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Me Too. Boo Hoo

I’ve tuned out the mobs of hysterical females throughout the slimy info-tainment industry who claim they were victims of Harvey Weinstein. I’m convinced they are being joined by legions of women who never even met Harvey. By now, thousands of starlets and would-be’s are going through their old souvenirs (a broken bra strap, torn panty-hose, a used condom), looking for some male in their past who was a complete and utter pig and treated them the same. Maybe the offense was merely verbal, suggestive talk à la Clarence Thomas, with a willing participant, à la Clarence Thomas. Maybe it was uglier and meaner. Anything they can bring up that allows them to be part of “me, too.” Anything for a few minutes in the limelight.

I am convinced that this newly-discovered army of victims remained silent not out of frailty and vulnerability, but out of satisfaction with whatever they got in exchange. Was it a role, a money settlement, an invitation to an exclusive event? This is the same crowd of Hollywood females who routinely fake sex on the movie set, show up for global television awards shows largely naked, or make sex-tapes to introduce themselves to the audience. Now they claim irreparable damage to their psyches from crude nasty men with too much power and money. I, for one am not the least impressed. Even if every word they say is true, I am not impressed.

Wait, I am impressed with Courtney Love. She was the only one who had the nerve to say something out loud, and she wasn’t even a victim of Weinstein. When asked for advice for young entertainers, she thought a second and answered, “if Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party in the Four Seasons, don’t go.” She was supposedly black-listed by the Creative Artists Association for being so bold. So far that’s the only victim I see. Bravo, Courtney.

There’s no getting around a fundamental truth: if you are so disturbed by boorish and even aggressive male behavior, girls, open your mouth and move those surgically-enhanced buttocks — walk out in front of the kliegs and talk about it. Don’t wait five or ten or thirty years and claim trauma. If you clammed up in exchange for any consideration or advantage, then live with it. Get on with your life and if you never again make or have made the same mistake, please write to me care of “Ooobie.”

My view is that all men are essentially boorish due to the potent testosterone they carry around, which seems to be hyper-activated by power. The greater the power, the worse the behavior. Some men lack any form of self-control, such as flashers on the street or governors of Arkansas who crowd into a tiny news editing booth to rub themselves into ecstasy against the rigid back of a terrified kid just out of her teens. Or US Presidents who offer a rigid cigar in exchange for…

Yes, I find that most men, even those you thought would NEVER, can act inappropriately and worse. Here are some examples from my own life, by no means exhaustive, about none of which I am complaining:

At age eleven, I took my niece to the community swimming pool where we were gazed at for hours by an adult white male lurking beyond the fence. After we left, this man asked if he could buy us a coke. I  knew to the tips of my toes that this guy was a pervert, even though I didn’t know what a pervert was. I told him politely no and then walked all the way home with my head over my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t following. Ugh. I told everybody, but nobody cared enough, including me, to report it to the police. I never had a bad dream about it, much less chronic stress.

My first job at 18 was as a secretary for the staid US Chamber of Commerce. I was so bad at typing that I hid my trash can under the desk so nobody would see it was packed with discards. What I especially  remember was the 40-ish married boss chasing me around the office with a can of whipped cream as all the other girls screamed and giggled. Then there was the much higher-ranked boss, who wanted to steal me from the whipped cream guy and I’d guess not for my secretarial skills. He tried a more sophisticated approach, lingering in the doorway to comment on whatever deep book I was reading on lunch break, something like Brothers Karamazov. He had a sudden vacancy, he told me one day, his personal secretary was leaving and it was urgent that I apply for it immediately before somebody else got it. Now was my chance to move up the food chain! I would have taken it in a heart-beat, too, but I couldn’t bear to break the news to my sexually frustrated boss. I passed on the chance. Was any of this behavior appropriate? Was it tinged with sexual aggression or maybe just desire? Of course. I definitely got it. It just didn’t bother me or apparently anybody else. Not even the sober businessmen (and they were all men) of the Chamber.

In the State Department, I had a boss suffering from an illness that was sapping his life. He developed a fantasy around me (a wife of only four years, with my husband working there as well). He would congratulate me on matching my eyeshadow to my clothing or make other “off” remarks. His office was adjacent to mine and one day he called me into the conference room. There he declared his love, but he was talking as if we had had an affair or were in some form of relationship that most certainly did not exist. It was “us,” not “I.” I knew he was going downhill mentally, and was greatly relieved when he said, “but we are both adults, and so nothing can come of this.” I heartily agreed and had to endure only one horrible kiss at the door. I was really shaken by the experience.

The only funny part of the story was that the instant I got in the office I went to call my husband, but he called me first. He said he’d like to know what was going on. “I just passed so-and-so and he said to me, ‘don’t worry, there’s nothing going on between me and your wife.’ ” If ever there was a case to bring to the attention of the authorities, that was it. But both my husband and I let it lie. The man in question was soon completely disabled and died in a long-term care facility. Terrible fate and I’m oh, so glad, I didn’t give him further grief over something that could be handled.

The story has never changed much. Men are men and women are women. Men are sexually aggressive, and no matter how large the super-brain, the lizard brain is focused on propagation of the species. For their part, women are ambitious. I am sure there are adages the world around that boil down to the Russian version, “the man is the brain, the woman, the neck.” I think the ladies involved knew what was up with Harvey, who practically oozes corruption. They also knew how to benefit, or so their silence suggests. Thus, my response to the sanctimonious phonies: who cares?

Egad. The Dems really don’t believe in the American Way

still wearing white

still wearing white

Even as I write this, there are frustrated unhappy women on every side, gnashing their teeth and wailing about the defeat of the Wicked Witch or, as she seems to prefer, The Yeti. But defeat isn’t the right word, what these mourners really think is that she wuz robbed. Such horrendous events couldn’t happen in the LaLa Land in which they exist. I guess they never read ancient Greek literature, nor are they on intimate terms with history. But most sane people are getting on with their lives and would appreciate having the noise turned down. They’ve had enough of cry-babies and Hillary suggesting somehow she won but was cheated. No chance.The Left, which is mostly so-called Democrats with a sprinkling of communists and socialists (all the same thing) is not going to allow this horrible democratic system to continue in America if they can help it. If Lena Dunham has to take a poop in front of us every single day she is going to do it just to make your life a misery for not voting for Hillary.

How can it be that those who voted from among the five million illegals allowed, nay invited into California by the Democrats have had their votes in the presidential election stolen by the Electoral College? How can it be that nobody is as mad as the Democrats are that somebody, and who gives a damn who it was, stole all their dirty laundry? What an array of crimes and thuggery and deceit those Podesta emails are. I need to sit down and read through the Wikileaks treasure before they are erased from all existence. From Hillary’s active engagement in decisions to send out people to disrupt Trump rallies, to the Clinton Foundation venality and felonious activity, these emails underlined in red everything we ever thought of the Clinton Clan. Dirty, sneaky, mean and greedy. Therefore, objective number one for the Clinton Society of Anti-Historians is to engage in a little sleight of hand. They want to focus your attention not on the right hand (crimes revealed), but on the left hand, the matter of who uncovered the emails! In this way, they think slyly, the actual crimes can be made to disappear. (Not a chance.)

By now the Democrats have convinced their zombie-like followers that Hillary was a saint of some sort, even though I can confirm that the spinster left were advising each other on Facebook to “just hold your nose and vote for her!” (When I say spinster I don’t just mean the chronically unmarried. I also mean the married who look at the world through the lens of a spinster.) They had the demographics all sewn up, every single  miserable sub-group created from the minds of drug-addled ideology-fueled and sexually deviant leftists to enable a firmer grip on those votes. They had the money, money, money. They had Wall Street and financiers, to whom Hillary had already sworn her open fealty. They had a Machine and it was mean and dirty. Nothing was too low for the Hillary campaign and one of the low-lights was when they aired Trump’s raunchy comments to an aspiring starlet, who know doubt loved a little grabbing if it would only get her ahead of the game, and another no-doubt filthy mouthed Hollywood type. It seemed so obvious to me that the black hat was worn by Hillary, who put private stuff out to all the sweet little girls and boys in America. But no. It was Trump’s sin to be a guy, not hers to be a tattle-tale. In the end, the Dems had everything but the allegiance of the voters.

My advice to Democrats: It is time to stop acting like the uneducated, undemocratic, small-minded mob you lefties are, cry-babies and autocrats who want your way every day and don’t think any punishment is too harsh for your deplorable opponents. I am SO GLAD you dictatorial idiots lost this election that truly, there are no words to express it.

You ought to just get on with whatever it is you guys do while the rest of us work. But you aren’t going to let a crisis that doesn’t even exist go to waste — no, you are going to create a crisis, if you can, and then exploit it. So since you lost fair and square, job number one is to make the public think, hey…NO, WE DID NOT  LOSE FAIR AND SQUARE! Since you were fabulously unsuccessful in even raising a plausible case of fraud and ended up thrown out on your ear in Michigan, what else is left to you? Here’s an idea: blame the Russians. Play that card and play it as hard as you can.

The Russians, thanks to US hysteria, have acquired global stature as Super State: a state totally controlled by one man who actually manipulates every electoral system around the world, and according to the left is now set on unseating Merkel through fake populism! The fact that Merkel invited in a million Arab Muslims of unknown origin has nothing to do with it! Everything negative that one might think of the Democrats (losers, arrogant, liars, cheats, creeps) can be deflected and explained away with a single word: Putin. Who could ask for anything easier to explain your extraordinary fall from grace?

I just watched former Gov. Bill Richardson from New Mexico telling us with a straight face that both the DNC and RNC were hacked, which is only half true. He hastened to add, “I think Trump would have won anyway” — but, but, but and from there the lies abounded. It doesn’t matter to him that he is so distorting the truth that it is a lie, because the truth is highly malleable to a “progressive.” Here’s an example: when the Russians were among the captive peoples of the Left in the Communist USSR, and were being oppressed and suppressed and sent off to the Gulag, the American Left adored Russia. Simply Adored Russia, a la John Reed (Reds). Now the same folks hate, Simply Hate Russia, which is no longer, of course, a socialist/communist (Democrat) party. No longer being idolized, it is suitable fodder as a scapegoat.

The bottom line: these guys would do anything to retain power. All their anti-democratic methods they learned at the knee of Vladimir Lenin, whose victory laid Russia low for almost a century. But the essential evil encapsulated in Marxism still lives in the bosom of the Democrat Party. They still want to be the Vanguard, and they still want the rest of us to be the useful idiots and The Masses. A lie is as good as the truth. The destruction of everything that has sustained us is okay, as long as it serves the ultimate purpose of their own power. If they had had four more years to open our borders to the deluge of uneducated and impoverished Latinos (and whoever else they brought with them), they could have totally subverted our electoral system. If they have to pitch the country into chaos for the right to name the upcoming four Supreme Court justices, not a problem. So don’t expect these fools to shut up. These people could have formed the “civilian army” that Obama so longed for to off-set the despised US military. Count your blessings and put in the ear-plugs.

The Spirit of Oppression

I find the atmosphere of the no-longer quite free America suffocating. I watch people who want us to trust and believe them in their role as journalists openly  carry out the function of party propaganda organ for the Democrats. They gloat in their new-found freedom to lie, cheat and manipulate, without need for plausible deniability, because now it has been declared (by them) to be patriotic and noble to lie to Americans and hoodwink them as often as possible. They are engaged in jihad against a Bogey-man who is nominally Donald Trump, but in reality is you and I and everybody else who will vote for him. Look at the duplicitous fool Dan Rather, who tried to tilt an election with phony material, advocating to American Left thuggery that they “shame” us for supporting Trump. And this from a group of people who have cast all notion of shame aside. Biased, and proud of it! should be stamped across all their heads as a warning. Who would have guessed America was spawning its very own TASS and Pravda?

Trump says  things that are stupid, but his words are instantly exaggerated or distorted by the reporters of the Democratic Machine, by the Dems, and by the Republican Royalist camp. I can only wonder at the number of worms that have come wriggling out from the decaying mass of the GOP, in a frenzy to be seen as Clinton supporters. “I understood exactly what he meant, but he needs to be more careful with his words!” struggles with “Ugh, he said something mean and petty and is unfit to serve!” (The latter from, say, billionaire Mitt Romney, or any unknown Podunk Republican trying to hold onto that sinecure in whatever publicly-funded body he pollutes.) I am utterly disgusted with The Disgusted. They deserve what they are going to get.

The point is, if you question every word out of a person’s mouth, twisting it cleverly to say something never said or  meant, that person just might choose to shut up. Of course, it will never work with Trump. But for the record, let me point out the lack of outrage from the same crowd of Republican Elite and Democrats when Elizabeth Warren said she wanted Ted Cruz, I believe, to disappear. I get the feeling that disappearing people and ideas and whole cultures seems to be the number one goal of the left and, by gum, the Bushies are down for that.

As Trump is blackened and brutalized, Mrs. Clinton is protected. The media and the Establishment drown out the stories of her email treachery, her psychopathic lying, the DNC hackings that revealed manipulation of the primaries, the dirty Clinton Foundation/State Department nexus, or her bad health. They cover up such things as Abedin’s email comment that Clinton “is easily confused.” Where is the medical report, Hillary? I promise, they’ll black out your weight.

We are now truly living in the Age of Transformation, where the lines between branches of government, the media, the military and the judiciary are all disappearing and what is emerging is The State. We are lied to routinely by both the government and the media on matters both domestic and foreign, and challenging the lie becomes a dangerous thing to do. The Pentagon spokesman, an Admiral, suddenly morphs into the State Department spokesman. The IRS sends its crooked chief to stonewall before Congress about politically targeting subjects of special “investigation” in order to nullify their political voice. Cops have a target on their back from the Black Lives Matter contingent, recently honored at the Democratic Convention. The religious are ridiculed (where’s our Hate Crime legislation, Obama?) and murdered in the Middle East, but the people we are bringing in in large numbers from the regions we are destroying are the Muslims. What is wrong with this picture?


Harried by the Mob: Knockout and Other Violent Amusements of America’s Youth

flash mobI greatly enjoyed the  movie Hunger Games. It was a spell-binding yarn about the dispossessed and disempowered scoring against the masters who control their lives. The main theme of the book (and film) is the tyranny of the winners over the losers, the strong over the weak, the rich over the poor. But there is another subtext, and it is violence. The tyrants use violence in Hunger Games they way the Romans used it in the arena, to give the downtrodden something to live for — a huge dose of surrogate cruelty that stirs the blood and makes all your suffering somehow worthwhile, because there — down there in the arena — is somebody whose life is worse than your own. Not only that, but the Emperor generously gives you the right to determine whether the man in the pit lives or dies a gruesome death. The crowds had a lot of resentment to work off and it was the lucky gladiator who got out alive. Yes, the Romans had a perfect social pacifier, giving the masses free bread, clean water and the chance to watch somebody torn limb from limb on a weekly basis. It kept their system going for centuries.

I wonder if we have progressed at all from Roman times. Obviously we have technologically: what wouldn’t the Roman lords have given for instant communication and automated killing machines? Such things would have made it much easier for them to keep the discontented down and out. What I’m thinking about is character. Have we reached a point where we really respect other human beings and their private space and their basic rights, or is it all just more propaganda from the people with power? When the government itself doesn’t respect individual rights and only selectively punishes its citizens’ violations of individual rights, the very concept of “rights” begins to erode dangerously.

Have you heard about the latest rage, which is called knockout? It’s a simple game played by black youths that appeals even to those — or perhaps especially to those — with only marginal functioning intelligence. All it requires is a mob and a zeal for inflicting pain on people with the wrong skin color. In an article published on the WND website, Thomas Sowell writes that this “knockout game” has been played for years by young black gangs in other  cities and other states, against people besides Jews – the victims being either whites in general or people of Asian ancestry. Sowell also mentions that in some of the cities where this gang violence is popular, the participants call it Polar Bear Hunting in a reference to the color of the victims.

The New Arena is not a specific place, but all around us on the streets of our towns and cities. Teenagers mingle in crowds, zero in on those looking particularly vulnerable (the elderly, mothers with children, invalids), and then without warning crash forcefully into the chosen victims with their bodies. The sudden violent jolt knocks the victim to the ground. Goal!  Three of the victims of this game in three different cities have died from their injuries; in one case the victim died from head injuries when his head struck a curb and went straight through the bars of a bicycle rack. Oh, joy! The player in that case no doubt got one million bonus points for causing grave injury or death as well as despair to the surviving family. One hopes he also got a long stretch in prison.

Then we have flash mobs. I’m not referring to the all-race flash mobs of unsupervised kids running out the door to dance and party or do something non-violent, but to malicious mobs of black youths summoned for deliberate criminal acts, often assaults on whites that involve considerably more violent methods than knocking somebody off their feet. I’m talking about the mobs that converge on stores to destroy, loot and pillage or to beat somebody to death.  Here’s a snippet from Wikipedia:

Referred to as “flash robs,” “flash mob crimes,” “crime mobs,” or “flash mob violence” by the media, these mobs start with the intent or lead to the destruction of private property, robbery, violence, and personal injury. Mark Leary, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University, said, “the illegal and violent component is also not unlike ordinary crimes where a group of people do something illegal. What social media adds is the ability to recruit such a large group of people that individuals who would not rob a store or riot on their own feel freer to misbehave without being identified.

No surprise there, right? Mobs act just like…mobs. A  mob has no conscience. A mob has nothing but an appetite for violence. The scary thing is, mobs are no longer seen as the mindless hives of miscreants that they are, but have become fashionable and provoke hardly a whimper of protest from the mainstream media. Or at any rate, black mobs have become fashionable; a bunch of white guys in pointed hoods would not win the same silence from the media that those “mobs of color” have enjoyed. Here is what has to say about it:

In 2011, flash mobs gathered in cities across the country and wreaked havoc. For the most part, the mobs were made up of teenagers, and they committed all sorts of crimes, from shoplifting to assault to robbery. For example:

  • In Philadelphia, flash mobs assaulted pedestrians and vandalized property. One participant pled guilty to aggravated assault for beating and stabbing a bicyclist. He faces 5 to 20 years in prison.
  • Flash mobs in Chicago are responsible for robberies and assaults, and even causing a McDonald’s restaurant to close for several hours.
  • In St. Paul, Minnesota, flash mobs targeted convenient stores, stealing whatever they could and fleeing before police could respond.

And then we have another manifestation of the thirst for violence among our youths: black and sometimes Hispanic gangs — not quite mobs — that rove America’s streets specifically looking for a defenseless white person to traumatize, torture, rape or murder. Here are some news items collated by (which also offered the lyrics of rap songs that urge their listeners to violence against whites):

In Denver, a white female teenager, Brandy Duval, is raped, sodomized, tortured with a broomstick and stabbed 28 times by a gang of six blacks and Hispanics. Her skull is caved in and corpse dumped into a ditch.

In Killeen, Texas, a white couple, Todd and Stacy Bagley are kidnapped on the way to church, lit on fire, burned to death and shot in the head by four blacks.

In Flint, Michigan, three white teenagers, Michael Carter, Dustin Kaiser and (girl’s name withheld by police) are attacked by six black youths. Carter is shot and killed. Kaiser is beaten and shot in the head, but recovers. The girl is forced to perform oral sex on her black attackers, pistol whipped and shot in the face.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a mentally retarded white man, Gregory Griffith, is beaten and stomped unconscious by blacks and died a few days later. The blacks admitted to the police beating Griffith because “he was white.”

I won’t bother to reprint the black rap lyrics, which would be merely spreading the poison. If you are interested in knowing what messages are being beamed out to America’s minority youths, you can check out Black Rappers Call on Blacks to Murder and Rape Whites at

I have to wonder where the heads of the left-wing social engineers are lodged. This country is becoming a cauldron of racial animosity and race-related violence, this time with the blacks leading the charge, and many of this country’s leaders (and I mean Democrat leaders in first order) want to outlaw guns. Those rap songs talk about stabbing whitey, too. How about outlawing knives? Then we could all be using the plastic forks and knives they dole out to patients in a psychiatric institute, which would be appropriate to the asylum we are becoming.

When are we going to come to grips with the fact that hate speech and the hate feelings that inspire it are alive and well in America and growing in popularity? This isn’t about mass killers, often white and often young, who are off their rockers and on the loose because we don’t have a system to get them timely help. Their rage is color-blind and they kill anybody of any age and sex who happens to be in their line of fire. These violent amusements involve people who know better. As individuals, they would probably not engage in violent assaults, but they are freed from societal stigma when their crimes are committed under the umbrella of a mob. And they are encouraged by the failure of our media and our nation’s highest leaders to stand up and say this must stop. Where is that fount of wisdom and peace, Barack Obama, who has no problem flailing out at white racists? The silence about what is happening is an invitation to the beasts on the prowl to continue.

violent gamesYou would think that all these years after society said a resounding no to racially inspired violence, we would have left such things behind us. But it seems we are doomed to go down clawing each other’s eyes out. And our society is conspiring in it, feeding the urge to kill with games and music and movies and tv shows that make it all look so easy and so satisfying. How hard is it to grasp that giving kids a game whose sole point is to unleash hostility through simulated violence is likely to increase the chances that the kid, having grown bored with the fake stuff, will look for a chance to try it out in real life? How about those movies that are blowing guts and gore into the very souls of our children? In America, the blatant disrespect for the basic rights of the individual, chief among them the right to life, has become an epidemic. And if it isn’t stopped, it will spread until there really is a race war in the United States. And all the bogus “hate laws” that protect only certain groups and not everybody, and that focus on the incidental and not the fundamental, will not stop it.

The Racial Outrage that No Longer Impresses

racism 2I am so bored with it all, so contemptuous anymore of the black community’s self-righteous and self-serving tantrums when things don’t go their way. These folks, the ones waving their fists and threatening to kill whitey or hound George Zimmerman to his grave if they can’t put him there themselves, are so beyond dignified mourning that their cause no longer has a thing to do with Trayvon Martin. This is just more thirst for revenge by thuggish stupid people whipped up by vicious demagogues and all that’s needed to go for whitey’s throat is a perceived slight or the refusal to judge things through a certain racially-tinted lens. The leaders of the pack, who have zero respect for law or order, are all too often false and corrupt men of  God who want nothing so much as personal glory and hopefully some material payoff down the line. We are in the midst of another outburst of violence from a bunch of people who are used to getting everything they want just by sticking their hands out and if they don’t get it, they’ll whup your white ass. Well, guess what? They didn’t get what they wanted this time around. Welcome to the crowd, Black America. We on the white side of things have had decades of deferring to whatever your black community wanted, swallowing a whole bunch of injustices, and getting shafted in the process. It’s time for equality. The same rules of law apply regardless of the color of your skin. If responsible politicians ruled our country, we could get that without violence. Guess not.

And one more word. As a Hispanic, I resent the idea that Latinos have to play the pawns for the State. We are whatever the government wants us to be –maybe we’re white and maybe we’re minority, whatever works at the moment. Zimmerman was a Hispanic. Where is the Hispanic Community in all this? Are you totally bought off? I wish Hispanics throughout the country would take stock of what happens to them if they ever have a run in with the poster children for the welfare state, our illustrious Black Community and their big-mouthed stars like Danny Glover and Morgan Freeman, not to mention card-carrying Marxists like Eartha Kitt and Harry Belafonte. You are definitely not Number One among the Democrat Party racial identity cells. Remember it.

Of course the absolute conviction that they have the right to punish white people because a jury failed to hand them the outcome they desired is fostered from the top down, from Obama the sham Constitutional lawyer (I doubt he could argue a case successfully) to the shameless and felonious Eric Holder, neither one of whom gives a damn about the white part of this country and actually incite racial hatreds. Both of them should be in court.

This is really the limit. Trayvon Martin wasn’t a kid, he was a good-sized male who had for all intents and purposes already reached his adulthood. He had an attitude. He didn’t like the white guy following him and he decided to teach him a lesson. It ended very badly. But Zimmerman didn’t go out looking to kill a black guy, and if two black men had been involved or two white men, the jury’s considered decision would have caused no controversy. The jury verdict has been degraded into the grist of racial politics because politicians and community organizers, encouraged by our US Government and taxpayer money, have chosen to gin up another race case to hype their black voters. And you better believe they want to use it as a wedge on the issue of stand-your-ground laws as the left pushes to overturn laws around the country. It is sick politics, the only kind our country seems to have anymore.

I’d like to remind the angry blacks threatening to burn the place down that this is exactly how millions of white Americans felt when the brutish OJ Simpson was acquitted. I heard one thick-skulled black at the State Department gloating after the acquittal at the time that the white bitch deserved it. What class. Well, now you guys know what disappointment feels like.

la riotsJust fyi, I’d say there are millions of white Americans who right now would probably be delighted to meet black violence with white violence. Tempers are frayed on all sides, not only among African-Americans. Whites are tired of being treated as some special category of vermin; there are civil rights in this country and they aren’t just for people of the right color or ethnic provenance. They are for everybody or nobody. Racial hatred incites racial hatred and I have never seen it so vividly proven as since Barack Hussein Obama came out of the absolute nowhere to become ruler of Amerika. I have never felt the power of pervasive racism as much as I do today. This is one of the greatest evils Obama has unleashed on our nation.

These are troubled times.


Hybrid America: Brave New World and 1984

1984Aren’t we having the time of our lives? We have a government of such nefarious bent that I have been struggling to make up my mind if our Benevolent Dictatorship is more reminiscent of 1984 or Brave New World.  It’s hard to decide. Brave New World has soma, a drug that keeps the oppressed public happy no matter how terrible things are. Soma is free and the government encourages its use at any time. Emotion-free, loveless sex is also encouraged, but love itself and other strong emotions are frowned upon and punished. Human ties have been rendered largely meaningless: babies are assembly-line productions, deriving not from a human uterus but a hatchery. After the genetically-engineered babies are born, they are subjected to sleep teaching that reinforces the traits the government wants in its subjects and the sleeper’s immutable place in the One World State. Life is free from anxiety because people are not given choices of consequence. The elite do the choosing. Science is exploited but also censored and suppressed when it is inconvenient to State interests.

So far, so good. We ourselves have a government that encourages guilt- and responsibility-free sex, the more deviant the better, the younger the better, pushing it on our kids from infancy onward through the State media and the schools and Hollywood. Our government just made abortifacients available over the counter to girls of any age, further driving a wedge between parents and children. (I wonder if being able to talk is required, or if small children can just point?)

bravenewworld2Now drugs are going main-stream around America, from coast to coast. So far only Colorado has had the common decency to call what they are pushing recreational drug use and not medical help. Elsewhere the drug culture spreads via clinics (wink wink, nudge nudge) to people with prescriptions (wink wink, nudge nudge). Our youths are already pretty far down the global scale of literacy and skills, a decline that will be greatly accelerated with the new atmosphere of permissiveness that discourages self-discipline, hard work, denial of gratification, or thinking, and encourages amusement with things like sex and drugs and fantasy and cheap consumerism — a kind of immersion in the incredible now-ness of being. As for science being manipulated or suppressed, we have been there for some time. A conspiracy of State, media, teachers, unions and environmentalists have for years been pressing a false theory of global warming, buttressed by dubious studies and manipulated data, that has in turn created a whole cottage industry of climate hysterics and phony science. Threats to the Left’s climate frenzy from scientists relying on hard fact are suppressed by campaigns of abuse and lies and efforts to ostracize the wrong thinkers. Science is to be used, but it can be dispensed with as necessary.

bravenewworld3Our State hasn’t yet prohibited human reproduction, but we are told that our children belong to the community (read State). It’s a good first step. And genetics is the science of the future — I’m pretty sure the test-tube population project is in the works. Encouraging abortion and discouraging marriage and the creation of familial ties pave the way for the bondless human subservient to the State. Both Brave New World, where One World State fears and despises individuality, and 1984, where ideas are controlled to suppress individuality, bear a resemblance to our State, which encourages the alleged collective good over individual rights and thus justifies the suppression of individual rights. What else are attacks on small business or constitutionalists or the Tea Party other than an attack on individuals and individual rights?

It seems like Brave New World must be the prophetic book that foresaw America’s future. On the other hand, 1984 could be equally relevant — it gives us the omniscient and omnipresent Big Brother and the omnipotent Security State. Here is how Wikipedia describes the basic plot of 1984:

The Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as thoughtcrimes. Their tyranny is headed by Big Brother, the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality, but who may not even exist. Big Brother and the Party justify their rule in the name of a supposed greater good.

brave new worldWell, there you are. It sounds pretty prescient to me. Thoughtcrime is alive and well and growing bigger by the day under the tutelage of our own Big Brother here in America. The president makes a specialty of using the shame game to gin up public censure of any ideas it does not like, handing out talking points to the various State agents — Hollywood, the Left Stream Media, and the so-called institutions of learning — to be repeated to the public until the argument is won. Freedom of thought, a characteristic of classic universities throughout history, is no longer welcome on campus, where a strict orthodoxy of ideas now reigns unchallenged. Public schools at every level are thought-free zones, debate-free zones, and tolerance-free zones. Our country, too, is becoming a privacy-free zone, the kind of place the creepy Mayor Bloomberg wants us to get used to. Cameras are going up on every corner, our purchases are tracked, and massive computer complexes are collecting and sifting every scrap of information they can snoop out on Americans. I don’t care what they insist — sooner or later such data is bound to be used for illicit and unconstitutional purposes if it hasn’t been already. The Security State is quickly becoming a reality in our country, developing into an Independent Entity operating beyond the consent of the governed and with no regard for civil liberties.

I’ll close with some words on the two novels by social critic Neil Postman:

What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egotism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” In 1984, Orwell added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us. Huxley feared that our desire will ruin us.

I’m afraid the reason I can’t make up my mind is that both novels foresaw America’s future. What a terrible thought.







The Abyss of Deceit

imagesCAKDLB1RI wish I’d written this book about how a black dude with zero experience, a far-left ambiance, no known performance history in university (other than being a non-producing editor of his law review) and very little in the real world, but who is really really cool gets nominated by a left-wing party for president. He wins the primaries, snatching victory from the jaws of the overweight and homely white woman who thought it was all hers. The black dude then goes on to defeat an elderly and exceedingly ungracious senator from the opposing party and become president, after which he sets a goal of never working more than 25 percent of the year and re-inventing America according to his half-formed ideas of socialist utopia including the dictatorship part. He breaks every law, lies blatantly, lets people die in US missions abroad, encourages America’s enemies, and weakens the US military in every conceivable way. He takes credit for other people’s work (he actually gives a speech already given by a dear friend of his who is a state governor!).  Oh, wow, the details I could include.

Had I written that book I might even have become a millionaire, but I don’t spend a lot of time on conspiracy literature and I would never have been able to come up with the plot. And in any case, I’m afraid had there been such a book it would have been tagged “action thriller” but never considered a possible scenario except under the Republicans.

Unfortunately, when the book comes out it will be biography or maybe history, if the history hasn’t been entirely re-written or disappeared by then. I know a lot of people, the ones whose brains haven’t been turned into mush with drugs or too much exercise and too little hard work, who five years into this horror show still can’t believe it’s happening. We have surely reached the very outer limits before we go head over heels into open tyranny if two-bit bureaucrats turned political axe-men can oppress — how better to describe it? — thousands and thousands of Americans for their political or religious views and then either flat out lie to us in sworn testimony or declare they won’t answer. That suggests to me that a) what we have seen of IRS abuses is only the tippy-top of the iceberg; b) they are all guilty at a minimum of lying under oath, but certainly in the case of the Nurse Ratched of the Obama Administration, Lois Lerner, she is guilty of serious violations of Americans’ constitutional rights. It is time to set down a marker and make an example of all those who were involved in this. They need to spend some time in the cooler. And we should not be stopping there, because the orders or instructions or encouragement to violate those rights comes straight from the inner circle of the White House. Note to Republican Party: whatever you do, do not stop the investigations no matter the State propaganda line. Don’t stop until you know what we all want to know: the full extent of corruption and politicization at the IRS, who was setting the program, and who collaborated on the violation of our rights. You may not succeed in uprooting the traitors, but you should make them sweat mightily.

fat nerdy hillaryThen we have that charming pudge, Hillary Clinton. She was looking fat and geeky and (ugh) old last I saw her, but I’ve looked into my crystal ball and see her at a fat farm that costs about $50,000 a day, where the staff is starving her into dropping fifteen pounds while she gets her face, stomach and butt lifts, hair transplants and ceramic veneers, as well as a remedy for the double-vision thing so she is able to ditch the coke-bottle glasses.

The cosmetics thing is a given; she’s got to spruce up, she looks pretty bad, like something the cat drug in. But what I can’t wait to see is the reality face lift she gets from all those pals in Hollywood and the media. Here, before the re-write starts, is the truth: Hillary Clinton has committed various acts that hover perilously close to felony, although she has never been indicted for them. She hid those law records all the while aware they were being subpoenaed, per her assistant’s testimony, and then placed them to be found after they had been purged of damaging information. Then she lied denied and cried and got away with it. There were rumors galore about the Clintons’ involvement in a drug-running operation using Mena Airport back when they were the Governor. As a young law student, she defended Black Panthers who killed policemen. As a middle-aged woman she lied about flying into Bosnia under hostile fire, nor did she bat an eye when proven to be a liar. She thinks everybody not with her is against her in some vast right-wing conspiracy. She was in on that whole Travelgate business. And does anybody remember those two scuzzy guys who were low-level political operatives who were ensconced in the Clinton hillary and chris stevensWhite House compiling information on Republicans? If you don’t like Obama siccing the IRS or the Justice Department on you, you aren’t going to be happy with Hillary. And of course, let me not forget her most recent demonstration of personal character: her denial of security to people officially assigned to a hyper-dangerous place and her collusion in the denial of critical help to those same Americans under assault. Her lying afterward is the least of her egregious sins.

She’s a smart cookie, hard as nails, but oh how she loves the limelight, both her and that blowhard she’s married to. But she’s corrupt and yes, she’s a chronic liar. She’s lied for a whole lifetime in politics, and used her position to feather her nest and further her ambitions. She still isn’t satisfied.

If we are so lucky as to toss that bonehead Obama out on his ear (I see in my crystal ball that the Secret Service are having to drag him from the White House), are we really going to be saddled with his female twin and her entourage of harpies and political spies? I have three years to find somewhere else to live, so I plan to do some traveling. I no longer count on the overarching common sense of the American public.




A Sad Day for America’s Left: Foreign-Made Jihad Not Home-Grown Christianity

beslan 1Despite the most fervent wishes of the left in America, in particular their spokespersons in the field of so-called journalism, it seems that the folks who brought us the Boston Massacre were not Christian fundamentalists, Tea Party types, Republicans or Libertarians. Instead they are what any sane person had to have concluded from day one, jihadists. Not dark-skinned, obviously Arab types, but Chechens.

beslan 4Let me give you an idea of who the Chechens are. In the 1990’s, the Republic of Georgia was convulsed by civil strife among the Georgians themselves and with other ethnic groups actively seeking to break away in both Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The ethnic Abhaz are fair-skinned Moslems, the Georgian residents of the region Orthodox Christians. The Abhaz enjoyed  special treatment under the Communists and as an ethnic minority were given privileges and positions reserved solely to them. The Georgians, at last in charge of their own destiny, used the departure of the Russians as a chance to lord it over their rivals, “level the playing field,” and reassert Georgian sovereignty in the region. The heavy-handed rampaging of Georgian paramilitary forces in the region ignited a ferocious response and fighting began for control of Abkhazia. The Russian military, in complete disarray, saw the divisions in Georgia as an opportunity to stoke the fires, give Russia enhanced influence over the Abkhaz and leverage over the Georgians, and to keep the Georgian government in a state of permanent instability. This same tactic was used elsewhere in the Soviet Union to give Russia time to get itself together and reassert its influence over its former satellites.

In 1992-93, with major assistance from Russia, the Abkhaz forces defeated the Georgians in brutal fighting that took place under the noses of the frankly useless UN observer mission. (The head of the mission, a Nordic general, was said to keep an Abkhaz mistress.)  The Abkhaz were reinforced with Moslem fighters from the North Caucasus, including Chechens, and atrocities were carried out against the Georgian population, many thousands of whom fled the region into the rest of Georgia where they remain to this day. Mutilation of victims by the Abkhaz forces was very common, one practice being the “Abkhaz necktie,” where the throat is slit and the tongue pulled through. Rape was common, and in at least  one case, as reported to me by a displaced Georgian, a man’s feet were put into boiling water. I personally visited an abandoned school where the bloody handprints of one of the Georgian men tortured and killed there provided graphic testimony of what had happened (one of the victims had been castrated while his brother, held on another floor, listened to his screams).

nordostThe Chechens were known as the most brutal and bloodthirsty of all the fighters. A US Embassy officer was speaking to a Chechen fighter in Abkhazia when he suddenly pulled out of his pocket a proud trophy, the ear of one of his victims. Russia paid for its encouragement of the Chechen fighters, who later used the same brutal methods in their fight to break away from that country. Among their most infamous operations was the take-over of a Russian theater in 2002, where their plan to blow themselves and everybody else up was thwarted by Russian special forces, but only at the cost of lives of both children and adults. In 2004, they took over an elementary school, an operation that led to the deaths of nearly 800 people, including 177 children.

This is who was behind the Boston Marathon bombings, not Christian Americans, but two Moslem men raised in a culture of bloody and merciless vengeance. The death of one small boy was nothing to them, and their only regret, I am sure, was that they failed to kill and maim thousands. We may never know all the details of who sent them, who woke their sleeper cell and ordered their actions, or what event provoked the bombings. It looks as if one of the perpetrators is dead and the other is determined to follow him to what we can only hope is not Paradise, but the inner circle of Hell.

It must be a sad day for those who were openly praying it would be a white American who had committed these murders, supposedly to avert hostility against Moslems but really to feed their narrative that their own political opponents are stupid, immoral, brutish beasts. Too bad. This is one American who can add two and two, draw logical conclusions, and figure out who the enemy is. As blind and self-righteous as the left in our country is, I would never attribute such a crime to them with nothing to back me up but hate and malice. Let us all heap shame on the head of the Chris Matthews, the Bill Mahers, and all the other ideologues who find it easier to dirty the name of their own country than to defend it against its real enemies.

When the Search for Faith Becomes the Search for Fun

raveI just read a very interesting op-ed piece in the WSJ about young Jews in DC that go synagogue-shopping. My initial thought was that this must be like doctor-shopping, in which an unhealthy person moves from physician to physician looking for the one who offers the rosiest assessment and demands the least self-discipline. But no, these young people don’t seem to be motivated by anything as serious as even thinking about the spiritual equivalent of one’s bodily well-being, not to mention pursuing an improvement in their condition. What they seem to be looking for is a good time on Friday night, and they move in small crowds like the Ravers and the flash-mobs, no doubt accreting to themselves new participants like dots of mercury to the mother glob before moving on.

Some might protest that these youths are going to a place that offers religious sustenance, so that must be what they are seeking. Well, not exactly. Just judging by the comments from the young adults that the author spoke with, it seems more like they are looking for a way to meet other Jewish people for the purpose of socializing. They want to belong to a group, but the group they seek isn’t necessarily or even at all the synagogue and religious believers, but just other young people who share their cultural identity. They have little interest in anything deeper than a new way of meeting friends.

In this age of faithlessness, you might say, isn’t it better to have young people showing up for any reason at all rather than staying away in droves? But how can that be, if when they leave it is only as a bigger group, but not a spiritually more substantive group? They don’t seem to have the capability of absorbing the spiritual; they are like microbes that have become penicillin-resistant, only in this case the penicillin is the contemplation of the here-and-now versus the eternal, the concepts of absolute right versus absolute evil, the idea of individual responsibility before a greater force than anything they come across in their humdrum lives.

empty pewsIt isn’t, of course, only Jewish youth who have become increasingly secularized and contemptuous of religion. The Catholic Church in America has grown emptier and emptier over the years since my childhood, but it isn’t because all priests are pedophiles, as some Church-haters want us to believe, but because our youth have been raised without conviction in anything but what they can touch and feel and taste and see; because there is no greater force, in their conception, than the force of man. These are the ideas that the parents, perhaps without meaning to, have conveyed to their children along with the deed to their homes. The Catholic Church has proven little able to overcome the seeds of disbelief implanted in the children of an older generation, and they have moved away from offering genuine religious inspiration to offering with-it themes, like liberation theology (how cool!) and superficial tokens of fraternity, like the hand-shake and kiss following Mass. They are catering to the emptiness of today’s younger generations rather than trying to fill the emptiness with something heavy and significant. The Church is adrift, and I am waiting to see if the current Pope can change that or if he, too, is one who sees “going with the flow” the solution.

flash mobsIs it worth bringing these youths to a church or synagogue if when they leave all they take is the phone number of some marriageable young person, or someone who seems fun to be with? If it isn’t deeper meaning they seek, what on earth is the purpose? One of the people the author of the WSJ article spoke with claimed they get out of Facebook what an earlier generation got out of religion. Really? What a disturbing comment. Not that I question the truthfulness of that person. Our younger generations spend a huge chunk of their lives chatting with others on such instruments of social destruction that have created nothing more than a mass mentality, group-think, the enemy of all great thought. In such an environment, dissent is out and conglomerating is in. It is a system in which the dominant personalities exert enormous and undue control over the weaker, fixing group ideas and fashioning group enthusiasms. These so-called social media are soulless places that cater to thought-control and a sad lack of originality, and all too often they are used as a way to spread hatred against one sector of society or another. What could be more uninspiring than three lines of bile followed by exclamation marks? Yet that is precisely what our young people are being nourished with.

I don’t have any solutions. I’m just pondering where we came from and where we are going. But at least, God bless my parents’ generation, they gave us enough spiritual foundation that even at my advanced age, I can still feel that urge to know the unknowable and to find a path to spiritual wholeness. What a shame my own generation didn’t take the time from their material pursuits to offer the same to our children.



Reince Priebus Announces a New GOP Strategy (Yawn)

dunce 1Well, if the election itself was not a deep disappointment to you, try reading or listening to what the current GOP leadership has to say about itself. Judging by the number of scathing comments about the Party as a whole (old white men — there you go again, the two things you can discriminate against in America, old and white) the honchos at the helm think they are being cutting edge, brutally honest, clear-eyed, visionary.

Not from where I sit. Let me just give you one example of the incredible timidity and blind groping that is passing as “analysis” in the GOP:

And RNC chairman Reince Priebus told The Daily Caller that the party does not  only want to reduce the number of debates. The RNC, he said, also wants to  explore the possibility of choosing who actually asks the questions during the  debates.

“I think the party should have more control over who moderates, and we should  have more control over the partners,” Priebus told TheDC. “And if we can come up  with a mechanism to take more control over the debate processes, that’s what  we’re going to try to do.”

Whoa, Nellie; I’m impressed, aren’t you? Words like if and possibility and should and going to try will undoubtedly send a chill down the spine of the left-wingers who control the American public’s view of presidential candidates.

And Ari Fleischer, one of the primary contributors to the GOP make-over plan (is there a reality show in this?) told the Daily Caller  that “[a]t its core, the debates have to be hard hitting, they have to be credible…whoever the moderators are, they got to be independent. … they also have  to be fair.”

Hello, Ari Fleischer, is there really life up there on Mars? Where does he think he is going to dig up “credible, independent and fair” moderators in today’s America? When was the last election when any of us could say “now that was a credible, independent and fair moderator”?

dunce 2My advice is, stop worrying that nobody will air your debates if you don’t let the left-stream media control who gets to ask the questions. If you face the prospect of being eviscerated by the opponents’ pit bulls posing as journalists, try this: Just Say No. Okay, so then there won’t be any debates and nobody gets to hear what you have to say, but quite frankly, nobody gets to hear what you have to say in these pseudo-debates anyway. If you have a point to make, you can be sure you will be cut off after the first three words and moved along to some more promising area for your opponent. So what have you lost? Let the left provide 24/7 coverage of their candidates, but without the GOP, there ain’t do debate, period. Not for you, and not for the Dems.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the worst possible thing you can do is let the opponent control the narrative. So in the absence of a fair debate, be bold. Hold mock debates with somebody who looks like your opponent saying what you want them to say and you saying what you want to say. Then make campaign ads with snips from the mock debates. Just make sure your moderator appears to be fair and balanced. Such debates would be as fair as anything we have in the past been treated to.

For the center-right there should be no “if” when it comes to accepting as moderators outright partisans like Bob Schieffer and George Stephanopoulos and Candy Crowley (pronounced “crow” as in “old crow”). That is, of course, unless you are okay with having them shred you to pieces in front of a national audience with misleading questions, false information, or a tilt so heavily to the left that they are in danger of tipping over before your eyes.  Better not to have a debate at all than to allow your message to be twisted irremediably with you acting as a willing participant.

And consider this radical idea: if you do a better job of getting your message out, if you put “boots on the ground” every day of every year rather than waiting until the last nine months before the election, the debates become less important. The loss in 2012 was due as much to the fact that the GOP ran a terrible campaign as to unfair debate moderators. We didn’t need the left to tie our candidates in knots, because they were working feverishly on doing it themselves. The GOP committed hari-kiri in full view of every potential voter by allowing an endless, absolutely boring series of primary debates in which the game was “kill the GOP candidate before the Democrat Party does!” Maim, mutilate, and spindle seemed to be the rubric under which the debates went forward. The only time anybody looked up from the sports page was when one of the Big Networks ran a spot featuring unforgettable moments like Newt “I have a screw loose” Gingrich ripping Romney’s throat out as a “vulture capitalist.” Thanks, Karl Marx, for that great campaign line — for Obama.

I can’t even find the spirit to go more deeply into the limp-wrist plan for losing the next election. I couldn’t get past the inanity of the timid position on debates.

gone fishinGo ahead, Reince, look for those elusive voters of every color, sex and shape; knock on all their doors asking for donations. But since I’m pretty sure you guys won’t be knocking on conservatives’ doors, you’d better make sure you have onward employment in the private sector, if the private sector still exists by then. Because the way you are going, you have left the biggest wing of your Party base out in the cold. We’ll have to mull over what our own options are. And we aren’t as timid as you. In case you didn’t notice that in 2012.