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My Safe Space

You hear so many crazy things these days. I don’t know how I would keep up if I hadn’t already predicted most of them. Recent suggestions for a better America include the mass expropriation of property from lighter-hued humans for transfer to those of a darker shade. (At last, the home of my dreams is within reach!) The allocation of seized properties would be carried out honestly and fairly of course by a cadre of Super Humans who are above politics, greed and personal skin color, although all of them must be Democrats. In today’s America and elsewhere in our world, but only in progressive places, real-life whites not only wish themselves into blackhood, but are hired by (I am taking this on pure faith) genuine blacks to head the latter’s skin-based organizations. In today’s America, thousands and thousands of people from what used to be a bastion of learning (go Sox!) march militantly to silence Free Speech. They no doubt toast with chilled chardonnay afterwards, throwing their nasty little pink caps in the air like a psychotic Mary Tyler Moore fan club, smug in their day’s work of crushing the Constitution beneath their hob-nailed sandals.

Now we are debating whether or not we should rewrite parts of US history that are so shameful, so they say, that they should not be allowed to exist. Today that category of non-things and non-persons includes anybody who fought for states’ rights in the War against the North, anybody who owned a slave prior to the Civil War, or lived with a slave as husband or wife without openly marrying them and setting a good example — people like Thomas Jefferson, who treated his woman Sally with a dignity and stature unheard of in that time, a man who educated his half-African children. It means defacing and destroying and disappearing stupid statues whose names are covered in pigeon shit. (Reminds me of a sixth grade field trip to DC, sitting in a park, eating my bologna sandwich and looking at a statue of someone who was no doubt a war criminal of some kind, when a pigeon shat upon my hair. I try not to blame the statue, and these anti-statuary freaks would be well advised to do likewise.)

But what will be forbidden tomorrow? Perhaps whole classes of deplorable people you used to think of as ordinary Americans will be shipped off to reeducation camps, or invited to step onto the glorious Pathway, as invented by British socialists. And when will we start airbrushing out unpleasant presidents who weren’t someone you’d invite home to meet the parents? Taft was so faaat, ugh.  Or candidates who were a Big Fat Zero?  (Here’s to you, Hillary!) By eliminating outmoded and/or offensive aspects of our history, that fabled tale could then be rewritten by those whom I and others call “Gen Zero.”

One of my favorite concepts to be spawned from the vacuous minds of the left is that of the “safe space.” When I was a junior officer in the Foreign Service in Jamaica we had safe spaces that were closed off by rape gates. The gates gave you time to call in the troops before dying at the hands of home invaders armed with automatic weapons. But this new idea is galaxies and light years ahead of that simple idea. These safe spaces began their existence as proposals for the timid, if militant, Deviant Sexualists that have been churned out by our schools. In their “safe spaces” you were forbidden to be mean or refer to any deficits in the safe person’s psyche or body or dating partners. No fat jokes or sissy jokes. You were increasingly expected not just to tolerate but even be a proponent of sexual deviancy at risk of bursting through the safe walls of all the safe  bubbles in which the sensitive oddities were living. Now, of course, that seed of compassion has expanded (no weight pun intended!) to include anything that upsets anybody about anybody or anything else. Entering or violating the safe space by the offensive is a crime punishable immediately by the use of violence.

I’m sure you can see the problem with the concept of “safe spaces,” that being where does yours end and mine begin? If I feel happy in my safe space spouting out things you hate to hear, does that impinge on your happiness over there in your safe space? Does that mean you can pull a gun on me? Or set me alight with a make-shift molotov cocktail made out of a can of hairspray?

And what would my own safe space look like? If I gave into my more nasty and brutish side, I’d prohibit anything other than hate speech directed at Hillary Clinton, anybody in the Democrat Party, James Comey, Robert Mueller, all left-wing Hollywood blowhards, and also, and especially, Harry Reid and John McCain. I would only allow specific news outlets into my air space, which means no “mainstream media” (and that’s a good one).  It probably doesn’t mean Fox News anymore, not since the Murdoch purges began. In my own safe space, there would be no entertainment beamed into my home filled with nudity, bestiality, and stupidity. Children’s cartoons would make them laugh, not serve up propaganda that makes them cry and worry about all the latest issues. No sex education pornography would intrude on young minds. No illegal immigrants would dare march or wave a foreign flag demanding the US do this or that. No novels could be written within five years of a major event concerning said event. Similarly, no movies could be made. All movies would require an actual plot and real actors. No more reality tv. No students who don’t study, no intellectuals who think comic books are philosophy. No politicized civil servants; no angry feminists; nobody who isn’t exactly sure of his or her gender.

But then I think, what would that make me if not just what those creeps I despise are? Narrow-minded, intolerant, and ignorant of our rights and obligations under the Constitution. So I think that my safe space would be a nation where schools were non-partisan and education was for learning and exploring and debating ideas. It would be a place where kids were almost always free from menace from their elders in their homes and in their neighborhoods, and where parents try to instill eternal values, like honesty and decency, not cultural myths. People could debate, without the use of obscenities or name-calling, or even with it, but without resorting to or threatening violence. A place where everybody knows that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. And that the two things aren’t the same.

In fact, my safe space looks exactly like the America I grew up in. Too bad today’s youth don’t know how that was.

The Party of Any Means to an End

I am astounded to watch Jill Stein deteriorate into a deranged woman, especially after running a losing but fairly rational campaign on issues close to her heart. Now she has become another Clinton stooge — the woman she said would start a nuclear war! — by trying somehow, in any way possible, to stop the inauguration of the president-elect and presumably install Hillary Clinton. When hell freezes over!

On that issue, my view is simple: electoral college votes, Trump wins, Wisconsin — busily re-voting the past election  — doesn’t get to participate.

Next I expect they will actually start assassinating electoral college voters so they have to be replaced, requiring some new election somewhere. Would Obama opine? Or is it a case where the Democrats could walk down the street and kill an Electoral College voter and nobody would care?

I ask you: what the hell happened to the Democrat Party? This used to be the party of serious liberal politicians, but Americans, who shared American, yes, American values. Today it is a collection of the sexually confused, the illegals, the terminally left-wing, and the spoiled rotten brats that the Millenia has spawned. Or really, we have spawned through our reluctance to fight for core values. We’d rather be fighting in somebody else’s country for our values.

Back to the Bizarre World of the Democrats. Where is Obama in this violence and effort to overturn democracy? He is again remarkably silent on a major issue (well, he did sort of egg it on with his advice not to be silent). I suggest that is because he is loving it and in the secrecy of his leftist cabal encouraging it and through his pals funding it. The Supreme Court come hell or high water or civil war! Obama would be more than okay with turning the US electoral system upside down and igniting national violence. His communist indoctrination as a child would make that a highly desirable goal. Nothing like re-configuring the voting system so only one party ever gets to lead.

And what about Hillary Clinton? Is she not the most ingracious and egotistical of all defeated presidential candidates? Her appearance begging for sympathy, what with the busted up cheek and eye, the haggard look of an alcoholic on a binge; her silence on both the Democrat-funded violence and the recount effort. We all know that she is sitting like a big fat white spider on some beam over our head, probably doing sacrifices of 9-month abortion victims to appease her political gods and return her to power. Egads, this woman was almost the president of the United States. She has no moral character, no strength of character. All that buoyed her was her greed and ambition. Now she has nothing left to covet. After eight years of Trump, she will be too old and senile to take any position, if she is still among the living; and she isn’t likely to become Trump’s roaming ambassador of good will, which would be a great way to make money on the side.

So we have nothing but silence about, don’t misconstrue it as encouragement of, the left-wing shenanigans we are being subjected to. Thankfully, I have the sense not to live in a blue state such as CA or OR, although the scenery is nice. There the long-suffering older generations are being feasted with emotional scenes and pure thuggery.This is what our future  leaders think you do when you (gasp) lose. These poorly educated and self-absorbed youth don’t have any concept of what it means to lose, having been reared within the padded walls of their left-wing indoctrination centers, once called “schools.” In these laboratories for the left, the kids aren’t given a solid foundation for life in the modern world, vicious as it is. It is mostly slogans and “actions,” and we all win!

In any  case, out there on the left coast these tree-huggers and utopianists are about to go for a ride as the west coast shears off north to south in one piece big enough to be declared the Republic of California. On the other hand, if you stay afloat you will end up Asian when you bump into China. But as a result of your apparently sovereign right to ignore immigration law, you’re well on the way to that in any event. I would be watching Japan with more than a little fear right now, Pacific ring of fire and all that. I’d be practicing Chinese.

And by the way, I absolutely would like to sign, just as a big supporter, the Calexit petition. I would also urge them to pursue another left-coast proposal, the building of a wall north to south to prevent the illicit entry of Americans into California or anywhere on the west coast. I would send in five dollars for that. I am a big fan of secession and think that the fighting of a war to prevent it was just stupid. Let’s not do it again. Let’s have a Velvet Divorce where we each share in the goodies and say good-bye. We’ll take all the guns and nukes off you, if you like — you’ll want that gun-free country you’re always talking about. You can have most of the university professors and school teachers, as well as union supporters, and don’t forget to take the ACLU! We’ll split the ports. We’ll split the states along red-blue lines or maybe we’ll have a mass population exodus if we just cut the country in half and say you get the left side, I get the right.

But I confess, the idea of a divorce really does appeal. We don’t share values or goals anymore and we really detest one another. That seems to be something we all can agree on.



On the Glory of Free Expression

Our younger generations don’t even know what freedom of expression is or means. That’s because they hardly ever hear a contrary voice throughout their school years and if they do, that voice is quickly silenced by peer disapproval and teacher discipline. Lenny Bruce, the foul-mouthed lefty who lived and breathed to shock hum-drum 1950s America with his harsh comedy, or the women who demanded a vote, or the homosexual who was openly who he was — they were acts that taught us the meaning of freedom to say or express whatever you like. It meant having to listen to these horses’ asses yammering at us even when we would have loved for somebody to shut them up. And we respected that right, knowing that someday we might need its protection as well.

Poor kids. Today  Lenny Bruce is the principal in their elementary school and actively discourages kids from pledging allegiance to any flag, especially that of the oppressive US. His teacher’s union is headed by the woman who demanded the vote and now wants to marry her girlfriend, the one who loses no chance to drum into the little kids’ brains that sex has nothing to do with what is between their legs and men are oppressors. His Boy Scout leader is a gay blade who accompanies the little boys to summer camp and plays with them to his heart’s content. (Why didn’t Michael Jackson volunteer as a Boy Scout leader? I bet he thought about it.)

And what about all those other people, the ones who disagree with the officially-acceptable point of view? Aren’t they allowed to speak their minds? Don’t we get the protection of the first amendment?

Well, in a word, no.

A straight baker must bake a cake celebrating a homosexual union the baker deeply feels to be a perversion and a sin. But a gay baker may refuse to decorate a cake stating “marriage is an act between one man and one woman,” a legal point of view held by numerous states, because it is offensive to him. A US flag flown by a vet in a condo complex has to be taken down; but Mexican illegals, in our schools at our expense, can fly the Mexican flag at school, wear it on their clothes, and hoist it pretty much anywhere. They can also fly the US flag upside down. In our prisons, the taxpayers are getting socked with the cost of making creepy convict males into even creepier convict females. Just consider that oh-so-creepy Cpl. Manning. (And Chelsea! I guess they look alike.) Soon it will be illegal for any church to preach that homosexuality goes against God’s law. I’m guessing a Department of Indoctrination is in the offing.

And when was the last time you recall the scientific community uniting with one voice to condemn the manipulative and deceptive practices of the eco-fanatics? Where is the letter from the NSF to the world, decrying efforts to silence and even punish anybody who scoffs at the prophecies of impending disaster we are tormented with at every turn?

How about religion in general? Atheists, trans-gendered no doubt, don’t want that religious crap anywhere, not in the US capital and not in your home, if you want to know the truth. And religion doesn’t hold much sway anymore, or so its seems given the various sects’ supine acceptance of the assault on them. I wonder how the Supreme Court will rule on homosexual marriage: will they uphold that First Amendment right that gives religion its special protections from assault by government, that specifically enumerated and deeply considered right; or will they ignore that right and create a new one out of whole-cloth, a right that, if put to the founders, would have found universal rejection as any such thing. Will they create a right that then seriously impinges on freedom of religion by making certain doctrines anathema and forcing churches instead to recognize homosexuality and the unions of homosexuals? Will pastors who oppose homosexual marriage be forced to marry two women or men anyway? I am absolutely certain, if this is how it goes, the  next step will be polygamy, then human and other. But let’s be brutally frank, as long as I’m expressing my opinions: marriage isn’t worth a plug nickel anymore anyway. It has already been deeply degraded by the left-wing gay rights agenda that includes the destruction of that institution and has become so au courant that the Republican elite has adopted it as their own, as well. Ask Ken Mehlman, our gay ex-GOP party chairman.

And God forbid that anybody should question the bona fides of a person with the right colored skin (anything but white). If you ask why Obama has been such a destructive force in the White House, accelerating the fall of the great American nation, it is because you are a racist. If you think that the Hispanic George (Jorge) Zimmerman was right to shoot that vicious little thug Trayvon Martin, you are a racist.If you think Al Sharpton is a lying, greedy and wicked provocateur who lines his pockets on other people’s problems, then you are a racist.

And now comes the female and womanly part of the “no freedom of expression zone.” Hillary Clinton. When the male GOP candidate goes up against her, he’d best pull no punches and go relentlessly after this corrupt and contemptible woman for all her underhanded dealings. If he shows any inclination to fall back to defense, the media whores of the Democrat Party will crucify him. Every word pronounced will be considered for its potential, even likely, sexism. So don’t make them look for it, give it to them. When you’re at a barbecue, gush how you love a hotdog and a bun, not two buns or two hotdogs, but precisely one hotdog and one bun!

I, for one, don’t intend to shut up voluntarily. I will go to my grave calling things the way I see them and rebutting the inane and lame arguments of the opposing camp. If all they have to say in return is “shut up,” I guess, like Lenny Bruce, I’ll keep on handing it out to those brainwashed Americans.

Two Thumbs down for Supreme Court

supreme courtI’m shocked. Really, shocked. I am appalled, too, that the US Supreme Court refused to hear an extremely important case of religious freedom. What the Court lost was a chance to say that just because a law exists in some part of the world, it doesn’t mean it is a just law or that the United States should not shelter someone seeking haven from that unjust law. In many Moslem countries they mutilate all females by removing a certain body part. You could argue it is a non-discriminatory law because all those having that body part are subject to the same law. Yet we grant (and should grant) amnesty to females who escape and get to the US. But somebody seeking to avoid state indoctrination because of religious beliefs– no way. Religious shmeligious. The US Supreme Court doesn’t care. Law applies to everybody, non-discriminatory, no issue.

I don’t know what the Romeikes will do now. If I were they, I’d look around for a friendly religious country (Latin America, maybe? just steer clear of the Marxists!) and head there. Just keep moving. The long arm of the German State will have to keep moving, too, if they are really that keen on grabbing six more children to brainwash. And I wonder why there has not been an uproar in all the media wherever religious freedom exists (does it exist anywhere anymore?) to say – hey, modern socialist Germany looks a heck of a lot like Nazi Germany, without the goose-stepping.  As someone once told me, scratch a German Marxist and find a German Nazi.

I’ve had it with Europe, I’ve seen a lot of it and frankly it all looks the same. Like a pretty postcard. Furthermore, it’s getting to be like the former Soviet Union, where you could travel far and wide and never see a single innovative and different thing. The New Europe is a lot like pablum, even if the food is often better. The worst of it is having to endure that insufferably superior European attitude.

And I’ve had it with the Supreme Court too. Where do the Republicans come up with their nominees? Was it too much to expect that we could have had a true and steady Constitutionalist as Chief Justice? Here’s the deal – no need to worry about losing that fifth seat on the court. It’s already subverted.

On Violence: Man Against Man, Government Against All

statue 1I’m going to write today about our rapidly developing autocracy (Government for  The People, By the Vanguard) and our unraveling society. I will add my two cents  to the words flowing from the figurative pens of every other political  commentator in America, even if it seems a waste of time to express my views when others are saying the same things and far more eloquently. But sometimes  you write or speak not because your voice is unique, but because you want to be part of a chorus of anger and outrage.

Harried by the Mob: Knockout and Other Violent Amusements of America’s Youth

flash mobI greatly enjoyed the  movie Hunger Games. It was a spell-binding yarn about the dispossessed and disempowered scoring against the masters who control their lives. The main theme of the book (and film) is the tyranny of the winners over the losers, the strong over the weak, the rich over the poor. But there is another subtext, and it is violence. The tyrants use violence in Hunger Games they way the Romans used it in the arena, to give the downtrodden something to live for — a huge dose of surrogate cruelty that stirs the blood and makes all your suffering somehow worthwhile, because there — down there in the arena — is somebody whose life is worse than your own. Not only that, but the Emperor generously gives you the right to determine whether the man in the pit lives or dies a gruesome death. The crowds had a lot of resentment to work off and it was the lucky gladiator who got out alive. Yes, the Romans had a perfect social pacifier, giving the masses free bread, clean water and the chance to watch somebody torn limb from limb on a weekly basis. It kept their system going for centuries.

I wonder if we have progressed at all from Roman times. Obviously we have technologically: what wouldn’t the Roman lords have given for instant communication and automated killing machines? Such things would have made it much easier for them to keep the discontented down and out. What I’m thinking about is character. Have we reached a point where we really respect other human beings and their private space and their basic rights, or is it all just more propaganda from the people with power? When the government itself doesn’t respect individual rights and only selectively punishes its citizens’ violations of individual rights, the very concept of “rights” begins to erode dangerously.

Have you heard about the latest rage, which is called knockout? It’s a simple game played by black youths that appeals even to those — or perhaps especially to those — with only marginal functioning intelligence. All it requires is a mob and a zeal for inflicting pain on people with the wrong skin color. In an article published on the WND website, Thomas Sowell writes that this “knockout game” has been played for years by young black gangs in other  cities and other states, against people besides Jews – the victims being either whites in general or people of Asian ancestry. Sowell also mentions that in some of the cities where this gang violence is popular, the participants call it Polar Bear Hunting in a reference to the color of the victims.

The New Arena is not a specific place, but all around us on the streets of our towns and cities. Teenagers mingle in crowds, zero in on those looking particularly vulnerable (the elderly, mothers with children, invalids), and then without warning crash forcefully into the chosen victims with their bodies. The sudden violent jolt knocks the victim to the ground. Goal!  Three of the victims of this game in three different cities have died from their injuries; in one case the victim died from head injuries when his head struck a curb and went straight through the bars of a bicycle rack. Oh, joy! The player in that case no doubt got one million bonus points for causing grave injury or death as well as despair to the surviving family. One hopes he also got a long stretch in prison.

Then we have flash mobs. I’m not referring to the all-race flash mobs of unsupervised kids running out the door to dance and party or do something non-violent, but to malicious mobs of black youths summoned for deliberate criminal acts, often assaults on whites that involve considerably more violent methods than knocking somebody off their feet. I’m talking about the mobs that converge on stores to destroy, loot and pillage or to beat somebody to death.  Here’s a snippet from Wikipedia:

Referred to as “flash robs,” “flash mob crimes,” “crime mobs,” or “flash mob violence” by the media, these mobs start with the intent or lead to the destruction of private property, robbery, violence, and personal injury. Mark Leary, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University, said, “the illegal and violent component is also not unlike ordinary crimes where a group of people do something illegal. What social media adds is the ability to recruit such a large group of people that individuals who would not rob a store or riot on their own feel freer to misbehave without being identified.

No surprise there, right? Mobs act just like…mobs. A  mob has no conscience. A mob has nothing but an appetite for violence. The scary thing is, mobs are no longer seen as the mindless hives of miscreants that they are, but have become fashionable and provoke hardly a whimper of protest from the mainstream media. Or at any rate, black mobs have become fashionable; a bunch of white guys in pointed hoods would not win the same silence from the media that those “mobs of color” have enjoyed. Here is what has to say about it:

In 2011, flash mobs gathered in cities across the country and wreaked havoc. For the most part, the mobs were made up of teenagers, and they committed all sorts of crimes, from shoplifting to assault to robbery. For example:

  • In Philadelphia, flash mobs assaulted pedestrians and vandalized property. One participant pled guilty to aggravated assault for beating and stabbing a bicyclist. He faces 5 to 20 years in prison.
  • Flash mobs in Chicago are responsible for robberies and assaults, and even causing a McDonald’s restaurant to close for several hours.
  • In St. Paul, Minnesota, flash mobs targeted convenient stores, stealing whatever they could and fleeing before police could respond.

And then we have another manifestation of the thirst for violence among our youths: black and sometimes Hispanic gangs — not quite mobs — that rove America’s streets specifically looking for a defenseless white person to traumatize, torture, rape or murder. Here are some news items collated by (which also offered the lyrics of rap songs that urge their listeners to violence against whites):

In Denver, a white female teenager, Brandy Duval, is raped, sodomized, tortured with a broomstick and stabbed 28 times by a gang of six blacks and Hispanics. Her skull is caved in and corpse dumped into a ditch.

In Killeen, Texas, a white couple, Todd and Stacy Bagley are kidnapped on the way to church, lit on fire, burned to death and shot in the head by four blacks.

In Flint, Michigan, three white teenagers, Michael Carter, Dustin Kaiser and (girl’s name withheld by police) are attacked by six black youths. Carter is shot and killed. Kaiser is beaten and shot in the head, but recovers. The girl is forced to perform oral sex on her black attackers, pistol whipped and shot in the face.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a mentally retarded white man, Gregory Griffith, is beaten and stomped unconscious by blacks and died a few days later. The blacks admitted to the police beating Griffith because “he was white.”

I won’t bother to reprint the black rap lyrics, which would be merely spreading the poison. If you are interested in knowing what messages are being beamed out to America’s minority youths, you can check out Black Rappers Call on Blacks to Murder and Rape Whites at

I have to wonder where the heads of the left-wing social engineers are lodged. This country is becoming a cauldron of racial animosity and race-related violence, this time with the blacks leading the charge, and many of this country’s leaders (and I mean Democrat leaders in first order) want to outlaw guns. Those rap songs talk about stabbing whitey, too. How about outlawing knives? Then we could all be using the plastic forks and knives they dole out to patients in a psychiatric institute, which would be appropriate to the asylum we are becoming.

When are we going to come to grips with the fact that hate speech and the hate feelings that inspire it are alive and well in America and growing in popularity? This isn’t about mass killers, often white and often young, who are off their rockers and on the loose because we don’t have a system to get them timely help. Their rage is color-blind and they kill anybody of any age and sex who happens to be in their line of fire. These violent amusements involve people who know better. As individuals, they would probably not engage in violent assaults, but they are freed from societal stigma when their crimes are committed under the umbrella of a mob. And they are encouraged by the failure of our media and our nation’s highest leaders to stand up and say this must stop. Where is that fount of wisdom and peace, Barack Obama, who has no problem flailing out at white racists? The silence about what is happening is an invitation to the beasts on the prowl to continue.

violent gamesYou would think that all these years after society said a resounding no to racially inspired violence, we would have left such things behind us. But it seems we are doomed to go down clawing each other’s eyes out. And our society is conspiring in it, feeding the urge to kill with games and music and movies and tv shows that make it all look so easy and so satisfying. How hard is it to grasp that giving kids a game whose sole point is to unleash hostility through simulated violence is likely to increase the chances that the kid, having grown bored with the fake stuff, will look for a chance to try it out in real life? How about those movies that are blowing guts and gore into the very souls of our children? In America, the blatant disrespect for the basic rights of the individual, chief among them the right to life, has become an epidemic. And if it isn’t stopped, it will spread until there really is a race war in the United States. And all the bogus “hate laws” that protect only certain groups and not everybody, and that focus on the incidental and not the fundamental, will not stop it.

At Last, a Wise Jury Decision

JuryKudos to the Philadelphia jury that convicted Kermit Gosnell on various counts of murder and assorted other crimes. A heinous felon, a man who had no love of life, who murdered with a vengeance, so to speak, Gosnell is paying for only a few of those he sinned against in his life’s work of maiming, torturing, and killing those most defenseless and innocent, the unborn and newly-born. Of course he never intended even one of them to be newly born, just newly dead, but a few escaped — only to be shot in the back fleeing, so to speak.

I sure hope he gets to enjoy the feel of the cool lethal injection as it flows to his heart and brain. It would be a shame to waste any money keeping him alive.

Ginsberg Pontificates on Roe v Wade

Ruth Bader GinsburgI just read an article in Newsmax about the Wicked Witch of the North, otherwise known as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and her views on Roe v Wade and thus on abortion. According to the report, Ginsberg told a University of Chicago Law School audience –folks right up her alley ideologically — that what she regretted about Roe v Wade is that “the court had given opponents of access to abortion a target to aim at  relentlessly.”

Justice Ginsberg argues that if the original decision had merely struck down the Texas anti-abortion law that provoked the case, it would have allowed progress throughout the states on the abortion front to continue unabated. Instead, the broad position in favor of abortion rights provoked this never-ending war by people she obviously views as unhinged against what she prefers to call women’s rights and not the right to privacy.

prolifeIf what the Justice meant to say was that she just knew the left would fail to exercise any common sense, decency, restraint or respect in exercising the right to abortion and would thus certainly provoke growing public outrage over the non-existent rights of the unborn, then she was right. The Court would have been wiser just to decide the case and let social developments take their course. But that doesn’t mean people just like Ginsberg wouldn’t be in the states pushing the limits ceaselessly on what a mother can do to the child she has conceived Just think about the irony in this: the only time killing a baby in utero or causing it to die in utero is against the law is if anybody but the mother does so. When mom pulls the plug on Junior, it is not a crime. Isn’t that inherently creepy? Mommy dearest, indeed.

The anti-abortionists are against murdering the unborn. It really is no more complex than that. If Ginsberg ever thinks about those murdered infants, I wonder if it bothers her, or if she is one of those people who think there are no limits on a fundamental right and in the case of abortion, it is a necessary evil that allows women to exercise the full extent of their powers and potential. Why such a dynamo can’t keep from getting pregnant when she doesn’t want to is beyond me. I can’t imagine Ginsberg shedding a tear over an unborn child dismembered to death or with its brain sucked out. But I’ll bet the death penalty for heinous murderers and sadists moves her to weep.

Just think, the world has spent weeks looking at, or having a chance to examine, the horrors committed by Kermit Gosnell, definitely not a friendly green frog. The left has largely, almost universally, ignored the trial and its implications — well, forget the implications, the left isn’t going there. And as the jury ponders its decision, a Supreme Court Justice tells law students that the only reason Roe v Wade was bad was because it fomented opposition to its intent. Is she blind, uninterested, soulless? Is everything for Ginsberg theoretical? Does she secretly revel in the notion that she is still the fiery revolutionary?

The left has become most outspoken of late in this once great United States. I champion their freedom of speech. But it is just one more symptom of the fall of our culture that these people who glorify not life, but death and believe in power for an elite few allegedly to advance the rights of the many have gained such currency. How can such anti-individualist positions sway a young mind and make it ready to barter freedom for a little more something or other? I don’t know, but I know this illness starts in our homes and in our schools. Something is deeply wrong.

ayresAnd as for the revolutionary bit: I am afraid the days of the left being revolutionary are like, so over. You’re all becoming a bunch of Brezhnevs, stagnated in the past and lugging around ideas not just outmoded, but proven wrong. All you do is group think and put your actions on automatic. No thinking allowed.

Today’s real revolutionaries are on the right, they are the people being illegally audited, no doubt surveilled, and corraled to the extent possible by the leftist elite. They are the ones who are defying the powers that be on behalf of the individual’s fundamental rights and who have an alternative vision for this country. The next revolution isn’t going to be one where kids sport Che Guevara t-shirts and dirty jeans, but a revolution straight from the center-right of this country. So watch out Bill Ayres. What goes around, comes around.


This and That

oldstersThe assault on elderdom continues under this maniacal Mengelian experiment in social re-engineering. The Obama era. One of the top ten reasons for why rebellion is in the air is the lack of interest or respect this administration has for the aging or the elderly. The old are now clearly obstacles to the happiness and well-being of the young. We are non-believers, many of us, in the Obama New Land, where the government incessantly takes from those who have and holds back a lot for Obama’s purposes and gives the rest to his friends. We older folks harbor outmoded ideas of governance and liberty. We would be doing a service to opt for early permanent retirement on the Pathway to eternal happiness. And pity the poor young people, hammered with the public debt Obama is bequeathing to them at this very moment, when they have grown desperate for a real job and can’t pay their student loans. And since all loans were guaranteed by you and me, the taxpayers, through USG programs, then the biggest losers are working folks without some sort of government stipend. Here is what American Spectator contributor Betsy McCaughey has to say about our national healthcare system:

Seniors needing hospital care will be shocked at cutbacks. Section 3000A of the law awards bonus points to the hospitals that spend the least per senior. Hospitals are even whacked for what Medicare patients consume in the 30 days after discharge, including physical therapy.

I don’t even want to know what the bonus is for killing one of us off. Maybe an all-expenses paid trip to Belize for medical care, since that is where many US doctors are headed. Good time to buy a piece of Belize, boys and girls.

christian martyrAnother Spectator piece discusses how a sportscaster who came out against homosexuality as a Christian was vilified, and the homosexual who came out of the closet was lionized.

Seriously, this country has gone from being a God-fearing, moral, hard-working nation of people who believed in freedom and whose children aspired to a better life, to being a mass of uninformed, poorly educated and penniless youth without the ambition of earlier generations or the respect for them, either. These newest generations are youths to whom freedoms are a negotiable currency. Give something to get something. A little less freedom, a little more security. A little more equality and a lot worse health care. Government is there to make sure we never have any bad patches. To help us get by. We are the Government and the Government is Us!

Or perhaps today it would be Government R Us. That really captures the flavor of America today.

Communists, Communities and Co-option of the Uterus

young pioneersI know, everybody and his brother and his brother’s in-laws are writing about the latest shot fired across the bow of the American ideal by the far left. I’m talking about the assertion (not even a suggestion) that children, conceived and carried through seemingly endless pregnancies by mere fallible mothers and fathers, don’t belong to their progenitors. They belong to the community.

I can hear people all over America muttering into their morning coffee: what’s a community?  Melissa Perry-Harris, or perhaps she is Melissa Harris-Perry, or even Melissa Hairy Paris (who cares?), didn’t bother to get into that issue. I would venture that she has very little idea what the community is and prefers in any case not to pin herself down by giving us a definition. I’m pretty sure the community she has in mind is analogous to that international community that unfailingly is cited as approving whatever change de regime du jour NATO leaders are touting. The community she is referring to is almost certainly as changeable as the weather, depending on what people like her want it to mean. As an example, recall that Barack Hussein Obama began his illustrious work-free career by organizing communities, i.e. black neighborhoods. Today he continues his career by organizing a much bigger community, the once and never again United States of America, using exactly the same tactics of demagoguery. If you’ve seen one community, you’ve seen them all.

A community could be the block where you live, or the sub-development, or the incorporated area where the unfortunate children are located, or Hillary Clinton’s village, or the metropolitan area, or the nearest big city, or the state or the country, the world or even the entire universe. The universe is best of all, because it currently consists largely of baffling concepts like quasars and black holes and anti-matter, but not anything within the ambit of your earthly experience. Thus the left can assert that the universe supports anything they like without fear that someone might disprove it. The worst definition would be the world, which we all know is filled to the gills with arch-conservatives like Moslems and Catholics, millions of whom would happily run a sword through anyone proposing they give up their kids to the State.

Getting back to the assertion made by the left-stream media and its pompous spokesthing (notice how careful I’m being to stick to gender-neutral terms), what is the utility of pretending that children belong to some greater something than parents and family? I bet I don’t even have to tell you, but I will anyway. The point is to shove in the thin edge of the wedge that would eventually allow the community  to outlaw such things as home schooling, church Sunday school, schools, church, the Bible, smoking in the home (didn’t they already do that?), sex-segregated bedrooms, any form of parental sex education, Mom’s home cooking, disciplinary measures for the misbehaving, parental naming of children, and you add the rest. It would simultaneously legitimize and make obligatory a whole slew of community-endorsed social-engineering measures such as high-pressure sexual formation cum education at the earliest possible age, perhaps reinforced by participation in a variety of sex acts from grade school, forced political education and participation in political activities like marches, protests, harassment of the Other-Minded, cult-of-personality sing-alongs, voting for those 6 years and older, and you add the rest. You see how it works? When the community is king, anything is possible.

I bet ten years ago you  never once considered that by getting yourself in the family way you were actually producing troops for the future Red Army of Amerika, an army that doesn’t carry arms, which will be illegal, but can be mobilized at a moment’s notice to provide props and background color for whatever new measure of control is being imposed on the community by the vanguard, i.e. dictatorship of the freakiest and smarmiest.

Hitler YouthOf course the zero-intellect intellectuals and poseurs will scoff. Scare-mongering, they will charge, mere right-wing resistance to change as inevitable as global warming. But we know better, don’t we? Because this isn’t the first time the totalitarians have tried (and succeeded) in co-opting women’s bodies and men’s, too, to create servants of the State. If the State could produce what it needed in a laboratory, in sufficient numbers, it wouldn’t need mothers and fathers at all, but could outlaw such archaic concepts as parents altogether. The State could mandate uterectomies at puberty and vasectomies, too. We don’t need to be university-trained historians to know that the State, that wise Community of Communities, took over parents’ children in both the Soviet Union and in Hitler’s Germany. Those veritable Edens on earth provided us examples of what we have to look forward to should we fail to put the Amerikan Left back in their box: parents whose sole charge is to act as nannies to State-owned children, children who go to State schools, and State camps, children who engage in State-conceived fun and in State-controlled political activity. The Young Pioneers owed their allegiance to the State, not to Mom and Pop, who in any case were too frightened to actually try to influence the young minds inhabiting their homes by offering an alternative view to State propaganda. And the Hitler Youth would shudder to hear a parent whisper at home about the horrors of the Fascist Paradise; the horrified Nazi children might well be compelled to run to the nearest aspiring führer to make a report.

big kids in strollersIt isn’t too late to fight back, mothers and fathers. We could turn the tables. The next time you pass a young progressive couple pushing a stroller carrying a healthy 9-year old half the height of her father and amusing herself with an I-pad or reading a book, you could rush up and subject the offending parents to social censure. Something like, “The community disapproves of disabling your own children!”

Yes, we too can create a definition for community and then use the force of the concept to pressure and shame those whose behavior we find reprehensible.  How about “the community of the faith-enabled,” or “the community of the family-unit” or “the community of the Second Amendment.” If we do that, we might not convert the left, but it makes it much harder for the left to make up their own ideas of what a community is and foist it on us.