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Trump Sucks Up to Mad Man McCain

Let me open with this announcement: I don’t believe that Assad (much less Russia) carried out a chemical weapons (cw) attack in Syria. This was an act of provocation, with or without US involvement, that was carefully calculated to draw the response it did. I believe that this action was based on a judgment that Trump was a foreign affairs neophyte whom his domestic and other foes could push to a rash and poorly considered action to prove his boasts of toughness and his leadership. Faced with an endless and ugly barrage of fake news and false accusations, he fell for whatever he was being sold and grabbed the chance to assert himself as president.

This latest US violation of international law happened only days after the announcement by Trump’s highest reps that unseating Assad was not our primary goal in Syria. We wanted only to defeat ISIS and the jihadists. I thought, sanity prevails. But John McCain was beside himself, or outside himself, or wherever people beyond all utility hang out. I’ve heard he flew to Syria to consult with his tiny proxy army. If so, who knows what wise advice this old white guy gave to those “rebels” living in a complex of tunnels in the side of a mountain. All we know is soon afterwards, an attack by the Syrian Air Force occurred at the same time chemical weapons were released on the ground. (The US insists it was aerial release, but as former Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford said, “[there is] “no proof that the cause of the explosion was what they said it was” and that for Assad such an attack would be “totally self-defeating.”

Here’s what I do believe: Trump, tough guy in business, doesn’t have the political judgement of gravel outside of an appeal to the voters. He should have hung tight and continued to reject the Russian Fairy Tale in which the Witch, Vladimir Putin, gets the innocents (DNC and Clinton Campaign) into his ovens and then serves up Trump; he should have fought those who think the Russian Bogeyman can cover up the crimes of our political class. Instead we have had the recusal of Sessions (innocent of any crime or misbehavior whatsoever and with no earthly interest in helping Russia); the recusal of Nunes who revealed the heinous surveillance by Obama of political opponents; the removal of Bannon from the NSC; and the promise to work with the Dems to get some piece of crap supposedly better than the current piece of crap called Obamacare. Trump obviously isn’t getting politics. And frankly, I’m not getting him, either.

And now this incredible blunder and horrible crime. A nation not at war with the US, not even posing a threat to the US, is once again being assaulted by the United States. Why? I’ll venture this. Because Trump is getting all shook up over the assault he is being subjected to by our own Commies. He can’t fight internal enemies and external enemies, too, and external is easier. Obama promised to honor an idiotic red line, so Trump will make good on the promise. Precisely as his political enemies calculated. And now he gets his reward, in Pavlovian style, which is CNN opining that he’s finally president. All it took was the start of WWIII.

Trump would never erect a building without all the facts about the job. So how could it be that he committed an act of war on the basis of an unproven claim of responsibility? How could he fall for such a ruse by the enemy? If we end up at war with Russia, and China and Iran, will anybody remember it was the Democrats pushing him there?

But hold on. Let’s take a closer look and offer information on Syria from other sources that the USG will not give you.

“Russia’s defence ministry has argued that Syrian planes were destroying chemical weapons, not deploying them, and said the airstrikes targeted a rebel storage depot for toxins.”

Absurd, say the Americans.

“Khan Sheikhoun, where the attack happened was a hewn mountain with tunnels and impenetrable bunkers. Definitely a major hiding place for manufacturing weapon supplies for the Islamist rebels on a major scale. It is a “warehouse used to both produce and store shells containing toxic gas” as Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said.”

Why aren’t the western media showing the photos that make clear this attack was on a military target, not a simple village living peacefully? And why is nobody looking at the opposition? Here is what UN rep Carla del Ponte said in 2013 about the results of the UN investigation into the use of cw in specific attacks in Syria:

Ms Del Ponte, a former Swiss attorney-general and prosecutor with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), did not rule out the possibility that troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad might also have used chemical weapons, but said further investigation was needed. “I was a little bit stupefied by the first indications we got… they were about the use of nerve gas by the opposition,” she said.

Ms. del Ponte’s seasoned judgment was spurned by “most western governments” who insisted it was all the work of the Assad government. The final report laid all the attacks at the government’s doorstep by insinuation without actually having the evidence to do so, as it admitted.

Today’s America seems to be hurtling toward some apocalyptic scenario of war abroad and at home. So far I lack any confidence that Trump will hold the line on his campaign promises for a new American foreign policy. So far it looks like he is so desperate to be loved that he plays the eager sap for the warmongers and the military-industrial complex. So far, I’m concerned he is going to take us to the brink of a massive conflict. Russia now and urgently is going to seriously beef up Syrian air defense systems with Russia’s latest hardware and technology, so the next time a jet flies over a Syrian airbase they will probably come down in flames. Then what will happen?

Egads, still more foreign bungling

drunkHere we go again. Every time I think I can move on to something different, Syria raises its ugly head. Well, not Syria per se, but US policy toward Syria. The drunk we have at the wheel in the United States Department of State, John Kerry, has had us on a real rollercoaster ride of surprise twists and turns. First he claimed Syria had killed hundreds if not thousands in multiple chemical weapons attacks and denied any possibility that the opposition could have access to such weapons (later rebutted by UN). When Vladimir Putin succeeded in getting Syria to give up its cw arsenal, Kerry had to stop urging a quick NATO bombing of unbelievably small size to save civilization as we know it. Then, after denying he’d ever denied the possibility of Syria giving up its cw arsenal, he made kissy face for a while with Syria as they cooperated in disarming themselves of the nasty weapons. But of late, even after we know that the opposition has murdered civilians in Syria with chemical weapons, that they have persecuted and continue to persecute Christians, and long after we saw the tiny core of actual human Assad opponents eaten alive by the jihadists, we are turning once more against — Assad, the secularist. We propose to arm the opposition (again) but this time, we are to believe, the weapons will go to the right opposition. They will then smash the jihadists and rout the Assadists and the moon will be in the Seventh House. And maybe something more is up those policy wonks’ sleeves than is immediately apparent.

Listen to this, from the news pages of the Wall Street Journal:

Secretary of State John Kerry called the bombings “the latest barbaric act of a regime that has committed organized, wholesale torture, used chemical weapons, and is starving whole communities by blocking delivery of food to Syrian civilians in urgent need.

actDon’t these guys get that we are like, up to here, with all their hyperbole? Every issue has to be solved right now, not tomorrow,  not in ten minutes, but right now — before anybody can ask questions! NATO must bomb, don’t ask why or we will perish! I was always skeptical that our government could learn to live with somebody they had already air-brushed out of future history books, and it seems such vile skepticism was warranted. Kerry has reverted to charges of gross brutality and use of chemical weapons in a spate of accusatory statements. Assad is still the subject of his greatest animosity. Not the jihadists out there cutting off heads and other body accessories, but Assad, with whom the US had managed to live quite comfortably before we decided he was too big for his pants. The intensity of the criticism and its replay through the amplifying mechanisms of the US left-wing media and the EU are unmistakable signs that a change of policy is in the works. Like the Obama-Clinton spin on Benghazi, the thrust is this: let’s take the story back to what it once was. Let’s revert to what we said before we lost the helm to Russia and Assad gained the upper hand. Let’s ignore anything that developed or occurred thereafter. In the case of Syria, let’s return to the bellicose rhetoric, shameless intervention, strident accusations of human rights abuses, and otherwise provocative behavior we resort to so frequently to effect our will. The bogus Syrian peace talks have collapsed (for now or forever we do not know) and this should serve as evidence to the world that NATO and its only superpower, the US, tried like the dickens to get Assad to accept his own ouster and no doubt subsequent trial as a human rights abuser. If Assad won’t agree, what’s a feller to do? Now that US bona fides as peacemaker have been established, our government can arrange a NATO “air campaign” (war) against Syria whenever convenient. It won’t be a war, of course. It will be a defense of human rights.

kerrysyriaLike Kerry’s claims on cw use, on Syrian willingness to disarm, and on the valorous and democracy-loving “freedom fighters” aka Al Qaeda — I don’t quite believe this latest claim about the Syrian government blocking aid, either. Or maybe I do and I think, what else should the Syrian government do — allow the influx of a commodity that Al Qaeda can use to control the population? And as the WSJ points out, the relief agencies in Syria do not want any UN resolutions at all while they are working with the Syrian government to solve blockages. They likened the approach backed by the West and the US to useless bullying. And the humanists who actually risk their lives to deliver assistance have such a reaction even though the resolution proposed at the UN doesn’t speak of any consequences if Assad tells the West to blow it out their ears. So why are we engaged in this at all, if not just to drive Assad farther against the wall? Rather than just being the foreign policy buffoonery it seems, could it be possible that all the scene-setting has a purpose?

Here is my very best guess: the guys in DC have no idea what they are doing in Syria or the larger region. I guess there are still experts on the region in the key agencies but maybe no longer at the top of the policy chain — lower down, below the political hacks who run things and can ignore their advice.  We are now blundering in the dark, having lost control of the situation that we helped to create. Everywhere we turn in that part of the world, it is nothing but disaster. Meanwhile, on the home front, the Obama honchos know they have blown the public opinion game big-time with their disastrous socialized medicine opening gambit. People hate the health-care law and resent the smug one percent-ers who foisted it on them. The socialist agenda the DC crowd is pushing on America is unpopular among those who actually work for a living. Americans don’t think America is on the right path. There’s nothing to crow about. In 2014 the Dems stand to lose on all fronts, unless the GOP actually hands the elections to them, which is always possible.

cut headsThat’s where the NATO bombing comes in. If it could be timed to start, say, September 30, 2014 — patriotic fervor will be at its peak by voting day in November. If the George Orwell Brigade could have some timely big-screen footage of Assad being torn limb from limb by an outraged Syrian mob of democracy-lovers (Al Qaeda), that would be a really big help. It would show the world why we had to go to bat for the opposition.

There really was a time when I believed heart and soul in my country and my government. I had to learn the hard way.

The Inane Policies of John Kerry on (for example) Syria

kerryearI’m flabbergasted as I watch the ineptitude with which John Kerry is conducting the foreign affairs of the United States. I could start with his flippant dismissal of the possibility that Syria would give up its chemical weapons short of NATO bombing, his preferred solution, but I won’t. I could mention how he insisted the Syrian opposition had no access to chemical weapons only to have the UN report that the opposition had almost certainly used such weapons on multiple occasions, but I won’t. I’ll refer only to the latest absurdities surrounding the Geneva negotiations for a transitional government in Syria. First the US dropped the ball on Iranian participation, allowing our clueless UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to invite the regional power-broker officially into the talks. The South Korean is right, of course — how can you get any kind of realistic or enforceable agreement without Iranian participation? In any case, I guess the Obama administration forgot to give Ban Ki Moon his marching orders, because after the invite went out and became public, Kerry demanded that the invitation be withdrawn.


Kerry decreed that Assad had to agree that he was a goner and no longer could serve as president of Syria if there were to be an agreement. That’s quite an incentive to offer Mr. Assad in return for his cooperation. It reminds me of how we treated Moammar Qaddafi after he swore off weapons of mass destruction under US pressure. (We killed him, for those who forgot.) The cowardly Ban Ki Moon withdrew his invitation, no doubt with much annoyance and embarrassment and resentment, and now, suddenly, Kerry is thinking maybe having Iran in the negotiations is not such a bad idea. This is a case of Kerry being against the invitation to Iran before he was in favor of it.  But he still tells Assad he’s finished (not adding, “and a prisoner in the Hague”). He presumably thinks this tempting offer will attract the full good will of Assad and his allies.

syriaOf course the Syrians have said, get outta here. Transitional government doesn’t mean removal of the head of government. To follow Kerry’s logic, a Cabinet shuffle in DC would require the president’s removal, as well. While our figurehead Syrians sit at the negotiating table with their preconditions (give us power), the real power, the jihadists, are out there warring with the “moderates” and slitting throats right and left, anticipating the removal of Assad and their own ascent to power. The US charges of regime brutality may be true, but the opposition is guilty of the same crimes. That pretext won’t fly. These negotiations look unlikely to end up successfully.

kosovoThe problem is that the US has grown far too complacent in our massive power. In the past we successfully used negotiations to rubber-stamp foregone conclusions. A good example of how this works were the Rambouillet negotiations in France. These talks were used by the US/NATO to provide themselves with the pretext for war against Serbia over alleged “massive violations” of the ethnic Albanian and largely Moslem community’s human rights. But the negotiations were a sham designed to earn the Serbian president’s rejection, including among NATO’s key demands that Milosevic accept a NATO occupation of Serbia. When the talks collapsed, as hoped, the NATO bombing of Serbia began. In the end, NATO partitioned Serbia, giving away its historical region to the Moslem-dominated Albanian population, which is now making trouble in southern Serbia in an attempt to wrest more territory from the Serbs.

putinchinaIt appears our government wants the same results with these Syrian talks. We want what we couldn’t get through bombing and we want it cost-free — regime change. Unfortunately for the US neo-interventionists, things are different. Russia is no longer the 90-pound weakling it was in 1999, less than a decade after the fall of the Soviet Union. Today Russia’s influence is growing well beyond its borders and it is finding its voice. The US, by contrast, is in dismal decline. Our president’s international prestige is definitely on the wane and the idea of the US as the world’s only superpower is long out of date. China is a threatening presence, too, and the Chinese seem to scoff at US pretensions to dominance, just as does Iran. Even our one-time allies are turning their backs to us in disgust at our incompetence. The US looks weak, uninformed, wavering and lacking convictions or even fundamental interests. The remains of our forays into the military occupation of the Moslem world in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and where we have abetted the overthrow of secular regimes (Egypt), are testimony to our broken dreams and ultimate impotence in democracy-building. Sectarian warfare rages. People are dying by the thousands and Christians and many others are sacrificial lambs. To what end our military adventures?

Instead of telling Mr. Assad to leave power (or what?), the US Secretary of State should give a good think to what the US fundamental interests are and then try hewing to a consistent line. Listening to Assad’s side of the story might be one way to start. We don’t want Al Qaeda to win there, or do we?




Obama Chalks Up Victory after Victory (Not)

afghanistanAnd thus ends Obama’s War, the one in Afghanistan. He rode into office declaring that country to be in dire jeopardy and swearing to make victory against the terrorists there a focus of his foreign policy He was going to get us out of The War Bush Made and into one that was Obama-made. He was going to settle everything militarily and politically. With the Moon in the Seventh House, Peace would rule the universe.

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the thousands of Afghans grabbing up whatever they can carry and heading into safe-haven camps for internally-displaced persons where they are seeking asylum in other countries. Many others are trying to get out of the country on visas. Australia is a big destination and the outliers are putting down roots and throwing out life-lines to relatives still trapped in the escalating violence unleashed by the resurgent Taliban. The UN Commissioner for Refugees thinks this is a response to the US pull-out of forces and the growing reach of the Taliban. The population is already experiencing what is to come when the Taliban return to power everywhere — women are particularly eager to get out of the country. Some have objected to being forced into servitude to the Taliban as cooks. Hah. Wait until they’re being marched onto the soccer field to be executed for objecting to cooking.

Yes indeed, Afghanistan has been another resounding Obama success story, one his right-hand man Hillary Clinton can take a lot of credit for, too. Afghanistan ranks right up there next to Benghazi and Egypt as shining examples of the great things one can accomplish if one is only a utopianist intellectual nincompoop. Afghanistan’s collapse into violence and anarchy (again) will not end with the deaths of a handful of people, as in Benghazi, or persecution of Christians or installation of a military junta, as in Egypt. This time a whole population is going to be terrorized (again) and when the bloodshed starts it will spoil not only individual reputations, but the image and influence of the United States of America. Because if, like Obamacare, this war was a center-piece of Obama’s brilliant strategies, what does is say about America’s ability to come through in a clinch or even make good on promises? If Afghanistan is a big part of Obama’s legacy, along with the Arab Spring, then we know that Obama’s legacy is pure trash. And what else did we expect from a man who, when all is said and done, is under-educated, poorly-informed,  lazy, incompetent, and filling a job way above his IQ?

iraniraqBut let me give credit where credit is due. The Big Bopper said he was going to end US military involvement in Iraq and he did. Of course now Iraq is a full-fledged satellite of Iran and violence there is also going up and up and up. Lot of scores to be settled in the wake of the US retreat. It seems Mr. Obama and his minions have the reverse Midas touch: everything they touch turns to doo-doo.

It’s a good thing our president has decided to turn his attention to domestic affairs and let all that bothersome international stuff simmer away untended, as any further Obama initiatives for peace could plunge us into another world war. With the UN season come and gone, no more big empty speeches to make on the international stage, either. Egypt has taken note of Obama’s aloofness, deemed regal by his acolytes and disinterested by the rest of the world. The military officers who rule the roost for the moment are turning their eyes to Russia and its powerhouse president, Vladimir Putin, who demonstrated with Syria that Russia can be counted on to keep its word and stand by friends. There could be some hefty arms sales coming Russia’s way, and that would be bad news for America’s war industries. But what’s a little more unemployment — there are lots of 15-hour a week jobs going begging.

Syria continues waging war against its now largely-Jihadi opposition, and the warrior-peaceniks of the world and Assad’s regional foes continue to decry the lack of adequate punishment for Assad’s crimes. The Saudis, in particular, are fuming because we didn’t grab the chemical weapons bait they no doubt connived in planting. They were sure we would use the opportunity to unleash a small war to depose or kill Assad and oust from power his particular religious sect. But the chemical weapon pretext for war was deftly removed from the table by the Russians, who carried out a beautiful checkmate of the US. This means any attempt to divert attention from Obama’s misfortunes at home by starting a little something over there in the Middle East have now been vastly complicated. Given the level of international and domestic opposition to another war, Obama would have to plant some really devastating evidence of some really devastating crime to even be allowed to finish saying “I am launching an air campaign.” Of course, given the quantity of US weapons floating around the region, it might not be too hard to cook something up.

chinaThe world’s political configuration is once again in motion, with new players taking prominence and old players getting caught up in the consequences of their own policies and watching their stars set. America’s will to defend the really important things was drained in all the frivolous and secondary wars we waged when once the world’s only superpower. There are scores to be settled in the international arena, too, not only in countries we have abandoned to their fates. Too bad our military is in the process of being purged of its best officers and demoralized by social engineering. Our ability to do much more than bluster has been badly eroded. God preserve  us from the need to wage a serious war anytime soon. And God preserve us from our own domestic Taliban.


The US Turns Clausewitz on His Head

war and truthThe Prussian Karl von Clausewitz is a favorite philosopher for those who deal in war; he was something of a romantic and, like the Americans, felt it necessary to imbue the use of force with moral content. One of his most famous sayings is that “war is a continuation of politics by other means.” Alas for America, we have turned Clausewitz on his head and appear to believe that diplomacy is something we turn to when our will to war is thwarted. But we still believe in dressing up every act of violence in morality.

The hapless president of the United States was bested in his most recent attempt to demonstrate his manhood and unparalleled goodness by launching waves of bombers over the heads of Syrians, one and all, good and bad. His heroic Secretary of State, the one who fought in Vietnam for four months before skedaddling with a minor injury and a Purple Heart, inadvertently threw his boss off-stride by tossing out a one-liner about how the Syrians would never agree to turn over all their cw in one week. “Impossible” he huffed and of course that was true. It is impossible for Syria to turn over the weapons in a week, or a year, and probably not in a decade. After all, the US has spent years trying to dispose of its own massive cw stockpiles and it isn’t done by a long shot. (I have a feeling that we, too, have secret caches of the stuff, because you never know…)

kerry and lavrovContrary to Kerry’s expectations, the Russian president intercepted that groan-inducing fumble. “Let’s ask the Syrians,” Vladimir Putin suggested reasonably. “Oh, of course we will hand them over,” said Bashar al-Assad graciously, “why didn’t you just ask?” And Kerry, thinking about how dopey he appeared, assured us that he actually believed it was possible before he thought it wasn’t possible, and it was all a clever ruse to sucker Russia and Syria. Putin and Assad were obviously acting in their own interests, not those of our incompetent Commander-in-Chief and his cast of clowns, but it temporarily saved Obama’s bacon — if that isn’t an offensive term to the son of a Moslem, and even if it is. Obama came that close to having his left-wing base rise up against him in anger, not to mention the small fact that a vast majority of Americans in general were deeply opposed to his war plans and would have like nothing better than to storm the White House.

I guess the world had given up hope that they could ever again cut America down to size, its ego had grown so bloated and its military power so overwhelming. But suddenly those tired of America’s preening had their chance. Without appearing to be in the least racist, people all around the globe were able to note for public consumption that the American president was a goofball, not a serious player, not smart enough for the rough-and-tumble of real international politics. Even those who were happy to see America’s incessant war-making shut off for a moment couldn’t resist sticking the knife in and watching a bit of Obama’s hot air seep out. But do not underestimate America’s War Wing. It’s war they want, and by gum, it’s war they will have.

How are they going to manage this? Through diplomacy. Here is how this works: the deal with Russia and Syria was that the chemical weapons stocks would be turned over to international control. If Syria reneges, then the matter of bloody retribution from an avenging angel may come up for further consideration. The Russians know there is no way that Syria’s cw stocks could be rounded up in the unrealistic time-frame the US insisted on, and thus they made time for Assad to wipe out the jihad-riddled opposition while staying the US from bombing their way into WWIII. The American goal, by contrast, is to set impossible conditions for a peaceful outcome and to get Russia to accept a UN resolution with sufficiently flexible wording to allow the US to bomb Syria at its leisure while claiming the blessings of “the international community.” Then the US can install its own puppet government — the kind of doofuses that now hold the reins in highly unstable countries like Libya and Egypt and Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama would once more appear to the world as a heroic figure. And equally important to all those jingoists in the War Wing who are not Barack Obama, the US will have defeated Russia and Iran in the zero-sum game they mistakenly believe is diplomacy.

Bah. Humbug. No sooner was the deal made than the war-mongers led by John McCain and Lindsay Graham began wailing that it was a bad bargain. Like Cassandra crying out her warnings to the deaf, they and others — many from the GOP’s neo-con wing — insist that Russia can never be trusted, communist or not, and that official Syrians — not the guys on our side who are chopping the heads off Christians and summarily executing prisoners — are too brutal to be allowed to hold power. Obama, they say, lost the game to Putin and hamstrung American war-making. The War Wing wants to make it truly impossible for Syria to comply with the terms of the agreement, maybe by insisting it all by wrapped up by sunset tomorrow, so they can claim that peace failed and war must rule. Their game is largely about the creation of enemies, real and imagined, which is essential if you are going to make people think your recourse to force is unavoidable and “morally good.”

So the game continues for the moment in that useless arena called the Security Council, the place where aggression is never averted and only rarely actually agreed to. The US wants a resolution against Syria much like the ones that were churned out year after year against Iraq before becoming the banners under which America invaded. Russia, needless to say, will not approve such wording, having seen time and again the way in which the US has used such resolutions to do exactly as it pleases, all the while claiming the whole world is at its back (rather than on it).

Sit back and relax. If you want war or you don’t, you don’t have a thing to say about it. Your views are as meaningless to our decision-makers as they are on things like health-care or the Constitution. The game is afoot and the chances are pretty good that America will find (or create) whatever it needs to work its will. And in the process, we will have churned out millions of new critics (and enemies,too) who think that America’s days of glory are long past, and its moral authority nothing more than thin gruel. And that will, in turn, lead to greater challenges in the future. Some of them might even be challenges to real American interests.

It’s Howdy Doody Time

howdy doody blackWhen Barack Hussein Obama first appeared on the national stage, along with his empty resume and blank history, I commented to someone that Obama looked like a Howdy Doody who spent a very long summer on the beach. The ears, I guess, along with his inability to speak without a script. But now that he’s been running the US into the ground for five years, doing things that strike sensible Americans as totally inexplicable, I think there is a much deeper resemblance. What I’m referring to is  the hidden hand moving the parts and hidden lips speaking the words.

Obama’s bowing to the Saudi king or emperor or sheikh or whatever he is was only the most obvious give-away. Even ordinary Americans know better than to bow to foreign princes, but for a US president to do so was like a slap in the face to our very history. It was deliberate and offensive and he enjoyed every second of it.

Then there is Obama’s record of rampage in the Middle East. Sure, he deigned to let our Navy Seals zap Osama bin Laden, but that was for show. Even if he was too scared to watch the killing (he probably had his fingers in his ears and his eyes squeezed shut), he loved the adulation that poured in upon news of the Arab Rasputin’s demise. The real story, however, is the way he has used and abused America’s military forces to sweep secularist leaders from power in the Middle East and North Africa to install the most radical foes of America in the Moslem world. Osama bin Laden would have been proud of our president, I’m sure. He would gladly have flown off to paradise and all those virgin adolescent girls, his body filled with lead, in order to see his fondest dreams become reality. Haven’t you had that sneaking suspicion that somebody over there, some emir, is putting billions of dollars in secret accounts every time Obama orders a military strike? Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on that secret coded message that said “Syria’s next”? Too late, the prez has no doubt swallowed it.

Ihowdy 2t’s been an exciting few weeks in that usually dry-as-dust foreign policy field. First we had Obama’s dithering over whether to make good on his thoughtless threat to wreak havoc on Syria should it cross a chemical weapons red line that it turned out he never set at all, you dumbos. The ridicule reached such a pitch that Obama decided to show us that he meant what he said and he said what he meant, or perhaps it was “I yam what I yam and I yam what I yam.” You can put those guffaws where the sun doesn’t shine, Obama let us know — it’s curtains for Assad. No matter what Americans wanted or didn’t want, he was going to blow Syria to smithereens, or perhaps just do a teensy-tiny little destruction that nobody but the kids evaporated into thin air would even notice. And for sure he wasn’t looking to topple the Syrian leader, he just had to smack his knuckles so he would pay attention. And Obama had such incredibly good intelligence that it was Assad and not his motley crew of “Freedom Fighters” who used the cw that he couldn’t possibly share it with us. “Believe me,” was his plea, even as we approached the year’s anniversary of Benghazi when Americans died in a disastrous effort to sneak big-time weapons to the Islamic jihadists whom America supposedly was not arming and fiercely opposed. Yes, indeed-y, we certainly have every reason to trust Obama’s word.

As anti-war sentiment was reaching a wild crescendo at home and abroad, Obama’s knees were trembling but his will was firm. It was time to dispatch one of the last remaining obstacles between the jihadists and total power in the Middle East and anybody who questioned his right to send our men off to war and risk a terrorist spree in the US could just sit down and shut up. “I am the Emperor,” Obama said, if only implicitly. Despite every indication that he was going down to defeat in Congress and in the country, Obama let us know that he had only asked for the opinion of Congress on the assumption it would agree. Any other outcome would be null and void and not redeemable for cash. He assembled his confederacy of dunces to swear to America that failing to take out Assad would be the end of civilization as we know it. And it was so convincing, wasn’t it? I mean — we had the world’s most inept Socialist, Francois Hollande, who was already slapping on his plumed hat and strapping on his sword to fight by Obama’s side. And there were some other countries, like Moslem Albania, that said they agreed and were ready to do some cheerleading if not actually spend money or fight with the dumb Americans. But not to worry. Those emirs, sheikhs and despots of the Middle East were ready to pay American soldiers to die on their behalf.

howdy doody 5Finally the dunderhead currently heading up the State Department, where he sinks into the hole Hillary’s butt made in the Secretary’s chair, tossed off one of his clever lines written by his wife. Sure, he said, Syria could avoid being bombed into the Stone Age, if it gave up those chemical weapons within one week, give or take 45 minutes. But that is impossible, so it is war.

At which point the guy with the brains leapt at the Golden Ring and ran with it. “Syria will give up its chemical weapons,” Vladimir Putin announced, echoed by Bashar al Assad, who said, “of course we’ll turn over those weapons.” I don’t know if Russia is going to take those weapons to dispose of them, or if they will be buried in New York’s harbor where the UN can keep an eye on them.

And the funny thing is, Kerry’s mouthpieces at State scoffed at the idea that his suggestion was more than a joke, an idle comment from an idle brain. It threw a spanner into the whole works. How could it possibly be that the US made a demand and Syria agreed? How was America to get around that one? The fighter jets were already gassed up, our pilots ready to die, and suddenly it isn’t necessary? Whoa, Nellie.

Never mind. Now that everybody and his brother has lauded this fantastic bit of diplomacy from Russia, both Kerry and Obama are tripping over themselves to claim it was all their doing. Why that idea had already been raised (by whom?) in Russia in a chat our president had with Putin. In fact, said Obama, Putin’s proposal was a mere “continuation” of something that no doubt was stewing in Obama’s empty head, even if he didn’t tell us. You see, there are lots of things Obama doesn’t tell us. It’s more convenient that way, because it’s tough to change your story once you’ve opened your big mouth (not that this has ever stopped Obama).

And here we are. To bomb, or not to bomb, that is the question. Already our Dear Leader and his flunkies are setting the bar higher and higher, so that he can use the line “they gave us no choice.” Obama is willing to wait a few weeks, he says, but not months. (How many years did America give Saddam Hussein before the hated Bush said “enough”?) You just watch. Howdy Doody has his heart set on getting rid of Assad and we can already see that the cw issue was a red herring. His  masters, the ones with all those petro-dollars, want Assad gone and the jihadists in charge, and Israel’s security — of no actual concern to Obama — provides a convenient pretext. And he can always count on those useful idiots from the Republican Party to help him out. Why even now, John McCain is telling us all we have to do is let this cw turnover thingy “play out.”

And Howdy Doody is waiting for his next lines to arrive by encrypted message as the hidden hand moves his lips. I wonder what the dummy will say next.

Barack Hussein Obama: President, Peace Prize Recipient, and Assassin

pope prays“This evening, I ask the Lord that we Christians, and our brothers and sisters  of other religions and every man and woman of good will, cry out forcefully:  Violence and war are never the way to peace!” 

So spoke Pope Francis in calling on the world to step back from the brink of war in Syria to which we in the US and the world are being dragged, kicking and screaming, by US president Barack Hussein Obama. This fabricated man rode a wave of anti-war sentiment into the presidency and has maimed, killed and destroyed in other people’s countries on a steady basis ever since. Today the global assassin with the Peace Prize is about to embark on another killing spree and how ironic that many on the left, those professional anti-war protestors, remain silent. I don’t even bat an eye when The Lennie Riefenstahl Brigade pushes the State line, dupes like Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz. Liar is their name, propaganda is their game. But pray tell — where is Cindy Sheehan? Where is Code Pink? Where are the Occupy Wall Street loonies? Same place they were when Obama and Hillary Clinton bombed Libya and murdered Qaddafi by proxy; same place they were when they empowered the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt; same place they were when the bombs rained down on Serbia for three months. Staring in their mirrors in silent admiration, I’d guess. I hear that the homely Mrs. Clinton is going to visit the White House today to egg Mr. Obama on. Two war-mongers chatting over tea. Please pass the polonium, somebody, please!

If the left has lost its voice, we on the right have found our own. This confounds America’s radicals who can muster no argument to justify Obama’s incessant reliance on force to show off his power, but whine instead that the right wing’s opposition is somehow illegitimate because they supposedly never saw a war they didn’t like.  I’d put that differently: the right-wing has always before felt obligated to support their president, even in all the wars begun by the Democrats. That would be WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and in what the current president told us all was his war: Afghanistan, where now the Obama regime is making kissy-face with the Taliban who murdered 3000 Americans in mere minutes. The conservatives were far less accommodating when GW Bush blundered into Iraq at the advice of men who wanted to do what the President’s father would not, remove Saddam Hussein. In the end Americans’ disgust with the carnage and lack of coherence delivered a crushing blow to the GOP and ushered in the current Empty Suit, who spends at least several hours a day scuffing his shoes all over the historic furnishings at the White House to make his view of this country clear. We weren’t all that keen on Libya, either, and I hope that my fellow conservatives were as repelled as I was at the sight of America’s proxy forces executing Qaddafi while he was on his knees pleading for mercy. Then came Benghazi, which the regime in DC refused and still refuses to admit was just a half-assed and criminally negligent operation intended to deepen our involvement in Syria.

And where were the morally superior leftists when Obama boasted of choosing targets for assassination by playing with a special deck of cards made just for him, as apparently everything is just a game to him anyway? Silent is where they were. That is not morality, it is called cowardice, duplicity, hypocrisy and aiding and abetting. And all those traits are in full view today, as many of the president’s most fervent admirers hold their famous tongues about the evils of war-mongering. They still don’t get it: regime change is thoroughly illegal, even if we wish some external force (perhaps extra-terrestrials?) would swoop down and effect regime change in the US. It is also the worst possible rationale for war and we have had ample opportunity to see how poorly it works over the long-term.

I’m afraid that the US under the Democrats have treated other countries they way they treat people who don’t agree with them here at home: with contempt, lies, and violence. Our US bombers are playing the role of SEIU thugs beating up Tea Party’ers, or USG agencies persecuting “domestic enemies,” or black people waging race war at the implicit urging of their president and attorney general. The Democrats have treated Russia with sneering contempt while pretending to want only the best for the Russian people, and that might be because the Russian people decided to jettison the Democrats’ favorite system of oppression, communism. Unfortunately for our armchair Marxists, Russia today looks sane and sensible and our own country looks brutal and stupid and false.

Catholic nuns who left the safety of Italy to work in Syria for people of all faiths have spoken loud and clear to the world, crying out against America’s urge to war. In addition to the moving and beautiful and painful things they wrote, they cited the words of a psalm that sadly refers to America:

Rebuke the Beast of the Reeds, that herd of bulls, that people of calves. Oh God, scatter the people who delight in war. The Lord has leaned down from the heights of his sanctuary, has looked down from heaven to earth to listen to the sighing of the captive, and set free those condemned to death. Listen, God, to my voice as I plead, protect my life from fear of the enemy; hide me from the league of the wicked, from the gang of evil-doers. They sharpen their tongues like a sword, aim their arrow of poisonous abuse. They support each other in their evil designs, they discuss how to lay their snares. “Who will see us?” they say. He will do that, he who penetrates human nature to its depths, the depths of the heart. Break into song for my God, to the tambourine, sing in honor of the Lord, to the cymbal, let psalm and canticle mingle for him, extol his name, invoke it. For the Lord is a God who breaks battle-lines! . Lord, you are great, you are glorious, wonderfully strong, unconquerable.

If only our president believed in God, instead of believing he is God, perhaps those words would have the power to move him. May his actions call down on his head what he deserves.






Dying for Peace

madhouseI swore I wasn’t going to write another word on Syria for the time being. I was just going to keep an eagle eye on how the Republicans in Congress were behaving vis a vis Obama’s mad proposal to wage war on Syria. I was just going to make a list and check it twice. But the news surrounding this Great American Blunder is so bizarre and the ironies so intense that I have to comment.

Fox News website has a great picture of Obama and Putin. Obama is heading out of the picture frame with that characteristic pursed lips expression signaling that His Eminence has had his feathers ruffled. The pout is usually provoked by a question he doesn’t want to answer, or one that implies he is a liar or ignorant, or a suggestion he is not all he’s cracked up to be, or anything else that is irksome. Following behind him is a cheerful looking Vladimir Putin, chuckling to himself, who actually has a lot to be chipper about these days when it comes to the USA. My guess is he shook Obama’s hand, grinned and whispered to him: “Please, make my day — bomb Syria and put those boots on the ground!”

Remember when Jimmy Carter was in office and the Soviet Union was sending its highly limited quantity of sons to die in Afghanistan? We were so smug back then, boycotting the Olympics to show our moral dander was up and denying the Soviet Union the gas turbines for their oil industry. We watched with some degree of satisfaction as the Soviets were sucked deeper and deeper into that morass. But back then we had morals and a little smugness was in order when battling the Evil Empire. Of course, what good did our morality do us? We took Osama bin Laden under our wing to screw the USSR, hand-fed and nurtured him. Wow, was that ever a good decision.

chuck hagelI then read that Chuck Hagel, who has obviously been into the magic mushrooms, accused Russia of giving the chemical weapons used on August 21 in Syria to the Assad regime. There are two problems with Hagel’s charge. The first is that it assumes Putin is as stupid as Obama; what on earth would Russia get out of encouraging and enabling long-time ally Assad to provoke the Moral Conscience of the World into bombing? Unlike the US or Germany, Russia has not provoked a single war since the last Tsar shuffled off his mortal coils and it is unlikely they would choose to do so over Syria.

The other problem is that it blithely assumes that Assad’s people used the weapons. You will probably have noticed that, unlike the BBC, neither the USG nor the US media refer to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons as alleged, but instead follow Vladimir Lenin’s maxim that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Hence you will hear from every side that “Assad’s brutal use of chemical weapons against small children and old ladies” demands a military response. Well of course, if your objective is to get an excuse for bombing the hell out of Syria, you’re not going to admit that your claim is only an unproven allegation and not even a very convincing allegation at that. I’m going to give Meat-Head Hagel a break here and make an assumption of my own: he’s being fed the same disinformation from the same agencies as John Kerry (my face! my face! I can’t feel my face!). Neither of them has the native intelligence to sniff out cooked intel.

Then there is the insidious Senate draft resolution that was passed out of Committee with the help of John McCain, who had only the same day sworn he wouldn’t vote for it because it didn’t allow us to lay waste to Syria. But I think I know what changed his mind. In addition to giving the president three months to spend billions and billions of dollars we don’t have bombing Syria, the resolution has a clause that prohibits the use of military personnel for combat purposes — but leaves gaping loopholes that would allow us to invade Syria to “secure chemical weapons” or for other unnamed purposes that we don’t consider war-making. Anybody with at least several active brain cells will ask himself: you mean there won’t be any fighting if we send in troops to secure the chemical weapons? Old McCain knows better; it’s blood he wants, and he plans to keep pushing for it.

Another bit of news that ought to make us sit up and pay attention is Putin’s threat to give Syria S-300 missile shield defense systems (for which it has already delivered certain components) should the US attack. But that’s not an end to it. Russia also suggested these systems might be transferred to Iran, which had signed contracts for the weapons that Russia suspended in 2010 in response to Security Council resolutions. So now this confrontation that the US has been champing at the bit to start has gone from being the Big Bully against the much weaker Twerp, to being Big Bully against Twerp and Big Brother. That doesn’t even take into account the other bruiser in the neighborhood, Iran. Or China, which also sells Syria weapons.

I see that the Congressional Research Office has put on it’s green eyeshade and come up with a figure of 75000 US troops needed to “secure chemical weapons” in Syria. I think they need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how many soldiers we are going to have to march into the mouth of hell if they have to secure the chemical weapons, defeat Assad’s army, fend off Russian missiles and fight Hezbollah. I hope somebody has stepped up production of body bags in the US.

john kerryOne last observation: John Kerry has sworn to the American public and to certain heroically skeptical members of Congress that Assad will definitely use chemical weapons against civilians again if they don’t let the Pentagon create mayhem in Syria. Hoo-hah. I would normally say, “how can you be so sure of that?” Except I am pretty sure how he can make such a hard-and-fast prediction. Because the same people who carried out the August attack no doubt have plenty of supplies to do it all over again. As I said before, if dozens of Syrians dead from chemical weapons doesn’t earn support for an American attack, then it will have to be a thousand. And if a thousand dead Syrians isn’t enough, I guess they will have to use the cw somewhere more heavily populated. Eventually, so the thinking might go, there is bound to be the desired reaction.

jackboots_editedYou know, when a government becomes so contemptuous of the people it supposedly serves that it can lie, spy and oppress them routinely, what hindrance is there to that same government using the same tactics against the world? Especially when they have big, bad military technology to hold over the world’s head as a threat.

I think we all know the answer to that one.





Lies, Lies and More Lies

propaganda 3Just in case you haven’t noticed, we are in the midst of a major propaganda campaign. The fawning press and the hawkish press do not call it propaganda, of course. They call it a “major push” to convince our Congress to back the bombing of Syria, just a few bombing sorties that will let everybody in the world know they dare not thwart US demands on anything. We are told that not waging war on Syria will make us all look like fools and weaken American leadership. But we all know the truth, it’s staring us in the face. America’s leadership has already been fatally eroded by our predilection for the use of force against others and by our arrogance. And if we don’t bomb, the only people who will look like fools are the president and his stooges in the US government.

This is what propaganda looks like and feels like. It is pervasive; it is false; it is goal-oriented. No dissension is allowed. If our government needs popular support to do something that constitutes a flat-out violation of international law, the solution is to fill empty minds with images and lies and watch the people fall into line. Frankly, it is similar to the care and feeding of mushrooms (keep ’em in the dark and feed ’em shit). The sad thing is, it works to a frightening degree. Before the government unleashed its propaganda campaign, only 9 percent of Americans favored bombing Syria for any reason at all short of an attack on America. The latest polls show that the figure is now over forty percent.

We are not getting the truth about any of what happened in Syria other than that a lot of people died. Instead Washington is rolling out the doctored evidence for our viewing pleasure. But instead of real proof we get such hogwash as “we know for a fact” or “we have all the evidence we need” or “we did our own tests.” We hear that the mass of evidence, the damning details, must be withheld or risk endangering our sources. All we can have are the bits and pieces those holding the information deem sufficient to calm our doubts. And our government tries to befuddle the public by exclaiming that nobody could possibly fake the results of the sarin attack that has been so thoroughly documented in video and photos. But then, who claimed the attack was a mock-up? Exactly nobody. It is a red herring. Our overlords want us to focus on the left hand, which is empty rather than the right hand, which is performing the trickery. Our government doesn’t want us to focus on the only question of importance, who perpetrated the attack. Or maybe for our Government, that is not an important question at all.

propaganda 5Personally, I don’t question the fact that chemical weapons were used in Syria. That seems to be a fact, and it isn’t the first time cw was used. But I’d be willing to bet that our info on who used the cw comes from that the men leading the opposition to Assad, the men McCain ludicrously calls freedom fighters and our own CIA is training and arming. That makes such claims highly suspect. We cannot afford to forget that the basic question in all crimes is, who benefits? Is it Bashar al-Assad, who knew that the US wanted him to use cw so they would have the excuse they were looking for to bomb Syria? Or is it the “freedom fighters” who know their chances of defeating Assad on their own are about zero. They need the US air force and its explosive ordnance.

Our government tells us over and over that the opposition has no access to chemical weapons, but that is another lie and misdirection. There is public and published information that Turkish police in May 2013 arrested a group of Syrian militants (anti-Assad) who had a five-pound canister of sarin gas and were planning to use it (supposedly in Turkey, but that doesn’t make any sense since Turkey is also an enemy of Assad). Here is what one report said:

Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports. The gas was reportedly going to be used in a bomb.

The sarin gas was found in the homes of suspected Syrian Islamists detained in the southern provinces of Adana and Mersia following a search by Turkish police on Wednesday, reports say. The gas was allegedly going to be used to carry out an attack in the southern Turkish city of Adana.

If that’s not enough to convince you that our government is lying about opposition access to cw, you might want to consider that Carla del Ponte, a former war crimes prosecutor, publicly stated in May 2013 that the UN commission of inquiry looking into cw use in Syria had very strong (but not incontrovertible) evidence that at least one sarin gas attack was carried out by Assad’s opponents.

In Iraq, we didn’t wait for Saddam Hussein to use a weapon of mass destruction before going in and laying waste to Iraq in the search for those weapons. That turned out to be a big mistake, as it led to the inescapable and increasingly loud question of “where are the weapons of mass destruction?” The people who rule our lives have learned from their mistakes and improved their propaganda and the visuals. This time somebody got the bright idea of using the cw in a big and public way against civilians prior to bombing Syria, thus providing the pretext for war and silencing skeptics. The only trick was to make it appear that it was Assad who ordered the attack. This was done in part, according to one informed source, by twisting intercepted communications to point to the desired culprit.

propaganda 4Listening to the two asses braying on tv last night (that would be McCain and Graham) I see that merely dropping bombs as a lesson for the hated Assad isn’t enough to slake their thirst for aggression. In blunt terms, the two men told us we need to beef up one of the two parties bringing death and destruction to Syria, give them powerful weapons, be their air force, be their logisticians, and really go all out to destroy the country. Only then can we install “our guys” so America can re-shape Syria into a shining example of democracy. If we aren’t ready to go all-out against Assad, they say, don’t bother bombing at all. Well, I don’t know about you, but not bombing at all sounds to me like the best suggestion McCain and Graham ever had.

If you think the fall-out from the US invasion of Iraq was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. We took on Hussein when his country was remarkably stable and we were still overwhelmed. In the end we left in defeat, handing over the country to Iran’s influence. In Libya, we removed Qaddafi from power and installed our pals, and then we had Benghazi. That country is in a shambles. Now we want to take on another much larger and much better armed country already embroiled in civil war, one with powerful backers and with foreign groups up to their necks in the dirty fighting. Our elected leaders want us to believe against all previous evidence that America will come out of this in fine shape, with no adverse effects to our country’s true interests. It seems the war-mongers have been convinced by their own propaganda.

I’d laugh if it wasn’t so tragic. I don’t know how our Senate will vote on this effort to start a war. I hope they have enough sense of self-preservation that they vote against it. But if they do give Obama what he wants, this is one voter who will sit out the 2014 elections and let the chips fall where they may. If your representatives don’t represent you — why bother voting?


Some Thoughts on the Syrian Madness

As I write this article, our president is addressing our Congress trying to  convince them that we have incontrovertible evidence that Syria’s Assad regime  has used chemical weapons against its own population. The only problem is that  the evidence is not incontrovertible about who used the chemical weapons.