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The New Year Begins with More Nothingburgers

The New Year begins with no signs of imminent economic collapse, world war, or social chaos. I say that despite the nuclear attack alarm that went off “by mistake” in Democrat One-Party State Hawaii, leading people to hide their babies in drain pipes. Admittedly, a few Democrat loonies (redundant) insisted it was all Trump’s fault. I guess that means that if Obama was in office and they got a nuclear alert, they’d just make a p and j sandwich and relax with a tall glass of milk.

No matter how hard the Democrats tried, no calamities materialized, except the mudslide that sullied the homes of the ultra-rich, including the multi-homed Oprah Winfrey. Trump has annoyed North Korea’s Adored Leader so much that the latter is trying to kiss and make up with a very responsive South Korea, the entire government of which were said to have simultaneously wet their pants on hearing about how much bigger Trump’s button was. Rocket Man has gone so far as to permit his athletes to frolic at the Olympics with the arbiters of world opinion, thus transforming North Korea into nothing more than a member of the world community with a starving population where the army must forage for its own food. That special guest status, or status of any kind at the Olympics, has been denied to Russia, by the way, which has had all its athletes banned from competing because of a few bad apples. The rapprochement of North and South would appear to be in everybody’s best interests, and perhaps Rocket Man can do something spectacular to shame Trump, like personally winning for the highest pole vault. If we talk North Korea, we must talk China. Trump the Rude and Overly Direct managed to shame or perhaps frighten China, previously inscrutable on the subject of North Korea,  into having a word with Rocket Man, who would not ordinarily decide overnight that he wanted to suck up to the running dogs of imperialism and puppets of the American neo-imperialist colonizers. So it was kind of a 2-for-1 win on The Donald’s part.

The best part: if the North and South decide they like each other better than they like Americans, we could finally, at last, take our troops home from South Korea, a rich and increasingly smug little country that has fattened on the endless influx of US defense dollars and might. That money could be better spent doing transgender operations on members of our Armed Forces.

Regarding Russia, the Fairy Tale that has put most of us to sleep each night for what seems forever is losing its attraction. All the evidence that any half-true story has would by now have been trumpeted at every turn, but no. Instead it is petty crimes or entrapments that occupy Mueller, provided only that they have nothing to do with Russia or Trump. And even though they have no proof of their lurid fantasies, even if the story is a lie from one end to the other, all the Never-Trumpers insist that the fabrication “has the ring of truth”.

The rich irony is that, while the charge of Russian collusion with the Trumpists has failed utterly to pan out, the facts that are surfacing right and left are screaming Democrat/Clintonian conspiracy and collusion. Their goal was to tarnish irretrievably Trump’s candidacy. The possibility of a presidency was far-fetched, but by banding together cross-agency and intra-agency to form a clandestine network of activists, they could even destroy an unacceptable presidency. In pursuing their goals, these cretins utilized paid and/or bogus foreign sources, Russians and Brits, to surface damning false “revelations” about Trump to ensure Hillary the White House or take it from Trump, God forbid. As far as I’m concerned, there are a bunch of people in DOJ, FBI, IRS and other agencies who need to be under investigation and under indictment.

Now the other Clinton scandals, so long hidden, rotting, under the carpet, are seeing the light of day and the stink is horrendous. The first of what hopefully will be many crooks has fallen to an indictment in connection with the curious case of Uranium One. Perhaps this will feed the other investigation into the Clinton (Political Slush Fund) Foundation that seems to be underway.

On the down side, it seems possible that senile Pelosi will once again be at the helm of our hapless, useless, ignorant, treasonous Congress. Or even that it will be Trump against a Democrat-controlled House and Senate. If I were Trump, I’d be looking to invigorate a fraud detection network for the next vote, with special attention given to sanctuary cities and states, and I would be prepared to start bringing charges where voting fraud is found. Not only that, start doing state-by-state comparisons for voting data to determine how many people are voting in two places. That is a particular problem in places like Arizona and Florida, where people spend their Novembers.

And of course, how could I fail to mention the shithole comment surfaced by a famous liar, Richard Durbin of UniParty Illinois. If Trump said it, he was only giving voice yet again to the consensus of the American people, i.e. that our Walmarts are stuffed to the gills with the flotsam and jetsam of the world’s worst-governed, most violent, least democratic countries on the face of the earth, most of them under 5 feet tall. I had to give visas to them, because the law said so. We don’t have control over our borders when the standard for getting residency is whether your relative/petitioner also entered the US illegally and then managed to gain status. Instead of saying, well that person should have no rights to bring somebody else in, we fell for the left-wing ploy, “how can you break up families?”.  Give us all a break. End chain migration now, and any kind of lottery, and set high standards for entry. If the Congress can’t do this, why the hell do we need them?


Oh, for heaven’s sake. Now it’s the rage in America to march against freedom of speech

I have tried mightily not to return to the pages of this blog. Frankly, it was all boringly repetitive. How many times can you say that the Russia story is bogus, made up for political goals, and provide clues, before you decide nobody in this country cares? It is far easier to write off the disastrous Clinton campaign to treachery than it is to accept that you boobs on the left chose a lemon for your honey. I was bored with the deliberately provoked angst over Ernst Blofeld aka Vladimir Putin trying to take over the world. I never found a convincing answer to the question: how can Russia be so third-rate and so first-rate at the same time? I never heard an answer of any kind to “where is the proof that Russia did any of the things you accuse it of?” and certainly not to the question, “where did Russia change any election results in any precinct in the country?” I got tired of asking. The left-provoked hysteria made the American air rancid, like bad breath. I decided I’d let Judicial Watch do the digging and asking for me.

I was (and am!) tired of the women in this country, who have all the opportunities a woman could want and are still whining because the country didn’t hand them the presidency. They feel offended, and I’m offended by their offense. I’d say taking their side and my side together, every woman in America is now offended by something. And as an aside, I was really tired of women who marched so jolly wearing a knit hat said to be a pussy, but which looked nothing like any definition of the word. The very idea of such an antic points to the essentially juvenile nature of the left and its useful fools.

I am tired of the men who aren’t men at all, but think it is okay to be a “little gay.” Although gay is so tame. Who cares about gay? Today we have women who mutilate themselves by taking male hormones, cutting off their breasts and hanging on to the other stuff, and no doubt many “men” as well. As Cher’s benighted daughter said, she wasn’t giving up her fun as a woman just because she wants to be a man. No real commitment there, if you ask me.  I have seen two stories in which such a creature has given birth after “becoming” male. Think of that poor child. In any humane state, such critters would be sterilized at the same time as their sex change operation, even if only partial. This will prevent any poor child from being conceived by such people. Who is paying for all this medical experimentation? When I was young, insurance companies would not even pay for infertility treatments for women!

I am tired of the suffocating hypocrisy of the left, on all matters, but Charlottesville and Boston come to mind. I remain floored that 15000 people came out and marched against freedom of speech. That’s the flat truth of the matter, no matter how the media gussies it up. The licensed demonstrators put out a list of “rules” in advance that stated their goal of giving support to the First Amendment and advised that demonstrators were not to bring any  type of arm or carry  any type of hate paraphernalia, not to provoke or be provoked, etc. So as not to invade the safe space of all those Boston folks so afraid of free speech, I guess. In any case, people were riled up that there was still somebody not cowed enough to shut up about free speech, which everybody knows is just a code name for racism, insensitivity, cultural buffoonery, ignorance, homophobia, and so on. This thus required a mob of 15000 to show those licensed demonstrators who was boss and warn they better shut up. And guess what? The licensed demonstrators were frightened by the mob and left, taking Freedom of Speech with them.

Oh, yes, Boston and its famed university are well down that slippery slope to irrelevance and even treachery to the US Constitution. Go Sox!

Meantime, those wise men who made our country great, and led great conflicts at risk of life, but who were not lucky enough to be born in the 21st c. with its cultural nuances and deep morality, are having their statues torn down (as if Thomas Jefferson gives a fuck). And pulled down by people who look like potential deportees or escaped criminals, who have zero understanding of US history or our cultural values (or those that were). Our history is to be rewritten by idiots.

What really rankles most is the creeps we somehow elected to the US Congress when they were posing as conservatives– where the hell does Rubio get off saying it’s all right to use violence against people whose messages you don’t like? Viva Fidel! He won’t be getting my vote or my measly ten bucks this next time. He can go home to Cuba, which I understand is now a free country or what he might accept as such. And Jeff Flake — elected on a wave of Tea Party support and now turned full scale progressive. Open borders (and strong backs!). Tell us Jeff Flake — what did you do for Arizona lately? You didn’t produce a health-care bill, did you? Or tax reform? But you found time to carry on a tirade against the President. I hope you don’t make it through the next Arizona primary and if you do, that you lose your seat. I’d rather an honest communist sitting in Congress than a false friend such as you.

Now we can come to the source of many of my frustrations, the President himself. I must say, even when I was harsh toward him, I was hopeful that the dynamism that made him successful in business would translate to the presidency. I am skeptical. And I am skeptical despite granting that on certain things he has fulfilled his campaign pledges or is  making progress to that end, and that his policies have actually worked (and will in time develop their own problems, as always will happen). Look at the drop in illegal immigration, which is making business scream in pain and leave advisory councils by the dozens. (How about an actual law to let workers sans families in to fill those empty spots and earn some money?)

I think Kelly has put an end to the harmful leaks, but he seems to be killing diversity of thought in the process. Steve Bannon’s departure is really, as Bannon himself said, the end of the “MAGA” period of Trump’s presidency. Slowly but surely Trump is being herded into the smooth notch where all the interests of the Elite and the Dark State meet. He is still resistant on the foreign war bit, but give his enemies (and ours) time.

If all Trump is doing is bringing some order to his policy-making process, then well and good. I said from the start that Trump had better be prepared to deal with all the variant outlooks he was putting on his staff and Cabinet, and he was certainly not prepared or able to do so. So Kelly’s iron fist is good, for now. On the other hand, I also see an emerging pattern in which all the conservatives are herded out of the White House and its environs to give place to those minions of the Deep State who never gave up occupancy. If that is the case, then I’m with Bannon — we have a war on to save the ideas that were behind Trump’s win; all we lack is a leader.



There are times when you really wish you had been wrong

Today’s issue of Ooobie comes thanks to Jim Waste of the Left Coast (California), who wrote the following letter to the editor way back when the Great Pretender was only a scary candidate and the Black Face of guys like George Soros who own him. He never did send it, after a friend suggested his upcoming book release could suffer from such a commentary when Obama was seen as the Second Coming. Still, Waste was right on the money in his predictions. I know many of us in the US shared the same concerns, but his take on it — from the perspective of one Great Pretender to another — is interesting. We can all really appreciate today how catastrophic Obama has been for America in so many ways, and wish that Mr. Waste had been totally out in left field in his predictions.

November 14, 2008


My name is James M. Waste. For thirty years I worked with the CIA in the former Soviet Union and Central Asia. as a covert field agent and case officer in the former Soviet Union and Central Asia. Previously I graduated from University of California at Berkeley and worked for Bechtel Corporation as an engineering and construction project manager. Since 1970, in my capacity as an intelligence operative, I made thirty-five trips to my areas of covert operation.
I recently finished a memoir covering my life as a spy, entitled “Don’t Shoot the Ice Cream Man”. A chapter in my book describes the relationship I had for over a decade with Constance Stobo who was a mistress of the notorious British traitor Kim Philby. Kim was the worst of the “Cambridge Four” traitors (Philby, Burgess, McLean, and Blunt) that gave the Russians super classified intelligence material during WWII, and for a period afterward. The pathology of Philby’s quick rise to power and influence came during a period of economic confusion and political apathy, facilitated by a culture of decadence, ignorance, and arrogance. I refer you to “The Philby Conspiracy” by Page & Knightly, an excellent book about Philby’s meteoric rise to the very top of British infamy.
I have discussed Philby with Constance Stobo who agrees with the author’s assessment of Philby’s behavioral characteristics. I urge you to read the book, and while doing so, to substitute the name Barack Obama for Kim Philby. As an intelligence analyst, I steer away from innuendo and conspiracy theories, but have learned the hard way that history repeats itself and leopards don’t change their spots. The life model of Philby demonstrate how easy it is to penetrate the world of political power in a nation that is disorganized, and has a flaccid national culture with a populace willing to subordinate the truth as a means to achieve political goals.
For many years, not unlike Kim Philby, I infiltrated foreign political circles rather easily, and floated to the top without suspicion, working with individuals such as Edward Shevardnadze, Mikhail Gorbachav, James Baker, George Schultz, and many foreign nationals. Everything in my world was in transition and vulnerable to change. Nobody was really in charge—a con-man’s dream! To my own amazement, it wasn’t that difficult for me to get close to the big boys and become an insider. Call it a gift, or talent, or an insight but a con-man, by instinct, is a con-man. He is the ultimate opportunist and he doesn’t change his spots. His morals are only in play when convenient. As a practicing con-man myself, I say it takes one to know one. I speak from years of experience. Kim Philby was very good at his trade—the ultimate con-artist—and was terribly destructive to all allies of freedom.
Similarly, Barack Obama is very skilled at the craft of masquerading himself and his objectives. He is attractive, intelligent, cleverly articulate, and skilled in his specialty of shadow radical politics. His psychological needs, influenced by an ambiguous family background have fostered his ideological inclination towards collective radical secularism; and political objectives drive his ambition and opportunism. A review of Obama’s liberal social activism shows a misunderstanding of free-market economics, a lack of personal introspection, and a shallow persona.
My intuitive reaction to Obama is that he is secretive, duplicitous, angry, highly controlled, slick, and arrogant. With this pathology he believes his self-perceived charm and brilliance will solve all problems facing him. Unfortunately, he overrates his knowledge and experience, and thinks he can succeed based on intentions alone; in his mind it has so far! He is “in” over his depth and doesn’t know it—OR DOES HE?
Based on my assessment, I am concerned that we will find that Obama is capable of forcing destructive changes upon America and our form of government. We must remain forever vigilant and remember that to the radical politician, freedom and tolerance are seen as weaknesses that are to be exploited in order to achieve radical goals.
A shot has not yet been fired, but the Constitutional freedoms we presently enjoy, are under serious attack!
James M. Waste

Stupider and More Arrogant: Danger Ahead

fingerYes, of course I am talking about the president of the United States. The border business for me is the last blow. The man is a criminal and should be grabbed by the collar, handcuffed, and led out by Federal agents to be interrogated on his hidden alliances and allegiances. And then deported to Kenya. Or Hawaii, I really don’t care.

It is absolutely clear that this mass border crossing was planned well in advance between some somebodies in the US and other somebodies in probably Mexico. Look at it from Mexico’s perspective: they just dumped on the US many many thousands of illegal aliens, many of them not even Mexican! So it took a load off and now there is more money to spend on government corruption, not that any government under which these illegal aliens lived spent money on their well-being except during elections.

This mass invasion by people who will now clearly be living off the US taxpayer (minors, right?) was prompted by the deliberate call to ignore our laws and our borders trumpeted by Barack Baby. Kids eat free! He doesn’t even care if you know what he is doing, going for the permanent political majority based on an ignorant, greedy and corrupt base. These new voters will have had zero experience with democracy, except false ones, and thus will be easy for the Democrats to handle.

Meanwhile, our utterly spineless opposition, the Republicans, are divided on this. I’m having a really hard time convincing myself to vote for a party in which many of its top leaders think the solution to dangerous levels of immigration by the poor and ignorant is to make all those felons who crossed into our country illegally, and worked illegally, and no doubt paid no taxes illegally, all legal. This will convince everybody everywhere that the US has no border, and the influx will begin anew, this time with people from far far away, some of whom are probably being deliberately infiltrated for sabotage in America. That gives the Republicans a breather so they can continue to fight with the Democrats about doing something to tighten border controls until the next election, when doing anything would be a risk. I saw a political cartoon that shows two hands shaking and the legend, “Democrats and Republicans, joining hands to screw America.” That about says it, and isn’t that too sad?

I think Mr. O has made a miscalculation this time. Now he has bared his contempt for all things American, beginning with the Constitution he no doubt hasn’t even read, and his intention to do us grave harm. After openly inviting in all these illegals, he has the nerve to demand 6 billion of our money (our taxpayer money) to take care of these illegals. He announces he’ll do everything he can within the law, but since he thinks he is the law, that is no comfort. He pisses on Congress. He pisses on the Supreme Court. This is what happens when you elect a Kenyan for president of the US.

Here is what I want to see: ranks and ranks of buses (no a/c) to take every single future illegal alien back across the border and dump them. If Mexico cares so much, let them have their own buses there to receive back their belongings. And here’s a  message to the business community pushing the same influx of illegals: we’ll make sure you have to pay each and every one of them the same wage you pay Americans. No more slave labor, you got it, you pay for it. If you want to do something the country can get behind, try a guest worker program on for size.

I don’t know if the GOP realizes that its base is not in Latin America or among the illegals in this country. They are already Democrats, bought and paid for. But I don’t think they realize a lot of things, such as not spitting in the faces of people you want to roll out of bed and vote for you.

Well, that’s the rant of the day. I’m waiting pretty impatiently to see the FBI swoop down on the White House to apprehend that man impersonating a president (and very poorly; emperor, yes).




Hacking Freedom

hackingI feel as if I’ve passed some sort of milestone, although it may only be at second-hand. My blogging site was hacked so that it would be black-listed by Google. Given that Google didn’t mount the ramparts to decry the violations of our right to privacy by agents of the US Government, I should be happy. But really, I’d rather have the problem fixed. While chatting with the Site-Lock rep, I was told that the two types of websites most likely to be hacked are religious or political. What’s new?


Government Corruption at Home, World Dominion Abroad



I just finished reading the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page; best-written journalism in all of the country, in my humble opinion. There is an article in today’s issue about the SEC, the latest in a growing list of super-power government agencies that have abused their authorities for purely political purposes, under intense pressure from high-level Democrats and to the disadvantage of the Republican Party. If this continues, the Republican Party is likely to win the US sympathy vote just because it is now emerging how badly the Party was hobbled in 2012 by the Democrat-corrupted US Government in all its many guises. Why don’t our Washington autocrats just declare the Republican Party an illegal organization and have done with it? Then we on the right would be sure where we stand and take appropriate action.

Funny, I was just thinking yesterday how hypocritical and anti-free speech it is that in Germany the Communist Party, which next door in Russia polished off millions of victims, is legal; but the Nazi Party, which polished off millions of Germans at home, is not. I suppose it was not out of nicety that the post-War government criminalized the Nazis, but rather the suspicion that a new Nazi Party would soon eclipse any others in popularity. It is my considered judgment that there is something about Nazism that fits the German personality and their Weltanschauung (that’s German for world view). I knew a nice German lad at Georgetown University who claimed to be a Marxist, but his Daddy was a Nazi police officer and I’m afraid if I had scratched Anton’s surface, I would have found the same stuff as papa. It’s just German. By the same token, the insufferable bureaucracy that we think of when we think of communism is not communist, but Russian. The very first Russian birth was no doubt attested to with parchment and a seal, just to make it all official. National character does show through.

governmentSo what is our national character, if you were to judge by our government? I’d say sneaky, vindictive, dishonest, bullying, arrogant, irresponsible and felonious. Yes, that sounds about right. But really, we all know that our national character has been hijacked by the left, who have turned our gold into dross. Where we used to be idealistic, now we are just demanding — we’re your role models, so do what we tell you to do or else. Where we once stood for a way of governance and life that was unique in the world, today our government trolls and their corrupt masters elected into office are insuring that we look just like Europe, or maybe Latin America or Africa. But all is not lost. We opponents of the Obama regime and its minions are keeping the faith. One way or the other, in the end we will prevail. We might be running our own country apart from Left World, but we’ll be the ones teaching the kids and we won’t allow that right to be taken from us again.

On another subject, my husband forwarded to me a think-piece by a friend of ours, a retired ambassador, who provided a rather provocative view of Russia. He claims Russia is becoming politically unstable because of regime abuses against individual rights that are provoking opposition, although he admits that an independent survey found that 66 percent of Russians support Putin. According to our friend, Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian who is moving Russia away from democracy, trying to squeeze out dissent through abuse of the government apparatus and the courts. Hence, he opines, the US should have nothing more to do with him. Instead he proposes that the US cozy up to the political opposition and otherwise try to cause public disorder in Russia by increasing our intervention in that country’s internal affairs.

putinWell, of course that isn’t in his words, but when you peel away all the frou-frou, that is what you are left with. I agree that Putin is hammy and iron-fisted, but that is what Russians like. In a country perpetually on the edge of political calamity, nothing soothes more than dependable law and order. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what I think of Putin. That is for the Russians to hash out and any attempt to intervene in Russia is going to pay off here in America. The Russians are old hands at subversion. Perhaps the separatist forces in America would have a Russian patron, and what a thought that is.

It also occurs to me that the abuses the author of the article imputes to Putin are not much different from the abuses being carried out by the USG. If the world should shun Putin, why not shun Obama, too? The two men are both autocrats.

Not content with an incipient civil war in America, our government and many Americans are convinced that the US has the moral right to tell other countries how to live and govern themselves. We assert a tacit right to judge and to settle other nations’ fights. America’s armed forces are not just being reshaped into a misshapen conglomerate of sexual deviants and atheists, but they are also being misused by the government for utterly inane purposes that bring neither us nor others good. Right now our government is ramping up a war against Saddam Hussein, Iran and Russia in the Middle East. The forces are lining up on either side. This isn’t the Cold War anymore. It’s very like to be a Hot one.

Reduced to a Snarling Kind of Plea

russia usI’m hearing a lot of commentators from both sides of America who are very angry that China and Russia are thumbing their noses at us over Edward Snowden. Leaving aside for the moment all the sneering invective from the Obama regime about the anti-democratic regimes in those countries, the bottom line seems to be that somehow the US has been so good to both of them for, like, forever and now they owe us. John Kerry and Jay Carney want us to recall in particular that the US has bent over backwards to extradite people back to Russia. Over and over.

Okay, so tell me this: did the US actually have some interest in spending millions of dollars fighting the extradition of what were, frankly, common criminals and swindlers? Did we want these felons in the US forever? I think we will all agree that the answer is no and no. That suggests, then, that the US was pursuing simple self-interest in cooperating with Russia on extradition, which we quite naturally portray as beneficence. Everybody does.

solzIf you’re still doubtful, consider this: if the person the Russians had been trying to extradite from America had been someone we considered a political dissident in danger from his government, someone like the late Alexander Solzhenitsyn, we would have refused the Russian request. Extradition does not apply to asylees. Nothing would make us budge.

Of course, the USG doesn’t consider Edward Snowden to be an errant philosopher, but a vile back-stabber and heinous criminal. But in this case what the US thinks of him is irrelevant. The host country, currently Russia, once China, later, who knows, North Korea? determines what he is. If they see him as having exposed massive global spying by the USG, deem such activity to be in violation of internationally accepted principles or law, and feel Snowden could not receive a fair trial in the US, they will endorse his action with asylee status. That’s the whole story.

Then there’s the back story. You and I know perfectly well that Russia and China both aspire to the same pervasive level of global spying that the US has attained, but their sins are hidden from view, potential whistle-blowers no doubt having been run down in the street or just disappeared. This gives them the theoretical high ground and they are milking it for all its worth. The world is finally getting their own back against us, and there is little to do except take it as long as this clique of morons in Washington is in power.

Is it because we know our prez is a blowhard that he is lately so unconvincing? Didn’t you cringe just a tiny bit when you heard our officials trying to give orders to other countries? Didn’t you find yourself adding after one of these vague threats of retaliation, “And what are you going to do about it?” In diplomacy we learn that you can say some pretty stiff things without resorting to open bullying. The White House and the Congress, not to mention the NSA, apparently missed that lesson. They didn’t use any finesse or tact, which is the norm when you want what in essence amounts to a favor, but they are still just huffing and puffing. Unfortunately for Obama he can’t use a drone in either of the two offending states, and thus our nations are at loggerheads. Diplomacy, it seems, is dead in Washington.

us in laAnd another thing: ultimatums aside, have you noticed how we talk to other countries as if they’re vassals? This is the way “gringo” diplomats have historically talked to Latin Americans, who are a chatty, friendly bunch under normal circumstances but bristle when dictated to and then get even in sly and sullen ways. US diplomatic snottiness is responsible for fully half of our problems there and the way we’re verbally shoving Russia and China isn’t doing much good, either. Did anybody really think that snarling at Vladimir Putin would frighten him into compliance? He’s belligerent by nature and nothing gets him going more than a weak opponent. In fact, it’s not just Putin, it’s pretty much all Russians. They hate a sniveler. Give them a smart, ruthless, self-interested and relentless opponent any day, but don’t offend them by sending out your B or even C team. Kiss of death. Now Putin is strutting for his Russian audience and they are enjoying the show.

lemonadeThere is a lot of speculation that China and/or Russia were in from the beginning and coordinated this very public humiliation. You don’t need to look for a conspiracy in any of this. Sometimes life gives you lemons (and who knows that better than the Russians and the Chinese?) and sometimes life gives you lemonade. Edward Snowden fell into the hands of our rivals and he brought with him invaluable information. They’re not letting him go until they have gotten every bit of useful intelligence out of him, and I would be willing to bet today that whoever ends up with him will never extradite him to the US.

In the meantime, we watch this unfolding sitcom with a mixture of “you deserve” it for our government and a deep concern for our country. We have been slapped down by people we have considered our inferiors and it stings. Now we are reduced to that snarling whimper we sometimes hear from cornered dogs.


David and Goliath

snowdenI never thought I would approve of somebody stealing secrets from the USG. I had nothing but contempt for the traitors who scorned our security and carried vital classified information to sworn enemies of our country. And they did it out of hatred for America. The little Manning twerp with his inflamed acne, sexual confusion and marginal intelligence is an example of the kind of vermin I particularly despise, people who do us incalculable damage for the sake of their fifteen minutes of fame.

But that was in the Golden Age of America, when our government was headed by people who respected the Constitution and fundamental individual rights and if there were violations of those rights, it wasn’t an official policy but a crime. It was a time when you might not like an administration’s policies, but the most you wanted to do was vote the bums out, not start a revolution. It was a time when the government thought spying was for foreign enemies rather than for the ordinary Joe talking to his pals on the phone or sending emails about his wife’s operation. It was a time when the IRS, that maleficent organization, was more interested in sucking every penny out of the average American’s pocket than in preventing someone from participating in the country’s political life. It was a time when, if a high official lied blatantly before Congress and the country, they suffered for it and were shamed.

Oh, yes, those were the days, but they be gone, my friends. Today our government is too absorbed in silencing and shutting down its domestic political opponents to have a lot of interest left for our foreign foes, and the sad shape we’re in on the foreign policy and security front testifies to that fact. How can the FBI be expected to follow up on a tip hand-delivered to them from another government about the terrorist inclinations of one of America’s all too numerous asylees when it is all tied up plotting political retribution against our own citizens? Those guys can’t do everything, you know. And the priority for this illegal government — because that is what it has morphed into — is not our domestic security. Hey, a leg or two lost, maybe a little kid blown to smithereens — small potatoes when you consider all the other things our Guardians of the State have to worry about. They hardly have a minute’s rest as they carry out surveillance on nefarious reporters trying to find out what role our highest officials played in leaving Americans to fight alone against a murderous mob in Benghazi, or digging out supposedly private medical records of people trying to get a tax exemption for their organization. The new Enemies of the People are Americans who want to expose the mutation of our government into a monstrosity that combines the very best ideas of both Hitler and Stalin. The danger of being unmasked for who they are is the issue that most absorbs the energies of our elected and unelected officials.

tyrannyAmericans have already lost many of their rights. Apparently freedom of association is out the window; some organizers like the illiterate and felonious ACORN folks, are deemed to be  worthy of approval and US taxpayer money. Other Americans, who lack a proper appreciation of Marxist ideology — people who support the Tea Party or Americans for Prosperity — need to be taught a lesson. Roll out the IRS, the FBI, and the NSA, please. Launch the drones. Certainly freedom of speech has been jettisoned, and if you don’t believe it, try hurling an insult at some protected species of human who is calling you names. How about the Second Amendment? Do you feel safe from USG retaliation if you have a gun, or are you sitting there, with the gun pointed at the door, waiting for an FBI raid?

Constitutional freedoms have suffered erosion over a long period as the State has inched its way farther and farther beyond its limited authorities. The drip has now become a deluge that threatens to swallow our liberty altogether. These days, every time I talk on the phone I have an overwhelming urge to sign off with a very rude greeting to NSA and Big Brother (that would be the sham citizen in the White House and his evil band of elves).

All of this brings me to the most visible victim of the police state, Edward Snowden. Yes, he swore himself to secrecy when he took his job, and in normal circumstances his violation of that oath would be beyond the pale. But how can an honest American go to the job everyday, knowing that his organization and the government in Washington are silently, criminally, insidiously, burrowing their way into all of our most private lives and communications? How can he keep silent knowing that the power ministries (as we sneeringly call the Russian law enforcement bodies) respect no Constitutional limits?

For the first time in my life, I hail the secrets-stealer. Snowden is heading into a life of misery, a permanent exile who will never see home again, but the rest of us have been given the vitally important knowledge that our government has become a criminal entity. If you think the USG is brutal when it comes to getting even with somebody guilty of nothing more than believing in small government, you can imagine the fire-spitting fury it is in over Snowden, who removed the patriotic camouflage from a spying program that was aimed at everybody in the United States — every damned one of us. Even that slob Michael Moore.

So I can only feel contempt when I hear the pundits screeching about the terrible Edward Snowden. I feel particular contempt listening to the NSA’s Gen. Alexander, who owes FBI ex-chief Robert Mueller a beer for lying on his behalf. I confess, the General’s somber assessment that the damage Snowden did was irremediable left me cold and unconvinced. Watching his sneaky, lying face all I could think is that the traitor isn’t Edward Snowden — it’s Gen. Alexander and all the others just like him drawing a USG salary. And as for irremediable — back in the 1950’s two of the NSA’s cryptographers pranced off into the Red Sunset of Moscow carrying all our secret codes. Somehow we survived. The hysteria our officials are ginning up is intended to deflect attention from the crimes being committed. I don’t think Snowden is bringing the US to its knees, but I fervently wish the information he gave us would bring our government to its knees.

david and goliathDavid and Goliath. In Amerika, there is only one Goliath and it is the State broken free of its restraints. The rest of us, including Edward Snowden, are the Davids. What are we going to do with the information Snowden gave us at the cost of his own freedom? Is there anything short of mass rebellion that can stop this remaking of America? If we let this pass without making it the greatest rallying cause in over 200 years, then we will have squandered the sacrifice of Edward Snowden.Because living in a place like Cuba or China is not freedom. It’s only a different kind of prison.

God bless Edward Snowden.


The Heat Is On

syria ruinsI’ve been writing now and again about Syria and the mess poorly-conceived foreign policy has made of the Middle East and North Africa. The US Government has taken to intervention like a duck to water, but the only fun part is the bombing. Afterwards is when is gets really sticky. Because we invariably have nothing substantive to offer and no foundation in the given society for a transition to democracy and civil peace. We cannot afford Marshall Plans these days, so Rent-a-Cop has to do, instead. It doesn’t work, as Benghazi and a glance around the region will confirm.

thensuspectsObama has so far refused to go against Syria militarily. But his reluctance is under intense pressure these days. In first place, he is up to his gray hairline in scandals of his own making. The USG has been subverted by political operatives and the malfeasance infects numerous agencies and departments, from Homeland Security to the FBI to the NSA and the DOJ. We have learned of massive data collection operations that constitute a grave violation of Americans’ fundamental rights, of the AG’s mounting of illegal operations that violated our neighbor’s sovereignty and its snooping under false pretenses into reporters’ private communications. Homeland Security has put conservative groups on lists of potential terrorists. Doctors, responding to Kathleen Sibelius and the HHS, have turned patients over to law enforcement for confiscation of legally-owned arms and pressure to get psychiatric care, and many of those targeted are vets. The IRS has become the thuggish enforcer for a criminal administration. And still Obama is not going to be impeached, at least I don’t think so, but he’s floundering now and looking weak and dishonest. He is not who he once was (but really never was). So he needs to burnish his reputation globally and at home, and what better way than to carry out a successful bombing war somewhere? Long-term disasters are not his problem, they will fall to his successors to deal with.

He is being pushed in the same direction by the neo-interventionist chorus, going at it hammer and tongs and gnashing their teeth at the idea that Assad will prevail over his enemies, many of whom are jihadists and Moslem fundamentalists. They want action now, and at a minimum massive arming of the rebels (and jihadists). Russia out-maneuvered the US on this one, reckoning that Obama wasn’t going to try another Libya and thus backing ally Assad to the hilt. And now Assad stands at the brink of (no doubt temporarily) retaking control of Syria. France and the UK are also keen to step in and save humanity and when one thinks of the mess their countries are in, does that seem remotely sane? This drive by US and European leaders to appear to be waging a strong war in favor of freedom and light is self-destructive. But it appears that notwithstanding so many previous failures at democracy-building, these indomitable foes of bad behavior still think that sub-rosa intervention and eventually overt NATO intervention is helpful to longer-term peacemaking. An article in the WSJ today reports that President Barack Obama and his top advisers are reviewing proposals that would allow the U.S. to arm the rebels. One option calls for the U.S. to provide funds to allies Britain and France to jointly buy weapons for the Supreme Military Council, the rebel army leadership board commanded by Gen. Idris, according to U.S. officials.

It’s hard even to imagine that in this slough of despair we are in here at home our government wants to open our Treasury to support people we soon will be opposing. Gen. Idris may be a decent man, but he is not going to be the boss if the Western interventionists have their way and Assad is  murdered, deposed or exiled. All you need to see is how the opposition forces react when they are up against the wall. The opposition forces are using scorched earth tactics, flattening cities as they abandon them. They are committing serious abuses of human rights. But after all, many and increasingly more of them are jihadists, and what we are seeing of them should give us an idea of what they’d be as a government. To expect anything else is hope misplaced.

It worries me that a confluence of events has so greatly increased the likelihood of US intervention in a place we should keep at arm’s length. It is a tinderbox. We almost had a direct military confrontation with a much weaker Russia over the airport in Kosovo; how much more likely is such a confrontation if we choose to begin military action against a close Russian ally? How would we react if somebody attacked one of our close allies? Is it worth it? What problems will it solve? We don’t have any answers, but one: if we bomb the place, all the fighting stops (for the moment). In the meantime, we’ll edge our way to the abyss of another war by giving heavy arms to the Syrian opposition. Even now the two sides are turning Aleppo to rubble, fighting over things like hospitals. Think what they can do if the level of weaponry escalates. They’ll need those hospitals, and some mobile morgues, too.

obama and choomI hope for once in his life this Shallow Hal in the White House will show some intelligence and backbone. Just Say No, Barry. You can keep your choom, but please swear off intervention. Our country can’t afford any more humanitarian wars and we most certainly can’t afford the fallout if we notch up another head of government.

Instead of foreign adventures, I’d like to see our President concentrating on restoring Americans’ confidence in their government by coming clean and ordering his subordinates to come clean on all the misdeeds the Federal apparat has been carrying out in recent years.

I guess that’s a non-starter. Too bad for Syria, and for us, too.



Self-Important Wimps and Civil Servants Thirsting for Vengeance

120223041843_pfc_bradley_manningOur prissy PFC Manning, on trial for turning over tens of thousands of classified official documents for publication is playing the global savior card. Fox News reports that, according to Manning’s attorney, [h]e released these documents because he was hoping to make the world a better place…He was 22 years old—he was young, he was a little naive in believing that the information would actually make a difference.”

judasWhat a novel defense! It has probably only been used by every spy since the beginning of time. I know that there isn’t anything to suggest why Judas betrayed Christ, but I can hear him now, asking the other Apostles “what could I do? if I hadn’t acted, the Jews would really be in the soup.” When you’ve seen one traitor, you’ve seen them all. When I was assigned to the US Consulate in Leningrad my husband, the head of the Consular Section, came across the case of two gay Americans who had defected to Russia, taking from their employer, NSA, all its secret codes. Many years after prancing off into a Red sunset, hands and hearts intertwined, one of them had married a Russian woman and had a family and the other was pining away in loneliness and angst. What the two men found in the Soviet Union was that the government might welcome their treason, but nobody, and especially not the government officials, trusted or respected them. In a letter to his brother, he said he gave the Soviets the secret codes from NSA only because he truly believed that “gentlemen don’t read other gentlemen’s mail.” He wanted to make the world a better place and so he decided to make things fair by allowing the Soviets to read our mail. His brother wrote back and advised him to stay where he was because the US (in the 1980s) was not going to be welcoming him with open arms. No kidding. It was the Reagan Era.

I wish there were someplace that Manning could have defected to that was as uninspiring and oppressive as the former Soviet Union. Maybe North Korea. Instead he stayed here counting on the fact that he could easily become a modern day folk hero for revealing sensitive US internal deliberations and views to all the world. He still could become such, but I don’t think so. The fact is that Manning is a twisted little creep who thinks that all of life is a video-game. He is going to find out otherwise, as he is bound for a long stay in a penitentiary somewhere. I don’t know if he is being tried for treason and if not, why not, but he is a traitor and what a pity we don’t just execute them anymore.

The other bit of news that catches my eye is a Tweet from some journalist claiming that the IRS scandal is about to go nuclear with the defection of underlings angry at the whole affair, especially the part where the guys lower on the totem pole get pooped on from above. I’ll bet they’re dying to get a chance to add their two cents. The dirt is going to flow now.

gs employeesMy sisters and I grew up in DC and its suburbs and eventually we all became employees of the only boss around, the USG. We’re experts on the civil service persona and one thing you need to remember about them, even if you are the biggest dog on the block: watch your back. One of my sisters worked in an agency with a macho mentality and a lot of ex-military and ex-cops. In her little part of the USA, they had an office headed by a senior officer who ran a loose ship at the very best. The entire office must have spent an easy sixty percent of their time misbehaving: having bbqs, drinks, hors d’oeuvres, hanging out in bars en masse and getting drunk while driving USG cars, taking unlimited free time without charging the hours, having in-office affairs. It really was a disgrace and it went on for years. In the end, somebody let the word out about what was going on, one of the DC bosses took an interest, and the rats began to desert the sinking ship. Everybody turned against the top man who had made all their malfeasance possible, trying to avoid any retribution for their own abuses. And the man, who was about a year short of his planned retirement, just took early retirement. No investigation, no punishments. That’s how things work in the world of the Government Employee. The important things are to protect the reputation of the higher ups who prefer scandal silenced without drawing undue attention or leaving a record. And the thing about the lower-level drones is, they have to take a lot of guff from insufferable political appointees, but if they ever get a chance to get even, bend over and kiss your aspirations goodbye.

There are some very wicked characters in the IRS play, people like Lois Lerner. Speaking of whom, the fraudulent Federal Elections Commission where she formerly carried out political persecution needs to be looked into, as well. We need a study of FEC decisions to determine if there is a tangible bias against center-right political interests and in favor of the left. This has got to stop. We’re being steamrollered right out of our constitutional protections.