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Me Too. Boo Hoo

I’ve tuned out the mobs of hysterical females throughout the slimy info-tainment industry who claim they were victims of Harvey Weinstein. I’m convinced they are being joined by legions of women who never even met Harvey. By now, thousands of starlets and would-be’s are going through their old souvenirs (a broken bra strap, torn panty-hose, a used condom), looking for some male in their past who was a complete and utter pig and treated them the same. Maybe the offense was merely verbal, suggestive talk à la Clarence Thomas, with a willing participant, à la Clarence Thomas. Maybe it was uglier and meaner. Anything they can bring up that allows them to be part of “me, too.” Anything for a few minutes in the limelight.

I am convinced that this newly-discovered army of victims remained silent not out of frailty and vulnerability, but out of satisfaction with whatever they got in exchange. Was it a role, a money settlement, an invitation to an exclusive event? This is the same crowd of Hollywood females who routinely fake sex on the movie set, show up for global television awards shows largely naked, or make sex-tapes to introduce themselves to the audience. Now they claim irreparable damage to their psyches from crude nasty men with too much power and money. I, for one am not the least impressed. Even if every word they say is true, I am not impressed.

Wait, I am impressed with Courtney Love. She was the only one who had the nerve to say something out loud, and she wasn’t even a victim of Weinstein. When asked for advice for young entertainers, she thought a second and answered, “if Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party in the Four Seasons, don’t go.” She was supposedly black-listed by the Creative Artists Association for being so bold. So far that’s the only victim I see. Bravo, Courtney.

There’s no getting around a fundamental truth: if you are so disturbed by boorish and even aggressive male behavior, girls, open your mouth and move those surgically-enhanced buttocks — walk out in front of the kliegs and talk about it. Don’t wait five or ten or thirty years and claim trauma. If you clammed up in exchange for any consideration or advantage, then live with it. Get on with your life and if you never again make or have made the same mistake, please write to me care of “Ooobie.”

My view is that all men are essentially boorish due to the potent testosterone they carry around, which seems to be hyper-activated by power. The greater the power, the worse the behavior. Some men lack any form of self-control, such as flashers on the street or governors of Arkansas who crowd into a tiny news editing booth to rub themselves into ecstasy against the rigid back of a terrified kid just out of her teens. Or US Presidents who offer a rigid cigar in exchange for…

Yes, I find that most men, even those you thought would NEVER, can act inappropriately and worse. Here are some examples from my own life, by no means exhaustive, about none of which I am complaining:

At age eleven, I took my niece to the community swimming pool where we were gazed at for hours by an adult white male lurking beyond the fence. After we left, this man asked if he could buy us a coke. I  knew to the tips of my toes that this guy was a pervert, even though I didn’t know what a pervert was. I told him politely no and then walked all the way home with my head over my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t following. Ugh. I told everybody, but nobody cared enough, including me, to report it to the police. I never had a bad dream about it, much less chronic stress.

My first job at 18 was as a secretary for the staid US Chamber of Commerce. I was so bad at typing that I hid my trash can under the desk so nobody would see it was packed with discards. What I especially  remember was the 40-ish married boss chasing me around the office with a can of whipped cream as all the other girls screamed and giggled. Then there was the much higher-ranked boss, who wanted to steal me from the whipped cream guy and I’d guess not for my secretarial skills. He tried a more sophisticated approach, lingering in the doorway to comment on whatever deep book I was reading on lunch break, something like Brothers Karamazov. He had a sudden vacancy, he told me one day, his personal secretary was leaving and it was urgent that I apply for it immediately before somebody else got it. Now was my chance to move up the food chain! I would have taken it in a heart-beat, too, but I couldn’t bear to break the news to my sexually frustrated boss. I passed on the chance. Was any of this behavior appropriate? Was it tinged with sexual aggression or maybe just desire? Of course. I definitely got it. It just didn’t bother me or apparently anybody else. Not even the sober businessmen (and they were all men) of the Chamber.

In the State Department, I had a boss suffering from an illness that was sapping his life. He developed a fantasy around me (a wife of only four years, with my husband working there as well). He would congratulate me on matching my eyeshadow to my clothing or make other “off” remarks. His office was adjacent to mine and one day he called me into the conference room. There he declared his love, but he was talking as if we had had an affair or were in some form of relationship that most certainly did not exist. It was “us,” not “I.” I knew he was going downhill mentally, and was greatly relieved when he said, “but we are both adults, and so nothing can come of this.” I heartily agreed and had to endure only one horrible kiss at the door. I was really shaken by the experience.

The only funny part of the story was that the instant I got in the office I went to call my husband, but he called me first. He said he’d like to know what was going on. “I just passed so-and-so and he said to me, ‘don’t worry, there’s nothing going on between me and your wife.’ ” If ever there was a case to bring to the attention of the authorities, that was it. But both my husband and I let it lie. The man in question was soon completely disabled and died in a long-term care facility. Terrible fate and I’m oh, so glad, I didn’t give him further grief over something that could be handled.

The story has never changed much. Men are men and women are women. Men are sexually aggressive, and no matter how large the super-brain, the lizard brain is focused on propagation of the species. For their part, women are ambitious. I am sure there are adages the world around that boil down to the Russian version, “the man is the brain, the woman, the neck.” I think the ladies involved knew what was up with Harvey, who practically oozes corruption. They also knew how to benefit, or so their silence suggests. Thus, my response to the sanctimonious phonies: who cares?

Trump sets his course

The inauguration, despite the very best efforts of the left, was hardly disrupted by the hate-Trumpers. Yes, they did wreak destruction on innocent business-persons with glass-front windows. Yes, they did get a chance to show us just how creepily diverse a bunch they are. But they didn’t convince us that our choice was wrong. On the contrary, watching them in action made all of us who support the President shudder with the close miss we had just experienced. The Election Deniers aren’t done yet. The very next day mobs of left-wing women gathered together in Washington to listen to hate speech and calls to violence from a bunch of Hollywood celebrities with a combined IQ of 75 and multiple stints in expensive loony-bins. Madonna led the spewers of bile with her dreams of blowing up the President. She is now reportedly being investigated for her incitement of violence. At the very least, I hope she gets escorted to FBI headquarters, one guy on each side, for a warning that her speech is not protected and that, should she continue such talk, a criminal case will be opened against her. Same should go for all the others on the left who think it’s not illegal to threaten to murder any Republican or disloyal Democrat, white, black or Hispanic, for nothing more than spite. These guys refuse to even consider a possible neutral position. As Lenin said, “He is who is not with us is against us.” These women get it.

Back to the marchers. They wore on their outraged heads inane little pink caps they knitted with their very own moral hands and called “pussies” (not, thankfully, anatomically correct). The adorable pussy outfits were accompanied by chants of childish angry slogans and expressions of cosmic unity and oneness among all women and the men in the crowd who also showed up as pussies. The ladies were up in arms that a man they dislike so much as they hate Trump could be president, and offered up a sea of fear and loathing for our amusement. Trump is now on notice that if he dares to declare abortion dead, he’ll be in trouble; or if he declares rape of women okay, he’s also gonna be in trouble. Likewise if he demands that all women immediately cease receiving any form of public assistance, Big Trouble awaits. If he opens internment camps for women, or tries to forcefully abort left-wing babies, just wait. Aside from all those warnings, they also tell us they want all their rights, which is a real head-scratcher. I think they think of “rights” as in “a right to engage in frequent irresponsible sexual encounters with or without birth control and to demand that other taxpayers pay for one’s birth control, STD treatments, abortions, or life-time costs for raising children born without the vaguest idea who their fathers were.” Those are what we call “aspirational” rights, i.e. the ones nobody can possibly guarantee. I’m really comforted to know that these women are out there, looking out for my interests. I’d like to know what rights I don’t have, too.

It’s hard for me to figure out if Trump is Hitler or Stalin, because the women frequently mentioned both Hitler and Vladimir Putin when dumping on our President (not theirs, of course). Trump is so bad, he could start his own world war.

I heard Trump’s  inaugural speech the first time only  in bits and pieces as I attended to other things, and it seemed a bit shallow. But when I heard the whole thing, I saw that it was an integral message and the message to the country’s leaders was clear. Take care of the people you represent. Stop enriching yourselves and blaming others for your failures. The time to stand up and take responsibility is today. We will no longer be in operation to take care of the elite. I think it was a fine message for a country that has grown a nearly autonomous government that barely recognizes the public as a significant consideration beyond election day.

Yes, this is populism. Yup, he’s thumbing his nose at the moneyed and powered elite, yeah, he is talking to regular Americans. Half the country hates him, but the other half feels like they finally found somebody who can cut through the lies and excuses. And it is the working middle class pillar of American stability who are liking the Trump populism, the people referenced in the terms vox populi and hoi polloi. (An aside: at the conclusion of the speech, the cameras panned and stopped on Bill Clinton’s beaming face as he applauded. Take a look for yourself. He is by nature a populist and you can see that he loved the energy of Trump’s populist declarations, the kind he himself had been trying to make for Hillary to the derision of her campaign gurus.)

I like Trump’s foreign policy message as well. Who needs a war when you can have peace? But at the same time, anybody who isn’t properly defended even as it defends everybody else is an idiot. So we will review our foreign policy script, which is incredibly bad, and see what must go and what should stay, and where changes are needed. We will decide that today’s enemies can be tomorrow’s allies, and that those we raised to great heights through free trade can be tomorrow’s enemies. We need flexibility instead of treaty constraints. We need to think first of our security, not Europe’s. They became rich socialist states because we bankrolled them by providing for their defense. That has to stop.

It is so refreshing to me to have that rank pro-war stench gone. The proponents of war against Russia and a NATO on steroids are still there and agitating. But their power was badly wounded with the Warrior Queen’s defeat. Unless somebody attacks us, we ought to just mind our own business and work on prosperity and security at home. The only real war I see is against the terrorists and we should make whatever alliance necessary for the purpose of defeating them. Beyond that, what I think is that war makes the rich richer. Peace raises the rest of us.

Finally, I think that Barron Trump is a very handsome kid who is going to wow the girls in a few more years. He seemed an eager learner and I wish him and all his family well. They need our best wishes to counter all the bad juju coming out of the left.

God preserve our Republic and our President.


Rogues in the Rogue State




He left out, “we lie.”

There are many people in this world who are celebrating as our country collapses around us, egged on toward civil war by the far left that now controls the Democrat party and most of our youth through the educational system. These proud socialists were deprived of what they think they deserved, and know they wanted — the election of that crook Hillary Clinton. They wanted and were thwarted from having enough time in power to change the whole US landscape and make it the new USSR. This transformation was to have been Obama’s real legacy. The Dems didn’t care if Clinton was a monstrosity of corruption, the voice of Goldman Sachs “for eight years,” dressed for free by Ralph Lauren, a hateful greedy woman who despised almost everybody and certainly Barack Obama, a manipulator and liar extraordinaire. So what if she was the dread One Percent? So what if she was selling US foreign policy? She was one of the People, much like  Princess Diana. She would do what the People needed done for them. She would move forward the Obama legacy. She would punish the Deplorables in first order. Reeducation. Deportation. Execution. Ridicule.

One Party. One State. One Mind. Heavenly images were wafting around in the marijuana fumes when, kaboom, reality smacked the brats right in their smug, rich faces, or smug poor ones (the latter being by far the majority and the ones supposedly helped by the policies of the former). And now the grief-stricken, many would say maniacal, losers, having rolled around on the floor, having broken up many a political event with their tantrums and screams of fury, and having held their breath until they were blue in the face and NOBODY CARED — these miserable spawn are going to make us sorry.

They’re going to make us sorry by setting up a means of never again allowing a day to go by without casting doubt at home and abroad about America’s…tenability. They will do this through select intelligence agencies and what we formerly called, tongue-in-cheek, mainstream media, a non-stop barrage of scandals directly involving Trump. Trump being handed stolen election by Putin. Trump romping with whores, Trump romping with Putin, and Trump’s and Putin’s RUSSIAN WHORES PISSING ON OBAMA AND BUBBA’s love sack in Moscow! The more salacious details came thanks to a British ex-spy named Steele, who initially offered his claims to the Never Trumpers and likely John McCain, who in fact went flying off, little legs pumping, to give them to his dear friend Comey. The FBI inexplicably added that piece of absolutely unverified and unlikely “raw intelligence” to their report on Russian hacking, and then somehow it was leaked to the press, who amazingly ran with the story regardless of its lack of credentials. BuzzFeed said it wanted to “Let the public decide.” What idiots. FBI dossiers on innocent and guilty all contain massive amounts of rumors, malice and innuendos, supplied by your office mates, ex-spouses, and neighbors, which is why the files are not open to the public, which is not allowed “to decide.”

Mr. Steele obviously was passing off literary trash as intel to rich western businesses wanting to trade with Russia, when he could have been making millions in Hollywood’s light porn industry. Instead, he is now in hiding. It adds a nice Jason Bourne-ish touch to the CIA ruse. The rumor is that the Brit thinks Putin will assassinate him. But personally, I think the lawyers and his clients are who he’s hiding from.

As another bit of bile, the Dems, also referred to as the “Disloyal Opposition,” are going after the FBI director, the OTHER reason Hillary Clinton turned up such a huge loser. The Dems will do as much damage to Comey as possible in the hope he will do the “patriotic” thing and resign or commit suicide from shame (à la Vince Foster). At a minimum, they can cook up an “impeachment” campaign that will dog Comey until the end of his term. This is nuts, since I too wanted to give Comey a kick in the ass for helping Hillary Clinton. How could both sides think Comey was against us?

(An aside: how on earth can the FBI seriously claim all these things relating to a hack of DNC servers when it was denied direct access to the DNC’s compromised servers? That was where all the conspiracy theory started, with claims from a private company that were never verified by any intelligence agency through direct examination. All the rest of the accusations spring from the initial “conclusion” that Russia hacked the DNC. As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t proven. Nothing they are claiming is proven. And worst of all it smells like special ops, black ops, lies and misdirection.)

So what is the overall picture? At home, the Dems have passed from mere annoyance with Wikileaks revelations (“recycled rumors that aren’t impacting Hillary’s polling numbers or her chances to be the next US president”) to claiming these revelations threw the election and were stolen and made public by none other than Arch Villain Vlad Putin. Everything to prove it can be found on the dark side of the CIA, which means it’s too secret for Americans to see.

Even worse, now we’re sending quite large troop contingents to Russia’s border, which is called “Poland’s border” in NATO-land. This is window-dressing to help the stupid American public realize how imperiled we are by ONE MAN — us and all the Europeans too.

And the end result — you can hear it starting already, only less tentative than ever: Donald Trump is not a legitimate president. Any action to keep him from the White House is justified.

Let me put it on the record here: if somebody tries to assassinate Trump, I’d put all of Hollywood under arrest. And then I’d build that wall going up around a house in Kalorama a little higher.



Updating America’s Symbols

symbolsI’m wondering if it isn’t time to change the symbols of the United States to new  ones more compatible with where our nation is going. Obviously the Bald Eagle no  longer has much to say about America. It is a bird with a massive wing span and  great power that allows it to soar higher than other birds, but its power is  complemented by grace and beauty. An eagle knows what its purpose is. It is  swift and sure. Other birds know better than to provoke the eagle, because the  eagle does not go into battle except to win. How does this magnificent creature  capture the spirit of today’s America?

The Abyss of Deceit

imagesCAKDLB1RI wish I’d written this book about how a black dude with zero experience, a far-left ambiance, no known performance history in university (other than being a non-producing editor of his law review) and very little in the real world, but who is really really cool gets nominated by a left-wing party for president. He wins the primaries, snatching victory from the jaws of the overweight and homely white woman who thought it was all hers. The black dude then goes on to defeat an elderly and exceedingly ungracious senator from the opposing party and become president, after which he sets a goal of never working more than 25 percent of the year and re-inventing America according to his half-formed ideas of socialist utopia including the dictatorship part. He breaks every law, lies blatantly, lets people die in US missions abroad, encourages America’s enemies, and weakens the US military in every conceivable way. He takes credit for other people’s work (he actually gives a speech already given by a dear friend of his who is a state governor!).  Oh, wow, the details I could include.

Had I written that book I might even have become a millionaire, but I don’t spend a lot of time on conspiracy literature and I would never have been able to come up with the plot. And in any case, I’m afraid had there been such a book it would have been tagged “action thriller” but never considered a possible scenario except under the Republicans.

Unfortunately, when the book comes out it will be biography or maybe history, if the history hasn’t been entirely re-written or disappeared by then. I know a lot of people, the ones whose brains haven’t been turned into mush with drugs or too much exercise and too little hard work, who five years into this horror show still can’t believe it’s happening. We have surely reached the very outer limits before we go head over heels into open tyranny if two-bit bureaucrats turned political axe-men can oppress — how better to describe it? — thousands and thousands of Americans for their political or religious views and then either flat out lie to us in sworn testimony or declare they won’t answer. That suggests to me that a) what we have seen of IRS abuses is only the tippy-top of the iceberg; b) they are all guilty at a minimum of lying under oath, but certainly in the case of the Nurse Ratched of the Obama Administration, Lois Lerner, she is guilty of serious violations of Americans’ constitutional rights. It is time to set down a marker and make an example of all those who were involved in this. They need to spend some time in the cooler. And we should not be stopping there, because the orders or instructions or encouragement to violate those rights comes straight from the inner circle of the White House. Note to Republican Party: whatever you do, do not stop the investigations no matter the State propaganda line. Don’t stop until you know what we all want to know: the full extent of corruption and politicization at the IRS, who was setting the program, and who collaborated on the violation of our rights. You may not succeed in uprooting the traitors, but you should make them sweat mightily.

fat nerdy hillaryThen we have that charming pudge, Hillary Clinton. She was looking fat and geeky and (ugh) old last I saw her, but I’ve looked into my crystal ball and see her at a fat farm that costs about $50,000 a day, where the staff is starving her into dropping fifteen pounds while she gets her face, stomach and butt lifts, hair transplants and ceramic veneers, as well as a remedy for the double-vision thing so she is able to ditch the coke-bottle glasses.

The cosmetics thing is a given; she’s got to spruce up, she looks pretty bad, like something the cat drug in. But what I can’t wait to see is the reality face lift she gets from all those pals in Hollywood and the media. Here, before the re-write starts, is the truth: Hillary Clinton has committed various acts that hover perilously close to felony, although she has never been indicted for them. She hid those law records all the while aware they were being subpoenaed, per her assistant’s testimony, and then placed them to be found after they had been purged of damaging information. Then she lied denied and cried and got away with it. There were rumors galore about the Clintons’ involvement in a drug-running operation using Mena Airport back when they were the Governor. As a young law student, she defended Black Panthers who killed policemen. As a middle-aged woman she lied about flying into Bosnia under hostile fire, nor did she bat an eye when proven to be a liar. She thinks everybody not with her is against her in some vast right-wing conspiracy. She was in on that whole Travelgate business. And does anybody remember those two scuzzy guys who were low-level political operatives who were ensconced in the Clinton hillary and chris stevensWhite House compiling information on Republicans? If you don’t like Obama siccing the IRS or the Justice Department on you, you aren’t going to be happy with Hillary. And of course, let me not forget her most recent demonstration of personal character: her denial of security to people officially assigned to a hyper-dangerous place and her collusion in the denial of critical help to those same Americans under assault. Her lying afterward is the least of her egregious sins.

She’s a smart cookie, hard as nails, but oh how she loves the limelight, both her and that blowhard she’s married to. But she’s corrupt and yes, she’s a chronic liar. She’s lied for a whole lifetime in politics, and used her position to feather her nest and further her ambitions. She still isn’t satisfied.

If we are so lucky as to toss that bonehead Obama out on his ear (I see in my crystal ball that the Secret Service are having to drag him from the White House), are we really going to be saddled with his female twin and her entourage of harpies and political spies? I have three years to find somewhere else to live, so I plan to do some traveling. I no longer count on the overarching common sense of the American public.




Thoughts on the Unknowable

Just some musings on various topics today, after long days of watching obsessive coverage of the Boston bombings, their victims, and their perpetrators.

I’ve been shaking my head about the fact that Russian intelligence tried to warn Americans about the Jokers six months ago, but the FBI couldn’t find a thing on these guys. Apparently, there was so little reason for concern that they did not maintain surveillance, either. Or keep up with their social media antics. It wasn’t rocket science, it was simple due diligence.

There is an underlying problem here that I feel ought to be mentioned. It is called hubris. The Americans far more than the Europeans are contemptuous of Russia in all manner of ways, perhaps because the Europeans, from Sweden to Germany to Poland to France, have been tussling with the Russians in one West European-concocted war or another for centuries and they have yet to win one. We Americans especially suffer from arrogance in the military realm. We have shiny new lethal weapons of every variety and the latest design, and Russia is still burdened with an old-time Army and Navy, unable to invest the gazillions of dollars necessary both to modernize their economy and show off their weaponry in Kremlin parades. At least I guess that is the reason behind our sneering attitudes when it comes to things military and security. But Russia’s intelligence services are still excellent and given the neighborhood they live in, they have to be. As far as the military hardware, it’s true that Russia doesn’t have the money to turn out all kinds of new models of all kinds of new weapons, but it knows how to upgrade what they have and come up with new generation critical weaponry. It still knows how to focus its first-rate scientific community on such projects. Most significantly, they are not talking about unilateral nuclear disarmament, although they’d love to encourage the USA and its destructive president to go right ahead with such a project.

America, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, has ignored Russia’s warnings on various foreign policy conundrums. We have been condescending and all-knowing, playing Oliver Hardy to Stan Laurel, or Moe to Curly and Shemp. We have ignored Russia’s warnings about the folly of intervening in the Middle East and in North African countries for no clear reason other than to showcase our big bombers, leaving behind unstable governments and huge pools of actual and potential jihadists that nobody can keep under control. That was a luxury the US could once, briefly, afford — the terrorists were concentrating on Russia and Israel, not America. Not anymore.

Maybe you’re not aware of the fact that long before 9/11, when Al Qaeda was a destructive whirlwind in the second bloody Chechen war and the terrorism that ensued all around Russia, the Russians tried to warn the Americans about the group. But we Americans always know better. Thanks for the information, we’ll get back to you. Al Qaeda wasn’t a big problem for us. And then there came 9/11, and suddenly we were Al Qaeda experts. Now we send drones after the jihadists around the globe and are on to their every move, unless they are up to no good in the United States, in which case we are close to stupidly ignorant.

And so it was with the Tsarnayev brothers, who had minimal experience with Russia or Chechnya, their father having raised his family in somewhat safer climes such as Dagestan (also a Russian Moslem region, but one not convulsed by civil war) or the former Soviet republic of Kirgizstan (ethnic Asians most) or in the United States. Yet six months ago, when the older brother decided to head back for a visit to Russia, a place where Chechens are far from welcome, the Americans had not a glimmer of suspicion. When Russian intelligence shared with us the elder Tsarnayev’s highly suspicious activities in radical Moslem circles there and his disappearance before he could be detained, the Americans were not totally dismissive, they passed it along the chain. But hey, the guy’s an American. Not only that, but a damned lucky guy to be an American — given all the best we had to offer the world’s refugees (although why a guy with residency in Kirgizstan was a refugee beats me). Why would such a lucky guy bite the hand that feeds him? And he’s a boxer! What more proof of healthy American attitudes do you need?

The FBI did a no doubt cursory examination, gave the man and his family a clean bill of health, and forgot about him. Because our FBI is light years better than those stone-age Russians, right? And if we couldn’t find something right there biting us on the nose when we began our inquiries, it couldn’t possibly be there. Until it bit us in the ass. It was probably the sequester that convinced the FBI not to bother following up, and I’m hoping against hope that the guy in the White House will try that one out on the American public.

And so on Patriots Day, while all the world watched, the Tsarnayev brothers blew up a couple hundred people, killing three and wounding grievously many others. And now our intelligence agents are Johnny on the Spot, digging the way they should have been digging some time ago, before a bunch of people were maimed for life. Or lost their lives.

One final word on the subject: when the police finally found the remaining brother, the relief of the Bostonians must have been enormous. But instead of breaking into chants of “USA, USA!” it would have made a far better and deeper impression if everybody had bowed their heads in a prayer of thanks for an end to their fear, or even sung “God Bless America.” But everything today seems to be judged as if it were a game, and our movies and our television and our video games reinforce that idea. And frankly, if it’s a game, we aren’t doing too well.

So much for national security.

Then there is that endless source of amusement, the Republican Party and the buffoons who are running it. The latest shot to the foot comes in South Carolina, bastion of conservatism, where disgraced and shameful and shameless former Governor Mark Sanford, no doubt egged on by the lovely Señora, decided that his bizarre and irresponsible behavior in the waning days of his stewardship of the state was no reason not to go for national office. Heck no. He’s even in tune with the Latino-loving ambiance of our times, can speak a few words of terrible Spanish and probably knows how to samba. Okay, it’s true, people today don’t actually condone feelings of shame or responsibility, so he can be forgiven for trying to cash in on the feel-good society we have become. But when the primary was underway and it looked like the voters (and how many were Democrats, do we know the answer to that?) were going to choose Dumbo, did the Republican Party apparat jump in to gin up the Republican voters, put forward a good alternative candidate, back the Sanford opponent? If so, it certainly escaped my attention.

And now that Sanford won the primary (and again I ask, with how many Democrat votes?), the National Republican Congressional Committee has hiked up its pants, rolled up its sleeves, and announced it will not give a penny to Sanford’s candidacy.

Forget the fact that it probably has hardly a penny to give to anyone due to its past brilliant leadership, just bear in mind that the Marxist Party of America, aka the Democrats, are running the sister of TV and left-wing celebrity Steven Colbert. That will mean big bucks coming into her coffers, free entertainment from the faux conservative, and well-deserved endless mockery of the former Governor.

Even the Republican Party admits this means the seat goes to…the Far Left. No hay problemo, as they have said in so many words. We’ll get it next time around.

I’m just wondering where they are digging up these utterly brainless Party operatives. And who are these operatives operating on behalf of? And why on earth do they still think they are going to have a next time?

With enemies like these, the Democrats don’t need any friends.



There is the no-no kind of persecution and then there is the other kind

millipusAs I’ve mentioned a time or two in my past postings, some Americans can be persecuted til the cows come home and the US government millipus doesn’t mind a bit. On the contrary, it almost certainly chuckles when it occurs if it doesn’t actually get out its pom-poms and lead a cheer. These saps are white people, old people, Christian people, conservative people, and gun-owners. Also, let’s not forget darker-hued people who are simultaneously conservatives, as expressing the wrong views automatically reverts your skin color to white in the color-blinded eyes of our overseers.

But then there are the other groups of people, the ones whose rights are so very precious that they require special laws to give them special protection and extra rights not available to groups noted above. They include, and this is surely just a partial list, homosexuals, sexual deviants of every stripe including child lovers, atheists, terrorists on the left, communists, and socialists (but I repeat myself). In their case, persecution is not a joke, not something to turn a blind eye to or to encourage, implicity, tacitly or through overt hostility. Persecution against these people requires hours and hours of coverage by the left-stream media, punitive measures by the State, and loss of whatever limited rights they may still retain.

Now we are going to get, probably, a Supreme Court ruling that says screw all you people who think marriage is a religious rite, not a State rite. Screw the religions of the world that have decreed that this rite is reserved for one man and one woman. There is great anticipation that the men and women in black robes will decree that the marriage rite must be extended to any human being and any other human being because sexual deviancy is not a grounds for denying them the same treatment as heterosexual couples, even if the treatment occurs in the realm of religion and not government. At least one of the Justices thinks this must be done because of the hurt done to poor little children (who shouldn’t even be raised by homosexuals). But if hurting little children is the standard for changing the law by decree, then I can think of a bunch of other things that need outlawing, too, starting with homes with two working parents.

wedding dogAlmost certainly down the road, they will decide that marriage is fine between any group of three or more people. And then inevitably between any two or more animate objects that can be made to suggest consent. No doubt it will include small children, and possibly one day you can put Bowser in a suit (two barks means yes) and walk him down the aisle to make an honest dog of him. But it is all in a day’s work for man and Superman, the latter being anybody who is both a social anarchist and state totalitarian.

State intervention in religion is now par for the course, so get used to it. Watch for suits arguing that the Bible has to be rewritten to prevent the encouragement of prejudice against a whole plethora of special protected groups — strike the part about Onan, and for Gods (oops!) sake, remove that bit about the poor being with us always. In fact, maybe it would be best to throw all Bibles (except the Koran) onto huge bonfires because they are so filled with hate speech.

But hold on — I  just remembered another group of people who don’t deserve the protection our Constitution used to provide individuals. Maggie’s Notebook today carries a story that suggests we are getting another special class of Americans who can be discriminated against and persecuted at will: veterans! Yes, please ride the link to her site. Read about a veteran with a physical ailment who was visited by Storm Troopers, who were tipped off by the eyes and ears of the State otherwise known as medical personnel, who have now become one of the many arms of the millipodal beast. This man was disabused of his notion that there were any constitutional protections for a man of his ilk — which is, I guess, a vet with a spinal injury. It simply boggles the mind to think that making an appointment with your doctor can now lead to God (oops!) only knows what. No doubt anything but medical treatment. You might get your head blown off, or have your children taken from you, or be put on a diet of bread and water in solitary, or be denied medical care forever or even be put on the Shining Pathway to a benevolent death through opiate cocktail.

What use is the Supreme Court if all they are doing is expanding the rights of one group of people at the expense of the rights of another group? It’s like redistribution of wealth, only in this case it is intangibles like freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion. All the things happening in the US today that involve those entrusted with protecting our fundamental rights are of a kind: squeezing inexorably the sphere of God-given freedom and rights until they are the size of a walnut and creating a freakish world where up is down and right is most definitely wrong.

Meantime, we hear that the lunatic mayor of New York wants to do something about people like yours truly and any others who use Facebook or Twitter to say something he doesn’t like. He realizes it could be a complicated issue (and this guy made billions, can you believe it?). He is joined in his crusade to stamp out Other Think by super-haters like Jim (I’m supposed to be taking my lithium) Carrey or Roseanne (I REFUSE to take my anti-psychotics) Barr.

Let me say something in closing today’s exercise of logic: I started this blog just so I can say all the things that the left insists cannot be said. I plan in particular to say all the things that are deeply offensive to them. It’s good for them, it will make them strong like bull. And if the Storm Troopers come after us free speechers (I’ve just given them another epithet to use against us, like birthers or constitutionalists or veterans), that will be okay, too. Sometimes a revolution needs a trigger, and nitwits like Bloomberg are trying desperately to give us one.





The World is Too Much With Us

william wordsworthThe world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon,
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers,
For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
It moves us not.–Great God! I’d rather be
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn.

William Wordsworth, The World is Too Much With Us, 1807

England’s Poet Laureate wrote his famous sonnet lamenting the state of his nation in 1807, in particular its growing materialism and the loss of something more valuable than all the world’s gold, something intangible, its soul.

When Wordsworth wrote his mournful and angry words, the wheel of the Industrial Revolution was just beginning its long slow turns, bringing changes both good and bad. I would venture that Wordsworth reacted strongly to the price of progress precisely because the changes were still so few and so visible and it was possible to make the connection between what was gained and what was lost. Today it is not a wheel, but a grindstone of technological innovation turning faster than the human mind can grasp and crushing our society beneath its relentless weight. But the changes it brings are so many and so varied that we find it impossible to see the bigger picture. We know what we gain, but can barely begin to assimilate all that we are losing in exchange for our daily miracles. And yet, if we cannot chronicle precisely this process, we can feel the cumulative result. We can feel that things are precariously off-center and sense a gaping emptiness under all the power and glitter and technical wizardry.

There are of course, excellent things that our modern technology brings to us, but for every good there is an evil. The development of life-extending devices and medications gives to us much longer life-spans than those living a century ago. It allows us the hope that we will be around to see not only our children grow to maturity, but their children and, perhaps, their grandchildren. But if we now have some expectation of a reasonably long life, medical technology has failed to give us the things that made our younger years so enjoyable — vigor and optimism and a feeling of well-being. How lucky the few who remain robust, mentally alert and happy until the day they meet their Maker. Most of us are more likely to be among those for whom an extended life means years of loneliness and depression as our friends and loved ones pass on, leaving fewer and fewer who share our memories. And the miracles of our mobile society that have allowed the young to go wherever they want to find their own place and follow their dreams have largely destroyed the family that once welcomed elders as valuable members with something to offer and something to teach. Now the old are far more likely to be relegated to assisted living facilities where the major topic of conversation is the day’s catalog of aches, pains, and incapacity that are only partially alleviated by the wonder drugs.

The internet, that vast and mysterious world, allows millions of us to share our thoughts on the meaning of our lives and the state of our world, to rally against injustice or for a cause, and to make our voices heard by those who would ignore us. But it also opens a million doors to pornographers, murderers, child molesters, smugglers of human beings and aspiring terrorists who secretly communicate in real time to spread their spiritual rot. The jets that whisk us from one continent to another to enjoy the wonders of the world’s varied cultures also transport germs and diseases, paving the way to global plague that could one day destroy millions of human beings in a short space of time.

And advanced audiovisual  communication in high-def and 3-D, ipods and ipads and GameBoys and televisions and the big screen have livened us up quite a bit. It keeps us mesmerized, staves off boredom and gives instant access to information and news. But for all the positive it brings, at the same time it has created untold woe. People are now glued to their tv sets, over-identifying with made-up characters living make-believe lives and facing issues that most of us will never know. We have become a population of the unmoving, unhealthy, and largely unthinking.

The young are at particular risk from the messages conveyed through the pervasive media. They are under virtual mind-control by an infotainment complex that bombards them with images of everything they don’t need to know and shouldn’t be exposed to or pushed toward: high-speed car chases, drug use, and sex and murder in every imaginable form. If the media moguls and their creative artists aren’t filling kids’ heads with images of mayhem or behavior best not promoted among our most impressionable and most vulnerable, they are conveying their own peculiar political and social messages, embedding them in everything from cartoons to tv series starring young role models that the young can identify with.

Most young people will move on with their lives unscarred (but not uninfluenced). Unfortunately, the chances are much higher now than at any other time in our history that some percentage of youths, fueled by actual mental illness or just deep anger and confusion, will be moved to act out the exciting fantasies offered by the panderers of dysfunction. These are the children of a new, but not a better society: no more Mom or even Dad at home to oversee their upbringing and keep an eye on undesirable developments. Homes where the father often is missing altogether, either because the mother, spurred by a culture that encourages it, has opted to have her children out of wedlock, or because the father, freed from obligation by easy divorce, has fled the coop. The single parent may be working longer hours to support the family, or just because they are chasing a career; or they may be living off the state handout, ignoring their children’s needs and quite inadvertantly teaching them a lesson — that there is no such thing as personal responsibilty.

Just as Wordsworth, many of us are dismayed by the price we are paying for technology. Today it has brought us far too closely together with every other corner of the earth, with every other human being no matter how base a character, with ideas good and evil, with news relevant or useless, inspiring or depressing. It is a rapidly evolving technology that makes it possible for those over whom we have no control to beam their ideas and their fantasies into our most private spaces, day and night. Technology is making it easy for the rest of us to abdicate responsibility for the ideas that create a society or destroy it, to substitute amusement for thought, and to fall victim to the desires and aims of those who control the technology.

And so today we can truly say that the world is too much with us. We cannot escape it. Is there a defense? I suppose there is one, and that is to turn the technology to our own purposes. Let us try to use whatever technological means available to proselytize our own concepts and to defend against the ideas that harm us and our future generations.

If the world is too much with us, let us try to turn the tables and be too much with the world.


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Land of the Freak, Home of the Depraved

what am I


The Wall Street Journal of March 4 writes of a new law in the People’s Republic of Massachussetts that foists on normal girls and boys the obligation to go wee-wee in the same bathroom or undress in the same locker room as someone of the other sex who says a resounding NO to its genitalia.  If I were a sexual predator I would energetically insist that I was what I wasn’t just for the chance to hang around and watch my prey at their most vulnerable — sitting on the can or bending over to pick up their clothes. Whoops, I guess that wouldn’t be possible, since the law also says that transgender feelings must be sincerely held. I bet somebody is already working on a “sincerometer” to accurately measure the genuineness of stated beliefs, otherwise there wouldn’t be any protection at all against perverts of ill intent. I say that because the law also stipulates, in case anybody gets any ideas, that objecting to the presence of Other in the bathroom or locker room is not worthy of consideration and under no circumstances trumps the rights of Other.

cross dressersIt seems to me that the law was enacted merely to satisfy the smug superiority of  social nihilists in the People’s Republic, as it will infringe the rights of 99.5 percent of humans currently resident in that workers’ paradise to please and encourage the other 0.5 percent. Such an impression is bolstered by the news that there was little to no evidence of “widespread discrimination” against such seriously confused persons. Hence, like modern American warfare, the law assumes a preemptive character, taking out non-existent offenders in advance of any misstep. The law is an official raspberry to those who feel discomfited, embarrassed, disgusted or angry about having to go way beyond tolerance to an affirmative embrace of deviancy. The dinosaurs who object to the law should be grateful that the day of witch trials is over, as the same sick minds that brought us Salem continue their campaign to terrorize the public — only today it is the witches taking a torch to everybody else.

The law in question runs to 11 pages, which makes it about 11 pages too long. Here is a taste of what its drafters have stuffed it with:

… [the law allows] transgendered and gender-questioning students to use the bathrooms of their choice or to play on sports teams that correspond to the gender with which they identify. Schools are directed to eliminate gender-based clothing … and gender-based activities…

transgenderOn the face of it, this sounds like the kind of mind-twisting absurdity we’ve come to expect from the far left. On the other hand…perhaps this law is just a tad ahead of its time. Champions of sexual deviancy in states like California, New York, Massachussetts and Illinois have embarked on a program of brainwashing for pre-schoolers that will ensure that the perverts have a chance to shape children’s minds and sexuality before the parents can get in there and ruin everything. In fact, it is misleading to call what they do sex education. It really is sex-reeducation or sex-molding. While most little kids are still pulling down their panties and wondering what all that stuff is, the freaks at the blackboard are advising them not to be fooled by appearances. In fact, today our teachers of miniscule IQ and zero knowledge are doing their best to churn out gender-questioners in ever larger numbers. And thank God for the pedagogical corrupters, because otherwise those little kids would never have access to such creepy ideas outside of Sesame Street, HBO and a host of other media productions. Thanks to those brave souls willing to offer the public service of helping our kids identify their real sex or possibly sexes, we could be facing a huge future wave of sexual deviancy. But that isn’t right, is it? Because by then the real deviants will be the poor, benighted kids (the recalcitrantly untransgendered) who think their genitals correspond to their sex. It is they who will need the special protection and special schools proposed by the Massachussetts legislation to protect them from discrimination.

What a swell place America has become, where the people who should be lined up against a wall and shot or locked up in jails or sent off to some desert island where they can freely and without impediment molest one another are instead making our laws, educating our children and choosing our president. A place where the only things important to our younger generations are free stuff, unlimited sex, preferably on tape so their Facebook pals can enjoy it along with them, and the color of one’s skin, as long as it isn’t white.

Home schooling never looked so good as it does in this Age of Treason.

One last word: if anybody reading this is offended by it — tough luck.





From Tinseltown to DC

oscar night 1Once again, the Oscars ceremony rolls around and with it stories about stars and their goody bags. If I were an illustrator, I could find no better symbol of greed than Hollywood’s Kings and Queens of Conspicuous Consumption rushing from the “gifting rooms,” arms filled with free doo-dads from such pricey shops as Tiffany and Gucci and Versace. I have yet to hear of a single “star” showing up with a press retinue to overturn the tables of filthy lucre and demand an end to such corrupt practices in the House of Art. Not even the self-righteous Robert Redford. Even though any one of them could easily afford to buy what is given to them, they hang onto it for dear life. Because you can never have too much. Ask Oprah Winfrey or Tom Cruise or…forget it, there is almost as much money in Hollywood as there is in the DC suburbs.

These 99-percenters in spirit seem always to love communism for other people. As for themselves, their personal motto is “can I have some more please?” Have you heard even one story about how the selfless artiste arrives home laden with Oscar-night goodies and brings them straight to her Latina maid, forcing them on her in gratitude for all the poor woman’s backbreaking work? The poor Latina who is no doubt in this country illegally and earning from her Hollywood star a sub-minimum wage in conditions of slave labor. I have never seen such a story. I could buy something like, “I gave Rosita my lipstick from the goody bag, ’cause the color was bad for me.” But if the color is right, back off, Rosita.

oscar night 4And this term, gifting rooms. Wouldn’t it be great if these nitwits could go into the gifting room ignorant, uninformed, morally decadent and politically benighted and emerge from it intelligent, knowledgeable, decent and conservative? That would truly be a gift to America.

What makes it even more galling to watch Greed on Parade is the fact that on any given day, at any given time, you will find several of these vultures beaming into your home selling you the latest propaganda line from the White House, drumming up votes for their favorite leftie, castigating the Opposition, or trying to convince you of the depth of compassion they feel for (fill in the blank). I saw two ads recently, one after the other. One was for starving children somewhere. The other was for mistreated animals. If you just listened to intonation and facial expressions (and music) you could not tell the difference between the two. They were equally lugubrious, equally righteous. That’s because these bits of flotsam and jetsam in the Hollywood cesspool couldn’t ad lib a serious line if it meant keeping their jobs. Somebody gave them a script and added music and direction and voila!

The goody bags go perfectly with the goody bag given to Hollywood by the Chicago Junta in the form of big tax breaks. If anybody out there knows of a Hollywood production of recent years that was worthy of a tax break for public value, please, write me. But from where I sit, it looks and smells a lot like a pay-off for faithfully churning out pro-Marxist, pro-Obama propaganda 24/7.

I guess I have a hard time seeing how people whose average IQ hovers around 80 and who think children are capable of sexual consent are deserving of a tax break when the average schmo making 150,000 and his wife making 100,000 get a hike. One is almost certainly providing value-added output, while Hollywood is giving us value-empty product, even value-negative product.

oscar night 3That thought leads me to this one: are you as amazed as I am at the sinister complex that has emerged from the long-sub rosa collaboration between Hollywood, the Democrat Party, and the so-called news industry? Do you remember when the left whined and whimpered over the power of the military-industrial complex? That one was nothing compared to the new propaganda machine being developed in America. This now-open collusion in the dissemination of false or twisted information or the suppression of other information is aimed straight at the American public and undermines the intention of the US Constitution. This was meant to be a free country, not a land where our thoughts are deliberately misshapen by our elected officials and their flacks in the media. This disgrace should be the substance of Congressional hearings — we need to know what proposals exist for subsidies from the USG to journalists and opinion makers, if there is currently any type of state support going to specific news outlets, what collaboration exists, and who is involved.  Video tape allows us to compare factually the development of a State Propaganda Line, and Bernie Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly have been active in trying to make the public aware of what is going on by doing just that — tracing the genesis of The Line.

Most of all we need legislation to prohibit USG collaboration in any way whatsoever with the news media. This was a standard that we took for granted. The United States Information Agency or Service or whatever its latest incarnation might be is prohibited by law from distributing their pro-US propaganda within the United States because of this belief that the State should not propagandize its citizens. And we need to hold the State Media accountable when they deliberately generate hate against minorities such as Clarence Thomas or Herman McCain or Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. We have to start using the weapons they fashioned against us to inflict damage on them.

And one last word of frustration. I was listening to Fox News and they were discussing how Republican members of Congress were worried about what American voters would think if they were blamed for the sequester. At that point I felt like tearing the hair from my head or blowing up the television. Get a spine! I yelled at the box. Stop worrying about those faceless Americans and take a hard look at your voting base — it’s disappearing with every vapid, aimless, ineffective step you folks are taking on Capitol Hill.

I’ve always voted. At this point, I hardly see the point.