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My Safe Space

You hear so many crazy things these days. I don’t know how I would keep up if I hadn’t already predicted most of them. Recent suggestions for a better America include the mass expropriation of property from lighter-hued humans for transfer to those of a darker shade. (At last, the home of my dreams is within reach!) The allocation of seized properties would be carried out honestly and fairly of course by a cadre of Super Humans who are above politics, greed and personal skin color, although all of them must be Democrats. In today’s America and elsewhere in our world, but only in progressive places, real-life whites not only wish themselves into blackhood, but are hired by (I am taking this on pure faith) genuine blacks to head the latter’s skin-based organizations. In today’s America, thousands and thousands of people from what used to be a bastion of learning (go Sox!) march militantly to silence Free Speech. They no doubt toast with chilled chardonnay afterwards, throwing their nasty little pink caps in the air like a psychotic Mary Tyler Moore fan club, smug in their day’s work of crushing the Constitution beneath their hob-nailed sandals.

Now we are debating whether or not we should rewrite parts of US history that are so shameful, so they say, that they should not be allowed to exist. Today that category of non-things and non-persons includes anybody who fought for states’ rights in the War against the North, anybody who owned a slave prior to the Civil War, or lived with a slave as husband or wife without openly marrying them and setting a good example — people like Thomas Jefferson, who treated his woman Sally with a dignity and stature unheard of in that time, a man who educated his half-African children. It means defacing and destroying and disappearing stupid statues whose names are covered in pigeon shit. (Reminds me of a sixth grade field trip to DC, sitting in a park, eating my bologna sandwich and looking at a statue of someone who was no doubt a war criminal of some kind, when a pigeon shat upon my hair. I try not to blame the statue, and these anti-statuary freaks would be well advised to do likewise.)

But what will be forbidden tomorrow? Perhaps whole classes of deplorable people you used to think of as ordinary Americans will be shipped off to reeducation camps, or invited to step onto the glorious Pathway, as invented by British socialists. And when will we start airbrushing out unpleasant presidents who weren’t someone you’d invite home to meet the parents? Taft was so faaat, ugh.  Or candidates who were a Big Fat Zero?  (Here’s to you, Hillary!) By eliminating outmoded and/or offensive aspects of our history, that fabled tale could then be rewritten by those whom I and others call “Gen Zero.”

One of my favorite concepts to be spawned from the vacuous minds of the left is that of the “safe space.” When I was a junior officer in the Foreign Service in Jamaica we had safe spaces that were closed off by rape gates. The gates gave you time to call in the troops before dying at the hands of home invaders armed with automatic weapons. But this new idea is galaxies and light years ahead of that simple idea. These safe spaces began their existence as proposals for the timid, if militant, Deviant Sexualists that have been churned out by our schools. In their “safe spaces” you were forbidden to be mean or refer to any deficits in the safe person’s psyche or body or dating partners. No fat jokes or sissy jokes. You were increasingly expected not just to tolerate but even be a proponent of sexual deviancy at risk of bursting through the safe walls of all the safe  bubbles in which the sensitive oddities were living. Now, of course, that seed of compassion has expanded (no weight pun intended!) to include anything that upsets anybody about anybody or anything else. Entering or violating the safe space by the offensive is a crime punishable immediately by the use of violence.

I’m sure you can see the problem with the concept of “safe spaces,” that being where does yours end and mine begin? If I feel happy in my safe space spouting out things you hate to hear, does that impinge on your happiness over there in your safe space? Does that mean you can pull a gun on me? Or set me alight with a make-shift molotov cocktail made out of a can of hairspray?

And what would my own safe space look like? If I gave into my more nasty and brutish side, I’d prohibit anything other than hate speech directed at Hillary Clinton, anybody in the Democrat Party, James Comey, Robert Mueller, all left-wing Hollywood blowhards, and also, and especially, Harry Reid and John McCain. I would only allow specific news outlets into my air space, which means no “mainstream media” (and that’s a good one).  It probably doesn’t mean Fox News anymore, not since the Murdoch purges began. In my own safe space, there would be no entertainment beamed into my home filled with nudity, bestiality, and stupidity. Children’s cartoons would make them laugh, not serve up propaganda that makes them cry and worry about all the latest issues. No sex education pornography would intrude on young minds. No illegal immigrants would dare march or wave a foreign flag demanding the US do this or that. No novels could be written within five years of a major event concerning said event. Similarly, no movies could be made. All movies would require an actual plot and real actors. No more reality tv. No students who don’t study, no intellectuals who think comic books are philosophy. No politicized civil servants; no angry feminists; nobody who isn’t exactly sure of his or her gender.

But then I think, what would that make me if not just what those creeps I despise are? Narrow-minded, intolerant, and ignorant of our rights and obligations under the Constitution. So I think that my safe space would be a nation where schools were non-partisan and education was for learning and exploring and debating ideas. It would be a place where kids were almost always free from menace from their elders in their homes and in their neighborhoods, and where parents try to instill eternal values, like honesty and decency, not cultural myths. People could debate, without the use of obscenities or name-calling, or even with it, but without resorting to or threatening violence. A place where everybody knows that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. And that the two things aren’t the same.

In fact, my safe space looks exactly like the America I grew up in. Too bad today’s youth don’t know how that was.

On the Glory of Free Expression

Our younger generations don’t even know what freedom of expression is or means. That’s because they hardly ever hear a contrary voice throughout their school years and if they do, that voice is quickly silenced by peer disapproval and teacher discipline. Lenny Bruce, the foul-mouthed lefty who lived and breathed to shock hum-drum 1950s America with his harsh comedy, or the women who demanded a vote, or the homosexual who was openly who he was — they were acts that taught us the meaning of freedom to say or express whatever you like. It meant having to listen to these horses’ asses yammering at us even when we would have loved for somebody to shut them up. And we respected that right, knowing that someday we might need its protection as well.

Poor kids. Today  Lenny Bruce is the principal in their elementary school and actively discourages kids from pledging allegiance to any flag, especially that of the oppressive US. His teacher’s union is headed by the woman who demanded the vote and now wants to marry her girlfriend, the one who loses no chance to drum into the little kids’ brains that sex has nothing to do with what is between their legs and men are oppressors. His Boy Scout leader is a gay blade who accompanies the little boys to summer camp and plays with them to his heart’s content. (Why didn’t Michael Jackson volunteer as a Boy Scout leader? I bet he thought about it.)

And what about all those other people, the ones who disagree with the officially-acceptable point of view? Aren’t they allowed to speak their minds? Don’t we get the protection of the first amendment?

Well, in a word, no.

A straight baker must bake a cake celebrating a homosexual union the baker deeply feels to be a perversion and a sin. But a gay baker may refuse to decorate a cake stating “marriage is an act between one man and one woman,” a legal point of view held by numerous states, because it is offensive to him. A US flag flown by a vet in a condo complex has to be taken down; but Mexican illegals, in our schools at our expense, can fly the Mexican flag at school, wear it on their clothes, and hoist it pretty much anywhere. They can also fly the US flag upside down. In our prisons, the taxpayers are getting socked with the cost of making creepy convict males into even creepier convict females. Just consider that oh-so-creepy Cpl. Manning. (And Chelsea! I guess they look alike.) Soon it will be illegal for any church to preach that homosexuality goes against God’s law. I’m guessing a Department of Indoctrination is in the offing.

And when was the last time you recall the scientific community uniting with one voice to condemn the manipulative and deceptive practices of the eco-fanatics? Where is the letter from the NSF to the world, decrying efforts to silence and even punish anybody who scoffs at the prophecies of impending disaster we are tormented with at every turn?

How about religion in general? Atheists, trans-gendered no doubt, don’t want that religious crap anywhere, not in the US capital and not in your home, if you want to know the truth. And religion doesn’t hold much sway anymore, or so its seems given the various sects’ supine acceptance of the assault on them. I wonder how the Supreme Court will rule on homosexual marriage: will they uphold that First Amendment right that gives religion its special protections from assault by government, that specifically enumerated and deeply considered right; or will they ignore that right and create a new one out of whole-cloth, a right that, if put to the founders, would have found universal rejection as any such thing. Will they create a right that then seriously impinges on freedom of religion by making certain doctrines anathema and forcing churches instead to recognize homosexuality and the unions of homosexuals? Will pastors who oppose homosexual marriage be forced to marry two women or men anyway? I am absolutely certain, if this is how it goes, the  next step will be polygamy, then human and other. But let’s be brutally frank, as long as I’m expressing my opinions: marriage isn’t worth a plug nickel anymore anyway. It has already been deeply degraded by the left-wing gay rights agenda that includes the destruction of that institution and has become so au courant that the Republican elite has adopted it as their own, as well. Ask Ken Mehlman, our gay ex-GOP party chairman.

And God forbid that anybody should question the bona fides of a person with the right colored skin (anything but white). If you ask why Obama has been such a destructive force in the White House, accelerating the fall of the great American nation, it is because you are a racist. If you think that the Hispanic George (Jorge) Zimmerman was right to shoot that vicious little thug Trayvon Martin, you are a racist.If you think Al Sharpton is a lying, greedy and wicked provocateur who lines his pockets on other people’s problems, then you are a racist.

And now comes the female and womanly part of the “no freedom of expression zone.” Hillary Clinton. When the male GOP candidate goes up against her, he’d best pull no punches and go relentlessly after this corrupt and contemptible woman for all her underhanded dealings. If he shows any inclination to fall back to defense, the media whores of the Democrat Party will crucify him. Every word pronounced will be considered for its potential, even likely, sexism. So don’t make them look for it, give it to them. When you’re at a barbecue, gush how you love a hotdog and a bun, not two buns or two hotdogs, but precisely one hotdog and one bun!

I, for one, don’t intend to shut up voluntarily. I will go to my grave calling things the way I see them and rebutting the inane and lame arguments of the opposing camp. If all they have to say in return is “shut up,” I guess, like Lenny Bruce, I’ll keep on handing it out to those brainwashed Americans.

Obama Continues the Crusade for Communism

The Republican-led House voted Wednesday to overturn President Obama’s immigration actions from last November — and to unravel a directive from 2012 protecting immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children — sending the bill to the Senate where it faces an uncertain fate.

So sayeth Fox News. The House has acted to rein in the Emperor O, who in my mind is eternally wearing a leopard-skin cape over a scrawny hairless chest with a golden spear in one hand. I guess that is ethnocentric; he could as easily be pictured as a really bad white high-school teacher who fancies himself a Marxist, sleeps with students, and doesn’t know his supposed subject. Mr. Obama says he will veto the defiant House bill that dares to question Obama’s authority, and the Republicans are unlikely to find the needed votes to overrule. (And isn’t that sad, all by itself?) It makes no difference that the majority of Americans want Obama’s immigration edicts swept into the trash bin. The man rules from such heights that you and I could never hope to understand how  little he cares about us way down here. In some circles, that is referred to as psychotic or creepy. Many call him The Savior, or Jesus, but those folks have IQs south of 70 and require a boundless faith that there is still more booty to be had if they can only keep The One in power, or somebody who will continue the give-away (that would be you, Hillary “The Hips” Clinton). His supporters can’t think deep enough to worry about the fewer and fewer who are actually producing and not just consuming, wondering what happens when there aren’t enough producers to continue the handout.

But wait, at the very same time that we hear about the courage of House Republicans in facing down Obama over his imperial tendencies we also hear that the GOP is quietly working on an immigration proposal that will satisfy everybody except the Party’s own constituency. Or at least the numerous and un-monied part of its base, the stooges that keep voting Republican year after year, regardless. I don’t think there is in anybody’s mind a belief that appeasing the illegal alien community is going to increase GOP vote share. I’d guess the opposite. Mostly the GOP leadership wants a) the issue to go away and b) enough cheap labor to keep big business happy, big business being seen inexplicably as the root of GOP success.

As a mere observer, it looked to me like Big Business jumped on the Obama bandwagon and they were slavishly attentive to the Clintons when those two dirtied the White House with their scandalous goings-on. Churches want believers and entrepreneurs want near-slaves, and the Democrat (Socialist) Party wants voters. All the forces are aligned against the idiots who populate this country but count for next to nothing except as rhetorical devices.

How about that State of the Union? It should have been called “Stake through the Union.” It is absolutely no surprise that Obama chose ideology over pragmatism. He really thinks he’s got the US engine going, with an oil boom he despises and opposed that seems to this observer to be highly vulnerable to collapse. I worry about earthquakes that have been registered in fracking zones and new oil’s own downward impact on prices necessary to sustain the fracking industry. Obama also boasted about the great employment scene, but not a word about the incredible shrinking labor market (it’s just the Boomers retiring) or the poor quality of jobs on offer. And he wants to make higher education free, two useless years of community college. There is already more pay for a tradesman with a real skill than for any community college graduate. Why not fund tech schools? Why  not let kids who want to work and not study segue into a technical institute where they can learn a trade for their last two years of high-school ? Why waste the money by giving grown adults with no skills the chance for another two years on the public dole that will provide them with very few new useful ones? If they want those low-cost two years of education (already subsidized by states and cities) then let them invest in them with their own labor, or hard work, two dirty terms among the left-wingers. Obama’s brand of governance is what I call highway-robbery. This is a system in which the tax burdens on the productive individual, indirect or direct, are growing to enable the Big Give-Away to continue. In this way, the wealth-earners are expropriated of their rewards which are passed to the wealth-consumers at the bottom levels of society.

The EU is unable to shake off its slump, Russia is hurting, China is slowing down — but the US is going to keep going strong? The page is turned? And yet terrorists are likely to launch some attack here at home at any time now, but it won’t affect us? We’re up to our eyeballs in military adventurism around the globe, at risk of triggering some calamity while championing freedom, while illegal immigrants hoist banners at home reading “the border is illegal, not the people who cross it” and thousands await the next signal to flood the US border. How is that? I’m just a little more cautious than to believe his rosy picture of a US socialist paradise. I think the world is more insecure than ever before. I don’t think the jihad is “dying out.” I don’t think NATO is spreading peace, but war. I hardly believe anything the USG says anymore. And that is both at home and abroad.

The Republicans of course trashed a trash-able presentation by the President, but that’s not news. I anxiously await the next practical steps in the Republican revolution against the tyranny of government being constructed by Obama and his leftist clique. The solution isn’t for the GOP to wring their hands, then defy public will and collaborate with the Democrats on doing whatever it is the Democrats want to do. It is to offer alternatives. Where is the insurance bill that will free up health care coverage and make pricing competitive? Where is anything to do with Obamacare? Stop leaking information about alleged immigration proposals and share them with us. Stop your war on conservatives and rein in USG super-agencies with strict oversight and accountability and a veto power for Congress over any agency administrative decree costing taxpayers’ money. Let’s hear a call for the criminal prosecution of Lois Lerner, and John Koskinnen, and others in these public institutions who are acting for partisan political goals.

If the GOP thinks it can sit around and take the pulse of the public for two years, they’re smoking something.


Ruminations on the Global Socialist Education Conspiracy

killing libertyI’ve been searching the signs and portents over the past few weeks and I can’t find anything to cheer about. The one issue, out of so many, that caught my greatest interest is the news that the US Supreme Court is considering whether to take on the case of the Romeike family who fled Germany to escape draconian State laws prohibiting home schooling. In the past and for Americans, the Romeike plight would have been merely a footnote in the annals of history, just another case of how twisted a value system the EU propagates. Unfortunately, it becomes not a footnote but a whole story unto itself when we consider that the only reason the Romeikes are still in the news is that the inaptly named US Department of Justice has decided they agree with the EU on home schooling. At least that is how I am interpreting the regime’s prosecutorial zeal in suing to overturn a lower court decision granting this family asylum on grounds of persecution and certainty of prosecution if returned to their home country.

controlHere is a recap of the battle so far: the Romeikes Sr. object to the social content of German education in public schools, inasmuch as portions of what is being taught or even propagated (i.e. homosexuality) go against their religious beliefs. They have given their children an excellent education in other mandated (scholastic) areas and the kids test very well. But here’s the problem: it seems that a Nazi law enacted in the 1930s to ensure the State absolute control of the minds of Germany’s youth prohibits home schooling. There was nothing more dangerous to the Nazis than some dissenting parent passing on ideas pernicious to the Third Reich. Unlike the Hitlerian dictates on racial purification, after the war the Nazi system of state thought control was left in place. First the post-war Germans used the law to eradicate from the young all Nazi sentiments and thoughts and then they used the public school system to indoctrinate children in socialist and progressivist philosophy. By forcing everybody into the same heavily policed political correctness, the State can avoid disruptive dissent. I can’t figure out what the difference is between those war-time Germans who pounded Nazi thoughts and values into the children’s heads and today’s modernists. It seems as if both generations supported the idea that the State must not merely educate, but indoctrinate.

Under the German law, parents who refuse to send their kids to public school can be fined, prosecuted and imprisoned, and they can lose custody of their kids, too. This is not a scare story. In December 2013, a German judge allowed a home-schooling couple’s children to be released from State custody with a warning to put them in a public school and not try fleeing to a country where home education is allowed. If they violated his orders, he vowed to chase them down and prosecute. Good old Germany. It may be enforcing a whole set of perverted values, but it is doing it to the full extent of the law. As the French say, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

After the Romeike’s showed up in the US as visitors, they claimed asylum on grounds of persecution. And the original court of hearing agreed and granted asylum. Here is where our own Neo-Totalitarians come in. Eric Holder’s Justice Department decided perhaps for the first time ever in US history to sue to overturn the granting of asylum. The USG is using our tax dollars to fund a campaign of persecution against Christians who refuse to allow the brainwashing of their children into an alien ideology. The Justice Department says it agrees with the EU and that all the German officials were doing was following orders. Or maybe they said, “following the law.”  It doesn’t matter — it was the same excuse Nazis used to dodge responsibility for the death-camps, or sheriffs used in the US to persecute people for the color of their skin. Just because a law exists doesn’t mean it is just. Ask Eric Holder, who used force to take over a university building because of “political” objections to that administration. He didn’t care much for US law then, and between you and me, he doesn’t today, either.

Immigration (ICE) most recently has argued that the U.S. government, too, has the authority to simply prohibit homeschooling, and that this fact should disqualify the granting of asylum to the Romeikes.  ICE further noted that Judge Burman “did not address how under various state laws of the United States a person can be similarly prosecuted for not sending one’s children to school.” This is, of course, a red herring. A parent can be punished for not providing an education to his or her children, or not providing one that meets state academic standards, but not because they don’t go to a public school. And they cannot be prosecuted for teaching moral principles in line with their faith. That is the real issue in the Romeike case.

rpualThis is a case of violation of freedom of conscience as well as freedom of religion in its broadest sense. The Romeikes came to America legally as visitors but actually were escaping the false choice offered them by German authorities: turn over your responsibility for your children’s lives and minds, give up your religious convictions, or face the legal consequences. The authorities were not satisfied that the Romeike children were in fact being educated, in accordance with a 1918 law making education mandatory. They relied instead on that much more convenient Nazi law. The difference between the two laws in question is that one encourages education and the other encourages State indoctrination. In resisting State indoctrination, the churning out of that one-mind mass that makes it easy for the State to rule, the Romeikes took on the foundations of modern European society. In today’s Europe, the one thing that is unforgivable is non-conformity. The State rules, the State forms the ideas, and the State makes all the choices. Sounds a lot like old Europe, doesn’t it, only the parameters by which one is judged have been turned on their head.

Ambassador Thomas Schirrmacher, Director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom, points out that  [N]early a dozen major human rights documents and treaties, including the 1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights, recognize how important the role of parental decision-making is in the education of children and that free governments must recognize and respect this important right. As Ambassador Schirrmacher points out, the actions of the EU violate that premise. But that isn’t a problem for modern government. In the EU, they celebrate territorial integrity and the right to self-determination side by side, but in reality they only support the right to self-determination. Same when it comes to parental rights — they stop where the State says “Stop,” which could be at the cradle or even in utero. Contradictions are not a problem in modern government; all you have to do is ignore them.

I don’t really care what they do in Europe. I care what happens here. Do we really have to create an underground society to live in freedom — or is there any hope left in this country that was once a beacon to freedom? I think there are many millions of Americans even now pondering what lies ahead and what our choices might be. But one thing is certain: as goes freedom of religion, so go all the freedoms our Constitution recognizes. We are either going to give them away under threat or in exchange for false freedoms, like the freedom of total sexual hedonism, or we are going to keep them, no matter what.

I know where I stand.

Olio, Pastiche, Potpourri, Inter Alia and Etcetera

hodgepodgeI can hardly read the news or watch the talking heads on television these days, it’s all so depressing. How about those Democrat members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee who walked out just before the families of those who died in Benghazi had their say — what was that all about? Not a pretty picture, Dems, looks to me like you are callous and indifferent. But hey, I know those terms can only be applied to Republicans. And while I’m on that point, I want to give nod to the Republican members who were too busy with other business to be there for the hearing. Just imagine a picture of one side of the room packed and the other side empty. What a dramatic statement. But no. What we saw was a room with one side empty and the other side nearly empty. Never say the Republicans won’t let a good crisis go to waste. They can hardly decry the Dems’ open expression of contempt because the response would be: and where were you?

empty houseI personally would have tied every one of the Committee members and their staffers into their chairs, along with Hillary Clinton and her shills Thomas Pickering and Victoria Nuland. They should be forced to listen to the families’ words of accusation. But we don’t do things like tying US officials and elected members of Congress into chairs, electric or otherwise, and we don’t force them to take responsibility for their egregious stupidity, arrogance and irresponsibility. Too bad. More and more I find myself talking out loud to the blowhards of Congress when I watch them grill people giving testimony. These servants of the people drip contempt at the very suggestion that our leaders are not as virtuous as they believe themselves to be, or that they are nincompoops and incompetents. I keep rooting for the guy in the hot-seat, urging him to say it: you work for us, lunkhead, not the other way around — how about you answer some questions?

alshababMeanwhile, in our president’s homeland (that would be Kenya) al-Shabab took over an upscale shopping mall and summarily executed dozens of people who gave the wrong answer to the question: are you a Moslem? It was a case of “say the secret word (‘no’) and get a bullet through the brain.” Although the gang’s handle sounds like a 50s rock and roll lyric, al-Shabab is pure evil. Still, they are fighting for their ideals, whatever they might be, and this terrible loss of life should be the point where the US takes the Kenyan government to task for brutally murdering some of the Shopping Mall Shababists without a trial. What a terrible human rights violation. Maybe we should start arming the Shababists and rename them “Freedom Fighters.” Perhaps they could send John McCain a letter, with a cc to Lindsay Graham. Never mind — we will probably still get a chance to arm them when they migrate to the jihad currently underway in Syria.

angry oOur glorious president, who according to rumor was the stuttering voice of Porky Pig in the Loony Tunes, has once more taken to the pulpit in the Church of Racial Division. You always know when he’s trying to stir up racial hatred because his eyes narrow and his voice takes on a faux black cadence and he practically trembles with indignation. Method Acting, it’s called. Having been shown to be the bumbling idiot he is on the world stage, Obama has decided to ignore international relations altogether for a while and instead concentrate on turning his adoring black mobs against the Party of White Folks, also known as the Party of Old White Folks, or sometimes the Party of Old White Folks Using Up Too Much Health Care and Hanging Onto Too Much Money that Belongs to Us. Obama’s short-hand for all those is “Republicans.” The guy who once thought that constantly raising the debt limit was a criminal undertaking today has made it clear he doesn’t plan to negotiate with those people over his unfettered right to raise the debt ceiling. And he also made clear that he doesn’t plan to tolerate those people “messing” with him. Ooooh. He’s miffed, America. He might have to encourage some more black on white hate crimes, a few more strategic murders to remind Whitey who is in charge these days. And of course he is even more miffed because the House of Representatives, egged on by the evil Constitutionalists, is doing whatever possible to keep the health-care debacle from getting taxpayer funding. He larded his most recent speech with code words like “overcome” to get the crowd thinking of a real heroic figure, whom we are to assume he is channeling. I guess when you are an empty suit with no substance of your own you can channel anybody. I wish he could channel Martin Luther King; then he might stop thinking in racial stereotypes.

angry parentThen we have the march of tyranny that is going on in our schools and on our campuses. Did you see the news about a father who was forcefully removed from a public meeting when he objected to Baltimore’s use of the Common Core educational monstrosity? It seems that he was disrupting the meeting by making comments and asking questions, when the rules were to submit written questions and be silent. (Isn’t that a violation of the rights of the disabled? How is a blind person supposed to submit a written question?) This procedure reminds me of the Soviet Union, when phony “public meetings” required all questions to arrive in advance in writing so that all the inconvenient ones could be shredded. All I can say is, the cop who frog-marched the concerned parent off the premises was lucky the guy wasn’t carrying a weapon or he might have found out what the parent’s views are on the Second Amendment as well as the First.

And then there was the young college student in Modesto, CA, who got into hot water for handing out copies of the Constitution on campus on Constitution Day. The nitwit in the administration office admonished him that there is a time and place for everything. In Modesto, that would be on a spot big enough for one medium-sized person, out of the vulnerable students’ line of sight, where those arguing for crazy ideas are relegated. Unfortunately for the kid who thinks our country owes everything it ever did right to the Constitution, that square foot of land was booked through Christmas and perhaps forever. Which suggests to me that in California, the proper place and time for distribution of the US Constitution is in hell, when it freezes over.

I’m All Right, You’re All Right – But Our Government Needs Surgery

gatorsI’m sitting on a quiet Sunday afternoon in my house on the water in the glorious state of Florida, alligators and all. Although where I live the authorities swear there are no alligators. Which I believed until a relative of mine saw a gator in a golf course waterway. Liars!

Thinking of reptiles and small deceptions brings me to our government and its much larger deceptions, chief among them their claim to govern for the people when they are actually governing for their inner circle and an ideology called socialism. We Americans are essentially data to be mined in order to pinpoint how they can best influence, harass or harness us. Interest group politics taken to the point of absurdity. But it works.

Hard to believe how many Americans even today think any violation of rights is okay as long as its Barry doing the violating. And it’s disturbing to see how much bile and resentment our president has created. I was dismayed to watch interviews of young students concerning harassment of the Tea Party — they not only didn’t mind, it was “right on!” It’s a sad commentary on our society to see that these kids not only have zero information about the Tea Party beyond Democrat talking points, they hate the Tea Party, to boot. Ignorance and emotion combined, a socialist’s dream. Obama is a terrible divider.

vulturesA lot of people in America never saw all this abuse of power coming. They actually believed the hype about Obama who is, in his essence, an almost entirely fabricated man crafted by other men far abler than he. Just think how many of us Americans fell for the transparency hoo-ha and the end-of-racism malarkey. Now it seems the US is becoming more and more socialist, and less and less democratic, more color-blinded and less color-blind. Even people normally oblivious to the world around them are noticing thanks to the scandalous behavior of our elected officials, appointed officials, and bureaucrats. For the first time, the public is getting a broad-screen picture of this bunch of political goons and it isn’t a pretty one. They might tire of the details of corruption and abuse, but they’re drinking in the essential message: these people are violating our rights. They don’t know their limits.

I still cannot grasp how we got here. I admit, George Bush had that incredibly irritating facial tic that made him appear to be smirking whatever he was saying, but was it so bad that Americans chose to opt for a political path as alien to our way of life as Spartanism? It’s as if our collective brain began shorting out somewhere along the line (Vietnam?) and now suffers from a cascade of failing synapses. We no longer have a common set  of core values, we are at least two nations if not more, and that fragmentation is a sign of a collapsing nation-state. (Another sign is the growing reliance on military force abroad to impose pax Americana.)

Unfortunately, the other half of the brain now has control of many elements of our government and they are as busy as ants at a picnic socially re-engineering America. The socialists are driven by a sense of ideological messianism in their efforts to transform the administrative apparatus of the Executive Branch into their very own machine subservient to party rather than nation. No measure seems too extreme for them to push through using every trick they can, including administrative fiat and flat-out lies to dupe the public. They made a lot of progress. IRS is no doubt rotten from head to toe, and that goes for other key departments, as well. This has greatly enhanced their power. But now they have run head-on into the perennial problem of the true ideologue: you have to move fast to out-run the enemy you want to silence forever, but if you move too fast, you turn everybody else off, too. The Left was trying to do things that were unconstitutional without first having total control of the press, and that was what tripped them up. That’s why they hate Fox News so much.

stormWhere do you think we stand today with regard to our government? Do we trust it even as much as we trusted the Bush government? Are enough people turned off by the evidence of corruption and contempt for the Constitution that it will make a difference? I’m guessing Americans are a bit testier today than they were yesterday and that they are going to get testier yet. The Marxists are focused, ideologically-driven men and women and they have three and a half years yet to work their will through the power of the State. They won’t stop trying and they have lots of allies inside the government beehive. It’s our job to block them. Then we have to treat the patient with pin-point surgery to remove the malignancies. I think perhaps an IRS-ectomy is in order.

Here in Florida the weather is getting that heavy feeling typical of hurricane season. I see those same clouds hanging over our country’s future. Storms ahead.


Hybrid America: Brave New World and 1984

1984Aren’t we having the time of our lives? We have a government of such nefarious bent that I have been struggling to make up my mind if our Benevolent Dictatorship is more reminiscent of 1984 or Brave New World.  It’s hard to decide. Brave New World has soma, a drug that keeps the oppressed public happy no matter how terrible things are. Soma is free and the government encourages its use at any time. Emotion-free, loveless sex is also encouraged, but love itself and other strong emotions are frowned upon and punished. Human ties have been rendered largely meaningless: babies are assembly-line productions, deriving not from a human uterus but a hatchery. After the genetically-engineered babies are born, they are subjected to sleep teaching that reinforces the traits the government wants in its subjects and the sleeper’s immutable place in the One World State. Life is free from anxiety because people are not given choices of consequence. The elite do the choosing. Science is exploited but also censored and suppressed when it is inconvenient to State interests.

So far, so good. We ourselves have a government that encourages guilt- and responsibility-free sex, the more deviant the better, the younger the better, pushing it on our kids from infancy onward through the State media and the schools and Hollywood. Our government just made abortifacients available over the counter to girls of any age, further driving a wedge between parents and children. (I wonder if being able to talk is required, or if small children can just point?)

bravenewworld2Now drugs are going main-stream around America, from coast to coast. So far only Colorado has had the common decency to call what they are pushing recreational drug use and not medical help. Elsewhere the drug culture spreads via clinics (wink wink, nudge nudge) to people with prescriptions (wink wink, nudge nudge). Our youths are already pretty far down the global scale of literacy and skills, a decline that will be greatly accelerated with the new atmosphere of permissiveness that discourages self-discipline, hard work, denial of gratification, or thinking, and encourages amusement with things like sex and drugs and fantasy and cheap consumerism — a kind of immersion in the incredible now-ness of being. As for science being manipulated or suppressed, we have been there for some time. A conspiracy of State, media, teachers, unions and environmentalists have for years been pressing a false theory of global warming, buttressed by dubious studies and manipulated data, that has in turn created a whole cottage industry of climate hysterics and phony science. Threats to the Left’s climate frenzy from scientists relying on hard fact are suppressed by campaigns of abuse and lies and efforts to ostracize the wrong thinkers. Science is to be used, but it can be dispensed with as necessary.

bravenewworld3Our State hasn’t yet prohibited human reproduction, but we are told that our children belong to the community (read State). It’s a good first step. And genetics is the science of the future — I’m pretty sure the test-tube population project is in the works. Encouraging abortion and discouraging marriage and the creation of familial ties pave the way for the bondless human subservient to the State. Both Brave New World, where One World State fears and despises individuality, and 1984, where ideas are controlled to suppress individuality, bear a resemblance to our State, which encourages the alleged collective good over individual rights and thus justifies the suppression of individual rights. What else are attacks on small business or constitutionalists or the Tea Party other than an attack on individuals and individual rights?

It seems like Brave New World must be the prophetic book that foresaw America’s future. On the other hand, 1984 could be equally relevant — it gives us the omniscient and omnipresent Big Brother and the omnipotent Security State. Here is how Wikipedia describes the basic plot of 1984:

The Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as thoughtcrimes. Their tyranny is headed by Big Brother, the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality, but who may not even exist. Big Brother and the Party justify their rule in the name of a supposed greater good.

brave new worldWell, there you are. It sounds pretty prescient to me. Thoughtcrime is alive and well and growing bigger by the day under the tutelage of our own Big Brother here in America. The president makes a specialty of using the shame game to gin up public censure of any ideas it does not like, handing out talking points to the various State agents — Hollywood, the Left Stream Media, and the so-called institutions of learning — to be repeated to the public until the argument is won. Freedom of thought, a characteristic of classic universities throughout history, is no longer welcome on campus, where a strict orthodoxy of ideas now reigns unchallenged. Public schools at every level are thought-free zones, debate-free zones, and tolerance-free zones. Our country, too, is becoming a privacy-free zone, the kind of place the creepy Mayor Bloomberg wants us to get used to. Cameras are going up on every corner, our purchases are tracked, and massive computer complexes are collecting and sifting every scrap of information they can snoop out on Americans. I don’t care what they insist — sooner or later such data is bound to be used for illicit and unconstitutional purposes if it hasn’t been already. The Security State is quickly becoming a reality in our country, developing into an Independent Entity operating beyond the consent of the governed and with no regard for civil liberties.

I’ll close with some words on the two novels by social critic Neil Postman:

What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egotism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” In 1984, Orwell added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us. Huxley feared that our desire will ruin us.

I’m afraid the reason I can’t make up my mind is that both novels foresaw America’s future. What a terrible thought.







This and That

oldstersThe assault on elderdom continues under this maniacal Mengelian experiment in social re-engineering. The Obama era. One of the top ten reasons for why rebellion is in the air is the lack of interest or respect this administration has for the aging or the elderly. The old are now clearly obstacles to the happiness and well-being of the young. We are non-believers, many of us, in the Obama New Land, where the government incessantly takes from those who have and holds back a lot for Obama’s purposes and gives the rest to his friends. We older folks harbor outmoded ideas of governance and liberty. We would be doing a service to opt for early permanent retirement on the Pathway to eternal happiness. And pity the poor young people, hammered with the public debt Obama is bequeathing to them at this very moment, when they have grown desperate for a real job and can’t pay their student loans. And since all loans were guaranteed by you and me, the taxpayers, through USG programs, then the biggest losers are working folks without some sort of government stipend. Here is what American Spectator contributor Betsy McCaughey has to say about our national healthcare system:

Seniors needing hospital care will be shocked at cutbacks. Section 3000A of the law awards bonus points to the hospitals that spend the least per senior. Hospitals are even whacked for what Medicare patients consume in the 30 days after discharge, including physical therapy.

I don’t even want to know what the bonus is for killing one of us off. Maybe an all-expenses paid trip to Belize for medical care, since that is where many US doctors are headed. Good time to buy a piece of Belize, boys and girls.

christian martyrAnother Spectator piece discusses how a sportscaster who came out against homosexuality as a Christian was vilified, and the homosexual who came out of the closet was lionized.

Seriously, this country has gone from being a God-fearing, moral, hard-working nation of people who believed in freedom and whose children aspired to a better life, to being a mass of uninformed, poorly educated and penniless youth without the ambition of earlier generations or the respect for them, either. These newest generations are youths to whom freedoms are a negotiable currency. Give something to get something. A little less freedom, a little more security. A little more equality and a lot worse health care. Government is there to make sure we never have any bad patches. To help us get by. We are the Government and the Government is Us!

Or perhaps today it would be Government R Us. That really captures the flavor of America today.

Communists, Communities and Co-option of the Uterus

young pioneersI know, everybody and his brother and his brother’s in-laws are writing about the latest shot fired across the bow of the American ideal by the far left. I’m talking about the assertion (not even a suggestion) that children, conceived and carried through seemingly endless pregnancies by mere fallible mothers and fathers, don’t belong to their progenitors. They belong to the community.

I can hear people all over America muttering into their morning coffee: what’s a community?  Melissa Perry-Harris, or perhaps she is Melissa Harris-Perry, or even Melissa Hairy Paris (who cares?), didn’t bother to get into that issue. I would venture that she has very little idea what the community is and prefers in any case not to pin herself down by giving us a definition. I’m pretty sure the community she has in mind is analogous to that international community that unfailingly is cited as approving whatever change de regime du jour NATO leaders are touting. The community she is referring to is almost certainly as changeable as the weather, depending on what people like her want it to mean. As an example, recall that Barack Hussein Obama began his illustrious work-free career by organizing communities, i.e. black neighborhoods. Today he continues his career by organizing a much bigger community, the once and never again United States of America, using exactly the same tactics of demagoguery. If you’ve seen one community, you’ve seen them all.

A community could be the block where you live, or the sub-development, or the incorporated area where the unfortunate children are located, or Hillary Clinton’s village, or the metropolitan area, or the nearest big city, or the state or the country, the world or even the entire universe. The universe is best of all, because it currently consists largely of baffling concepts like quasars and black holes and anti-matter, but not anything within the ambit of your earthly experience. Thus the left can assert that the universe supports anything they like without fear that someone might disprove it. The worst definition would be the world, which we all know is filled to the gills with arch-conservatives like Moslems and Catholics, millions of whom would happily run a sword through anyone proposing they give up their kids to the State.

Getting back to the assertion made by the left-stream media and its pompous spokesthing (notice how careful I’m being to stick to gender-neutral terms), what is the utility of pretending that children belong to some greater something than parents and family? I bet I don’t even have to tell you, but I will anyway. The point is to shove in the thin edge of the wedge that would eventually allow the community  to outlaw such things as home schooling, church Sunday school, schools, church, the Bible, smoking in the home (didn’t they already do that?), sex-segregated bedrooms, any form of parental sex education, Mom’s home cooking, disciplinary measures for the misbehaving, parental naming of children, and you add the rest. It would simultaneously legitimize and make obligatory a whole slew of community-endorsed social-engineering measures such as high-pressure sexual formation cum education at the earliest possible age, perhaps reinforced by participation in a variety of sex acts from grade school, forced political education and participation in political activities like marches, protests, harassment of the Other-Minded, cult-of-personality sing-alongs, voting for those 6 years and older, and you add the rest. You see how it works? When the community is king, anything is possible.

I bet ten years ago you  never once considered that by getting yourself in the family way you were actually producing troops for the future Red Army of Amerika, an army that doesn’t carry arms, which will be illegal, but can be mobilized at a moment’s notice to provide props and background color for whatever new measure of control is being imposed on the community by the vanguard, i.e. dictatorship of the freakiest and smarmiest.

Hitler YouthOf course the zero-intellect intellectuals and poseurs will scoff. Scare-mongering, they will charge, mere right-wing resistance to change as inevitable as global warming. But we know better, don’t we? Because this isn’t the first time the totalitarians have tried (and succeeded) in co-opting women’s bodies and men’s, too, to create servants of the State. If the State could produce what it needed in a laboratory, in sufficient numbers, it wouldn’t need mothers and fathers at all, but could outlaw such archaic concepts as parents altogether. The State could mandate uterectomies at puberty and vasectomies, too. We don’t need to be university-trained historians to know that the State, that wise Community of Communities, took over parents’ children in both the Soviet Union and in Hitler’s Germany. Those veritable Edens on earth provided us examples of what we have to look forward to should we fail to put the Amerikan Left back in their box: parents whose sole charge is to act as nannies to State-owned children, children who go to State schools, and State camps, children who engage in State-conceived fun and in State-controlled political activity. The Young Pioneers owed their allegiance to the State, not to Mom and Pop, who in any case were too frightened to actually try to influence the young minds inhabiting their homes by offering an alternative view to State propaganda. And the Hitler Youth would shudder to hear a parent whisper at home about the horrors of the Fascist Paradise; the horrified Nazi children might well be compelled to run to the nearest aspiring führer to make a report.

big kids in strollersIt isn’t too late to fight back, mothers and fathers. We could turn the tables. The next time you pass a young progressive couple pushing a stroller carrying a healthy 9-year old half the height of her father and amusing herself with an I-pad or reading a book, you could rush up and subject the offending parents to social censure. Something like, “The community disapproves of disabling your own children!”

Yes, we too can create a definition for community and then use the force of the concept to pressure and shame those whose behavior we find reprehensible.  How about “the community of the faith-enabled,” or “the community of the family-unit” or “the community of the Second Amendment.” If we do that, we might not convert the left, but it makes it much harder for the left to make up their own ideas of what a community is and foist it on us.



Puppets and More Puppets: Global Government in a Nutshell (or a sock)

sock puppetsI’ve linked under Good Reads two reports of some length, but both well worth reading and both written by Christopher Snowdon, a Brit, who describes himself as follows:

…an author, journalist and researcher who focuses on lifestyle freedoms, prohibition and dodgy statistics. He is a research fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, writes for City AM and Spiked, and regularly appears on TV and radio discussing social and economic issues. He wrote Velvet Glove, Iron Fist: A History of Anti-Smoking (2009) and The Spirit Level Delusion (2010). His most recent book is The Art of Suppression: Pleasure, Panic and Prohibition since 1800 (2011) which looks at the prohibition of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Born in North Yorkshire, he now lives with his wife and daughter in Sussex.

Snowdon is an iconoclast after my own heart. He has given the reader a lot of food for thought in his analysis of how the Europhiles/Eurocrats are using front groups, otherwise known as non-governmental organizations, to support the European government’s own policy goals. His insight is of particular relevance to the US, where we experience much the same phenomenon.

Back when I was assigned to the US Embassy in Sarajevo, the crabby Croats called NGO’s “travelling dung beetles.” I was managing a US-funded 12 million dollar program to get people back to their homes after they had been displaced by ethnic foes during the ugly civil war in the 1990s. I was not myself, per se, one of those dung beetles, but we did our work through those groups. Even though I resented the implications (the Croats most assuredly did not want Serbs or Moslems coming home to communities the Croats had cleansed or taken over, or their own people going back to places dominated by the others), I could see what they were getting at. The NGOs undoubtedly made their living off the crap left behind by war and would be out of a job if the killing and hate ceased.

Today NGOs have found a wider purpose, that being to play the role of independent, nay, holier-than-though groups who just happen to think that whatever the European Union or the European Commission or the European Parliament wants is the right thing for everybody to want. The catch, of course, is that a great many if not most of these NGOs exist solely because of government (that means taxpayer) funding, even though the taxpayer has no say in who gets the money or what they do with it.

Read and learn. It gives new meaning to “one world.”