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A Veritable Cornucopia of Revenge

I’m smiling. Of course, the revenge I refer to is not that of the “Resistance,” that motley crew of smuggies and losers, but that of the staid old conservatives. We knew from the very moment the story of Russian conspiracies with Trump was birthed that those stories were lies. On so many levels, this was transparent. Hey, tell me: how many people do you know who didn’t make up their mind on how to vote in that election within moments of Trump’s nomination? If Putin himself had shown up on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s doorstep, with roses and caviar and minks and under-the-table pay-offs and birth control protection, could he have swayed her? How many illiterates are swayed by FB? How many illiterates are Democrats? Egad, the questions are like no-see-ums in August in Florida.

I’ve just been biding my time for the truth to out, after all my blogs that explained the duplicity involved, based on my long experience. I am nevertheless amazed that the truth is outing. The Orcs (no relation to “trolls”) are being routed from the heart of our sacred and ultimate defender of truth and law, the FBI, and its parent agency, the Department of Justice. So far, there is no movement to clean out the CIA, the other key participant in the Russian Fairy Tale. I see that ex-CIA honcho Morell, who was a True Blue Clintonite, is starting to distance himself from the conspirators in his agency. Perhaps he was innocent, just another rah-rah Dem who thought that being progressive still encompassed the idea of fairness and truth. Not like the new breed of Dem Socialists, who think all truth is relative, fairness is stupidity, and lies can be sold as the truth to the “Masses”as easy as pie.  And by gum, these incredibly ugly precepts seem to be selling like hotcakes to today’s youths and spinsters and men who are mentally transgendering to the point of wearing pussy caps and marching with hate-filled women.

Okay. What else? Oh, yes. That stupid shut-down. I worried a bit about it. My often right hubby said that the GOP would be blamed no matter what. I said, “but the Dems are doing it, so I think you’re wrong.” Then I read that the Dems had based their shut-down on polling, and I knew we were a shoo-in for victory. Gee, guess who was right this time? Big win for Trump, yuuuuuuge loss for the Dems and personally for Schumer. And then Schumer, unnerved by being upstaged by Trump, turns face and withdraws a common-sense deal to trade status for the illegals brought as children for the fortification of American security. Now he rejects the latter as virtual anathema and demands all the Dem wishes be fulfilled for free. No borders, no border controls is the Democrat Party Anthem. (And if a baby happens to survive an assassination attempt, they think it’s okay to put a knife through his heart.)

Whew. The Dems are having a Party-wide breakdown. They think the rest of us are brain-damaged by left-wing parents or from surviving assassination attempts as infants.

Let’s look at N. Korea. Still no nuclear conflagration, as Kim what’s him name studies photos of Trump’s multiple buttons. The response is to send cute N. Koreans south to wow the entertainment-starved world at an Olympics that has excluded some of the world’s best athletes on what were transparently political grounds. Kim aka Rocket Man said to be practicing pole vault.

Let’s look at Russia. Still going strong, still mightily miffed at being endlessly smeared by Americans who do not know that communists are Putin’s likely successor in an overthrow! In Syria, and predictably, the Turkish Air Force is pounding the Kurds whom the US briefly wanted to turn into an army to unseat Assad and Erdogan. Of course, the US by then had actually abandoned the Kurds, so there was no need for Erdogan to be so rude. The Russians meantime watch to see at what point they might usefully reinsert themselves into Syrian defense, and pressure their ally Assad to negotiate a safe status for Kurds within an integral Syria.  This is all good news for global stability.

I think Trump is learning in foreign policy, and here is something else I think: a lot of the global leaders who supposedly cringe at Trump’s overly-direct words are not at all offended. In fact, they love it, they approve of it, they encourage it. The truth, and the most powerful man in the world is saying it! Listen to the president of Uganda, who just loves Trump’s willingness to cut through the crap. I am pretty sure that every Latin American leader, from Mexico to Peru, envies Trump for the freedom and power to say truth. And applauds it, because for once an American president isn’t talking about taking responsibility for Latin America out of their (hapless) hands. I drank a lot of beers and vodkas with a lot of tough male politicians south of the border, and I never heard one of them praise a wuss. I guess the only places where leaders are cringing are those headed by women.

How could I close without a fond adieu to the Me-Too Movement, which is fading like the Wicked Witch of the West. I see the Wall Street Journal has run an article on the Weinstein brothers and how they founded an empire. I’d say rehab of the grabbers is underway, while the stupid, stupid women who blabbed are being silenced by the simple act of denying them work (who wants to work with backstabbers and crybabies?). The few women who were really heroines, such as Courtney Love, will probably get it in the back, as well, while the savvier, such as Streep, will get a free pass. Ho-hum, another day in Sodom and Gomorrah.




The New Year Begins with More Nothingburgers

The New Year begins with no signs of imminent economic collapse, world war, or social chaos. I say that despite the nuclear attack alarm that went off “by mistake” in Democrat One-Party State Hawaii, leading people to hide their babies in drain pipes. Admittedly, a few Democrat loonies (redundant) insisted it was all Trump’s fault. I guess that means that if Obama was in office and they got a nuclear alert, they’d just make a p and j sandwich and relax with a tall glass of milk.

No matter how hard the Democrats tried, no calamities materialized, except the mudslide that sullied the homes of the ultra-rich, including the multi-homed Oprah Winfrey. Trump has annoyed North Korea’s Adored Leader so much that the latter is trying to kiss and make up with a very responsive South Korea, the entire government of which were said to have simultaneously wet their pants on hearing about how much bigger Trump’s button was. Rocket Man has gone so far as to permit his athletes to frolic at the Olympics with the arbiters of world opinion, thus transforming North Korea into nothing more than a member of the world community with a starving population where the army must forage for its own food. That special guest status, or status of any kind at the Olympics, has been denied to Russia, by the way, which has had all its athletes banned from competing because of a few bad apples. The rapprochement of North and South would appear to be in everybody’s best interests, and perhaps Rocket Man can do something spectacular to shame Trump, like personally winning for the highest pole vault. If we talk North Korea, we must talk China. Trump the Rude and Overly Direct managed to shame or perhaps frighten China, previously inscrutable on the subject of North Korea,  into having a word with Rocket Man, who would not ordinarily decide overnight that he wanted to suck up to the running dogs of imperialism and puppets of the American neo-imperialist colonizers. So it was kind of a 2-for-1 win on The Donald’s part.

The best part: if the North and South decide they like each other better than they like Americans, we could finally, at last, take our troops home from South Korea, a rich and increasingly smug little country that has fattened on the endless influx of US defense dollars and might. That money could be better spent doing transgender operations on members of our Armed Forces.

Regarding Russia, the Fairy Tale that has put most of us to sleep each night for what seems forever is losing its attraction. All the evidence that any half-true story has would by now have been trumpeted at every turn, but no. Instead it is petty crimes or entrapments that occupy Mueller, provided only that they have nothing to do with Russia or Trump. And even though they have no proof of their lurid fantasies, even if the story is a lie from one end to the other, all the Never-Trumpers insist that the fabrication “has the ring of truth”.

The rich irony is that, while the charge of Russian collusion with the Trumpists has failed utterly to pan out, the facts that are surfacing right and left are screaming Democrat/Clintonian conspiracy and collusion. Their goal was to tarnish irretrievably Trump’s candidacy. The possibility of a presidency was far-fetched, but by banding together cross-agency and intra-agency to form a clandestine network of activists, they could even destroy an unacceptable presidency. In pursuing their goals, these cretins utilized paid and/or bogus foreign sources, Russians and Brits, to surface damning false “revelations” about Trump to ensure Hillary the White House or take it from Trump, God forbid. As far as I’m concerned, there are a bunch of people in DOJ, FBI, IRS and other agencies who need to be under investigation and under indictment.

Now the other Clinton scandals, so long hidden, rotting, under the carpet, are seeing the light of day and the stink is horrendous. The first of what hopefully will be many crooks has fallen to an indictment in connection with the curious case of Uranium One. Perhaps this will feed the other investigation into the Clinton (Political Slush Fund) Foundation that seems to be underway.

On the down side, it seems possible that senile Pelosi will once again be at the helm of our hapless, useless, ignorant, treasonous Congress. Or even that it will be Trump against a Democrat-controlled House and Senate. If I were Trump, I’d be looking to invigorate a fraud detection network for the next vote, with special attention given to sanctuary cities and states, and I would be prepared to start bringing charges where voting fraud is found. Not only that, start doing state-by-state comparisons for voting data to determine how many people are voting in two places. That is a particular problem in places like Arizona and Florida, where people spend their Novembers.

And of course, how could I fail to mention the shithole comment surfaced by a famous liar, Richard Durbin of UniParty Illinois. If Trump said it, he was only giving voice yet again to the consensus of the American people, i.e. that our Walmarts are stuffed to the gills with the flotsam and jetsam of the world’s worst-governed, most violent, least democratic countries on the face of the earth, most of them under 5 feet tall. I had to give visas to them, because the law said so. We don’t have control over our borders when the standard for getting residency is whether your relative/petitioner also entered the US illegally and then managed to gain status. Instead of saying, well that person should have no rights to bring somebody else in, we fell for the left-wing ploy, “how can you break up families?”.  Give us all a break. End chain migration now, and any kind of lottery, and set high standards for entry. If the Congress can’t do this, why the hell do we need them?


at last

Even as our friends on the left laughed and celebrated and threw their hats in the air, convinced that Trump was headed for impeachment as a traitor who stole the election, convinced he was a madman for impugning the honor of Barack Hussein Obama, a few brave people within the US Civil Service snuck out of the range of fire to report to California Representative Nunes on how in fact Trump was surveilled, or as the President said “wire-tapped.” How sweet it is.

When Trump made his accusation (and wouldn’t you like to know who really tipped him off?), prima donna James Comey flew to the press in a snit of righteousness to say he had asked the DOJ to issue a flat denial of anybody authorizing “wire-tapping” against the then president-elect or even candidate. Of course that was a pure technicality, which is another way of saying “lie.” Then Comey, with that pugnacious jaw thrust out, tried to finish off Trump by announcing that he and his campaign were under investigation for treason, i.e. collusion with the Russians to steal Hillary’s coronation, and had been since mid-2016. But Comey was oh, so coy about the issue of felonious leakers currently lurking within the USG. Seems maybe the FBI gives a damn; and maybe not. His goal was pretty clear, a chance to get even for Trump’s outrageous use of “outreach” to out the FBI.

Now we know that some unstated number of Trump allies and maybe even Trump himself were under surveillance under the Obama regime. Hence the leaks the Dems were hoping the rest of us would buy as “smoking guns” and just cause to remove Trump and install Hillary. Boy, Comey always comes up smelling like horse excrement.

Needless to say, the Democrats and their cronies in the press gasp about Rep. Nunes rushing to tell the Prez that he had been right after all. “You favor the president!” screamed Schiff. What Nunes should have said was, “and how about you? aren’t you actively opposing the president? this brings some balance.” But Nunes didn’t care and he did right. If he hadn’t outed the lie into the public domain, it would have “disappeared” like all those who ran afoul of the CIA in Latin America in the 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s and no doubt 90s (then I retired from the State Department).

I’m happy to find that my own judgment was correct, that there had of course been surveillance call it what you will against Trump and his allies. How else would you have had leaks of conversations? It wasn’t  magic, was it? And finally someone did indeed have the courage to buck the trend and end the silence about the massive abuse of Executive Branch powers by the Obama administration.

(Note: I’m listening to that purveyor of lies, Adam Schiff, tell us that Obama partisan Sally Yates is willing, yea frothing at the mouth, to come forward and defame Trump. Okay. Maybe not “defame Trump” literally, but in reality, yes. It’s tough being on defense, Adam.)

So here is the bottom line: the CIA probably planted electronic trace that allegedly led back to Russia to back up the Brennan/Clapper lie it was Russia and NOT Seth Rich of DNC dissidence fame who passed the evidence of DNC corruption to Wikileaks. Take a look at Zero Hedge  on this subject.  At a minimum, they had the capability to do so. (See Wikileaks.) They padded this bit of electronic “evidence” with the kind of scurrilous rumor-mongering that Brit ex-spy Steele was selling. Then their pals in the intel community either turned a blind eye to the lie of collusion and a “false election” (I’d guess Adm. Rogers…) or colluded actively in the lie. This happened as a result of the politicization of the civil service, which is supposed to be a totally neutral body. If not, you’d have people leaking top secret information to deep-six the opposition. Imagine.

I was trying to write about all this for weeks, but I kept discarding my drafts. I felt there was something else coming that would clarify the situation. What Nunes has brought forth, thanks to that heroic “deep throat¨ has indeed clarified the situation. Now others are stepping up to reveal what was going on under Obama to sabotage the Trump Administration. We are in a perilous state of governance in which our decisions are being shaped by false information

The Liar tells one too many

When it comes to lying, almost everybody in Washington practices it daily. Most recently, Ted Cruz lashed out at Mitch McConnell for outright lying to other Republican senators about side deals relating to the Highways bill and the TPP. But the Blue Ribbon for Most Consistent and Outrageous Deviousness goes to Hillary Clinton.

I won’t bother to go back through her history  of lies, like landing in Sarajevo under fire (we wish!). I’ll just pick up mid-whopper with the saga of Hillary Clinton’s private server and all that classified information she sent out over its unsecured pathways. According to Clinton, she never sent any classified information over that electronic beam. The fuss by the intelligence bozos is just a squabble over exactly how much information should be classified. It’s simply bureaucratic quibbling. The guys doing the quibbling, by the way, are the Inspectors General of both the Intelligence Community and (no doubt with deep reluctance) the Department of State. The Intelligence Community includes all the various intelligence agencies, offices and departments of all the different parts of the United States Government and the US military. Their foot soldiers and electronic helpers collect the information we use to determine policies and actions. Sometimes the sources are human beings at risk of immediate execution if discovered. Sometimes the information is sucked up from intercepts and eavesdropping; those sources would be shut down quickly if the government involved realized where the leaks were. This and many more similar considerations are behind the classification system. This isn’t a matter of personal opinion or New Age theory. It isn’t a matter of position or ambition.

Here is a clue for the Smartest Woman in the World: if you are pulling your information from top secret code-word protected USG information, your paraphrased conveyance of the information is classified at the same level as the original information. Mrs. Clinton wants us to believe that she had the authority to take that highly classified information and send it as if it were instructions to pick up her dry-cleaning. Even the CIA’s top officials have had to admit that the information that went forth over Mrs. Clinton’s Personal Server is certainly now in the hands of the people we have on our enemies list, like Russia and China. (Message to Russia and China: give us a hand, here, and mail those messages to the  US Congress c/o Trey Gowdy.)

Yesterday I saw a Fox news banner running across the bottom of the screen, grossly misinforming the US public that “retroactively classified information went out in Clinton’s emails.” Here’s another news flash (listen up, Fox News): what she sent out was not retroactively classified. It was classified at the time she put it in her messages. Classification doesn’t change or lapse until some date 20 or 50 or 100 years from the date of origination unless there is some legal process to treat the information otherwise. So just slapping a U for unclassified on the top doesn’t in any substantive manner change the classification of the material. What the security mavens did was restore the original classifications to the information, thus making all those Clinton messages seen and handled by people such as her personal lawyer “classified.”

Here is the crux of the case:

Mrs. Clinton did know all about classifications, she would have been thoroughly briefed on that aspect of her job when she started it, not to mention from her days in the Senate. She knew, as she said, that you can’t send classified material via private servers. One must thus conclude that she changed the classification of the information from Alpha Sigmoid Eyes Only to “anybody except Americans can have a look” knowingly, specifically and deliberately; and that she did so in order to retain full and exclusive control over all her messages sent over a four-year period and allow her to purge any that would reflect poorly upon her as a potential US president. Mrs. Clinton then obliterated many, many thousands of USG-owned messages, insisting they were only about Bill’s affairs. I mean, about Chelsea’s multi-million dollar wedding.

Tell it to the judge, Hillary.

I am delighted to say that the entire intelligence community has jumped down her throat in response. You can’t just call something something it isn’t (other than calling a  man a woman, a woman a man, or a white a black.) You can’t paraphrase your country’s most closely guarded secrets, throw them to the winds, and expect anybody will buy the theory that the classified portions were somehow “laundered.” (That’s something else Mrs. Clinton is good at, laundering.) In any case, the die is now cast. The investigations will begin, and as we saw, probably from the very first message they reviewed, the evidence will show the woman’s guilt. Saying “I didn’t know” is no defense under the law, Mrs. Clinton. I bet you know that, too. Between Trey Gowdy’s hearings on Benghazi in the House and this new investigation, I think Hillary’s big fat goose is cooked. Look in that haggard face if you can stand it and you will see there the realization that she tried one scam too many and told one lie too far. Old Joe is in the bull-pen, limbering up.


The Supreme Court Rewrites American Culture

I’ve been wanting for weeks to write something about that lying sticky-fingered candidate for the presidency, the Missus, but it’s a lazy summer and it has made me lazy too. Still, things around me have suddenly begun to fall apart at an alarming rate, although Americans appear oblivious. You’d get a far larger percentage of Americans who could tell you about the Kardashians latest inanities or the newest “K” for Caitlyn than can tell you why the US is not coordinating with the whole world to bring down ISIS, or why Russia is Public Enemy Number One again, not that they really care about any of those things anyway. Now I see how it was that terrible things like WWII happened. Nobody saw it coming or cared, either.

And you can be sure that most Americas are unaware that the US is now for the first time inserting itself directly on Russia’s doorstep with our heavy weapons, our materiel, our jets, our military advisers and even our troops. The risks of direct confrontation are thus exponentially greater than they were when the threat from NATO/US was less immediate. Russia will respond and is already accelerating its move away from western production of any kind of military components or devices to domestic production, as well as toward accelerated production of nuclear weapons both tactical and ballistic. They will forward base their own weapons and materiel, right there across the street from NATO.

But it is at home where the greatest damage to America is being incurred. The US Supreme Court in just a couple of decisions has attempted to rewrite western culture. With one sweep of the judicial pen, these justices have pretty much annihilated the institution of marriage, leaving in its wake some alien and absolutely malleable something that in the end will expand to include ever  more bizarre unions, all of them equally good or bad or neutral or whatever. As one of the judicial dissents on gay marriage noted, it is a predictable and foregone conclusion that the next to qualify as married will be the polygamists. He didn’t add “and after them, any combination of two or more persons (no doubt even animals and inanimate objects) including those of family members and adults and children.”

This obscenely wrong decision came right after the Court’s majority repeated its earlier derogation of duty by totally ignoring the text of the law under consideration in rendering judgment on Obamacare subsidies. In this case, the actual words of Obamacare were not rewritten, as in changing a “penalty” to a “tax.” They avoided the problem of very clear text they opposed by deciding not to rely on text as a basis for their analysis, opting instead to divine the “intent” of those hundreds of legislators who wrote and passed the bill. As if there were one single intent, like a bee hive or an ant hill, which is what the leftists running the asylum would have us be, in a perfect world (the same one where communism is the perfection of socialism). John Roberts could just be called a traitor; or even suspected of being a blackmail victim; but then he voted the next day to uphold traditional marriage. I guess it’s better to call him crazy. Maybe it was the head problem he had. Maybe as a result it isn’t always John Roberts on the bench, but maybe, sometimes, Teddy Roosevelt or Jesus Christ himself.

We all know what is coming. The left is baying for blood — stop tax exceptions for the religious! Silence the anti-gay right! Shut down the churches, hound the believers out. This is totally nuts. The do-gooders of the Court have opened the gates to hell.

They are joined in their perfidies by the US Congress, those spineless corrupt traitors to the American people. The latest insult and injury is that GOP leaders have ignored vociferous bipartisan public objections to both the secrecy of the TPP treaty text and the wheeling and dealing going on (again behind closed doors). Part I of this screw-you-America legislation has already successfully cleared the hurdle of Congressional approval and now gives the President the right to “fast-track” trade negotiations. What’s the damned rush about? The secrecy shrouding this bill is a repeat of the “considerations” that preceded imposing Obamacare on an unwilling nation. It is absolutely unacceptable and a violation of the public trust. What are we doing about it, then? Not a thing.

The GOP leadership all got big donations at the time they were pushing the legislation. I’m sure you’ll find the exact same situation on the Democrat side. It’s all about power and money. It’s my new mantra: power and money, power and money. It explains everything.

Speaking of power, money and corruption: those emails are keeping Hillary busy making up stories or steadfastly ignoring the news as she tools around the US presenting herself, the owner of her very own e-mail server, as Everywoman. If we had an opposition leadership in DC we’d be wiping up the floor with the self-righteous but sinister Mrs. Clinton and her list of suspected felonies. Instead we have a bunch of self-interested valueless men who sell themselves as pragmatic. This business of the server may in fact bring her down, even if only Trey Gowdy wants to do so. She did not turn over all her work-related emails to the State Department or to the US Congress under subpoena. She withheld, at a minimum, relevant Benghazi emails. In addition, those emails she sent that contained not one confidential thing were riddled with confidential information. The US Department of State, trying to cover its ass, has actually now given the correct classification and redacted the emails sent to Congress. (The upside of confessing that you failed in your institutional duties by allowing valuable and sensitive information to be sent daily on an insecure server is that you don’t have to let Congress see what Mrs. Clinton was saying.) Even the White House ignored her use of a private server, apparently sharing the Secretary’s blasé attitude toward national security. The State Department is now looking thoroughly politicized and incompetent.

As for the Republicans, they’ve been an across-the-board failure at anything other than playing to their interests. They haven’t succeeded in or seriously attempted to make good on anything promised in 2012. They have played hard-ball only with their own members, in particular those who think the words of the Constitution mean something, like Justice Scalia. They seem to think the public is an ass. They work hand-in-glove with the Democrats in Congress to satisfy the same money/power sectors and the will of the rest of us is worth bupkis. Among the presidential aspirants, I’m a Rand Paul supporter, but I also love Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, the Machine has its own candidate and as in recent past elections, their choice will win and it will be Pablum Redux. Then the question will be, how many who feel betrayed and ignored within their own party will stay home or vote for somebody else? How many will decide they really have wasted enough votes on Dem Lite? I can’t believe those fools in the RNC haven’t figured out what’s coming.


Domestic and international politics

There’s so much to talk about. First, that mad pilot Andreas Lubitz, taking so many other innocent souls to their deaths while he was ending his own life. If you’ve ever seen Annie Hall, you’ll get why I thought of Annie’s brother Dwayne confessing to Woody Allen’s character that he feels a compulsion to drive his vehicle, at night, straight into another car’s headlights. Only this wasn’t funny. Here’s what I don’t get: why didn’t the doctor who obviously thought he was a dangerous dude behind any wheel only put a note in the file. Huh? Who reads a file before filling his duty roster? The seriously deranged Lubitz  no doubt was”advised” by his shrink to stay home for the day (or a lifetime, he did not add but may have thought, as he cancelled next week’s flight to France and booked a train ticket). If he thought Lubitz should not be flying, why wouldn’t he pass it along to somebody responsible for allowing him to board the flight? Was it his assumption that any sane man would jump at the chance for a day off, paid?

Well all I can say is, good luck, Lufthansa. I really like that airline, but it is going to be facing crippling judgments against it financially. Not that Germanwings is any worse than any of the budget airlines that scrimp here and there to survive at the low fares, and don’t do due diligence all the time. I remember when Jet Blue blew up over the Everglades. That’s something I had trouble even thinking about. If you didn’t die outright, there you were, bloody, tempting, in the middle of thousands of acres of snakes and gators. And bugs. Ugh.

What else? Oh, yes, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton wiped her server clean of any trace it was ever used for anything other than decoration, and then wiped it about one hundred times more. She doesn’t really care if it looks prima facie as if she were trying to destroy subpoenaed evidence, which of course she was. I try to pray to God only for serious things, like people’s lives, but then I think people’s lives depend on this woman not getting in the White House. Just imagine Hillary and her best friend, John (The Maverick) McCain behind the wheel. Andreas Lubitz times a million. And I’m not even going to wade into the muck of corruption involving her brother and others standing to reap rich rewards from a direct line to the US official/political appointee who can override every other officer’s judgment and issue visas necessary to the general enrichment of parties involved.

Ted Cruz came out as a candidate for the presidency, and while I love the man and his ideas, I thought his performance was not as inspiring as it could have been. There was a lot of awkward pauses (for applause, I thought) and that never looks good if somebody has to wave a sign. His ideas are still great, but he has to pour on a little more True Ted. A little more Cuban, or Texan, or something other than Supreme Court clerk. I hate to agree with Peggy Noonan on this, but he did come across too packaged. So far, he hasn’t supplanted Rand Paul in my heart. Paul has enough of Daddy in him to cheer me up, and his ideas on foreign policy are almost the only sane ones around. His curls are cute, too.

So who will win among the Republicans? I sure hope it isn’t Bush, just because it is too much Bush. Just as Mrs. Clinton is waaaay too much, like the Clintons boiled down to their putrescent essence. I say, we have a clash of two philosophies; why not run those who best exemplify our divergent ideals? For the GOP base, unlike its leadership, that would not be Bush (who is nevertheless a good and decent man). And for the Democrats, it sure doesn’t seem to me that this old retread Hillary (I’ll be president by hook or by crook) Clinton does much for that all-but-in-name socialist party. What’s wrong with Warren? She is the new face of the Dems, no kidding either. Give her a chance to strut her stuff.

I’d love to see a Paul-Warren face off. It would be so novel. Then I’d like to see Paul win, and then I’d like to see him tear apart this edifice of stifling nanny-ism that Obama has created with the help of the GOP elite.

In foreign policy the US House has voted a resolution (non-binding, of course) to arm Ukraine. Nothing surprising here, the hawks are ascendant and gloating, even — and they are pretty relentless. Let’s see if Obama will continue to defy them on this latest lunacy. I’m hoping. I have a suspicion the unwillingness to play along with the hawks was behind Obama’s refusal to receive the head of NATO, Mr. Stoltenberg, during the latter’s visit to DC on other errands. Obama no doubt figured that the McCain Cadre wanted to get a meeting so that Stoltenberg could use the press conference to play up what a scary threat Russia is. If that was his reasoning, it gives me new hope that Obama is not entirely brain-dead.

I am really amused by the headlines emanating from the countries of the former Soviet Union and eastern Europe about Russia’s militarization. It’s true, Russia is re-arming at triple time and in line with all the requirements of modern warfare, but since it is a reaction, rather than an action, it is no more significant than night following day or a rash developing after contact with progressives. It is NATO that provoked all of this with its “jihad” for democracy in which international law was highly elastic or entirely dispensable and the use of force was only for the victims’ own good. Now we have all the provocative little former Russian duchies and possessions crying foul because Russia is flying in international waters over the Baltic but “very close” to their borders.

Here’s a news flash for anybody impressed by those claims. While flying close to Latvian airspace, let us say, Russia is also flying very close to its own borders. They are neighbors and not friendly ones, either.

Now, let’s take the US as the example of aggressive patrolling of others’ borders: the US air force, flying a “NATO” flag, are patrolling very close to Russian borders, but halfway around the world from our own.

Just a thought.



Hillary Clinton, Unclassified: if she’s moving her lips, she’s lying

I started to write something about Mrs. Clinton a few days ago and got almost there before I was side-tracked. I’m so glad my blast was delayed. In the brief gap between writing the last words and returning to the job, Mrs. Clinton has changed her story majorly.

In the first rendition, Clinton personally reviewed each and every pearl of wisdom in her emails before deleting anything that would look bad in the light of subsequent events, or reveal her to be a crass and greedy politician of the lowest sort…I meant to say, anything that wasn’t of public nature. She assured us she never ever sent classified messages using her email server, and how dare you ask? She didn’t need some intrusive US Department of State underlings checking out her judgment. If she said unclassified, that’s what it was.

Here are a few quick thoughts:

The authors of official messages classify them, and unless the messages are subject to review they can easily be sent at an improper level of classification, like “unclassified” for US nuclear weapons data. Some people who put an “unclassified” on virtually all their communications are probably just idiots seriously falling down on the job, but others are miscreants. So, on to the next point about Mrs. Clinton and her original story.

Almost anything, anything at all, that goes on between the US Secretary of State and a) US officials and/or b) foreign officials is by its very nature classified. If Mrs. Clinton asks a foreign leader only about how his eczema is doing, it would be classified because the eczema-suffering leader would be offended to have this information made public. If she asks if the foreign leader has considered just how much hurt the US could put on him for not going along with Mrs. Clinton’s latest hare-brained hyper-testosterone scheme, all the more embarrassing. (If you’re wondering how belligerent Mrs. Clinton is, just remember this: John McCain really digs her.)  And yet, in four years, Mrs. Clinton sent 70000 messages or so, more than half of which had nothing to do with the job, while the rest were unclassified.

Right away you know something is wrong. Who ever heard of a Cabinet-level official carrying out official USG business on an entirely unclassified level? When did any business get done? Who knew if it did if you didn’t report it? Who has heard before this of a senior cabinet level official carrying out ALL his communications via open-air Google or her very own server? Who ever heard of an Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security agreeing to such a scheme? Even if every word the Secretary of State spoke was God’s own truth, a first in her life, the State Department should be thrown in jail for allowing it. I am biting my knuckles, imagining all the folks that today are poring over her emails for use in one area or another, in one country or another.

All right, let’s move on. Hillary Clinton, who once hid subpoenaed records in the closet that also probably held those ghastly striped bell-bottom jeans — the ones that made her ankles the same size as her butt — has now changed her story. After the uproar pointing out that her actions were criminal, that she was not authorized to review her own material and delete it at her will, and after no doubt changing her Depends, Hillary came up with another story. It wasn’t ONLY she who decided who in the USG or among the US public could learn what she was communicating globally during her tenure. It was also (gotcha!) her staff, including none other than Huma Abedin, the Sweetheart of the Muslim Brotherhood (not George Clooney’s wife). You’ll be shocked to learn that said Huma Abedin, who had the dreadful judgment to marry Anthony Weeny, was also communicating at will on any subject at all via her private email, although whether she had a server in her home remains unknown. She also got to classify or not, as appropriate to her needs. We haven’t even gotten around to asking Huma where her messages ended up.

I saw a comment in the Wall Street Journal in which the point was made that “not one single person has stepped forward to say that there WERE classified messages” sent by Clinton. But here’s a question in return: Who exactly is going to step forward? Hillary’s  aides? The ones whose careers she advanced for demonstrated loyalty? An Ambassador whose continued employment relies on the good will of whoever sits in the White House? How about Amb. Thomas Pickering, who so wants to curry favor with Clinton that he refused to even interview her about the events in Benghazi, but instead produced a totally rigged document white-washing Clinton that he thought the stupid Americans would buy as an “independent investigation”? How about all those other diplomatic officers Clinton recruited to work on her campaign when she was Secretary of State? Frankly, if the Secretary of State sent her documents as unclassified when they were not, it is highly unlikely that any career diplomat would endanger his or her career by pointing it out. As for the Civil Service employees — are you kidding? And why would anybody jump into the fire now if they didn’t care at the time?

Well, those are my two cents worth on that lying sack of emu excrement, Hillary Clinton. I’m sure there will be more later, but meanwhile I have to look into whether the US has positioned nuclear weapons at Russian borders, or killed all the Russians in eastern Ukraine (most of the population) as proposed by US General Bob Scales.



Justice Not Done: The Government from Hell

imagesA thing or two: first, since when is it legal to give a judge a knowingly bogus statement in order to get a warrant for spying on a US citizen? And two, is Kathleen Sibelius an actual human being or a robot?

First things first. I never went to law school, but I am dumbfounded by the gall of the DOJ claiming that it was perfectly fine, legal to the bones, to knowingly and falsely accuse someone of being a suspect in a terrible crime to get a judge to issue a writ for surveillance. Justice insists that its true target was the government leaker, not Fox News correspondent James Rosen, but that claim just raises a pack of new questions without answering any of the old ones. I wish I could bring that kind of power to bear against people I consider foes of the American idea. There would be a whole lot of Obama louts cooling their heels in the slammer.

Let’s look at the Rosen issue logically. There are only two options. DOJ officials may truly have considered Rosen to be an active and felonious co-conspirator in obtaining and disclosing highly classified information and may in good faith have sought authorization for wiretapping to gather evidence against him. In that case, DOJ is on firm legal ground as long as it then proceeds to bring the case once the leaker is identified. Or they never believed that Rosen committed any crime, or that he was a co-conspirator in a felony, and lied about that material fact to get the warrant they wanted in order to carry out a broad surveillance of Rosen’s life and professional activities. For political purposes.

So which was it, Eric Holder?

Fortunately, we don’t have to scratch our heads over this puzzle while waiting for Holder to come clean. The gangsters at DOJ blithely informed Americans that they never intended to charge Rosen. “Chill out, man, it wasn’t, like, for real.” They also claim that they didn’t lie on the warrant, but we all see the problem there — if it was the truth, and Rosen was a felon involved in doing grave harm to US security, how can you not proceed against him? It was an alleged crime of such gravity that it required DOJ to violate First Amendment rights,but not of such gravity that those responsible needed to be prosecuted.

It is my conclusion that the request for authorization issued by Holder was fraudulent in substance and thus a criminal act by Holder and all others involved in violating Rosen’s rights. Furthermore I think pretty much everybody knows that DOJ’s true goal was to gather otherwise unobtainable information about Rosen, a high-profile Fox News reporter.

Can our government, those unelected and apparently unaccountable drones that toil in the service of their political bosses, use false claims to arm themselves with writs against anybody they want to snoop on? Can they use lies to bring the power of the USG to harass, hound and persecute Americans? Is a lie okay if it is intended to a good end? I don’t think so.

Here is my proposal: let’s arrest Eric Holder on the grounds of having gravely violated the fundamental human rights of thousands of Americans and then put him on trial. Perhaps at the Hague, allowing somebody else to pay for the trial. Let’s find out the truth and be prepared to put a lot of other Obama officials behind bars. And for those arrogant dolts who think they have some divine right to spy on and oppress Americans, we reply that we also have a divine right — to kick you criminals and brutes out of business and out of government forever.

dyingchildAnd now to somebody I love to hate, that lipless and apparently soulless wonder, that Stepford bureaucrat, the very sight of whom chills the heart. Yes, Kathleen Sibelius. Without batting an eye, the Ice Sculpture made it known that she couldn’t possibly intervene to save the life of a ten-year old girl who will soon die without an intervention by Ms. Sibelius or perhaps, dare we think, the president? Uh-uh. That wretched woman cannot intervene, but she did give the grieving mother some tips on groups who might be able to help her.

I won’t mince words: Kathleen Sibelius is a miserable virago bereft of any human decency or redeeming value. She has fought for the shabby purpose of giving our youths free contraceptives and abortifacients and is indifferent to her violation of freedom of conscience and religion.  She has not been heard to utter a word of condemnation for the abominations carried out in the offices of Kermit Gosnell. I’m sure she utterly approves of “pathways” (euthanasia) to push out the door the growing number of elderly as well as the malformed, the mentally ill, and other socially useless types. She will happily rule over the implementation of totalitarian measures to force through the far left’s vision of healthcare paradise, otherwise known as the Obamacare hell. But when a flesh-and-blood suffering child who knows what is happening to her asks for help, Kathleen is able to give some phone numbers for some groups who maybe could help.

On the basis of her performance in this instance alone, I call for the removal of Kathleen Sibelius forthwith from office. She has demeaned herself and her country’s reputation by all of her shady, anti-life activities while Secretary of HHS and most of all by denying succor to a dying child. What a piece of work.