest perfidy is the betrayal on immigration. Who wants to send these wonderful people home? he asks us. My answer is I would, Mr. President. At some point the US has to convey vividly that it will enforce its border by saying no to the legalization of those who have come here illegally. Our government doesn’t know the difference between legal and illegal as far as I can tell. Our failure to articulate that difference has given an opening to groups like La Raza to erase the distinction entirely and assert a right for the illegals to live here, work here and even vote here (and vote they do).

Trump’s deal with Nancy and Chuck was a dirty one. It was done not only out of spite against Ryan and McConnell and all the other GOP elitists, but of course, out of conviction as conveyed to him by Ivanka and Jared. In return he took what the Dems offered, vague promises of support for future border security measures, the same old, same old. And Trump cavalierly tells us that the wall thing — it is nothing but patching up holes in whatever useless contrivances we have erected at present. The other wall thing, the one that actually is built and secures our border, that wall is in the future somewhere and apparently still at the mercy of the Democrats.

Trump seems to believe his own hype that we’d forgive him even if he shot a man while walking down Fifth Avenue. Here’s a news flash: I won’t. And for me his imperious action on DACA and his back-door deals are the equivalent of cold-blooded murder.

Instead of trying to relaunch as a fervent DACA supporter, Trump should be calling out the chest-thumping Latino governments for refusing to welcome home and assist these brilliant, good, talented, persecuted and saintly youths. These “kids,” many of them, are now adults, having been shipped out of Mexico wholesale in an earlier immigration inundation with the encouragement of one corrupt Mexican government or another. Today many have the skills or education that will enable them not only to function, but succeed in their home country. They already speak the lingo, they know the culture, and their presence will bolster Mexico’s middle class as a whole. Mexico could do with a good dose of middle class conscience and work ethic. If I were Trump, I’d offer assistance for the relocation of these people in their home countries, whether Mexico or Peru. I applaud the growing number of “Dreamers” who have come to the same conclusion. Trump should be on this, but his governance so far lacks imagination and direction.

What galls most, of course, is the lack of honor Trump is showing. I’m tired of policy decisions based on his mood or his umbrage level and not on practicalities and realities. I say that even knowing that the GOP Congress deserves the treatment it is getting for being obstructionist and unproductive to an extreme, squandering its few remaining moments of “total power” to do nothing at all. But Trump made promises, not a lot but very specific ones, and on the basis of those promises he won his election. Immigration reform and a wall were one promise, and a  new direction in US foreign policy away from interventionism and regime change and toward constructive cooperation was another.

Instead of mending fences with Russia, Trump now thumbs his nose at the country and its leader. Why? Because each new senseless act to insult Russia or “punish it” gets the anti-Trump maniacs briefly, for one instant, off his back. There seems to be little consideration given to the wider implications of his actions and policies; everything is transitory and reactive. In Syria, after calling off CIA assistance to an assorted group of terrorists, Trump has given his blessings to continued meddling. Having failed to stop the Syrian government, with Russian military assistance, from reasserting control over wider and wider areas of the country, now we are seeking to carve off a piece of the country to create a state of Kurdistan that some, and especially the Turks, see as a threat to their own security.

Meanwhile, over at State, Tillerson is being advised by the same nincompoops who advised Obama. The USG expelled Russian diplomats for alleged intervention in US politics. This led to a retaliatory expulsion of many, many more US diplomats from Russia (and don’t you wonder why we have so many there?). The State Department judged Russia’s action “unwarranted” and tore up the Vienna Diplomatic Convention in response. The FBI used Gestapo tactics against Russian diplomats in San Francisco, where the latter were given just 48 hours to vacate their homes so that they could be searched top to bottom. The Consulate was given similar treatment in the wake of its ordered closure, and the smoke from the chimneys indicated the frenzied destruction of protected diplomatic communications to prevent them from becoming FBI toilet paper. Agents also seized Russian-owned properties used as recreation for their diplomats and staff. This is behavior even the KGB didn’t exhibit in the USSR — they at least had the decency to search our apartments when we were gone, without all the drama and terror. And when the US Embassy once suffered a fire during the Cold War years, the US was very concerned about even Soviet firemen entering the building! Where will it all end?

So there stands Donald Trump, angry at everybody in the whole world and determined to get something done, no matter how traitorous or counterproductive or dangerous it is. He is being guided by people who step by step are teaching him that wrong decisions beget a negative response from the Dark State, and right decisions get praised. Most importantly, by not caring what he gets, he can make deals day and night with the Democrats.



Two Thumbs down for Supreme Court

supreme courtI’m shocked. Really, shocked. I am appalled, too, that the US Supreme Court refused to hear an extremely important case of religious freedom. What the Court lost was a chance to say that just because a law exists in some part of the world, it doesn’t mean it is a just law or that the United States should not shelter someone seeking haven from that unjust law. In many Moslem countries they mutilate all females by removing a certain body part. You could argue it is a non-discriminatory law because all those having that body part are subject to the same law. Yet we grant (and should grant) amnesty to females who escape and get to the US. But somebody seeking to avoid state indoctrination because of religious beliefs– no way. Religious shmeligious. The US Supreme Court doesn’t care. Law applies to everybody, non-discriminatory, no issue.

I don’t know what the Romeikes will do now. If I were they, I’d look around for a friendly religious country (Latin America, maybe? just steer clear of the Marxists!) and head there. Just keep moving. The long arm of the German State will have to keep moving, too, if they are really that keen on grabbing six more children to brainwash. And I wonder why there has not been an uproar in all the media wherever religious freedom exists (does it exist anywhere anymore?) to say – hey, modern socialist Germany looks a heck of a lot like Nazi Germany, without the goose-stepping.  As someone once told me, scratch a German Marxist and find a German Nazi.

I’ve had it with Europe, I’ve seen a lot of it and frankly it all looks the same. Like a pretty postcard. Furthermore, it’s getting to be like the former Soviet Union, where you could travel far and wide and never see a single innovative and different thing. The New Europe is a lot like pablum, even if the food is often better. The worst of it is having to endure that insufferably superior European attitude.

And I’ve had it with the Supreme Court too. Where do the Republicans come up with their nominees? Was it too much to expect that we could have had a true and steady Constitutionalist as Chief Justice? Here’s the deal – no need to worry about losing that fifth seat on the court. It’s already subverted.

Ruminations on the Global Socialist Education Conspiracy

killing libertyI’ve been searching the signs and portents over the past few weeks and I can’t find anything to cheer about. The one issue, out of so many, that caught my greatest interest is the news that the US Supreme Court is considering whether to take on the case of the Romeike family who fled Germany to escape draconian State laws prohibiting home schooling. In the past and for Americans, the Romeike plight would have been merely a footnote in the annals of history, just another case of how twisted a value system the EU propagates. Unfortunately, it becomes not a footnote but a whole story unto itself when we consider that the only reason the Romeikes are still in the news is that the inaptly named US Department of Justice has decided they agree with the EU on home schooling. At least that is how I am interpreting the regime’s prosecutorial zeal in suing to overturn a lower court decision granting this family asylum on grounds of persecution and certainty of prosecution if returned to their home country.

controlHere is a recap of the battle so far: the Romeikes Sr. object to the social content of German education in public schools, inasmuch as portions of what is being taught or even propagated (i.e. homosexuality) go against their religious beliefs. They have given their children an excellent education in other mandated (scholastic) areas and the kids test very well. But here’s the problem: it seems that a Nazi law enacted in the 1930s to ensure the State absolute control of the minds of Germany’s youth prohibits home schooling. There was nothing more dangerous to the Nazis than some dissenting parent passing on ideas pernicious to the Third Reich. Unlike the Hitlerian dictates on racial purification, after the war the Nazi system of state thought control was left in place. First the post-war Germans used the law to eradicate from the young all Nazi sentiments and thoughts and then they used the public school system to indoctrinate children in socialist and progressivist philosophy. By forcing everybody into the same heavily policed political correctness, the State can avoid disruptive dissent. I can’t figure out what the difference is between those war-time Germans who pounded Nazi thoughts and values into the children’s heads and today’s modernists. It seems as if both generations supported the idea that the State must not merely educate, but indoctrinate.

Under the German law, parents who refuse to send their kids to public school can be fined, prosecuted and imprisoned, and they can lose custody of their kids, too. This is not a scare story. In December 2013, a German judge allowed a home-schooling couple’s children to be released from State custody with a warning to put them in a public school and not try fleeing to a country where home education is allowed. If they violated his orders, he vowed to chase them down and prosecute. Good old Germany. It may be enforcing a whole set of perverted values, but it is doing it to the full extent of the law. As the French say, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

After the Romeike’s showed up in the US as visitors, they claimed asylum on grounds of persecution. And the original court of hearing agreed and granted asylum. Here is where our own Neo-Totalitarians come in. Eric Holder’s Justice Department decided perhaps for the first time ever in US history to sue to overturn the granting of asylum. The USG is using our tax dollars to fund a campaign of persecution against Christians who refuse to allow the brainwashing of their children into an alien ideology. The Justice Department says it agrees with the EU and that all the German officials were doing was following orders. Or maybe they said, “following the law.”  It doesn’t matter — it was the same excuse Nazis used to dodge responsibility for the death-camps, or sheriffs used in the US to persecute people for the color of their skin. Just because a law exists doesn’t mean it is just. Ask Eric Holder, who used force to take over a university building because of “political” objections to that administration. He didn’t care much for US law then, and between you and me, he doesn’t today, either.

Immigration (ICE) most recently has argued that the U.S. government, too, has the authority to simply prohibit homeschooling, and that this fact should disqualify the granting of asylum to the Romeikes.  ICE further noted that Judge Burman “did not address how under various state laws of the United States a person can be similarly prosecuted for not sending one’s children to school.” This is, of course, a red herring. A parent can be punished for not providing an education to his or her children, or not providing one that meets state academic standards, but not because they don’t go to a public school. And they cannot be prosecuted for teaching moral principles in line with their faith. That is the real issue in the Romeike case.

rpualThis is a case of violation of freedom of conscience as well as freedom of religion in its broadest sense. The Romeikes came to America legally as visitors but actually were escaping the false choice offered them by German authorities: turn over your responsibility for your children’s lives and minds, give up your religious convictions, or face the legal consequences. The authorities were not satisfied that the Romeike children were in fact being educated, in accordance with a 1918 law making education mandatory. They relied instead on that much more convenient Nazi law. The difference between the two laws in question is that one encourages education and the other encourages State indoctrination. In resisting State indoctrination, the churning out of that one-mind mass that makes it easy for the State to rule, the Romeikes took on the foundations of modern European society. In today’s Europe, the one thing that is unforgivable is non-conformity. The State rules, the State forms the ideas, and the State makes all the choices. Sounds a lot like old Europe, doesn’t it, only the parameters by which one is judged have been turned on their head.

Ambassador Thomas Schirrmacher, Director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom, points out that  [N]early a dozen major human rights documents and treaties, including the 1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights, recognize how important the role of parental decision-making is in the education of children and that free governments must recognize and respect this important right. As Ambassador Schirrmacher points out, the actions of the EU violate that premise. But that isn’t a problem for modern government. In the EU, they celebrate territorial integrity and the right to self-determination side by side, but in reality they only support the right to self-determination. Same when it comes to parental rights — they stop where the State says “Stop,” which could be at the cradle or even in utero. Contradictions are not a problem in modern government; all you have to do is ignore them.

I don’t really care what they do in Europe. I care what happens here. Do we really have to create an underground society to live in freedom — or is there any hope left in this country that was once a beacon to freedom? I think there are many millions of Americans even now pondering what lies ahead and what our choices might be. But one thing is certain: as goes freedom of religion, so go all the freedoms our Constitution recognizes. We are either going to give them away under threat or in exchange for false freedoms, like the freedom of total sexual hedonism, or we are going to keep them, no matter what.

I know where I stand.

America: Home of the Less Free than Ever

gestapoThe Daily Caller carries a story about a freelance journalist and one-time reporter for the Washington Times, Audrey Hudson, who has become the latest victim of America’s Gestapo. On the pretext of searching for guns belonging to her husband — who was prohibited from owning any under a 1980s conviction for resisting arrest — Federal agents raided Ms. Hudson’s home in the wee small hours of the morning. Not only did they search for guns , but it seems they stole off with a large quantity of information relating to the woman’s investigative work. Neither she nor her work product were named in the search warrant; she was  not informed about the seizure of this material at the time (and not until much later); and most importantly, the materials taken relate to an investigation of the federal air marshals service. The agents took Ms. Hudson’s legally-owned weapons, as well. That’s so interesting — were they going to look for her husband’s fingerprints on them? Or does a spouse now have to share in the punishment meted out to his or her better half? Or was it just plain illegal seizure?

blackmail1Nobody who bothers to read my articles is a fool. You will all have concluded that the gun thing was cooked up after somebody did some investigative work of their own and discovered her husband’s conviction — a useful bit of information to those in the blackmail business. It was all our nefarious authoritarian authorities needed to break into Ms. Hudson’s home and steal whatever it is they really wanted. What they got were the names of all her confidential sources for the air marshals story, as well as bunches of de-classified documents originally bearing not a security designation, but an administrative one: for official use only. Ms. Hudson had obtained the material under the Freedom of Information Act. They informed her they had the documents only after they were reassured that they were legally obtained.

The KGB always carried out their raids in the middle of the night. That is when people are at their most defenseless, still half-asleep and not understanding what is happening. Millions disappeared in this fashion. I wonder when this left-wing junta will start simply snatching people off the street? Or dragging them out of their beds? Do you think these rabid dogs of the left will hesitate to do that if they have total power in the US? How many politically uncorrect thoughts have you had today? I personally will pack a ditty-bag in anticipation of an unannounced visit from the Storm Troopers.

What does this latest outrage against America mean? It means the criminals in Washington and in our local governments are becoming increasingly authoritarian. They will no longer wait for their enemies to cross a line. They will snoop around and find a pretext to do what they think needs doing, which is shutting up the opposition.

purgeWhat else does it mean? It means that all agencies of the Executive branch are tainted by political corruption. Even our military no longer answers to the national interest, but to party and ideological interests. This corruption is deepening with every month this regime holds power. We’ve all heard about how many high-ranking military officers have been removed or retired from their posts in the past few years, but I’d like to know how many mid-ranking officers have retired or resigned in the same period. I’d also like to know how much shuffling has gone on in the civil service at the top and mid levels. I don’t think there’s much doubt that a purge is on not only in the Armed Forces, where it is well advanced, but across the government. Ask yourself this: is there a single arm of the Federal Government that you trust?

This raid also incapsulates the new debased approach to Constitutional freedoms: they are totally relative, as good Marxian values always are. If freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are absolutely inviolable when illegals mass on the National Mall, that doesn’t mean they are equally inviolable when exercised by the bikers, the truckers, the vets or any other regime opponents. If it is a violation of law for the FBI to snoop directly on a US citizen without a warrant, that doesn’t mean the IRS can’t snoop on all of us through the many channels now at its disposal. Freedom of religion protects atheists and Moslems, but not Christians or Jews. If the Attorney General acts like lightning in response to any perceived or pretended infringement of black and hispanic voting rights, it doesn’t mean he is equally vigilant when the Black Panthers intimidate white voters at the polls.

kangaroo courtWe apparently are in the age of the kangaroo trial, or monkey trial as the idiot Pallone from New Jersey called that charade. The Soviets always operated on the premise that you if make an example of some transgressor, make the punishment harsh enough, it silences everybody else. Russian comic Yakov Smirnov joked back in the 80s that the thing he loved most about America was warning shots. He added that Russia also had warning shots: they shot the first guy in the back as a warning to everybody else.

While we’re compiling lists of things we’d like to know — and we need a computer to keep track — let’s add the number of journalists who have been a) intimidated and threatened; or b) co-opted. The give-away is the coverage given to regime crimes against democracy. If they don’t say anything unless to mock, they are co-opted. I’d guess the number in category (a) is going to grow.

Obama and Holder: Making Sure Racism is Alive and Well

race warsI was looking through my digital news sources this morning, searching for the latest case of black on white hate crimes. The most recent act of brutality involved a guy who looked a card short of a full deck who was murdered on a New York street by an angry (or perhaps bored) black guy who had publicly announced his intentions of attacking somebody white just before killing the victim. That incident came soon after an Australian kid who loved baseball was sent off to meet his Maker by a couple of bored black Neanderthals looking for a white boy to kill. I won’t go into chapter and verse on how many such deaths there have been over the past year, since I’m sure every one of my readers knows what I’m talking about. In any case, there won’t be a big gap before the next murder(s), because we are in the midst of a race war triggered by our First Black President and his multitude of pious black officials leading off with Eric Holder, head of the Department of Injustice.

How ironic that it is black racism that today is thriving. I pretty much passed through my late teens and adulthood (and now my golden years) hearing lectures on the evils of white racism from black people and left-wing whites who writhe with shame over Our Collective Guilt. We had to give blacks a big leg up in just about everything, since they had been kept down so long. How were we to know that this separate and entirely unequal treatment would continue long after that first generation of lucky recipients had raised kids and those kids had raised their kids? It seems like black folks just can’t get enough special privileges to make up for what their great-grandparents endured. Is it any wonder native Americans and now Hispanics have tried to get in on the act, too? Who wouldn’t? They just weren’t nearly as successful, although I’m thinking the Hispanics, especially all those in our country illegally, aren’t doing half bad.

sharptonBlacks learned from their shameless leaders, many of them sporting the title “Reverend,” how to play the race card for all it was worth. Not only were several generations of blacks given easy admission to the nation’s higher educational establishments (here’s looking at you, Obama), top jobs in the private sector, and good jobs in the USG, they learned something invaluable: how to shut white people up before they even said a word of protest. All they had to do was shout “racist!” and the white people scattered in silence. It got so bad that black demagogues were able to successfully argue that police shouldn’t be looking just for black criminals when a crime was seen with human eyes to have been committed by blacks. That was racist profiling. On the other hand, I never once heard of a round-up of black criminals when a white was known to have committed a crime; but that’s the way it was. We had to make up for the sins of our fathers by being totally stupid. Nothing showed up the iniquity of what white people were subjected to better than the case of Trayvon Martin, a strapping black young adult who was shot while trying to pound a fat Hispanic man into brain death. He was immediately transformed into a little kid who still sounded like a girl by the black community in general and especially by the black community organizer in the White House, who claimed to be both Trayvon Martin’s father and Trayvon Martin. (A little confusion there on father-son stuff.) Martin was a mere child victimized unfairly by (drum roll) a “white Hispanic.” It showed how successfully blacks had made the color of the white man’s skin an excuse for discrimination, disrespect, hatred and violence — skills our white black president had mastered as he climbed his way to the pinnacle of power.

Let’s face it, even before Obama and his crew of race-baiters showed up on the scene, the US had been primed for the first ever openly racist president and openly racist administration whose targets were white. In fact, if the US had not been so prepared to feel guilt at every turn, Obama would never have become president. How else to explain the election — twice — of a man of mediocre intelligence, no warmth, no experience, no abilities, and massive ego? White guilt.

obama race cardEvery demagogue needs his mob. What good is rabble-rousing without a rabble? Obama grew up with a virulent worm of racist anger gnawing at his innards, planted there by his absentee father back in Africa ranting against white colonialism. What a delightful surprise for him when he discovered that he could make profitable use of his burning resentment by stirring up black anger against whites in his corner of Chicago and then using their zealous approval to feather his own nest. His race goading came to him naturally and it led him to an astonishingly (unbelievably) fast rise to political power. And he sure knew how to capitalize  on the White Man’s Burden. He passed himself off as pretty much the only guy who could absolve white guilt toward blacks and the way to absolve it was for whites to vote him and his belligerent wife into the White House. So we shouldn’t be surprised that once elected he proved unable to let go of his security blanket. It was more of the same Marxist sloganeering tempered with a heavy dose of race-baiting — the idea that black people were owed by the white man. If after decades of special rights, black kids were still growing up in the midst of every type of criminal activity, held education in contempt, treated women like trash and used violence as an everyday tool —  well, that was really Whitey’s doing. (Sometimes, of course, he blamed Republicans, but “Republican” is nothing but a black person’s code word for racist.) Black people in his world view have no responsibilities, but their rights are legion.

black and white racismI’m frankly surprised it took so long for the hatred Obama was sowing among black Americans to blossom into today’s murderous campaign against whites. But the results of what our First Black President has done by igniting racial hatred have not yet been seen in their entirety. In the fullness of time, if the murdering rampage continues, there will be the inevitable response. Angry white people, tired of watching their government turn a blind eye to black on white violence, will cook up an answer of their own. And when that happens, my friends, all bets are off. It would be just the thing to finish off the US as any kind of pretender to world leadership — whites killing blacks, and blacks killing whites, all to the drums of hatred being pounded by people like Obama, and Holder, and Van Jones, and every black actor in Hollywood. And the New Ku Klux Klan.

I have to warn you: if that happens, we might get a NATO invasion or maybe just a teeny-tiny bombing campaign to put the white animals back in their cage. After all, human rights are a justification for anything and I’d hate to have to rely on European whites to call back the jets.

A Government Sunk in Racism

perez as foxA chill just ran down my spine. I was skimming through the latest developments in the “Get Whitey” campaign launched by Eric Holder when I came to a report of a conference call the government initiated to consult with (coordinate for the cameras) an assortment of federal officials and civil rights leaders (white-haters). I’m sure these leaders included agitators like Al Sharpton and maybe even Danny Glover. The man who convened the telephonic meeting was none other than the new Assistant AG Thomas Perez. Thanks to the Senate’s Supine Collaborators — a group extremely similar to the Gang of Eight Morons — Perez was confirmed in his new role and now we now have a Marxist and Wise Latino in charge of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. Oh, creepy. This malnourished and homely leftist intellectual has absolutely no shame. He comes out of that time-honored Latino tradition of selling anything saleable. When Perez wants something, nothing gets in his way. Want me to drop a suit against you? No hay problema. Or maybe I can bring a suit against your enemy, just to make a point. There are no end of possibilities for the unprincipled Mr. Perez to create mischief in his new role. If he is stage-managing the Trayvon Martin fantasy, look out for trouble. We have a government riddled at the highest levels with racists.

I’d love to leave Zimmerman to history. He’s becoming as much a miscast icon as Trayvon Martin. Who would have guessed in a thousand years that two such ordinary people would become the focus of the nation? How incredibly stupid are we? These tragic things have become our entertainment, our version of the Roman Arena. It’s better than a reality show, only with very unattractive cast members. The more our social fabric rips apart, the deeper we immerse ourselves in false dramas. Hollywood and the infotainment industry can spin anything up by pitching a simple line — white/bad vs black/good, e.g. — and throwing in some action scenes (mobs). The more of us who eat it up, the more dramatic it all becomes. Lord, this is a filthy little world we are living in, and a lot of the mind rot is starting here. Made in the USA.

trThe most shameless aspect of the tale is the way the Black Community has behaved. Let’s call it out loud: the representatives of black America who are turning up to pillage and destroy, or just to threaten, speak volumes about the so-called culture that has grown from the Democrat Party plantation and zombie factory. Loud, foul-mouthed, belligerent, ignorant and uneducated, they seem to think that just because they wanted to send George Zimmerman to Death Row the jury had an obligation to agree. And if the jury didn’t agree, they have a right to torch the place or maybe beat the daylights out of some random white folks. These people are too stupid even to know they’re racists.

Looks to me like we’re headed into a period of heightened racial tensions in our country. The constant derisive treatment of whites by blacks and their facilitators, the USG’s use of race-baiting politics, and the active role played by the media in actually inciting conflict with highly inflammatory rhetoric and the doctoring of information all bode ill for our social peace. White people are beginning to react after a long period of passive acceptance of such treatment. There is plenty of tinder for a conflagration. Blacks shouldn’t think that a future rampage wouldn’t be met by a white backlash.

So, those are my scary thoughts of the day. On another subject, I hear some rumblings about a third party (suicide, but many people feel like slitting their wrists these days). It makes me worry that 2014 will not be as happy as the GOP is predicting. I’m not sure party leaders truly realize how alienated a huge part of their base is. It’s like John McCain and Lindsay Graham are from another planet. We’re tired of platitudes, of having our representatives act as if our views are primitive and unworthy of consideration. We’re tired of the exhortations to think clearly (shut up) while they collaborate in extinguishing our liberties. Wake up, GOP.

I think the administrative machine might be getting the message. I used to make generous contributions to everything GOP. I’ve saved a lot of money this year, but I’m getting a lot of junk mail from the GOP saying “payment overdue.” It’s a sentiment I share.



The Racial Outrage that No Longer Impresses

racism 2I am so bored with it all, so contemptuous anymore of the black community’s self-righteous and self-serving tantrums when things don’t go their way. These folks, the ones waving their fists and threatening to kill whitey or hound George Zimmerman to his grave if they can’t put him there themselves, are so beyond dignified mourning that their cause no longer has a thing to do with Trayvon Martin. This is just more thirst for revenge by thuggish stupid people whipped up by vicious demagogues and all that’s needed to go for whitey’s throat is a perceived slight or the refusal to judge things through a certain racially-tinted lens. The leaders of the pack, who have zero respect for law or order, are all too often false and corrupt men of  God who want nothing so much as personal glory and hopefully some material payoff down the line. We are in the midst of another outburst of violence from a bunch of people who are used to getting everything they want just by sticking their hands out and if they don’t get it, they’ll whup your white ass. Well, guess what? They didn’t get what they wanted this time around. Welcome to the crowd, Black America. We on the white side of things have had decades of deferring to whatever your black community wanted, swallowing a whole bunch of injustices, and getting shafted in the process. It’s time for equality. The same rules of law apply regardless of the color of your skin. If responsible politicians ruled our country, we could get that without violence. Guess not.

And one more word. As a Hispanic, I resent the idea that Latinos have to play the pawns for the State. We are whatever the government wants us to be –maybe we’re white and maybe we’re minority, whatever works at the moment. Zimmerman was a Hispanic. Where is the Hispanic Community in all this? Are you totally bought off? I wish Hispanics throughout the country would take stock of what happens to them if they ever have a run in with the poster children for the welfare state, our illustrious Black Community and their big-mouthed stars like Danny Glover and Morgan Freeman, not to mention card-carrying Marxists like Eartha Kitt and Harry Belafonte. You are definitely not Number One among the Democrat Party racial identity cells. Remember it.

Of course the absolute conviction that they have the right to punish white people because a jury failed to hand them the outcome they desired is fostered from the top down, from Obama the sham Constitutional lawyer (I doubt he could argue a case successfully) to the shameless and felonious Eric Holder, neither one of whom gives a damn about the white part of this country and actually incite racial hatreds. Both of them should be in court.

This is really the limit. Trayvon Martin wasn’t a kid, he was a good-sized male who had for all intents and purposes already reached his adulthood. He had an attitude. He didn’t like the white guy following him and he decided to teach him a lesson. It ended very badly. But Zimmerman didn’t go out looking to kill a black guy, and if two black men had been involved or two white men, the jury’s considered decision would have caused no controversy. The jury verdict has been degraded into the grist of racial politics because politicians and community organizers, encouraged by our US Government and taxpayer money, have chosen to gin up another race case to hype their black voters. And you better believe they want to use it as a wedge on the issue of stand-your-ground laws as the left pushes to overturn laws around the country. It is sick politics, the only kind our country seems to have anymore.

I’d like to remind the angry blacks threatening to burn the place down that this is exactly how millions of white Americans felt when the brutish OJ Simpson was acquitted. I heard one thick-skulled black at the State Department gloating after the acquittal at the time that the white bitch deserved it. What class. Well, now you guys know what disappointment feels like.

la riotsJust fyi, I’d say there are millions of white Americans who right now would probably be delighted to meet black violence with white violence. Tempers are frayed on all sides, not only among African-Americans. Whites are tired of being treated as some special category of vermin; there are civil rights in this country and they aren’t just for people of the right color or ethnic provenance. They are for everybody or nobody. Racial hatred incites racial hatred and I have never seen it so vividly proven as since Barack Hussein Obama came out of the absolute nowhere to become ruler of Amerika. I have never felt the power of pervasive racism as much as I do today. This is one of the greatest evils Obama has unleashed on our nation.

These are troubled times.


The Heat Is On

syria ruinsI’ve been writing now and again about Syria and the mess poorly-conceived foreign policy has made of the Middle East and North Africa. The US Government has taken to intervention like a duck to water, but the only fun part is the bombing. Afterwards is when is gets really sticky. Because we invariably have nothing substantive to offer and no foundation in the given society for a transition to democracy and civil peace. We cannot afford Marshall Plans these days, so Rent-a-Cop has to do, instead. It doesn’t work, as Benghazi and a glance around the region will confirm.

thensuspectsObama has so far refused to go against Syria militarily. But his reluctance is under intense pressure these days. In first place, he is up to his gray hairline in scandals of his own making. The USG has been subverted by political operatives and the malfeasance infects numerous agencies and departments, from Homeland Security to the FBI to the NSA and the DOJ. We have learned of massive data collection operations that constitute a grave violation of Americans’ fundamental rights, of the AG’s mounting of illegal operations that violated our neighbor’s sovereignty and its snooping under false pretenses into reporters’ private communications. Homeland Security has put conservative groups on lists of potential terrorists. Doctors, responding to Kathleen Sibelius and the HHS, have turned patients over to law enforcement for confiscation of legally-owned arms and pressure to get psychiatric care, and many of those targeted are vets. The IRS has become the thuggish enforcer for a criminal administration. And still Obama is not going to be impeached, at least I don’t think so, but he’s floundering now and looking weak and dishonest. He is not who he once was (but really never was). So he needs to burnish his reputation globally and at home, and what better way than to carry out a successful bombing war somewhere? Long-term disasters are not his problem, they will fall to his successors to deal with.

He is being pushed in the same direction by the neo-interventionist chorus, going at it hammer and tongs and gnashing their teeth at the idea that Assad will prevail over his enemies, many of whom are jihadists and Moslem fundamentalists. They want action now, and at a minimum massive arming of the rebels (and jihadists). Russia out-maneuvered the US on this one, reckoning that Obama wasn’t going to try another Libya and thus backing ally Assad to the hilt. And now Assad stands at the brink of (no doubt temporarily) retaking control of Syria. France and the UK are also keen to step in and save humanity and when one thinks of the mess their countries are in, does that seem remotely sane? This drive by US and European leaders to appear to be waging a strong war in favor of freedom and light is self-destructive. But it appears that notwithstanding so many previous failures at democracy-building, these indomitable foes of bad behavior still think that sub-rosa intervention and eventually overt NATO intervention is helpful to longer-term peacemaking. An article in the WSJ today reports that President Barack Obama and his top advisers are reviewing proposals that would allow the U.S. to arm the rebels. One option calls for the U.S. to provide funds to allies Britain and France to jointly buy weapons for the Supreme Military Council, the rebel army leadership board commanded by Gen. Idris, according to U.S. officials.

It’s hard even to imagine that in this slough of despair we are in here at home our government wants to open our Treasury to support people we soon will be opposing. Gen. Idris may be a decent man, but he is not going to be the boss if the Western interventionists have their way and Assad is  murdered, deposed or exiled. All you need to see is how the opposition forces react when they are up against the wall. The opposition forces are using scorched earth tactics, flattening cities as they abandon them. They are committing serious abuses of human rights. But after all, many and increasingly more of them are jihadists, and what we are seeing of them should give us an idea of what they’d be as a government. To expect anything else is hope misplaced.

It worries me that a confluence of events has so greatly increased the likelihood of US intervention in a place we should keep at arm’s length. It is a tinderbox. We almost had a direct military confrontation with a much weaker Russia over the airport in Kosovo; how much more likely is such a confrontation if we choose to begin military action against a close Russian ally? How would we react if somebody attacked one of our close allies? Is it worth it? What problems will it solve? We don’t have any answers, but one: if we bomb the place, all the fighting stops (for the moment). In the meantime, we’ll edge our way to the abyss of another war by giving heavy arms to the Syrian opposition. Even now the two sides are turning Aleppo to rubble, fighting over things like hospitals. Think what they can do if the level of weaponry escalates. They’ll need those hospitals, and some mobile morgues, too.

obama and choomI hope for once in his life this Shallow Hal in the White House will show some intelligence and backbone. Just Say No, Barry. You can keep your choom, but please swear off intervention. Our country can’t afford any more humanitarian wars and we most certainly can’t afford the fallout if we notch up another head of government.

Instead of foreign adventures, I’d like to see our President concentrating on restoring Americans’ confidence in their government by coming clean and ordering his subordinates to come clean on all the misdeeds the Federal apparat has been carrying out in recent years.

I guess that’s a non-starter. Too bad for Syria, and for us, too.



Justice Not Done: The Government from Hell

imagesA thing or two: first, since when is it legal to give a judge a knowingly bogus statement in order to get a warrant for spying on a US citizen? And two, is Kathleen Sibelius an actual human being or a robot?

First things first. I never went to law school, but I am dumbfounded by the gall of the DOJ claiming that it was perfectly fine, legal to the bones, to knowingly and falsely accuse someone of being a suspect in a terrible crime to get a judge to issue a writ for surveillance. Justice insists that its true target was the government leaker, not Fox News correspondent James Rosen, but that claim just raises a pack of new questions without answering any of the old ones. I wish I could bring that kind of power to bear against people I consider foes of the American idea. There would be a whole lot of Obama louts cooling their heels in the slammer.

Let’s look at the Rosen issue logically. There are only two options. DOJ officials may truly have considered Rosen to be an active and felonious co-conspirator in obtaining and disclosing highly classified information and may in good faith have sought authorization for wiretapping to gather evidence against him. In that case, DOJ is on firm legal ground as long as it then proceeds to bring the case once the leaker is identified. Or they never believed that Rosen committed any crime, or that he was a co-conspirator in a felony, and lied about that material fact to get the warrant they wanted in order to carry out a broad surveillance of Rosen’s life and professional activities. For political purposes.

So which was it, Eric Holder?

Fortunately, we don’t have to scratch our heads over this puzzle while waiting for Holder to come clean. The gangsters at DOJ blithely informed Americans that they never intended to charge Rosen. “Chill out, man, it wasn’t, like, for real.” They also claim that they didn’t lie on the warrant, but we all see the problem there — if it was the truth, and Rosen was a felon involved in doing grave harm to US security, how can you not proceed against him? It was an alleged crime of such gravity that it required DOJ to violate First Amendment rights,but not of such gravity that those responsible needed to be prosecuted.

It is my conclusion that the request for authorization issued by Holder was fraudulent in substance and thus a criminal act by Holder and all others involved in violating Rosen’s rights. Furthermore I think pretty much everybody knows that DOJ’s true goal was to gather otherwise unobtainable information about Rosen, a high-profile Fox News reporter.

Can our government, those unelected and apparently unaccountable drones that toil in the service of their political bosses, use false claims to arm themselves with writs against anybody they want to snoop on? Can they use lies to bring the power of the USG to harass, hound and persecute Americans? Is a lie okay if it is intended to a good end? I don’t think so.

Here is my proposal: let’s arrest Eric Holder on the grounds of having gravely violated the fundamental human rights of thousands of Americans and then put him on trial. Perhaps at the Hague, allowing somebody else to pay for the trial. Let’s find out the truth and be prepared to put a lot of other Obama officials behind bars. And for those arrogant dolts who think they have some divine right to spy on and oppress Americans, we reply that we also have a divine right — to kick you criminals and brutes out of business and out of government forever.

dyingchildAnd now to somebody I love to hate, that lipless and apparently soulless wonder, that Stepford bureaucrat, the very sight of whom chills the heart. Yes, Kathleen Sibelius. Without batting an eye, the Ice Sculpture made it known that she couldn’t possibly intervene to save the life of a ten-year old girl who will soon die without an intervention by Ms. Sibelius or perhaps, dare we think, the president? Uh-uh. That wretched woman cannot intervene, but she did give the grieving mother some tips on groups who might be able to help her.

I won’t mince words: Kathleen Sibelius is a miserable virago bereft of any human decency or redeeming value. She has fought for the shabby purpose of giving our youths free contraceptives and abortifacients and is indifferent to her violation of freedom of conscience and religion.  She has not been heard to utter a word of condemnation for the abominations carried out in the offices of Kermit Gosnell. I’m sure she utterly approves of “pathways” (euthanasia) to push out the door the growing number of elderly as well as the malformed, the mentally ill, and other socially useless types. She will happily rule over the implementation of totalitarian measures to force through the far left’s vision of healthcare paradise, otherwise known as the Obamacare hell. But when a flesh-and-blood suffering child who knows what is happening to her asks for help, Kathleen is able to give some phone numbers for some groups who maybe could help.

On the basis of her performance in this instance alone, I call for the removal of Kathleen Sibelius forthwith from office. She has demeaned herself and her country’s reputation by all of her shady, anti-life activities while Secretary of HHS and most of all by denying succor to a dying child. What a piece of work.