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McCain Wins. Trump Succumbs to Terminal Stupidity, Taunts Russia to Strike Back

This is the straw that broke this camel’s back. Trump will never get my vote again. I won’t be voting for his communist opposition, but that won’t help Trump.

I voted for him because he said he was sick of seeing the US fight phony wars for phony reasons. We needed to bring the troops home, secure our border. He has done none of any of it. He isn’t a pragmatist, a realist, a thinker, he is a deal-maker, and boy, is that ever what we are getting. Lots and lots of deals with Democrats, a supine GOP-controlled (hah!) Congress and a fool for a president. Frankly, he deserves what is coming for him, because he proved an utter loser as a leader.

We are on the brink of war. Putin has said that Russia will blow the missiles and the carriers that launch them out of the air and sea. Trump says, oh, yeah? We have lots of missiles and can blow you and Syria to smithereens! Go home, Russia! Or else! And behind him stand small the UK and France, co-conspirators in this farce, and all those other countries like Germany who wouldn’t mind heading by tank to Moscow, again. In the end, what they all want is the stupid Americans to settle their centuries-old quarrels. Forget that Russia has been invaded by Poland, Sweden, France, and Germany multiple times. Russia should shut up and enjoy it. A moan of pleasure would be appreciated.

So in the end, Trump actually swallowed the Russian conspiracy theory. Think about it.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel truly sanguine about this. Here is an illegal military bloc (our guys, of course) banding together  on a cooked up cw incident (their favorite kind, always impossible to prove!) to wage war and risk nuclear war. The latest pronouncements from the US are so inflammatory and provocative (as they have been now for two years) that any nation would be forced to respond forcefully. As in the bogus Skripal cw poisoning in the UK, Russia is asked to confess, this time that the US is right about long-term ally Assad and accede to another US illegal war. Absent any form of evidence that there even was a cw attack, other than a spurious video of suffering children. Trump told Putin to get his guys out of the area or get destroyed by the US. And what do you think Putin is going to do?

I read that Theresa May is hesitant to go to war against Russia based on cw claims. Understandably, having been snookered by UK and US intelligence in the faux cw attack on England, she might want to see something more than a video made by a personal phone. Especially when the Russians have been to the site and assert there is no cw trace, no victims, no reported respiratory emergencies that were cw-related. Especially since the OPCW that is supposed to stop the use of cw, even by US proxies, has agreed to Russian and Syrian demands for an urgent investigation at the site allegedly hit with who knows what. Chlorine, or even maybe it could be chlorine and a nerve agent, also unknown. There’s the bottom line: unknown. We know squat other than that somebody brought a heart-rending video and spread it around among the Agit-Prop corps on CNN and MSNBC. This made Americans so sad, used as they are to Hollywood tripe, that they supposedly now are ready for war with Russia. The Russian Government alleges that the rush to military action is intended to strike the area at issue and leave nothing behind with which to conduct an OPCW investigation. It makes me sick to know that I think they’re right.

I have a big announcement for the war-makers of America: the era is over when the US can decide who is bad, what he can and cannot do, when he has to leave government and who can govern in other countries — when we ginned up false flag operations to pave the way for a long-anticipated war. As the Russian UN ambassador said, who named the US world policeman, jury, executioner? I’ll tell you who. The military-industrial complex and all the US officials in all branches whom they have put in place with their war booty. Why do you think Arlington and Fairfax Counties, snuggled up and sucking at the Federal teat in Virginia, are the richest places in America? Coincidence?

I’m getting this out before they shut down the internet for security reasons, which would be to stop the outpouring of anger at Trump’s stupidity in capitulating to the McCains of America. The internet it hopping with the outrage of people who were led down the garden path by the bungling Trump, led to believe his wishes for a better US-Russia relationship and an end to regime change. As Trump has demonstrated with China as well, he’s pretty contemptuous of the other guy unless the other guy goes along with Donald. This kind of relationship may hold for a moment, while the other guys recalculate and rearm massively, but eventually it ends in conflict.

If there were an anti-war movement in America, I would be part of it. Instead I hear only rabid jingoism from our media, barring OAN and Tucker Carlson. Americans are frothing at the mouth in a mindless hysteria, wanting to wreak havoc on Russia. Our Russophobia, so helpful to the arms industry and its many tentacles, is destroying international stability. But if that’s what it takes to open up some new arms sales, and to launch the bombs, so be it. The Agit-Prop agents won’t talk about the likelihood that the cw attack was false or the reality that we Americans go to war when the Generals tell us to. And the Generals’ armorers.

This is really the twilight of the American Empire, the glory of which once shone out to Americans as a reason for optimism. We squandered the greatest power any empire ever knew, gifted to us for our persistence in simple defensive military and political/diplomatic policy that allowed the natural demise of the grotesque Soviet system to occur. But we took it as some Iwo Jima moment, look, we won! we won! We were arrogant and pushy and greedy and totally oblivious to the damage we were leaving in our wake, as we decided who could rule and who could not and used our military to make it happen. Now we have decided it is time to cage Russia in and punish it “very bad,” as our ignorant president says. But our Congress has decided it is not a big enough issue to open to debate and a vote for war. Trump has limited war-making powers, and they say this with a straight face knowing the potential that it is not only limited, but full out war. Let us see what happens.

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Now it’s the rage in America to march against freedom of speech

I have tried mightily not to return to the pages of this blog. Frankly, it was all boringly repetitive. How many times can you say that the Russia story is bogus, made up for political goals, and provide clues, before you decide nobody in this country cares? It is far easier to write off the disastrous Clinton campaign to treachery than it is to accept that you boobs on the left chose a lemon for your honey. I was bored with the deliberately provoked angst over Ernst Blofeld aka Vladimir Putin trying to take over the world. I never found a convincing answer to the question: how can Russia be so third-rate and so first-rate at the same time? I never heard an answer of any kind to “where is the proof that Russia did any of the things you accuse it of?” and certainly not to the question, “where did Russia change any election results in any precinct in the country?” I got tired of asking. The left-provoked hysteria made the American air rancid, like bad breath. I decided I’d let Judicial Watch do the digging and asking for me.

I was (and am!) tired of the women in this country, who have all the opportunities a woman could want and are still whining because the country didn’t hand them the presidency. They feel offended, and I’m offended by their offense. I’d say taking their side and my side together, every woman in America is now offended by something. And as an aside, I was really tired of women who marched so jolly wearing a knit hat said to be a pussy, but which looked nothing like any definition of the word. The very idea of such an antic points to the essentially juvenile nature of the left and its useful fools.

I am tired of the men who aren’t men at all, but think it is okay to be a “little gay.” Although gay is so tame. Who cares about gay? Today we have women who mutilate themselves by taking male hormones, cutting off their breasts and hanging on to the other stuff, and no doubt many “men” as well. As Cher’s benighted daughter said, she wasn’t giving up her fun as a woman just because she wants to be a man. No real commitment there, if you ask me.  I have seen two stories in which such a creature has given birth after “becoming” male. Think of that poor child. In any humane state, such critters would be sterilized at the same time as their sex change operation, even if only partial. This will prevent any poor child from being conceived by such people. Who is paying for all this medical experimentation? When I was young, insurance companies would not even pay for infertility treatments for women!

I am tired of the suffocating hypocrisy of the left, on all matters, but Charlottesville and Boston come to mind. I remain floored that 15000 people came out and marched against freedom of speech. That’s the flat truth of the matter, no matter how the media gussies it up. The licensed demonstrators put out a list of “rules” in advance that stated their goal of giving support to the First Amendment and advised that demonstrators were not to bring any  type of arm or carry  any type of hate paraphernalia, not to provoke or be provoked, etc. So as not to invade the safe space of all those Boston folks so afraid of free speech, I guess. In any case, people were riled up that there was still somebody not cowed enough to shut up about free speech, which everybody knows is just a code name for racism, insensitivity, cultural buffoonery, ignorance, homophobia, and so on. This thus required a mob of 15000 to show those licensed demonstrators who was boss and warn they better shut up. And guess what? The licensed demonstrators were frightened by the mob and left, taking Freedom of Speech with them.

Oh, yes, Boston and its famed university are well down that slippery slope to irrelevance and even treachery to the US Constitution. Go Sox!

Meantime, those wise men who made our country great, and led great conflicts at risk of life, but who were not lucky enough to be born in the 21st c. with its cultural nuances and deep morality, are having their statues torn down (as if Thomas Jefferson gives a fuck). And pulled down by people who look like potential deportees or escaped criminals, who have zero understanding of US history or our cultural values (or those that were). Our history is to be rewritten by idiots.

What really rankles most is the creeps we somehow elected to the US Congress when they were posing as conservatives– where the hell does Rubio get off saying it’s all right to use violence against people whose messages you don’t like? Viva Fidel! He won’t be getting my vote or my measly ten bucks this next time. He can go home to Cuba, which I understand is now a free country or what he might accept as such. And Jeff Flake — elected on a wave of Tea Party support and now turned full scale progressive. Open borders (and strong backs!). Tell us Jeff Flake — what did you do for Arizona lately? You didn’t produce a health-care bill, did you? Or tax reform? But you found time to carry on a tirade against the President. I hope you don’t make it through the next Arizona primary and if you do, that you lose your seat. I’d rather an honest communist sitting in Congress than a false friend such as you.

Now we can come to the source of many of my frustrations, the President himself. I must say, even when I was harsh toward him, I was hopeful that the dynamism that made him successful in business would translate to the presidency. I am skeptical. And I am skeptical despite granting that on certain things he has fulfilled his campaign pledges or is  making progress to that end, and that his policies have actually worked (and will in time develop their own problems, as always will happen). Look at the drop in illegal immigration, which is making business scream in pain and leave advisory councils by the dozens. (How about an actual law to let workers sans families in to fill those empty spots and earn some money?)

I think Kelly has put an end to the harmful leaks, but he seems to be killing diversity of thought in the process. Steve Bannon’s departure is really, as Bannon himself said, the end of the “MAGA” period of Trump’s presidency. Slowly but surely Trump is being herded into the smooth notch where all the interests of the Elite and the Dark State meet. He is still resistant on the foreign war bit, but give his enemies (and ours) time.

If all Trump is doing is bringing some order to his policy-making process, then well and good. I said from the start that Trump had better be prepared to deal with all the variant outlooks he was putting on his staff and Cabinet, and he was certainly not prepared or able to do so. So Kelly’s iron fist is good, for now. On the other hand, I also see an emerging pattern in which all the conservatives are herded out of the White House and its environs to give place to those minions of the Deep State who never gave up occupancy. If that is the case, then I’m with Bannon — we have a war on to save the ideas that were behind Trump’s win; all we lack is a leader.



Barack Hussein Obama: President, Peace Prize Recipient, and Assassin

pope prays“This evening, I ask the Lord that we Christians, and our brothers and sisters  of other religions and every man and woman of good will, cry out forcefully:  Violence and war are never the way to peace!” 

So spoke Pope Francis in calling on the world to step back from the brink of war in Syria to which we in the US and the world are being dragged, kicking and screaming, by US president Barack Hussein Obama. This fabricated man rode a wave of anti-war sentiment into the presidency and has maimed, killed and destroyed in other people’s countries on a steady basis ever since. Today the global assassin with the Peace Prize is about to embark on another killing spree and how ironic that many on the left, those professional anti-war protestors, remain silent. I don’t even bat an eye when The Lennie Riefenstahl Brigade pushes the State line, dupes like Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz. Liar is their name, propaganda is their game. But pray tell — where is Cindy Sheehan? Where is Code Pink? Where are the Occupy Wall Street loonies? Same place they were when Obama and Hillary Clinton bombed Libya and murdered Qaddafi by proxy; same place they were when they empowered the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt; same place they were when the bombs rained down on Serbia for three months. Staring in their mirrors in silent admiration, I’d guess. I hear that the homely Mrs. Clinton is going to visit the White House today to egg Mr. Obama on. Two war-mongers chatting over tea. Please pass the polonium, somebody, please!

If the left has lost its voice, we on the right have found our own. This confounds America’s radicals who can muster no argument to justify Obama’s incessant reliance on force to show off his power, but whine instead that the right wing’s opposition is somehow illegitimate because they supposedly never saw a war they didn’t like.  I’d put that differently: the right-wing has always before felt obligated to support their president, even in all the wars begun by the Democrats. That would be WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and in what the current president told us all was his war: Afghanistan, where now the Obama regime is making kissy-face with the Taliban who murdered 3000 Americans in mere minutes. The conservatives were far less accommodating when GW Bush blundered into Iraq at the advice of men who wanted to do what the President’s father would not, remove Saddam Hussein. In the end Americans’ disgust with the carnage and lack of coherence delivered a crushing blow to the GOP and ushered in the current Empty Suit, who spends at least several hours a day scuffing his shoes all over the historic furnishings at the White House to make his view of this country clear. We weren’t all that keen on Libya, either, and I hope that my fellow conservatives were as repelled as I was at the sight of America’s proxy forces executing Qaddafi while he was on his knees pleading for mercy. Then came Benghazi, which the regime in DC refused and still refuses to admit was just a half-assed and criminally negligent operation intended to deepen our involvement in Syria.

And where were the morally superior leftists when Obama boasted of choosing targets for assassination by playing with a special deck of cards made just for him, as apparently everything is just a game to him anyway? Silent is where they were. That is not morality, it is called cowardice, duplicity, hypocrisy and aiding and abetting. And all those traits are in full view today, as many of the president’s most fervent admirers hold their famous tongues about the evils of war-mongering. They still don’t get it: regime change is thoroughly illegal, even if we wish some external force (perhaps extra-terrestrials?) would swoop down and effect regime change in the US. It is also the worst possible rationale for war and we have had ample opportunity to see how poorly it works over the long-term.

I’m afraid that the US under the Democrats have treated other countries they way they treat people who don’t agree with them here at home: with contempt, lies, and violence. Our US bombers are playing the role of SEIU thugs beating up Tea Party’ers, or USG agencies persecuting “domestic enemies,” or black people waging race war at the implicit urging of their president and attorney general. The Democrats have treated Russia with sneering contempt while pretending to want only the best for the Russian people, and that might be because the Russian people decided to jettison the Democrats’ favorite system of oppression, communism. Unfortunately for our armchair Marxists, Russia today looks sane and sensible and our own country looks brutal and stupid and false.

Catholic nuns who left the safety of Italy to work in Syria for people of all faiths have spoken loud and clear to the world, crying out against America’s urge to war. In addition to the moving and beautiful and painful things they wrote, they cited the words of a psalm that sadly refers to America:

Rebuke the Beast of the Reeds, that herd of bulls, that people of calves. Oh God, scatter the people who delight in war. The Lord has leaned down from the heights of his sanctuary, has looked down from heaven to earth to listen to the sighing of the captive, and set free those condemned to death. Listen, God, to my voice as I plead, protect my life from fear of the enemy; hide me from the league of the wicked, from the gang of evil-doers. They sharpen their tongues like a sword, aim their arrow of poisonous abuse. They support each other in their evil designs, they discuss how to lay their snares. “Who will see us?” they say. He will do that, he who penetrates human nature to its depths, the depths of the heart. Break into song for my God, to the tambourine, sing in honor of the Lord, to the cymbal, let psalm and canticle mingle for him, extol his name, invoke it. For the Lord is a God who breaks battle-lines! . Lord, you are great, you are glorious, wonderfully strong, unconquerable.

If only our president believed in God, instead of believing he is God, perhaps those words would have the power to move him. May his actions call down on his head what he deserves.






Foreign Policy and Human Rights

chemBack again to Syria, which seems to be acting as a detonator in the Moslem world. I was scanning the WSJ Russia page and saw that the Russian government has submitted a “confidential” report to the UN Secretary General on the alleged use of chemical weapons in March at Khan al-Assal, outside Aleppo. (I’m afraid that henceforward “confidential” must be set off in quotes, as there is no longer a right to privacy). The Russians were given access to the site and the results of their analysis is this: the opposition was responsible for the attack. The debris indicated the delivery system was a rocket not typically used for chemical weapons and of a type one faction of the opposition fighters began making earlier in the year. The investigators also found that the sarin was not industrially-produced, but home-cooked.

The White House, of course, was quick to scoff at the Russian report, despite not having an actual report based on their own actual investigation of the site. Tipped off by supposedly disinterested parties France and the UK, the UN wanted to investigate all the places of alleged chemical weapons use. Syria only wanted them to investigate one of them, the one outside Aleppo. The UN didn’t agree, apparently, so Syria asked Russia to investigate.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told the pliant Fourth Estate that the Russians support Assad, so what can you expect? To which nobody, I believe, pointed out that the US supports the opposition (or the more romantic rebels, as the propaganda machine has dubbed them) and it insists the Assad regime used the weapons. In fact, the charge served as the basis to begin arming and (openly) training the jihadist-dominated opposition. I mean, if we’re talking about motives, each side is equally motivated to defend its narrative. The Russian claims are as believable, or not, as the American view.

I wonder why the UN didn’t jump at the offer to investigate first-hand one of the sites of alleged CW use. Wouldn’t that be one step toward knowing what happened? It would be easier to worm your way to the other sites if you got your investigative foot in the door. Is there something that certain influential UN members don’t want proven — perhaps that the opposition, too, has the capacity and will to use banned weapons that they can make themselves? Just judging by what the press has reported, it is certainly possible that the opposition used CW at Khan al-Assal, at least, and the government used them elsewhere. But so far all we have are questions with no known answers. Well, why should we expect answers from foreigners when we can’t even get them from our own government?

More foreign policy muddle. The US Congress is considering legislation to suspend aid to the Republic of Georgia over alleged human rights abuses against officials of the former government headed by Mikhael Saakashvili. The current government has arrested a number of people who are definitely political opponents, but who may also be big crooks. There was rampant corruption under Saakashvili (not to mention human rights abuses against political opponents), but the westernized Georgian president was a US favorite and our government turned a blind eye to charges against his government and him personally.

The Georgian government under current president Bidzina Ivanishvili, a wealthy man with many interests in Russia, is more even-handed in guiding relations with the Northern Behemoth than was Saakashvili without stooping to anti-Americanism. This may annoy some in the US Congress who still think US-Russia relations is a zero sum game. The WSJ has an article today on the Georgian lobbying campaign on Capitol Hill in which it reports that “some American lawmakers are voicing fears that Mr. Ivanishvili, a billionaire business mogul with strong ties to Moscow, is purging the president’s political supporters, in part, to reorient Georgia back into a strategic alliance with Russia.

russia and georgiaWhy do we insist on creating bogeymen where they don’t exist? Russia always has been and always will be a massive factor in Georgian affairs, just as the US impacts Latin America. If the US cuts off aid to this reformist, market-oriented government it isn’t going to change a thing except make enemies where they don’t exist. We can end up driving Georgia more into the Russian orbit. Georgia relies on aid (it still has a large internally displaced population from the Abkhazia war) and it needs US good will to help it maintain its independence. But it also needs the Russian market for its goods and Russian good will for its well-being. I’m not going to place any bets on what the US Congress will do. They love to look holier-than-thou and cutting off aid to naughty governments is always popular and easy to do without immediate negative consequences. I hope we don’t do it.

On that subject, I understand why the USG hesitates to cut off assistance to the Egyptian military, who broke the law when they moved to oust Morsi. The absolutist position is, cut off aid immediately. The practical position is, what do we gain if we cut off aid and what do we lose? If we suspend aid to the military, chaos will ensue. You can’t pull the rug out from under one of the key pillars of stability in the country and expect that there will be no serious consequences. The aid we give allows us some influence over the course of events without requiring us to send out the bombers. (Let’s hope we don’t try the bomber strategy.) We also have to consider our long-term interests — we’d much rather have a rational and self-interested military in charge of this linchpin of the Moslem world than a rabble of religious fanatics. What happens in Egypt, just like what happens in Syria, reverberates across the region and across the world. We need to think long and hard before getting involved in these quarrels beyond using our diplomatic and military channels for all they are worth. And we should stop thinking that the only alternative around the globe is our model of government. If there is no stability in a country, it doesn’t matter what form of government it has. It may be too late no matter what we do.

eucourtAnd now for something truly new — really — to close with: the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that England and Wales cannot impose life sentences — “whole-life tariffs” — without giving the prisoner a chance for review and parole along the way. To deny the prisoners that supposed right is inhuman and degrading. That of course doesn’t sound like a life sentence at all. It’s more like “Life Sentence Maybe and Probably Not.” The way the European human rights weenies are going, it won’t be long before a tariff — a monetary one — will be the worst sentence a child killer can get. The Court decision came as a result of suits brought by two prisoners, one a serial killer and one a double murderer. Doesn’t it break your heart that both of them get to live nice long lives with every need met, but are denied any chance at all to go on killing?

The concerned national authorities are outraged at the Court’s overreach, but really, what did they expect? I have always said that I would support abolition of the death penalty on the day its opponents prove that a life sentence will be absolutely unchangeable forever. Obviously they can’t speak to what future officials will decide, so I will continue to call for the rapid execution of society’s most heinous offenders. To see more on the Court ruling, go to link at right for Ministers Angry at European Whole-life Tariffs Ruling.




Syria: Like the Sword of Damocles, Hanging Over Our Heads

The GOP is furious with Barack Obama for not doing something, anything and preferably violent, after the USG went public with unconfirmed claims that the Syrian government may have used small amounts of a substance like sarin causing some casualties. Israel and everybody else (read Western Europe and all the sheikhdoms) thinks it’s true, but it’s also hard to prove. And there are plenty of twisted motives here, so it is hardly beyond the realm of possibility that Assad’s foes would try to set him up on the rap so the West could come to the rescue. Pat Buchanan wrote a good analysis of our situation in his article Their War, Not Ours. But one would have to be there at the time to prove if it’s sarin, it evanesces or something.

The Republicans and even members of our incompetent president’s party make the logical and fair charge that Mr. Obama swore to the whole world that use of chemical weapons was a red line. That was like, sooo stupid. It gave enormous power to our so-called allies. It serves only the interests of the Assad opponents to give NATO the excuse it needs to act unilaterally against Syria. Do you think Al Qaeda shrinks from a head-on conflict against the infidels in Moslemlandia? Heck, they are ready and they have millions of sacrificial lambs waiting to join in a Jihad to end all Jihads. What on earth, any rational human being asks, is our elected Congress thinking of? The usual suspects, McCain and Graham, are leading the pack, baying for the blood of Assad. They are living in the past. Time to give up the unaffordable antics abroad and batten down the hatches at home. That southern border is bleeding people into the US, the whole game is going down and we are contemplating a bombing and/or invasion of Syria?

On the other hand, I think Obama was careful to talk of “a whole lotta” use of chemical weapons, which gives him an out. If he wants to go to war to distract attention from the growing debacle around Benghazi-Boston, he will conclude that the amount, though small, was sufficient to prompt a bombing war. If he doesn’t want to go to war, he will decide the amount used is way less than “a whole lotta” and thus does not merit the use of physical force.

Right now I am thinking the lean is toward bombing, or at least selling a great many weapons to the opposition, on credit of course. In that case, the bloodshed will ramp up. Refugees will seek refuge and murderers will roam the land. And then NATO will bomb and the problem will be over, pack up and go home. Game over. Maybe he will settle on something in-between, interventionist but not full-out war. Sanctions are always popular.

Syria isn’t some tiny emirate we can blow into, drop a few bombs, and blow back out of. Syria is big time risk, it is Iraq, it is an Iran, it has the potential of bringing Russia into the picture. There is no short game here. If we venture there, we would find ourselves sucked deeper and deeper on a playing field very hostile to us and our interests. Fighting would hold biological and chemical warfare risks, as well as overcoming a sophisticated air defense system with plenty of replacement armament awaiting sale back in Moscow. The war would be certain to spread to neighboring countries with strong Syrian influence, like Lebanon. Maybe Jordon.

Not bombing makes the US president appear foolish and weak. Don’t lay down a dare and then back down when the gauntlet is taken. But you can’t really justify bombing because you will look stupid, can you? Or can you?

NATO bombing would add a whole new and explosive element to our clumsily played chess game in the Middle East and North Africa. It would become a rallying cry for all the disaffected secularists we have ousted from power mixing with the ranks of extremist Moslem groups like Al Qaeda or its many proxies. The once-powerful are now the guerrillas that we have to fight globally and at home.  The jihadists have shown they can play the game in our very own living rooms. Boston was only the second effort in what will no doubt become a prime objective, terrorizing the Homeland part of Homeland Security. And don’t forget that Hezbollah is accused of launching an unknown but no doubt deadly drone against Israel. Don’t you think they got the drones from the Iranians, who reportedly are busy producing them from a reverse-engineered US drone they captured. Oh, joy! We are now officially passing into the Drone Era. They probably make them in garages, both here and abroad. Makes my skin tingle with excitement, or it might be the electrical pulses being given out from the skies above us.

We are all potential targets in today’s totally out of whack world, targets of our own government and of our foreign born or inspired enemies, the global jihadists. Welcome to the multi-polar world, a place where a guerrilla group has assumed a global importance and belong to not a single treaty on human rights or inviolability of territory. Who do you think has the upper hand in the long run?



When an irresistible force meets an unmoveable object

hagelOh, boy, are we ever nearer to thee, my NATO. Chemical weapons is the plat du jour. Everybody needs desperately for there to be a big public use of chemical weapons by anybody in Syria. SecDef Chuck Hagel first told us there was no evidence of chemical weapon use in Syria, which was probably true, and then there there was evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria, depending on who you believe ( “sources of varying reliability”). Hagel perpetually looks as baffled as we feel watching his sad performance and the obvious manipulation of information. Soon we will have the necessary pretext for bombing Syria, no doubt imprisoning or killing Assad, killing many, many more Syrians today and in the future, and why? It would only spread the reach of jihad even farther. Meanwhile we have a war at home in which we are behind the eight-ball, we have an unraveling Iraq, an unraveling Afghanistan (and we haven’t even left yet), and we apparently need another war. We have so much money floating around here, man, it really is “Obama’s stash” to be wasted on anything his little heart desires.

Obama is still making up that famously slow mind of his, but he might just come to a decision soon. He has his Islamophiles like Brennan whispering in his ear not to rock the boat, and maybe even a realist or two telling him it’s political suicide to trigger another Iraq. But I remember when NATO was practically wetting their panties for the okay to bomb Serbia, and Clinton the First was getting more and more embroiled in the Lewinsky affair. Suddenly, after much and prolonged indecision, he said, yes, let’s bomb Serbia.

tsarnayevsThere is something of that in the air these days, with Obama having badly fumbled the first major trial of his instincts and reactions. The Bostom bombers were known to us well in advance, but the FBI couldn’t find sufficient enthusiasm for a thorough follow-through (and attitude flows from the top down), the Russians were unresponsive when the Americans kept whining that there was nuthin’ there, and so the FBI just shut the case. Impressive performance, isn’t it?

So Obama may just end up needing a war against Syria to draw attention away from the many errors of judgement our beloved Leader has been committing of late. That’s one of the dangers of absolute power: you start to believe your headlines. The other danger is that you start off so full of yourself in your second term that you put forward for legislative action one of the thorniest issues ever in the belief your moral suasion and popularity will carry the day. So as he flounders in the sea of gun control, and watches over a security apparatus that ought to have prevented the Bostom Bombings, he might look upon Syria as a chance to change hats to Horatio Hornblower. All he needs is a win, it doesn’t matter what ensues a couple of years down the line, he needs that old mojo back.

emirateIf he does agree to bomb Syria, he is making the first irreversible error of his presidency. (Really, the second, the first being Obamacare.) We should be supporting Assad as a bulwark against the jihadi forces that are the driving impulse behind the civil war and behind permanent war in the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds. World dominion, guys, the global emirate. And we seem determined to remove every leader of any strength we encounter. If you really think Syria has  idealistic weenies in the political center (I would guess there are more than a few, there always are) who are going to take power from the Moslem guys who cut off heads at the slightest irritation, you aren’t being realistic. Our chosen heros like to debate and smoke a peace pipe. The other guys are determined.

chemical warfareEver since somebody made up their minds that we should get rid of Assad when we had a chance, we have been padding our chances. If Assad is doing bad things, so are his opponents, and the latter are being openly egged on and assisted by the US and its European allies. We don’t know if chemical weapons are being used, or by whom if they are. There are plenty of bad actors in this play. But our government is floating the idea of intervention by going public with a claim that a little bit of chemical weapons was used causing not too many bodies, all things considered. If that seems to strike a chord with Americans, next we’ll find the proof of who used them, when and how, and appropriate anonymous photos of dead bodies.

What good are we seeking? What good have we done so far? Isn’t all our effort and blood in Iraq already a kind of joke, as the country assumes its annointed position in the Iranian satellite system? Will we have to fight another war in Iraq, this time to free it from Iran? And what makes us think Iran won’t make plenty of trouble in a post-Assad regime through the radicalized Islamists who will be swelling the ranks of “Al Qaeda and Sons”.

circling drainCircling the drain, just circling the drain. I’m not even going to touch the immigration debacle today.

Thoughts on the Unknowable

Just some musings on various topics today, after long days of watching obsessive coverage of the Boston bombings, their victims, and their perpetrators.

I’ve been shaking my head about the fact that Russian intelligence tried to warn Americans about the Jokers six months ago, but the FBI couldn’t find a thing on these guys. Apparently, there was so little reason for concern that they did not maintain surveillance, either. Or keep up with their social media antics. It wasn’t rocket science, it was simple due diligence.

There is an underlying problem here that I feel ought to be mentioned. It is called hubris. The Americans far more than the Europeans are contemptuous of Russia in all manner of ways, perhaps because the Europeans, from Sweden to Germany to Poland to France, have been tussling with the Russians in one West European-concocted war or another for centuries and they have yet to win one. We Americans especially suffer from arrogance in the military realm. We have shiny new lethal weapons of every variety and the latest design, and Russia is still burdened with an old-time Army and Navy, unable to invest the gazillions of dollars necessary both to modernize their economy and show off their weaponry in Kremlin parades. At least I guess that is the reason behind our sneering attitudes when it comes to things military and security. But Russia’s intelligence services are still excellent and given the neighborhood they live in, they have to be. As far as the military hardware, it’s true that Russia doesn’t have the money to turn out all kinds of new models of all kinds of new weapons, but it knows how to upgrade what they have and come up with new generation critical weaponry. It still knows how to focus its first-rate scientific community on such projects. Most significantly, they are not talking about unilateral nuclear disarmament, although they’d love to encourage the USA and its destructive president to go right ahead with such a project.

America, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, has ignored Russia’s warnings on various foreign policy conundrums. We have been condescending and all-knowing, playing Oliver Hardy to Stan Laurel, or Moe to Curly and Shemp. We have ignored Russia’s warnings about the folly of intervening in the Middle East and in North African countries for no clear reason other than to showcase our big bombers, leaving behind unstable governments and huge pools of actual and potential jihadists that nobody can keep under control. That was a luxury the US could once, briefly, afford — the terrorists were concentrating on Russia and Israel, not America. Not anymore.

Maybe you’re not aware of the fact that long before 9/11, when Al Qaeda was a destructive whirlwind in the second bloody Chechen war and the terrorism that ensued all around Russia, the Russians tried to warn the Americans about the group. But we Americans always know better. Thanks for the information, we’ll get back to you. Al Qaeda wasn’t a big problem for us. And then there came 9/11, and suddenly we were Al Qaeda experts. Now we send drones after the jihadists around the globe and are on to their every move, unless they are up to no good in the United States, in which case we are close to stupidly ignorant.

And so it was with the Tsarnayev brothers, who had minimal experience with Russia or Chechnya, their father having raised his family in somewhat safer climes such as Dagestan (also a Russian Moslem region, but one not convulsed by civil war) or the former Soviet republic of Kirgizstan (ethnic Asians most) or in the United States. Yet six months ago, when the older brother decided to head back for a visit to Russia, a place where Chechens are far from welcome, the Americans had not a glimmer of suspicion. When Russian intelligence shared with us the elder Tsarnayev’s highly suspicious activities in radical Moslem circles there and his disappearance before he could be detained, the Americans were not totally dismissive, they passed it along the chain. But hey, the guy’s an American. Not only that, but a damned lucky guy to be an American — given all the best we had to offer the world’s refugees (although why a guy with residency in Kirgizstan was a refugee beats me). Why would such a lucky guy bite the hand that feeds him? And he’s a boxer! What more proof of healthy American attitudes do you need?

The FBI did a no doubt cursory examination, gave the man and his family a clean bill of health, and forgot about him. Because our FBI is light years better than those stone-age Russians, right? And if we couldn’t find something right there biting us on the nose when we began our inquiries, it couldn’t possibly be there. Until it bit us in the ass. It was probably the sequester that convinced the FBI not to bother following up, and I’m hoping against hope that the guy in the White House will try that one out on the American public.

And so on Patriots Day, while all the world watched, the Tsarnayev brothers blew up a couple hundred people, killing three and wounding grievously many others. And now our intelligence agents are Johnny on the Spot, digging the way they should have been digging some time ago, before a bunch of people were maimed for life. Or lost their lives.

One final word on the subject: when the police finally found the remaining brother, the relief of the Bostonians must have been enormous. But instead of breaking into chants of “USA, USA!” it would have made a far better and deeper impression if everybody had bowed their heads in a prayer of thanks for an end to their fear, or even sung “God Bless America.” But everything today seems to be judged as if it were a game, and our movies and our television and our video games reinforce that idea. And frankly, if it’s a game, we aren’t doing too well.

So much for national security.

Then there is that endless source of amusement, the Republican Party and the buffoons who are running it. The latest shot to the foot comes in South Carolina, bastion of conservatism, where disgraced and shameful and shameless former Governor Mark Sanford, no doubt egged on by the lovely Señora, decided that his bizarre and irresponsible behavior in the waning days of his stewardship of the state was no reason not to go for national office. Heck no. He’s even in tune with the Latino-loving ambiance of our times, can speak a few words of terrible Spanish and probably knows how to samba. Okay, it’s true, people today don’t actually condone feelings of shame or responsibility, so he can be forgiven for trying to cash in on the feel-good society we have become. But when the primary was underway and it looked like the voters (and how many were Democrats, do we know the answer to that?) were going to choose Dumbo, did the Republican Party apparat jump in to gin up the Republican voters, put forward a good alternative candidate, back the Sanford opponent? If so, it certainly escaped my attention.

And now that Sanford won the primary (and again I ask, with how many Democrat votes?), the National Republican Congressional Committee has hiked up its pants, rolled up its sleeves, and announced it will not give a penny to Sanford’s candidacy.

Forget the fact that it probably has hardly a penny to give to anyone due to its past brilliant leadership, just bear in mind that the Marxist Party of America, aka the Democrats, are running the sister of TV and left-wing celebrity Steven Colbert. That will mean big bucks coming into her coffers, free entertainment from the faux conservative, and well-deserved endless mockery of the former Governor.

Even the Republican Party admits this means the seat goes to…the Far Left. No hay problemo, as they have said in so many words. We’ll get it next time around.

I’m just wondering where they are digging up these utterly brainless Party operatives. And who are these operatives operating on behalf of? And why on earth do they still think they are going to have a next time?

With enemies like these, the Democrats don’t need any friends.



Why is the US Playing Defense on the Guantanamo Riots?

gitmoThis farce doesn’t stop and it doesn’t get funnier, either.

Here is what the US military at Guantanamo tells us: the slugs dressed in prison-wear had 147 of 160 surveillance cameras covered up for several (three? four? twelve?) weeks before the guards went in to stop the funny stuff. The detainees are terrorists, but according to the military, the reason the guards went in wasn’t to make sure they weren’t fabricating a nuclear weapon, but to make sure the bearded brutes were okay. Some of them were refusing to eat because of the unfair imprisonment they were suffering — oh,how they long to be back on the battlegrounds of jihad! — and alleged lack of respect for their damned Korans. The sweety pies who brought us the rubble of the World Trade Center were armed with makeshift weapons, including broomsticks, homemade knives and long batons made  of tightly coiled plastic and other materials.

Why don’t we just blow them all the way to Paradise, which would take care of the first complaint. And as for the second, I don’t believe it for a minute and I think it is an outrage to the victims of 9/11 that these murderers are allowed to have their outdated version of a Bible that dictates women are chattel and mandates war against the infidel. That would be us, my fellow infidels.

The military guards had to train for weeks to get it right, they were prepared for anything.  And when they went in they wore riot gear. Injuries were minor.

alligators eat egretsI have so many comments I don’t know where to start. But let me try. How could the military allow the situation to get so out of control that they had to train for three weeks to handle it and to be prepared for anything? Is anybody awake at Guantanamo or are they dozing off in the brutal mid-day sun? I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the US military is on the wrong track and not only in Guantanamo, so wrong that it would be like thinking you’re on the Oregon Trail and ending up in Okefenokee Swamp — and that is an apt description of what we have allowed that detention camp to become. Full of alligators and mild-mannered egrets, guess who plays which role.

The information was provided by the military to real traveling dung beetles, the reporters, who saw a chance to show how tough they are by putting the US armed forces up against the wall, rather than being back in Washington trying to find out where Obama was born, or where the money for Solyndra ended up, why retired US Army Colonel Allen West couldn’t get a recount in an obviously cooked Florida electoral tally, or what the First Family’s  next vacation plans are. The reporters got a peek at the terrorists, who were pacing restlessly in their cells. I bet they were. There they were, busily plotting a major uprising for weeks on end, and whammo! They were back in their cells. That would make anybody  mad. One was so pissed off that he banged  his head against a door, apparently in a search for brain matter, but all he got was a little blood. The medical personnel made sure he was okay, stitching up his boo-boo. The final outrage is that all those young angry terrorists still have a chance to earn their way back to the community rec room, if they are good and don’t do all those naughty things again. That includes doing us the favor of eating the food they get at our expense everyday, adapted to their peculiar religious strictures.

Meanwhile we have terrorism in our streets and ricin in envelopes heading for our Senators and Homeland Security begging for hints from the public, which is the scariest thing of all. Homeland Security my foot. And yet I have heard not a single question about whether the events at home and those in Guantanamo are related. Not one. Not even on Fox News. Instead I hear the left-wing trying mightily to make the bombings into a right-wing plot, with the chorus only getting warmed up. The longer Homeland Insecurity can’t find who the perpetrators were, the worse the noise from the left will become. It was Tax Day (wow, unlike every other year!). It was Patriot Day (wow, a Tea Party favorite day!). They’ll be finding other tell-tale signs of the conspiratorial right’s involvement, you watch. And no evidence needed! What a lucky break!

The Lennie Riefenstahl Brigades of the left-stream media are working over-time to morph the face of American protesters, good and angry about a government contemptuous of our American founding documents, into the faces of terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn and Kathy Boudin, bombers, murderers and icons of the left. But I don’t want to give away the ending. You will just have to watch it all play out before your eyes.




If only the left could surprise us, but nooooh…

First: my deepest sympathies to anybody injured mentally or physically by what happened in Boston today. Whoever did it, lethal injection is way too good for them and if I had my way, they’d suffer terribly before they died.

That said…

A whole bunch of bombs went off (and didn’t) in Boston, timed to blow up as many as possible of the multinational participants in the race with maximum public attention. Thoughtful, intelligent people thought to themselves, could this be associated with the “uprising” of the prisoners at Guantanamo, those scum who ought to have been executed long ago? The jihadists love synchronization, like Esther Williams swimmers. But guess what? The brain-dead left think it was right-wing conspirators who did it. I’m referring at the moment to comments by some idiot by the name of Luke Russert at NBC (Nothing But Communists), but give this a couple of hours. Soon we’ll have the entire panorama of left-wingers, from Hollywood to the White House, trying to foist this off onto conservatives. Perhaps, if they are really, really creative, they can tie it into constitutionalism and the fight for smaller government, although I was unaware that any of the boneheads inhabiting the highest offices in the land were running in the Marathon. Neither was anybody from the EPA, one of the top terror organizations in the world.

I guess they think conservatives are behind this violence because Boston is the heartland of some of the most outré liberalism found in the US of A, vying with Los Angeles as the champion of social engineering insanity. They assume that, being supporters of the Second Amendment, we conservatives also support the setting off of bombs against physical fitness buffs. For such ideologues, there is nothing too low or twisted to attribute to people who support the unfettered exercise of their Constitutional rights.

Here’s a news bulletin for you dolts on the left: the Second Amendment is about guns, which you don’t like and we do, and not about bombs, which are obviously MUCH harder to control and are far more often detonated by the left (does Baader-Meinhof ring a bell? how about eco-terrorists?) or Moslem lunatics, the latter enjoying far greater support on the left than Christians do. Instead of trying to send conservatives to Coventry, and if possible to prison, for daring to question the rights of the State over the Individual, these petty, self-righteous and stupid marxists might take a deep breath and count to 500,555,644. That should calm them down.

Of course, I’m forgetting, aren’t I, that the US military, now entering its fifth year under the New Regime that flies the Gay Flag and wants PFCs to rate the Generals, has already distributed a text to the troops that lists Catholics and the Tea Party along with jihadists as dangerous extremists. There was no doubt a lot of heated discussion about including the jihadists. So the left might be excused (but I don’t excuse them) for thinking that somebody who wants to see the Constitution honored in this country also think blowing limbs off of the innocent is a mere extension of politics.

I just wanted to get my two cents in before we become flooded with the nonsense being dreamed up at this very moment by our political opponents who want to bring our country to its knees.

Because I’m willing to go on the record: no Timothy McVeigh here. This is jihad in its purest, most terroristic form. It was dreamt up in order to terrify Americans. It has. And to force us to do their bidding. It remains to be seen if that will work, too.

And anybody looking anywhere else for the perpetrators is not only stupid, but criminally stupid.


Thin is In, Get Over It

Guantanamo mealsLessons in Stupidity, Part Umpty-Ump, brought to us by the kinder, gentler US Department of Defense.

The coddled prisoners at Guantanamo, who are allowed to mingle in their comfortable community center when not enjoying the the exercise equipment they need to keep their muscles toned, have risen up against their wicked guards. You and I, sillies that we are, might wonder about the wisdom of allowing murderous scum to mingle, thinking it might facilitate the plotting of some minor version of 9/11 right there at the detention center. But the Department of Defense wanted to soothe the inflamed feelings of the world’s rabble and make imprisonment for heinous crimes as comfy as possible and so they did. The same official concern for the well-being of the World Trade Center murderers was demonstrated when the guards, under assault with giant improvised shivs (broomsticks!), responded with rubber pellets. Think about it. Our military missed the chance to wipe out every last one of them in one fell swoop using real weapons, assuming they are allowed to carry real weapons. At a minimum the guards should be shooting pork gristle pellets, hold the rubber, which can be more usefully made into tires.

Minor bruising of a few riotous conspirators has been reported, shocking news that has the International Committee of the Red Cross deeply concerned. This is the self-same ICRC that stood by dipping their French bread into their Swiss fondue as the Sandinistas built a prison around ex-National Guard soldiers and continued enjoying 3 squares a day while the Sandinistas carried out thousands of extrajudicial executions inside the walls. But bruises on a jihadist murderer? Heavens to Betsy, it’s off to the International Court at the Hague, just as soon as the buffoon in the White House agrees to put the US under that mockery of a court’s jurisdiction, which could occur at any moment. I bet there is even a movie in development at this very moment, starring Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx as put-upon jihadist leaders, that will make you weep at the brutality of the US military.

Leftists protest guantanamoThe prisoner assault was preceded by tell-tale signs that something was up. The inmates draped cloth (gosh, I hope it wasn’t their undies) over windows and surveillance cameras to protest snooping on their activities, which included weapon-making and perhaps group sex. (By the way, I feel similarly annoyed with USG snooping on my activities, which are no more dangerous than pounding away on a computer keyboard, but the ICRC hasn’t volunteered to handle my case.) The Moslem militants were preparing for some mini-Armageddon, which came when the guards stormed the camp rec room to haul off (well, more likely to gently escort from the premises) some hunger-strikers. I’m guessing the next thing we will see is international pressure to remove the cameras and put up drapes at the windows, to which I expect our spineless leadership will readily agree. And by the way — windows?

Before writing one more word, I feel compelled to share with you what Fox News had to say about the horrendous conditions at the camp — abuses so rampant that they prompted a 3-week visit to Cuba in the depths of the Swiss winter by highly-paid ICRC officials just prior to the uprising:

Camp 6 had previously been a section of the camp reserved for detainees who  followed prison rules. In exchange they were allowed to share meals and pray  together, have nearly round-the-clock recreation time as well as access to  satellite TV, computer games and classes. It held a majority of the 166  prisoners at the base before the hunger strike began, but the military said the  number was down to fewer than 70 on Saturday.

comfy facilitiesSo much for following prison rules, whatever they might have been — wash your beard after meals? And I bet you, too, sometimes feel like rioting over the trash beamed into our homes by the infotainment world. Could it have been a re-run of the movie Babe (the pig, not the ballplayer) that finally pushed those poor men over the edge? Or the sight of senior citizen Madonna performing live without the courtesy of veils? Maybe it was a retrospective on the life of Billy Graham? Whatever it was, it worked, as did the Al-Qaeda sponsored video games like Muslim Mali and its closing line, “Congratulations, you have become martyrs!”

Apparently the situation at the camp is so dire that the ICRC is threatening to return, which just confirms that the organization always and without fail favors the terrorists over the good guys. My advice to the Guantanamo chefs is, ditch the pork chops before the highly-sensitive Swiss get there.

One final word on all this. Thin is in. Ask anybody in Hollywood, where looking like an Auschwitz victim is practically de rigeur. Please, as one ordinary American, I’m pleading with you: just let the prisoners starve themselves to death. Encourage everybody to join in. Post images on every wall of 72 dark-eyed virgins with beckoning smiles. It is a much surer way of sending these brutish animals to Paradise than bruising them to death with rubber pellets.  And close the Youth Center while you’re at it.