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Oh, for heaven’s sake. Now it’s the rage in America to march against freedom of speech

I have tried mightily not to return to the pages of this blog. Frankly, it was all boringly repetitive. How many times can you say that the Russia story is bogus, made up for political goals, and provide clues, before you decide nobody in this country cares? It is far easier to write off the disastrous Clinton campaign to treachery than it is to accept that you boobs on the left chose a lemon for your honey. I was bored with the deliberately provoked angst over Ernst Blofeld aka Vladimir Putin trying to take over the world. I never found a convincing answer to the question: how can Russia be so third-rate and so first-rate at the same time? I never heard an answer of any kind to “where is the proof that Russia did any of the things you accuse it of?” and certainly not to the question, “where did Russia change any election results in any precinct in the country?” I got tired of asking. The left-provoked hysteria made the American air rancid, like bad breath. I decided I’d let Judicial Watch do the digging and asking for me.

I was (and am!) tired of the women in this country, who have all the opportunities a woman could want and are still whining because the country didn’t hand them the presidency. They feel offended, and I’m offended by their offense. I’d say taking their side and my side together, every woman in America is now offended by something. And as an aside, I was really tired of women who marched so jolly wearing a knit hat said to be a pussy, but which looked nothing like any definition of the word. The very idea of such an antic points to the essentially juvenile nature of the left and its useful fools.

I am tired of the men who aren’t men at all, but think it is okay to be a “little gay.” Although gay is so tame. Who cares about gay? Today we have women who mutilate themselves by taking male hormones, cutting off their breasts and hanging on to the other stuff, and no doubt many “men” as well. As Cher’s benighted daughter said, she wasn’t giving up her fun as a woman just because she wants to be a man. No real commitment there, if you ask me.  I have seen two stories in which such a creature has given birth after “becoming” male. Think of that poor child. In any humane state, such critters would be sterilized at the same time as their sex change operation, even if only partial. This will prevent any poor child from being conceived by such people. Who is paying for all this medical experimentation? When I was young, insurance companies would not even pay for infertility treatments for women!

I am tired of the suffocating hypocrisy of the left, on all matters, but Charlottesville and Boston come to mind. I remain floored that 15000 people came out and marched against freedom of speech. That’s the flat truth of the matter, no matter how the media gussies it up. The licensed demonstrators put out a list of “rules” in advance that stated their goal of giving support to the First Amendment and advised that demonstrators were not to bring any  type of arm or carry  any type of hate paraphernalia, not to provoke or be provoked, etc. So as not to invade the safe space of all those Boston folks so afraid of free speech, I guess. In any case, people were riled up that there was still somebody not cowed enough to shut up about free speech, which everybody knows is just a code name for racism, insensitivity, cultural buffoonery, ignorance, homophobia, and so on. This thus required a mob of 15000 to show those licensed demonstrators who was boss and warn they better shut up. And guess what? The licensed demonstrators were frightened by the mob and left, taking Freedom of Speech with them.

Oh, yes, Boston and its famed university are well down that slippery slope to irrelevance and even treachery to the US Constitution. Go Sox!

Meantime, those wise men who made our country great, and led great conflicts at risk of life, but who were not lucky enough to be born in the 21st c. with its cultural nuances and deep morality, are having their statues torn down (as if Thomas Jefferson gives a fuck). And pulled down by people who look like potential deportees or escaped criminals, who have zero understanding of US history or our cultural values (or those that were). Our history is to be rewritten by idiots.

What really rankles most is the creeps we somehow elected to the US Congress when they were posing as conservatives– where the hell does Rubio get off saying it’s all right to use violence against people whose messages you don’t like? Viva Fidel! He won’t be getting my vote or my measly ten bucks this next time. He can go home to Cuba, which I understand is now a free country or what he might accept as such. And Jeff Flake — elected on a wave of Tea Party support and now turned full scale progressive. Open borders (and strong backs!). Tell us Jeff Flake — what did you do for Arizona lately? You didn’t produce a health-care bill, did you? Or tax reform? But you found time to carry on a tirade against the President. I hope you don’t make it through the next Arizona primary and if you do, that you lose your seat. I’d rather an honest communist sitting in Congress than a false friend such as you.

Now we can come to the source of many of my frustrations, the President himself. I must say, even when I was harsh toward him, I was hopeful that the dynamism that made him successful in business would translate to the presidency. I am skeptical. And I am skeptical despite granting that on certain things he has fulfilled his campaign pledges or is  making progress to that end, and that his policies have actually worked (and will in time develop their own problems, as always will happen). Look at the drop in illegal immigration, which is making business scream in pain and leave advisory councils by the dozens. (How about an actual law to let workers sans families in to fill those empty spots and earn some money?)

I think Kelly has put an end to the harmful leaks, but he seems to be killing diversity of thought in the process. Steve Bannon’s departure is really, as Bannon himself said, the end of the “MAGA” period of Trump’s presidency. Slowly but surely Trump is being herded into the smooth notch where all the interests of the Elite and the Dark State meet. He is still resistant on the foreign war bit, but give his enemies (and ours) time.

If all Trump is doing is bringing some order to his policy-making process, then well and good. I said from the start that Trump had better be prepared to deal with all the variant outlooks he was putting on his staff and Cabinet, and he was certainly not prepared or able to do so. So Kelly’s iron fist is good, for now. On the other hand, I also see an emerging pattern in which all the conservatives are herded out of the White House and its environs to give place to those minions of the Deep State who never gave up occupancy. If that is the case, then I’m with Bannon — we have a war on to save the ideas that were behind Trump’s win; all we lack is a leader.



Do we have a trend here?

mcauliffeFirst a word on Ken Cuccinelli’s loss in Virginia. As I shed a tear or two, I console myself with this more clear-headed reaction: Cuccinelli is a trail-blazer. The man who by all accounts ran a lack-luster campaign with next to no help from the GOP against a political sleaze artist and money-grubber (oops, fund-raiser) and was behind by double digits came within a point and three-quarters of defeating McAuliffe, who outspent him by 15 million dollars. And Cuccinelli was right on when he attributed this phenomenal surge to public anger over Obamacare. Public discontent with this crew of autocrats and social engineers is jelling into rebellion over their signature accomplishment, destruction of US health care.

Go, America! Get up on your hind legs and fight back against these creeps and Brown Shirts! I do believe something is starting here. It gives my blood a little tingle. Virginia was a clarion signal to battle. If we could bring the race to within a hair in Virginia, lop-sided with those sucking away at the public teat, then we can win all over the country with conservative, brilliant, able men and women who can make our case to the public that the only way to defeat Obamacare is to defeat the Democrats. Somehow, either with the GOP or against them, we have to make the difference at the polls. But it’s going to be hard, because the Establishment of the GOP has declared war on conservatives, brilliant political strategists that they are. Either they will listen to sense or they will be swept aside. A tide is rising.

hillaryOf course, now that McAuliffe has his sticky fingers all over the Virginia government, look for big help for that criminal Hillary Clinton. She is as ugly as a toad these days, but goes around oozing this saintliness.  Still, I see her popularity is dropping big time and now she is below fifty percent at about where Obama is on a good day (47 percent), and thankfully his good days are getting to be fewer and fewer. McAuliffe and the duplicitous duet of Clinton and Clinton is enough to make my skin crawl. It reminds me of Travel-Gate and Craig Livingstone and enemies lists and Hollywood buying a stay in a White House bedroom, where they proceed to trash it. It reminds me of the Rose Law firm records hiding in her closet while they were under subpoena and imagine her taking out pages at her leisure and getting rid of them. I remember the Black Panthers she defended and the sexual deviants she surrounds herself with, and his ceaseless search for adoration. But she is part of the Old Guard now and she is going to be fighting an American public that is angrier than it has been in a long time. She cannot take her victory as assured and she is a fool if she does. As some late-night comedian  once said, she carries around more baggage than FedEx. I plan to bring up at every opportunity her alleged investment in a drug-laundering enterprise in Panama’s jungle, right down there by Colombia, and will continue to demand an accounting of interest earned on said investment and US taxes paid.

purgeNow on to equally disturbing news, or perhaps it is more disturbing even than Hillary Clinton. That is the accelerating purge of senior (and mid-level) officers from the US military for “lack of confidence” or for some peccadillo that is commonplace among the straight members of the military and rampant among the homosexuals. We all know that this is a full court press to oust anybody non-compliant with regime goals and to replace them with the compliant and the eagerly compliant. There is a lot of tattle-tale-ing going on in the military and it reminds me vividly of the control the Communists exerted over every organization and institution in the USSR. They did this by inserting people whose sole job was to report on the other people every single day. This is how they identified miscreants, enemies of the people, and the unorthodox. Who were then dismissed if not arrested and sent to a prison cell or a labor camp. I am certain this system is now in use by the Obama administration and not just in the military. The take-over of our government and armed forces is well underway.

But just as in the Virginia vote, here is the bright note: retired and ousted military officers are beginning to speak out on what is happening, warning the country of the purge that is underway and its goal — the emasculation (literally) of the military and its total subservience not to country but to party — the Democrat (or perhaps by then, the Democrat Socialist) Party to be exact.

So we have a really, really boiling mad public all across the country, regions of states demanding the right to secession, voters turning against the Democrats at the voting booth, our bravest and most talented military outraged over what is happening to the forces — what does it tell you? It tells me that all the conditions are ripe for revolution. We are not yet starving, although I’d give the ecologists a couple of decades before they ignite some worldwide famine with their hare-brained schemes or manage to kill of most of humanity, which is their ultimate goal.

I see the words flying off the ends of my fingers and I can’t believe I’m saying this. And not feeling paranoid, but just alert. When I did analysis of the Soviet Union and Latin America at State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research in the 1980s, I used to prepare very short bits for use in the morning briefing of the Secretary of State or even the President. One of the senior officials in the Bureau commented to a colleague that I found a communist under every rock. I shot back, “yes, that’s where you usually find them.”  But my work was hardly paranoid and always based on factual observation of a situation. And about now, I think it’s time to start looking under all the rocks around here and poking a stick to get the communist out — because these guys are everywhere now. And you don’t have to be a political analyst to know it, or recognize it when you see it.

God save America, or if He chooses not to, please give us our own country. Amen.


The Whistleblower and the Emperor

I am fascinated by the disastrous turn of affairs around the world and the disturbing face of One World Government that we are beginning to see take shape. The immediate cause of my consternation is the matter of Edward Snowden, whom I will forever think of as The Whistleblower because that is who and what he is. He blew the whistle on a scary, massive intelligence collection operation that had global reach and did reach as deep as possible into the lives of all of us world citizens. I don’t even care what the end was for the those carrying out the espionage, all I care is that it is a huge open invitation to grave abuses of everybody’s fundamental rights. I assume it is or will be used in bad ways. Snowden let us in on the big secret: you have no privacy rights, period. And the apologists can claim that our Congress, inept and ineffective, knew about the program, but that doesn’t mean any of the rest of us knew what was going on. In a country whose youths don’t even know who the Vice President is, the realities of an omniscient power-sucking monstrosity of espionage could hardly be expected to register at all. It took an Edward Snowden to rip the cover off the totalitarian machine growing within our country and that makes him a whistleblower and a hero.

In the real world, whistleblowers are allegedly a protected category of people whose revelation of crimes outweighs any malfeasance involved in acquiring and revealing such information. We all know that in fact whistleblowers, some of them, are destroyed by those whose crimes they expose. Not everybody is Karen Silkwood. But there is a widely held view that the person who risks everything to reveal what is or should be a criminal enterprise deserves protection from retaliation. Not surprisingly, Obama’s coterie of thugs has been relentless in chasing down whistleblowers and leakers and even boast of it. They only liked whistleblowers when they weren’t in power. Nowadays nobody can expose highly secret information, whether about legal or quasi-legal or flat out criminal activity, and get away with it.

Edward Snowden is Karen Silkwood on a global scale. He didn’t just alert Americans to their government’s pervasive espionage, he alerted people all around the world. Now Snowden is on the run and most governments are dusting off their American lackey caps. The bottom line is that these usually-pontificating nations, the kind who give peace prizes to men for literally no reason at all, are turning their backs on their humanitarian mantra and a legitimate asylum seeker because he would be inconvenient politically. Snowden remains imprisoned at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, a victim of a world governed by the mediocre and the blind. I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat it: there are no more heroes. There are only shabby bureaucrats doing their duty.

What is most worrisome is this slithery silent falling into place of the world’s governments behind the will of the American Emperor. I see one man, trapped, as the US builds a prison around him country by country. I suppose I should be impressed by the power of threats and demands, but instead I am repelled. This is what the One World Government looks like. There is no escape; there is no haven. There is always one real ruler, like Germany in the EU, and that country calls the shots. For the moment it is the US on top. Who knows who will be calling the shots tomorrow?

global espionageI’m sure the European governments are as afraid of Snowden’s disclosures as our own is. Their goal is to get their hands on him and shut him up. I can only assume that this because they, too, are guilty of massive invasion of privacy and disclosure of their violations would create a political firestorm. If governments’ responses to a plea for asylum are predictably limp and without principle, that is not the case with the astounding and profound silence from the usual chorus of harpies and NGOS who decry every violation of every right, real or imagined. Where is their voice of protest, the demonstrations? Snowden is a case made in heaven for rallying the self-righteous and yet they hang back. It’s in a critical situation like this that we see the end result of allowing governments to provide major and in some cases all funding to NGOs, as is the case in Europe and Canada. The reliance on government converts them from fictional independent organizations into functional Government Organizations. Their silence about Snowden is complicity.

NATO sells itself as the guarantor of freedom, but the latest development in the Snowden case, the forced landing of the Bolivian president’s aircraft for a search for Snowden, should serve as a lesson to us all in the evils of massed power and authority. Air closures are a major weapon against dissenters to the common trans-atlantic interest as seen from a handful of world capitals. We saw the tactic during the war against Serbia in 1999 when Russia was barred from over-flight of aspiring NATO countries in Eastern Europe, thus preventing Russia from aiding Serbia while NATO bombed.

By the way and for what it’s worth, I think that a rumor was deliberately spread by Moscow that Snowden was going home with Bolivian President Evo Morales in order to create an international stink when the countries collaborating with the US did something to impede the flight. The uproar will complicate a subsequent effort or efforts to bring down planes suspected of carrying The Whistleblower, especially with another Latin American leftwing president on board. It would increase the odds that Snowden reaches an asylum country.

moralesI can’t help but wonder what would have happened if the pilot had ignored the edicts closing the airspace over France and Portugal– would the jets have been scrambled to bring the plane down? Would somebody have fired a missile the way the Russians did to Korean Airlines passenger flight 007 that refused to leave Russian airspace back in 1978? I guess Morales didn’t want to take a chance. But the Bolivian is furious at the indignity of being chased down like a common criminal. This will play well for a long time in Bolivia and elsewhere in Latin America. Another foreign policy coup for the American Emperor.

Putin Punts

putinsnowdenThings are beginning to shake out here, but I couldn’t even guess how it all ends. Putin has rather clumsily gotten Edward Snowden off his hands by first offering him asylum and then stating a condition that he knew would be utterly unacceptable to Snowden. If Snowden were to agree never to say another word about what got him where he is, he would immediately lose all his growing icon status. He would be saying, “I’m sorry I revealed the global tentacles of US espionage strangling the rights of ordinary people.” He would be saying “I am a criminal.” He would never do it.

computer snoops 1Now you get some flavor of how the KGB worked. They could be brutal, but they were never stupid. On the other hand, I don’t think Putin earned any glory at home with this ploy. First off, his comments made it seem as if he was protecting American secrets and possibly crimes, something not calculated to go over big with a Russian audience. For Putin, it was a particularly weasly statement reeking of insincerity. Even more important, people suspect the real reason he doesn’t want Snowden in Russia isn’t so much out of fear of US reaction. It’s because he doesn’t want to have a super-snoop pounding away on a computer somewhere in his domain. Russian human rights advocates have been urging Putin to grant asylum and I would guess it was for the same reason that Putin doesn’t want to do it.

Now Snowden has predictably “withdrawn” his asylum request with Russia and is apparently throwing out a lifeline to all our heroic Socialist states, the ones run by the lunatic fringe (Venezuela) and those smug with their own self-satisfaction —  and that means you Norway, and you Sweden, and you Denmark. So far, no request to North Korea.

At this point, I’m waiting to see if even one of the NATO countries has the guts to defy the US and say, come to us. All of them have embassies in Moscow and it is not a problem for the Russian government to transfer him to any point within Russian territory and from there to another country. These NATO governments have no apparent problem signing on for bombing campaigns against people for highly dubious “humanitarian” causes, so I wonder if even one of them will abide by its obligations as an asylum-granting country and open its doors to a someone who can easily be described as a political dissident. So far a number of countries, including Switzerland with its humanitarian cachet, have said he has to get to their actual soil before asking for asylum. I’m sure the fact that he has no valid passport is also a technical problem if they want it to be. My point is that asylum can be extended without reference to what kind of travel document the applicant carries and regardless of all other technicalities. That these so-called problems are being discussed is an indication that the governments in question deem this to be a case where a nation’s human rights obligations can be ignored in pursuit of self-interest. Self-interest in this case amounts to the same things Putin was concerned about: not getting the US permanently out of joint and not having a snoop on their hands.

computer crimesI hope one of the European countries does step forward to take in Snowden because I’m getting this creepy idea that all these world socialist governments are closing ranks behind Big Brother to silence him. Maybe all of these governments are also poking into the private lives of individuals both at home and abroad, and maybe they care a lot less about their citizens’ fundamental rights than they do about sending a warning that nobody can reveal official crimes and get away with it. How scary is that? The implications are profound. Once upon a time what you did, the alleged crime, was weighed against your reasons for acting and the public benefit from what you revealed. Now it doesn’t seem to matter what crimes you reveal or what your motives were. Your crime of speaking out is far greater than any crime the State commits. Political crimes have been added to common crimes as the basis for denial of asylum. So tell me, oh great humanitarians: what the hell can you get amnesty for? I’ll give you one guess: running away from a right-wing government, of which there are fewer and fewer, or maybe fleeing a NATO bombing campaign.

maduroThere is one very obvious possibility for Putin to put an end to the Snowden Affair without losing too much more face. He can give him as a gift to the soon-to-arrive Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. Since Maduro is coming in at Sheremetyevo, it would be a convenient moment to smuggle Snowden onto the presidential flight for the return trip to Caracas. I think it would be a sure bet the US wouldn’t scramble the jets for the 29-year old hacker when he is enjoying the company of a Latin American president. Maduro has yet to catch fire with the poor and the ignorant who voted him into office despite his catchy campaign slogan, “I am Chavez.”  He would get a little boost from shafting the US so publicly, especially after Rafael Correa of Ecuador — his competitor for Dictator of the Year in Latin America — lost his nerve. On the other hand, it is rumored that the Venezuelan has been mulling over a sort of rapprochement with the USG, for what reasons we do not know. Probably because he hasn’t caught fire with his voting base.

One thing is for sure, the longer this situation drags on the worse it looks for both Snowden and for the high repute of the world’s leading nations. I’m waiting for all those thousands of State-funded NGOs around the world to join their voices to the call to grant Snowden asylum. It’s a moment like this when you can really judge the conviction behind stated beliefs — or not.


No Heroes Anywhere

assangeWell, well, life is full of surprises. The fire-breathing anti-capitalist populist demagogue Rafael Correa of Ecuador, who doesn’t take orders from the US, seems to have lost his cojones. If I am not mistaken, he has reconsidered giving asylum to Snowden. You know the jig is up when they start citing technicalities, like “he isn’t in our country so he can’t ask for asylum.” I seem to recall countless cases of people walking into US embassies and demanding asylum, and some of them got it. All Moscow would have to do is get Snowden to the Ecuadorian Embassy, which is legally Ecuadorian territory. He asks for asylum and voilà, he’s an asylee. He could leave on any flight to Quito and there is only a middling chance that Obama would scramble the jets once they get on our side of the world.

assange2Apparently everybody is having some indigestion flowing from their take-that decisions. For Correa, granting Julian Assange asylum in his country’s Embassy in London has turned into a headache or perhaps even an ulcer. Ecuador can’t smuggle Assange out of London, the Brits would stop it. So our Wikileaks hero or villain is stuck there in some stuffy building for all eternity, highly limited in the mischief he can get up to and no doubt bored out of his mind. Sounds like my version of hell for both the asylee and the diplomats. (The US had a similar case in Moscow in the 80s when a large family of Pentecostals took refuge at the Embassy. They were there for years.) The Ecuadorian Embassy’s confidential communications have been leaking like water through a sieve and they suggest growing tensions with the Embassy’s tenant. Assange claims it’s an official disinformation campaign and the Ecuardorian diplomats privately accuse Assange of being the leak, which bit of information comes from leaked communications. (Oh, yes, there is that aspect of making spies welcome; you can never trust them.)

In Moscow, they have a different knotty issue. Having happily allowed Snowden to enjoy the benefits of the Sheremyetevo transit lounge while sharing his information with them, they would now like him to go. Anywhere. I bet the Russians have conveyed that unambiguously to Edward Snowden. But now it looks like a game of musical chairs and Putin is the last man standing. And if Correa can afford to turn tail at US threats, Putin cannot. The Russian public likes Edward Snowden, they look on him as a heroic young figure who risked everything to warn the world of US treachery. (I’d bet that is an image also widely shared among European youth.) Putin has swaggered and figuratively boxed our president’s ears. If nobody will take Snowden off his hands (and I wonder if China sent Snowden to Russia without asking Moscow?), then Russia must consider his asylum request, if made. That’s a big if. It sounds as though Snowden is weighing the benefits of allowing the dictatorial USG to handcuff him and try him for treason, thereby making him a global icon and ensuring the issue of US spying never goes to bed. If he decides against that route, he will probably be able to stay where he is, only as an official asylee. The WSJ reports that a number of Russian media and political types are now speaking out in favor of asylum for Snowden and this is seen as a way for the Kremlin to judge reactions. I might be proven wrong yet again, but I can’t see Moscow turning Snowden over to the US if they can’t offload him.

pigletPutin joked that the entire affair was like shearing a piglet: too much squeal, too little wool. As a former KGB agent, he might have been expressing his view of the new intelligence Snowden brought with him — not much they didn’t already know. Or he might have been trying to console the USG that it’s not such a big deal after all, when in fact it is a big deal. We will only know if Snowden comes home or our techno-geeks manage to trace his footsteps through the cyber-world.

But it doesn’t really matter anymore. Snowden was the agent, but it was what he revealed that must concern us. The pervasive electronic invasion of our lives is not okay, and if the system is good in the hands of good men, it can be evil in the hands of the wicked. I don’t have a lot of faith left in our government’s good will. And as far as I can see, there aren’t any heroes anymore.

David and Goliath

snowdenI never thought I would approve of somebody stealing secrets from the USG. I had nothing but contempt for the traitors who scorned our security and carried vital classified information to sworn enemies of our country. And they did it out of hatred for America. The little Manning twerp with his inflamed acne, sexual confusion and marginal intelligence is an example of the kind of vermin I particularly despise, people who do us incalculable damage for the sake of their fifteen minutes of fame.

But that was in the Golden Age of America, when our government was headed by people who respected the Constitution and fundamental individual rights and if there were violations of those rights, it wasn’t an official policy but a crime. It was a time when you might not like an administration’s policies, but the most you wanted to do was vote the bums out, not start a revolution. It was a time when the government thought spying was for foreign enemies rather than for the ordinary Joe talking to his pals on the phone or sending emails about his wife’s operation. It was a time when the IRS, that maleficent organization, was more interested in sucking every penny out of the average American’s pocket than in preventing someone from participating in the country’s political life. It was a time when, if a high official lied blatantly before Congress and the country, they suffered for it and were shamed.

Oh, yes, those were the days, but they be gone, my friends. Today our government is too absorbed in silencing and shutting down its domestic political opponents to have a lot of interest left for our foreign foes, and the sad shape we’re in on the foreign policy and security front testifies to that fact. How can the FBI be expected to follow up on a tip hand-delivered to them from another government about the terrorist inclinations of one of America’s all too numerous asylees when it is all tied up plotting political retribution against our own citizens? Those guys can’t do everything, you know. And the priority for this illegal government — because that is what it has morphed into — is not our domestic security. Hey, a leg or two lost, maybe a little kid blown to smithereens — small potatoes when you consider all the other things our Guardians of the State have to worry about. They hardly have a minute’s rest as they carry out surveillance on nefarious reporters trying to find out what role our highest officials played in leaving Americans to fight alone against a murderous mob in Benghazi, or digging out supposedly private medical records of people trying to get a tax exemption for their organization. The new Enemies of the People are Americans who want to expose the mutation of our government into a monstrosity that combines the very best ideas of both Hitler and Stalin. The danger of being unmasked for who they are is the issue that most absorbs the energies of our elected and unelected officials.

tyrannyAmericans have already lost many of their rights. Apparently freedom of association is out the window; some organizers like the illiterate and felonious ACORN folks, are deemed to be  worthy of approval and US taxpayer money. Other Americans, who lack a proper appreciation of Marxist ideology — people who support the Tea Party or Americans for Prosperity — need to be taught a lesson. Roll out the IRS, the FBI, and the NSA, please. Launch the drones. Certainly freedom of speech has been jettisoned, and if you don’t believe it, try hurling an insult at some protected species of human who is calling you names. How about the Second Amendment? Do you feel safe from USG retaliation if you have a gun, or are you sitting there, with the gun pointed at the door, waiting for an FBI raid?

Constitutional freedoms have suffered erosion over a long period as the State has inched its way farther and farther beyond its limited authorities. The drip has now become a deluge that threatens to swallow our liberty altogether. These days, every time I talk on the phone I have an overwhelming urge to sign off with a very rude greeting to NSA and Big Brother (that would be the sham citizen in the White House and his evil band of elves).

All of this brings me to the most visible victim of the police state, Edward Snowden. Yes, he swore himself to secrecy when he took his job, and in normal circumstances his violation of that oath would be beyond the pale. But how can an honest American go to the job everyday, knowing that his organization and the government in Washington are silently, criminally, insidiously, burrowing their way into all of our most private lives and communications? How can he keep silent knowing that the power ministries (as we sneeringly call the Russian law enforcement bodies) respect no Constitutional limits?

For the first time in my life, I hail the secrets-stealer. Snowden is heading into a life of misery, a permanent exile who will never see home again, but the rest of us have been given the vitally important knowledge that our government has become a criminal entity. If you think the USG is brutal when it comes to getting even with somebody guilty of nothing more than believing in small government, you can imagine the fire-spitting fury it is in over Snowden, who removed the patriotic camouflage from a spying program that was aimed at everybody in the United States — every damned one of us. Even that slob Michael Moore.

So I can only feel contempt when I hear the pundits screeching about the terrible Edward Snowden. I feel particular contempt listening to the NSA’s Gen. Alexander, who owes FBI ex-chief Robert Mueller a beer for lying on his behalf. I confess, the General’s somber assessment that the damage Snowden did was irremediable left me cold and unconvinced. Watching his sneaky, lying face all I could think is that the traitor isn’t Edward Snowden — it’s Gen. Alexander and all the others just like him drawing a USG salary. And as for irremediable — back in the 1950’s two of the NSA’s cryptographers pranced off into the Red Sunset of Moscow carrying all our secret codes. Somehow we survived. The hysteria our officials are ginning up is intended to deflect attention from the crimes being committed. I don’t think Snowden is bringing the US to its knees, but I fervently wish the information he gave us would bring our government to its knees.

david and goliathDavid and Goliath. In Amerika, there is only one Goliath and it is the State broken free of its restraints. The rest of us, including Edward Snowden, are the Davids. What are we going to do with the information Snowden gave us at the cost of his own freedom? Is there anything short of mass rebellion that can stop this remaking of America? If we let this pass without making it the greatest rallying cause in over 200 years, then we will have squandered the sacrifice of Edward Snowden.Because living in a place like Cuba or China is not freedom. It’s only a different kind of prison.

God bless Edward Snowden.