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The US Shoots National Sovereignty Between the Eyes

I was hoping against hope that the US president would be intelligent for once and decide that maybe it would be better for the US to be seen following the law, rather than be seen trying to remake it. Wrong. On the night of April 13-14 the US dropped massive amounts of ordnance (not cw we assume) over Syria. It did this as the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was about to start examining the alleged site of the alleged cw attack that served as the pretext for this episode of Uncle Sam the Barbarian. That certainly stopped the investigators in their tracks. Of course the very next day, among the US list of “demands” was that Syria “allow the OPCW to investigate the sites of chemical use.”  We are blind to how others see us anymore. We don’t even care if anybody believes us. As long as we say it, so it shall be.

Bear in mind that the Russian Foreign Minister a month before the phony Douma story of a cw attack had warned that information suggested that there would be “a series” of upcoming cw attacks in e. Ghouta. They would be carried out by the terrorists supported by the US to trigger a US intervention. That this would be a boon to ISIS, as well, was totally unimportant. Alas, the Russians insisted that the OPCW send an investigative team immediately to examine anywhere in the Douma area to see if they could find the site of a cw attack. The Russians and Syrians had not been able to find any, but the OPCW was urged to see if they found otherwise. The team may even have been in Syria already, as it was due to head to Douma the next day. Instead the US and its lame partners, each of whom probably dropped a single bomb to show solidarity, again violated international law, the UNSC, the UN, the OPCW and all sane persons to wage an illegal war against Syria.

Today comes another corker from a country that doesn’t realize that much of the world is beginning to think it needs to be locked up for the safety of the world community. The US is surfacing the rumor, which will soon be “fact” only without any evidence, that the Russians “tampered” with the Douma region. The whole region or just the alleged site, who knows? I guess, what? they cleaned it up so the OPCW wouldn’t find any traces? Whoa. Another fantastic feat from Putin. But who knows anything about cw? Trump could say Putin waved a fairy wand and it all disappeared and expect us to believe it.

It’s as if the NATO trio have together lost their minds and think anything they say is accepted as truth received. Take the idiot Macron. He’s bragging as crudely as Trump does, claiming it was his skills at persuasion that wooed Trump from the path he had only just announced — withdrawing from Syria — and into the bomber jets. Today I read that Macron is making the ludicrous claim that what the belligerent troika did was legal, precisely because there were three of them — and all in the Security Council!

So let’s get it straight. Three guys voted for the Russian resolution calling on the US to withdraw its illegal forces from Syria and they included Russia and China. So do those three have a right to go to the US illegal positions and blow them to kingdom come? There are three and they in fact have the law on their side, although I realize that is not pertinent.

But of course not, because the US thinks it and any of its rotating deputies are not subject to international law, which is so vitally important that the US and its deputies, if any, have a divine right to bomb anybody or any place into the hereafter for their sin of violating international law. Of course you might say this is insane. I do.

In this terminal stage of our delusions of grandeur and just as it seemed the Hegemony we sought would be ours, we saw the whole thing falling apart. All the arms deals, all the property issues, damn, all the money to be made and power to be grown. And Russia, burdened by the US effort to starve it into submission economically, was growing larger in the Middle East steadily and surely, showing wisdom in execution of this bloody conflict and convincing others that it was worth it to be Russia’s friend. And at a time when the US is in a bind, having so many conflicting allegiances in the region that one or the other could lead to serious woe. We have already thrown the Kurds to the wolves without batting an eye, but they could still be useful as pawns, so maybe we’ll step in and go to war with Turkey.

And what to say about the UK, the Americans’ most useful lap dogs? They rushed from one false accusation at home to another in somebody else’s home and in neither case is anybody satisfied with the lies being peddled. All they have as evidence that anything they claim is true is their own personal certainty that things must be as they say. I say “bah.”

The US has single-handed, in one quarter century, dismantled the major underpinnings of international security that kept us safe all through the Cold War. National sovereignty? DOA after these latest depredations. Non-intervention in internal affairs? A goner, except if it is the US or any of its pals involved. Self-determination of nations that allowed the US to intervene in Kosovo and elsewhere? Nope, ask the e. Ukrainians. Territorial integrity? Out the window.

So what does the US propose we replace this security architecture with? You got it. US hegemony. Lex Americana. A flexible truth in lieu of international law, one that suits all those who conspire in the name of war.

I don’t think I’m wrong to say that this Syrian debacle the US president willfully and voluntarily brought upon himself is going to be our last effort at regime change that ever gets off the ground. The “international community” has finally caught on to the US template for war: create bogey-man, arm opposition, find pretext, bomb country, change regime to a new one and less competent one. If not on your television shows that purport to give out news, in many other publications people are debating the stupidity of the US maneuver in Syria. Many think it was rushed because the OPCW was going to prove that the cw story was a fraud. That would undermine all the pending “cw attacks” the USG had up its sleeve in Syria, and who knows where else? (London? New York?)  Hence the US efforts now to sell a story that if nothing was found, it was because Russia did something. The usually silent China has clearly seen which way the wind is blowing, take out Russia to get to China, and now they are emerging as a Russian ally in this face-off with the US and NATO over who gets to rule the world. China has stated only recently it stands militarily with Russia. Unless there is some serious effort to restrain the use of US brute force, we’re surely heading to a war.

I repeat what I have said so many times. The more we come apart at the seams inside our country, the more radical and brutal our foreign policy becomes. Much like the once and never again Roman Empire, the US is falling victim to its own pretensions of power so great and a society so strong that nothing could stop us from having our way.

McCain Wins. Trump Succumbs to Terminal Stupidity, Taunts Russia to Strike Back

This is the straw that broke this camel’s back. Trump will never get my vote again. I won’t be voting for his communist opposition, but that won’t help Trump.

I voted for him because he said he was sick of seeing the US fight phony wars for phony reasons. We needed to bring the troops home, secure our border. He has done none of any of it. He isn’t a pragmatist, a realist, a thinker, he is a deal-maker, and boy, is that ever what we are getting. Lots and lots of deals with Democrats, a supine GOP-controlled (hah!) Congress and a fool for a president. Frankly, he deserves what is coming for him, because he proved an utter loser as a leader.

We are on the brink of war. Putin has said that Russia will blow the missiles and the carriers that launch them out of the air and sea. Trump says, oh, yeah? We have lots of missiles and can blow you and Syria to smithereens! Go home, Russia! Or else! And behind him stand small the UK and France, co-conspirators in this farce, and all those other countries like Germany who wouldn’t mind heading by tank to Moscow, again. In the end, what they all want is the stupid Americans to settle their centuries-old quarrels. Forget that Russia has been invaded by Poland, Sweden, France, and Germany multiple times. Russia should shut up and enjoy it. A moan of pleasure would be appreciated.

So in the end, Trump actually swallowed the Russian conspiracy theory. Think about it.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel truly sanguine about this. Here is an illegal military bloc (our guys, of course) banding together  on a cooked up cw incident (their favorite kind, always impossible to prove!) to wage war and risk nuclear war. The latest pronouncements from the US are so inflammatory and provocative (as they have been now for two years) that any nation would be forced to respond forcefully. As in the bogus Skripal cw poisoning in the UK, Russia is asked to confess, this time that the US is right about long-term ally Assad and accede to another US illegal war. Absent any form of evidence that there even was a cw attack, other than a spurious video of suffering children. Trump told Putin to get his guys out of the area or get destroyed by the US. And what do you think Putin is going to do?

I read that Theresa May is hesitant to go to war against Russia based on cw claims. Understandably, having been snookered by UK and US intelligence in the faux cw attack on England, she might want to see something more than a video made by a personal phone. Especially when the Russians have been to the site and assert there is no cw trace, no victims, no reported respiratory emergencies that were cw-related. Especially since the OPCW that is supposed to stop the use of cw, even by US proxies, has agreed to Russian and Syrian demands for an urgent investigation at the site allegedly hit with who knows what. Chlorine, or even maybe it could be chlorine and a nerve agent, also unknown. There’s the bottom line: unknown. We know squat other than that somebody brought a heart-rending video and spread it around among the Agit-Prop corps on CNN and MSNBC. This made Americans so sad, used as they are to Hollywood tripe, that they supposedly now are ready for war with Russia. The Russian Government alleges that the rush to military action is intended to strike the area at issue and leave nothing behind with which to conduct an OPCW investigation. It makes me sick to know that I think they’re right.

I have a big announcement for the war-makers of America: the era is over when the US can decide who is bad, what he can and cannot do, when he has to leave government and who can govern in other countries — when we ginned up false flag operations to pave the way for a long-anticipated war. As the Russian UN ambassador said, who named the US world policeman, jury, executioner? I’ll tell you who. The military-industrial complex and all the US officials in all branches whom they have put in place with their war booty. Why do you think Arlington and Fairfax Counties, snuggled up and sucking at the Federal teat in Virginia, are the richest places in America? Coincidence?

I’m getting this out before they shut down the internet for security reasons, which would be to stop the outpouring of anger at Trump’s stupidity in capitulating to the McCains of America. The internet it hopping with the outrage of people who were led down the garden path by the bungling Trump, led to believe his wishes for a better US-Russia relationship and an end to regime change. As Trump has demonstrated with China as well, he’s pretty contemptuous of the other guy unless the other guy goes along with Donald. This kind of relationship may hold for a moment, while the other guys recalculate and rearm massively, but eventually it ends in conflict.

If there were an anti-war movement in America, I would be part of it. Instead I hear only rabid jingoism from our media, barring OAN and Tucker Carlson. Americans are frothing at the mouth in a mindless hysteria, wanting to wreak havoc on Russia. Our Russophobia, so helpful to the arms industry and its many tentacles, is destroying international stability. But if that’s what it takes to open up some new arms sales, and to launch the bombs, so be it. The Agit-Prop agents won’t talk about the likelihood that the cw attack was false or the reality that we Americans go to war when the Generals tell us to. And the Generals’ armorers.

This is really the twilight of the American Empire, the glory of which once shone out to Americans as a reason for optimism. We squandered the greatest power any empire ever knew, gifted to us for our persistence in simple defensive military and political/diplomatic policy that allowed the natural demise of the grotesque Soviet system to occur. But we took it as some Iwo Jima moment, look, we won! we won! We were arrogant and pushy and greedy and totally oblivious to the damage we were leaving in our wake, as we decided who could rule and who could not and used our military to make it happen. Now we have decided it is time to cage Russia in and punish it “very bad,” as our ignorant president says. But our Congress has decided it is not a big enough issue to open to debate and a vote for war. Trump has limited war-making powers, and they say this with a straight face knowing the potential that it is not only limited, but full out war. Let us see what happens.

The Deed is Done, the Die is Rolled

crimea russiaIf Russia needed a boost to its national spirit, the Crimea has provided it. No matter what the reality turns out to be, and for sure there are going to be problems — as many as Kiev and the West can throw at them — the Russian majority in Crimea is ecstatic to have the direct protection of Holy Mother Russia.  A reported 96.77 percent of those who voted in Crimea voted to rejoin Russia and 88 percent of the eligible population voted. Many people reported that it was like a holiday, they felt they were returning to their mother’s bosom. Amy Kellogg of Fox News is skeptical of the percentage win reported by the electoral commission, although she has no doubt that the pro-Russian vote did carry the day handily. And she admitted that turnout was very high. But she said the concern is that the ethnic Russians are hounding the ethnic Ukrainians and that there was a lot of pressure on people to turn out, including by armed men. On the other hand, the armed men were not in the voting booths to determine which box was checked. If you were angry or opposed, that was your moment: vote for Ukraine. I watched ballot-counting and the vote counters held up each ballot to show how it was marked before recording it. One western observer tweeted that he was watching the voting, with ballots cast in transparent boxes, and all those he could read were checked in favor of annexation. And voters were happy and laughing. It’s pretty clear that those opposed were by and large not bothering to vote both because the outcome was obvious and to protest. An actual protest vote would have been better, as their abstention gives Russia real crowing rights. As for Russian hounding of Ukrainians, Kellogg should have added that this was a mirror-image of western Ukraine, where the Ukrainians are hounding the ethnic Russians.

It was clear the Russians had a plan ready to go when what Russia feared would happen, happened: NATO decided to draw Ukraine into what Russia considers in many respects an enemy organization. Russia knew the lay of the land and knew how to deploy propaganda to complement the anti-Russian actions in western Ukraine and the threats from the West. The pro-Russian population was good and riled as well as frightened by the mob violence in Kiev and the emerging evidence that NATO member nations trained the snipers who shot into the Maidan crowd. The EU/US rush to embrace the coup leaders, a good number of whom are far right figures who hate Russia, left the pro-Russians feeling they needed their own protector, and that protector was obviously Russia.

russia conundrumUkraine and Georgia are the only buffer Russia has left between itself and the NATO military pact today. Buffer zones give a nation a trip-wire that allows for the mobilization for war. Think of it this way: the entire eastward expansion of NATO is an effort to get a buffer zone between western Europe and Russia thus giving greater protection to the big NATO powers of Germany and France and allowing NATO HQ in Brussels time to mobilize. No great power dares to leave itself no time to react to military aggression and Russia has been given ever greater reason to fear an aggressive NATO since 1991. The moment NATO started casting lustful glances toward Georgia and Ukraine, Russia’s hackles went up. We had the brief Russian set-to with Georgia when the Georgian army tried to retake the pro-Russian secessionist region of South Ossetia. And now we have Crimea and eastern Ukraine. This could be a point where an arrangement is made with Russia or we move into an inevitable trajectory of war.

I see that the western protectors of western Ukrainians are setting up an “observer mission” in Ukraine. I served in such a mission. This is what they are for: military reconnaissance, target acquisition, channeling support to the opponents’ enemies, gathering propaganda material to be used by Brussels and national capitals, and arranging military liaison with those who will form a puppet government following NATO’s military action. The big media are always co-propagandists, no surprise. Observer missions, with their noble stated goals, are always an intended direct threat to whomever NATO is opposing, and if you don’t believe it — ask Serbia. If NATO is planning on wandering around in eastern Ukraine under the guise of observer missions, it is deliberately looking for a direct NATO-Russia confrontation. The outcome will be the occupation of eastern Ukraine by Russia. All hell is going to break loose. NATO, so keen on the Ukrainian prize, has put its big boot in the door and thus is driving up the stakes dramatically. We won’t need to wait for the western Ukrainians to respond with military action against Russia to set off the next global war. And it will be global, because every bad actor in the world is going to use our distraction over Ukraine to go for whatever it is it wants that the US doesn’t want it to have. Look for early reactions in Syria and Venezuela and Iran and North Korea.

solzhNATO doesn’t give a damn what damage its expansionism is doing to international stability. Contrary to their smug assumptions, threatening a massive nuclear state with an arms industry to rival that of the US will not bring peace and happiness to the planet. Once NATO decided to jettison the earlier NATO promise to Russia not to expand eastward in recognition of Russia’s genuine security concerns, it covered its treachery with fine words. Every country can decide which alliance it wants to belong to, NATO said (and says). My response was always this: that may be true, but NATO also has a right and an obligation to make a choice between being provocative and threatening, and thus destabilizing international security, or encouraging some other way to give greater security to the petitioning countries — things like regional defense organizations rather than NATO membership. NATO made its choice, preferring its own aggrandizement to stability. Now the US is responsible for all those countries who have entered in an endless procession and at NATO prodding and encouragement. At this moment, we are in peril of being taken into a war we are not going to “win” — just like we haven’t won a war since WWII. Only this time, the homeland is going to be the field of war, as will be the homelands of everybody else involved.

naziI read that one of the leading right-wing figures who loomed large in the putsch in Kiev has now publicly said he thinks the Ukrainians should blow up all the pipelines in Ukraine to punish the Russians. It’s true that the Russians depend on those pipelines to send oil to Germany and other European nations, including those from the former Soviet Union, but it was just breathtaking that this man doesn’t realize he would also be blowing up Ukraine’s only reliable source of energy, from Russia, part of which has been regularly siphoned off by the Ukrainians ever since the pipelines were built. That’s in addition to not paying a market price for the fuel they get legally and not paying a lot of the bill at all. This right-wing thug is the kind of idiot the US supports, as long as he is useful. I’m not sure anybody will view his suggestion as helpful, least of all Kiev’s supporters in Europe. But this is what we have let loose. And one thing is leading to another and that to another, until we have a snowball rolling downhill. Angela Merkel’s indignant hysterics are not helping either. As the head of a country that took so many millions of Russian lives, she might want to let someone else take the lead. Fat chance.

Obama Chalks Up Victory after Victory (Not)

afghanistanAnd thus ends Obama’s War, the one in Afghanistan. He rode into office declaring that country to be in dire jeopardy and swearing to make victory against the terrorists there a focus of his foreign policy He was going to get us out of The War Bush Made and into one that was Obama-made. He was going to settle everything militarily and politically. With the Moon in the Seventh House, Peace would rule the universe.

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the thousands of Afghans grabbing up whatever they can carry and heading into safe-haven camps for internally-displaced persons where they are seeking asylum in other countries. Many others are trying to get out of the country on visas. Australia is a big destination and the outliers are putting down roots and throwing out life-lines to relatives still trapped in the escalating violence unleashed by the resurgent Taliban. The UN Commissioner for Refugees thinks this is a response to the US pull-out of forces and the growing reach of the Taliban. The population is already experiencing what is to come when the Taliban return to power everywhere — women are particularly eager to get out of the country. Some have objected to being forced into servitude to the Taliban as cooks. Hah. Wait until they’re being marched onto the soccer field to be executed for objecting to cooking.

Yes indeed, Afghanistan has been another resounding Obama success story, one his right-hand man Hillary Clinton can take a lot of credit for, too. Afghanistan ranks right up there next to Benghazi and Egypt as shining examples of the great things one can accomplish if one is only a utopianist intellectual nincompoop. Afghanistan’s collapse into violence and anarchy (again) will not end with the deaths of a handful of people, as in Benghazi, or persecution of Christians or installation of a military junta, as in Egypt. This time a whole population is going to be terrorized (again) and when the bloodshed starts it will spoil not only individual reputations, but the image and influence of the United States of America. Because if, like Obamacare, this war was a center-piece of Obama’s brilliant strategies, what does is say about America’s ability to come through in a clinch or even make good on promises? If Afghanistan is a big part of Obama’s legacy, along with the Arab Spring, then we know that Obama’s legacy is pure trash. And what else did we expect from a man who, when all is said and done, is under-educated, poorly-informed,  lazy, incompetent, and filling a job way above his IQ?

iraniraqBut let me give credit where credit is due. The Big Bopper said he was going to end US military involvement in Iraq and he did. Of course now Iraq is a full-fledged satellite of Iran and violence there is also going up and up and up. Lot of scores to be settled in the wake of the US retreat. It seems Mr. Obama and his minions have the reverse Midas touch: everything they touch turns to doo-doo.

It’s a good thing our president has decided to turn his attention to domestic affairs and let all that bothersome international stuff simmer away untended, as any further Obama initiatives for peace could plunge us into another world war. With the UN season come and gone, no more big empty speeches to make on the international stage, either. Egypt has taken note of Obama’s aloofness, deemed regal by his acolytes and disinterested by the rest of the world. The military officers who rule the roost for the moment are turning their eyes to Russia and its powerhouse president, Vladimir Putin, who demonstrated with Syria that Russia can be counted on to keep its word and stand by friends. There could be some hefty arms sales coming Russia’s way, and that would be bad news for America’s war industries. But what’s a little more unemployment — there are lots of 15-hour a week jobs going begging.

Syria continues waging war against its now largely-Jihadi opposition, and the warrior-peaceniks of the world and Assad’s regional foes continue to decry the lack of adequate punishment for Assad’s crimes. The Saudis, in particular, are fuming because we didn’t grab the chemical weapons bait they no doubt connived in planting. They were sure we would use the opportunity to unleash a small war to depose or kill Assad and oust from power his particular religious sect. But the chemical weapon pretext for war was deftly removed from the table by the Russians, who carried out a beautiful checkmate of the US. This means any attempt to divert attention from Obama’s misfortunes at home by starting a little something over there in the Middle East have now been vastly complicated. Given the level of international and domestic opposition to another war, Obama would have to plant some really devastating evidence of some really devastating crime to even be allowed to finish saying “I am launching an air campaign.” Of course, given the quantity of US weapons floating around the region, it might not be too hard to cook something up.

chinaThe world’s political configuration is once again in motion, with new players taking prominence and old players getting caught up in the consequences of their own policies and watching their stars set. America’s will to defend the really important things was drained in all the frivolous and secondary wars we waged when once the world’s only superpower. There are scores to be settled in the international arena, too, not only in countries we have abandoned to their fates. Too bad our military is in the process of being purged of its best officers and demoralized by social engineering. Our ability to do much more than bluster has been badly eroded. God preserve  us from the need to wage a serious war anytime soon. And God preserve us from our own domestic Taliban.


The US Turns Clausewitz on His Head

war and truthThe Prussian Karl von Clausewitz is a favorite philosopher for those who deal in war; he was something of a romantic and, like the Americans, felt it necessary to imbue the use of force with moral content. One of his most famous sayings is that “war is a continuation of politics by other means.” Alas for America, we have turned Clausewitz on his head and appear to believe that diplomacy is something we turn to when our will to war is thwarted. But we still believe in dressing up every act of violence in morality.

The hapless president of the United States was bested in his most recent attempt to demonstrate his manhood and unparalleled goodness by launching waves of bombers over the heads of Syrians, one and all, good and bad. His heroic Secretary of State, the one who fought in Vietnam for four months before skedaddling with a minor injury and a Purple Heart, inadvertently threw his boss off-stride by tossing out a one-liner about how the Syrians would never agree to turn over all their cw in one week. “Impossible” he huffed and of course that was true. It is impossible for Syria to turn over the weapons in a week, or a year, and probably not in a decade. After all, the US has spent years trying to dispose of its own massive cw stockpiles and it isn’t done by a long shot. (I have a feeling that we, too, have secret caches of the stuff, because you never know…)

kerry and lavrovContrary to Kerry’s expectations, the Russian president intercepted that groan-inducing fumble. “Let’s ask the Syrians,” Vladimir Putin suggested reasonably. “Oh, of course we will hand them over,” said Bashar al-Assad graciously, “why didn’t you just ask?” And Kerry, thinking about how dopey he appeared, assured us that he actually believed it was possible before he thought it wasn’t possible, and it was all a clever ruse to sucker Russia and Syria. Putin and Assad were obviously acting in their own interests, not those of our incompetent Commander-in-Chief and his cast of clowns, but it temporarily saved Obama’s bacon — if that isn’t an offensive term to the son of a Moslem, and even if it is. Obama came that close to having his left-wing base rise up against him in anger, not to mention the small fact that a vast majority of Americans in general were deeply opposed to his war plans and would have like nothing better than to storm the White House.

I guess the world had given up hope that they could ever again cut America down to size, its ego had grown so bloated and its military power so overwhelming. But suddenly those tired of America’s preening had their chance. Without appearing to be in the least racist, people all around the globe were able to note for public consumption that the American president was a goofball, not a serious player, not smart enough for the rough-and-tumble of real international politics. Even those who were happy to see America’s incessant war-making shut off for a moment couldn’t resist sticking the knife in and watching a bit of Obama’s hot air seep out. But do not underestimate America’s War Wing. It’s war they want, and by gum, it’s war they will have.

How are they going to manage this? Through diplomacy. Here is how this works: the deal with Russia and Syria was that the chemical weapons stocks would be turned over to international control. If Syria reneges, then the matter of bloody retribution from an avenging angel may come up for further consideration. The Russians know there is no way that Syria’s cw stocks could be rounded up in the unrealistic time-frame the US insisted on, and thus they made time for Assad to wipe out the jihad-riddled opposition while staying the US from bombing their way into WWIII. The American goal, by contrast, is to set impossible conditions for a peaceful outcome and to get Russia to accept a UN resolution with sufficiently flexible wording to allow the US to bomb Syria at its leisure while claiming the blessings of “the international community.” Then the US can install its own puppet government — the kind of doofuses that now hold the reins in highly unstable countries like Libya and Egypt and Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama would once more appear to the world as a heroic figure. And equally important to all those jingoists in the War Wing who are not Barack Obama, the US will have defeated Russia and Iran in the zero-sum game they mistakenly believe is diplomacy.

Bah. Humbug. No sooner was the deal made than the war-mongers led by John McCain and Lindsay Graham began wailing that it was a bad bargain. Like Cassandra crying out her warnings to the deaf, they and others — many from the GOP’s neo-con wing — insist that Russia can never be trusted, communist or not, and that official Syrians — not the guys on our side who are chopping the heads off Christians and summarily executing prisoners — are too brutal to be allowed to hold power. Obama, they say, lost the game to Putin and hamstrung American war-making. The War Wing wants to make it truly impossible for Syria to comply with the terms of the agreement, maybe by insisting it all by wrapped up by sunset tomorrow, so they can claim that peace failed and war must rule. Their game is largely about the creation of enemies, real and imagined, which is essential if you are going to make people think your recourse to force is unavoidable and “morally good.”

So the game continues for the moment in that useless arena called the Security Council, the place where aggression is never averted and only rarely actually agreed to. The US wants a resolution against Syria much like the ones that were churned out year after year against Iraq before becoming the banners under which America invaded. Russia, needless to say, will not approve such wording, having seen time and again the way in which the US has used such resolutions to do exactly as it pleases, all the while claiming the whole world is at its back (rather than on it).

Sit back and relax. If you want war or you don’t, you don’t have a thing to say about it. Your views are as meaningless to our decision-makers as they are on things like health-care or the Constitution. The game is afoot and the chances are pretty good that America will find (or create) whatever it needs to work its will. And in the process, we will have churned out millions of new critics (and enemies,too) who think that America’s days of glory are long past, and its moral authority nothing more than thin gruel. And that will, in turn, lead to greater challenges in the future. Some of them might even be challenges to real American interests.

It’s Howdy Doody Time

howdy doody blackWhen Barack Hussein Obama first appeared on the national stage, along with his empty resume and blank history, I commented to someone that Obama looked like a Howdy Doody who spent a very long summer on the beach. The ears, I guess, along with his inability to speak without a script. But now that he’s been running the US into the ground for five years, doing things that strike sensible Americans as totally inexplicable, I think there is a much deeper resemblance. What I’m referring to is  the hidden hand moving the parts and hidden lips speaking the words.

Obama’s bowing to the Saudi king or emperor or sheikh or whatever he is was only the most obvious give-away. Even ordinary Americans know better than to bow to foreign princes, but for a US president to do so was like a slap in the face to our very history. It was deliberate and offensive and he enjoyed every second of it.

Then there is Obama’s record of rampage in the Middle East. Sure, he deigned to let our Navy Seals zap Osama bin Laden, but that was for show. Even if he was too scared to watch the killing (he probably had his fingers in his ears and his eyes squeezed shut), he loved the adulation that poured in upon news of the Arab Rasputin’s demise. The real story, however, is the way he has used and abused America’s military forces to sweep secularist leaders from power in the Middle East and North Africa to install the most radical foes of America in the Moslem world. Osama bin Laden would have been proud of our president, I’m sure. He would gladly have flown off to paradise and all those virgin adolescent girls, his body filled with lead, in order to see his fondest dreams become reality. Haven’t you had that sneaking suspicion that somebody over there, some emir, is putting billions of dollars in secret accounts every time Obama orders a military strike? Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on that secret coded message that said “Syria’s next”? Too late, the prez has no doubt swallowed it.

Ihowdy 2t’s been an exciting few weeks in that usually dry-as-dust foreign policy field. First we had Obama’s dithering over whether to make good on his thoughtless threat to wreak havoc on Syria should it cross a chemical weapons red line that it turned out he never set at all, you dumbos. The ridicule reached such a pitch that Obama decided to show us that he meant what he said and he said what he meant, or perhaps it was “I yam what I yam and I yam what I yam.” You can put those guffaws where the sun doesn’t shine, Obama let us know — it’s curtains for Assad. No matter what Americans wanted or didn’t want, he was going to blow Syria to smithereens, or perhaps just do a teensy-tiny little destruction that nobody but the kids evaporated into thin air would even notice. And for sure he wasn’t looking to topple the Syrian leader, he just had to smack his knuckles so he would pay attention. And Obama had such incredibly good intelligence that it was Assad and not his motley crew of “Freedom Fighters” who used the cw that he couldn’t possibly share it with us. “Believe me,” was his plea, even as we approached the year’s anniversary of Benghazi when Americans died in a disastrous effort to sneak big-time weapons to the Islamic jihadists whom America supposedly was not arming and fiercely opposed. Yes, indeed-y, we certainly have every reason to trust Obama’s word.

As anti-war sentiment was reaching a wild crescendo at home and abroad, Obama’s knees were trembling but his will was firm. It was time to dispatch one of the last remaining obstacles between the jihadists and total power in the Middle East and anybody who questioned his right to send our men off to war and risk a terrorist spree in the US could just sit down and shut up. “I am the Emperor,” Obama said, if only implicitly. Despite every indication that he was going down to defeat in Congress and in the country, Obama let us know that he had only asked for the opinion of Congress on the assumption it would agree. Any other outcome would be null and void and not redeemable for cash. He assembled his confederacy of dunces to swear to America that failing to take out Assad would be the end of civilization as we know it. And it was so convincing, wasn’t it? I mean — we had the world’s most inept Socialist, Francois Hollande, who was already slapping on his plumed hat and strapping on his sword to fight by Obama’s side. And there were some other countries, like Moslem Albania, that said they agreed and were ready to do some cheerleading if not actually spend money or fight with the dumb Americans. But not to worry. Those emirs, sheikhs and despots of the Middle East were ready to pay American soldiers to die on their behalf.

howdy doody 5Finally the dunderhead currently heading up the State Department, where he sinks into the hole Hillary’s butt made in the Secretary’s chair, tossed off one of his clever lines written by his wife. Sure, he said, Syria could avoid being bombed into the Stone Age, if it gave up those chemical weapons within one week, give or take 45 minutes. But that is impossible, so it is war.

At which point the guy with the brains leapt at the Golden Ring and ran with it. “Syria will give up its chemical weapons,” Vladimir Putin announced, echoed by Bashar al Assad, who said, “of course we’ll turn over those weapons.” I don’t know if Russia is going to take those weapons to dispose of them, or if they will be buried in New York’s harbor where the UN can keep an eye on them.

And the funny thing is, Kerry’s mouthpieces at State scoffed at the idea that his suggestion was more than a joke, an idle comment from an idle brain. It threw a spanner into the whole works. How could it possibly be that the US made a demand and Syria agreed? How was America to get around that one? The fighter jets were already gassed up, our pilots ready to die, and suddenly it isn’t necessary? Whoa, Nellie.

Never mind. Now that everybody and his brother has lauded this fantastic bit of diplomacy from Russia, both Kerry and Obama are tripping over themselves to claim it was all their doing. Why that idea had already been raised (by whom?) in Russia in a chat our president had with Putin. In fact, said Obama, Putin’s proposal was a mere “continuation” of something that no doubt was stewing in Obama’s empty head, even if he didn’t tell us. You see, there are lots of things Obama doesn’t tell us. It’s more convenient that way, because it’s tough to change your story once you’ve opened your big mouth (not that this has ever stopped Obama).

And here we are. To bomb, or not to bomb, that is the question. Already our Dear Leader and his flunkies are setting the bar higher and higher, so that he can use the line “they gave us no choice.” Obama is willing to wait a few weeks, he says, but not months. (How many years did America give Saddam Hussein before the hated Bush said “enough”?) You just watch. Howdy Doody has his heart set on getting rid of Assad and we can already see that the cw issue was a red herring. His  masters, the ones with all those petro-dollars, want Assad gone and the jihadists in charge, and Israel’s security — of no actual concern to Obama — provides a convenient pretext. And he can always count on those useful idiots from the Republican Party to help him out. Why even now, John McCain is telling us all we have to do is let this cw turnover thingy “play out.”

And Howdy Doody is waiting for his next lines to arrive by encrypted message as the hidden hand moves his lips. I wonder what the dummy will say next.

Barack Hussein Obama: President, Peace Prize Recipient, and Assassin

pope prays“This evening, I ask the Lord that we Christians, and our brothers and sisters  of other religions and every man and woman of good will, cry out forcefully:  Violence and war are never the way to peace!” 

So spoke Pope Francis in calling on the world to step back from the brink of war in Syria to which we in the US and the world are being dragged, kicking and screaming, by US president Barack Hussein Obama. This fabricated man rode a wave of anti-war sentiment into the presidency and has maimed, killed and destroyed in other people’s countries on a steady basis ever since. Today the global assassin with the Peace Prize is about to embark on another killing spree and how ironic that many on the left, those professional anti-war protestors, remain silent. I don’t even bat an eye when The Lennie Riefenstahl Brigade pushes the State line, dupes like Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz. Liar is their name, propaganda is their game. But pray tell — where is Cindy Sheehan? Where is Code Pink? Where are the Occupy Wall Street loonies? Same place they were when Obama and Hillary Clinton bombed Libya and murdered Qaddafi by proxy; same place they were when they empowered the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt; same place they were when the bombs rained down on Serbia for three months. Staring in their mirrors in silent admiration, I’d guess. I hear that the homely Mrs. Clinton is going to visit the White House today to egg Mr. Obama on. Two war-mongers chatting over tea. Please pass the polonium, somebody, please!

If the left has lost its voice, we on the right have found our own. This confounds America’s radicals who can muster no argument to justify Obama’s incessant reliance on force to show off his power, but whine instead that the right wing’s opposition is somehow illegitimate because they supposedly never saw a war they didn’t like.  I’d put that differently: the right-wing has always before felt obligated to support their president, even in all the wars begun by the Democrats. That would be WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and in what the current president told us all was his war: Afghanistan, where now the Obama regime is making kissy-face with the Taliban who murdered 3000 Americans in mere minutes. The conservatives were far less accommodating when GW Bush blundered into Iraq at the advice of men who wanted to do what the President’s father would not, remove Saddam Hussein. In the end Americans’ disgust with the carnage and lack of coherence delivered a crushing blow to the GOP and ushered in the current Empty Suit, who spends at least several hours a day scuffing his shoes all over the historic furnishings at the White House to make his view of this country clear. We weren’t all that keen on Libya, either, and I hope that my fellow conservatives were as repelled as I was at the sight of America’s proxy forces executing Qaddafi while he was on his knees pleading for mercy. Then came Benghazi, which the regime in DC refused and still refuses to admit was just a half-assed and criminally negligent operation intended to deepen our involvement in Syria.

And where were the morally superior leftists when Obama boasted of choosing targets for assassination by playing with a special deck of cards made just for him, as apparently everything is just a game to him anyway? Silent is where they were. That is not morality, it is called cowardice, duplicity, hypocrisy and aiding and abetting. And all those traits are in full view today, as many of the president’s most fervent admirers hold their famous tongues about the evils of war-mongering. They still don’t get it: regime change is thoroughly illegal, even if we wish some external force (perhaps extra-terrestrials?) would swoop down and effect regime change in the US. It is also the worst possible rationale for war and we have had ample opportunity to see how poorly it works over the long-term.

I’m afraid that the US under the Democrats have treated other countries they way they treat people who don’t agree with them here at home: with contempt, lies, and violence. Our US bombers are playing the role of SEIU thugs beating up Tea Party’ers, or USG agencies persecuting “domestic enemies,” or black people waging race war at the implicit urging of their president and attorney general. The Democrats have treated Russia with sneering contempt while pretending to want only the best for the Russian people, and that might be because the Russian people decided to jettison the Democrats’ favorite system of oppression, communism. Unfortunately for our armchair Marxists, Russia today looks sane and sensible and our own country looks brutal and stupid and false.

Catholic nuns who left the safety of Italy to work in Syria for people of all faiths have spoken loud and clear to the world, crying out against America’s urge to war. In addition to the moving and beautiful and painful things they wrote, they cited the words of a psalm that sadly refers to America:

Rebuke the Beast of the Reeds, that herd of bulls, that people of calves. Oh God, scatter the people who delight in war. The Lord has leaned down from the heights of his sanctuary, has looked down from heaven to earth to listen to the sighing of the captive, and set free those condemned to death. Listen, God, to my voice as I plead, protect my life from fear of the enemy; hide me from the league of the wicked, from the gang of evil-doers. They sharpen their tongues like a sword, aim their arrow of poisonous abuse. They support each other in their evil designs, they discuss how to lay their snares. “Who will see us?” they say. He will do that, he who penetrates human nature to its depths, the depths of the heart. Break into song for my God, to the tambourine, sing in honor of the Lord, to the cymbal, let psalm and canticle mingle for him, extol his name, invoke it. For the Lord is a God who breaks battle-lines! . Lord, you are great, you are glorious, wonderfully strong, unconquerable.

If only our president believed in God, instead of believing he is God, perhaps those words would have the power to move him. May his actions call down on his head what he deserves.






Some Thoughts on the Syrian Madness

As I write this article, our president is addressing our Congress trying to  convince them that we have incontrovertible evidence that Syria’s Assad regime  has used chemical weapons against its own population. The only problem is that  the evidence is not incontrovertible about who used the chemical weapons.

Syria: Like the Sword of Damocles, Hanging Over Our Heads

The GOP is furious with Barack Obama for not doing something, anything and preferably violent, after the USG went public with unconfirmed claims that the Syrian government may have used small amounts of a substance like sarin causing some casualties. Israel and everybody else (read Western Europe and all the sheikhdoms) thinks it’s true, but it’s also hard to prove. And there are plenty of twisted motives here, so it is hardly beyond the realm of possibility that Assad’s foes would try to set him up on the rap so the West could come to the rescue. Pat Buchanan wrote a good analysis of our situation in his article Their War, Not Ours. But one would have to be there at the time to prove if it’s sarin, it evanesces or something.

The Republicans and even members of our incompetent president’s party make the logical and fair charge that Mr. Obama swore to the whole world that use of chemical weapons was a red line. That was like, sooo stupid. It gave enormous power to our so-called allies. It serves only the interests of the Assad opponents to give NATO the excuse it needs to act unilaterally against Syria. Do you think Al Qaeda shrinks from a head-on conflict against the infidels in Moslemlandia? Heck, they are ready and they have millions of sacrificial lambs waiting to join in a Jihad to end all Jihads. What on earth, any rational human being asks, is our elected Congress thinking of? The usual suspects, McCain and Graham, are leading the pack, baying for the blood of Assad. They are living in the past. Time to give up the unaffordable antics abroad and batten down the hatches at home. That southern border is bleeding people into the US, the whole game is going down and we are contemplating a bombing and/or invasion of Syria?

On the other hand, I think Obama was careful to talk of “a whole lotta” use of chemical weapons, which gives him an out. If he wants to go to war to distract attention from the growing debacle around Benghazi-Boston, he will conclude that the amount, though small, was sufficient to prompt a bombing war. If he doesn’t want to go to war, he will decide the amount used is way less than “a whole lotta” and thus does not merit the use of physical force.

Right now I am thinking the lean is toward bombing, or at least selling a great many weapons to the opposition, on credit of course. In that case, the bloodshed will ramp up. Refugees will seek refuge and murderers will roam the land. And then NATO will bomb and the problem will be over, pack up and go home. Game over. Maybe he will settle on something in-between, interventionist but not full-out war. Sanctions are always popular.

Syria isn’t some tiny emirate we can blow into, drop a few bombs, and blow back out of. Syria is big time risk, it is Iraq, it is an Iran, it has the potential of bringing Russia into the picture. There is no short game here. If we venture there, we would find ourselves sucked deeper and deeper on a playing field very hostile to us and our interests. Fighting would hold biological and chemical warfare risks, as well as overcoming a sophisticated air defense system with plenty of replacement armament awaiting sale back in Moscow. The war would be certain to spread to neighboring countries with strong Syrian influence, like Lebanon. Maybe Jordon.

Not bombing makes the US president appear foolish and weak. Don’t lay down a dare and then back down when the gauntlet is taken. But you can’t really justify bombing because you will look stupid, can you? Or can you?

NATO bombing would add a whole new and explosive element to our clumsily played chess game in the Middle East and North Africa. It would become a rallying cry for all the disaffected secularists we have ousted from power mixing with the ranks of extremist Moslem groups like Al Qaeda or its many proxies. The once-powerful are now the guerrillas that we have to fight globally and at home.  The jihadists have shown they can play the game in our very own living rooms. Boston was only the second effort in what will no doubt become a prime objective, terrorizing the Homeland part of Homeland Security. And don’t forget that Hezbollah is accused of launching an unknown but no doubt deadly drone against Israel. Don’t you think they got the drones from the Iranians, who reportedly are busy producing them from a reverse-engineered US drone they captured. Oh, joy! We are now officially passing into the Drone Era. They probably make them in garages, both here and abroad. Makes my skin tingle with excitement, or it might be the electrical pulses being given out from the skies above us.

We are all potential targets in today’s totally out of whack world, targets of our own government and of our foreign born or inspired enemies, the global jihadists. Welcome to the multi-polar world, a place where a guerrilla group has assumed a global importance and belong to not a single treaty on human rights or inviolability of territory. Who do you think has the upper hand in the long run?



When an irresistible force meets an unmoveable object

hagelOh, boy, are we ever nearer to thee, my NATO. Chemical weapons is the plat du jour. Everybody needs desperately for there to be a big public use of chemical weapons by anybody in Syria. SecDef Chuck Hagel first told us there was no evidence of chemical weapon use in Syria, which was probably true, and then there there was evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria, depending on who you believe ( “sources of varying reliability”). Hagel perpetually looks as baffled as we feel watching his sad performance and the obvious manipulation of information. Soon we will have the necessary pretext for bombing Syria, no doubt imprisoning or killing Assad, killing many, many more Syrians today and in the future, and why? It would only spread the reach of jihad even farther. Meanwhile we have a war at home in which we are behind the eight-ball, we have an unraveling Iraq, an unraveling Afghanistan (and we haven’t even left yet), and we apparently need another war. We have so much money floating around here, man, it really is “Obama’s stash” to be wasted on anything his little heart desires.

Obama is still making up that famously slow mind of his, but he might just come to a decision soon. He has his Islamophiles like Brennan whispering in his ear not to rock the boat, and maybe even a realist or two telling him it’s political suicide to trigger another Iraq. But I remember when NATO was practically wetting their panties for the okay to bomb Serbia, and Clinton the First was getting more and more embroiled in the Lewinsky affair. Suddenly, after much and prolonged indecision, he said, yes, let’s bomb Serbia.

tsarnayevsThere is something of that in the air these days, with Obama having badly fumbled the first major trial of his instincts and reactions. The Bostom bombers were known to us well in advance, but the FBI couldn’t find sufficient enthusiasm for a thorough follow-through (and attitude flows from the top down), the Russians were unresponsive when the Americans kept whining that there was nuthin’ there, and so the FBI just shut the case. Impressive performance, isn’t it?

So Obama may just end up needing a war against Syria to draw attention away from the many errors of judgement our beloved Leader has been committing of late. That’s one of the dangers of absolute power: you start to believe your headlines. The other danger is that you start off so full of yourself in your second term that you put forward for legislative action one of the thorniest issues ever in the belief your moral suasion and popularity will carry the day. So as he flounders in the sea of gun control, and watches over a security apparatus that ought to have prevented the Bostom Bombings, he might look upon Syria as a chance to change hats to Horatio Hornblower. All he needs is a win, it doesn’t matter what ensues a couple of years down the line, he needs that old mojo back.

emirateIf he does agree to bomb Syria, he is making the first irreversible error of his presidency. (Really, the second, the first being Obamacare.) We should be supporting Assad as a bulwark against the jihadi forces that are the driving impulse behind the civil war and behind permanent war in the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds. World dominion, guys, the global emirate. And we seem determined to remove every leader of any strength we encounter. If you really think Syria has  idealistic weenies in the political center (I would guess there are more than a few, there always are) who are going to take power from the Moslem guys who cut off heads at the slightest irritation, you aren’t being realistic. Our chosen heros like to debate and smoke a peace pipe. The other guys are determined.

chemical warfareEver since somebody made up their minds that we should get rid of Assad when we had a chance, we have been padding our chances. If Assad is doing bad things, so are his opponents, and the latter are being openly egged on and assisted by the US and its European allies. We don’t know if chemical weapons are being used, or by whom if they are. There are plenty of bad actors in this play. But our government is floating the idea of intervention by going public with a claim that a little bit of chemical weapons was used causing not too many bodies, all things considered. If that seems to strike a chord with Americans, next we’ll find the proof of who used them, when and how, and appropriate anonymous photos of dead bodies.

What good are we seeking? What good have we done so far? Isn’t all our effort and blood in Iraq already a kind of joke, as the country assumes its annointed position in the Iranian satellite system? Will we have to fight another war in Iraq, this time to free it from Iran? And what makes us think Iran won’t make plenty of trouble in a post-Assad regime through the radicalized Islamists who will be swelling the ranks of “Al Qaeda and Sons”.

circling drainCircling the drain, just circling the drain. I’m not even going to touch the immigration debacle today.