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Oh, for heaven’s sake. Now it’s the rage in America to march against freedom of speech

I have tried mightily not to return to the pages of this blog. Frankly, it was all boringly repetitive. How many times can you say that the Russia story is bogus, made up for political goals, and provide clues, before you decide nobody in this country cares? It is far easier to write off the disastrous Clinton campaign to treachery than it is to accept that you boobs on the left chose a lemon for your honey. I was bored with the deliberately provoked angst over Ernst Blofeld aka Vladimir Putin trying to take over the world. I never found a convincing answer to the question: how can Russia be so third-rate and so first-rate at the same time? I never heard an answer of any kind to “where is the proof that Russia did any of the things you accuse it of?” and certainly not to the question, “where did Russia change any election results in any precinct in the country?” I got tired of asking. The left-provoked hysteria made the American air rancid, like bad breath. I decided I’d let Judicial Watch do the digging and asking for me.

I was (and am!) tired of the women in this country, who have all the opportunities a woman could want and are still whining because the country didn’t hand them the presidency. They feel offended, and I’m offended by their offense. I’d say taking their side and my side together, every woman in America is now offended by something. And as an aside, I was really tired of women who marched so jolly wearing a knit hat said to be a pussy, but which looked nothing like any definition of the word. The very idea of such an antic points to the essentially juvenile nature of the left and its useful fools.

I am tired of the men who aren’t men at all, but think it is okay to be a “little gay.” Although gay is so tame. Who cares about gay? Today we have women who mutilate themselves by taking male hormones, cutting off their breasts and hanging on to the other stuff, and no doubt many “men” as well. As Cher’s benighted daughter said, she wasn’t giving up her fun as a woman just because she wants to be a man. No real commitment there, if you ask me.  I have seen two stories in which such a creature has given birth after “becoming” male. Think of that poor child. In any humane state, such critters would be sterilized at the same time as their sex change operation, even if only partial. This will prevent any poor child from being conceived by such people. Who is paying for all this medical experimentation? When I was young, insurance companies would not even pay for infertility treatments for women!

I am tired of the suffocating hypocrisy of the left, on all matters, but Charlottesville and Boston come to mind. I remain floored that 15000 people came out and marched against freedom of speech. That’s the flat truth of the matter, no matter how the media gussies it up. The licensed demonstrators put out a list of “rules” in advance that stated their goal of giving support to the First Amendment and advised that demonstrators were not to bring any  type of arm or carry  any type of hate paraphernalia, not to provoke or be provoked, etc. So as not to invade the safe space of all those Boston folks so afraid of free speech, I guess. In any case, people were riled up that there was still somebody not cowed enough to shut up about free speech, which everybody knows is just a code name for racism, insensitivity, cultural buffoonery, ignorance, homophobia, and so on. This thus required a mob of 15000 to show those licensed demonstrators who was boss and warn they better shut up. And guess what? The licensed demonstrators were frightened by the mob and left, taking Freedom of Speech with them.

Oh, yes, Boston and its famed university are well down that slippery slope to irrelevance and even treachery to the US Constitution. Go Sox!

Meantime, those wise men who made our country great, and led great conflicts at risk of life, but who were not lucky enough to be born in the 21st c. with its cultural nuances and deep morality, are having their statues torn down (as if Thomas Jefferson gives a fuck). And pulled down by people who look like potential deportees or escaped criminals, who have zero understanding of US history or our cultural values (or those that were). Our history is to be rewritten by idiots.

What really rankles most is the creeps we somehow elected to the US Congress when they were posing as conservatives– where the hell does Rubio get off saying it’s all right to use violence against people whose messages you don’t like? Viva Fidel! He won’t be getting my vote or my measly ten bucks this next time. He can go home to Cuba, which I understand is now a free country or what he might accept as such. And Jeff Flake — elected on a wave of Tea Party support and now turned full scale progressive. Open borders (and strong backs!). Tell us Jeff Flake — what did you do for Arizona lately? You didn’t produce a health-care bill, did you? Or tax reform? But you found time to carry on a tirade against the President. I hope you don’t make it through the next Arizona primary and if you do, that you lose your seat. I’d rather an honest communist sitting in Congress than a false friend such as you.

Now we can come to the source of many of my frustrations, the President himself. I must say, even when I was harsh toward him, I was hopeful that the dynamism that made him successful in business would translate to the presidency. I am skeptical. And I am skeptical despite granting that on certain things he has fulfilled his campaign pledges or is  making progress to that end, and that his policies have actually worked (and will in time develop their own problems, as always will happen). Look at the drop in illegal immigration, which is making business scream in pain and leave advisory councils by the dozens. (How about an actual law to let workers sans families in to fill those empty spots and earn some money?)

I think Kelly has put an end to the harmful leaks, but he seems to be killing diversity of thought in the process. Steve Bannon’s departure is really, as Bannon himself said, the end of the “MAGA” period of Trump’s presidency. Slowly but surely Trump is being herded into the smooth notch where all the interests of the Elite and the Dark State meet. He is still resistant on the foreign war bit, but give his enemies (and ours) time.

If all Trump is doing is bringing some order to his policy-making process, then well and good. I said from the start that Trump had better be prepared to deal with all the variant outlooks he was putting on his staff and Cabinet, and he was certainly not prepared or able to do so. So Kelly’s iron fist is good, for now. On the other hand, I also see an emerging pattern in which all the conservatives are herded out of the White House and its environs to give place to those minions of the Deep State who never gave up occupancy. If that is the case, then I’m with Bannon — we have a war on to save the ideas that were behind Trump’s win; all we lack is a leader.



More drama and excitement than I can bear

It sure is looking difficult for Hillary Clinton to make even the Democrats love her. As far as I can discern, the spine of her fandom is the forever spinster female clump worried about pretty much everything and looking for a safe space with the Queen of Corruption. Go figure. But an awful lot of the increasingly powerful far-left base of the Democrat party hate Hillary Clinton as much as we of the center-right do. I think they’d rather eat horse poop than vote for the self-righteous and vicious Mrs. Clinton, who would stop at nothing to be president of this US of A. (Aside: how much do you think each Clinton thigh is weighing in at that it requires  thousands of dollars of fabric to cover?)

I don’t think this means the left will vote Trump. But some of the more determined, discerning and delinquent of the Dems will vote for Trump, seeing his victory as the only way to bring down the Clinton/Obama machines and open the way for the real socialists, The People. (See Sarandon, Susan.) Many others will stay home or vote for an acceptable ideological alternative, such as Jill Stein. Jill not Hill. The not-Hillary votes hurt Hillary even if they don’t directly help Trump. (And by the way, same holds true for the Northeast Republicans and Trump.)

It’s clear to me that the Democrat party is about to morph into an official socialist party. It isn’t going to happen under Hillary Clinton, who is owned by Wall Street and big finance. As long as the base of that party follows the official script, there will be no change in direction or philosophy. But a defeat in this election engineered by the far left of the party base pretty much guarantees that they will take control. The Clintons know this too. (The Obamas, sly scoundrels, will make themselves icons of this movement. Move over, Sanders.)

To the rebels in the Democrat camp: take a gander at the stuffy old GOP and learn something. Rise up. Punish your party by voting the corrupt oligarchy controlling it out of power, giving YOU a chance to organize and overthrow. Pull out both your Alinksy and Lenin dicta (oops! which is which?) and hone your skills. I’m sure that sooner rather than later you are going to eviscerate the Clinton machine and replace it with that of The People.

Trump is holding firm on his maverick foreign policy stance, in defiance of every hawk and participating member of the military-industrial complex, headquartered in Virginia. (Is it any surprise Virginia is pro-Clinton?) I like it. He can’t be prodded into supporting the gung-ho, get-Russia, rah-rah patriotism of the people enriched from the money generated in US/NATO military adventurism. And he has support from the men and women actually fighting and dying in our endless wars. In that vein, I note that this is another Wall Street Journal obsession: Trump’s challenging of the trans-Atlantic mythology embodied in NATO. The latest idiocy — arising from the very assumption that American voters are nincompoops — is the charge from the corrupt Hillary camp (among which I count the Wall Street Journal) that the Russians are helping Trump by releasing stolen DNC emails that allow American voters see how stinkingly corrupt the Democrat party has become during the Clinton-Obama years. The Dems’ aim is to deflect people from contemplating the rot inside the DNC in favor of quivering at the prospect of a Russia so omnipotent that it has stolen sacred (dirty) information and is now using it to help (gasp) Donald Trump.

And moving to Trump. His press conference on Wednesday was a huge (yuuuuuge) hit. I couldn’t believe it. I was humbled. I thought Trump was a bozo. I was so wrong.

He took Hillary Clinton by the throat and shook her good, like a Jack Russell terrier with a rat. He answered — I mean, ANSWERED, all the questions put by a hostile press. That included those emanating from Katie Couric who has segued in old age from America’s Sweetheart to Extremely Plain But Powerful and Intelligent Reporter Rooting for The People.  We were allowed the spectacle of one in-the-tank reporter after another urging Trump to admit that Putin was intervening on his behalf. Trump never “moved on” from or “evaded” the questions. He answered. No interests in Russia. No contacts with Putin. But he is open to collaborating with Russia to defeat ISIS. ISIS. An acronym the DNC couldn’t pronounce until Trump ridiculed their lapse. (And Hillary prefers the highly deceitful name “radical jihad” — as if there is a moderate Holy War? She still can’t force herself to implicate Islam in the bloodshed and madness that is engulfing us all.)

I especially liked Trump’s demand that the obedient left-wing press ask that Hillary do likewise and take all the hard questions and provide answers, too. It was a very good touché to the self-righteous and boringly One Think journalists who tried to change the focus from a dirty DNC to Putin. It doesn’t work. The average American can’t get past Putin as a kind of Windows Icon for villainy. What they know is that plotting to undo somebody because he’s a Jew is pretty anti-Semitic. And that doesn’t even take into account the Taco Bell comment. Que pendejo.

I thought Trump wouldn’t pivot. I worried about his grasp. But his grasp of the American spirit of discontent is better than mine. We are all sick of being spun and misled and lied to. We are tired of being taken for granted and counted by what is between our legs or the color of our skin or our party affiliation. We want an end to this suffocation by government bureaucracy and Saul Alinsky.

Trump isn’t a Republican. I like that. I am not a Republican anymore either. But we took what was becoming a useless political appendage, and hopefully we can turn this movement into a viable political entity.

God willing.



Weighed in the Balance

I would like to bang my head against the wall in frustration, but it would be as useless a form of venting frustration as voting for Trump. I am gob-smacked that we seem headed for a contest for the presidency of the US that pits a woman of demonstrated poor judgment, great greed and ambition, and low morals against a man I find repellent in character and somehow sinister.

Let’s start with Hillary Clinton. Talk about “that woman.” Her campaign song should be “How can you believe me when I said I loved you, when you know I’ve been a liar all my life!” Such painfully obvious lying, such compulsive lying, suggests not only that she has much to lie about, but that she needs some serious couch time.

Indeed, Hillary has been a liar all her life, I’d bet on it. A manipulator as well. Think of Reese Witherspoon in “Election.” I have on very good sources that she was involved in some interesting transactions in Panama just at the time her husband was near to clinching the nomination of his party for the presidential run. Sound like influence-peddling? How about all the stuff her brother was up to under cover of the Clinton influence? How about those records hidden in her closet for three years that were needed to scrutinize her law firm’s activities (and investments?). Quite apart from Mrs. Clinton’s personal forays into the world of financial and other lucrative improprieties, the Clinton Foundation must also be liable to investigation for indications that its income was related to Madame Secretary’s influence-peddling. There must be a dozen ways that money is seeping elsewhere. And of course there is the small matter of her opening up the US Secretary of State’s most sensitive communications, including information originating in highly classified documents, to every penny-ante hacker in the world. I was reminded that this entire Clinton-owned server came to light because of a hacker, for heaven’s sake, when the hacker was brought in by the FBI. Could it be they are looking for evidence that the emails he released were but a small bit of all that he took (and sold elsewere?). The US intel community has itself concluded that her email was almost to a certainty hacked and by more than one hacker.

I’d like to think this commission of thousands of national security-related felonies was a result only of Mrs. Clinton’s idea that securing a server meant having an FBI agent on site. But I don’t think that. I think she devised the whole scheme to make sure that she, and only she, had full control over the record of her four years at State. She planned to cherry-pick the lot of them and let the US see the ones she felt like sharing. She did not turn over her records as required by law and demanded by the State Department. On top of Mrs. Clinton’s personal responsibility for these grave violations of the law, some of the State Department’s highest officials (and lower ones) had to have known and allowed, even if by deliberate omission rather than commission, this unprecedented breach of security. If I were the AG, I can assure you there would be a ton of subpoenas going out about now, and guys like Patrick Kennedy — one of the top officials at State and a flexible Admin kind of guy — would be the first to receive them.

So, we have a presumed criminal (presumed certainly by me) running for the Democrats, and by the way, running as a democrat in name only, and as a socialist by content. She is likely to face a man whose very voice now drives me up a wall, even when he’s saying things I agree with. Instead of going for a remake and presenting himself as presidential, Trump has become ever more like a caricature. He is a man of very limited vocabulary, much of it devoted to how fabulous he is. While I applaud his business acumen and his skills at acquiring wealth and lovely wives, I don’t think he got there by being either impeccably honest or nice. He has been stupidly offensive to everyone, the innocent along with the guilty, from the start of this buffoonery he passes off as a campaign. He is a perfect butt for Hollywood spoofing, with his orange skin (except for the racoon eyes) and his bizarre hair-style and his prep school rich boy bullying and posturing. He is openly contemptuous of his supporters. And if I have to hear how “horrible” something or someone is one more time… I’ve said it from the first and repeat to all my friends: he’s a horrible candidate. He’s gonna lose. And we’re going to be saddled with a horrible crook exposed as a horrible crook leading the no-longer united and most likely horrible United States.

For the record, I read that Trump wins in open primary states where the Dems can jump in to help the GOP foist a candidate on the rest of us, and he loses in red states. Still, he’s got a solid third of the GOP voter base behind him, people I normally have no problem with. But look at his crowds. If he is scary, I think the mob reactions to Trump’s vulgarities is more so. I can almost hear them shouting, “Be stupider! Say crazier things! Shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue! We don’t care!” I cannot believe our candidates are talking about the size of their masculine fixtures, or their opponents’, about a person’s height, or their opponents’ families. Trump has been poisonous to the brew of political inanity and has brought with him all the tawdriness of the reality tv world. And I guess that is what his supporters want and like. They want to see the happy faces turned upside down in the corridors of power and money, they are loving the chance to wipe the grins off the mugs of those who have ridiculed the right and its values and broken all the promises they made in order to get in office. It’s smash and bash time.

Here’s the problem for me. Can I in good conscience vote for somebody I think is unfit for the presidency? That of course includes Hillary Clinton in first order, so a vote for her is out of the question. That leaves me facing the prospect of voting for somebody else of very dubious qualifications. If I say affirmatively about Trump, “This is the man for me!” — what then? What if he gets in and then breaks all his promises (and he will — he might build a bit of wall, but it won’t be a serious endeavor), or starts to behave irrationally? What kind of satisfaction would I then have from a mindless insurrection? What good would have been achieved? Or what if he turns out to be as bad a candidate as I think and lost? And then again, if I sit home and withhold my vote from Trump, I automatically give that vote to the much worse criminal and lunatic, Clinton. And that can’t be right, either. I don’t see a happy ending here.

I guess I’m going to pray fervently that Ted Cruz can pull it out or Rubio is in as a brokered candidate. And otherwise, to cast a vote for Trump. If I do, it won’t be in the expectation of being proven wrong about his lack of character and irrationality. The Democrats were stupid. They should have run someone like Evan Bayh of Indiana, a mild-mannered, likable guy who is Mr. Middle of the Road. Then people such as I could have voted for him. But no, the parties are in the grip of the true believers now and things are not going to go smoothly.




Ruminations on the Global Socialist Education Conspiracy

killing libertyI’ve been searching the signs and portents over the past few weeks and I can’t find anything to cheer about. The one issue, out of so many, that caught my greatest interest is the news that the US Supreme Court is considering whether to take on the case of the Romeike family who fled Germany to escape draconian State laws prohibiting home schooling. In the past and for Americans, the Romeike plight would have been merely a footnote in the annals of history, just another case of how twisted a value system the EU propagates. Unfortunately, it becomes not a footnote but a whole story unto itself when we consider that the only reason the Romeikes are still in the news is that the inaptly named US Department of Justice has decided they agree with the EU on home schooling. At least that is how I am interpreting the regime’s prosecutorial zeal in suing to overturn a lower court decision granting this family asylum on grounds of persecution and certainty of prosecution if returned to their home country.

controlHere is a recap of the battle so far: the Romeikes Sr. object to the social content of German education in public schools, inasmuch as portions of what is being taught or even propagated (i.e. homosexuality) go against their religious beliefs. They have given their children an excellent education in other mandated (scholastic) areas and the kids test very well. But here’s the problem: it seems that a Nazi law enacted in the 1930s to ensure the State absolute control of the minds of Germany’s youth prohibits home schooling. There was nothing more dangerous to the Nazis than some dissenting parent passing on ideas pernicious to the Third Reich. Unlike the Hitlerian dictates on racial purification, after the war the Nazi system of state thought control was left in place. First the post-war Germans used the law to eradicate from the young all Nazi sentiments and thoughts and then they used the public school system to indoctrinate children in socialist and progressivist philosophy. By forcing everybody into the same heavily policed political correctness, the State can avoid disruptive dissent. I can’t figure out what the difference is between those war-time Germans who pounded Nazi thoughts and values into the children’s heads and today’s modernists. It seems as if both generations supported the idea that the State must not merely educate, but indoctrinate.

Under the German law, parents who refuse to send their kids to public school can be fined, prosecuted and imprisoned, and they can lose custody of their kids, too. This is not a scare story. In December 2013, a German judge allowed a home-schooling couple’s children to be released from State custody with a warning to put them in a public school and not try fleeing to a country where home education is allowed. If they violated his orders, he vowed to chase them down and prosecute. Good old Germany. It may be enforcing a whole set of perverted values, but it is doing it to the full extent of the law. As the French say, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

After the Romeike’s showed up in the US as visitors, they claimed asylum on grounds of persecution. And the original court of hearing agreed and granted asylum. Here is where our own Neo-Totalitarians come in. Eric Holder’s Justice Department decided perhaps for the first time ever in US history to sue to overturn the granting of asylum. The USG is using our tax dollars to fund a campaign of persecution against Christians who refuse to allow the brainwashing of their children into an alien ideology. The Justice Department says it agrees with the EU and that all the German officials were doing was following orders. Or maybe they said, “following the law.”  It doesn’t matter — it was the same excuse Nazis used to dodge responsibility for the death-camps, or sheriffs used in the US to persecute people for the color of their skin. Just because a law exists doesn’t mean it is just. Ask Eric Holder, who used force to take over a university building because of “political” objections to that administration. He didn’t care much for US law then, and between you and me, he doesn’t today, either.

Immigration (ICE) most recently has argued that the U.S. government, too, has the authority to simply prohibit homeschooling, and that this fact should disqualify the granting of asylum to the Romeikes.  ICE further noted that Judge Burman “did not address how under various state laws of the United States a person can be similarly prosecuted for not sending one’s children to school.” This is, of course, a red herring. A parent can be punished for not providing an education to his or her children, or not providing one that meets state academic standards, but not because they don’t go to a public school. And they cannot be prosecuted for teaching moral principles in line with their faith. That is the real issue in the Romeike case.

rpualThis is a case of violation of freedom of conscience as well as freedom of religion in its broadest sense. The Romeikes came to America legally as visitors but actually were escaping the false choice offered them by German authorities: turn over your responsibility for your children’s lives and minds, give up your religious convictions, or face the legal consequences. The authorities were not satisfied that the Romeike children were in fact being educated, in accordance with a 1918 law making education mandatory. They relied instead on that much more convenient Nazi law. The difference between the two laws in question is that one encourages education and the other encourages State indoctrination. In resisting State indoctrination, the churning out of that one-mind mass that makes it easy for the State to rule, the Romeikes took on the foundations of modern European society. In today’s Europe, the one thing that is unforgivable is non-conformity. The State rules, the State forms the ideas, and the State makes all the choices. Sounds a lot like old Europe, doesn’t it, only the parameters by which one is judged have been turned on their head.

Ambassador Thomas Schirrmacher, Director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom, points out that  [N]early a dozen major human rights documents and treaties, including the 1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights, recognize how important the role of parental decision-making is in the education of children and that free governments must recognize and respect this important right. As Ambassador Schirrmacher points out, the actions of the EU violate that premise. But that isn’t a problem for modern government. In the EU, they celebrate territorial integrity and the right to self-determination side by side, but in reality they only support the right to self-determination. Same when it comes to parental rights — they stop where the State says “Stop,” which could be at the cradle or even in utero. Contradictions are not a problem in modern government; all you have to do is ignore them.

I don’t really care what they do in Europe. I care what happens here. Do we really have to create an underground society to live in freedom — or is there any hope left in this country that was once a beacon to freedom? I think there are many millions of Americans even now pondering what lies ahead and what our choices might be. But one thing is certain: as goes freedom of religion, so go all the freedoms our Constitution recognizes. We are either going to give them away under threat or in exchange for false freedoms, like the freedom of total sexual hedonism, or we are going to keep them, no matter what.

I know where I stand.

Throw Out the Old, Ring in the New

old yearThinking back over the past year, I wonder whether the last 365 was a net plus, a net minus, or a wash for the nation as a whole. Right now I’m leaning toward a net plus. It was the year, after all, that most of America woke up to the insufferable stupidity and arrogance of the Left and began to consider if there were not better alternatives. It was the year when the ne plus ultra of the utopian agenda, the universal health care fantasy, took flesh and settled heavily around the necks of many millions of shocked citizens. The only other thing that might have proven as rude an awakening would have been the forced billeting of soldiers in their homes. 2013 was another year of false recoveries and the hiding of the real employment and other economic data and their significance. It was the year when Hillary Clinton went into deep cover making herself over physically and in terms of character, preparing to present herself as the reasonable alternative to Constitutional government.

boehnerOf course, that doesn’t mean 2013 was all good for the conservative cause. First of all, we have a very poor opposition on the field. Guys like Ted Cruz, who proved the courage of his convictions, were more than once shouted down and ridiculed by the GOP leadership with hearty encouragement from the Dems. The GOP leadership can’t hold a line unless it involves intervening in some other country’s affairs, when there are none so fervent. Their latest budget cave was pathetic. The Establishment pols think conservatives are dense and crazy and dangerous and they’ve convinced most Americans similarly. But the conservatives are mounting the ramparts and claiming them, for a renewed America or a divided one each going its own way peaceably. The GOP Establishment is apparently going to have to be wiped out at the primary level before we can take on the neo-totalitarians. I’m ready.

If our ineffective champions of freedom disappointed, Obama didn’t – not where it mattered. We knew he was empty-headed and egotistical and highly amenable to direction by his handlers. We knew he sympathized with the Moslems around the world, not the Christians or the Jews. We knew the dreams from his father were dreams of revenge against the white colonizers under the standard of the US. We knew he knew every Marxist slogan ever uttered and had no idea what it all really meant except more power for somebody, preferably himself. We knew he had no feeling of what America is or what it dreams of being, and we are pretty sure he has no regrets for how low he has brought our country. And we knew he was bought and paid for, and run, by others whose profiles remain shrouded in the fog of obfuscation. No, Obama did not let us down. He met every low expectation we ever had of him. He has ruled more eagerly by edict than Peter the Great, although he lacks every virtue Peter the Great had. All Obama has is drawbacks. He has become a caricature of the cool but stupid guy.

obamaegoOur Chief Executive proved over and over that he doesn’t know how to execute and he doesn’t care if we all know he can’t execute. He’s not even remotely interested in executing. He is not even that keen on talking about executing. What he is interested in is standing in the middle of a cheering throng where he feels good and fuzzy. What he doesn’t like is anybody who challenges his shallow intellect and his massive ego. He can be very snotty, and nobody does it better. He’s a campaigner first and foremost, it’s one of the few things he’s ever proven himself good at and he intends to do it forever. The other thing he feels born to is command, and that starts with “c” as in Caesar and Czar and Commissar and Communist. As for the rest of his supposed achievements, those reside mostly in the minds of the feel-good liberals who pushed him higher and higher, free of requirements, until he was bound to fail. And though many would debate the issue, I’d say he has failed spectacularly.

But here is some light at the end of a scary year: we’ve had a couple of court rulings that have seriously screwed up the Big State architects. I’m referring to the ruling that the NSA is almost certainly violating (massively) the US constitution and in particular the Fourth Amendment; and the ruling that Obamacare clearly violates freedom of conscience in its mandatory birth control elements. (And that is not to go into all the other ways it violates our freedoms.) This is major stuff. Where John Roberts feared to tread, lower court judges are finding their voices and throwing down gauntlets hither, thither and yon to the neo-totalitarians. And Eric Holder, our first overtly racist Attorney General, was deemed fit by a judge to be censured by Congress. Still, the coming three years are fraught with danger. All they need is one of those five Supreme Court justices to make over the whole shebang. Oh, I pray for the safety even of John Roberts. Three more years…

new yearWe have only begun to fight, that’s what I think. The New Year is going to require more of most of us than we may be used to giving in our winter of discontent. I personally swore off politics after Romney and the GOP failed so miserably in 2012, but I can’t sit by in this year that will spell our future direction. Regretfully, I’ll have to put on my boxing gloves and do battle for the light side of the world. Our get-out-the-vote has to beat theirs, and not by just a nose. It’s do or die time. May 2014 bring us only good news. Let’s open the front door and throw a bucket of cold water out the back door at midnight on December 31, 2013, to celebrate, as my mother did, the departure of the bad and the arrival of the good. God bless our ventures.

Hacking Freedom

hackingI feel as if I’ve passed some sort of milestone, although it may only be at second-hand. My blogging site was hacked so that it would be black-listed by Google. Given that Google didn’t mount the ramparts to decry the violations of our right to privacy by agents of the US Government, I should be happy. But really, I’d rather have the problem fixed. While chatting with the Site-Lock rep, I was told that the two types of websites most likely to be hacked are religious or political. What’s new?


Rules for Radicals — Good for Everyone!

dictatorSaul Alinsky was no doubt a first-class jerk, but he wrote what passes for a bible among the left on how to wipe the floor with conservatives and then stomp their faces into a bloody mass. It was called Rules for Radicals and, in keeping with its author’s deep thinking and visionary purpose, he decreed ridicule t0 be one of the left’s top weapons. The left to this day uses ridicule ceaselessly, and even in the complete absence of logic and rationality, to deflect any argument the center-right makes for anything.

I want you to think of this little essay as a sort of tribute of mine to Mr. Alinsky, in case anybody gets the idea that I am motivated by anything but admiration for our Marxist friends. Here we go.

Oprah Winfrey, she of the Thousand Points of Property, told Americans recently that the current US president’s political enemies are disrespecting the office of the presidency by saying mean things about him. She probably had in mind words and phrases like “incompetent,” “brainless,” “greedy,” “gripped by megalomania,” or “mendacious, corrupt and deceitful.” I’m surprised that Ms. Winfrey, who banked endless millions by handling the neuroses of American women, leapt to the conclusion that such words are meant to describe the office of the presidency. Even a person of only so-so intelligence should be able to see that the insults hurled around so freely these days have nothing to do with the office Obama holds, but are meant for the fraud himself at any stage of his life and whatever he is up to. The fact that he is president, if an unmitigated disaster for America, is purely coincidental. On the other hand, maybe what was uppermost in Winfrey’s mind wasn’t the charge that Obama is unfit for office due to fundamental failings of morality, intellect and character, but the cruelty of all those people who suggest (or just say outright) that the man in the White House was probably born in his father’s homeland, where his mother could show the kid off to the baby-father’s other baby-mothers. As scary as it is to say this out loud, I too think it’s at least a possibility and I’ll tell you why: because Ms. Dunham was Rosa the Red from cradle to grave and might well have thought that giving birth in Africa was like giving the finger to America. Crazy as that sounds, I knew of a number of American women of similar ideological persuasion who went to the USSR (with permission from the Politburo, of course) to give birth in utterly filthy hospitals “for peace.” And of course that gave them life-long bragging rights over a shared joint with their left-wing social acquaintances.

oprah and barackI guess that Ms. Winfrey’s disapproval of harsh and personal comments about a president holds true only when the person in the Oval Office is a Democrat or a Marxist. I mention this apparent contradiction in moral standards between who she was and who she is because honestly, I can’t remember ever once hearing Oprah Winfrey taking to the national air waves to complain about the obscenities spoken about GW Bush by her pals in the entertainment world and every left-winger in America. Maybe somebody could kindly post on You-Tube some long-forgotten videotape with Oprah wiping the tears of distress from her eyes and declaring that comparing George W. to a female’s personal organs was waaay over the line, an insult to the presidency itself. Or perhaps heaving her voluminous bosom in indignation that anybody would even think of stringing up an effigy of Mr. Bush as several people did in the People’s Republic of California. I shudder even to think how her blood pressure would skyrocket today if somebody strung up an effigy of Barack Hussein, but hey – situational ethics it’s called.

To cut to the chase, what is really annoying is the hypocrisy of those on the left who practically wet their panties if the rest of the country doesn’t think like they think, or even worse – if they act like the left acts. That’s situational ethics too. When I’m in power, shut up and don’t say anything at all if you can’t say something nice. When I’m out of power — don’t you dare try to limit my freedom of speech. I think it was that big liar Hillary Clinton who used the latter line, investing it with all the moral indignation she could summon up. Perhaps moral is the wrong word when talking about Hillary, but certainly we can all recall that school-marmish voice telling us that Americans have the right to criticize anything they want and it isn’t unpatriotic, it’s a right. Sort of. Sometimes. In her case, she was voicing her views about the war in Iraq, which made it okay because that was GW Bush’s millstone. On the other hand, if someone complained about the disaster in Libya from the murder of Qaddafi (where is the International Court of Human Rights when you need it?) to the murder of Americans in Benghazi – what difference does it make? She considers that kind of speech to be frivolous and unnecessary (so shut up).

oprahhillarySo to get back to Ms. Winfrey’s claim that criticism of the man who gave her a Medal of Freedom is somehow unpatriotic because it demeans the office he holds, I suggest she sit down for a chat with Hillary Clinton. Perhaps between the two of them, they can come up with a dictum that sounds red, white and blue, suits the left and doesn’t apply to the right, without revealing the hypocrites they are. In the meantime, a tip of the hat to Mr. Alinsky for letting us know it’s okay to ridicule the people we despise and to do so publicly and often.

Do we have a trend here?

mcauliffeFirst a word on Ken Cuccinelli’s loss in Virginia. As I shed a tear or two, I console myself with this more clear-headed reaction: Cuccinelli is a trail-blazer. The man who by all accounts ran a lack-luster campaign with next to no help from the GOP against a political sleaze artist and money-grubber (oops, fund-raiser) and was behind by double digits came within a point and three-quarters of defeating McAuliffe, who outspent him by 15 million dollars. And Cuccinelli was right on when he attributed this phenomenal surge to public anger over Obamacare. Public discontent with this crew of autocrats and social engineers is jelling into rebellion over their signature accomplishment, destruction of US health care.

Go, America! Get up on your hind legs and fight back against these creeps and Brown Shirts! I do believe something is starting here. It gives my blood a little tingle. Virginia was a clarion signal to battle. If we could bring the race to within a hair in Virginia, lop-sided with those sucking away at the public teat, then we can win all over the country with conservative, brilliant, able men and women who can make our case to the public that the only way to defeat Obamacare is to defeat the Democrats. Somehow, either with the GOP or against them, we have to make the difference at the polls. But it’s going to be hard, because the Establishment of the GOP has declared war on conservatives, brilliant political strategists that they are. Either they will listen to sense or they will be swept aside. A tide is rising.

hillaryOf course, now that McAuliffe has his sticky fingers all over the Virginia government, look for big help for that criminal Hillary Clinton. She is as ugly as a toad these days, but goes around oozing this saintliness.  Still, I see her popularity is dropping big time and now she is below fifty percent at about where Obama is on a good day (47 percent), and thankfully his good days are getting to be fewer and fewer. McAuliffe and the duplicitous duet of Clinton and Clinton is enough to make my skin crawl. It reminds me of Travel-Gate and Craig Livingstone and enemies lists and Hollywood buying a stay in a White House bedroom, where they proceed to trash it. It reminds me of the Rose Law firm records hiding in her closet while they were under subpoena and imagine her taking out pages at her leisure and getting rid of them. I remember the Black Panthers she defended and the sexual deviants she surrounds herself with, and his ceaseless search for adoration. But she is part of the Old Guard now and she is going to be fighting an American public that is angrier than it has been in a long time. She cannot take her victory as assured and she is a fool if she does. As some late-night comedian  once said, she carries around more baggage than FedEx. I plan to bring up at every opportunity her alleged investment in a drug-laundering enterprise in Panama’s jungle, right down there by Colombia, and will continue to demand an accounting of interest earned on said investment and US taxes paid.

purgeNow on to equally disturbing news, or perhaps it is more disturbing even than Hillary Clinton. That is the accelerating purge of senior (and mid-level) officers from the US military for “lack of confidence” or for some peccadillo that is commonplace among the straight members of the military and rampant among the homosexuals. We all know that this is a full court press to oust anybody non-compliant with regime goals and to replace them with the compliant and the eagerly compliant. There is a lot of tattle-tale-ing going on in the military and it reminds me vividly of the control the Communists exerted over every organization and institution in the USSR. They did this by inserting people whose sole job was to report on the other people every single day. This is how they identified miscreants, enemies of the people, and the unorthodox. Who were then dismissed if not arrested and sent to a prison cell or a labor camp. I am certain this system is now in use by the Obama administration and not just in the military. The take-over of our government and armed forces is well underway.

But just as in the Virginia vote, here is the bright note: retired and ousted military officers are beginning to speak out on what is happening, warning the country of the purge that is underway and its goal — the emasculation (literally) of the military and its total subservience not to country but to party — the Democrat (or perhaps by then, the Democrat Socialist) Party to be exact.

So we have a really, really boiling mad public all across the country, regions of states demanding the right to secession, voters turning against the Democrats at the voting booth, our bravest and most talented military outraged over what is happening to the forces — what does it tell you? It tells me that all the conditions are ripe for revolution. We are not yet starving, although I’d give the ecologists a couple of decades before they ignite some worldwide famine with their hare-brained schemes or manage to kill of most of humanity, which is their ultimate goal.

I see the words flying off the ends of my fingers and I can’t believe I’m saying this. And not feeling paranoid, but just alert. When I did analysis of the Soviet Union and Latin America at State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research in the 1980s, I used to prepare very short bits for use in the morning briefing of the Secretary of State or even the President. One of the senior officials in the Bureau commented to a colleague that I found a communist under every rock. I shot back, “yes, that’s where you usually find them.”  But my work was hardly paranoid and always based on factual observation of a situation. And about now, I think it’s time to start looking under all the rocks around here and poking a stick to get the communist out — because these guys are everywhere now. And you don’t have to be a political analyst to know it, or recognize it when you see it.

God save America, or if He chooses not to, please give us our own country. Amen.


America: Home of the Less Free than Ever

gestapoThe Daily Caller carries a story about a freelance journalist and one-time reporter for the Washington Times, Audrey Hudson, who has become the latest victim of America’s Gestapo. On the pretext of searching for guns belonging to her husband — who was prohibited from owning any under a 1980s conviction for resisting arrest — Federal agents raided Ms. Hudson’s home in the wee small hours of the morning. Not only did they search for guns , but it seems they stole off with a large quantity of information relating to the woman’s investigative work. Neither she nor her work product were named in the search warrant; she was  not informed about the seizure of this material at the time (and not until much later); and most importantly, the materials taken relate to an investigation of the federal air marshals service. The agents took Ms. Hudson’s legally-owned weapons, as well. That’s so interesting — were they going to look for her husband’s fingerprints on them? Or does a spouse now have to share in the punishment meted out to his or her better half? Or was it just plain illegal seizure?

blackmail1Nobody who bothers to read my articles is a fool. You will all have concluded that the gun thing was cooked up after somebody did some investigative work of their own and discovered her husband’s conviction — a useful bit of information to those in the blackmail business. It was all our nefarious authoritarian authorities needed to break into Ms. Hudson’s home and steal whatever it is they really wanted. What they got were the names of all her confidential sources for the air marshals story, as well as bunches of de-classified documents originally bearing not a security designation, but an administrative one: for official use only. Ms. Hudson had obtained the material under the Freedom of Information Act. They informed her they had the documents only after they were reassured that they were legally obtained.

The KGB always carried out their raids in the middle of the night. That is when people are at their most defenseless, still half-asleep and not understanding what is happening. Millions disappeared in this fashion. I wonder when this left-wing junta will start simply snatching people off the street? Or dragging them out of their beds? Do you think these rabid dogs of the left will hesitate to do that if they have total power in the US? How many politically uncorrect thoughts have you had today? I personally will pack a ditty-bag in anticipation of an unannounced visit from the Storm Troopers.

What does this latest outrage against America mean? It means the criminals in Washington and in our local governments are becoming increasingly authoritarian. They will no longer wait for their enemies to cross a line. They will snoop around and find a pretext to do what they think needs doing, which is shutting up the opposition.

purgeWhat else does it mean? It means that all agencies of the Executive branch are tainted by political corruption. Even our military no longer answers to the national interest, but to party and ideological interests. This corruption is deepening with every month this regime holds power. We’ve all heard about how many high-ranking military officers have been removed or retired from their posts in the past few years, but I’d like to know how many mid-ranking officers have retired or resigned in the same period. I’d also like to know how much shuffling has gone on in the civil service at the top and mid levels. I don’t think there’s much doubt that a purge is on not only in the Armed Forces, where it is well advanced, but across the government. Ask yourself this: is there a single arm of the Federal Government that you trust?

This raid also incapsulates the new debased approach to Constitutional freedoms: they are totally relative, as good Marxian values always are. If freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are absolutely inviolable when illegals mass on the National Mall, that doesn’t mean they are equally inviolable when exercised by the bikers, the truckers, the vets or any other regime opponents. If it is a violation of law for the FBI to snoop directly on a US citizen without a warrant, that doesn’t mean the IRS can’t snoop on all of us through the many channels now at its disposal. Freedom of religion protects atheists and Moslems, but not Christians or Jews. If the Attorney General acts like lightning in response to any perceived or pretended infringement of black and hispanic voting rights, it doesn’t mean he is equally vigilant when the Black Panthers intimidate white voters at the polls.

kangaroo courtWe apparently are in the age of the kangaroo trial, or monkey trial as the idiot Pallone from New Jersey called that charade. The Soviets always operated on the premise that you if make an example of some transgressor, make the punishment harsh enough, it silences everybody else. Russian comic Yakov Smirnov joked back in the 80s that the thing he loved most about America was warning shots. He added that Russia also had warning shots: they shot the first guy in the back as a warning to everybody else.

While we’re compiling lists of things we’d like to know — and we need a computer to keep track — let’s add the number of journalists who have been a) intimidated and threatened; or b) co-opted. The give-away is the coverage given to regime crimes against democracy. If they don’t say anything unless to mock, they are co-opted. I’d guess the number in category (a) is going to grow.

There You Have It

Dead Burro

Dead Burro

What a shock I had yesterday when the Republicans caved 100 percent. Who would have guessed that they could slide so rapidly from “defund Obamacare” to virtually no demands at all? I would guess we all knew that was what they intended all along — throw a sop to the conservatives with a brief hold-out, then rapidly diminish our demands. Then boom! we cave.

Our elephants have become mere burros, carrying the load for the left. They are trying to cover up their lack of a position, virtue or valor by pointing to the bones thrown to the Republicans by the Emperor, but if they were bones, they were wishbones. The big deal is the promise to try to find a long-term deal by December. These people can’t even be creative in their irresponsibility, it’s always a committee that gets set up, adding to the bureaucracy. And nothing ever improves, either.

The Republicans failed to get any changes whatsoever to the health care legislation, much less its defunding. And they didn’t get a reprieve on the medical device tax. And they didn’t help the budget outlook. But look what they did get in their deal: all the USG employees furloughed get those two weeks of vacation fully paid! And all members of Congress and staff are exempt from the provisions of Obamacare! There’s another stunner, the Congress feathering its own nest. How can they possibly expect the public to look favorably on a system our elected representatives find unacceptable — it’s all for us, the sheep out here getting sheared.

Oh, yes, they also added in some no doubt utterly toothless verification system to make sure welfare frauds aren’t getting Obamacare subsidies when they don’t qualify. I’m sure this will make a critical difference in how much it is going to cost everybody and will uncover all those parasites we know are out there, sucking up as much taxpayer monies as possible for nothing whatsoever.

One thing I found interesting was that while 87 Republicans voted in favor of this white flag of surrender, 144 did not. I’m hopeful that this indicates a trend at the grassroots level of the party. The Senate may be lopsided in favor of the “above it all” crowd headed by the blustering McCain, but in the House the more steadfast have the edge. Who knows, of course, if a vote really signifies commitment. These pols are survivors, like crocodiles; if the legislation was going to pass anyway, a lot of them no doubt voted nay for purely electoral purposes. But at least they are concerned about their conservative base turning on them, even if they don’t yet care what we have to say. I suppose we could say that was something gained.

A lot of people are saying, “ho hum,” the Tea Party couldn’t ignite a popular movement, they are no powerhouse. We’ll see about that. The GOP could ride a wave of popular anger into victory at the polls if they would incorporate Tea Party demands as their own. But I don’t expect that to happen, since these guys seems always to be playing not to their own voters, but to those of the increasingly tiny moderate wing of the Democrat Party.

I’m glad this deep divide within the GOP is now out in the open, so people can discuss frankly what the alternatives for the party are. Maybe two parties is better for everybody except the left. At least if the GOP relies on a coalition to win the presidency, they will have no choice but to respond to its partners concerns. It’s a thought.

The GOP burro might just be dead.