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Even as our friends on the left laughed and celebrated and threw their hats in the air, convinced that Trump was headed for impeachment as a traitor who stole the election, convinced he was a madman for impugning the honor of Barack Hussein Obama, a few brave people within the US Civil Service snuck out of the range of fire to report to California Representative Nunes on how in fact Trump was surveilled, or as the President said “wire-tapped.” How sweet it is.

When Trump made his accusation (and wouldn’t you like to know who really tipped him off?), prima donna James Comey flew to the press in a snit of righteousness to say he had asked the DOJ to issue a flat denial of anybody authorizing “wire-tapping” against the then president-elect or even candidate. Of course that was a pure technicality, which is another way of saying “lie.” Then Comey, with that pugnacious jaw thrust out, tried to finish off Trump by announcing that he and his campaign were under investigation for treason, i.e. collusion with the Russians to steal Hillary’s coronation, and had been since mid-2016. But Comey was oh, so coy about the issue of felonious leakers currently lurking within the USG. Seems maybe the FBI gives a damn; and maybe not. His goal was pretty clear, a chance to get even for Trump’s outrageous use of “outreach” to out the FBI.

Now we know that some unstated number of Trump allies and maybe even Trump himself were under surveillance under the Obama regime. Hence the leaks the Dems were hoping the rest of us would buy as “smoking guns” and just cause to remove Trump and install Hillary. Boy, Comey always comes up smelling like horse excrement.

Needless to say, the Democrats and their cronies in the press gasp about Rep. Nunes rushing to tell the Prez that he had been right after all. “You favor the president!” screamed Schiff. What Nunes should have said was, “and how about you? aren’t you actively opposing the president? this brings some balance.” But Nunes didn’t care and he did right. If he hadn’t outed the lie into the public domain, it would have “disappeared” like all those who ran afoul of the CIA in Latin America in the 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s and no doubt 90s (then I retired from the State Department).

I’m happy to find that my own judgment was correct, that there had of course been surveillance call it what you will against Trump and his allies. How else would you have had leaks of conversations? It wasn’t  magic, was it? And finally someone did indeed have the courage to buck the trend and end the silence about the massive abuse of Executive Branch powers by the Obama administration.

(Note: I’m listening to that purveyor of lies, Adam Schiff, tell us that Obama partisan Sally Yates is willing, yea frothing at the mouth, to come forward and defame Trump. Okay. Maybe not “defame Trump” literally, but in reality, yes. It’s tough being on defense, Adam.)

So here is the bottom line: the CIA probably planted electronic trace that allegedly led back to Russia to back up the Brennan/Clapper lie it was Russia and NOT Seth Rich of DNC dissidence fame who passed the evidence of DNC corruption to Wikileaks. Take a look at Zero Hedge  on this subject.  At a minimum, they had the capability to do so. (See Wikileaks.) They padded this bit of electronic “evidence” with the kind of scurrilous rumor-mongering that Brit ex-spy Steele was selling. Then their pals in the intel community either turned a blind eye to the lie of collusion and a “false election” (I’d guess Adm. Rogers…) or colluded actively in the lie. This happened as a result of the politicization of the civil service, which is supposed to be a totally neutral body. If not, you’d have people leaking top secret information to deep-six the opposition. Imagine.

I was trying to write about all this for weeks, but I kept discarding my drafts. I felt there was something else coming that would clarify the situation. What Nunes has brought forth, thanks to that heroic “deep throat¨ has indeed clarified the situation. Now others are stepping up to reveal what was going on under Obama to sabotage the Trump Administration. We are in a perilous state of governance in which our decisions are being shaped by false information

American Rollercoaster

I have not written on foreign policy for a while. Things are happening so fast that I hardly put pen to paper when some new development makes past judgements just slightly off. Iraq is now a patchwork quilt of alliances on both the jihadist (ISIS) side and the government’s. And our enemy next door in Iraq and the other one in Syria, the two forming a mini Axis of Evil, are our allies, of a sort, in fighting the same guys in Iraq that we are helping stupidly or otherwise in Syria. I know, it is too confusing to follow, and frankly this regime would rather nobody follow it.

In Ukraine things are equally interesting. I can’t tell if this is the Russian short game or long game. Russia is saying all the right things (unlike Nouri al Maliki) and seems to have all but abandoned its co-patriots in eastern Ukraine. On the other hand, the sneaky part of my brain whispers, the rebels seem to be drawing the Ukrainian troops ever closer to the Russian border. What’s that about? No sooner had the thought entered my brain than the news flashes began about shells landing on Russian territory inside a populated area and killing a woman and child. The rebel actions are becoming more violent and the Ukrainians are reacting in kind. Will this go any farther? Will Putin at the last moment, when his name is anathema to everybody in eastern Ukraine, swoop down and occupy an area to prevent any more bloodshed? Or will he allow the resistance to the Kievites to be crushed. And if he does, what does it mean? I suspect as I have for a while that Merkel and Putin have a deal, a secret one. The deal is, she will oppose any further expansion of NATO eastward, thus blocking such moves. Putin will let Poroshenko try to govern Ukraine. This would buy Putin time for further plotting and preparations for something still to come. It will give Merkel time to try to strengthen Ukraine vis a vis Russia through increased trade and aid. Whatever the case, despite daily calls for wider sanctions against Russia, the hawks have for the moment been stifled. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO SecGen, and Philip Breedlove, US General seconded to NATO have not been heard from in months. Perhaps they, too, are as mystified as I am what is really going on between Russia and Germany. Let’s hope that Germany doesn’t get the best of the deal yet again as they did with Ribbentropp.

How about Israel and the Palestinians? What a kick in the pants. Three Israeli boys are kidnapped and brutally murdered and old Obama is Silent Cal. Only when the Israelis defend their country and population vigorously, having long ago realized whose side the US is taking in the Middle East,  do we hear from the Great Peacemaker (hah!) Barack Obama.

If there were ever a moment in time when everything that can go wrong is going wrong, this is it. This is a historical period of US decline domestically and internationally and everything and anything is possible. Hold on to your hats.

I hear more and more talk about the rise of the new Caliphate, where all us women get to wear veils and take care of the little man’s needs. These jihadists are very bizarre, if you ask me. I thought they were Moslems, but they’re destroying mosques and holy sites. Huh. Could it be that they are secretly jihadists trying to restore some ancient pagan religion such as that of Egypt’s pharaohs? Maybe that is why they are called ISIS? Bet you never thought of that one.

These terrorists are supposedly the top number one all-time worst ever threat to US national security, and we know how sneaky and devious they are. As their power builds throughout the Middle East and Africa, in the US our regime decides a border is irrelevant and pretty much offers open invitations to everybody to come on in. Our US enforcement is being turned not against this illegal wave that is a direct violation of US sovereignty, no indeed. The tough guys are gunning for the US citizen tired of being  ignored and used. The people out there blocking the arrival of uninvited and unwanted illegals are under threat of “counter-violence” from the USG.

At the same time that Mexico has dumped thousands of problems onto the US (and good riddance, I’m sure they said) our prez has nothing to say about a US Marine who is being held in some hell-hole of a jail in Mexico out of pure spite. On this fact alone I would impeach him. (And while I’m at it, I’m so sick of hearing Republican pols whining that impeachment is the wrong way to go. I mean, I’ll be glad if Obama is brought down through a Court ruling, but there’s nothing wrong with impeachment, either.)

And all the while the Commander-in-Chief (and boy, does he love giving commands) is golfing or giving high-fives to a homosexual and asking a personal question about the guy’s sexuality in front of little kids, or partying with the One Percent and the Hollywood trash set. The First Moochers are already getting ready for their next super-expensive vacation on the taxpayer’s dime or maybe mooching off friends for a swank place to stay. Obama ain’t gonna do a lick of work, Massah, and ain’t nuthin you can do ’bout it. I suspect from his recent performances that he is once again smoking his beloved choom and perhaps dabbling in other substances as well. It would be right in line with his open contempt for this country. He looks for every opportunity to play the arrogant buffoon who will be beloved around the world for bringing America to its knees.



Stupider and More Arrogant: Danger Ahead

fingerYes, of course I am talking about the president of the United States. The border business for me is the last blow. The man is a criminal and should be grabbed by the collar, handcuffed, and led out by Federal agents to be interrogated on his hidden alliances and allegiances. And then deported to Kenya. Or Hawaii, I really don’t care.

It is absolutely clear that this mass border crossing was planned well in advance between some somebodies in the US and other somebodies in probably Mexico. Look at it from Mexico’s perspective: they just dumped on the US many many thousands of illegal aliens, many of them not even Mexican! So it took a load off and now there is more money to spend on government corruption, not that any government under which these illegal aliens lived spent money on their well-being except during elections.

This mass invasion by people who will now clearly be living off the US taxpayer (minors, right?) was prompted by the deliberate call to ignore our laws and our borders trumpeted by Barack Baby. Kids eat free! He doesn’t even care if you know what he is doing, going for the permanent political majority based on an ignorant, greedy and corrupt base. These new voters will have had zero experience with democracy, except false ones, and thus will be easy for the Democrats to handle.

Meanwhile, our utterly spineless opposition, the Republicans, are divided on this. I’m having a really hard time convincing myself to vote for a party in which many of its top leaders think the solution to dangerous levels of immigration by the poor and ignorant is to make all those felons who crossed into our country illegally, and worked illegally, and no doubt paid no taxes illegally, all legal. This will convince everybody everywhere that the US has no border, and the influx will begin anew, this time with people from far far away, some of whom are probably being deliberately infiltrated for sabotage in America. That gives the Republicans a breather so they can continue to fight with the Democrats about doing something to tighten border controls until the next election, when doing anything would be a risk. I saw a political cartoon that shows two hands shaking and the legend, “Democrats and Republicans, joining hands to screw America.” That about says it, and isn’t that too sad?

I think Mr. O has made a miscalculation this time. Now he has bared his contempt for all things American, beginning with the Constitution he no doubt hasn’t even read, and his intention to do us grave harm. After openly inviting in all these illegals, he has the nerve to demand 6 billion of our money (our taxpayer money) to take care of these illegals. He announces he’ll do everything he can within the law, but since he thinks he is the law, that is no comfort. He pisses on Congress. He pisses on the Supreme Court. This is what happens when you elect a Kenyan for president of the US.

Here is what I want to see: ranks and ranks of buses (no a/c) to take every single future illegal alien back across the border and dump them. If Mexico cares so much, let them have their own buses there to receive back their belongings. And here’s a  message to the business community pushing the same influx of illegals: we’ll make sure you have to pay each and every one of them the same wage you pay Americans. No more slave labor, you got it, you pay for it. If you want to do something the country can get behind, try a guest worker program on for size.

I don’t know if the GOP realizes that its base is not in Latin America or among the illegals in this country. They are already Democrats, bought and paid for. But I don’t think they realize a lot of things, such as not spitting in the faces of people you want to roll out of bed and vote for you.

Well, that’s the rant of the day. I’m waiting pretty impatiently to see the FBI swoop down on the White House to apprehend that man impersonating a president (and very poorly; emperor, yes).




The GOP Implodes

future“I can’t imagine filibustering the bill that I like… ObamaCare will take a hit but it won’t be defunded. I don’t think the government is going to shut down.”– Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on “America’s Newsroom.”

Well, it has finally become pretty open. There is a breach in the Republican Party (let’s not bother calling it Grand anymore) that is likely not bridgeable. The Party leadership has turned the full blast of their fury at insubordination in the ranks, supposedly from guys like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, but aimed equally at thee and me. The immediate causes of the rupture are various: one is the willingness of the Republicans in the Senate to give Obamacare a pass, while the rebels want to make as big a ruckus as possible and give voice to what millions and millions of Americans are feeling right now. The Old Guard doesn’t get it: we know we’re screwed; we know Obamacare is heading straight ahead like a steamroller; we know it can’t be stopped. But we intend to be heard by all those who would silence us. We don’t want Third World health care whether in quality, quantity or availability. If there are serious consequences, so be it. If the USG has to shut down, please let it be forever. Tyranny or anarchy, not a lot to choose from.

Then there is the debt ceiling; ten to one the Republican leadership in the Senate will just pass it, claiming it is impossible to do otherwise — same as Obamacare. The Constitutionalists want to  allow our debt to rise in exchange for something else, like lower spending. We don’t want to even go into the immigration morass, where even within the GOP we are two nations (and a thousand more if you count the illegals).

RINOBut although these are the “wedge issues” that have triggered the detonation process, the real issues are far deeper and more permanent. The Cruzites or Paulists, as you will (and probably that would include thee and me) insist that the Constitution means what it says and says what it means. There can be no down-sizing of our fundamental liberties just for the sake of avoiding a fight or appeasing the left. The Establishment thinks that cooperation is the highest goal they can achieve; the Freedom Fighters (and that term applies a lot more to us than to our Al Qaeda pals in Syria) think it is highly over-rated in time of crisis. The Establishment doesn’t want to deal with touchy issues that might turn a voter away: the glorification of homosexuality in our media and schools and public work places, the silencing of dissent, the anti-Christian campaign slyly supported by the Government, abortion even of full-grown babies, death panels for the lame and the halt, the re-writing of actual written history to distort it towards a new ideology — all of these are basic issues we are angry about, but the Establishment couldn’t care less. We are troublesome; we are cantankerous; we’re gumming up the works. All I can say to that is, “hallelujah!”

I wasn’t particularly drawn to Rick Santorum during the last election. He is a fine man, but always seemed angry. I guess I’ve reached that place now, too. And frankly I don’t care if the US public turns away from the Party because of its pro-Constitutionalist base. Let the chips fall where they may. The US public is, in any case, peopled by the ignorant who know nothing beyond tv sound bites, if even that much. My concern right now is that we have a bogus second party claiming to be the voice of reason and the only salvation for the GOP — the Chris Christie school of Republicanism — and demonizing the conservative wing of the party. Well, that’s okay with me. If I am to be essentially ignored, except for those begging letters looking to fund the Establishment, I guess I can do some ignoring back. Only I won’t really ignore them — I’ll be watching their every move and trying to document it for posterity. And millions of other bloggers are doing likewise.

elite_editedTake a look at the Wall Street Journal, or the Weekly Standard. How many of their opinions do you share regardless of how well-expressed they are? Wall Street wants as many illegals as business can get so a relatively few people can get richer and millions will stay poor working for meager wages until the WSJ supports mainstream legislation to legalize them, at which point they will work for a lot more than our businesses want to pay — and it will all start over again. The Weekly Standard wants to walk that same old same old middle-of-the-road line, the one that frowns on excessive fervor, absolutes, red-lines and especially boat-rocking. They hold that position firmly unless and until it concerns intervention by the US in other countries’ internal affairs. Then they perpetually support intervention, positing some supposed moral obligation America has, or assuring us that there is some vital interest we dummies out here can’t see. The people who write for and editorialize at these and other prestigious “conservative” journals usually don’t speak for conservatives at all. They write for each other, for their interest groups. I suppose one can hardly be surprised. After all, I seriously doubt that any Marxist would be reading anything I have to say on just about anything.

There is an ugly air of civil strife in our country today. Our president’s only known talent is for division. He has turned the less affluent against the affluent, the young against the old, and the black, brown or yellow against the white. His party is supporting him full-throatedly in his assault on American values, and they have been on a scary roll. And his brain-damaged vice president Joe Biden is in Mexico pretty much handing out invitations to head North — because he promised them, actually promised them, that every single illegal in the US would be granted amnesty. If that isn’t grounds for impeachment, tell me, what is?

physicsFor every action there is an equal but opposite reaction and that is where we are. The reaction to the assaults on America, its history, its culture and its future is building to a critical mass and when it explodes there will be hell to pay. I think the black on white hate campaign that has resulted in so many utterly senseless and brutal murders is only the beginning. More oppression is waiting right around the corner handed out by those who know better than you what is good for you. A lot of people are just going to sit the fight out, round-eyed in fear and confusion, taking no stand. That is how we got here in the first place. But others are prepared and preparing for a confrontation that now seems inevitable.

Round and around the wheel of fortune goes, and where it stops, nobody knows. Not even Barack Obama.



If it moves, investigate it — a good rule of thumb for Obama government

scandal 1Who could ever have guessed that the front-burner issue of Syria would be eclipsed by a series of stupid, Orwellian moves by the Blessed Realm of The Obama in efforts to cut the opposition off at the knees or at least silence them. The IRS is now being investigated by Eric Holder and Company, and we’re all going to believe the Attorney General when he assures us that his impartial investigation has shown there was poor decision-making on the part of lower level employees, but nothing political was intended and it won’t ever, ever happen again.

Actually, we’ve heard that one before and it doesn’t seem to be true this time either. It’s just about time for the IRS to get the usual rap on the knuckles from the ruling Monarch before being sicced on the next victim.

ericThe very idea of entrusting an impartial investigation to Eric Holder is ludicrous. Holder is one of our erstwhile flamethrowers who, like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, continue to revel in the feeling of revolutionary chic despite the fact that left is so far in it’s out. Eric Holder thinks an honest investigation is one that uncovers what he tells it to uncover. Certainly he would call that a satisfactory investigation. Why would Holder go for the jugular with an organization that was doing the same thing Holder is doing, waging war against conservatives? How stupid is that for an idea?

Let’s stop kidding around here. Will somebody set up a special investigator for both IRS and Justice? I don’t know who was in charge of snooping on AP reporters, but the Marxists will cry Homeland Security, so good luck seeing any daylight on that one. I can’t stop shaking my head over the extent of political hanky-panky going on in those and other government agencies. I would never have believed Victoria Nuland capable of the kind of political treachery she seems to have connived in, she and Amb. Pickering, but then think about the brilliant and inspiring (once upon a time) Gen. David Petraeus. Is everybody being infected with a lust for power and losing their moral compass? It’s a disgrace and it all starts, every bit of it, at the very tippy-top of the political pyramid.

unclesamToo bad we can’t impeach Obama, it would be a worthy endeavor, but it would be counter-productive. So instead we should move ahead to special committees or even special investigators to look into these areas of cover-up: the IRS; the Justice Department; the DOD; the CIA; the State Department; EPA; and certainly HHS.  If it was illegal to take private funds to keep the White House tours going, how could it possibly be legal to solicit private funds to propagandize in favor of funding a program the House of Representatives does not want to fund?  You got the business, Sibelius says to the big insurers, now help us sell the damn thing. Isn’t that kind of like a domestic Iran-Contra or Benghazi style operation? (They claim US personnel in Benghazi were going to round up grenade launchers or mortars or something and give them to the Syrian opposition “off the record.”) And it’s all done so openly, so brazenly. Oh, those Dems. Stuck in that 60’s rut, as exemplified by Ms. Sibelius (is it Botox? or is it that cartoonish hair?) , who is moving as far left as fast as possible, democracy be damned.

I don’t expect much to come of all this. But my advice is — stick to it. Obama is sweating bullets. Somewhere there is evidence. It can bring Ms. Clinton to her knees, so to speak.  Because this isn’t Whitewater-Gate. She can’t just shred the firm’s records. The information within the Department is known to far too many people and to far too many other agencies and departments. If there is dirt to be dug, it can be and will be dug.

So please US House of Representatives, use your power to set up the necessary investigative bodies to get to the bottom of how the current regime has abused its power so shamelessly and committed crimes in the process. We’d all love to know.