Ooobie on Everything

The New Year Begins with More Nothingburgers

The New Year begins with no signs of imminent economic collapse, world war, or social chaos. I say that despite the nuclear attack alarm that went off “by mistake” in Democrat One-Party State Hawaii, leading people to hide their babies in drain pipes. Admittedly, a few Democrat loonies (redundant) insisted it was all Trump’s fault. I guess that means that if Obama was in office and they got a nuclear alert, they’d just make a p and j sandwich and relax with a tall glass of milk.

No matter how hard the Democrats tried, no calamities materialized, except the mudslide that sullied the homes of the ultra-rich, including the multi-homed Oprah Winfrey. Trump has annoyed North Korea’s Adored Leader so much that the latter is trying to kiss and make up with a very responsive South Korea, the entire government of which were said to have simultaneously wet their pants on hearing about how much bigger Trump’s button was. Rocket Man has gone so far as to permit his athletes to frolic at the Olympics with the arbiters of world opinion, thus transforming North Korea into nothing more than a member of the world community with a starving population where the army must forage for its own food. That special guest status, or status of any kind at the Olympics, has been denied to Russia, by the way, which has had all its athletes banned from competing because of a few bad apples. The rapprochement of North and South would appear to be in everybody’s best interests, and perhaps Rocket Man can do something spectacular to shame Trump, like personally winning for the highest pole vault. If we talk North Korea, we must talk China. Trump the Rude and Overly Direct managed to shame or perhaps frighten China, previously inscrutable on the subject of North Korea,  into having a word with Rocket Man, who would not ordinarily decide overnight that he wanted to suck up to the running dogs of imperialism and puppets of the American neo-imperialist colonizers. So it was kind of a 2-for-1 win on The Donald’s part.

The best part: if the North and South decide they like each other better than they like Americans, we could finally, at last, take our troops home from South Korea, a rich and increasingly smug little country that has fattened on the endless influx of US defense dollars and might. That money could be better spent doing transgender operations on members of our Armed Forces.

Regarding Russia, the Fairy Tale that has put most of us to sleep each night for what seems forever is losing its attraction. All the evidence that any half-true story has would by now have been trumpeted at every turn, but no. Instead it is petty crimes or entrapments that occupy Mueller, provided only that they have nothing to do with Russia or Trump. And even though they have no proof of their lurid fantasies, even if the story is a lie from one end to the other, all the Never-Trumpers insist that the fabrication “has the ring of truth”.

The rich irony is that, while the charge of Russian collusion with the Trumpists has failed utterly to pan out, the facts that are surfacing right and left are screaming Democrat/Clintonian conspiracy and collusion. Their goal was to tarnish irretrievably Trump’s candidacy. The possibility of a presidency was far-fetched, but by banding together cross-agency and intra-agency to form a clandestine network of activists, they could even destroy an unacceptable presidency. In pursuing their goals, these cretins utilized paid and/or bogus foreign sources, Russians and Brits, to surface damning false “revelations” about Trump to ensure Hillary the White House or take it from Trump, God forbid. As far as I’m concerned, there are a bunch of people in DOJ, FBI, IRS and other agencies who need to be under investigation and under indictment.

Now the other Clinton scandals, so long hidden, rotting, under the carpet, are seeing the light of day and the stink is horrendous. The first of what hopefully will be many crooks has fallen to an indictment in connection with the curious case of Uranium One. Perhaps this will feed the other investigation into the Clinton (Political Slush Fund) Foundation that seems to be underway.

On the down side, it seems possible that senile Pelosi will once again be at the helm of our hapless, useless, ignorant, treasonous Congress. Or even that it will be Trump against a Democrat-controlled House and Senate. If I were Trump, I’d be looking to invigorate a fraud detection network for the next vote, with special attention given to sanctuary cities and states, and I would be prepared to start bringing charges where voting fraud is found. Not only that, start doing state-by-state comparisons for voting data to determine how many people are voting in two places. That is a particular problem in places like Arizona and Florida, where people spend their Novembers.

And of course, how could I fail to mention the shithole comment surfaced by a famous liar, Richard Durbin of UniParty Illinois. If Trump said it, he was only giving voice yet again to the consensus of the American people, i.e. that our Walmarts are stuffed to the gills with the flotsam and jetsam of the world’s worst-governed, most violent, least democratic countries on the face of the earth, most of them under 5 feet tall. I had to give visas to them, because the law said so. We don’t have control over our borders when the standard for getting residency is whether your relative/petitioner also entered the US illegally and then managed to gain status. Instead of saying, well that person should have no rights to bring somebody else in, we fell for the left-wing ploy, “how can you break up families?”.  Give us all a break. End chain migration now, and any kind of lottery, and set high standards for entry. If the Congress can’t do this, why the hell do we need them?


Take a Walk on the Dark Side

Trump finally has caved to incessant pressure and bile from the left and destructive obstructionism from the GOP nabobs and is moving to the dark side for succor. He wants action and the only group in Congress willing to accommodate him are Democrats. For a price. The price apparently is to do everything the Democrats want, while shafting his voting base. His readiness to accede has earned him high praise from the Trump Haters, who want to see more such suicidal acts from the president, and pure fury from his base. The irony is that the Trump Haters will manage to use Trump’s capitulation against him before all is said and done. (“A man without principles!” and who can object?)

Trump’s latest perfidy is the betrayal on immigration. Who wants to send these wonderful people home? he asks us. My answer is I would, Mr. President. At some point the US has to convey vividly that it will enforce its border by saying no to the legalization of those who have come here illegally. Our government doesn’t know the difference between legal and illegal as far as I can tell. Our failure to articulate that difference has given an opening to groups like La Raza to erase the distinction entirely and assert a right for the illegals to live here, work here and even vote here (and vote they do).

Trump’s deal with Nancy and Chuck was a dirty one. It was done not only out of spite against Ryan and McConnell and all the other GOP elitists, but of course, out of conviction as conveyed to him by Ivanka and Jared. In return he took what the Dems offered, vague promises of support for future border security measures, the same old, same old. And Trump cavalierly tells us that the wall thing — it is nothing but patching up holes in whatever useless contrivances we have erected at present. The other wall thing, the one that actually is built and secures our border, that wall is in the future somewhere and apparently still at the mercy of the Democrats.

Trump seems to believe his own hype that we’d forgive him even if he shot a man while walking down Fifth Avenue. Here’s a news flash: I won’t. And for me his imperious action on DACA and his back-door deals are the equivalent of cold-blooded murder.

Instead of trying to relaunch as a fervent DACA supporter, Trump should be calling out the chest-thumping Latino governments for refusing to welcome home and assist these brilliant, good, talented, persecuted and saintly youths. These “kids,” many of them, are now adults, having been shipped out of Mexico wholesale in an earlier immigration inundation with the encouragement of one corrupt Mexican government or another. Today many have the skills or education that will enable them not only to function, but succeed in their home country. They already speak the lingo, they know the culture, and their presence will bolster Mexico’s middle class as a whole. Mexico could do with a good dose of middle class conscience and work ethic. If I were Trump, I’d offer assistance for the relocation of these people in their home countries, whether Mexico or Peru. I applaud the growing number of “Dreamers” who have come to the same conclusion. Trump should be on this, but his governance so far lacks imagination and direction.

What galls most, of course, is the lack of honor Trump is showing. I’m tired of policy decisions based on his mood or his umbrage level and not on practicalities and realities. I say that even knowing that the GOP Congress deserves the treatment it is getting for being obstructionist and unproductive to an extreme, squandering its few remaining moments of “total power” to do nothing at all. But Trump made promises, not a lot but very specific ones, and on the basis of those promises he won his election. Immigration reform and a wall were one promise, and a  new direction in US foreign policy away from interventionism and regime change and toward constructive cooperation was another.

Instead of mending fences with Russia, Trump now thumbs his nose at the country and its leader. Why? Because each new senseless act to insult Russia or “punish it” gets the anti-Trump maniacs briefly, for one instant, off his back. There seems to be little consideration given to the wider implications of his actions and policies; everything is transitory and reactive. In Syria, after calling off CIA assistance to an assorted group of terrorists, Trump has given his blessings to continued meddling. Having failed to stop the Syrian government, with Russian military assistance, from reasserting control over wider and wider areas of the country, now we are seeking to carve off a piece of the country to create a state of Kurdistan that some, and especially the Turks, see as a threat to their own security.

Meanwhile, over at State, Tillerson is being advised by the same nincompoops who advised Obama. The USG expelled Russian diplomats for alleged intervention in US politics. This led to a retaliatory expulsion of many, many more US diplomats from Russia (and don’t you wonder why we have so many there?). The State Department judged Russia’s action “unwarranted” and tore up the Vienna Diplomatic Convention in response. The FBI used Gestapo tactics against Russian diplomats in San Francisco, where the latter were given just 48 hours to vacate their homes so that they could be searched top to bottom. The Consulate was given similar treatment in the wake of its ordered closure, and the smoke from the chimneys indicated the frenzied destruction of protected diplomatic communications to prevent them from becoming FBI toilet paper. Agents also seized Russian-owned properties used as recreation for their diplomats and staff. This is behavior even the KGB didn’t exhibit in the USSR — they at least had the decency to search our apartments when we were gone, without all the drama and terror. And when the US Embassy once suffered a fire during the Cold War years, the US was very concerned about even Soviet firemen entering the building! Where will it all end?

So there stands Donald Trump, angry at everybody in the whole world and determined to get something done, no matter how traitorous or counterproductive or dangerous it is. He is being guided by people who step by step are teaching him that wrong decisions beget a negative response from the Dark State, and right decisions get praised. Most importantly, by not caring what he gets, he can make deals day and night with the Democrats.



The Die is Cast, the Deal is Done

I was never right at any moment in time about how this election campaign would end. I truly could not envision a man as crass and simplistic as Donald Trump winning the Republican Party nomination for the presidency. The GOP? The party that gasped when Nelson Rockefeller died atop a much, much younger (thankfully female) assistant? The party that felt good about that Republican cloth coat?

But I was so wrong. There were factors I neglected. There is the American Idol craze, combined with the Reality Show craze, all cranked to the nth degree by the I Would Die if Only I Could French Kiss Brad Pitt One Time illness. And I forgot the rich part. This is a country that supposedly disdains wealth. Pocahantas — by this I mean Elizabeth Warren — scoffs at material pursuits, but doesn’t spurn a major salary, no doubt amped with news of her American Indian heritage. (I know, native American, but that’s a lie. They came from Asia. How apropos. We will probably end up Asian, too.) Hillary Clinton’s entire existence is given over to worship of Baal. And Donald Trump is almost the image of rich — his virtue is, he camps it up. He’s not rich, he’s sooooo rich. I love it. So much more refreshing than Mitt Romney’s “aw shucks, I never meant to be rich” approach to his brilliant business successes, even as in one of his gazillion homes a multi-story garage elevator shipped up and down his fantastic cars.

So it is the Donald. And I have no choice but to back him, and back him I do. I’m even beginning to like him. The more those cretins on the left pile on, the more I like him. The more Hillary flails, trying to reorient herself in her surroundings and the Donald slings his arrows from all directions — the more I like him. The more the Republican snobs pose like The Thinker, pondering whether to support him or not — the more I like him. Hey, Paul Ryan: get the hell out of the position you hold in the Convention. It is the only honest thing to do. Even Jeb Bush has started moving to an endorsement position. If the GOP sits this one out, kiss your sorry butt goodbye.

I won’t even bother to predict who will win the election. As twisted as our country has become under the rule of the left, I don’t trust the electoral system. Don’t trust the machines, or the owners of the machines, or the patrons of the owners of the machines that count the votes. Don’t trust states that say they are going to let just any old body vote in the presidential election. Any state that doesn’t secure the vote should be declared ineligible to participate in the national elections. All this means, I have to really support Trump. Because the whole Democrat strategy is based on illegal voters. All those bastards setting our cities on the edge when they are criminals for even being here. This is the future if we don’t do it this time.

And I’m not even sure Trump will carry out the promises he has made. Some of them seem utterly unachievable. I do know this. If Clinton gets in the saddle, scores will be settled and the law will be laid down, and the First Law is The Benefit of the Clintons. It will be corruption crossed with egomania and psychosis and piss-poor judgment. People who regularly commune with people dead for many years and who routinely lie in public fora about things the whole world  knows are a lie definitely lie within those spheres. And this country will never ever return to the golden years. It will be a slow hemorrhage of our national treasure in fruitless wars, and a disintegration of what remains of US social accord.

Above all I am praying that Donald Trump will really be the maverick he claims and begin in foreign relations to draw back from the suffocating tangle of defense treaties and imagined “red lines” that are now drawing us ever closer to global war. If he gets in the clutches of the “US Number One or War” clique, we’re done for.

Bring the troops home. Gut the regulations. Set us free.

It’s up to the Donald.




The Besieged Mrs. Clinton and Other Good News

Hillary Clinton is in very very deep doo-doo. The FBI has stumbled across something in those unsuccessfully “disappeared” Clinton e-mails that apparently perked them up enough to open a second investigation into the Clinton Foundation. This Foundation is gaining an ever seamier reputation for its corrupt practices, such as using the power of the Secretary of State to secure massive donations all available to the Clintons for their felonious use. I’d love to be the forensic accountant tracing donations to the Global Slush Fund. And tracking outflows from the Foundation to other entities, perhaps in a way that made a trace hard. It’s pretty clear that the Foundation they set up is intended to pad the financing of Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency, giving her enough non-traceable funds to make the difference between victory and defeat. This would be the much more clever and invisible version of the “small donations from abroad” scam that heavily financed Obama’s catapult to the presidency. Apparently the FBI is trying to untangle those intertwining parts, connecting the dots in the Clintons’ influence-buying game.

If the Foundation is in trouble, I’d imagine our pal Bill isn’t sleeping any easier than his homely wife.  It couldn’t happen to two nicer people. I was looking at photos of the two and thinking: he looks pretty bad these days. Bill’s red nose is starting to look absolutely natural in that landscape of aging skin as he tries desperately to recapture his glib, sexy rock-star days. And Hillary is, despite her surgical work, still an ugly old white woman. And an unlikable one at that. If their offer is two for one, I think they’ve lost the youth vote.

Now to the GOP side. Here the waters are murky indeed. Trump seems to be cycling into some sort of a mania, saying really nutty things like he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and none of his supporters would care. That sounds a lot like he is calling his supporters insane, or criminally inclined, or just stupid. It also sounds a lot like he himself is losing all touch with reality. Now the utterly inexplicable decision not to participate in the debate because of Megyn Kelly’s alleged hatred of and bias toward him. Unlikely excuse and if it’s sincere, he’s a fool. Who gives him the absolute right to pick his interlocutors? If he can’t deal with hard questions, he’s not going to win any national election. Enough with his demonizing anybody who questions him. We already have had this kind of president and we don’t want another one. Worse, he now begins again and in capital letters to look like the circus clown, performing and un-serious. I think he may be faltering under the enormous pressure on him. He seems to be spinning out. But the tragedy is that if he isn’t chosen, he could try to take down the GOP with him. A suit against Cruz on the basis of his US citizenship? Hey, Donald: we already had a guy born in Kenya and raised in Malaysia as president, so don’t worry about the Canadian angle. They speak the same lingo, more or less.

Trump’s unpredictability and political wildness raise the possibility or even likelihood that the money men and the ruling Republican elite will unite behind some other candidate deemed able to beat whomever the Democrat Socialists nominate. I still think Rubio is the likeliest candidate. He has all the qualities to be a star candidate and in particular to dance rings around either of the Golden Agers being run by the Democrat Socialists. He could best either of them in a debate. I think he could get a lot of the Latino vote, especially among the girls. But Ted Cruz is also excellent. My favorite Rand Paul isn’t going to get close to the nomination, but he’d be great.

And back to Mrs. Clinton and the question of the day: is it okay to run a person for president when said person is rumored to be headed to indictment for her security breaches? The Socialists of course say “yes,” as long as the felon is not yet found guilty. And of course if elected, there’s that presidential immunity thing. So she could easily bury the whole thing during her first tenure as Madame President. The rumor is rampant that she is going to be indicted for something related to all her electronic and other misbehavior. I think that the FBI is ready, but it is Obama who will decide if the weapon is turned against the Clintons. So far Obama has allowed the FBI to dig and make the Clintons’ lives agony. The unknown is this: at what point is  he  going to call off the dogs? At what point is he going to say, make it go away? Or perhaps a presidential pardon? That would be rich for that boy Obama with his thin black skin. Now Obama has all the power. Will he use it? After all, Bernie Sanders really is his true alter ego, on whom Obama could count to continue pushing his agenda.

On to foreign policy, where things look as lousy as usual. In Germany, women were harassed and worse on New Year’s Eve as they attempted to celebrate. “North African or Middle Eastern looking men” in large numbers joined up to engage in a female-baiting sport and so far Germany’s leaders have done little more than gasp and wring their hands. In Sweden, assaults by the Arab community against the peace-loving native Swedes, including young women, is rising. It is so serious that the peace-loving PM is warning that “in coming years” up to 80,000 self-declared refugees are to be sent home. The Arab/North African inundation is having serious political ramifications in Europe. Nationalist governments may be in the offing, for example in Netherlands where Geert Wilders could be the next top dog. In the security realm, trust is no longer abundant. Individual nations are now reasserting their own border defenses in violation of the Schengen agreement on open borders. This will likely set off a chain reaction, because who can afford NOT to have such controls when the others do? It’s a new era for the EU and it will struggle to survive. All these ugly results from Merkel’s warm outreach to the million Moslem refugees she invited to Germany and the rest of Europe spell likely doom for her government.

In Russia, that nation ended a year of real and painful economic belt-tightening due to EU sanctions, but forged ahead to make Crimea energy-independent from Ukraine and otherwise integrate the region into the Russian Federation. Russia also is moving ahead with the creation of three new military divisions on its western border to counter the NATO build-up in Eastern Europe. Anti-Americanism is at an all time high. Russia’s xenophobia is now in full swing, thanks to US/EU ineptitude in foreign policy.

Turkey continues to deal in stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil and to act as a transfer point for radicals entering Syria to defeat the last secular government in the region. The US continues to cover up Turkey’s crimes while still trying to get them to close their border to the ISIS-facilitated influx of foreign fighters. On the other hand, how much do we want them to close that border if they simply say no and don’t even get their hands slapped?

Jockeying for political talks to end the fighting in Syria continues. The Russians rejected US “opposition fighters” as allies of ISIS and Al Qaeda, but a compromise has been agreed to allow two separate opposition delegations: one made up of actual Syrians who oppose Assad and took up weapons; and the Syrian Kurds. The Turks don’t want the Syrian Kurds involved in the negotiations. I think this is going to be one of those inane political soap operas that go on while in the background the US tries to unseat Assad by proxy force in the face of Russian and Iranian military opposition to that goal.

All in all, it looks to be an interesting year, with both the domestic and international political arenas in full action and the balance of power teetering among a whole host of competing nations. Rocky waters ahead.





Obama Continues the Crusade for Communism

The Republican-led House voted Wednesday to overturn President Obama’s immigration actions from last November — and to unravel a directive from 2012 protecting immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children — sending the bill to the Senate where it faces an uncertain fate.

So sayeth Fox News. The House has acted to rein in the Emperor O, who in my mind is eternally wearing a leopard-skin cape over a scrawny hairless chest with a golden spear in one hand. I guess that is ethnocentric; he could as easily be pictured as a really bad white high-school teacher who fancies himself a Marxist, sleeps with students, and doesn’t know his supposed subject. Mr. Obama says he will veto the defiant House bill that dares to question Obama’s authority, and the Republicans are unlikely to find the needed votes to overrule. (And isn’t that sad, all by itself?) It makes no difference that the majority of Americans want Obama’s immigration edicts swept into the trash bin. The man rules from such heights that you and I could never hope to understand how  little he cares about us way down here. In some circles, that is referred to as psychotic or creepy. Many call him The Savior, or Jesus, but those folks have IQs south of 70 and require a boundless faith that there is still more booty to be had if they can only keep The One in power, or somebody who will continue the give-away (that would be you, Hillary “The Hips” Clinton). His supporters can’t think deep enough to worry about the fewer and fewer who are actually producing and not just consuming, wondering what happens when there aren’t enough producers to continue the handout.

But wait, at the very same time that we hear about the courage of House Republicans in facing down Obama over his imperial tendencies we also hear that the GOP is quietly working on an immigration proposal that will satisfy everybody except the Party’s own constituency. Or at least the numerous and un-monied part of its base, the stooges that keep voting Republican year after year, regardless. I don’t think there is in anybody’s mind a belief that appeasing the illegal alien community is going to increase GOP vote share. I’d guess the opposite. Mostly the GOP leadership wants a) the issue to go away and b) enough cheap labor to keep big business happy, big business being seen inexplicably as the root of GOP success.

As a mere observer, it looked to me like Big Business jumped on the Obama bandwagon and they were slavishly attentive to the Clintons when those two dirtied the White House with their scandalous goings-on. Churches want believers and entrepreneurs want near-slaves, and the Democrat (Socialist) Party wants voters. All the forces are aligned against the idiots who populate this country but count for next to nothing except as rhetorical devices.

How about that State of the Union? It should have been called “Stake through the Union.” It is absolutely no surprise that Obama chose ideology over pragmatism. He really thinks he’s got the US engine going, with an oil boom he despises and opposed that seems to this observer to be highly vulnerable to collapse. I worry about earthquakes that have been registered in fracking zones and new oil’s own downward impact on prices necessary to sustain the fracking industry. Obama also boasted about the great employment scene, but not a word about the incredible shrinking labor market (it’s just the Boomers retiring) or the poor quality of jobs on offer. And he wants to make higher education free, two useless years of community college. There is already more pay for a tradesman with a real skill than for any community college graduate. Why not fund tech schools? Why  not let kids who want to work and not study segue into a technical institute where they can learn a trade for their last two years of high-school ? Why waste the money by giving grown adults with no skills the chance for another two years on the public dole that will provide them with very few new useful ones? If they want those low-cost two years of education (already subsidized by states and cities) then let them invest in them with their own labor, or hard work, two dirty terms among the left-wingers. Obama’s brand of governance is what I call highway-robbery. This is a system in which the tax burdens on the productive individual, indirect or direct, are growing to enable the Big Give-Away to continue. In this way, the wealth-earners are expropriated of their rewards which are passed to the wealth-consumers at the bottom levels of society.

The EU is unable to shake off its slump, Russia is hurting, China is slowing down — but the US is going to keep going strong? The page is turned? And yet terrorists are likely to launch some attack here at home at any time now, but it won’t affect us? We’re up to our eyeballs in military adventurism around the globe, at risk of triggering some calamity while championing freedom, while illegal immigrants hoist banners at home reading “the border is illegal, not the people who cross it” and thousands await the next signal to flood the US border. How is that? I’m just a little more cautious than to believe his rosy picture of a US socialist paradise. I think the world is more insecure than ever before. I don’t think the jihad is “dying out.” I don’t think NATO is spreading peace, but war. I hardly believe anything the USG says anymore. And that is both at home and abroad.

The Republicans of course trashed a trash-able presentation by the President, but that’s not news. I anxiously await the next practical steps in the Republican revolution against the tyranny of government being constructed by Obama and his leftist clique. The solution isn’t for the GOP to wring their hands, then defy public will and collaborate with the Democrats on doing whatever it is the Democrats want to do. It is to offer alternatives. Where is the insurance bill that will free up health care coverage and make pricing competitive? Where is anything to do with Obamacare? Stop leaking information about alleged immigration proposals and share them with us. Stop your war on conservatives and rein in USG super-agencies with strict oversight and accountability and a veto power for Congress over any agency administrative decree costing taxpayers’ money. Let’s hear a call for the criminal prosecution of Lois Lerner, and John Koskinnen, and others in these public institutions who are acting for partisan political goals.

If the GOP thinks it can sit around and take the pulse of the public for two years, they’re smoking something.


American Rollercoaster

I have not written on foreign policy for a while. Things are happening so fast that I hardly put pen to paper when some new development makes past judgements just slightly off. Iraq is now a patchwork quilt of alliances on both the jihadist (ISIS) side and the government’s. And our enemy next door in Iraq and the other one in Syria, the two forming a mini Axis of Evil, are our allies, of a sort, in fighting the same guys in Iraq that we are helping stupidly or otherwise in Syria. I know, it is too confusing to follow, and frankly this regime would rather nobody follow it.

In Ukraine things are equally interesting. I can’t tell if this is the Russian short game or long game. Russia is saying all the right things (unlike Nouri al Maliki) and seems to have all but abandoned its co-patriots in eastern Ukraine. On the other hand, the sneaky part of my brain whispers, the rebels seem to be drawing the Ukrainian troops ever closer to the Russian border. What’s that about? No sooner had the thought entered my brain than the news flashes began about shells landing on Russian territory inside a populated area and killing a woman and child. The rebel actions are becoming more violent and the Ukrainians are reacting in kind. Will this go any farther? Will Putin at the last moment, when his name is anathema to everybody in eastern Ukraine, swoop down and occupy an area to prevent any more bloodshed? Or will he allow the resistance to the Kievites to be crushed. And if he does, what does it mean? I suspect as I have for a while that Merkel and Putin have a deal, a secret one. The deal is, she will oppose any further expansion of NATO eastward, thus blocking such moves. Putin will let Poroshenko try to govern Ukraine. This would buy Putin time for further plotting and preparations for something still to come. It will give Merkel time to try to strengthen Ukraine vis a vis Russia through increased trade and aid. Whatever the case, despite daily calls for wider sanctions against Russia, the hawks have for the moment been stifled. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO SecGen, and Philip Breedlove, US General seconded to NATO have not been heard from in months. Perhaps they, too, are as mystified as I am what is really going on between Russia and Germany. Let’s hope that Germany doesn’t get the best of the deal yet again as they did with Ribbentropp.

How about Israel and the Palestinians? What a kick in the pants. Three Israeli boys are kidnapped and brutally murdered and old Obama is Silent Cal. Only when the Israelis defend their country and population vigorously, having long ago realized whose side the US is taking in the Middle East,  do we hear from the Great Peacemaker (hah!) Barack Obama.

If there were ever a moment in time when everything that can go wrong is going wrong, this is it. This is a historical period of US decline domestically and internationally and everything and anything is possible. Hold on to your hats.

I hear more and more talk about the rise of the new Caliphate, where all us women get to wear veils and take care of the little man’s needs. These jihadists are very bizarre, if you ask me. I thought they were Moslems, but they’re destroying mosques and holy sites. Huh. Could it be that they are secretly jihadists trying to restore some ancient pagan religion such as that of Egypt’s pharaohs? Maybe that is why they are called ISIS? Bet you never thought of that one.

These terrorists are supposedly the top number one all-time worst ever threat to US national security, and we know how sneaky and devious they are. As their power builds throughout the Middle East and Africa, in the US our regime decides a border is irrelevant and pretty much offers open invitations to everybody to come on in. Our US enforcement is being turned not against this illegal wave that is a direct violation of US sovereignty, no indeed. The tough guys are gunning for the US citizen tired of being  ignored and used. The people out there blocking the arrival of uninvited and unwanted illegals are under threat of “counter-violence” from the USG.

At the same time that Mexico has dumped thousands of problems onto the US (and good riddance, I’m sure they said) our prez has nothing to say about a US Marine who is being held in some hell-hole of a jail in Mexico out of pure spite. On this fact alone I would impeach him. (And while I’m at it, I’m so sick of hearing Republican pols whining that impeachment is the wrong way to go. I mean, I’ll be glad if Obama is brought down through a Court ruling, but there’s nothing wrong with impeachment, either.)

And all the while the Commander-in-Chief (and boy, does he love giving commands) is golfing or giving high-fives to a homosexual and asking a personal question about the guy’s sexuality in front of little kids, or partying with the One Percent and the Hollywood trash set. The First Moochers are already getting ready for their next super-expensive vacation on the taxpayer’s dime or maybe mooching off friends for a swank place to stay. Obama ain’t gonna do a lick of work, Massah, and ain’t nuthin you can do ’bout it. I suspect from his recent performances that he is once again smoking his beloved choom and perhaps dabbling in other substances as well. It would be right in line with his open contempt for this country. He looks for every opportunity to play the arrogant buffoon who will be beloved around the world for bringing America to its knees.



Obama Chalks Up Victory after Victory (Not)

afghanistanAnd thus ends Obama’s War, the one in Afghanistan. He rode into office declaring that country to be in dire jeopardy and swearing to make victory against the terrorists there a focus of his foreign policy He was going to get us out of The War Bush Made and into one that was Obama-made. He was going to settle everything militarily and politically. With the Moon in the Seventh House, Peace would rule the universe.

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the thousands of Afghans grabbing up whatever they can carry and heading into safe-haven camps for internally-displaced persons where they are seeking asylum in other countries. Many others are trying to get out of the country on visas. Australia is a big destination and the outliers are putting down roots and throwing out life-lines to relatives still trapped in the escalating violence unleashed by the resurgent Taliban. The UN Commissioner for Refugees thinks this is a response to the US pull-out of forces and the growing reach of the Taliban. The population is already experiencing what is to come when the Taliban return to power everywhere — women are particularly eager to get out of the country. Some have objected to being forced into servitude to the Taliban as cooks. Hah. Wait until they’re being marched onto the soccer field to be executed for objecting to cooking.

Yes indeed, Afghanistan has been another resounding Obama success story, one his right-hand man Hillary Clinton can take a lot of credit for, too. Afghanistan ranks right up there next to Benghazi and Egypt as shining examples of the great things one can accomplish if one is only a utopianist intellectual nincompoop. Afghanistan’s collapse into violence and anarchy (again) will not end with the deaths of a handful of people, as in Benghazi, or persecution of Christians or installation of a military junta, as in Egypt. This time a whole population is going to be terrorized (again) and when the bloodshed starts it will spoil not only individual reputations, but the image and influence of the United States of America. Because if, like Obamacare, this war was a center-piece of Obama’s brilliant strategies, what does is say about America’s ability to come through in a clinch or even make good on promises? If Afghanistan is a big part of Obama’s legacy, along with the Arab Spring, then we know that Obama’s legacy is pure trash. And what else did we expect from a man who, when all is said and done, is under-educated, poorly-informed,  lazy, incompetent, and filling a job way above his IQ?

iraniraqBut let me give credit where credit is due. The Big Bopper said he was going to end US military involvement in Iraq and he did. Of course now Iraq is a full-fledged satellite of Iran and violence there is also going up and up and up. Lot of scores to be settled in the wake of the US retreat. It seems Mr. Obama and his minions have the reverse Midas touch: everything they touch turns to doo-doo.

It’s a good thing our president has decided to turn his attention to domestic affairs and let all that bothersome international stuff simmer away untended, as any further Obama initiatives for peace could plunge us into another world war. With the UN season come and gone, no more big empty speeches to make on the international stage, either. Egypt has taken note of Obama’s aloofness, deemed regal by his acolytes and disinterested by the rest of the world. The military officers who rule the roost for the moment are turning their eyes to Russia and its powerhouse president, Vladimir Putin, who demonstrated with Syria that Russia can be counted on to keep its word and stand by friends. There could be some hefty arms sales coming Russia’s way, and that would be bad news for America’s war industries. But what’s a little more unemployment — there are lots of 15-hour a week jobs going begging.

Syria continues waging war against its now largely-Jihadi opposition, and the warrior-peaceniks of the world and Assad’s regional foes continue to decry the lack of adequate punishment for Assad’s crimes. The Saudis, in particular, are fuming because we didn’t grab the chemical weapons bait they no doubt connived in planting. They were sure we would use the opportunity to unleash a small war to depose or kill Assad and oust from power his particular religious sect. But the chemical weapon pretext for war was deftly removed from the table by the Russians, who carried out a beautiful checkmate of the US. This means any attempt to divert attention from Obama’s misfortunes at home by starting a little something over there in the Middle East have now been vastly complicated. Given the level of international and domestic opposition to another war, Obama would have to plant some really devastating evidence of some really devastating crime to even be allowed to finish saying “I am launching an air campaign.” Of course, given the quantity of US weapons floating around the region, it might not be too hard to cook something up.

chinaThe world’s political configuration is once again in motion, with new players taking prominence and old players getting caught up in the consequences of their own policies and watching their stars set. America’s will to defend the really important things was drained in all the frivolous and secondary wars we waged when once the world’s only superpower. There are scores to be settled in the international arena, too, not only in countries we have abandoned to their fates. Too bad our military is in the process of being purged of its best officers and demoralized by social engineering. Our ability to do much more than bluster has been badly eroded. God preserve  us from the need to wage a serious war anytime soon. And God preserve us from our own domestic Taliban.


Now This is Fundamental Transformation

border1There is a big push at the moment in favor of immigration reform, the Dems having successfully intimidated the GOP into folding over Obamacare and the debt ceiling. Obama’s Storm Troopers no doubt feel doubly confident about getting a grand deal on immigration. If the Republicans were spooked by the left-wing propaganda campaign over the debt ceiling, they will be paralyzed with terror at what is waiting for them in the immigration arena. The so-called reform awaiting us is essentially a full amnesty (with benefits) and in short order citizenship for millions of people who didn’t respect (our fear) our country enough to obey its laws. Nice way to start; next comes illegal voting. Our Wise One is creating a criminal class for his own political use.

Our president and his minions have seen fit to suspend the law, ignore the law, violate the law and bend the law to suit their whims. His administration’s latest dictum is that anybody showing up at our door saying he fears for his life gets in the door, no questions asked, all in preparation for the Great American Amnesty and Citizenship Give-Away Executive Order Series. If you think Franklin Roosevelt was nervy in trying to stack the Supreme Court, how about that Obama — trying to stack the US population. If the GOP tries to stymie this measure in Congress, Obama will probably have to pretend the Congress doesn’t exist or have any authority if it does. All he needs is one of those handy-dandy Executive Orders. In any case, I think the Dems are on the right track with the GOP. The party won’t even pretend serious opposition and any individual Republican House member opposing it will be demonized within the party. The Republicans have miraculously turned into the “party of yes,” but it took a Democrat administration to do the trick.

illegalmalesThe Obama regime is complicit in the open violation of our borders each and every day. Our government works with the Mexican government to advertise US public welfare programs available to illegals, enticing more to emigrate from Mexico and points south. The  illegals are encouraged by incompetent and corrupt governments relieved to see the back of a few million more burdensome peasants. And they are coached and encouraged by our own corrupt government, which welcomes them with open arms, a fistful of taxpayer dollars, and a pledge of fealty to the Democrat Party that needs nothing more than a digital thumb-print. In California, I predict that the law will be changed soon to give the vote to anybody who happens to be in the state on election day, including all the illegals. It was Democrat and Democrat-affiliated groups who were behind the protests by illegals and their open flaunting of US law.

Just yesterday I noticed a couple of items in the Wall Street Journal that bear on the immigration issue. The first article, by William Galston speaking as the Voice of Big Business, argues that a) everybody in the US (other than the Tea Party) wants to turn every illegal alien in the US into a citizen, not just a non-voting permanent resident; and b) everybody wants the extremists (Tea Party) to stop fomenting unrest, weakening the GOP establishment, and railing against the immigration initative. The  article claimed that Republicans feel just the same as independents and Democrats on this major issue. America needs these millions of new workers or our economy will collapse. Those calling for some radical crack-down on immigration, legal or otherwise, are trouble-makers and fringe elements.

slothThis pro-immigration article was supplemented in the same issue with another pointing out that 90 million able-bodied Americans aren’t working and instead are drawing whatever benefits they can get from the State. They don’t have any incentive to work. They do just fine living off other taxpayers. They are part of the consuming but non-productive swath of the American population that is growing bigger every year under the Marxist Utopianists.

Hmm. So we need to open our borders to the illiterate or near-illiterate who don’t share our political culture and are increasingly unassimilated in the US, and we need to do so because otherwise our economy is doomed because of labor shortages. But meanwhile millions of able-bodied non-working adults, legal US citizens, are draining the federal and state treasuries and watching Dr. Phil and Search for Tomorrow from 9-5. Does this make any sense? Well, it probably does — because like lab rats, Americans are being socially engineered to do the State’s bidding and our government wants a subservient, needy, weak public. Our government has so greatly expanded the benefits available to the country’s unfortunates and all the millions of slackers with them that there is zero reason other than boredom for seeking work. Which, surprise, turns people into meek recipients of their daily living and eager supporters of the dispensing hand, rather than independent wage-earners. It’s like magic: add human being, sprinkle on ample pinch of government largesse, and bingo, out comes a Democrat voter. Taking out one US resident from the list of the productive also creates a need for a replacement for that now-unproductive human.  The flow from Third World countries will never cease until there is nothing more to be sucked out of America.

Unfortunately for those of us who think borders exist for a reason, the movers and shakers in this country are all fully behind the effort to change our laws.  The vested interests are Labor, Big Business, churches of all denominations, and the Democrat Party. The unions want to renew their greatly-emptied ranks, Big Business wants a ceaseless flow of cheap labor to do our brute work, the churches want to fill their emptied pews, and the Dems want that Zion of their aspirations, a permanent political majority created from all those coming across the borders with their hands out. By abetting a kind of reverse colonialism, in which Latin America is colonizing the US, Obama and the masterminds behind him are reshaping everything to their elitist, Marxist taste. When this law is in place, you are going to see something Obama promised us — the fundamental transformation of America.


Say the Magic Word and Win America

costaricaI am sitting as I write in an absolutely gorgeous spot in Costa Rica. Across the street, such as it is, there are monkeys playing, jumping from the trees to the rooftop and back again. Parrots fly over the forest and the sea is minutes away. Last night my sister-in-law felt an earth tremor. I’m pretty sure the epicenter is the USA. There is nothing like traveling through US borders to drive home the fact that our country is under siege and it is under siege because the criminals now sitting in their fancy offices in DC are encouraging the influx, legal and illegal, of the foreign-born to “transform” the United States to a mobocracy that they can control.

When six of us showed up at the Miami Airport yesterday, the first thing I noticed is this: virtually everybody in the hotel and in the airport are Hispanics, from maids to immigration officers to check-in agents and baggage handlers. Probably most of Miami is Hispanic and African these days. Everybody at the airport speaks Spanish and there might be just a tad of irritation if somebody wants to speak English with them.

The infrastructure at the airport and probably everywhere else in Miami is deteriorating. At the hotel, the coke machines take no cash; you are supposed to be trusting enough to swipe your credit card to get a $2.00 soft drink in a place plagued by crime. My assumption is that the “no cash” policy is to prevent somebody from vandalizing the machines to get the money out and that is probably wise. In the hotel rooms there is a notice telling guests to lock and latch their doors — when they are in them! This brings to mind terrible images of people suffering away-from-home invasion as they brush their teeth. The hotel had four elevators for far too many people and only two of them were working. As I sat tapping my foot in irritation, waiting for the elevator to land on my floor, I thought to myself that Michael Bloomberg’s slow-elevator strategy to force people to use the stairs was already in force in Miami. Then I asked for a whiskey sour at the bar and the otherwise very nice bartender acted as though I had asked for a unicorn. He had no idea what a whiskey sour was, suggesting the drink is not a Latin American favorite.

immigrantsThe dilapidated hotel is no different from the rest of Miami, which is decaying rapidly under the assault of the poor and the uneducated and too little money to maintain infrastructure. At Miami International, escalators may or may not work and the smell of must and mold surrounds you. And when you do a 360, you see that there is hardly a white American to be seen anywhere. This is the Third World. I know that most of those Hispanics were people up from Latin America and the Caribbean shopping for things they can’t get back home. But the staffing of the airport speaks volumes. In the 80’s and early 90’s, I spent considerable time in the Miami Airport during my postings to various Latin American countries. At that time, Hispanics were strongly represented among the airport staff, but it was still about half native-born Americans and half immigrants. Today the white American has all but disappeared there. The immigrants, legal and illegal, have taken over. Miami is barely part of America anymore.

The departure process itself is a metaphor for where We the People stand vis a vis those insufferable bureaucrats and ideologues who are running (and ruining) our country. First of all, one of the couples had to turn around and go home after planning the trip for a year because the husband had only a green card (id for permanent residents) and no passport. He had immigrated legally to the US from Chile decades ago as a child of six and had never bothered to get his citizenship. What was so infuriating was that he had consulted with both Immigration and the Costa Rican Embassy in advance and was told flat out that traveling with the green card was just fine. But when the time came, it turned out that was false. He had to show some kind of passport to travel, as well. He was not allowed to fly.

imTell me this: when did it become an iffy thing getting out of the United States? Are we at a point where pretty much anybody can get into our country, but nobody can get out? Are we prisoners here unless we can jump through ever-changing bureaucratic hoops? This is the kind of thing I expect from dictatorships and backward countries — not from our own government. The departure process itself makes a person feel they live in a police state: rubber gloves, herding, the suspicious looks from the half-educated who are running the show. I felt as though I had escaped when I finally took my seat on the airplane. As we took off, I was still trying to absorb what we had just experienced but the only conclusion I came to was that our own country died some time ago and I just didn’t realize it. Unless something drastic happens (and I pray for it), Miami and California are the face of America’s future.

I feel peaceful here in Costa Rica, away from the terrible stresses of the United States. And then I turn on my computer and see that the Orwellian-named Immigration and Customs Enforcement is welcoming in actual mobs of illegal immigrants in California and shipping them throughout the country. They are putting them up in hotels (at our expense) since there isn’t enough room for them at the detention centers. I read that each year 600,000-800,000 illegals evaporate into thin air once they cross the border, many of them released by Immigration to do as they please.

speakeasySpeakeasy USA. Just say the magic word and you win — not $100, but lifetime residency in the US with all the benefits paid for by the US taxpayer. I am convinced that the surge in illegals we are now seeing — no doubt in anticipation of an amnesty — is being deliberately promoted. I do not discount that US officials are complicit in this travesty. Somebody is coaching the illegals to make certain claims that constitute — possibly, potentially — grounds for asylum. But under US law, such claims are not supposed to be assumed to be true, but must be proven. Just claiming asylum doesn’t give the claimant a right to enter the US. That is, unless ICE decides that anybody showing up at the border with the right excuse — even if another several hundred are waiting in line with exactly the same claims — automatically gets in.

Back in the 80’s our government was a hell of a lot stricter. I knew a woman, a highly-educated Mexican married to a member of the Nicaraguan Somoza family. When the Sandinistas took over with Jimmy Carter’s help in 1979, the Somozas fled to the US and my friend, all four and a half feet of her, stayed behind changing cordobas into dollars, in the streets under the rifles of the Sandinistas. The Sandinistas wanted Somoza’s money and she was dealing with them, feeding them bank information and then immediately transferring the money into another account somewhere else. She managed to smuggle out several million dollars in her Mercedes, and in absentia she was given a 30-year sentence. And imagine this: the Mexican government denied her husband asylum. She was told that she was free to enter, as a Mexican born and bred, but the Sandinistas needed dentists so her husband should go home (to prison). Yes, Mexico denied asylum based solely on political grounds. And our own Immigration wanted to deport both of them because they didn’t buy her asylum story and they insisted they could go to Mexico. It was only when I intervened with the facts about what they faced in Nicaragua and the Mexican government’s perfidy that Immigration granted her asylum.

Well, all that caution in granting entrance to the US has long since gone by the boards.  My sister-in-law lives in Arizona. She has been told by people who know that indeed illegal Mexican immigrants are being coached in how to get asylum and then steered to all the free benefits available to them. You don’t even need to be credible anymore to waltz into our country and start feeding at the trough. Because these people who are changing the very substance of our country are useful to the tyrants in Washington. The more, the merrier. Screw America.

I’m going to look at  property here in Costa Rica. I hope there will be a revolution in America, but I am not confident. I think it might be wise to get out while we still can. I met a Texan couple here who are doing the same thing. They say there are lots of Americans looking for a place to settle outside of the USA.

I think a reverse migration is occurring.




John McCain Thumbs His Nose

mccain hypocriteHold the presses! John McCain has ripened into full senility. There is no longer any doubt that the maverick has mutated into a babbling lunatic. I imagine any day now he’ll invite Charlie Crist and Chris Christie to lunch, after which they can give a press conference to whiz all over the Party that gave them power and the limelight. Maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll form their own political power-base, the Hermaphrodite Party — the place where left and right meet.

As if his wacky positions and comments over the years weren’t bad enough (his avid pursuit of wars in other people’s countries, his Cold War approach to US-Russian relations, his assaults on conservatives and the GOP), now we have to endure McCain’s pompous preening on the immigration front. He recently gave an interview to The New Republic in which he ridiculed Sean Hannity’s views on the issue and went so far as to imply that Hannity ought to lose his job on Fox News because of them. Fox News, he opined, is schizophrenic.

Then he gave a speech at an AFL-CIO forum on immigration where Democrat-organized attendees made clear how angry Latinos (illegal immigrants) are that the US Congress is trying to secure the border. And rather than retorting tough luck, McCain commiserated with them and felt their pain. He confessed that he also dislikes the Senate’s Corker-Hoeven Amendment on border security. “I voted for it so friends of mine would be comfortable that we are securing the  border, but the real securing of the border is with  technology, as opposed to individuals.” He scoffed at the idea of actually dispatching twenty thousand new Border Agents and proposed instead high-tech gizmos that will no doubt record for posterity the exact moment when illegal border crossings turned the US into a Latin American country.

McCain may not have much else, but he certainly is rich in hubris. It must be extraordinary pride that leads a GOP elder to brag publicly about how he encouraged his Republican colleagues, apparently a bunch of brainless dupes, to vote for a bad bill on immigration by pretending to support the security provisions. I wonder, is this guy going gaga on us? He seems to think he is reassuring Americans with his prediction that reconciliation of the Senate and House immigration bills would preserve the pathway to citizenship, but put everything else on the table.

Oh, right. McCain has certainly erased any doubt I had on the immigration law hanging over our heads, how about you? McCain’s disdain for enhanced security on the border is tantamount to announcing support for Open Borders. It’s pretty clear that he isn’t speaking to conservative voters anymore, he has already consigned them to the ash-heap of history. He is talking to all the usual Republican suspects, those political curs whom ambition and greed and cowardice have trained to roll over and play dead at the first opportunity for the right incentive. What his comments amount to is a call for conspiracy of the left side of the aisle and the right side of the aisle to run roughshod over conservative objections. What worries me is that such a possibility really exists. If the Dems and the pro-immigration lobby within the GOP can pry enough of the spineless away from the security-first fold, it will be curtains for our country as we have known it. It will also be the end of the GOP, I’m willing to predict.

There is nothing to be done with McCain. I imagine he’ll drop dead in his tracks one day while calling for a NATO bombing campaign against Russia before an empty Senate chamber and a bored tv audience. He has always reveled in the image of an independent-minded and testy defender of his views, but he has become a caricature of himself. His every word nowadays has an edge to it, a fuming anger at whoever is opposing his wise counsel and that means, in first place, the conservatives. Alas, it is no longer McCain bucking the Establishment, but McCain the Establishment bucking the voters.

Isn’t it embarrassing to watch somebody who just doesn’t know when to quit? I know a woman of quite advanced age whose garish make-up and mini-skirts make it hard to look without gaping. I feel the same way about John McCain.