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A Veritable Cornucopia of Revenge

I’m smiling. Of course, the revenge I refer to is not that of the “Resistance,” that motley crew of smuggies and losers, but that of the staid old conservatives. We knew from the very moment the story of Russian conspiracies with Trump was birthed that those stories were lies. On so many levels, this was transparent. Hey, tell me: how many people do you know who didn’t make up their mind on how to vote in that election within moments of Trump’s nomination? If Putin himself had shown up on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s doorstep, with roses and caviar and minks and under-the-table pay-offs and birth control protection, could he have swayed her? How many illiterates are swayed by FB? How many illiterates are Democrats? Egad, the questions are like no-see-ums in August in Florida.

I’ve just been biding my time for the truth to out, after all my blogs that explained the duplicity involved, based on my long experience. I am nevertheless amazed that the truth is outing. The Orcs (no relation to “trolls”) are being routed from the heart of our sacred and ultimate defender of truth and law, the FBI, and its parent agency, the Department of Justice. So far, there is no movement to clean out the CIA, the other key participant in the Russian Fairy Tale. I see that ex-CIA honcho Morell, who was a True Blue Clintonite, is starting to distance himself from the conspirators in his agency. Perhaps he was innocent, just another rah-rah Dem who thought that being progressive still encompassed the idea of fairness and truth. Not like the new breed of Dem Socialists, who think all truth is relative, fairness is stupidity, and lies can be sold as the truth to the “Masses”as easy as pie.  And by gum, these incredibly ugly precepts seem to be selling like hotcakes to today’s youths and spinsters and men who are mentally transgendering to the point of wearing pussy caps and marching with hate-filled women.

Okay. What else? Oh, yes. That stupid shut-down. I worried a bit about it. My often right hubby said that the GOP would be blamed no matter what. I said, “but the Dems are doing it, so I think you’re wrong.” Then I read that the Dems had based their shut-down on polling, and I knew we were a shoo-in for victory. Gee, guess who was right this time? Big win for Trump, yuuuuuuge loss for the Dems and personally for Schumer. And then Schumer, unnerved by being upstaged by Trump, turns face and withdraws a common-sense deal to trade status for the illegals brought as children for the fortification of American security. Now he rejects the latter as virtual anathema and demands all the Dem wishes be fulfilled for free. No borders, no border controls is the Democrat Party Anthem. (And if a baby happens to survive an assassination attempt, they think it’s okay to put a knife through his heart.)

Whew. The Dems are having a Party-wide breakdown. They think the rest of us are brain-damaged by left-wing parents or from surviving assassination attempts as infants.

Let’s look at N. Korea. Still no nuclear conflagration, as Kim what’s him name studies photos of Trump’s multiple buttons. The response is to send cute N. Koreans south to wow the entertainment-starved world at an Olympics that has excluded some of the world’s best athletes on what were transparently political grounds. Kim aka Rocket Man said to be practicing pole vault.

Let’s look at Russia. Still going strong, still mightily miffed at being endlessly smeared by Americans who do not know that communists are Putin’s likely successor in an overthrow! In Syria, and predictably, the Turkish Air Force is pounding the Kurds whom the US briefly wanted to turn into an army to unseat Assad and Erdogan. Of course, the US by then had actually abandoned the Kurds, so there was no need for Erdogan to be so rude. The Russians meantime watch to see at what point they might usefully reinsert themselves into Syrian defense, and pressure their ally Assad to negotiate a safe status for Kurds within an integral Syria.  This is all good news for global stability.

I think Trump is learning in foreign policy, and here is something else I think: a lot of the global leaders who supposedly cringe at Trump’s overly-direct words are not at all offended. In fact, they love it, they approve of it, they encourage it. The truth, and the most powerful man in the world is saying it! Listen to the president of Uganda, who just loves Trump’s willingness to cut through the crap. I am pretty sure that every Latin American leader, from Mexico to Peru, envies Trump for the freedom and power to say truth. And applauds it, because for once an American president isn’t talking about taking responsibility for Latin America out of their (hapless) hands. I drank a lot of beers and vodkas with a lot of tough male politicians south of the border, and I never heard one of them praise a wuss. I guess the only places where leaders are cringing are those headed by women.

How could I close without a fond adieu to the Me-Too Movement, which is fading like the Wicked Witch of the West. I see the Wall Street Journal has run an article on the Weinstein brothers and how they founded an empire. I’d say rehab of the grabbers is underway, while the stupid, stupid women who blabbed are being silenced by the simple act of denying them work (who wants to work with backstabbers and crybabies?). The few women who were really heroines, such as Courtney Love, will probably get it in the back, as well, while the savvier, such as Streep, will get a free pass. Ho-hum, another day in Sodom and Gomorrah.




at last

Even as our friends on the left laughed and celebrated and threw their hats in the air, convinced that Trump was headed for impeachment as a traitor who stole the election, convinced he was a madman for impugning the honor of Barack Hussein Obama, a few brave people within the US Civil Service snuck out of the range of fire to report to California Representative Nunes on how in fact Trump was surveilled, or as the President said “wire-tapped.” How sweet it is.

When Trump made his accusation (and wouldn’t you like to know who really tipped him off?), prima donna James Comey flew to the press in a snit of righteousness to say he had asked the DOJ to issue a flat denial of anybody authorizing “wire-tapping” against the then president-elect or even candidate. Of course that was a pure technicality, which is another way of saying “lie.” Then Comey, with that pugnacious jaw thrust out, tried to finish off Trump by announcing that he and his campaign were under investigation for treason, i.e. collusion with the Russians to steal Hillary’s coronation, and had been since mid-2016. But Comey was oh, so coy about the issue of felonious leakers currently lurking within the USG. Seems maybe the FBI gives a damn; and maybe not. His goal was pretty clear, a chance to get even for Trump’s outrageous use of “outreach” to out the FBI.

Now we know that some unstated number of Trump allies and maybe even Trump himself were under surveillance under the Obama regime. Hence the leaks the Dems were hoping the rest of us would buy as “smoking guns” and just cause to remove Trump and install Hillary. Boy, Comey always comes up smelling like horse excrement.

Needless to say, the Democrats and their cronies in the press gasp about Rep. Nunes rushing to tell the Prez that he had been right after all. “You favor the president!” screamed Schiff. What Nunes should have said was, “and how about you? aren’t you actively opposing the president? this brings some balance.” But Nunes didn’t care and he did right. If he hadn’t outed the lie into the public domain, it would have “disappeared” like all those who ran afoul of the CIA in Latin America in the 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s and no doubt 90s (then I retired from the State Department).

I’m happy to find that my own judgment was correct, that there had of course been surveillance call it what you will against Trump and his allies. How else would you have had leaks of conversations? It wasn’t  magic, was it? And finally someone did indeed have the courage to buck the trend and end the silence about the massive abuse of Executive Branch powers by the Obama administration.

(Note: I’m listening to that purveyor of lies, Adam Schiff, tell us that Obama partisan Sally Yates is willing, yea frothing at the mouth, to come forward and defame Trump. Okay. Maybe not “defame Trump” literally, but in reality, yes. It’s tough being on defense, Adam.)

So here is the bottom line: the CIA probably planted electronic trace that allegedly led back to Russia to back up the Brennan/Clapper lie it was Russia and NOT Seth Rich of DNC dissidence fame who passed the evidence of DNC corruption to Wikileaks. Take a look at Zero Hedge  on this subject.  At a minimum, they had the capability to do so. (See Wikileaks.) They padded this bit of electronic “evidence” with the kind of scurrilous rumor-mongering that Brit ex-spy Steele was selling. Then their pals in the intel community either turned a blind eye to the lie of collusion and a “false election” (I’d guess Adm. Rogers…) or colluded actively in the lie. This happened as a result of the politicization of the civil service, which is supposed to be a totally neutral body. If not, you’d have people leaking top secret information to deep-six the opposition. Imagine.

I was trying to write about all this for weeks, but I kept discarding my drafts. I felt there was something else coming that would clarify the situation. What Nunes has brought forth, thanks to that heroic “deep throat¨ has indeed clarified the situation. Now others are stepping up to reveal what was going on under Obama to sabotage the Trump Administration. We are in a perilous state of governance in which our decisions are being shaped by false information

Sedition and treason stalk America

I watch astounded at the audacity of ignorant thugs hired by the left wreaking havoc on our nation. They are the paid hounds of hell, loosed on our society to force confrontation between the Marxist-Leninists (aka socialists) and the deplorables, also known as right-wingers, Nazis, neo-Nazis, fascists, and so on. (Did you ever notice how communists is never a dirty word for these guys?) I see that the unhinged Sarah Silverman became terrified by the neo-Nazi symbols painted all over New York. Those were, of course, utility markings that actually bore very little resemblance to a swastika. A woman contemptuous of Israel on a daily basis, she used her Jewish card to excuse her stupidity. Everything, including the tracks of slalom skiers, reminds her of swastikas, like the hiss of a snake is ingrained in a bird’s brain. Another tweeter skewered her stupidity with a series of tweets featuring “neo-Nazis” (utility workers) doing various neo-Nazi things, like raising the Iron Cross (a utility pole) that bore an obvious resemblance to “T” for Trump. He’s funny. She’s just, well, stupid.

Let’s be frank. There is a paid and coordinated effort to create public hysteria (the Russian menace; the Nazi regime) in order to feed approval for acts of subversion and treason against an elected president and the USG. They want to bring down Trump, and are happy to tear down the Constitution, individual rights and public order to do so. I worked for years for the USG, as did my husband. I have never seen this kind of open sabotage by people paid out of public funds. There was always a Democrat preference, but never the deliberate undermining of superiors. This is scary and shameful. This is unprecedented. These people want permanent power and we are the mote in their eye.

Regime change has come home to roost. You better believe all those who suffered it at our hands are cheering. They’re scared, but they’re cheering. The hand of God and all that.

Trump has to move much more rapidly to remove removable officials suspected of being opposition activists, what we should rightly call moles and saboteurs. It isn’t enough to take out the top political appointees, he needs to dig deeper into the hierarchy and start rooting out those who have violated their oath of neutrality. The bureaucracy will otherwise bury him.

Another issue: the Russophobia. The degree of hysterical coverage of Russia has surpassed anything I have ever seen, which includes the entire Cold War. It is not a coincidence that this rise in public fear happens months after the USG funded a major program (under Obama) to counter Russian propaganda with US propaganda aimed at Russia. There was even a press conference to announce the start of this Big Lie program. And Russia is such an easy sap to set up as the Arch-Enemy of America. Only problem is this: today’s America is spelled “Amerika.” The people pressing the anti-Russian line are either insane (McCain) or uninformed, or making big money on our mounting military aggression against Russia (the military-industrial et al complex). Then there is the Democrat Fifth Column. The anti-Russian crusade was triggered by the contempt heaped on Hillary Clinton by Putin, who much preferred the pragmatic anti-regime change Trump to the bellicose airhead who thought she was born to lead the world. Much like Obama, but less successful.

This is sheer madness. Furthermore, it is being promoted, whipped up, by our intelligence agencies who nevertheless fail to provide us any proof. So much of this slop they are serving up is pure lurid imagination, like the slimy story sold to his business patrons by the ex-spy (and now we know why he is an ex-spy) Steele. Real intelligence analysts scoff at the entire “Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta!” story. There isn’t a shred of credible proof that was ever presented; the original source of this dope was some shadowy character on the black side of the CIA; the FBI never examined the DNC servers. They took the word of some private company, and used this to spin out a fantasy. It is repugnant. Our intelligence services are corrupted and seriously.

The two memes, that Russia is a major threat to the world and that they stole the US election for the evil Donald Trump, could bring an end to our system of government. We have reached a point where the rotten brats brought up in our indoctrination camps, aka public education, think a one-party dictatorship is a good thing, but only if they are it. Otherwise, “by any means necessary.”

Here is what I want to see. I want to see the immigration raids continue relentlessly. I want to see the leakers tracked down and arrested and held without bail pending trial. I want an investigation of John Brennan and Mike Morell. I want an investigation into Soros funding of the rampant violence. I want both the Clinton server crimes and the Clinton Foundation crimes investigated. And I want to see the back of the Clintons (despite those ugly big saggy asses).

I usually have been a few years ahead of the curve in my predictions, although this year is a real drag on my average. But I’ll venture this. We are headed into a deliberately provoked civil war. Prepare for it.

For Christ’s sake, the Preppers were right.




Obama Continues the Crusade for Communism

The Republican-led House voted Wednesday to overturn President Obama’s immigration actions from last November — and to unravel a directive from 2012 protecting immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children — sending the bill to the Senate where it faces an uncertain fate.

So sayeth Fox News. The House has acted to rein in the Emperor O, who in my mind is eternally wearing a leopard-skin cape over a scrawny hairless chest with a golden spear in one hand. I guess that is ethnocentric; he could as easily be pictured as a really bad white high-school teacher who fancies himself a Marxist, sleeps with students, and doesn’t know his supposed subject. Mr. Obama says he will veto the defiant House bill that dares to question Obama’s authority, and the Republicans are unlikely to find the needed votes to overrule. (And isn’t that sad, all by itself?) It makes no difference that the majority of Americans want Obama’s immigration edicts swept into the trash bin. The man rules from such heights that you and I could never hope to understand how  little he cares about us way down here. In some circles, that is referred to as psychotic or creepy. Many call him The Savior, or Jesus, but those folks have IQs south of 70 and require a boundless faith that there is still more booty to be had if they can only keep The One in power, or somebody who will continue the give-away (that would be you, Hillary “The Hips” Clinton). His supporters can’t think deep enough to worry about the fewer and fewer who are actually producing and not just consuming, wondering what happens when there aren’t enough producers to continue the handout.

But wait, at the very same time that we hear about the courage of House Republicans in facing down Obama over his imperial tendencies we also hear that the GOP is quietly working on an immigration proposal that will satisfy everybody except the Party’s own constituency. Or at least the numerous and un-monied part of its base, the stooges that keep voting Republican year after year, regardless. I don’t think there is in anybody’s mind a belief that appeasing the illegal alien community is going to increase GOP vote share. I’d guess the opposite. Mostly the GOP leadership wants a) the issue to go away and b) enough cheap labor to keep big business happy, big business being seen inexplicably as the root of GOP success.

As a mere observer, it looked to me like Big Business jumped on the Obama bandwagon and they were slavishly attentive to the Clintons when those two dirtied the White House with their scandalous goings-on. Churches want believers and entrepreneurs want near-slaves, and the Democrat (Socialist) Party wants voters. All the forces are aligned against the idiots who populate this country but count for next to nothing except as rhetorical devices.

How about that State of the Union? It should have been called “Stake through the Union.” It is absolutely no surprise that Obama chose ideology over pragmatism. He really thinks he’s got the US engine going, with an oil boom he despises and opposed that seems to this observer to be highly vulnerable to collapse. I worry about earthquakes that have been registered in fracking zones and new oil’s own downward impact on prices necessary to sustain the fracking industry. Obama also boasted about the great employment scene, but not a word about the incredible shrinking labor market (it’s just the Boomers retiring) or the poor quality of jobs on offer. And he wants to make higher education free, two useless years of community college. There is already more pay for a tradesman with a real skill than for any community college graduate. Why not fund tech schools? Why  not let kids who want to work and not study segue into a technical institute where they can learn a trade for their last two years of high-school ? Why waste the money by giving grown adults with no skills the chance for another two years on the public dole that will provide them with very few new useful ones? If they want those low-cost two years of education (already subsidized by states and cities) then let them invest in them with their own labor, or hard work, two dirty terms among the left-wingers. Obama’s brand of governance is what I call highway-robbery. This is a system in which the tax burdens on the productive individual, indirect or direct, are growing to enable the Big Give-Away to continue. In this way, the wealth-earners are expropriated of their rewards which are passed to the wealth-consumers at the bottom levels of society.

The EU is unable to shake off its slump, Russia is hurting, China is slowing down — but the US is going to keep going strong? The page is turned? And yet terrorists are likely to launch some attack here at home at any time now, but it won’t affect us? We’re up to our eyeballs in military adventurism around the globe, at risk of triggering some calamity while championing freedom, while illegal immigrants hoist banners at home reading “the border is illegal, not the people who cross it” and thousands await the next signal to flood the US border. How is that? I’m just a little more cautious than to believe his rosy picture of a US socialist paradise. I think the world is more insecure than ever before. I don’t think the jihad is “dying out.” I don’t think NATO is spreading peace, but war. I hardly believe anything the USG says anymore. And that is both at home and abroad.

The Republicans of course trashed a trash-able presentation by the President, but that’s not news. I anxiously await the next practical steps in the Republican revolution against the tyranny of government being constructed by Obama and his leftist clique. The solution isn’t for the GOP to wring their hands, then defy public will and collaborate with the Democrats on doing whatever it is the Democrats want to do. It is to offer alternatives. Where is the insurance bill that will free up health care coverage and make pricing competitive? Where is anything to do with Obamacare? Stop leaking information about alleged immigration proposals and share them with us. Stop your war on conservatives and rein in USG super-agencies with strict oversight and accountability and a veto power for Congress over any agency administrative decree costing taxpayers’ money. Let’s hear a call for the criminal prosecution of Lois Lerner, and John Koskinnen, and others in these public institutions who are acting for partisan political goals.

If the GOP thinks it can sit around and take the pulse of the public for two years, they’re smoking something.


The Good News and the Bad News

The good news is that here we are, at a point that seemed impossibly far away two years ago, on the verge of breaking the Democrats’ ungodly control of our political power. We’re not sure of course, because the dead are voting in unprecedentedly high numbers this election, along with half of Central America. The GOP is working hard because it is either win or evanesce. I have so many things on the wish list of things for the GOP to do, but one of them should certainly be legislation to mandate a national identity card, like a Social Security card but better, for US citizens. No ID, no citizenship rights at the voting booth.  I would also like to see a full court press to get a Benghazi Special Prosecutor and one for the IRS, as well. The GOP has to start rooting out the politicization of our civil service or we’re headed to become a banana republic with heavy doses of repression. Of course we know in our hearts that the GOP is going to plow ahead with amnesty, because that is what US business wants and the heck with the rest of us. In any case, there are going to be real fights in the next two years and our Congress had best be prepared to fight hard. The Dems will try to use their remaining lever of power, the Presidency, to push through all kinds of initiatives that they want in place to help them get back in control.  I think that if the Republicans continue business as usual and just give us more of the same and some face lift, there will be problems in the Republican Party and worse than before.

The bad news is the foreign policy arena, where things remain as scary as ever. The US has been bombing part of Syria where there are practically no targets that aren’t already rubble, and the Brits and Canadians have each dropped a bomb or two, as well. Not much to show for all the drama and the vows to get ISIS. Turkey caved to US pressures, sort of, and is allowing Iraqi Kurds to pass through its land into Syria to fight ISIS. I’ve mentioned before that the Kurds are a powder-keg all by themselves. Spread across Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria, these clans would like to reunite taking all of the land they are sitting on. The Kurds have fought the Turks on this issue. Now Turkey is forced into colluding in an operation against Turkey’s old friends ISIS, giving the Kurds a chance to hone their military skills and get ginned up for action back home. Turkey wants instead to depose foe Bashar al Assad in Damascus rather than piss around with ISIS, but first things first. Here is a snippet from an Israeli newspaper that gives you a sense of Turkey’s exasperation:

“The U.S. is too focused on Kobani and isn’t paying enough attention to other places,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on Monday. He also disclosed that some of the weapons provided to the rebels in the Kurdish town had fallen to Islamic State while others had been seized by fighters of the Kurdish Union Party, which is working with the Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK, which is listed internationally as a terror group.

Here is another excerpt, this one from the Wall Street Journal, on recent setbacks:

Fighters from al Qaeda’s Syrian branch have advanced along a northern area bordering Turkey after driving out several moderate factions from longtime strongholds, rebels said, complicating the U.S. effort to recruit and train the Syrian opposition battling Islamic State and trying to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

The weekend advance by Jabhat al-Nusra into territory that since 2012 has been the base for Syria’s most Western-friendly rebels dealt another blow to the country’s moderate opposition groups, including the main faction backed and armed by the U.S.

These rebels have for months lost ground in their two-pronged war—to Syrian government forces and to extremists from the group calling itself Islamic State, which parted ways with al-Nusra last year. Panicked and besieged by al-Nusra, some moderate fighters switched sides to al-Nusra this weekend as their towns fell.

Al-Nusra fighters on Monday amassed at a town in Idlib province, Sarmada, four miles from a gate on Turkey’s border, local rebels said, in what could be a move to grab the border crossing, Bab al-Hawa. Over the weekend, al-Nusra seized villages—along with weaponry, ammunition and armored vehicles—in Idlib’s mountainous Jabal Zawiya area.

The success of the overseas operations of these jihadists is why I continue to support putting more of our effort into securing our borders and our own homeland rather than trying to stem the disease in other peoples’ countries. We’re not winning. The only way we could win is if all the non-jihadists took up guns and other weapons and murdered the marauders. Don’t hold your breath.

In Ukraine, both western Ukraine and eastern Ukraine have held elections. No surprise that the sitting President Poroshenko won handily in the west and in the east the incumbents were returned as well. The fighting is sporadic as the two sides jockey over objectives they want to seize before international meddlers leave them each frozen where they are. The one interesting and new development is that Ukraine’s Deputy Energy Minister told reporters that Kiev was ready to buy coal from the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics because it was the cheapest fuel they can get. Of course doing so — buying through the “government authorities” of those two places would serve as recognition of their legitimacy. Big problem for Poroshenko and my instinct is that the Deputy Minister will lose his job shortly for mentioning the deal publicly. Meanwhile Poroshenko, having no practical steps he can reasonably take, is mulling over overturning legislation that gave certain autonomous rights to the rebel provinces.

I have a feeling the next two years are going to be pretty tumultuous. The rest of the world sees Obama the Lame as Obama the Lame Duck, and like the Democrats in Washington will be hurtling forward to get what they can while the World’s Biggest Wuss is still sitting in the White House.


Hill’s Shills

clintoniraqI haven’t written for some time now. I’ve been mesmerized by the wreckage of our foreign policy ineptitude, in which, as we all know, Hillary Clinton played a huge role as Secretary of State. She was Joan of Arc for the export of US democracy around the world, the beacon of liberty. It was in this spirit that she pushed hard for a war against Qaddafi (although we never call things like bombing war anymore) and then publicly gloated when the man was shot on his knees as well as reportedly sodomized with a weapon. This is the woman who would be President. It isn’t a pretty picture.

pickeringtwo_editedI guess we all have become used by now to the spectacle of career US officials such as Ambassador Thomas Pickering running interference for Hillary Clinton. In case you forgot, Pickering was in charge of the Accountability Review Panel that scoured the events of Benghazi in order to assign blame for the disaster. Alas, he wasn’t really able to pin that down very well, and he sure wasn’t able to find any link at all to the Big Gun at State, Mrs. Clinton. In fact, Pickering was convinced a priori of Mrs. Clinton’s non-responsibility, to the extent that he didn’t bother to chat with the lovely lady about her role in things. Some of us wonder how stupid he thinks the rest of us are, and believe me, State is filled with people who think they are smarter than almost anybody but a European. Pickering didn’t think it was necessary to inquire too deeply into her own actions that led up to this and her actions on the night of the disaster. Did she do anything other than sit on her ample ass and listen and watch to what was happening? Did what she had seen not seem at odds with her public statements that this was linked to that stupid (but convenient) video snippet that supposedly triggered spontaneous rioting? Mr. Pickering is one of those who is dreaming of being Mr. Secretary of State if dear Hill is elected. She owes him BIG TIME for that one. The man threw away all his credibility by trying to cover up Mrs. Clinton’s responsibility for what happened in Benghazi, and I’m afraid he is going to be disappointed at not being Secretary of State.

Let’s move on to another US Ambassador, a career official, Ambassador Christopher Hill. He has just published an article in Politico, the TASS of the Clinton campaign, in which he blames Obama for the debacle in the Middle East. The lead photo he used alerted me to what was up. It was a picture of a beaming Hillary Clinton with the  Ambassador at her side by the aircraft that had delivered her to Iraq like manna from heaven. His first paragraph was enough for me. It started by recounting how Clinton went to Iraq and how the Iraqis loved her, were in raptures with her, she immediately bonded with every single human being in the room. I guess Amb. Hill thought the world under Hillary’s guidance would be sunshine and roses, warring factions would kiss and make up and then BOOM. Here, let the Ambassador tell you for himself: Exhilarated and grateful, I stood on the edge of the landing zone in a line with a few other embassy personnel, all of us waving farewell to our secretary with the expectation she would be back soon. Obama replaced her in that position with (gasp) the Vice President. Well, I guess Hill shares the common view of Biden as a blundering blithering idiot, but his insinuation is that, if only it had been Hillary, everything would have worked out just fine.

Yes, she might have begun by disarming the US Embassy security force, Amb. Hill.

090315_chrishill_kady_editedHill is another fawning candidate for Secretary of State or perhaps the number two spot. His maneuver with this article was transparently an attempt to distance the miraculous Hillary Clinton from the disastrous decision-making in foreign policy while she was Secretary of State by pinning it on Obama and the White House advisors. This is the “if only” school of campaigning — if only Hillary had been president, none of this would have happened. She is tougher than ISIS and Assad put together. If you think NATO was prone to bombing under Obama, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. By the way, the cavalcade of stars coming out of State Department is no surprise. She had it under her control for four years, during which she wasted no time recruiting for her campaign machine. An acquaintance from State, a currently serving Ambassador, told my husband she is working for the Hillary campaign. For quite a while we got phone calls under her name, but they were obviously robo-calls (never a message left). Expect this team to be dedicated to whitewashing Hillary Clinton’s lusterless tenure as SecState. (And by the way, what happened to the Hatch Act that prohibited USG employees from active support of political candidates?)

panetta_editedNow we have Leon Panetta. If wimpy guys like Hill don’t convince you that Hillary Clinton is a Strong Leader, here’s the guy who was Secretary of Defense. And what do you think his message is? That Obama is such a stinker, he screwed up everything! Alone! Panetta was much smarter than Obama and disagreed with almost everything Obama was in favor of. He did not say in so many words that “my friend Hillary would be much stronger as President than Obama ever was or will be,” but we get it Leon. He’s another Clinton I lapdog, and he remains true to his brand. Expect more of the same from him in coming months.  Leon’s getting on in years so perhaps he doesn’t want a government spot, but perhaps just a lucrative government-connected boondoggle.

Get used to it. Hillary’s bandwagon was lined up long ago, and she poached within the USG to find her team. It is just one more example of how the USG has become aligned with one party and in doing so has politicized the civil service function. This deserves defeating.



Is Anybody Scared Yet?

chrysalisI feel as if we have all been sucked into some kind of time warp where events are occurring in triple time everywhere. We’re heading for some kind of big bang, again, I’m more and more convinced. I can feel it twanging in the air. If I were a cowgirl with my ear to the ground, I would say the Indians are coming, a lot of Indians. As I commented to a fellow blogger familiar with the ugly face of socialism at a personal level, what this feels like isn’t any old ordinary evil we know or knew, but something distilled and pure. Seriously, if Obama were to appear at his next faux  press conference with horns and cloven hoofs, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. He’s playing a massive role in what is coming in America and abroad. He’s definitely Satan’s little helper.

The latest insult to everybody still sane in America is the story being peddled about Benghazi. Now the prevaricators are getting far more sophisticated than they have been to date. They have morphed from it was the video, to it was terrorism, didn’t we say so? to it was the video, but it was also terrorism! Now we are told it was the SECOND attack, the one that ended up with a dead Ambassador, that was “professional” and “well-organized.” And guess what sent them to the annex to maraud and murder? It was that first spontaneous bunch of dunderheads who like, totally amateurs. They haven’t claimed as yet that the amateurs were provoked by the video, but I can see it coming. So we are back to lying to save the fat butts of people like Hillary and Barack.

I admit it. I didn’t think we would ever see the day when our military officers would sit and spin a load of crap to clear the good name of their political patrons. But a friend of mind predicted it when the “kingpin” (oops, low-level drudge) who was in on the marauding was nabbed by US agents. I say nabbed, but of course this guy all but came forward with wrists together. He was walking around giving tv interviews, but it was not until a huge stink was made about the fact of his non-arrest that he was amazingly found. But the guy and his handlers disappeared from view for a while before showing up on US shores. Of course he was in CIA hands. The CIA, last I looked, had become about as politicized as the FBI.  And now it is gradually emerging from the words of this low-level drudge that nobody in either the White House or the State Department lied about what was happening in Benghazi. Nobody made any mistakes. It was all set in  motion by something as unpredictable as a video snippet by a disturbed man.

monsterThis bit of theater in lieu of transparency is added of course to the VA scandal — talk about cold, indifferent and utterly worthless civil “servants” (and I’m pretty sure that the servant part will soon be a thing of the past as somehow demeaning to black USG employees). And then we have the Mother of All Scandals, the IRS conspiracy. What is happening is a very rapid push (don’t you sense the panic?) to make as many difficult to reverse gains in politicizing the USG before Obama is a thing of the past. This process  will continue if Hillary Clinton is elected. Our government has grown into a monster that has a life of its own. It can’t be killed.

Here’s another insight: the “army”  Obama has often spoken of creating to enforce his ideas is actually this army of South American Indians who think nothing of selling their vote — old hat for them — and are loyal for the millennia to whoever takes care of them. Being taken care of was once novel for these Latin Americans, but now that is old hat, too. I’d bet every one of the guys who mows my lawn has his hand in every open pot. But here’s a prediction and it isn’t original, but an echo of one made years ago by a Secretary of Labor (a Republican at the time): there will be racial warfare between the Hispanics and the Blacks over jobs and benefits. There most assuredly will be.

Because of course the US isn’t growing at a healthy pace, despite all the happy talk. We are morphing rapidly into a nation of consumers who don’t produce anything of value. Our economy can be controlled by guys like George Soros and Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. And these are guys who aren’t happy just being super rich — they want super power, too, and they want to remake the entire world in terms of their “visionary” philosophies that come with a heavy dose of “shut up and take it, it’s good for you.” The stock market boom is a fiction, as well. Wait until it crashes again, folks. The billionaires will earn more billions, all taken from y-o-u, the world’s drones.

And abroad, things are a real mess. On Syria, the US has turned a blind eye to Syrian bombing of Iraq, because the bombing aims to eradicate the rebels fighting both Assad and the Iraqi government. But we are also arming the guys trying to bring Assad down. And all of this has become urgent because Obama screwed up royally — or claimed a great victory for his personal vision — in Iraq. And we got rid of Assad’s chemical weapons, but it seems that we failed to claim the cw that is in the hands of the US-supported anti-Assad mob, or so it seems from the discovery of empty sarin containers left behind by the ISIS crowd in Syria or Iraq or some such hell-hole.

We also have the irony of the US telling Russia not to violate Ukraine’s border while refusing to enforce the US border in line with their secret “Open Borders” policy. And our border has indeed disappeared under the weight of a deliberate offensive against US sovereignty from our south. At last the US is experiencing both “waves of refugees” (fleeing their contemptibly corrupt and brutal governments, violence and no work or benefits) and “separatism.” (The separatists already march with Mexican flags in hand.) And the worst of it is that I am absolutely convinced that the orchestrated influx of kids and assorted others was connived in by the Democrat Party and the jerk in the White House. I think they know that just doing it and not worrying about the legality is the best way to force on America that “permanent majority” we should all dread.

So this is the kind of nightmare world we became after leaving the blessed chrysalis of the US was up until the late 60s. Instead of going from ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly, we’re moving in reverse.





Tactical Allies on the Left

signThe news is that James Earl Carter has finally turned his eagle eye for abusiveness to the USG and finds it guilty. For the first time ever, I find that I agree with most of what Carter had to say. This is a scary moment for me. If there is a president I despise approximately as much as I do Obama, it’s Carter. Carter managed in four years at the helm to trash his country and those of other one-time allies like the Shah of Iran and Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua, helping into power anti-American regimes in both places. In retirement, he has been an attention-grabbing gadfly with a huge sense of righteousness. How nice that he is now willing to step forward in defense of Americans’ basic rights instead of blathering about Myanmar or some other country we really don’t give a flip about.

The subject Carter was speaking about in some touchy-feely Atlanta conclave was the invasive nature of today’s American government and its violation of fundamental principles of liberty, to wit, NSA and other espionage systems. He said that there is no longer a functioning democracy in the United States. He said it about a Democrat president. A Democrat president who finally relieved Carter of the title for worst president ever. Hallelujah and saints be praised!

And I wonder: what has changed here? How is it that many on the left and many on the right who agree on nothing else agree that there is no functioning democracy in America? Have the scales fallen from their eyes? Does this new willingness to speak out against Obama give hope that we can forge alliances never conceived of to defeat the neo-totalitarians? Maybe Carter will take up the case of Edward Snowden and press for safe-passage documents to see him to his chosen place of asylum. Wouldn’t that be a kicker, a real Nobel Prize moment.

flowersIt always happens in left-wing revolutions that people who were most guilty of promoting everything that evolved into tyranny are among the first to be eliminated by the new regimes. Erstwhile allies become enemies of the State because the State knows better than anyone how  much damage the erstwhile ally can do to the Establishment. It’s like Mao’s encouragement to China’s people to “let a hundred flowers bloom.” In that enigmatic oriental way of his, this meant “go ahead, you intellectuals, disagree with me, tell me the error of my ways, write plays and poetry and paint pictures and fully express yourself.” When the flowers were in bloom, he was able clearly to see his enemies, sticking out above all the others, and he snipped off their heads. Just think of all those left-wing intellectuals dead or might as well be dead in places like Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea. In Russia, the famous writer and playwright Vladimir Mayakovsky — a leading intellectual light among the communists — shot himself less than a decade after the Bolsheviks took power. He was terribly depressed to find that the people who were going to make Russians free were actually worse than the Tsar.

So it’s nice to see that some of the lefties — by no means all of them — are recognizing at last how we have changed from a free-thinking and free-living nation into a nation where half are in thrall to their government and half want to bring it down and everybody is owned by the State. Rights are becoming an arcane concept, unless you’re talking about the sham rights the UN and the left are pushing: the right to a job, the right to a house, the right to a university education, the right to free health care, and so on. (In reality this means the right to any job the State offers you, two rooms and a toilet for your house,  and the right to higher education only for the brightest or the connected — the rest will be shuffled off to technical schools to serve the needs of the State. It means the right to a poor and much-reduced level of health care that will succeed in jacking up the death rates and thereby thin out the ranks of the old and useless.)

Even the shabby quality of the things the State claims it can provide forever for free cannot in fact be guaranteed. The only rights we can guarantee are those in our founding documents, like the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The rest are nothing but cheap promises.

schismWhen elements of the two extremes of American politics can come together on the threat to freedom — or more accurately, when the left can see, too, that freedom is under assault — it means we have gone far down the road to tyranny. House hearings have revealed only the tip of the iceberg of corruption and politicization of our federal bureaucracy. The neo-totalitarians are sprinkled throughout the system, quietly churning out regulations to bind us and coerce us down the paths they have chosen. But there are tremors beneath our feet portending big changes in America. Things are coming to a tipping point, or maybe a parting of the ways. Our government wants to control us like bytes and bits of a computer and this nation within a nation, the conservative nation, isn’t going quietly.


I’m All Right, You’re All Right – But Our Government Needs Surgery

gatorsI’m sitting on a quiet Sunday afternoon in my house on the water in the glorious state of Florida, alligators and all. Although where I live the authorities swear there are no alligators. Which I believed until a relative of mine saw a gator in a golf course waterway. Liars!

Thinking of reptiles and small deceptions brings me to our government and its much larger deceptions, chief among them their claim to govern for the people when they are actually governing for their inner circle and an ideology called socialism. We Americans are essentially data to be mined in order to pinpoint how they can best influence, harass or harness us. Interest group politics taken to the point of absurdity. But it works.

Hard to believe how many Americans even today think any violation of rights is okay as long as its Barry doing the violating. And it’s disturbing to see how much bile and resentment our president has created. I was dismayed to watch interviews of young students concerning harassment of the Tea Party — they not only didn’t mind, it was “right on!” It’s a sad commentary on our society to see that these kids not only have zero information about the Tea Party beyond Democrat talking points, they hate the Tea Party, to boot. Ignorance and emotion combined, a socialist’s dream. Obama is a terrible divider.

vulturesA lot of people in America never saw all this abuse of power coming. They actually believed the hype about Obama who is, in his essence, an almost entirely fabricated man crafted by other men far abler than he. Just think how many of us Americans fell for the transparency hoo-ha and the end-of-racism malarkey. Now it seems the US is becoming more and more socialist, and less and less democratic, more color-blinded and less color-blind. Even people normally oblivious to the world around them are noticing thanks to the scandalous behavior of our elected officials, appointed officials, and bureaucrats. For the first time, the public is getting a broad-screen picture of this bunch of political goons and it isn’t a pretty one. They might tire of the details of corruption and abuse, but they’re drinking in the essential message: these people are violating our rights. They don’t know their limits.

I still cannot grasp how we got here. I admit, George Bush had that incredibly irritating facial tic that made him appear to be smirking whatever he was saying, but was it so bad that Americans chose to opt for a political path as alien to our way of life as Spartanism? It’s as if our collective brain began shorting out somewhere along the line (Vietnam?) and now suffers from a cascade of failing synapses. We no longer have a common set  of core values, we are at least two nations if not more, and that fragmentation is a sign of a collapsing nation-state. (Another sign is the growing reliance on military force abroad to impose pax Americana.)

Unfortunately, the other half of the brain now has control of many elements of our government and they are as busy as ants at a picnic socially re-engineering America. The socialists are driven by a sense of ideological messianism in their efforts to transform the administrative apparatus of the Executive Branch into their very own machine subservient to party rather than nation. No measure seems too extreme for them to push through using every trick they can, including administrative fiat and flat-out lies to dupe the public. They made a lot of progress. IRS is no doubt rotten from head to toe, and that goes for other key departments, as well. This has greatly enhanced their power. But now they have run head-on into the perennial problem of the true ideologue: you have to move fast to out-run the enemy you want to silence forever, but if you move too fast, you turn everybody else off, too. The Left was trying to do things that were unconstitutional without first having total control of the press, and that was what tripped them up. That’s why they hate Fox News so much.

stormWhere do you think we stand today with regard to our government? Do we trust it even as much as we trusted the Bush government? Are enough people turned off by the evidence of corruption and contempt for the Constitution that it will make a difference? I’m guessing Americans are a bit testier today than they were yesterday and that they are going to get testier yet. The Marxists are focused, ideologically-driven men and women and they have three and a half years yet to work their will through the power of the State. They won’t stop trying and they have lots of allies inside the government beehive. It’s our job to block them. Then we have to treat the patient with pin-point surgery to remove the malignancies. I think perhaps an IRS-ectomy is in order.

Here in Florida the weather is getting that heavy feeling typical of hurricane season. I see those same clouds hanging over our country’s future. Storms ahead.


The Heat Is On

syria ruinsI’ve been writing now and again about Syria and the mess poorly-conceived foreign policy has made of the Middle East and North Africa. The US Government has taken to intervention like a duck to water, but the only fun part is the bombing. Afterwards is when is gets really sticky. Because we invariably have nothing substantive to offer and no foundation in the given society for a transition to democracy and civil peace. We cannot afford Marshall Plans these days, so Rent-a-Cop has to do, instead. It doesn’t work, as Benghazi and a glance around the region will confirm.

thensuspectsObama has so far refused to go against Syria militarily. But his reluctance is under intense pressure these days. In first place, he is up to his gray hairline in scandals of his own making. The USG has been subverted by political operatives and the malfeasance infects numerous agencies and departments, from Homeland Security to the FBI to the NSA and the DOJ. We have learned of massive data collection operations that constitute a grave violation of Americans’ fundamental rights, of the AG’s mounting of illegal operations that violated our neighbor’s sovereignty and its snooping under false pretenses into reporters’ private communications. Homeland Security has put conservative groups on lists of potential terrorists. Doctors, responding to Kathleen Sibelius and the HHS, have turned patients over to law enforcement for confiscation of legally-owned arms and pressure to get psychiatric care, and many of those targeted are vets. The IRS has become the thuggish enforcer for a criminal administration. And still Obama is not going to be impeached, at least I don’t think so, but he’s floundering now and looking weak and dishonest. He is not who he once was (but really never was). So he needs to burnish his reputation globally and at home, and what better way than to carry out a successful bombing war somewhere? Long-term disasters are not his problem, they will fall to his successors to deal with.

He is being pushed in the same direction by the neo-interventionist chorus, going at it hammer and tongs and gnashing their teeth at the idea that Assad will prevail over his enemies, many of whom are jihadists and Moslem fundamentalists. They want action now, and at a minimum massive arming of the rebels (and jihadists). Russia out-maneuvered the US on this one, reckoning that Obama wasn’t going to try another Libya and thus backing ally Assad to the hilt. And now Assad stands at the brink of (no doubt temporarily) retaking control of Syria. France and the UK are also keen to step in and save humanity and when one thinks of the mess their countries are in, does that seem remotely sane? This drive by US and European leaders to appear to be waging a strong war in favor of freedom and light is self-destructive. But it appears that notwithstanding so many previous failures at democracy-building, these indomitable foes of bad behavior still think that sub-rosa intervention and eventually overt NATO intervention is helpful to longer-term peacemaking. An article in the WSJ today reports that President Barack Obama and his top advisers are reviewing proposals that would allow the U.S. to arm the rebels. One option calls for the U.S. to provide funds to allies Britain and France to jointly buy weapons for the Supreme Military Council, the rebel army leadership board commanded by Gen. Idris, according to U.S. officials.

It’s hard even to imagine that in this slough of despair we are in here at home our government wants to open our Treasury to support people we soon will be opposing. Gen. Idris may be a decent man, but he is not going to be the boss if the Western interventionists have their way and Assad is  murdered, deposed or exiled. All you need to see is how the opposition forces react when they are up against the wall. The opposition forces are using scorched earth tactics, flattening cities as they abandon them. They are committing serious abuses of human rights. But after all, many and increasingly more of them are jihadists, and what we are seeing of them should give us an idea of what they’d be as a government. To expect anything else is hope misplaced.

It worries me that a confluence of events has so greatly increased the likelihood of US intervention in a place we should keep at arm’s length. It is a tinderbox. We almost had a direct military confrontation with a much weaker Russia over the airport in Kosovo; how much more likely is such a confrontation if we choose to begin military action against a close Russian ally? How would we react if somebody attacked one of our close allies? Is it worth it? What problems will it solve? We don’t have any answers, but one: if we bomb the place, all the fighting stops (for the moment). In the meantime, we’ll edge our way to the abyss of another war by giving heavy arms to the Syrian opposition. Even now the two sides are turning Aleppo to rubble, fighting over things like hospitals. Think what they can do if the level of weaponry escalates. They’ll need those hospitals, and some mobile morgues, too.

obama and choomI hope for once in his life this Shallow Hal in the White House will show some intelligence and backbone. Just Say No, Barry. You can keep your choom, but please swear off intervention. Our country can’t afford any more humanitarian wars and we most certainly can’t afford the fallout if we notch up another head of government.

Instead of foreign adventures, I’d like to see our President concentrating on restoring Americans’ confidence in their government by coming clean and ordering his subordinates to come clean on all the misdeeds the Federal apparat has been carrying out in recent years.

I guess that’s a non-starter. Too bad for Syria, and for us, too.