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I’m Ooobie and welcome to this site.  I was moved to set it up just to add my voice to the millions of others worrying that we have left the path forged by the Founding Fathers and are heading down a road we do not want to take.  At Ooobie’s place, you don’t have to mince words; I don’t.  Some of the things I write are going to be controversial, since they seem to fly in the face of what conservatives should stand for.  It doesn’t matter — every course should be taken based on full consideration of the alternatives and the consequences, and I offer my views in that spirit.  I hope you will enjoy my articles and that you will give me your feedback.

And remember, the pen truly is  mightier than the sword — and that’s why the totalitarians always want to control what is written or conveyed publicly through other media.  We must all continue to defy efforts to stifle dissent however we can. This is my way.

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